Section 67
Chapter 66,271

Assessment of suitable Location for Construction of groundwater dams

Sharifi, L.; Karami, M.

Life Science Journal-Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition 9(4): 1233-1236


Accession: 066270831

Crisis of maintaining, supplying and optimal operating and conservation of natural water resources is one of the largest hydrological problems in the country. In fact groundwater is part of surface water that either reaches to the surface naturally through springs or is extracted from groundwater tables (aquifers) by well, infiltration gallery etc. These waters are one of important sources of supplying drinking water and agriculture water that does not need treatment. Scientific and practical designing and planning for obtaining and feeding groundwater network can prevent destruction of these sources and stabilize them without causing any environmental damages. Our country, as one of regions with low water level and nearly hot and dry climate, needs protection of groundwater resources and construction of groundwater dams, including infiltration galleries, traditional aquifers and flumes, can help optimal operation of water, protection of groundwater and prevention of draught in agriculture sector. [Leila Sharifi, Mohamad Karami. . Life Sci J 2012;9(4):1233-1236] (ISSN:1097-8135). http://www.lifesciencesite.com. 184

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