Section 67
Chapter 66,311

Adsorption properties of magnetic ferrospinel and sorbents on its basis

Larionov, M. I.; Gribanova, E. V.; Egorov, A. N.

Russian Journal of Applied Chemistry 88(11): 1770-1777


ISSN/ISBN: 1070-4272
DOI: 10.1134/s10704272150110051
Accession: 066310652

Adsorption of heavy metal ions (Cu2+ and Pb2+) on various samples of a manganese-zinc nano ferrospinel of composition Mn0.7Zn0.3Fe2O4, produced by the coprecipitation method, was studied. Samples of the starting ferrospinel and that modified with zinc and obtained in the presence of thermally treated agricultural wastes of cereal crops were examined. It was shown that all the three samples are effective sorbents. It was also found that the adsorption process on these sorbents is of complex type, depending on the nature of a metal ion being sorbed.

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