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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 66322

Chapter 66322 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

El Chami, D.; El Moujabber, M., 2016:
Drought, climate change and sustainability of water in agriculture: A roadmap towards the NWRS2

Kalsi, A.; Sikka, R.; Singh, D., 2016:
Influence of organic and inorganic amendments on the bioavailability of lead and micronutrient composition of Indian mustard (Brassica juncea (L.) Czern) in a lead-contaminated soil

Xu, M.Q.; Li, Z.L., 2016:
Accumulated temperature changes in desert region and surrounding area during 1960-2013: a case study in the Alxa Plateau, Northwest China

Yin, A.J.; Zhang, M.; Gao, C.; Yang, X.H.; Xu, Y.; Wu, P.B.; Zhang, H., 2016:
Salinity evolution of coastal soils following reclamation and intensive usage, Eastern China

Klaus, S.; Kreibich, H.; Merz, B.; Kuhlmann, B.; Schroter, K., 2016:
Large-scale, seasonal flood risk analysis for agricultural crops in Germany

Gandidzanwa, C.; Liebenberg, F., 2016:
Towards a New Capital Formation Series for Machinery in South African AGRICULTURE

Picone, G.; Savorani, F.; Trimigno, A.; Mezzetti, B.; Capozzi, F.; Engelsen, S.B., 2016:
Metabolic changes of genetically engineered grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) studied by H-1-NMR, metabolite heatmaps and iPLS

Galli Vargas, L.H.; Rodrigues Neto, J.C.; de Aquino Ribeiro, J.A.; Ricci-Silva, M.E.; Souza, M.T., J.; Rodrigues, C.M.; de Oliveira, A.E.; Abdelnur, P.V., 2016:
Metabolomics analysis of oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) leaf: evaluation of sample preparation steps using UHPLC-MS/MS

MacRae, G., 2016:
Himalayan Agricultures, Ecologies and Local Food Sovereignties

Takeda, W.; Banwell, C.; Dixon, J., 2016:
Advancing Food Sovereignty or Nostalgia: The Construction of Japanese Diets in the National Shokuiku Policy

Napawan, N.C., 2015:
Production Places: Evaluating Communally-Managed Urban Farms as Public Space

Cai, R.H.; Feng, S.Z.; Oppenheimer, M.; Pytlikova, M., 2016:
Climate variability and international migration: The importance of the agricultural linkage

Hughes, B.B., 2016:
International Futures (IFs) and integrated, long-term forecasting of global transformations

Jia, R.-L.; Wang, D.-H.; Tu, J.-Q.; Li, S.-P., 2016:
Correlation between agricultural markets in dynamic perspective-Evidence from China and the US futures markets

Marshall, N.A.; Crimp, S.; Curnock, M.; Greenhill, M.; Kuehne, G.; Leviston, Z.; Ouzman, J., 2016:
Some primary producers are more likely to transform their agricultural practices in response to climate change than others

Ward, P.S.; Bell, A.R.; Parkhurst, G.M.; Droppelmann, K.; Mapemba, L., 2016:
Heterogeneous preferences and the effects of incentives in promoting conservation agriculture in Malawi

Marin, L.; Philpott, S.M.; De la Mora, A.; Nunez, G.I.; Tryban, S.; Perfecto, I., 2016:
Response of ground spiders to local and landscape factors in a Mexican coffee landscape

Huusela-Veistola, E.; Hyvonen, T.; Norrdahl, K.; Rinne, V.; Saarijarvi, I.; Soderman, G., 2016:
Different response of two Hemiptera species groups to sown wildflower strips: True bugs and leafhoppers

Charoensiddhi, S.; Lorbeer, A.J.; Lahnstein, J.; Bulone, V.; Franco, C.M. M.; Zhang, W., 2016:
Enzyme-assisted extraction of carbohydrates from the brown alga Ecklonia radiata: Effect of enzyme type, pH and buffer on sugar yield and molecular weight profiles

Chen, A.L.; Xie, X.L.; Dorodnikov, M.; Wang, W.; Ge, T.D.; Shibistova, O.; Wei, W.X.; Guggenberger, G., 2016:
Response of paddy soil organic carbon accumulation to changes in long-term yield-driven carbon inputs in subtropical China

Liu, Y.; Xie, H.; Chen, Y.; Tan, K.; Wang, L.; Xie, W., 2016:
Neighborhood mutual information and its application on hyperspectral band selection for classification

Glenn, D. M., 2016:
Dry matter partitioning and photosynthetic response to biennial bearing and freeze damage in 'Empire' apple

Saeed, T.; Hassan, I.; Abbasi, N.A.; Jilani, G., 2016:
Antioxidative activities and qualitative changes in gladiolus cut flowers in response to salicylic acid application

Dou, J.; Li, S., 2017:
Optimal impulsive harvesting policies for single-species populations

Sun, K.; Zhang, T.; Tian, Y., 2017:
Dynamics analysis and control optimization of a pest management predator-prey model with an integrated control strategy

Lauri, P.-E.; Barigah, T.S.; Lopez, G.; Martinez, S.; Losciale, P.; Zibordi, M.; Manfrini, L.; Corelli-Grappadelli, L.; Costes, E.; Regnard, J.-L., 2016:
Genetic variability and phenotypic plasticity of apple morphological responses to soil water restriction in relation with leaf functions and stem xylem conductivity

Lauri, P.-E.; Barigah, T.S.; Lopez, G.; Martinez, S.; Losciale, P.; Zibordi, M.; Manfrini, L.; Corelli-Grappadelli, L.; Costes, E.; Regnard, J.-L., 2016:
Genetic variability and phenotypic plasticity of apple morphological responses to soil water restriction in relation with leaf functions and stem xylem conductivity (vol 30, pg 1893, 2016)

Bote, A.D.; Vos, J., 2016:
Branch growth dynamics, photosynthesis, yield and bean size distribution in response to fruit load manipulation in coffee trees (vol 30, pg 1275, 2016)

Garcia Pena, G.E., 2016:

Gonzalez-Gonzalez, A.; Gonzalez-Padilla, E.; Fierro, F.; De Lourdes Juarez-Mosqueda, M.; Jose Perez-Rivero, J.; Ortega-Camarillo, C.; Salas-Rojas, M.; Vergara Onofre, M., 2016:
A single neonatal administration of soybean oil and/or tamoxifen permanently affects testis histomorphology in adult rats

Huang, S.; Gruber, S.; Stockmann, F.; Claupein, W., 2016:
Dynamics of dormancy during seed development of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)

Renzi, J.P.; Chantre, G.R.; Cantamutto, M.A., 2016:
Effect of water availability and seed source on physical dormancy break of Vicia villosa ssp villosa

Kuhn, T.; Fodor, E.I.; Tripon, S.; Fodorpataki, L.; Fenesi, A.; Ruprecht, E., 2016:
Allometric relationships between diaspore morphology and diaspore covering anatomy of herbaceous species from central-eastern Europe

Zhang, R.; Wang, Y.R.; Baskin, J.M.; Baskin, C.C.; Luo, K.; Hu, X.W., 2016:
Germination and persistence in soil of the dimorphic diaspores of Atriplex centralasiatica

Conford, P., 2016:
War, Agriculture, and Food: Rural Europe from the 1930s to the 1950s

Shah, S.M.; Arif, M.; Aslam, K.; Shabir, G.; Thomson, M.J., 2016:
Genetic diversity analysis of Pakistan rice (Oryza sativa) germplasm using multiplexed single nucleotide polymorphism markers

Daba, K.; Tar'an, B.; Warkentin, T.D., 2016:
Flowering response of diverse chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) accessions to photoperiod

Che, Y.; Dai, M.; Yang, Y.; Yang, X.; Li, X.; Liu, W.; Li, L., 2016:
Genetic diversity of gliadin in Secale cereale subsp segetale from Xinjiang, China

Dossou-Aminon, I.; Dansi, A.; Ahissou, H.; Cisse, N.; Vodouhe, R.; Sanni, A., 2016:
Climate variability and status of the production and diversity of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) in the arid zone of northwest Benin

Kaiser, R.; Mageney, V.; Schwefel, K.; Vollmers, D.; Krueger, A.; Horn, R., 2016:
Genotyping of red and white fruited strawberry (Fragaria L.) accessions and hybrids based on microsatellite markers and on the genetic diversity in the allergen genes fra a 1 and fra a 3

Atlagic, J.; Terzic, S., 2016:
The challenges of maintaining a collection of wild sunflower (Helianthus) species

Tanaka, K.; Stevens, C.J.; Iwasaki, S.; Akashi, Y.; Yamamoto, E.; Tran Phuong Dung; Nishida, H.; Fuller, D.Q.; Kato, K., 2016:
Seed size and chloroplast DNA of modern and ancient seeds explain the establishment of Japanese cultivated melon (Cucumis melo L.) by introduction and selection

Salaberria, F.; Constenla, D.; Carelli, A.A.; Carrin, M.E., 2016:
Chemical Composition and Physical Properties of High Oleic Safflower Oils (Carthamus tinctorius, Var. CW88-OL and CW99-OL)

Biswas, N.; Cheow, Y. L.; Tan, C. P.; Siow, L. F., 2016:
Blending of Palm Mid-Fraction, Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Kernel Oil or Palm Stearin for Cocoa Butter Alternative

Shirai, N., 2016:
The Desert Fayum at 80: revisiting a Neolithic farming community in Egypt

Castillo, C.C.; Bellina, B.; Fuller, D.Q., 2016:
Rice, beans and trade crops on the early maritime Silk Route in Southeast Asia

Chittem, K.; Khan, M.F. R.; Goswami, R.S., 2016:
Efficacy of precipitated calcium carbonate in managing fusarium root rot of field pea

Zhang, Y.; Dai, D.J.; Wang, H.D.; Zhang, C.Q., 2016:
Management of benzimidazole fungicide resistance in eggplant brown rot (Phomopsis vexans) with pyraclostrobin

Mulpuri, S.; Soni, P.K.; Gonela, S.K., 2016:
Morphological and molecular characterization of powdery mildew on sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.), alternate hosts and weeds commonly found in and around sunflower fields in India

Felix-Gastelum, R.; Maldonado-Mendoza, I. E.; Navarrete-Maya, R.; Olivas-Peraza, N. G.; Brito-Vega, H.; Acosta-Gallegos, J. A., 2016:
Identification of Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola as the causal agent of halo blight in yellow beans in northern Sinaloa, Mexico

Cocuzza, G.E. M.; Mazzeo, G.; Russo, A.; Lo Giudice, V.; Bella, S., 2016:
Pomegranate arthropod pests and their management in the Mediterranean area

Yousafi, Q.; Afzal, M.; Aslam, M.; Abid, A.D., 2016:
Effectiveness and benefit cost ratio of selected insecticides at different applicationon intervals for brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis (G.) management on brinjal, Solanum melongena (L.) at Sahiwal, Pakistan

Lans, T.; Verhees, F.; Verstegen, J., 2016:
Social Competence in Small Firms-Fostering Workplace Learning and Performance

Cervantes, F.A.; Backus, E.A.; Godfrey, L.; Akbar, W.; Clark, T.L., 2016:
Characterization of an EPG Waveform Library for Adult Lygus lineolaris and Lygus hesperus (Hemiptera: Miridae) Feeding on Cotton Squares

Moya-Raygoza, G., 2016:
Effect of Herbivore Insect Pest Age on Fecundity and Attractiveness to Egg Parasitoids in Maize and Its Wild Relative, Teosinte

Moya-Raygoza, G., 2016:
Early Development of Leaf Trichomes Is Associated With Decreased Damage in Teosinte, Compared With Maize, by Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Sarospataki, M.; Bakos, R.; Horvath, A.; Neidert, D.; Horvath, V.; Vaskor, D.; Szita, E.; Samu, F., 2016:
The Role of Local and Landscape Level Factors in Determining Bumblebee ABUNDANCE AND RICHNESS

Radojicic, B.; Joksimovic-Todorovic, M.; Bukvic, M.; Simeunovic, P.; Kakishev, M.; Pracic, N., 2016:
The influence of sodium propionate on blood glucose, insulin and cortisol concentrations in calves of different ages

Sowinska, J.; Tanski, Z.; Milewski, S.; Zabek, K.; Wojcik, A.; Sobiech, P.; Illek, J., 2016:
Effect of diet supplementation with the addition of Saccharomyces cerevisiae upon stress response in slaughter lambs

Voslarova, E.; Hytychova, T.'ana; Vecerek, V.; Nenadovic, K.; Bedanova, I., 2016:
Transport-induced mortality in Pekin ducks transported for slaughter in the Czech Republic

Bowsher, A.W.; Gevaert, S.D.; Donovan, L.A., 2016:
Field Performance and Common-Garden Differentiation in Response to Resource Availability in Helianthus porteri (A. Gray) Pruski, a Granite-Outcrop Endemic

Giling, D.P.; Mac Nally, R.; Thompson, R.M., 2016:
How sensitive are invertebrates to riparian-zone replanting in stream ecosystems?

Sanchez, R.; Cuellar, M., 2016:
Coastal interdune agroecosystems in the Mediterranean: a case study of the Andalusian navazo

Gonzalez, C.G.; Martinez, R.L.; Lopez, S.H.; Benitez, M., 2016:
A dynamical model to study the effect of landscape agricultural management on the conservation of native ecological networks

Gnahoua, J.B.G.; Ettien, D.J.B.; N'zue, B.; De Neve, S.; Boeckx, P., 2016:
Assessment of low-input technologies to improve productivity of early harvested cassava in Cote d'Ivoire

Rivera-Ferre, M.G.; Di Masso, M.; Vara, I.; Cuellar, M.; Calle, A.; Mailhos, M.; Lopez-i-Gelats, F.; Bhatta, G.; Gallar, D., 2016:
Local agriculture traditional knowledge to ensure food availability in a changing climate: revisiting water management practices in the Indo-Gangetic Plains

Schuler, J.; Voss, A.K.; Ndah, H.T.; Traore, K.; de Graaff, J., 2016:
A socioeconomic analysis of the zai farming practice in northern Burkina Faso

Francis, C., 2016:
The carbon farming solution: a global toolkit of perennial crops and regenerative agriculture practices for climate change mitigation and food security

Nouri-Ganbalani, G.; Ebadollahi, A.; Nouri, A., 2016:
Chemical Composition of the Essential Oil of Eucalyptus procera Dehnh. and Its Insecticidal Effects Against Two Stored Product Insects

Berber, F., 2015:
The Fate of an Ottoman Armenian Family; Balyozzades

Demirel, S., 2015:
A Discussion Note About The Kumarbi Myth and The Song of Ullikummi Mentioned in Hittite Cuneiform Texts

Keskin, O., 2015:
Vine and the Worm of Grapevine: Struggle against Phylloxera in the Ottoman Empire

Jose Saez-Martinez, F.; Avellaneda-Rivera, L.; Gonzalez-Moreno, A., 2016:
Open and Green Innovation in the Hospitality Industry

Qiu, Z.Y., 2016:
Assessment of Water Quality Impacts of Land Use and Management Practices IN A SUBURBAN WATERSHED

Kim, J.S.; Hosseindoust, A.; Ingale, S.L.; Rathi, P.C.; Lee, S.H.; Choi, Y.H.; Kim, M.J.; Kumar, A.; Park, S.O.; Ohh, S.J.; Chae, B.J., 2016:
Effects of diet form and xylanase supplementation in a high maize distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) diet on performance, nutrient digestibility and non-starch polysaccharide degradation in broiler

Maldonado-Astudillo, Y.I.; Navarrete-Garcia, H.A.; Ortiz-Morales, O.D.; Jimenez-Hernandez, J.; Salazar-Lopez, R.; Alia-Tejacal, I.; Alvarez-Fitz, P., 2016:
Physical, Chemical and Antioxidant Properties of Mango Varieties Grown AT THE GUERRERO COAST

Espinoza-Garcia, N.; Martinez-Martinez, R.; Chavez-Servia, J.L.; Vera-Guzman, A.M.; Carrillo-Rodriguez, J.C.; Heredia-Garcia, E.; Velasco-Velasco, V.A., 2016:

Eloisa Rangel-Estrada, S.; Hernandez-Meneses, E.; Hernandez-Arenas, M., 2016:
Micropropagation of Sugarcane Varieties Grown in Mexico

Tapia-Vargas, M.; Larios-Guzman, A.; Diaz-Sanchez, D.D.; Ramirez-Ojeda, G.; Hernandez-Perez, A.; Vidales-Fernandez, I.; Guillen-Andrade, H., 2016 :

Javier Sanchez-Ramirez, F.; del Carmen Mendoza-Castillo, M.; Gabriela Mendoza-Mendoza, C., 2016:
Phenotypic Stability of Single Crosses and Commercial Hybrids of Maize (Zea mays L.)

Flores-Cruz, L.A.; Alberto Garcia-Salazar, J., 2016:
Benefits of Adoption of Improved Maize Seed in the Puebla Central Region

Antonio Dominguez-Perales, L.; Dominguez-Alvarez, J.L.; Cruz-Izquierdo, S.; Santacruz-Varela, A.; Barrientos-Priego, A.; Saul Padilla-Ramirez, J.; Alejandra Gutierrez-Espinosa, M., 2016:

Javier Lopez-Garcia, F.; Escamilla-Prado, E.; Zamarripa-Colmenero, A.; Guillermo Cruz-Castillo, J., 2016:

Ortiz-Franco, L.Z.; Ramirez-Villa, A.Z.; Cervantes-Mojica, L.J.; Dolores Muy-Rangel, M.; Gomez-Lim, M.A.; Sergio Garcia-Galindo, H.; Sayago-Ayerdi, S.G.; Montalvo-Gonzalez, E., 2016:
Eeffect of 1-Methylcyclopropene on Ataulfo Mangoe Maturation Under SIMULATED CONDITIONS FOR EXPORT TO EUROPE

Sandoval-Garcia, A.-M.; Reyes Altamirano-Cardenas, J.; Aguilar-Avila, J.; Garcia-Muniz, J.G., 2016:
Chemical Characterization of Oil Obtained by Homemade Methods From Three AFRICAN PALM VARIETIES (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

Tadeo-Robledo, M.; Espinosa-Calderon, A.; Jesus Garcia-Zavala, J.; Lobato-Ortiz, R.; Gomez-Montiel, N.O.; Sierra-Macias, M.; Valdivia-Bernal, R.; Zamudio-Gonzalez, B.; Martinez-Yanez, B.; Lopez-Lopez, C.; Mora-Garcia, K.Y.; Canales-Islas, E.I.; Cardenas-Marcelo, A.L.; Zaragoza-Esparza, J.; Alcantar-Lugo, H.J., 2016:
Tsiri Puma, a Maize Hybrid for the Mexican High Valleys With An ANDROSTERILE SCHEME FOR SEED PRODUCTION

Ciolofan, S.N.; Pop, F.; Mocanu, M.; Cristea, V., 2016:
Rapid Parallel Detection of Distance-based Outliers in Time Series using MapReduce

Gheorghe, S.; Vasile, G.G.; Stoica, C.; Lazar, M.N.; Lucaciu, I.; Banciu, A., 2016:
Phytotoxicity Tests Applied on Sewage Sludge Resulted from Urban Wastewater Treatment Plants

Zhang, M.; Qiao, X.; Peng, X.; Chen, M., 2016:
Variation of resistance and susceptibility in wheat cultivars to different populations of Rhopalosiphum padi (Hemiptera: Aphididae) in China

Chang, C.L., 2016:
Proteomics/qPCR protocol to estimate physical ages of wild male oriental fruit flies, Bactrocera dorsalis (Hendel)

Liu, Y.P., 2016:
The Development Status and Countermeasures of Photovoltaic-Ecological AGRICULTURE IN CHINA

Bi, Y.; Wang, C.F., 2016:
Analysis of the Access System of Photovoltaic Power Station Based on PHOTOVOLTAIC POWER/AGRICULTURAL PLANTING HYBRID

Qu, Y.; Zhou, Y.; Chao, G.M.; Zhang, P.P.; Song, H.; Feng, B.L., 2016:

Schneider, L.S. A.; Daher, R.F.; Gravina, G.A.; Machado, J.C.; Menezes, B.R. S.; Sousa, L.B.; Silva, V.B.; Rodrigues, E.V., 2016:

Najera-Garduno, A.de L.; Piedra-Matias, R.; Albarran-Portillo, B.; Garcia-Martinez, A., 2016:
Changes in Dual Purpose Livestock Farming System in the Dry Tropic of ESTADO DE MEXICO

Santiago-Ortega, M.A.; Honorato-Salazar, J.A.; Quero-Carrillo, A.R.; Hernandez-Garay, A.; Lopez Castaneda, C.; Lopez-Guerrero, I., 2016:

Roque-Maciel, L.; Arambula-Villa, G.; Lopez-Espindola, M.; Ortiz-Laurel, H.; Carballo-Carballo, A.; Andres Herrera-Corredor, J., 2016:
Nixtamalization of Five Corn Varieties With Different Kernel Hardness: IMPACT IN FUEL CONSUMPTION AND PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES

Cortes-Flores, C.; Nieves Rodriguez-Mendoza, M.; Benavides-Mendoza, A.; Luis Garcia-Cue, J.; Tornero-Campante, M.; Sanchez-Garcia, P., 2016:
Iodine Increases the Growth and Mineral Concentration in Sweet Pepper SEEDLINGS

Diaz-Medina, A.; de Mello-Prado, R.; Silva-Campos, C.N.; Castellanos-Gonzales, L.; Cid-Rigobelo, E.; Suarez-Perez, C.; Barbosa-da Silva-Junior, G., 2016:
Glycerin and Potassium on Soil Microbial Activity and Nutrition and PRODUCTION OF BEET (Beta vulgaris)

Nowlin, J.W.; Bunch, R.L., 2016:
A Model for Selecting Viticultural Sites in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina

Shrestha, R.K.; Cameron, D.C.; Coutts, J.; Cavaye, J., 2015:
Building and Maintenance of Social Capital in Rural Farming Community of the Western Hills of Nepal

Popov, G.; Chibisova, E., 2016:
Foreign Trade and Grain Prices in the Russian Empire. for or Against the NEOCLASSICAL THEOREMS OF TRADE?

Tan, K.G.; Merdikawati, N.; Rajan, R.S., 2016:
Agricultural Productivity in Indonesian Provinces

Taha, N.A.; Abdelhafez, S.E.; El-Maghraby, A., 2016:
Chemical and Physical Preparation of Activated Carbon Using Raw Bagasse PITH FOR CATIONIC DYE ADSORPTION

Aburizaiza, O.S.; Mahar, G.A., 2016:
Degree of Wastewater Treatment Versus Types of Reuses: Case Study, Saudi ARABIA

Cuevas-Reyes, E.; Carrillo-Morales, M.; Trevino-Quintanilla, L.G.; Aparicio-Fabre, R.; Hernandez-Romano, J., 2016:
Oligonucleotides Evaluation for Measuring Gene Expression During Tomato BACTERIAL WILT

Zegbe, J.A.; Behboudian, M. H.; Lang, A., 2016:
Partial Rootzone Drying Advances Fruit Maturity of Royal Gala Apple

Koloren, O.; Koloren, Z.; Eker, S., 2016:
Molecular phylogeny of Artemisia species based on the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) of 18S-26S rDNA in Ordu Province of Turkey

Blair, M.W.; Wu, J.; Wang, S., 2016:
Editorial: Food Legume Diversity and Legume Research Policies

Sychov, M.Y., 2016:
The Digestibility of Nutrients at Different Levels and Sources of Lipids IN DUCK DIETS

Zhukov, O.V.; Kunakh, O.M.; Taran, V.O.; Lebedinska, M.M., 2016:
Spatial Variability of Soils Electrical Conductivity Within Arena of the RIVER DNEPR VALLEY (TERRITORY OF THE NATURAL RESERVE "DNIPROVSKO-ORILSKY")

Nageswararao, M.M.; Mohanty, U.C.; Osuri, K.K.; Ramakrishna, S.S.V.S., 2016:
Prediction of winter precipitation over northwest India using ocean heat fluxes

Hirata, A.K. B.; Tsuyuzaki, S., 2016:
The responses of an early (Rhynchospora alba) and a late (Molinia japonica) colonizer to solar radiation in a boreal wetland after peat mining

Ewas, M.; Gao, Y.; Wang, S.; Liu, X.; Zhang, H.; Nishawy, E.M. E.; Ali, F.; Shahzad, R.; Ziaf, K.; Subthain, H.; Martin, C.; Luo, J., 2016:
Manipulation of SlMXl for enhanced carotenoids accumulation and drought resistance in tomato

Teixeira, F.M.S.L.; Miranda, J.L.C.; Franca, B.R.D.; Da Silva, M., 2016:
Density of Pectoral Antwrens (Herpsilochmus Pectoralis) (Family: THAMNOPHILIDAE) IN NORTHEASTERN BRAZIL

D'Arpa, S.; Colangelo, G.; Starace, G.; Petrosillo, I.; Bruno, D.E.; Uricchio, V.; Zurlini, G., 2016:
Heating requirements in greenhouse farming in southern Italy: evaluation of ground-source heat pump utilization compared to traditional heating systems

German Brandolin, P.; Gerardo Blendinger, P.; Jose Cantero, J., 2016:
From Relict Saline Wetlands to New Ecosystems: Changes in Bird ASSEMBLAGES

Zheng, E.; Fan, Y.; Zhu, R.; Zhu, Y.; Xian, J., 2016:
Prediction of the vibration characteristics for wheeled tractor with suspended driver seat including air spring and MR damper

Abdelrahman, H.M.; Olk, D.C.; Dinnes, D.; Ventrella, D.; Miano, T.; Cocozza, C., 2016:
Occurrence and abundance of carbohydrates and amino compounds in sequentially extracted labile soil organic matter fractions

Ojeda, G.; Patricio, J.; Mattana, S.; Sobral, A.J.F.N., 2016:
Effects of biochar addition to estuarine sediments

Luo, T.; Zhu, N.; Shen, F.; Long, E.; Long, Y.; Chen, X.; Mei, Z., 2016:
A Case Study Assessment of the Suitability of Small-Scale Biogas Plants to the Dispersed Agricultural Structure of China

Alvarenga, P.; Farto, M.; Mourinha, C.; Palma, P., 2016:
Beneficial Use of Dewatered and Composted Sewage Sludge as Soil Amendments: Behaviour of Metals in Soils and Their Uptake by Plants

Hermoso-Lopez Araiza, J.P.; Quecholac-Pina, X.; Beltran-Villavicencio, M.; Espinosa-Valdemar, R.M.; Vazquez-Morillas, A., 2016:
Integral Valorization of the Water Hyacinth from the Canals of Xochimilco: Production of Edible Mushrooms and Forage

de Moraes, M.G.A.; Carneiro, A.C.G.; da Silva, M.P.R., 2016:
Technical coefficients of direct use of water in monetary terms for river basin districts in areas of irrigation for agriculture and urban water supply: the case of one of the recipients of the North Basin of The North Axis of Sao Francisco Transboundary Project

Menezes, J.P.C.; Bittencourt, R.P.; Farias, M.D.; Bello, I.P.; Fia, R.; de Oliveira, L.F.C., 2016:
Relationship between patterns of use and occupation of soil and water quality in an urban watershed

Seino, C.H.; Bombardelli, J.A.; Reis, G.A.; dos Santos, R.B.; Shecaira, C.L.; Azedo, M.R.; Benesi, F.J., 2016:
Ultrassonographic avaliation of the inflamed umbilical structures in Holstein calves during their first 30 days of life

Moraes, D.M. C.; Andrade, M.A.; Duarte, S.C.; Bastos, T.S. A.; Arnhold, E.; Jayme, V.de S.; Nunes, I.A., 2016:
Phenotypic and molecular detection of Salmonella sp on growing, rearing and production phases in a commercial group of laying hens

Franco, R.P.; Massufaro, C.R.; Martineli, J.; Girotto, C.H.; Hirota, I.N.; Zache, E.; Hataka, A., 2016:
Serum lactate values and its correlation with clinical parameters evaluated at veterinary ambulatorial exam

Motta, R.G.; Motta, I.G.; Martinez, A.C.; da Silva, A.V.; Paes, A.C.; Araujo Martins, L.S.; da Silva, R.C.; Ribeiro, M.G., 2016:
Unusual caudal vena cava thrombosis in a cow, secondary to Trueperella (Arcanobacterium) pyogenes infection

Barbosa, F.B.; Bomjardim, H.A.; Helayel, M.J.S. A.; Faial, K.C. F.; Oliveira, C.M. C.; Malafaia, P.; Brito, M.F.; Barbosa, J.D., 2016:
Economic evaluation of three strategies of mineral supplementation for beef cattle in State of Para, Brazil

de Araujo, H.F.; Leal, P.A. M.; Zorzeto, T.Q.; Nunes, E.F.; Betin, P.S., 2016:
Mini tomato production in organic system under greenhouse with partial control of meteorological elements

d'Avila, J.V.; Martinazzo, A.P.; dos Santos, F.S.; Teodoro, C.E.D.; Portz, A., 2016:
Essential oil production of lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) under organic compost containing sewage sludge

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