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Characteristics of Chilling Symptoms of Cherry Tomato Compared to Beefsteak Tomato Harvested at Different Ripening Stages

Islam, M.Z.; Baek, J.P.; Kim, Y.-S.; Kang, H.-M.

Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology 7: 703-709


ISSN/ISBN: 0973-7510
Accession: 066280036

This study was carried out to determine the characteristics of chilling symptoms between cherry tomato 'Unicorn' and beefsteak tomato 'Madison' and to establish the equation for chilling symptoms. Each stage of breakers, turning, pink, light red, and red maturity tomato fruits were harvested from both tomato cultivars, and they were stored at 11 degrees C and 5 degrees C with 85% relative humidity for 21days separately to treat chilling stress and thereafter were stored for 4 days at 20 degrees C with the same relative humidity for returning from chilling stress. The breakers, turning and pink stages of 'Unicorn' showed a lower color a*/b* value than 'Madison' in both temperatures. In addition, tomatoes stored 11 degrees C had better color developmentthan tomatoes stored at 5 degrees C in both cultivars. 'Unicorn' showed higher ion leakage than 'Madison' at both temperatures in all maturity stages. Moreover, 'Unicorn' appeared to have higher respiration rates and ethylene production than 'Madison' under chilling conditions. Also, 'Unicorn' had more sensitive reactions than 'Madison' under chilling conditions, 5 degrees C treatments were more highly sensitive than 11 degrees C, and lower maturity stages had higher chilling-sensitivity than higher maturity stages. Therefore, the identified characteristics of chilling symptoms, appropriate maturity stages and optimum temperature on this research could be useful for optimal fresh merchandising of cherry tomato 'Unicorn' and beefsteak tomato 'Madison'.

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