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Effect of the number of inseminations/cycle on fertility of inseminated mares with jackass semen diluted and cooled at 5 degrees C for 12 hours

Rossi, R.; Silva Filho, J. M.; Palhares, M. S.; Ribeiro, E. A.; Resende, Y. F.; Anjos, F. R.

Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 64(1): 114-119


ISSN/ISBN: 0102-0935
Accession: 066259614

The effect of the number of inseminations/cycles on the fertility of inseminated mares with diluted, cooled and stored jackass semen was studied. The cycles were controlled by rectal palpation and teasing, and mares were inseminated every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (three times/week), from the detection of a 3.0 to 3.5cm follicle diameter in one of the ovaries until ovulation. The semen of five Pega jackasses was diluted in skim milk-glucose or in egg yolk-glicine diluter and cooled at 5 degrees C for 12 hours, with the inseminate dose of 400 x 10(6) motile spermatozoa (at the moment of the final dilution, before cooling). The results of 195 cycles of 140 mares were grouped, in accordance with the number of artificial inseminations (AI)/cycle in: 1AI, 2AI and 3 or more AI. The conception rates for the first cycle were 50.0%, 62.1% and 41.0%, and after four cycles they were 47.7%, 55.6% and 42.9%, respectively for 1AI, 2AI and 3 or more AI (p>0.05). The number of AI/cycles, using cooled jackass semen, had no influence on fertility.

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