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Socio-Economic and Job Characteristics among Farm Workers in Mafikeng Municipality South Africa

Silolo, M. D.; Oladele, O. I.

Life Science Journal-Acta Zhengzhou University Overseas Edition 9(4): 1453-1459


Accession: 066270833

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The study examined personal and job characteristics and the socio-economic status of farm workers in the Mafikeng area, North West province, South Africa. A simple random sampling technique was used to select 100 farm workers to be interviewed. A structured questionnaire was developed based on the study objectives and related literature to collect data which were analyzed using frequency count, percentages and multiple regression analysis. The results show that the majority of farm workers fall between 20-30 years age group with males dominating and most have gone through primary education. The mean salary of most of the farm workers per month was R1 250.00. Medical aids, sectoral determination and labour unions were non-existent in different farms. In terms of possession of materials, 79% of the farm workers have chickens while 64% have dogs. 92% have radio, 93% have beds, 89% have tables and 59% have electric stoves. Also, 82% have cell phones while 78% have boots and rain coats each. Significant determinants of job characteristics were age (t = 4.66), gender (t = 2.66), Marital status (t = 3.46), educational level (t = 2.95), job category (t = -3.57), types of employment (t = -3.17) and family size (t = -3.32); while significant determinants of socio-economic status were age(t = 3.32), gender(t = 3.11) and family size (t = 4.88). The findings have implications for the level of socio-economic status of the farm workers and the need to improve on their livelihoods. [Silolo MD and Oladele O.I. . Life Sci J 2012;9(4):1453-1459] (ISSN:1097-8135). http://www.lifesciencesite.com. 222

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