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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66321

Chapter 66321 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Jin, G.Y.; Wagner, M.; Tarasov, P.E.; Wang, F.; Liu, Y.C., 2016:
Archaeobotanical records of Middle and Late Neolithic agriculture from Shandong Province, East China, and a major change in regional subsistence during the Dawenkou Culture

Ma, T.; Tarasov, P.E.; Zheng, Z.; Han, A.Y.; Huang, K.Y., 2016:
Pollen- and charcoal-based evidence for climatic and human impact on vegetation in the northern edge of Wuyi Mountains, China, during the last 8200 years

Abe, C.; Leipe, C.; Tarasov, P.E.; Muller, S.; Wagner, M., 2016:
Spatio-temporal distribution of hunter-gatherer archaeological sites in the Hokkaido region (northern Japan): An overview

Shumilovskikh, L.S.; Hopper, K.; Djamali, M.; Ponel, P.; Demory, F.; Rostek, F.; Tachikawa, K.; Bittmann, F.; Golyeva, A.; Guibal, F.; Talon, B.; Wang, L.C.; Nezamabadi, M.; Bard, E.; Lahijani, H.; Nokandeh, J.; Rekavandi, H.O.; de Beaulieu, J.L.; Sauer, E.; Andrieu-Ponel, V., 2016:
Landscape evolution and agro-sylvo-pastoral activities on the Gorgan Plain (NE Iran) in the last 6000 years

Stobbe, A.; Gumnior, M.; Ruhl, L.; Schneider, H., 2016:
Bronze Age human-landscape interactions in the southern Transural steppe, Russia - Evidence from high-resolution palaeobotanical studies

Schroeder, O.; Wagner, M.; Wutke, S.; Zhang, Y.; Ma, Y.; Xu, D.; Goslar, T.; Neef, R.; Tarasov, P.E.; Ludwig, A., 2016:
Ancient DNA identification of domestic animals used for leather objects in Central Asia during the Bronze Age

Borona, M.; Mbow, C.; Ouedraogo, I., 2016:
Unstacking high temporal resolution meteorological data for multidimensional analysis of climate variability in southern Burkina Faso

Sullivan, R.G.; Meyer, M.E., 2016:
ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEWS AND CASE STUDIES: The National Park Service Visual Resource Inventory: Capturing the Historic and Cultural Values of Scenic Views

Kunah, O.M.; Papka, O.S., 2016:
Ecogeographical determinants of the ecological niche of the common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) on the basis of indices of remote sensing of land images

Nikolaichuk, V.I.; Vakerich, M.M.; Bilkey, M.V.; Chechuy, O.P.; Voloshchuk, I., 2016:
Possible ecologically based ways of preserving and developing the Ukrainian Carpathians

Ouni, Y.; Flamini, G.; Zarrouk, M., 2016:
The Chemical Properties and Volatile Compounds of Virgin Olive Oil from Oueslati Variety: Influence of Maturity Stages in Olives

Bodoira, R.; Torres, M.; Pierantozzi, P.; Aguate, F.; Taticchi, A.; Servili, M.; Maestri, D., 2016:
Dynamics of Fatty Acids, Tocopherols and Phenolic Compounds Biogenesis During Olive (Olea europaea L.) Fruit Ontogeny

Rana, R.K.; Arya, S.; Kadian, M. S.; Singh, B. P.; Quiroz, R.; Monneveux, P., 2016:
Socio-economic Feasibility of Potato Cultivation in Andhra Pradesh, India

Biagi, B.; Brandano, M.G.; Caudill, S.B., 2016:
Tourism and house prices in Italy: A latent class approach

Korotayev, A.; Zinkina, J.; Goldstone, J.; Shulgin, S., 2016:
Explaining Current Fertility Dynamics in Tropical Africa From an Anthropological Perspective: A Cross-Cultural Investigation

Dewir, Y.H.; Murthy, H.N.; Ammar, M.H.; Alghamdi, S.S.; Al-Suhaibani, N.A.; Alsadon, A.A.; Paek, K.Y., 2016:
In vitro Rooting of Leguminous Plants: Difficulties, Alternatives, and Strategies for Improvement

Lee, S.J.; Jeon, H.-J.; Jeong, J.-H.; Chung, N.-J., 2016:
Germination is Enhanced by Removal of the Funiculus in the Halophyte Glasswort (Salicornia herbacea)

Kalisz, A.; Jezdinsky, A.; Pokluda, R.; Sekara, A.; Grabowska, A.; Gil, J., 2016:
Impacts of Chilling on Photosynthesis and Chlorophyll Pigment Content in Juvenile Basil Cultivars

Zahedi, S.M.; Sarikhani, H., 2016:
Effect of Far-Red Light, Temperature, and Plant Age on Morphological Changes and Induction of Flowering of a 'June-bearing' Strawberry

Shu, C.; Yang, R.; Yin, L.; Ai, X.; Wang, S.; Zhao, W., 2016:
Selection of Rootstocks for Better Morphological Characters and Resistance to Low-Temperature Stress in the Sweet Pepper Cultivar 'Hongxing No. 2'

Choi, E.-Y.; Jeon, Y.-A.; Choi, K.-Y.; Stangoulis, J., 2016:
Physiological and Morphological Responses to Boron Deficient Chinese Cabbage

Davidson, A.M.; Da Silva, D.; Saa, S.; Mann, P.; DeJong, T.M., 2016:
The Influence of Elevated CO2 on the Photosynthesis, Carbohydrate Status, and Plastochron of Young Peach (Prunuspersica) Trees

Park, S.-woo; Kim, K.-T.; Kang, S.-C.; Yang, H.-B., 2016:
Rapid and Practical Molecular Marker Development for Rind Traits in Watermelon

Etefa, T., 2016:
Ethiopia, An Ancient Land: Agriculture, History, and Politics

Shahin, M.S.; Orhan, M.F.; Uygul, F., 2016:
Thermodynamic analysis of parabolic trough and heliostat field solar collectors integrated with a Rankine cycle for cogeneration of electricity and heat

Hassan, G.E.; Salah, A.H.; Fath, H.; Elhelw, M.; Hassan, A.; Saqr, K.M., 2016:
Optimum operational performance of a new stand-alone agricultural greenhouse with integrated-TPV solar panels

Yousefi, S.; Pourghasemi, H.R.; Hooke, J.; Navratil, O.; Kidova, A., 2016:
Changes in morphometric meander parameters identified on the Karoon River, Iran, using remote sensing data

Wang, J.; Lu, S.; Pei, L., 2016:
Study on rules of dynamic variation of nitrogen in soil after reclaimed water drip irrigation

Ileleji, K.E.; Li, Y.; Ambrose, R. P. K.; Doane, P.H., 2016:
Experimental investigations towards understanding important parameters in wet drum granulation of corn stover biomass

Luo, S.; Zhou, L.; Li, W.; Du, Y.; Yu, L.; Feng, H.; Mu, J.; Chen, Y., 2016:
Mutagenic effects of carbon ion beam irradiations on dry Lotus japonicus seeds

Ben Abdallah, S.; Lasserre, P., 2016:
Asset retirement with infinitely repeated alternative replacements: Harvest age and species choice in forestry

Pacilly, F.C. A.; Groot, J.C. J.; Hofstede, G.J.; Schaap, B.F.; van Bueren, E.T. L., 2016:
Analysing potato late blight control as a social-ecological system using fuzzy cognitive mapping

Van Geel, M.; De Beenhouwer, M.; Lievens, B.; Honnay, O., 2016:
Crop-specific and single-species mycorrhizal inoculation is the best approach to improve crop growth in controlled environments

Bouchet, A.S.; Laperche, A.; Bissuel-Belaygue, C.; Snowdon, R.; Nesi, N.; Stahl, A., 2016:
Nitrogen use efficiency in rapeseed. A review

Liu, Z.; Zhang, G.; Zhang, Y.; Jin, Q.; Zhao, J.; Li, J., 2016:
Factors controlling mycotoxin contamination in maize and food in the Hebei province, China

Mankad, A., 2016:
Psychological influences on biosecurity control and farmer decision-making. A review

Kaly, A.P., 2016:
The Presence-Absence of Arab-Muslims in the Process of Brazilian MODERNIZATION: READJUSTING COLONIAL MAPS

Wang, J.H.; Chang, C.C.; Yao, S.N.; Liang, C.Y., 2016:
The contribution of self-efficacy to the relationship between personality traits and entrepreneurial intention

Viana, J.H. M.; Hinduja, S.; Bartolo, P.J. S., 2016:
Estimation of biometric parameters from cattle rump using free-hand scanning and a 3D data processing algorithm

Singh, S.; Singh, N.; Kumar, V.; Datta, S.; Wani, A.B.; Singh, D.; Singh, K.; Singh, J., 2016:
Toxicity, monitoring and biodegradation of the fungicide carbendazim

Anzera, G.; Belotti, F.; Bousselmi, L.; Rabi, A., 2016:
The hydropolitical challenges of domestic water conservation. Palestine and Tunisia case studies

Shieh, C.J.; Hu, R.D., 2016:
Evaluating business performance of agricultural cooperation groups with Data Envelopment Analysis

Demirtas, B.; Dagistan, E.; Subasi, O.S., 2016:
A comparison of profitability and cost analyses of tomato cropping systems in greenhouses

Sontag, A.G.; Rojo, C.A.; Hofer, E., 2016 :
Cost of production in the dairy activity : a study on a property of family agriculture in Marechal Candido Rondon/PR

Canan, S.; Ceyhan, V., 2016:
Total factor productivity change and innovation in farms producing paddy in Bafra District of Samsun, Turkey

Lugo, B.G.R.; Hernandez, C.N.N.; Castro, C.T.P.; Gomez, N.R., 2016:
Socialization of knowledge on Agricultural Extension in agricultural journals certified in Cuba (2004-2014)

Gomez, N.; Lugo, B.R., 2016:
Conservation of information, call attention

Ali, J.; Pappa, E., 2015:
Global Meat Market: Structural Changes Across Geographical Regions

Wazna, A.; Cichocki, J.; Bojarski, J.; Gabrys, G., 2016:
Impact of Sheep Grazing on Small Mammals Diversity in Lower Mountain CONIFEROUS FOREST GLADES

Aydogdu, M. H.; Yenigun, K., 2016:
Willingness to Pay for Sustainable Water Usage in Harran Plain-Gap REGION, TURKEY

Yadav, R.P.; Bisht, J.K.; Pandey, B.M.; Kumar, A.; Pattanayak, A., 2016:
Cutting Management Versus Biomass and Carbon Stock of Oak Under High DENSITY PLANTATION IN CENTRAL HIMALAYA, INDIA

Micskei, G.; Fodor, N.; Marton, C.; Bonis, P.; Arendas, T., 2016:
Using Long-Term Field Experiment Data to Prepare a Crop Simulation Model FOR CLIMATE IMPACT STUDIES

Andiatsirevombola, J.M.; Ge, J.; Nyirenda, T.M.; Raholijaona, 2016:

Miko, P.; Kovacs, G. P.; Percze, A.; Gyuricza, C. S., 2016:
Effect of Different N Nutrient Contents on Biomass of Green Manure As SECOND CROP, UNDER UNFAVORABLE CLIMATE CONDITIONS IN HUNGARY

Fataei, E.; Varamesh, S., 2016:
Carbon Stocks in a 20-Year-Old Coniferous Plantation - a Case Study in FANDOGHLOO REGION, NORTHWESTERN IRAN

Li, Y. S.; Liu, X. B.; Henson, J. F., 2016:
Advances in Crop Responses to Enhanced Uv-B Radiation

Li, Y.; Zou, D.; Ren, B.; Ding, X.; Bian, H.; Wang, J., 2016:
Balancing Effect of Larch Plantations (Larix Kaempferi) on Understory PLANT DIVERSITY IN A SUBTROPICAL FOREST ECOSYSTEM, CHINA

Lehoczky, E.; Filep, T.; Mazsu, N.; Kamuti, M.; Gyori, Z., 2016:
Variability in Macronutrient Composition of Weed Seeds

Holka, M.; Jankowiak, J.; Bienkowski, J.F.; Dabrowicz, R., 2016:
Life Cycle Assessment (Lca) of Winter Wheat in An Intensive Crop PRODUCTION SYSTEM IN WIELKOPOLSKA REGION (POLAND)

Deveci, M.; Pitir, M., 2016:
Effect of Water Deficiency on Physiological and Chemical Properties of PEPPER GROWN IN GREENHOUSE

Guoju, X.; Qiang, Z.; Runyuan, W.; Yubi, Y.; Yu, L.; Jie, S.; Fengju, Z.; Juying, H.; Fei, M.; Chengke, L.; Jing, W.; Hong, Z.; Helin, W.; Kai, Z., 2016:
Climate Warming: Does Northwest China Face a Stark Food Security CHALLENGE?

Avila-Carrasco, J.R.; Junez-Ferreira, H.E.; Gonzalez-Trinidad, J.; De Alba, A.A.V.; Bautista-Capetillo, C.F., 2016:
Comparison of Univariate and Bivariate Approaches to Map Precipitation USING GEOSTATISTICS AND THE KALMAN FILTER

Greenhalgh, C., 2016:
Science, technology, innovation and IP in India: new directions and prospects

Braun, S.; Carbon, R.; Naab, M., 2016:
Piloting a Mobile-App Ecosystem for Smart Farming

Guo, W.D.; Wang, X.Q.; Sun, J.N.; Ding, A.J.; Zou, J., 2016:
Comparison of land-atmosphere interaction at different surface types in the mid- to lower reaches of the Yangtze River valley

Iagaru, R.; Florescu, N.; Iagaru, P., 2016:
Strategic Management of Sustainable Development in the Countryside of SIBIU DEPRESSION - BASIC OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION

Li, Y., 2016:
Photosynthetic conversion of CO2 to acetic acid by an inorganic-biological hybrid system

Jedrejek, D.; Levic, J.; Wallace, J.; Oleszek, W., 2016:
Animal by-products for feed: characteristics, European regulatory framework, and potential impacts on human and animal health and the environment

Rezapour, M.; Chashnidel, Y.; Dirandeh, E.; Shohreh, B.; Ghaffari, A. H., 2016:
The effect of grain processing and grain source on performance, rumen fermentation and selected blood metabolites of Holstein calves

Bagnicka, E.; Lukaszewicz, M.; Adnoy, T., 2016:
Genetic parameters of somatic cell score and lactose content in goat's milk

Rozbicka-Wieczorek, A. J.; Czauderna, M.; Wiesyk, E.; Radzik-Rant, A., 2016:
Selenium species in diet containing carnosic acid, fish and rapeseed oils affect fatty acid profiles in lamb muscles

Swiech, E.; Barszcz, M.; Tusnio, A.; Taciak, M., 2016:
Gut morphology of young pigs fed diets differing in standardized ileal digestible threonine and wheat gluten used as a source of non-essential amino acids

Abd El-Hack, M. E.; Alagawany, M.; Saeed, M.; Arif, M.; Arain, M. A.; Bhutto, Z. A.; Fazlani, S. A., 2016:
Effect of gradual substitution of soyabean meal by Nigella sativa meal on growth performance, carcass traits and blood lipid profile of growing Japanese quail

Mosa, W. F. A. E.-G.; Paszt, L. S.; Frac, M.; Trzcinski, P.; Przybyl, M.; Treder, W.; Klamkowski, K., 2016:
The influence of biofertilization on the growth, yield and fruit quality of cv. Topaz apple trees

Safarova, D.; Stary, M.; Valova, P.; Opatikova, M.; Bilkova, L.; Navratil, M., 2016:
Impact of insecticides treatment on phytoplasma infection risk in apple orchards

Golias, J.; Letal, J.; Balik, J.; Koziskova, J., 2016:
Effect of controlled atmosphere storage on production of volatiles and ethylene from cv. Zaosuli pears

Szymajda, M.; Zurawicz, E., 2016:
Tolerance of peach flower buds to low sub-zero temperatures in winter

Szalay, L.; Ladanyi, M.; Hajnal, V.; Pedryc, A.; Toth, M., 2016:
Changing of the flower bud frost hardiness in three Hungarian apricot cultivars

Fiserova, H.; Vyhnanek, T.; Stankova, Z.; Kozak, V.; Klems, M.; Havel, L., 2016:
Effects of garlic genotype on cloves formation under in vitro conditions

Sekara, A.; Baczek-Kwinta, R.; Gaweda, M.; Kalisz, A.; Pokluda, R.; Jezdinsky, A., 2016:
Sequential abiotic stress applied to juvenile eggplant modifies the seedlings parameters, plant ontogeny and yield

Neto, L.M.; Galerani, P.R.; Costa, J.L.D., 2016:
Research, development and innovations in the face of health threats for the Brazilian agriculture

Pires, C.S.S.; Pereira, F.D.; Lopes, M.T.D.; Nocelli, R.C.F.; Malaspina, O.; Pettis, J.S.; Teixeira, E.W., 2016:
Weakness and collapse of bee colonies in Brazil: are there cases of CCD?

Blassioli-Moraes, M.C.; Borges, M.; Michereff, M.F.F.; Magalhaes, D.M.; Laumann, R.A., 2016:
Semiochemicals from plants and insects on the foraging behavior of Platygastridae egg parasitoids

Marques, A.S.D.; Lopes-da-Silva, M.; Gonzaga, V.; Fernandes, F.R.; Benito, N.P.; Veiga, R.F.D., 2016:
Biological fundamentals, operational tools, and innovation in plant quarantine

Zanella, J.R.C., 2016:
Emerging and reemerging zoonoses and their importance for animal health and production

Zhang, Y.; Zhang, D.; Yu, H.; Lin, B.; Fu, Y.; Hua, S., 2016:
Floral Initiation in Response to Planting Date Reveals the Key Role of Floral Meristem Differentiation Prior to Budding in Canola (Brassica napus L.)

Zheng, M.P.; Zhang, Y.S.; Liu, X.F.; Qi, W.; Kong, F.J.; Nie, Z.; Pu, L.Z.; Hou, X.H.; Wang, H.L.; Zhang, Z.; Kong, W.G.; Lin, Y.J., 2016:
Progress and Prospects of Salt Lake Research in China

Jayasundara, S.; Appuhamy, J. A. D. R.N.; Kebreab, E.; Wagner-Riddle, C., 2016:
Methane and nitrous oxide emissions from Canadian dairy farms and mitigation options: An updated review

Puangdee, S.; Duangjinda, M.; Boonkum, W.; Buaban, S.; Katawatin, S., 2016:
Effect of milk fat to protein ratio on genetic variance for milk yield in Thai tropical Holstein cattle

Diaz-Vargas, M.; Murakami, A. E.; Ospina-Rojas, I. C.; Zanetti, L. H.; Puzotti, M. M.; Guerra, A. F. Q. G., 2016:
Use of okara (aqueous extract residue) in the diet of starter broilers

Bellenger, J. -P.; Whalen, J.K., 2016:

Manns, H.R.; Parkin, G.W.; Martin, R.C., 2016:
Evidence of a union between organic carbon and water content in soil

Ye, J. H.; Wang, H. B.; Kong, X. H.; Ding, L.; Chen, X. T.; Jia, X. L.; He, H. B., 2016:
Soil sickness problem in tea plantations in Anxi county, Fujian province, China

Wang, S. N.; Yang, R. X.; Liu, X.; Yao, Y.; Cheng, Y.; Gao, Z. G., 2016:
Overcoming the autotoxicity of muskmelon by Trichoderma spp

Feng, T.; Wang, Y. Y.; Zhang, Y. H.; Shi, X. H.; Qin, C. H.; Zhang, S. A.; Jin, S. C.; Zhang, H.; Zhang, J., 2016:
Effects of wheat and soybean stubbles on soil sickness in continuous cropping of cucumber

Tian, F. J.; Liu, X. G.; Lu, C. H.; Dong, F. S.; Xu, J.; Wu, Y. B.; Zheng, Y. Q., 2016:
Allelopathic effects of aerial parts of Descurainia sophia L. on wheat

Anum, W.; Naeem, M.; Tanveer, A.; Ali, H. H.; Nazir, M. Q.; Hanif, Z.; Rasool, G.; Kashif, M. S., 2016:
Effects of African purslane (Zaleya pentandra L.) on germination and seedling growth of maize

Chen, H. B.; Yang, C. P.; Wang, W. M.; Gong, G. S.; Zhang, M., 2016:
Allelopathic effects of leaf extract from Eupatorium adenophorum on Alternanthera philoxeroides

Petkova, V.; Serafimova, E.; Kostova, B., 2016:
Thermal behaviour of nitric-acid-treated biomass and chicken litter mixtures

Batista, L.M.G.; Ribeiro, S.M.R.; Santos, R.H.S.; Araujo, R.M.A.; Ribeiro, A.Q.; Priore, S.E.; Lucia, C.M.; Lana, R.D.; Gasparoni, G.P., 2016:
The perception of family farmers of Programa de Aquisicao de Alimentos (PAA) on the meaning of being part of PAA and their understanding of concepts related to food, nutrition and health

Ntumba, Y.H.T.; Prochon, M., 2016:
The effect of modified keratin on the thermal properties of a cellulosic-elastomeric material

Ashraf, A.; Dinar, A.; Monteiro, E.; Gaston, T., 2016:
Adaptation in California Agriculture: What Have We Been Assessing for TWO AND A HALF DECADES?

Tsvetanov, T.; Qi, L.Q.; Mukherjee, D.; Shah, F.; Bravo-Ureta, B., 2016:
Climate Change and Land Use in Southeastern U.S.: Did the "dumb Farmer" GET IT WRONG?

Hasan, M.M.; Sarker, M.A.R.; Gow, J., 2016:
Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Aman and Boro Rice Yields in BANGLADESH

Nanda, S.; Rout, E.; Joshi, R.K., 2016:
Curcuma longa Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 6 (ClMPK6) Stimulates the Defense Response Pathway and Enhances the Resistance to Necrotrophic Fungal Infection

Desalegne, B.A.; Mohammed, S.; Dagne, K.; Timko, M.P., 2016:
Assessment of genetic diversity in Ethiopian cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] germplasm using simple sequence repeat markers

Kin, A.G.; Suarez, C.E.; Chirino, C.C.; Avila, P.L.; Morici, E.F. A., 2016:
Impact of heat on seed germination of three perennial grasses in the semiarid region in Central Argentina

Gomes Junior, R.A.; Lopes, R.; Vieira da Cunha, R.N.; de Abreu Pina, A.J.; Quaresma, C.E.; Santos, R.R.; Vilela de Resende, M.D., 2016:
Bunch yield of interspecific hybrids of American oil palm with oil palm in the juvenile phase

Simeao, R.M.; Silva, A.S.; do Valle, C.B., 2016:
Flowering traits in tetraploid Brachiaria ruziziensis breeding

de Rezende Maciel, A.L.; Rodrigues, F.A.; Pasqual, M.; Siqueira de Carvalho, C.H., 2016:
Large-scale, high-efficiency production of coffee somatic embryos

da Costa Lara-Fioreze, A.C.; Pivetta, L.G.; Zanotto, M.D.; Okita, C.H., 2016:
Genetic variation and gain in progenies of crambe

Benjamin, C.S.; Luz, E.D.M. N.; Santos, W.O.; Pires, J.L., 2016:
Cacao families and parents selected as resistant to natural infection of Moniliophthora perniciosa

Denardi, F.; Kvitschal, M.V.; Basso, C.; da Silva Boneti, J.I.; Katsurayama, Y., 2016:
Performance of new apple rootstocks for Gala variety in Southern Brazil

Mendes Nascimento, R.S.; Lopes, E.A.; Magalhaes dos Santos, C.E.; Bernardes Silva Magalhaes, V.M.; Cardoso, J.A., 2016:
Host status of progenies of yellow passion fruit to Meloidogyne incognita race

Arenhardt, E.G.; Gonzalez da Silva, J.A.; Gewehr, E.; Arenhardt, L.G.; Arenhardt, C.L.; Nonnenmacher, G., 2016:
CG FARRAPO: a sudangrass cultivar with high biomass and grain yields

Pereira, H.S.; Wendland, A.; Pessoa Oliveira de Souza, T.L.; de Faria, L.C.; Del Peloso, M.J.; Thung, M.; Kluthicouski, J.; Caprio da Costa, J.G.; Cabrera Diaz, J.L.; de Souza Magaldi, M.C.; Barbosa Abreu, A.de F.; Martins, M.; Pereira Filho, I.A.; Alves Moreira, J.A.; Melo, L.C., 2016:
BRS Artico - Common bean cultivar with export-standard white grain

Ferrari, M.J.G.S.; Mariussi, A.C.; Zucatto, D.A.A.; Sereno, M.J.; Garcez-Neto, A.F.; Bersot, L.S., 2016 :
Effect of Genetic Strain and Sex on Water Absorption and Water-To-Protein Ratio in Chicken Meat

Maphosa, B., 2016:
Alleviating poverty through resource provision: The case of a South African agricultural project

Singh, S., 2015:
A Study on the Marketing Strategies of Morpheus: a Real Estate Company

Zhu, Z.; Zeng, G.; Ge, T.; Hu, Y.; Tong, C.; Shibistova, O.; He, X.; Wang, J.; Guggenberger, G.; Wu, J., 2016:
Fate of rice shoot and root residues, rhizodeposits, and microbe-assimilated carbon in paddy soil - Part 1: Decomposition and priming effect

Lukyanov, N. V.; Syroezhko, A. M.; Slavoshevskaya, N. V.; Strakhov, V. M.; Potekhin, V. M.; Itskovich, V. A., 2016:
Extraction of Humic Acids from Kansko-Achinsk Lignite

Castillo, S.P., 2016:
Intentional introduction of exotic fauna and future invaders: Are we tripping over the same rock once again?

Jones, P.M., 2016:
Making chemistry the 'science' of agriculture, c. 1760-1840

Guernsey, J., 2016:
Water, Maize, Salt, and Canoes: An Iconography of Economics at Late PRECLASSIC IZAPA, CHIAPAS, MEXICO

Yousefi, M.; Kamkar, B.; Gherekhloo, J.; Faez, R., 2016:
Sulfosulfuron Persistence in Soil Under Different Cultivation Systems of Wheat (Triticum aestivum)

Chudasama, A., 2016:
Digital disruption driving prescriptive crop management

[Anonymous], 2016:
Market Overview

[Anonymous], 2016:
Netafim (TM) delivers profitable end-to-end sugarcane irrigation projects

Lecler, N. L., 2016:
A synergetic system to produce sugarcane using surface irrigation

[Anonymous], 2016:
T-L's centre pivot irrigation system drives cane productivity at Kagera Sugar, Tanzania

Young, A.J., 2016:
Seedbed inspections underestimate the overall incidence of ratoon stunting disease

[Anonymous], 2016:
Congress of the South African Sugar Technologists' Association, Durban, South Africa, August 16-18, 2016 Abstracts

Jouili, T.A.; Allouche, M.A., 2016:
Impacts of Seaport Investment on the Economic Growth

Xia, L.L.; Xia, Y.Q.; Ma, S.T.; Wang, J.Y.; Wang, S.W.; Zhou, W.; Yan, X.Y., 2016:
Greenhouse gas emissions and reactive nitrogen releases from rice production with simultaneous incorporation of wheat straw and nitrogen fertilizer

Teshager, A.D.; Gassman, P.W.; Schoof, J.T.; Secchi, S., 2016:
Assessment of impacts of agricultural and climate change scenarios on watershed water quantity and quality, and crop production

Ridinger, R.B., 2016:
Review of The Carbon Farming Solution: A Global Toolkit of Perennial Crops and Regenerative Agriculture Practices for Climate Change Mitigation and Food Security

Evers, D.; Tennekes, J., 2016:
Europe exposed: mapping the impacts of EU policies on spatial planning in the Netherlands

Coulson, A., 2016:
Cotton and textiles industries in Tanzania: the failures of liberalisation

Mbilinyi, M., 2016:
Analysing the history of agrarian struggles in Tanzania from a feminist perspective

Andrew, N., 2016:
The importance of land in rethinking rural transformation, agrarian revolution and unfinished liberation in Africa

Al-mulali, U.; Fereidouni, H.G.; Bin Mohammed, M.A.H.; Lee, J.Y.M., 2016:
Agriculture investment, output growth, and CO2 emissions relationship

Viktorovna, P.L.; Konstantinovna, P.T., 2016:
Religious Beliefs of Ancient Slavs in the Play "glorious City of SMOLEVETS" BY E. N. KLETNOVA

Iakimovich, G.V., 2016:

Hu, C.; Murch, B.; Corcoran, A.A.; Zheng, L.; Barnes, B.B.; Weisberg, R.H.; Atwood, K.; Lenes, J.M., 2016:
Developing a Smart Semantic Web With Linked Data and Models for Near-Real-Time Monitoring of Red Tides in the Eastern Gulf of Mexico

Pavey, C.R.; Jefferys, E.A.; Nano, C.E. M., 2016:
Persistence of the plains mouse, Pseudomys australis, with cattle grazing is facilitated by a diet dominated by disturbance-tolerant plants

Ahmad, A.S.R., 2016:
Evolution and Development of the National Strategy for New Towns CONSTRUCTION IN EGYPT (USING THE EXAMPLE OF BORG EL ARAB)

Eberenz, R., 2016:
From the raw to the cooked: on the basic lexicon of culinary art in the history of Spanish (13th to 17th century)

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GMOs: modern biotechnology and food security in the 21st century

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What is GMO? And what is it not?

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Association between cytosine methylation and tissue specific expression of microsatellites

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PCR-LG: An alternative way to assign the chromosome location of genes/markers in cotton

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High CO2-modified atmosphere to preserve sensory and nutritional quality of organic table grape (cv. 'Italia') during storage and shelf-life

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The European Commission Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) call for tender concerning studies on vaccination closes on 13 September

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Historical Study of Plants in Holy Al-Quran: A Review

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