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Cut yields, carcass and tissue composition proportion in meat from young goats depending on the breed and slaughter body weight

Marques, R. O.; Menezes, J. J. L.; Goncalves, H. C.; Medeiros, B. B. L.; Rodrigues, L.; Canizares, G. I. L.; Gomes, H. F. B.; Roca, R. O.

Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinaria e Zootecnia 65(5): 1561-1569


ISSN/ISBN: 0102-0935
Accession: 066278266

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the commercial cuts, loin tissues and composition proportions in meant from five racial groups: Alpine, 1/2 Boer + 1/2 Alpine (1/2 BA), 1/2 Anglo Nubian + 1/2 Alpine (1/2 ANA), 3/4 Boer + 1/4 Alpine (3/4 BA), 1/4 Boer + 1/4 Alpine + 1/2 Anglo Nubian (Tricross), submitted to three slaughter weights (25, 30 and 35kg) in feedlot, using a complete diet. The crossing of Boer and Anglo Nubian with Alpine females only improved, in kids, the yield of cuts considered third category such as neck and rib. Slaughter body weights between 30 and 35kg should be preferred due to increase in the proportion of the loin, reduction in the proportion of the neck in Alpine and increase in the leg in Alpine and 3/4 Boer, beyond the appropriate amounts of intermuscular fat and muscle.

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