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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66274

Chapter 66274 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

McKenry, M., 2012:
Nematode Control for Grapevines in the Nursery, at Planting and for DECADES BEYOND

McSorley, R., 2012:
An Overview of Organic Amendment Use for Management of Nematodes on FLORIDA VEGETABLE CROPS

Mendes, M.de L.; Dickson, D. W., 2012:
A Technique to Evaluate the Efficacy of Chemical Compounds on Plant NEMATODES

Mennan, S.; van Ravansway, J.; Cheng, Z.; Bal, H. K.; Grewal, P. S.; Smucker, A. J. M.; Adelaja, A.; Warbach, J.; Qi, J.; Melakeberhan, H., 2012:
Comparative Analyses of Nematode Community and Ecosystem Services in AGRICULTURAL AND NATURAL ECOSYSTEMS OF SELECTED MICHIGAN SOIL GROUPS

Meyer, S.L. F.; Everts, K. L.; Gardener, B. B. M.S., 2012:
Mixed Species Cover Crop Green Manures for Management of Soilborne PATHOGENS ON TOMATO

Noe, J. P.; Brannen, P. M.; Holladay, W. T.; Jagdale, G. B., 2012:
Preplant Soil Treatments to Manage Blueberry Replant Disease Caused by MESOCRICONEMA ORNATUM

Reeves, J.; Cheng, Z.; Kleinhenz, M. T.; Grewal, P. S., 2012:
An Assessment of Soil Health and Productivity in Community and Market GARDENS

Sances, F.; Aglave, B. A.; Ockey, S.; Dimock, M. B., 2012:
Grapevine Nematode Management With Paecilomyces Lilacinus on the Central CALIFORNIA COAST

Scott, T. Z.; Lawrence, K. S.; Moore, S. R.; Glass, K.; Santen, E. V., 2012:
Cultivar Susceptibility to the Fusarium Wilt and Complex and Race CHARACTERIZATION OF FUSARIUM OXYSPORUM F. SP VASINFECTUM

Sekora, N.S.; Crow, W. T.; Mekete, T., 2012:
A Knife in the Dark: Meloidogyne Spp. of Florida's Golf Courses

Shaver, J. B.; Agudelo, P.; Martin, S. B., 2012:
Pathogenicity of Trichodorus Obtusus on Zoysiagrass in South Carolina

Shi Hongli; Zheng, J. W., 2012:
Morphological and Molecular Identification of Pratylenchus Agilis ASSOCIATED WITH WHEAT ROOTS FROM SHANXI, CHINA

Liu, S.; Yang, Q.; Jian, H., 2012:

Stelly, D.M.; Zheng, X.; Bell, A. A.; Van Deynze, A.; Ashrafi, H.; Nichols, R. L., 2012:
Cotton Improvement by Alien Introgression of Renifrom Nematode RESISTANCE FROM GOSSYPIUM LONGICALYX: AN OVERVIEW

Stetina, S.R.; Molin, W. T., 2012:
Gossypium Accessions Resistant to Rotylenchulus Reniformis Vary in SENSITIVITY TO THE HERBICIDE FLUOMETURON

Thies, J.A.; Ariss, J.J.; Buckner, S.; Hassell, R.L.; Levi, A., 2012:
Response of Cucurbit Rootstocks for Grafted Melon (Cucumis Melo) to SOUTHERN ROOT-KNOT NEMATODE, MELOIDOGYNE INCOGNITA

Timper, P.; Parajuli, G., 2012:
Suppression of Meloidogyne Incognita by Paecilomyces Lilacinus Is ENHANCED BY PLANTING COVER CROPS

Vinholes, P.da S.; Silva, V. M. P.; Dalla Nora, T.; Schuster, I.; Borem, A.; Roberts, P. A., 2012:
Inheritance of Resistance to Meloidogyne Javanica Root-Galling in a BRAZILIAN SOYBEAN

Wang, K.-H.; Radovich, T., 2012:
Cover Cropping System and Compost Tea Treatment for Management of NEMATODE, WHITEFLIES, AND POLLINATORS

Wubben, M.; Callahan, F. E.; Jenkins, J. N.; Velten, J., 2012:
Over-Expression of Mic3 Reduces Cotton Susceptibility to Root-Knot NEMATODE

Xue Hui; Jin, N.; Wang, X.; Li, W.; Jian, H., 2012:
Field Evaluation of Streptomyces Rubrogriseus Hdz-9-47 for Biological CONTROL OF ROOT-KNOT NEMATODE MELOIDOGYNE INCOGNITA

Zasada, I.; Peetz, A.; Smythe, A.; Howe, D.; Cheam, D.; Denver, D., 2012:
Using Mitogenomic and Nuclear Ribosomal Sequence Data to Investigate the PHYLOGENY OF XIPHINEMA AMERICANUM POPULATIONS FROM THE UNITED STATES

Zasada, I.A.; Walters, T. W., 2012:
Response of Red Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) Varieties to Pratylenchus PENETRANS

Zheng Liang; Ferris, H.; Walker, M. A., 2012:
Nematode Behavior in Relation to Grape Roots in Dual Culture

Pittiglio, C.; Skidmore, A.K.; van Gils, H.A. M. J.; Prins, H.H. T., 2013:
Elephant response to spatial heterogeneity in a savanna landscape of northern Tanzania

Prunty, J.; Apple, K.J., 2013:
Painfully Aware: The Effects of Dissonance on Attitudes toward Factory Farming

Bandara, N.; Chen, L.; Wu, J., 2013:
Adhesive properties of modified triticale distillers grain proteins

Nejhad, R.K.; Yousefi, S.; Azari, M.A., 2013:
Survey of single strand conformation polymorphism of kappa-casein gene in Alpine and Saanen goats in Iran

Barrena, J.; Nahuelhual, L.; Engler, A.; Echeverria, R.; Cofre, G., 2013:
Heterogeneity of farms entering export supply chains: the case of fruit growers from central-south Chile

Madry, W.; Mena, Y.; Roszkowska-Madra, B.; Gozdowski, D.; Hryniewski, R.; Castel, J. M., 2013:
An overview of farming system typology methodologies and its use in the study of pasture-based farming system: a review

Nejadi, J.; Raoufat, M. H., 2013:
Field performance of a pneumatic row crop planter equipped with active toothed coulter for direct planting of corn in wheat residue

Marquez-Garcia, F.; Gonzalez-Sanchez, E.J.; Castro-Garcia, S.; Ordonez-Fernandez, R., 2013:
Improvement of soil carbon sink by cover crops in olive orchards under semiarid conditions. Influence of the type of soil and weed

Demyda-Peyras, S.; Hidalgo, M.; Dorado, J.; Anter, J.; Genero, E.; Moreno-Millan, M., 2013:
Short communication. In vitro oocyte maturation and fertilization rates in the Spanish Lidia bovine breed

Agostini, P. S.; Gasa, J.; Manzanilla, E. G.; Da Silva, C. A.; de Bias, C., 2013:
Descriptive study of production factors affecting performance traits in growing-finishing pigs in Spain

Franco, D.; Rois, D.; Vazquez, J. A.; Lorenzo, J. M., 2013:
Carcass morphology and meat quality from roosters slaughtered at eight months affected by genotype and finishing feeding

Sanchez-Sanchez, M.; Vieira-Aller, C.; De-la-Fuente-Vazquez, J.; Perez-Marcos, C.; Lauzurica-Gomez, S.; Gonzalez-de-Chavarri, E.; Diaz-Diaz-Chiron, M. T., 2013:
Effect of season and stocking density during transport on carcass and meat quality of suckling lambs

Serrano, M. P.; Camara, L.; Valencia, D. G.; Lazaro, R.; Latorre, M. A.; Mateos, G. G., 2013:
Effect of energy concentration on growth performance and carcass quality of Iberian pigs reared under intensive conditions

Castellano, R.; Aguinaga, M. A.; Nieto, R.; Aguilera, J. F.; Haro, A.; Seiquer, I., 2013:
Utilization of milk minerals by Iberian suckling piglets

Mejia-Uribe, L. A.; Borquez, L.; Salem, A. Z. M.; Dominguez-Vara, I. A.; Gonzalez-Ronquillo, M., 2013:
Short communicaton. Effects of adding different protein and carbohydrates sources on chemical composition and in vitro gas production of corn stover silage

Mahmoodi, R.; Rahmani, F.; Rezaee, R., 2013:
Genetic diversity among Juglans regia L. genotypes assessed by morphological traits and microsatellite markers

Chen, Y.; Wen, Y.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, X.; Wang, Y.; Chen, D., 2013:
The recovery of Bt toxin content after temperature stress termination in transgenic cotton

Hernandez, L. F.; Larsen, A. O., 2013:
Visual definition of physiological maturity in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) is associated with receptacle quantitative color parameters

Martinez-Fernandez, A.; Soldado, A.; de la Roza-Delgado, B.; Vicente, F.; Gonzalez-Arrojo, M. A.; Argamenteria, A., 2013:
Modelling a quantitative ensilability index adapted to forages from wet temperate areas

Ferreira, I. Q.; Arrobas, M.; Claro, A. M.; Rodrigues, M. A., 2013:
Soil management in rainfed olive orchards may result in conflicting effects on olive production and soil fertility

Cela, S.; Santiveri, F.; Lloveras, J., 2013 :
Short communication. Nitrogen content of residual alfalfa taproots under irrigation

Guerrero-Diaz, M. M.; Lacasa-Martinez, C. M.; Hernandez-Pinera, A.; Martinez-Alarcon, V.; Lacasa-Plasencia, A., 2013:
Evaluation of repeated biodisinfestation using Brassica carinata pellets to control Meloidogyne incognita in protected pepper crops

Gonzalez-Zamora, J. E.; Castillo, M. L.; Avilla, C., 2013:
Side effects of different pesticides used in citrus on the adult stage of the parasitoid Aphytis melinus DeBach (Hymenoptera Aphelinidae) and its progeny

Lorenzana, A.; Hermoso-de-Mendoza, A.; Seco, M. V.; Casquero, P. A., 2013:
Population dynamics and integrated control of the damson-hop aphid Phorodon humuli (Schrank) on hops in Spain

Fornes, F.; Mendoza-Hernandez, D.; Belda, R. M., 2013:
Compost versus vermicompost as substrate constituents for rooting shrub cuttings

Zapata, N.; Nerilli, E.; Martinez-Cob, A.; Chalghaf, I.; Chalghaf, B.; Fliman, D.; Playan, E., 2013:
Limitations to adopting regulated deficit irrigation in stone fruit orchards: a case study

Gomez-del-Campo, M., 2013:
Summer deficit irrigation in a hedgerow olive orchard cv. Arbequina: relationship between soil and tree water status, and growth and yield components

Lam, T.J.G.M.; van Engelen, E.; Scherpenzeel, C.G.M.; Hage, J.J., 2012:
Strategies to reduce antibiotic usage in dairy cattle in the Netherlands

Rutter, S.M., 2012:
A 'smart' future for ruminant livestock production?

Vaarst, M., 2012:
Reducing antibiotic usage in organic dairy farms - The stable school approach

Waha, K.; Muller, C.; Rolinski, S., 2013:
Separate and combined effects of temperature and precipitation change on maize yields in sub-Saharan Africa for mid- to late-21st century

Day, M.M., 2013:
"How Badly Can Cattle and Land Sales Suffer From This?" Drought and CATTLE SICKNESS ON THE JA RANCH, 1910-1918

Ying, F.; Lin, X. Y.; Ma, W. M.; Chi, H. L.; Yan, Z. G.; Song, Y. F.; Wang, Z. H., 2013:
Metabolic responses to the deficiency of Lys, Arg, Met, or His in the mammary gland of lactating goats

Bloss, R., 2013:
Lasers, radar, acoustics and magnetic sensors come to the aid of unmanned vehicles

Omar, A.F., 2013:
Spectroscopic profiling of soluble solids content and acidity of intact grape, lime, and star fruit

Maly, M., 2013:
Partial Equilibrium Model - Beef

Onumah, J.A.; Onumah, E.E.; Al-Hassan, R.M.; Bruemmer, B., 2013:
Meta-frontier analysis of organic and conventional cocoa production in Ghana

Tomaszewska-Zaremba, D.; Herman, A. P.; Misztal, T., 2013:
Does central IL-1 beta affect GnRH secretion in the hypothalamus of anoestrous ewes via different regulatory pathways?

Otwinowska-Mindur, A.; Ptak, E.; Jagusiak, W.; Satola, A., 2013:
Modeling lactation curves of Polish Holstein-Friesian cows. Part I: The accuracy of five lactation curve models

Fatehi, F.; Dehghan-banadaky, M.; Reza-yazdi, K.; Moradi-shahrbabak, M.; Anele, U. Y., 2013:
Performance, carcass quality and blood metabolites of Holstein bulls on feedlot feeding of different proportions of barley grain to maize grain

Khosravinia, H.; Ghasemi, S.; Alavi, E. R., 2013:
The effect of savory (Satureja khuzistanica) essential oils on performance, liver and kidney functions in broiler chickens

Zyla, K.; Dulinski, R.; Pierzchalska, M.; Grabacka, M.; Jozefiak, D.; Swiatkiewicz, S., 2013:
Phytases and myo-inositol modulate performance, bone mineralization and alter lipid fractions in the serum of broilers

Abula, R.; Zhang, H. -L.; Chen, Y.; Yao, X. -K., 2013:
Novel polymorphisms detected in the prolactin receptor gene of Yili horse (Equus caballus) by PCR-SSCP

Venzon, M.; Krueger, R.F.; Soto, A.; Tuelher, E.de S.; Bonomo, I.S.; Matiello Fadini, M.A.; Marques Fonseca, M.C., 2013:
Toxicity of organic farming-compatible products to the coffee leaf miner

dos Santos, J.A.M.; Tavares, M.C.; de Vasconcelos, M.C.R.L.; Afonso, T., 2012:
The process of technological innovation at Embrapa and Embrapa Agrobiology: Challenges and perspectives

Abu Bakar, A. I.; Izzati, M. Z. N.A.; Kalsom, Y. U., 2013:
Diversity of Fusarium Species Associated with Post-harvest Fruit Rot Disease of Tomato

Dalin, C.; Suweis, S.; Konar, M.; Hanasaki, N.; Rodriguez-Iturbe, I., 2012:
Modeling past and future structure of the global virtual water trade network

Dovers, S., 2013:
The Australian Environmental Policy Agenda

Cockfield, G.; Botterill, L.C., 2013:
Rural and Regional Policy: A Case of Punctuated Incrementalism?

Gupta, K.; Dey, A.; Gupta, B., 2013:
Plant polyamines in abiotic stress responses

Dwivedi, S.; Sahrawat, K.; Upadhyaya, H.; Ortiz, R., 2013:
Food, Nutrition and Agrobiodiversity Under Global Climate Change

Goss, M.J.; Tubeileh, A.; Goorahoo, D., 2013:
A Review of the Use of Organic Amendments and the Risk to Human Health

Zhou, M.; Lichakane, M.; Joshi, S. V., 2013:
Family evaluation for quality traits in South African sugarcane breeding programmes

Bramley, R.G.V.; Panitz, J.H.; Jensen, T.A.; Baillie, C.P., 2013:
Within block spatial variation in CCS - Another potentially important consideration in the application of precision agriculture to sugarcane production

Satpathy, K. K.; Panigrahi, S.; Mohanty, A. K.; Sahu, G.; Achary, M. S.; Bramha, S. N.; Padhi, R. K.; Samantara, M. K.; Selvanayagam, M.; Sarkar, S. K., 2013:
Severe oxygen depletion in the shallow regions of the Bay of Bengal off Tamil Nadu coast

Deluga, W., 2013:
The Electricity Market in Poland on the Example of the Experience of PGE Energa

Bryla, P., 2013:
Marketing of Ecological Food Products - Results of a Research Study Among Polish Processors

Lugo, M.A.; Crespo, E.M.; Cafaro, M.; Jofre, L., 2013:
Fungi associated with two populations of Acromyrmex lobicornis (Formicidae) from San Luis, Argentina

Bairwa, K.C.; Varadan, R.J.; Jhajhria, A.; Meena, D.K., 2013:
An Economic Appraisal of Livestock Sector in India

Chen, S.-Y.; Yao, Y.-G.; Liu, Y.-P., 2013:
Polymorphisms of Mitochondrial ATPASE 8/6 Genes and Association with Milk Production Traits in Holstein Cows (vol 23, pg 204, 2012)

Simelton, E.; Quinn, C.H.; Batisani, N.; Dougill, A.J.; Dyer, J.C.; Fraser, E.D.G.; Mkwambisi, D.; Sallu, S.; Stringer, L.C., 2013:
Is rainfall really changing? Farmers' perceptions, meteorological data, and policy implications

Unganai, L.S.; Troni, J.; Manatsa, D.; Mukarakate, D., 2013:
Tailoring seasonal climate forecasts for climate risk management in rainfed farming systems of southeast Zimbabwe

Ketlhoilwe, M.J., 2013:
Improving resilience to protect women against adverse effects of climate change

Biggs, E.M.; Tompkins, E.L.; Allen, J.; Moon, C.; Allen, R., 2013:
Agricultural adaptation to climate change: observations from the Mid-Hills of Nepal

Chhetri, N.; Subedi, M.; Ghimire, S., 2013:
Niche-based responses in addressing the climatic constraints to farm production: analogues to climate-change adaptation in Nepal

Chen, H.-M.; Ku, H.-M.; Schafleitner, R.; Bains, T.S.; Kuo, C. G.; Liu, C.-A.; Nair, R.M., 2013:
The major quantitative trait locus for mungbean yellow mosaic Indian virus resistance is tightly linked in repulsion phase to the major bruchid resistance locus in a cross between mungbean [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] and its wild relative Vigna radiata ssp sublobata

Mohammadi, R.; Amri, A., 2013 :
Genotype x environment interaction and genetic improvement for yield and yield stability of rainfed durum wheat in Iran

Saruchi; Kaith, B.S.; Jindal, R.; Kapur, G.S., 2013:
Enzyme-based green approach for the synthesis of gum tragacanth and acrylic acid cross-linked hydrogel: its utilization in controlled fertilizer release and enhancement of water-holding capacity of soil

Dow, G.K.; Reed, C.G., 2013:
The Origins of Inequality: Insiders, Outsiders, Elites, and Commoners

Liu, S.; Tai, H.; Ding, Q.; Li, D.; Xu, L.; Wei, Y., 2013:
A hybrid approach of support vector regression with genetic algorithm optimization for aquaculture water quality prediction

Li, D.; Kang, L.; Cheng, X.; Li, D.; Ji, L.; Wang, K.; Chen, Y., 2013:
An ontology-based knowledge representation and implement method for crop cultivation standard

Yue, J.; Liu, L.; Li, Z.; Li, D.; Fu, Z., 2013:
Improved quality analytical models for aquatic products at the transportation in the cold chain

Xue Ling; Zhu Yeping; Xue Yan, 2013:
RAEDSS: An integrated decision support system for regional agricultural economy in China

Gao, D.; Wang, D.; Wang, G.; Hao, L., 2013:
Topology optimization of conditioner suspension for mower conditioner considering multiple loads

Wu, D.; Li, Y.-kai; Liu, H.-sheng; Yang, P.-ling; Sun, H.-su; Liu, Y.-ze, 2013:
Simulation of the flow characteristics of a drip irrigation emitter with large eddy methods

Cao, L.; San, X.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, G., 2013:
The application of the spatio-temporal data mining algorithm in maize yield prediction

Zhu, Y.; Liu, D.; Chen, G.; Jia, H.; Yu, H., 2013:
Mathematical modeling for active and dynamic diagnosis of crop diseases based on Bayesian networks and incremental learning

Zhang, M.; Ma, W.Q.; Liu, Z.X.; Liu, G., 2013:
Fuzzy-adaptive control method for off-road vehicle guidance system

Yang, Y.J.; Tong, X.Q.; Zhu, J.H., 2013:
A geographically weighted model of the regression between grain production and typical factors for the Yellow River Delta

Zhang, P.; Liu, Y.; Pan, Y.; Yu, Z., 2013:
Land use pattern optimization based on CLUE-S and SWAT models for agricultural non-point source pollution control

He, Y.; Hu, K.L.; Wang, H.; Huang, Y.F.; Chen, D.L.; Li, B.G.; Li, Y., 2013:
Modeling of water and nitrogen utilization of layered soil profiles under a wheat-maize cropping system

Ma, G.; Huang, J.; Wu, W.; Fan, J.; Zou, J.; Wu, S., 2013:
Assimilation of MODIS-LAI into the WOFOST model for forecasting regional winter wheat yield

Yang, K.; Xue, Z.; Li, H.; Jia, T.; Cui, Y., 2013:
New methodology of hyperspectral information extraction and accuracy assessment based on a neural network

Huang, C.; Duan, L.; Liu, Q.; Yang, W., 2013:
Development of a whole-feeding and automatic rice thresher for single plant

Li, X.; Yang, P.; Shi, H.; Ren, S.; Li, Y.; Li, P.; Wang, C., 2013:
The effect of transpiration uncertainty on root zone soil water by Bayesian analysis

Zhou, Z.; Zang, Y.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, P.; Luo, X., 2013:
Rice plant-hopper infestation detection and classification algorithms based on fractal dimension values and fuzzy C-means

Guan, X.; Wang, S.; Gao, Z.; Lv, Y., 2013:
Dynamic prediction of soil salinization in an irrigation district based on the support vector machine

Li, D.L., 2013:
Mathematical and Computer Modeling in Agriculture

Ma, H.; Huang, J.; Zhu, D.; Liu, J.; Su, W.; Zhang, C.; Fan, J., 2013:
Estimating regional winter wheat yield by assimilation of time series of HJ-1 CCD NDVI into WOFOST-ACRM model with Ensemble Kalman Filter

Wang, C.; Ma, Q.; Zhu, D.; Chen, H.; Yang, Z., 2013:
Real-time control of 3D virtual human motion using a depth-sensing camera for agricultural machinery training

Yao, H.; Duan, Q.; Li, D.; Wang, J., 2013:
An improved K-means clustering algorithm for fish image segmentation

Xu, L.; Liu, S., 2013:
Study of short-term water quality prediction model based on wavelet neural network

Zhang, M.; Li, M.Z.; Wang, W.Z.; Liu, C.H.; Gao, H.J., 2013:
Temporal and spatial variability of soil moisture based on WSN

Lv, H.; Yu, J.; Fu, H., 2013:
Simulation of the operation of a fertilizer spreader based on an outer groove wheel using a discrete element method

Dong, Y.; Zhao, C.; Yang, G.; Chen, L.; Wang, J.; Feng, H., 2013:
Integrating a very fast simulated annealing optimization algorithm for crop leaf area index variational assimilation

Pang, M.-M.; Pun, M.-Y.; Ishak, Z.A.M., 2013:
Natural weathering studies of biobased thermoplastic starch from agricultural waste/polypropylene blends

Pang, M.-M.; Pun, M.-Y.; Ishak, Z.A.M., 2013:
Degradation studies during water absorption, aerobic biodegradation, and soil burial of biobased thermoplastic starch from agricultural waste/polypropylene blends

Matossian, M.K., 2013:
The Phaistos Disk: a Solar Calendar. Contribution to a Decipherment

Andersen, K.B.; Beukes, J.A.; Feilberg, A., 2013:
Non-thermal plasma for odour reduction from pig houses - A pilot scale investigation

Grube, M.; Gavare, M.; Nescerecka, A.; Tihomirova, K.; Mezule, L.; Juhna, T., 2013:
FT-IR spectroscopic analysis for studying Clostridium cell response to conversion of enzymatically hydrolyzed hay

Danies, G.; Small, I. M.; Myers, K.; Childers, R.; Fry, W. E., 2013:
Phenotypic Characterization of Recent Clonal Lineages of Phytophthora infestans in the United States

Holb, I.J., 2013:
Effect of Sanitation Treatments on Leaf Litter Density and Leaf Spot Incidence in Integrated and Organic Sour Cherry Orchards

Seifers, D.L.; Tatineni, S.; French, R., 2013:
Variants of Triticum mosaic virus Isolated From Wheat in Colorado Show Divergent Biological Behavior

Baumgartner, K.; Fujiyoshi, P.T.; Travadon, R.; Castlebury, L.A.; Wilcox, W.F.; Rolshausen, P.E., 2013:
Characterization of Species of Diaporthe from Wood Cankers of Grape in Eastern North American Vineyards

Okubara, P. A.; Harrison, L. A.; Gatch, E. W.; Vandemark, G.; Schroeder, K. L.; du Toit, L. J., 2013:
Development and Evaluation of a TaqMan Real-Time PCR Assay for Fusarium oxysporum f. sp spinaciae

Gudmestad, N. C.; Arabiat, S.; Miller, J. S.; Pasche, J. S., 2013:
Prevalence and Impact of SDHI Fungicide Resistance in Alternaria solani

Tian, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Bai, S.; Walcott, R. R.; Hu, B.; Liu, F., 2013:
Reliable and Sensitive Detection of Acidovorax citrulli in Cucurbit Seed Using a Padlock-Probe-Based Assay

Castillo, J.D.; Lawrence, K.S.; Kloepper, J.W., 2013:
Biocontrol of the Reniform Nematode by Bacillus firmus GB-126 and Paecilomyces lilacinus 251 on Cotton

Hollaway, G. J.; Evans, M. L.; Wallwork, H.; Dyson, C. B.; McKay, A. C., 2013:
Yield Loss in Cereals, Caused by Fusarium culmorum and F. pseudograminearum, Is Related to Fungal DNA in Soil Prior to Planting, Rainfall, and Cereal Type

Seifers, D. L.; Martin, T. J.; Haber, S., 2013:
Temperature-Sensitive Resistance to Wheat streak mosaic virus in CO960333 and KS06HW79 Wheat

Huang, J., 2013:
First Report of Anthracnose Caused by Colletotrichum gloeosporioides on Schefflera actinophylla in China

Brakta, A.; Thakur, P. D.; Handa, A., 2013:
First Report of Cowpea mild mottle virus in Cowpea and French Bean in Taiwan

Roh, M.S., 2013:
Growth and flowering response of 'Monte Grace' lily grown in media amended with bioplastic pellets and in bioplastic pots containing feather fibers

Yao, S., 2013:
Past, Present, and Future of Jujubes-Chinese Dates in the United States

Zaurov, D.E.; Molnar, T.J.; Eisenman, S.W.; Ford, T.M.; Mavlyanova, R.F.; Capik, J.M.; Funk, C. R.; Goffreda, J.C., 2013:
Genetic Resources of Apricots (Prunus armeniaca L.) in Central Asia

Rowland, L.J.; Ogden, E.L.; Takeda, F.; Glenn, D.M.; Ehlenfeldt, M.K.; Vinyard, B.T., 2013:
Variation among Highbush Blueberry Cultivars for Frost Tolerance of Open Flowers

Lafta, A.; Mou, B., 2013:
Evaluation of Lettuce Genotypes for Seed Thermotolerance

Peterson, B.J.; Graves, W.R., 2013:
Responses to Root-zone Water Content of Shrub Congeners from Eastern North America and Mediterranean California

Smith, M.W.; Goff, W.D.; Wells, M. L., 2013:
Pecan Orchard Renewal: Influence of Established Trees and Remaining Stumps on Transplant Growth and Crown Gall Infection

Schrader, J.A.; Srinivasan, G.; Grewell, D.; McCabe, K.G.; Graves, W.R., 2013:
Fertilizer Effects of Soy-plastic Containers during Crop Production and Transplant Establishment

Beeks, S.A.; Evans, M.R., 2013:
Physical Properties of Biocontainers Used to Grow Long-term Greenhouse Crops in an Ebb-and-flood Irrigation System

Uchanski, M.E.; Blalock, A., 2013:
Ethephon Improved Pigmentation but Had No Effect on Cayenne Pepper Fruit Yield in Southern New Mexico

McArtney, S.; Greene, D.; Schmidt, T.; Yuan, R., 2013 :
Naphthaleneacetic Acid and Ethephon Are Florigenic in the Biennial Apple Cultivars Golden Delicious and York Imperial

Palla, K.J.; Beasley, R.R.; Pijut, P.M., 2013:
In Vitro Culture and Rooting of Diospyros virginiana L

Niu, G.; Starman, T.; Byrne, D., 2013:
Responses of Growth and Mineral Nutrition of Garden Roses to Saline Water Irrigation

Jose Lag-Brotons, A.; Martin Soriano-Disla, J.; Gomez, I.; Navarro-Pedreno, J., 2013:
Saline Irrigation Effects on Cynara cardunculus L. Plants Grown in Mediterranean Soils

Staley, L.; Mortley, D. G.; Bonsi, C. K.; Bovell-Benjamin, A.; Gichuhi, P., 2013:
Hydrolyzed Organic Fish Fertilizer and Poultry Litter Influence Total Phenolics and Antioxidants Content but Not Yield of Amaranth, Celosia, Gboma, and Long Bean

Jimenez-Pena, N.; Valdez-Aguilar, L.A.; Castillo-Gonzalez, A.M.; Colinas-Leon, M.T.; Cartmill, A.D.; Cartmill, D.L., 2013:
Growing Media and Nutrient Solution Concentration Affect Vegetative Growth and Nutrition of Laelia anceps Lindl

Xiong, X.; Diesburg, K.; Lloyd, D.T., 2013:
Application of Glufosinate on Dormant Zoysiagrass (Zoysia japonica) Turf

Mehlenbacher, S.A.; Smith, D.C.; McCluskey, R.L., 2013:
'Dorris' Hazelnut

Clark, J.R.; Sandefur, P.J., 2013:
'Souvenirs' Peach

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