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Perception of extension officers on the importance and use of Information Communication Technologies in the North-West Province, South Africa

Mabe, L.K.; Oladele, O.I.

Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 10(3-4): 1379-1381


ISSN/ISBN: 1459-0263
Accession: 066267883

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A simple random sampling technique was used to select 169 extension officers to examine the awareness level of information communication technologies among extension officers in North-West Province, South Africa. Data were collected with a structured questionnaire and analysed using frequency counts, percentages and multiple regression analysis. The results show that majority of the extension officers were male (76%) with the mean age of 44.6 years, married (79%) and 82.5% were Christians. Forty one percent of the extension officer had diploma as their educational qualification and a mean of 16.7 years as working experience. The results revealed that extension officers perceived 16 out of the 20 ICT tools as having the importance in the utilization of information communication technologies and sharing of agricultural extension messages and information tools were mobile phones 1.74, fax machines 1.64, internet 1.57, computer 1.55, fixed telephone 1.51, overhead projector 1.55, organization e-mail 1.51 and organization website 1.49, personal e-mail 1.49%, newspaper 1.36, television 1.30, video 1.27, radio 1.22, DVD 1.22, World Wide Web 1.18 and CD-ROM 1.12. Significant determinants on perception of extension officers on the importance of utilisation of ICTs were religion (t = -1.91, p = 0.065); awareness of ICT (t = 1.91, p =. 063), accessibility to ICT (t = 3.35, p = 0.001); competence on ICT use (t = 2.68, p = 0.008) and use of ICT (t= 2.01, p = 0.046). The study recommends that ICT tools are perceived as being important to be used on a frequent basis to disseminate and utilize information amongst extension officers. This follows mostly the compatibility of these tools and their less expensive nature.

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