Toxicity of Six New Chemical Insecticides Against the Termite, Microtermes mycophagus D. (Isoptera: Termitidae: Macrotermitinae)

Iqbal, N.; Saeed, S.

Pakistan Journal of Zoology 45(3): 709-713


ISSN/ISBN: 0030-9923
Accession: 066273637

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The termite, Microtermes mycophagus D., is an economically important species causing damage to wooden structures and agricultural crops in Pakistan. Toxicities of six new chemical insecticides were evaluated to determine the lethal concentration (LC50) against M mycophagus collected from four locations (tree plantation, untreated building, treated building, agriculture area) of Multan, Pakistan. The population collected from agricultural area was more tolerant to all insecticides compared to those of other three locations. The order of average toxicity of insecticides from highest to lowest was: chlorfenapyr > spinosad > thiamethoxam > fipronil. > indoxacarb > imidacloprid. The study provides an opportunity to compare the toxicities of some new chemical insecticides and to use them effectively in the termite management programme.