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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66261

Chapter 66261 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Cagas, B.; Machac, R., 2012:
Effect of Some Factors on the Incidence of Choke (Epichloe typhina) in Grass Seed Stands in the Czech Republic

Dreiseitl, A., 2012:
Frequency of Powdery Mildew Resistances in Spring Barley Cultivars in Czech Variety Trials

Hoffmann, P.; Fuezi, I.; Viranyi, F., 2012:
Indirect Effect of Fungicide Treatments on Chasmothecia of Erysiphe necator Schwein Overwintering on Grapevine Bark

Yadav, K.; Singh, N.; Aggarwal, A., 2012:
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Technology for the Growth Enhancement of Micropropagated Spilanthes acmella Murr

Kunal; Sharma, P., 2012:
Influence of Pesticide-Treated Seeds on Survival of Mesorhizobium sp Cicer, Symbiotic Efficiency and Yield in Chickpea

Koprdova, S.; Saska, P.; Honek, A.; Martinkova, Z., 2012:
Susceptibility of the Early Growth Stages of Volunteer Oilseed Rape to Invertebrate Predation

Kundu, J.K.; Chod, J., 2012:
Assoc. Prof. Ing. JAROSLAV POLAK, DrSc. - septuagenarian

Baptistella, A.R.; Souza, C.C. M.; Santana, W.C.; Egea Soares, A.E., 2012:
Techniques for the In Vitro Production of Queens in Stingless Bees (Apidae, Meliponini)

Modro, A.F.H.; Marchini, L.C.; Moreti, A.C.D.C.; Maia, E., 2012:
Influence of Pollen on the Development of Africanized Bee Colonies (Hymenoptera: Apidae)

Chandrasekharan, H.; Patle, S.; Pandey, P.S.; Mishra, A.K.; Jain, A.K.; Goyal, S.; Pandey, A.; Khemchandani, U.; Kasrija, R., 2012:
CeRA - the e-Journal Consortium for National Agricultural Research System

Hegde, D.M., 2012:
Carrying capacity of Indian agriculture: oilseeds

Ali, M.; Gupta, S., 2012:
Carrying capacity of Indian agriculture: pulse crops

Venkateswarlu, B.; Prasad, J.V.N.S., 2012:
Carrying capacity of Indian agriculture: issues related to rainfed agriculture

Ghosh, S.P., 2012:
Carrying capacity of Indian horticulture

Reddy, P. S.; Patil, J. V.; Nirmal, S. V.; Gadakh, S. R., 2012:
Improving post-rainy season sorghum productivity in medium soils: does ideotype breeding hold a clue?

Rossi, C.Q.; Pereira, M.G.; Giacomo, S.G.; Betta, M.; Polidoro, J.C., 2012:
Labile fractions of organic matter in cropping system with straw of brachiaria and sorghum

Lima, J.A.A.; do Nascimento, A.K.Q.; da Silva, A.K.F.; Aragao, M.D., 2012:
Biological stability of a strain of Cowpea severe mosaic virus over 20 years

Schroeder-Moreno, M.S.; Greaver, T.L.; Wang, S.; Hu, S.; Rufty, T.W., 2012:
Mycorrhizal-mediated nitrogen acquisition in switchgrass under elevated temperatures and N enrichment

Holou, R.A. Y.; Stevens, G., 2012:
Juice, sugar, and bagasse response of sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench cv. M81E) to N fertilization and soil type

Diba, D., 2012:
Contemporary Architecture of Iran

Medeiros, P.V.; Marcuzzo, F.F.N.; Youlton, C.; Wendland, E., 2012:
Error Autocorrelation and Linear Regression for Temperature-Based Evapotranspiration Estimates Improvement

Dinc, A.; Turan, G.; Halow, N., 2012:
Azadi's Opinions on Turkmens' Economical and Social Life in the 18th Century

Ge, T.; Yuan, H.; Roberts, P.; Jones, D.L.; Qin, H.; Tong, C.; Huang, D., 2012:
Amino acid and peptide dynamics in horticultural soils under conventional and organic management strategies

Iyyaswami, R.; Belur, P.D.; Girish, B.; Nagaraj, V.H., 2012:
Development and Evaluation of PEG-Lithium Citrate Salt Based Aqueous Two Phase System and Its Application in Partitioning of Proteins from Fish Industry Effluent

Nakaune, M.; Tsukazawa, K.; Uga, H.; Asamizu, E.; Imanishi, S.; Matsukura, C.; Ezura, H., 2012:
Low sodium chloride priming increases seedling vigor and stress tolerance to Ralstonia solanacearum in tomato

Egami, T.; Wakayama, M.; Aoki, N.; Sasaki, H.; Kisaka, H.; Miwa, T.; Ohsugi, R., 2012:
The effects of introduction of a fungal glutamate dehydrogenase gene (gdhA) on the photosynthetic rates, biomass, carbon and nitrogen contents in transgenic potato

Heang, D.; Sassa, H., 2012:
Overexpression of a basic helix-loop-helix gene Antagonist of PGL1 (APG) decreases grain length of rice

Yamamoto, M.; Miyoshi, K.; Ichihashi, S.; Mii, M., 2012:
Ionic compositions play an important role on in vitro propagation of PLBs of spring-flowering Calanthe

Hoshikawa, K.; Ishihara, G.; Takahashi, H.; Nakamura, I., 2012:
Enhanced resistance to gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) in transgenic potato plants expressing thionin genes isolated from Brassicaceae species

Vanwambeke, S.O.; Meyfroidt, P.; Nikodemus, O., 2012:
From USSR to EU: 20 years of rural landscape changes in Vidzeme, Latvia

Retta, D.; Dellacassa, E.; Villamil, J.; Suarez, S.A.; Bandoni, A.L., 2012:
Marcela, a promising medicinal and aromatic plant from Latin America: A review

Perea-Flores, M. J.; Garibay-Febles, V.; Chanona-Perez, J. J.; Calderon-Dominguez, G.; Mendez-Mendez, J. V.; Palacios-Gonzalez, E.; Gutierrez-Lopez, G. F., 2012:
Mathematical modelling of castor oil seeds (Ricinus communis) drying kinetics in fluidized bed at high temperatures

Blank, A.F.; Santa Rosa, Y.R.; Sandes de Carvalho Filho, J.L.; dos Santos, C.A.; Arrigoni-Blank, M.de F.; Niculau, E.dos S.; Alves, P.B., 2012:
A diallel study of yield components and essential oil constituents in basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)

Carocho, M.; Ferreira, I.C. F. R.; Barros, L.; Barreira, J.C. M.; Martins, A., 2012:
Antioxidants in Pinus pinaster roots and mycorrhizal fungi during the early steps of symbiosis

Brahmi, F.; Mechri, B.; Dabbou, S.; Dhibi, M.; Hammami, M., 2012:
The efficacy of phenolics compounds with different polarities as antioxidants from olive leaves depending on seasonal variations

Skoric, M.; Todorovic, S.; Gligorijevic, N.; Jankovic, R.; Zivkovic, S.; Ristic, M.; Radulovic, S., 2012 :
Cytotoxic activity of ethanol extracts of in vitro grown Cistus creticus subsp creticus L. on human cancer cell lines

Eftekhari, M.; Alizadeh, M.; Ebrahimi, P., 2012:
Evaluation of the total phenolics and quercetin content of foliage in mycorrhizal grape (Vitis vinifera L.) varieties and effect of postharvest drying on quercetin yield

Zaouali, Y.; Chograni, H.; Trimech, R.; Boussaid, M., 2012:
Genetic diversity and population structure among Rosmarinus officinalis L. (Lamiaceae) varieties: var. typicus Batt. and var. troglodytorum Maire. based on multiple traits

Beegle, K.; Carletto, C.; Himelein, K., 2012:
Reliability of recall in agricultural data

Deininger, K.; Carletto, C.; Savastano, S.; Muwonge, J., 2012:
Can diaries help in improving agricultural production statistics? Evidence from Uganda

Grassl, W., 2011:
Amand Schindler (1742-1782): An Advocate of Free Trade in the Bohemian ENLIGHTENMENT

Collier, S.M.; Brummer, E. C.; Barber, W.T.; Cox, T.S.; Johnson, R.; Murray, S.C.; Olsen, R.T.; Pratt, R.C.; Thro, A.M., 2012:
Crop wild relatives: more common ground for breeders and ecologists Response

Uchinomiya, K.; Iwasa, Y., 2011:
Burrowing in the bark or in the sapwood: a dynamic game between a mother and her offspring

Bourgeon, J.M.; Ollivier, H., 2012:
Is bioenergy trade good for the environment?

Whitehurst, G.J., 2012:
The Value of Experiments in Education

Laykin, S.; Alchanatis, V.; Edan, Y., 2012:
On-line multi-stage sorting algorithm for agriculture products

Hatcher, A., 2012:
Market power and compliance with output quotas

Broglio, S.M. F.; Dias-Pini, N.da S.; Costa, L.A. A.; Lemos, E.E. P., 2012:
First report and morphological redescription of Teleonemia morio (Stal) (Hemiptera, Tingidae) in Annona squamosa L. (Annonaceae) in Brazil

McPherson, M.F., 2012:
Land Policy in Vietnam: Challenges and Prospects for Constructive Change

Dapice, D.; Xuan, V.T., 2012:
The Mekong Delta: Rural Development Meets the Environment-Systemic Challenges and Possible Solutions

Maxwell, T. M. R.; Moir, J. L.; Edwards, G. R., 2012:
Sulphur and lime response of four adventive annual clovers grown in a New Zealand high country soil under glasshouse conditions

Carey, P. L.; Jiang, S.; Roberts, A. H., 2012:
Pasture dry matter responses to the use of a nitrification inhibitor: a national series of New Zealand farm trials

Bewsell, D.; Bigsby, H.; Cullen, R., 2012:
Using involvement to understand individual responses to an issue: the case of New Zealand biosecurity

Souza, F.N.; Blagitz, M.G.; Latorre, A.O.; Mori, C.S.; Sucupira, M.C.A.; Della Libera, A.M. M. P., 2012:
Effects of in vitro selenium supplementation on blood and milk neutrophils from dairy cows

Yousaf, Z.; Umer, A.; Younas, A.; Khan, F.; Wang, Y., 2012 :
Allelopathic Plants: 24. Genus Allium L

Liu, P.; Liu, Z. H.; Wang, C. B.; Guo, F.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Y. F.; Dong, L.; Wan, S. B., 2012:
Effects of three long-chain fatty acids present in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) root exudates on its own growth and the soil enzymes activities

Cui, C.; Cai, J.; Jiang, Z.; Zhang, S., 2012:
Isolation and identification of allelochemicals in rhizosphere and adjacent soil under walnut (Juglans regia L.) trees

Colvin, W.I., I.I.I.; Gliessman, S.R., 2012:
Root and shoot growth vs. Biomass measurement in seedling bioassays

Yi, J.; Jia, Z.; Lin, Q.; Lv, H.; Shen, H., 2012:
Allelopathic effects of decaying tobacco leaves on tobacco seedlings

Araniti, F.; Sorgona, A.; Lupini, A.; Abenavoli, M. R., 2012:
Screening of Mediterranean wild plant species for allelopathic activity and their use as bio-herbicides

Dadkhah, A., 2012:
Phytotoxic effects of aqueous extract of eucalyptus, sunflower and sugar beet on seed germination, growth and photosynthesis of Amaranthus retroflexus

Zhang, J.; Zhang, J. Y.; Wang, Y. Z.; Yang, S. B.; Yang, M. Q.; Jin, H., 2012:
Effects of tree species on seed germination and seedlings growth of Chinese medicinal herb Gentiana rigescens

Liu, P.; Liu, Z. H.; Wang, C. B.; Guo, F.; Wang, M.; Zhang, Y. F.; Dong, L.; Wan, S. B., 2012:
Effects of three long-chain fatty acids present in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) root exudates on its own growth and the soil enzymes activities (vol 29, pg 13, 2012)

Cipollini, K.; Titus, K.; Wagner, C., 2012:
Allelopathic effects of invasive species (Alliaria petiolata, Lonicera maackii, Ranunculus ficaria) in the Midwestern United States (vol 29, pg 63, 2012)

Elcy, G.P.S.; Mahani, M.C.; Park, Y.-J.; Noor, N.M., 2012:
Simple Sequence Repeat (SSR) profiling of cultivated Limau Madu (Citrus reticulata Blanco) in Malaysia

Babahani, S.; Togo, A.; Hannachi, S., 2012:
Study on the date palm heritage of Kidal, in the North of Mali

Joshi, S., 2012:
Olea ferruginea Royle, Indian olive: an underutilised fruit tree crop of north-west Himalaya

Brun, J., 2012:
Preliminary Study on the Use of Varieties of Resistant Bananas in the BATTLA AGAINST CERCOSPORIOSIS (Reprinted)

Saito, T.; Yin, Y.-G.; Matsuoka, M.; Watanabe, S.; Matsukura, C.; Fukuda, N., 2011:
An investigation of differences in fruit yield and components contributing to increased fruit yield in Japanese and Dutch tomato cultivars

Sasayama, D.; Matsuoka, D.; Oka, M.; Shitamichi, N.; Furuya, T.; Azuma, T.; Itoh, K.; Nanmori, T., 2011:
MAP3K delta 4, an Arabidopsis Raf-like MAP3K, regulates plant growth and shoot branching

Takahashi, M.; Sakamoto, A.; Ezura, H.; Morikawa, H., 2011:
Prolonged exposure to atmospheric nitrogen dioxide increases fruit yield of tomato plants

Tanase, K.; Aida, R.; Ohyama, A.; Onozaki, T., 2011:
The promoter from tomato sucrose synthase gene TOMSSF drives stamen-specific gene expression in Chrysanthemum

Mimida, N.; Oshino, H.; Li, J.; Zhang, C.; Takagishi, K.; Moriya-Tanaka, Y.; Iwanami, H.; Honda, C.; Suzuki, A.; Komori, S.; Wada, M., 2011:
Effects of the plant growth regulators on expression of MdTFL1 promoter fused beta-glucuronidase (GUS) reporter gene in apple (Malus spp.) tissues in vitro

Ku, A.Y.; Shapiro, A.P., 2012:
The energy-water nexus: Water use trends in sustainable energy and opportunities for materials research and development

Soini, K.; Ovaska, U.; Kantanen, J., 2012:
Spaces of Conservation of Local Breeds: The Case of Yakutian Cattle

Kung, C.C.; Lee, M.H.; Hsieh, C.L., 2012:
Development of an ultraspectral imaging system by using a concave monochromator

Onishi, M.; Inoue, M.; Araki, T.; Iwabuchi, H.; Sagara, Y., 2012:
A PTR-MS-Based Protocol for Simulating Bread Aroma During Mastication

Esturk, O.; Ayhan, Z.; Ustunel, M.A., 2012:
Modified Atmosphere Packaging of "Napoleon" Cherry: Effect of Packaging Material and Storage Time on Physical, Chemical, and Sensory Quality

Vishwakarma, R.K.; Shivhare, U.S.; Nanda, S.K., 2012:
Physical Properties of Guar Seeds

Akinoso, R.; Adeyanju, J.A., 2012:
Optimization of Edible Oil Extraction from Ofada Rice Bran Using Response Surface Methodology

Zhao, F.; Shepherd, M., 2012:
Precipitation Changes near Three Gorges Dam, China. Part I: A Spatiotemporal Validation Analysis

Veenstra, J.J.; Burras, C.L., 2012:
Effects of agriculture on the classification of Black soils in the Midwestern United States

Li, X.H.; Han, X.Z.; Li, H.B.; Song, C.; Yan, J.; Liang, Y., 2012:
Soil chemical and biological properties affected by 21-year application of composted manure with chemical fertilizers in a Chinese Mollisol

Lemke, R. L.; VandenBygaart, A. J.; Campbell, C. A.; Lafond, G. P.; McConkey, B. G.; Grant, B., 2012:
Long-term effects of crop rotations and fertilization on soil C and N in a thin Black Chernozem in southeastern Saskatchewan

Fan, R.; Zhang, X.; Liang, A.; Shi, X.; Chen, X.; Bao, K.; Yang, X.; Jia, S., 2012:
Tillage and rotation effects on crop yield and profitability on a Black soil in northeast China

Helmers, M. J.; Zhou, X.; Baker, J. L.; Melvin, S. W.; Lemke, D. W., 2012:
Nitrogen loss on tile-drained Mollisols as affected by nitrogen application rate under continuous corn and corn-soybean rotation systems

Zhou, K.; Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Sui, Y.; Herbert, S. J.; Xia, Y., 2012:
Corn root growth and nutrient accumulation improved by five years of repeated cattle manure addition to eroded Chinese Mollisols

van der Vleuten, A.; Alons, G., 2012:
La Grande Nation and Agriculture: The Power of French Farmers Demystified

Kowalczewska, K.; Turnhout, E., 2012:
The Usability of Scenario Studies: the Case of the EUruralis from the Users' Perspective

Milicic, V.; Udovc, A., 2012:

Bonnardot, V.; Carey, V.; Madelin, M.; Cautenet, S.; Coetzee, Z.; Quenol, H., 2012:
Spatial Variability of Night Temperatures at a Fine Scale over the STELLENBOSCH WINE DISTRICT, SOUTH AFRICA

Maher, N.; Piot, J.; Bastien, S.; Vallance, J.; Rey, P.; Guerin-Dubrana, L., 2012:
Wood Necrosis in Esca-Affected Vines: Types, Relationships and Possible LINKS WITH FOLIAR SYMPTOM EXPRESSION

Rolle, L.; Torchio, F.; Lorrain, B.; Giacosa, S.; Segade, S.R.; Cagnasso, E.; Gerbi, V.; Teissedre, P.-L., 2012:

Fenoll, J.; Maria Martinez, C.; Hellin, P.; Flores, P., 2012:
Changes of Free and Glycosidically Bound Monoterpenes and Aromatic ALCOHOLS IN MOSCATUEL AND RUBY SEEDLESS TABLE GRAPES DURING DEVELOPMENT

Singh, U.B.; Sahu, A.; Sahu, N.; Singh, R. K.; Renu; Prabha, R.; Singh, D.R.; Sarma, B. K.; Manna, M. C., 2012:
Co-inoculation of Dactylaria brochopaga and Monacrosporium eudermatum affects disease dynamics and biochemical responses in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) to enhance bio-protection against Meloidogyne incognita

Mandaokar, A. D.; Goyal, R. K.; Shukla, A.; Bisaria, S.; Bhalla, R.; Reddy, V. S.; Chaurasia, A.; Sharma, R. P.; Altosaar, I.; Kumar, R. A., 2012:
Transgenic tomato plants resistant to fruit borer (Helicoverpa armigera Hubner) (vol 19, pg 307, 2000)

Asrar, G.R.; Ryabinin, V.; Detemmerman, V., 2012:
Climate science and services: Providing climate information for adaptation, sustainable development and risk management

Virji, H.; Padgham, J.; Seipt, C., 2012:
Capacity building to support knowledge systems for resilient development - approaches, actions, and needs

Sarjas, H.; Goljandin, D.; Kulu, P.; Mikli, V.; Surzenkov, A.; Vuoristo, P., 2012:
Wear Resistant Thermal Sprayed Composite Coatings Based on Iron Self-Fluxing Alloy and Recycled Cermet Powders

Washburn, B.E., 2012:
Avian use of solid waste transfer stations (vol 104, pg 388, 2012)

Grzeszczyk, T.A., 2012:
Barriers to Sustainable Development of Agribusiness in Poland

Lu, J.-J.; Zhao, H.-Y.; Suo, N.-N.; Wang, S.; Shen, B.; Wang, H.-Z.; Liu, J.-J., 2012:
Genetic linkage maps of Dendrobium moniliforme and D. officinale based on EST-SSR, SRAP, ISSR and RAPD markers

Jalali, N.; Naderi, R.; Shahi-Gharahlar, A.; da Silva, J.A. T., 2012:
Tissue culture of Cyclamen spp

Wang, B.; He, J.; Duan, C.; Yu, X.; Zhu, L.; Xie, Z.; Zhang, C.; Xu, W.; Wang, S., 2012:
Root restriction affects anthocyanin accumulation and composition in berry skin of 'Kyoho' grape (Vitis vinifera L. x Vitis labrusca L.) during ripening

Yildirim, H., 2012:
Micropropagation of Pistacia lentiscus L. from axenic seedling-derived explants

Cherbiy-Hoffmann, S.U.; Searles, P.S.; Hall, A.J.; Cecilia Rousseaux, M., 2012:
Influence of light environment on yield determinants and components in large olive hedgerows following mechanical pruning in the subtropics of the Southern Hemisphere

He, P.; Ma, Y.; Dai, H.; Li, L.; Liu, Y.; Li, H.; Zhao, G.; Zhang, Z., 2012:
Development of Ty1-copia retrotransposon-based S-SAP markers in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.)

Lopez, A.; Molina-Aiz, F. D.; Valera, D. L.; Pena, A., 2012:
Determining the emissivity of the leaves of nine horticultural crops by means of infrared thermography

Vijayan, K.; Chung, M.-chu; Tsou, C.-hua, 2012:
Dispersion of rDNA loci and its implications on intragenomic variability and phylogenetic studies in Camellia

Carmona, E.; Moreno, M. T.; Aviles, M.; Ordovas, J., 2012:
Use of grape marc compost as substrate for vegetable seedlings

Yuan, L.; Zhang, Q.; Guo, D.; Luo, Z., 2012:
Genetic differences among 'Luotian-tianshi' (Diospyros kaki Thunb.) genotypes native to China revealed by ISSR and IRAP markers

Sahin, O.; Taskin, M. B.; Kadioglu, Y.K.; Inal, A.; Gunes, A.; Pilbeam, D.J., 2012:
Influence of chloride and bromate interaction on oxidative stress in carrot plants

Denaxa, N.-K.; Roussos, P.A.; Damvakaris, T.; Stournaras, V., 2012:
Comparative effects of exogenous glycine betaine, kaolin clay particles and Ambiol on photosynthesis, leaf sclerophylly indexes and heat load of olive cv. Chondrolia Chalkidikis under drought

Karimi, S.; Hojati, S.; Eshghi, S.; Moghaddam, R.N.; Jandoust, S., 2012:
Magnetic exposure improves tolerance of fig 'Sabz' explants to drought stress induced in vitro

Bravo, K.; Toselli, M.; Baldi, E.; Marcolini, G.; Sorrenti, G.; Quartieri, M.; Marangoni, B., 2012:
Effect of organic fertilization on carbon assimilation and partitioning in bearing nectarine trees

Shiraishi, M.; Shinomiya, R.; Chijiwa, H., 2012:
Preliminary genetic analysis of sucrose accumulation in berries of table grapes

Norouzi, M.; Talebi, M.; Sayed-Tabatabaei, B.-E., 2012:
Chloroplast microsatellite diversity and population genetic structure of Iranian pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) genotypes

Wang, H.; Yao, L.; Cai, R.; Pan, J.; Chen, X., 2012:
Genetic relationship analyses of oil-bearing roses in China using matK sequences

McFadyen, L.; Robertson, D.; Sedgley, M.; Kristiansen, P.; Olesen, T., 2012:
Effects of the ethylene inhibitor aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG) on fruit abscission and yield on pruned and unpruned macadamia trees

Matsumoto, S.; Soejima, J.; Maejima, T., 2012:
Influence of repeated pollination on seed number and fruit shape of 'Fuji' apples

Modgil, M.; Guleria, N.; Ghani, M.; Sharma, J. N., 2012:
Identifying somaclonal variants of the apple rootstock Mailing 7 resistant to white root rot

Yu, X.; Wang, B.; Zhang, C.; Xu, W.; He, J.; Zhu, L.; Wang, S., 2012:
Effect of root restriction on nitrogen levels and glutamine synthetase activity in 'Kyoho' grapevines

Webster, J.M., 2011:
Dr. Harry R. Wallace 1924-2011 IN MEMORIAM

McSorley, R., 2011:
Trends in the Journal of Nematology, 1969-2009: Authors, States, Nematodes, and Subject Matter

Dominguez-Garcia, M. C.; Laib, M.; De La Rosa, R.; Belaj, A., 2012:
Characterisation and identification of olive cultivars from North-eastern Algeria using molecular markers

Kramer, M.; Bufler, G.; Nothnagel, T.; Carle, R.; Kammerer, D.R., 2012:
Effects of cultivation conditions and cold storage on the polyacetylene contents of carrot (Daucus carota L.) and parsnip (Pastinaca sativa L.)

Panigrahi, J.; Mishra, R. R., 2012:
Identification of sex in spiny gourd (Momordica dioica) using RAPD marker analysis and its validation in four F-1 progenies

Xu, Q.; Geng, Y. L.; Qi, X. H.; Chen, X. H., 2012:
Genetic analysis of the five major aromatic substances in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

Ognjanov, V.; Ljubojevic, M.; Ninic-Todorovic, J.; Bosnjakovic, D.; Barac, G.; Cukanovic, J.; Mladenovic, E., 2012:
Morphometric diversity in dwarf sour cherry germplasm in Serbia

White, P.J.; Broadley, M.R.; Hammond, J.P.; Ramsay, G.; Subramanian, N.K.; Thompson, J.; Wright, G., 2012:
Bio-fortification of potato tubers using foliar zinc-fertiliser

Singh, S.; Sharma, S. R.; Kalia, P.; Deshmukh, R.; Kumar, V.; Sharma, P.; Sharma, T. R., 2012:
Molecular mapping of the downy mildew resistance gene Ppa3 in cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis L.)

Sonsteby, A.; Opstad, N.; Heide, O. M., 2012:
Effects of summer temperature on growth and flowering in six black currant cultivars (Ribes nigrum L.)

Zhao, S.-L.; Qi, J.-X.; Duan, C.-R.; Sun, L.; Sun, Y.-F.; Wang, Y.-P.; Ji, K.; Chen, P.; Dai, S.-J.; Leng, P., 2012:
Expression analysis of the DkNCED1, DkNCED2 and DkCYP707A1 genes that regulate homeostasis of abscisic acid during the maturation of persimmon fruit

Zaki, H. E. M.; Takahata, Y.; Yokoi, S., 2012:
Analysis of the morphological and anatomical characteristics of roots in three radish (Raphanus sativus) cultivars that differ in root shape

Reddy, D. C. L.; Radhika, V.; Bharadwaj, A.; Khandagale, K. S.; Aswath, C., 2012:
miRNAs in brinjal (Solanum melongena) mined through an in silico approach

Nasarat, M.; Abudanh, F.; Naimat, S., 2012:
Agriculture in sixth-century Petra and its hinterland, the evidence from the Petra papyri

Koh, L.P.; Gibbs, H.K.; Potapov, P.V.; Hansen, M.C., 2012:
REDDcalculator.com: a web-based decision-support tool for implementing Indonesia's forest moratorium

Macfarlane, C.; Ogden, G.N., 2012:
Automated estimation of foliage cover in forest understorey from digital nadir images

Hamzehzarghani, H.; Kazemeini, S.A.; Edalat, M., 2012:
Evaluation of different empirical models to estimate safflower yield loss from redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retruflexus L.) under water stress conditions

Ashraf, M.; Afzal, M.; Ahmad, R.; Maqsood, M.A.; Shahzad, S.M.; Tahir, M.A.; Akhtar, N.; Aziz, A., 2012:
Growth response of the salt-sensitive and the salt-tolerant sugarcane genotypes to potassium nutrition under salt stress

Hauser, S.; Mekoa, C.; Kanga, F.N., 2012:
The effects of burning forest biomass on the yield of plantain (cv. Ebang, Musa spp. AAB, false horn) after hot-water and boiling-water treatment in southern Cameroon

Singh, M.; Singh, A.; Singh, S.; Ram, M., 2012:
Evaluation of alternate menthol mint (Mentha arvensis L.) based intensive cropping systems for Indo-Gangetic plains of north India

Mamta, G.; Rahi, P.; Pathania, V.; Gulati, A.; Singh, B.; Bhanwra, R.K.; Tewari, R., 2012:
Comparative efficiency of phosphate-solubilizing bacteria under greenhouse conditions for promoting growth and aloin-A content of Aloe barbadensis

Singh, H.; Reddy, S.M., 2012:
Improvement of wheat and maize crops by inoculating Aspergillus spp. in alkaline soil fertilized with rock phosphate

Molle, B.; Tomas, S.; Hendawi, M.; Granier, J., 2012:
Evaporation and Wind Drift Losses During Sprinkler Irrigation Influenced BY DROPLET SIZE DISTRIBUTION

Cebo, C.; Martin, P., 2012:
Inter-species comparison of milk fat globule membrane proteins highlights the molecular diversity of lactadherin

Pisanu, S.; Ghisaura, S.; Pagnozzi, D.; Falchi, G.; Biosa, G.; Tanca, A.; Roggio, T.; Uzzau, S.; Addis, M.F., 2012:
Characterization of sheep milk fat globule proteins by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis/mass spectrometry and generation of a reference map

Bermeosolo Bidasolo, I.; Ramos, M.; Angel Gomez-Ruiz, J., 2012:
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