Productivity, Seed Quality and Nutrient Use Efficiency of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) under Organic, Inorganic and Integrated Nutrient Management Practices after Twenty Years of Fertilization

Sheoran, S.; Raj, D.; Antil, R. S.; Mor, V. S.; Dahiya, D. S.

Cereal Research Communications 45(2): 315-325


ISSN/ISBN: 0133-3720
DOI: 10.1556/0806.45.2017.014
Accession: 066335603

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A long-term field experiment started in 1995 on Research Farm of Department of Soil Science, CCS Haryana Agricultural University Hisar (India) was selected to study the effects of organic manures and chemical fertilizers on productivity, seed quality and nutrient use efficiency of wheat under pearl millet-wheat cropping system. The organic manures (15 Mg FYM, 5 Mg poultry manure and 7.5 Mg pressmud) were applied alone and in combination with fertilizers (150 kg N + 30 kg P2O5 ha(-1)) and compared with chemical fertilizers applied alone (150 kg N + 60 kg P2O5 ha(-1) and 75 kg N + 30 kg P2O5 ha(-1)). The results showed that the application of organic manures in combination with N and P fertilizers significantly increased all yield attributes, i.e. plant height, number of tillers/m row length, spike length, number of grains/spike. Higher grain yield of wheat (61.4, 57.4 and 62.7 q ha(-1)) was observed when recommended dose of N and half of P was applied in conjunction with FYM, poultry manure and pressmud, respectively. Grain yield of wheat increased by 13.5, 6.1 and 15.9%, respectively, under same treatments when compared with recommended dose of N and P fertilizers. Among the organic manures, highest yield (32.9 q ha(-1)) was obtained with pressmud application. However, application of organic manures alone resulted in poor yield and even lower than 50% recommended dose of N and P fertilizer. All the seed quality parameters (standard germination, shoot length, root length, seedling dry weight, seedling vigour index-I and -II) improved with the combined application of organic manures and chemical fertilizers as compared to their individual application. The partial factor productivity of N and P increased with combined application organic manures and chemical fertilizer as compared to chemical fertilizers applied alone, however, nutrient harvest index and their utilization efficiency decreased with combined application of organic manures and fertilizers as compared to their individual application.