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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66304

Chapter 66304 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Doury, G.; Pottier, J.; Ameline, A.; Mennerat, A.; Dubois, F.; Rambaud, C.; Couty, A., 2015:
Bioenergy Crops and Natural Enemies: Host Plant-Mediated Effects of Miscanthus on the Aphid Parasitoid Lysiphlebus testaceipes

Sindelar, A.J.; Lamb, J.A.; Coulter, J.A.; Sheaffer, C.C.; Vetsch, J.A., 2015:
Nitrogen and Tillage Management Affect Corn Cellulosic Yield, Composition, and Ethanol Potential

Adler, P.R.; Rau, B.M.; Roth, G.W., 2015:
Sustainability of Corn Stover Harvest Strategies in Pennsylvania

Dragoni, F.; o Di Nasso, N.N.; Tozzini, C.; Bonari, E.; Ragaglini, G., 2015:
Aboveground Yield and Biomass Quality of Giant Reed (Arundo donax L.) as Affected by Harvest Time and Frequency

Taeroe, A.; Nord-Larsen, T.; Stupak, I.; Raulund-Rasmussen, K., 2015:
Allometric Biomass, Biomass Expansion Factor and Wood Density Models for the OP42 Hybrid Poplar in Southern Scandinavia

Seidel, D.; Busch, G.; Krause, B.; Bade, C.; Fessel, C.; Kleinn, C., 2015:
Quantification of Biomass Production Potentials from Trees Outside Forests-A Case Study from Central Germany

Sindelar, A.J.; Sheaffer, C.C.; Lamb, J.A.; Jung, H.-J.G.; Rosen, C.J., 2015:
Maize Stover and Cob Cell Wall Composition and Ethanol Potential as Affected by Nitrogen Fertilization

Guo, J.; Thapa, S.; Voigt, T.; Rayburn, A. L.; Boe, A.; Lee, D. K., 2015:
Phenotypic and Biomass Yield Variations in Natural Populations of Prairie Cordgrass (Spartina pectinata Link) in the USA

Hauk, S.; Skibbe, K.; Roehle, H.; Schroeder, J.; Wittkopf, S.; Knoke, T., 2015:
Nondestructive Estimation of Biomass Yield for Short-Rotation Woody Crops Is Reliable and Shows High Yields for Commercial Stands in Bavaria

Kaliyan, N.; Morey, R. V.; Tiffany, D.G., 2015:
Economic and Environmental Analysis for Corn Stover and Switchgrass Supply Logistics

Alotaibi, K.D.; Schoenau, J.J.; Hao, X., 2015:
Fertilizer potential of thin stillage from wheat-based ethanol production (vol 7, pg 1421, 2014)

Tsoncheva, T.; Genova, I.; Stoycheva, I.; Spassova, I.; Ivanova, R.; Tsyntsarski, B.; Issa, G.; Kovacheva, D.; Petrov, N., 2015:
Activated carbon from waste biomass as catalyst support: formation of active phase in copper and cobalt catalysts for methanol decomposition

Lansink, A.O.; Stefanou, S.E.; Kapelko, M., 2015:
The impact of inefficiency on diversification

Lu, S.; Pei, L.; Bai, X., 2015:
Study on method of domestic wastewater treatment through new-type multi-layer artificial wetland

Winckler, C.; Tucker, C.B.; Weary, D.M., 2015:
Effects of under- and overstocking freestalls on dairy cattle behaviour

Hoeck, J.; Buescher, W., 2015:
Temperature-dependent consumption of drinking water in piglet rearing

Ison, S.H.; Wood, C.M.; Baxter, E.M., 2015:
Behaviour of pre-pubertal gilts and its relationship to farrowing behaviour in conventional farrowing crates and loose-housed pens

Sennes, V.; Gombert-Courvoisier, S.; Ribeyre, F., 2015:
Ecological indicators of fruit and vegetable consumption (EIFVCs): A case study

Dose, H.L.; Fortuna, A.-M.; Cihacek, L.J.; Norland, J.; DeSutter, T.M.; Clay, D.E.; Bell, J., 2015:
Biological indicators provide short term soil health assessment during sodic soil reclamation

Heady, W.N.; Clark, R.P.; O'Connor, K.; Clark, C.; Endris, C.; Ryan, S.; Stoner-Duncan, S., 2015:
Assessing California's bar-built estuaries using the California Rapid Assessment Method

Ben M'Barek, S.; Cordewener, J.H. G.; van der Lee, T.A. J.; America, A.H. P.; Gohari, A.M.; Mehrabi, R.; Hamza, S.; de With, P.J. G. M.; Kema, G.H. J., 2015:
Proteome catalog of Zymoseptoria tritici captured during pathogenesis in wheat (vol 79, pg 42, 2015)

Aumonde, T.Z.; Martinazzo, E.G.; Pedo, T.; Borella, J.; do Amarante, L.; Villela, F.A.; de Moraes, D.M., 2015:
Physiological performance and antioxidant metabolism of red rice seedlings due actions to Philodendron extract

Prato Sarmiento, A.I.; Dutra de Souza, P.V.; Fior, C.S., 2015:
Cuttings of Ficus cestrifolia Schott ex Spreng.: effect of indole-3-butyric acid and rooting environment

Mikic, A.; Zoric, L.; Zlatkovic, B., 2015:
Origin of the binomial Linneaus nomenclature used to name some Old World legume species

Rusu, M.; Simion, G., 2015:
Farm Structure Adjustments Under the Irrigation Systems Rehabilitation IN THE SOUTHERN PLAIN OF ROMANIA: A FIRST STEP TOWARDS SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT

Bakirci, M., 2015:
Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism Within the Periphery of METROPOLITAN AREAS: THE POLONEZ VILLAGE (ISTANBUL, TURKEY)

Ward, D.S.; Mahowald, N.M., 2015:
Local sources of global climate forcing from different categories of land use activities

Abid, M.; Scheffran, J.; Schneider, U.A.; Ashfaq, M., 2015:
Farmers' perceptions of and adaptation strategies to climate change and their determinants: the case of Punjab province, Pakistan

Elsom, D.M., 2015:
Striking reduction in the annual number of lightning fatalities in the United Kingdom since the 1850s

Pokharel, A.K.; Hallett, J., 2015:
Distribution of rainfall intensity during the summer monsoon season over Kathmandu, Nepal

Yu, Z.; Yan, L.; Han, N.; Liu, J., 2015:
Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Contourlet Transform and PCNN for Detecting Obstacles in Forests

Di Gerlando, R.; Tortorici, L.; Sardina, M.T.; Monteleone, G.; Mastrangelo, S.; Portolano, B., 2015:
Molecular characterisation of kappa-casein gene in Girgentana dairy goat breed and identification of two new alleles

Sahin, A.; Ulutas, Z.; Yildirim, A.; Aksoy, Y.; Genc, S., 2015:
Lactation curve and persistency of Anatolian buffaloes

Villalobos-Cortes, A.; Martinez, A.; Vega-Pla, J. L.; Landi, V.; Quiroz, J.; Marques, J.R.; Delgado, J.V., 2015:
Genetic relationships among five zebu breeds naturalized in America accessed with molecular markers

Yang, H.; Yang, Z.; Wang, Z.; Wang, W.; Huang, K.; Fan, W.; Jia, T., 2015:
Effects of early dietary energy and protein dilution on growth performance, nutrient utilization and internal organs of broilers

De Marco, M.; Salcedo, W.L.; Pastorelli, G.; Rossi, R.; Corino, C.; Bergagna, S.; Mellia, E.; Gennero, M.S.; Biasibetti, E.; Capucchio, M.T.; Nurisso, S.; Tarantola, M.; Forneris, G.; Schiavone, A., 2015:
Effects of verbascoside supplemented diets on growth performance, blood traits, meat quality, lipid oxidation and histological features in broiler chickens

Rivas, J.; Perea, J.; Angon, E.; Barba, C.; Morantes, M.; Dios-Palomares, R.; Garcia, A., 2015:
Diversity in the dry land mixed system and viability of dairy sheep farming

Gholami, J.; Qotbi, A.A. A.; Seidavi, A.; Meluzzi, A.; Tavaniello, S.; Maiorano, G., 2015:
Effects of in ovo administration of betaine and choline on hatchability results, growth and carcass characteristics and immune response of broiler chickens

Toro-Mujica, P.; Garcia, A.; Aguilar, C.; Vera, R.; Perea, J.; Angon, E., 2015:
Economic sustainability of organic dairy sheep systems in Central Spain

Varotto, A.; De Marchi, M.; Penasa, M.; Cassandro, M., 2015:
A comparison of milk clotting characteristics and quality traits of Rendena and Holstein-Friesian cows

Castro, A.; Pereira, J.M.; Amiama, C.; Bueno, J., 2015:
Typologies of dairy farms with automatic milking system in northwest Spain and farmers' satisfaction

Zhao, X.H.; Gong, J.M.; Zhou, S.; Fu, C.B.; Liu, C.J.; Xu, L.J.; Pan, K.; Qu, M.R., 2015:
Effects of degradable protein and non-fibre carbohydrates on microbial growth and fermentation in the rumen simulating fermenter (Rusitec)

Sarica, S.; Ozdemir, D.; Ozturk, H., 2015:
The effects of dietary oleuropein and organic selenium supplementation on performance and heat shock protein 70 response of brain in heat-stressed quail

Broucek, J.; Mihina, S.; Uhrincat, M.; Lendelova, J.; Hanus, A., 2015 :
Impact of gestation and lactation stage on the dairy cow response following removal to unfamiliar housing and milking system

Bellagamba, F.; Caprino, F.; Mentasti, T.; Vasconi, M.; Moretti, V.M., 2015:
The impact of processing on amino acid racemization and protein quality in processed animal proteins of poultry origin

Moreno, G.M. B.; Borba, H.; Araujo, G.G. L.; Sanudo, C.; Silva Sobrinho, A.G.; Buzanskas, M.E.; Lima Junior, D.M.; de Almeida, V.V. S.; Neto, O.B., 2015:
Meat quality of lambs fed different saltbush hay (Atriplex nummularia) levels

Zhang, H.; Bai, S.; Wang, Z.S.; Dong, X.; Peng, Q.; Zou, H., 2015:
Effects of different levels of protein supplements in the diet of early-weaned yaks on growth performance, intestinal development, and immune response to tuberculosis

Rizzi, C.; Verdiglione, R., 2015:
Testicular growth and comb and wattles development in three Italian chicken genotypes reared under free-range conditions

Silva, T.P. D.; Marques, C.A. T.; Torreao, J.N. C.; Araujo, M.J.; Bezerra, L.R., 2015:
Intake, digestibility, milk yield and indicators of the metabolic status of native ewes fed supplemented diet under grazing system

Hajati, H.; Hassanabadi, A.; Golian, A.; Nassiri-Moghaddam, H.; Nassiri, M.R., 2015:
The effect of grape seed extract and vitamin C feed supplementation on some blood parameters and HSP70 gene expression of broiler chickens suffering from chronic heat stress

Trevisi, E.; Jahan, N.; Bertoni, G.; Ferrari, A.; Minuti, A., 2015:
Pro-inflammatory cytokine profile in dairy cows: consequences for new lactation

Galassi, G.; Malagutti, L.; Colombini, S.; Rapetti, L.; Gallo, L.; Schiavon, S.; Tagliapietra, F.; Crovetto, G.M., 2015:
Nitrogen and energy partitioning in two genetic groups of pigs fed low-protein diets at 130 kg body weight

Cassandro, M.; De Marchi, M.; Penasa, M.; Rizzi, C., 2015:
Carcass characteristics and meat quality traits of the Padovana chicken breed, a commercial line, and their cross

Sarti, F.M.; Lasagna, E.; Giontella, A.; Panella, F.; Pieramati, C., 2015:
The use of a random regression model on the estimation of genetic parameters for weight at performance test in Appenninica sheep breed

La Manna, V.; Lasagna, E.; Ceccobelli, S.; Di Lorenzo, P.; De Cosmo, A.M.; Attard, G.; Sarti, F.M.; Panella, F.; Renieri, C., 2015:
Genetic differentiation between Segugio dell'Appennino and Segugio Maremmano dog breeds assessed by microsatellite markers

Wang, D.; Huang, H.; Zhou, L.; Li, W.; Zhou, H.; Hou, G.; Liu, J.; Hu, L., 2015:
Effects of dietary supplementation with turmeric rhizome extract on growth performance, carcass characteristics, antioxidant capability, and meat quality of Wenchang broiler chickens

Comino, L.; Righi, F.; Coppa, M.; Quarantelli, A.; Tabacco, E.; Borreani, G., 2015:
Relationships among early lactation milk fat depression, cattle productivity and fatty acid composition on intensive dairy farms in Northern Italy

Zaninelli, M.; Rossi, L.; Costa, A.; Tangorra, F.M.; Agazzi, A.; Savoini, G., 2015:
Signal spectral analysis to characterize gland milk electrical conductivity in dairy goats

Sgorlon, S.; Fanzago, M.; Sandri, M.; Gaspardo, B.; Stefanon, B., 2015:
Association of index of welfare and metabolism with the genetic merit of Holstein and Simmental cows after the peak of lactation

Al-Harthi, M.A.; Attia, Y.A., 2015:
Effect of citric acid on the utilization of olive cake diets for laying hens

Ebrahimi, M.; Rajion, M.A.; Meng, G.Y.; Shokryzadan, P.; Sazili, A.Q.; Jahromi, M.F., 2015 :
Feeding oil palm (Elaeis guineensis, Jacq.) fronds alters rumen protozoal population and ruminal fermentation pattern in goats

Khooshechin, F.; Hosseini, S.M.; Nourmohammadi, R., 2015:
Effect of dietary acidification in broiler chickens: 1. Growth performance and nutrients ileal digestibility

Shafey, T.M.; Al-Batshan, H.A.; Farhan, A.M. S., 2015:
The effect of dietary flaxseed meal on liver and egg yolk fatty acid profiles, immune response and antioxidant status of laying hens

Norouzi, B.; Qotbi, A.A.A.; Seidavi, A.; Schiavone, A.; Martinez Marin, A.L., 2015:
Effect of different dietary levels of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and yarrow (Achillea millefolium) on the growth performance, carcass traits and ileal microbiota of broilers

Yuan, Y.; Zhao, X.; Zhu, Q.; Li, J.; Yin, H.; Gilbert, E.R.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Li, D.; Yang, Z.; Shu, G., 2015:
Effects of dietary lysine levels on carcass performance and biochemical characteristics of Chinese local broilers

Yan, J.; Zhang, C.; Tang, L.; Kuang, S., 2015:
Effect of dietary copper sources and concentrations on serum lysozyme concentration and protegrin-1 gene expression in weaning piglets

Nejad, J.G.; Lohakare, J.D.; West, J.W.; Kim, B.W.; Lee, B.H.; Sung, K.I., 2015:
Effects of water restriction following feeding on nutrient digestibilities, milk yield and composition and blood hormones in lactating Holstein cows under heat stress conditions

Zhang, X.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, X.; Zou, H.; Tan, C.; Peng, Q., 2015:
Effects of dietary carbohydrate composition on rumen fermentation characteristics and microbial population in vitro

Sun, H.; Wu, Y.; Wang, X.; Liu, Y.; Yao, X.; Tang, J., 2015:
Effects of dietary supplementation with red yeast rice on laying performance, egg quality and serum traits of laying hens

Yang, C.; Ge, J.; Chen, S.; Liu, Y.; Chen, B.; Gu, Z., 2015:
Sequence and gene expression analysis of the agouti signalling protein gene in Rex rabbits with different coat colours

Pohl, E.; Gloaguen, R.; Seiler, R., 2015:
Remote Sensing-Based Assessment of the Variability of Winter and Summer Precipitation in the Pamirs and Their Effects on Hydrology and Hazards Using Harmonic Time Series Analysis

Van Beek, J.; Tits, L.; Somers, B.; Deckers, T.; Verjans, W.; Bylemans, D.; Janssens, P.; Coppin, P., 2015:
Temporal Dependency of Yield and Quality Estimation through Spectral Vegetation Indices in Pear Orchards

Wang, Q.; Chai, L.; Zhao, S.; Zhang, Z., 2015:
Gravimetric Vegetation Water Content Estimation for Corn Using L-Band Bi-Angular, Dual-Polarized Brightness Temperatures and Leaf Area Index

Huang, S.Y.; Miao, Y.X.; Zhao, G.M.; Yuan, F.; Ma, X.B.; Tan, C.X.; Yu, W.F.; Gnyp, M.L.; Lenz-Wiedemann, V.I.S.; Rascher, U.; Bareth, G., 2015:
Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China

Chen, M.-H.; McClung, A.M., 2015:
Effects of Cultivars, Organic Cropping Management, and Environment on Antioxidants in Whole Grain Rice

Marysol Uriarte-Aceves, P.; Oliva Cuevas-Rodriguez, E.; Gutierrez-Dorado, R.; Mora-Rochin, S.; Reyes-Moreno, C.; Puangpraphant, S.; Milan-Carrillo, J., 2015:
Physical, Compositional, and Wet-Milling Characteristics of Mexican Blue Maize (Zea mays L.) Landrace

Park, E.Y.; Baik, B.-K.; Miller, P.R.; Burke, I.C.; Wegner, E.A.; Tautges, N.E.; Morris, C.F.; Fuerst, E. P., 2015:
Functional and Nutritional Characteristics of Wheat Grown in Organic and Conventional Cropping Systems

Ullah, M.A.; Hussain, N.; Schmeisky, H.; Rasheed, M.; Anwar, M.; Rana, A.S., 2015 :
Impact of Intercropping and Fertilizer Application on Biomass Production OF FODDERS

Sohail-Ur-Raza, M.; Ahmed, Z.I.; Malik, M.A.; Ijaz, S.S., 2015:
Effective Soil Additives for Improved Soil Water Retention

Mongat, A.S.; Arshad, M.; Bakhsh, A.; Shakoor, A.; Anjum, L.; Hameed, A.; Umm-e-Kalsoom; Shamim, F., 2015:
Design, Installation and Evaluation of Solar Drip Irrigation System at MINI DAM COMMAND AREA

Mahmood, N.; Ali, T.; Ahmad, M.; Maan, A. A., 2015:
Identification of the Adoption Level of Water Saving Interventions and REASONS FOR NON ADOPTION IN FAISALABAD DISTRICT

Yang, Z.-X.; Zhang, X.-Q.; Xue, G.; Ding, Y.-F.; Yang, T.-Z., 2015:
The relationship between resistance to tobacco brown spot and nitrogen metabolism in mature tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) plants

Blawid, R.; Morgado, F.S.; Souza, C.A.; Resende, R.O.; Boiteux, L.S.; Pereira-Carvalho, R.C., 2015:
Fluorescence in situ hybridization analysis of endosymbiont genera reveals novel infection patterns in a tomato-infesting Bemisia tabaci population from Brazil

Silva, C.F.; Torres, P.; Oliveira, N.P. D.; Marques, A.S. A.; Ferreira, M.A. S. V., 2015:
PCR-based methods for detection of Erwinia psidii on guava

Alaniz, S.; Hernandez, L.; Mondino, P., 2015:
Colletotrichum fructicola is the dominant and one of the most aggressive species causing bitter rot of apple in Uruguay

Dallagnol, L.J.; Vitor Martins, S.C.; DaMatta, F.M.; Rodrigues, F.A., 2015:
Brown spot negatively affects gas exchange and chlorophyll a fluorescence in rice leaves

Sapkota, S.; Chen, L.-L.; Schreiner, K.; Ge, H.; Hwang, C.-F., 2015 :
A phenotypic study of Botrytis bunch rot resistance in Vitis aestivalis-derived 'Norton' grape

An, J.; Cho, S.-H.; Tang, C.S., 2015:
Aggregating Smallholder Farmers in Emerging Economies

Chen, Y.-J.; Shanthikumar, J. G.; Shen, Z.-J.M., 2015:
Incentive for Peer-to-Peer Knowledge Sharing among Farmers in Developing Economies

Hao, S.-H.; Wei, Y.; Wang, J.; Zhou, Y.-M., 2015:
Allelopathy and the active metabolites of the endophytic fungus, AlternariaJ46, from Platycladus orientalis

Kurokawa, S.; Hajika, M.; Shibuya, T., 2015:
Canopy height-to-row spacing ratio as a simple and practical onsite index to determine the time for terminating Ipomoea coccinea control in the Japanese soybean-growing systems

Atanackovic, V.; Juarez-Escario, A.; Recasens, J.; Torra, J., 2015:
A survey of Lolium rigidum populations in citrus orchards: Factors explaining infestation levels

Dong Hegan; Liu Tone; Han Zhiquan; Sun Qinmingl; Li Ru, 2015:
Determining time limits of continuous film mulching and examining residual effects on cotton yield and soil properties

Mutlu, F.; Mutlu, B., 2015:
Genotoxic effects of cadmium on tolerant and sensitive wheat cultivars

Torres, L.F.; Cardamone Diniz, L.E.; Do Livramento, K.G.; Freire, L.L.; Paiva, L.V., 2015:
Gene expression and morphological characterization of cell suspensions of Coffea arabica L. cv. Catigua MG2 in different cultivation stages

Makowska, B.; Bakera, B.; Rakoczy-Trojanowska, M., 2015:
The genetic background of benzoxazinoid biosynthesis in cereals

Jabeen, Z.; Hussain, N.; Wu, D.; Han, Y.; Shamsi, I.; Wu, F.; Zhang, G., 2015:
Difference in physiological and biochemical responses to salt stress between Tibetan wild and cultivated barleys

Zheng, J.-L.; Zhao, L.-Y.; Wu, C.-W.; Shen, B.; Zhu, A.-Y., 2015:
Exogenous proline reduces NaCl-induced damage by mediating ionic and osmotic adjustment and enhancing antioxidant defense in Eurya emarginata

Bajpai, J.; Srivastava, A., 2015:
In vitro response of black gram genotypes to herbicide stress and elevation of antioxidative defence system

Xu, F.; Xiao, W.; Li, J.; Ding, C.; Li, S.; Liu, W.; Guo, H., 2015:
NtGRAS-R1, a topping responsive transcription regulator in tobacco roots

Arefian, M.; Shafaroudi, S.M., 2015:
Physiological and gene expression analysis of extreme chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes in response to salinity stress

Chen, Z.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, C., 2015:
Exogenous nitric oxide mediates alleviation of mercury toxicity by promoting auxin transport in roots or preventing oxidative stress in leaves of rice seedlings

Muneer, S.; Jeong, B.R., 2015:
Silicon Decreases Fe Deficiency Responses by Improving Photosynthesis and Maintaining Composition of Thylakoid Multiprotein Complex Proteins in Soybean Plants (Glycine max L.)

Gutierrez, C.G.; Bravo, M.A.; Santos, M.T.; Vieira, P.; Mota, M., 2015:
Integrative approach and molecular barcoding of dagger and needle nematodes infesting grapevine soils in Portugal

Gutierrez Gutierrez, C.; Llumiquinga, P.; Gallegos, P.; Orbe, K.; Castillo, N.; Ulloa, J.; Guanotasig, C.; Enriquez, W.; Proano, K., 2015:
Potato cyst nematodes infesting potato fields in Ecuador: integrative diagnosis and molecular phylogeny

Hong, T.L.; Leong, L.S.; Lee, T.A.; Ting, L.C.; Siong, N.K.K.; Hong, N.C.; Kiong, L.S.; Zakaria, N.F., 2015:
DNA barcoding of 100 common medicinal plants in Malaysia for species authentication

lalis, A.; Nicolas, V.; Ohler, A.; Miralles, A.; Crochet, P.A.; Leblois, R.; Fadh, S.; El Hassani, A.; Bennazou, T.; Denys, C., 2015:
Comparative phylogeography and population genetic structure of 10 widespread small vertebrate species in Morocco

Liang, B.; Berrada, K.; Tran, A.; Sun, Y.; Rows, L.; Beckwith, A.M.; Hogan, M.; Hayward, J., 2015:
Application of Barcode of Life principles, to protect the international cotton supply chain

Naikwade, B. S.; Mahajan, P.; Khedkar, G. D., 2015:
Evaluation of recent enforcement to prohibit the slaughter of cow and its progeny for beef in India using DNA barcoding

Roy, S.; Tripathi, A.M.; Mishra, G.; Nair, K. N.; Rana, T. S.; Upteri, D. K., 2015:
Plant barcoding of a wildlife sanctuary across a wide climatic zone, Uttaranchal, India

Shinde, A.; Khedkar, G., 2015:
DNA barcode-based true bugs (Heteroptera) surveillance for agriculture crops from Maharashtra

Bylander, M., 2015:
Depending on the Sky: Environmental Distress, Migration, and Coping in Rural Cambodia

Kohsaka, R., 2015:
Science-Policy Interface and Traditional Knowledge in Social Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)

Rashidzadeh, A.; Olad, A.; Reyhanitabar, A., 2015:
Hydrogel/clinoptilolite nanocomposite-coated fertilizer: swelling, water-retention and slow-release fertilizer properties

Bedbabis, S.; Trigui, D.; Ben Ahmed, C.; Clodoveo, M.L.; Camposeo, S.; Vivaldi, G.A.; Ben Rouina, B., 2015:
Long-terms effects of irrigation with treated municipal wastewater on soil, yield and olive oil quality

Gadanakis, Y.; Bennett, R.; Park, J.; Areal, F.J., 2015:
Improving productivity and water use efficiency: A case study of farms in England

Petousi, I.; Fountoulakis, M. S.; Saru, M. L.; Nikolaidis, N.; Fletcher, L.; Stentiford, E. I.; Manios, T., 2015:
Effects of reclaimed wastewater irrigation on olive (Olea europaea L. cv. 'Koroneiki') trees

Zhao, P.; Li, S.; Li, F.; Du, T.; Tong, L.; Kang, S., 2015:
Comparison of dual crop coefficient method and Shuttleworth-Wallace model in evapotranspiration partitioning in a vineyard of northwest China

Daneshnia, F.; Amini, A.; Chaichi, M. R., 2015:
Surfactant effect on forage yield and water use efficiency for berseem clover and basil in intercropping and limited irrigation treatments

Han, M.; Zhao, C.; Simunek, J.; Feng, G., 2015:
Evaluating the impact of groundwater on cotton growth and root zone water balance using Hydrus-1D coupled with a crop growth model

Zhang, H.B.; Richardson, P.A.; Belayneh, B.E.; Ristvey, A.; Lea-Cox, J.; Copes, W.E.; Moorman, G.W.; Hong, C.X., 2015:
Characterization of water quality in stratified nursery recycling irrigation reservoirs

Gozubuyuk, Z.; Sahin, U.; Adiguzel, M.C.; Ozturk, I.; Celik, A., 2015:
The influence of different tillage practices on water content of soil and crop yield in vetch-winter wheat rotation compared to fallow-winter wheat rotation in a high altitude and cool climate

Yang, L.; Zhao, F.; Chang, Q.; Li, T.; Li, F., 2015:
Effects of vermicomposts on tomato yield and quality and soil fertility in greenhouse under different soil water regimes

Nam, W.H.; Hayes, M.J.; Svoboda, M.D.; Tadesse, T.; Wilhite, D.A., 2015:
Drought hazard assessment in the context of climate change for South Korea

Kross, A.; Lapen, D.R.; McNairn, H.; Sunohara, M.; Champagne, C.; Wilkes, G., 2015:
Satellite and in situ derived corn and soybean biomass and leaf area index: Response to controlled tile drainage under varying weather conditions

Amarasingha, R. P. R. K.; Suriyagoda, L. D. B.; Marambe, B.; Gaydon, D. S.; Galagedara, L. W.; Punyawardena, R.; Silva, G. L. L. P.; Nidumolu, U.; Howden, M., 2015:
Simulation of crop and water productivity for rice (Oryza sativa L.) using APSIM under diverse agro-climatic conditions and water management techniques in Sri Lanka

Dale, J.; Zou, C.B.; Andrews, W.J.; Long, J.M.; Liang, Y.; Qiao, L., 2015:
Climate, water use, and land surface transformation in an irrigation intensive watershed - Streamflow responses from 1950 through 2010

Xiang, Y.; Scandiani, M. M.; Herman, T. K.; Hartman, G. L., 2015:
Optimizing Conditions of a Cell-Free Toxic Filtrate Stem Cutting Assay to Evaluate Soybean Genotype Responses to Fusarium Species that Cause Sudden Death Syndrome

Cespedes-Sanchez, M. C.; Naegele, R. P.; Kousik, C. S.; Hausbeck, M. K., 2015:
Field Response of Cucurbit Hosts to Pseudoperonospora cubensis in Michigan

Foolad, M.R.; Sullenberger, M.T.; Ashrafi, H., 2015:
Detached-Leaflet Evaluation of Tomato Germplasm for Late Blight Resistance and Its Correspondence to Field and Greenhouse Screenings

Di Feo, L.; Zanini, A.; Rodriguez Pardina, P.; Cuervo, M.; Carvajal-Yepes, M.; Cuellar, W. J., 2015 :
First Report of Cassava common mosaic virus and Cassava frogskin-associated virus Infecting Cassava in Argentina

Handiseni, M.; Jo, Y.-K.; Zhou, X.-G.(S.), 2015:
Integration of Brassica Cover Crop with Host Resistance and Azoxystrobin for Management of Rice Sheath Blight

Jimenez-Fernandez, D.; Olivares-Garcia, C.; Trapero-Casas, J.L.; Requena, J.; Moreno, J.; Jimenez-Diaz, R.M., 2015:
Symptomless Host and Nonhost Responses of Paulownia (Paulownia spp.) to Olive-Defoliating Verticillium dahliae

Shtienberg, D.; Manulis-Sasson, S.; Zilberstaine, M.; Oppenheim, D.; Shwartz, H., 2015:
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