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Effect of high temperature and 1-MCP application or dynamic controlled atmosphere on energy savings during apple storage

Kittemann, D.; McCormick, R.; Neuwald, D. A.

European Journal of Horticultural Science 80(1)


ISSN/ISBN: 1611-4426
Accession: 066299994

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The aim of this work was to evaluate the energy saving benefits that new storage strategies such as ULO storage + 1-MCP at higher temperatures and DCA may have when compared to standard ULO. The experiment was carried out in three storage rooms (11 tons each) under ULO conditions (1.0 kPa O-2 + 2.5 kPa CO2) at 1 degrees C or ULO at 5 degrees C plus 1-MCP or DCA controlled by chlorophyll fluorescence (similar to 0.7 kPa O-2 + 1.5 kPa CO2) at 1 degrees C. The apple cultivars 'Golden Delicious', 'Jonagold' and 'Pinova' were stored for 7 months and the energy consumption for each of the three rooms calculated from the refrigeration compressors, ventilation fans, defrosting and CO2 scrubber machinery run-times. Energy use was reduced by 20% in DCA and 70% in ULO + 1-MCP at 5 degrees C when compared to ULO at 1 degrees C. Apples stored at 5 degrees C showed a lower weight loss when compared to 1 degrees C. Despite a higher storage temperature, 1-MCP treated 'Jonagold' at 5 degrees C were firmer than fruit under either ULO or DCA at 1 degrees C without 1-MCP. The firmness of 'Golden Delicious' and 'Pinova' did not differ between treatments. The incidence of fungal rots was slightly increased under ULO + 1-MCP at 5 degrees C for 'Jonagold', but strongly reduced for 'Pinova'. There were no treatment differences in rot incidence for 'Golden Delicious'. Sensorial analyses conducted after storage plus 7 days shelf-life at 20 degrees C rated the texture of Jonagold' higher for ULO at 5 degrees C + 1-MCP than for ULO at 1 degrees C without 1-MCP and accordingly, purchase preferences were higher for 'Jonagold' under ULO at 5 degrees C + 1-MCP. 'Pinova' texture was rated best after DCA at 1 degrees C. There were no differences in the texture preferences between ULO at 5 degrees C + 1-MCP or ULO at 1 degrees C without 1-MCP or any differences in taste preferences between the storage treatments for either 'Jonagold' or 'Pinova'.

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