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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66350

Chapter 66350 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Impact of Host Plants on Genetic Variation in the Bactrocera tau (Diptera: Tephritidae) Based on Molecular Markers
, Journal of Entomological Science 52(4): 411-426 (2017)

First Report of an Established Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) Population in California Agricultural Crops
, Journal of Entomological Science 52(4): 450-454 (2017)

Chrysopids (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) Associated with Raoiella indica (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) in Colima, Mexico
, Journal of Entomological Science 52(4): 460-462 (2017)

Effect of Insecticide-Coated Seeds on Protaphorura fimata (Collembola: Poduromorpha: Onychiuridae) Feeding Damage
, Journal of Entomological Science 52(4): 463-467 (2017)

Damage by Bagrada hilaris (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) Adults on Germinating Stages of Arugula Seed in a Choice Test
, Journal of Entomological Science 52(4): 468-471 (2017)

Aggregations and Dietary Changes of Short-Toed Snake-Eagles : a New PHENOMENON ASSOCIATED WITH MODERN AGRICULTURE
, Journal of Raptor Research 51(4): 446-450 (2017)

Generation of expressed sequence tags for discovery of genes responsible for floral traits of Chrysanthemum morifolium by next-generation sequencing technology (vol 18, 683, 2017)
, BMC Genomics 18: 954 (2017)

Determination of virulence contribution from Phytophthora infestans effector IPI-O4 in a resistant potato host containing the RB gene
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 30-34 (2017)

Physiological and biochemical responses in sunflower leaves infected by Sclerotinia sclerotiorum
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 41-48 (2017)

Plant endophytic Pseudomonas putida BP25 induces expression of defense genes in black pepper roots: Deciphering through suppression subtractive hybridization analysis
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 106-116 (2017)

TcPHYLL, a cacao phylloplanin expressed in young tissues and glandular trichomes
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 126-135 (2017)

Physiological behavior of cassava plants (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in response to infection by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. manihotis under greenhouse conditions
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 136-141 (2017)

Early responses of coffee immunity-related genes to root-knot nematode infection
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 142-150 (2017)

Transcriptomic signature of Fusarium toxin in chickpea unveiling wilt pathogenicity pathways and marker discovery
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 163-177 (2017)

Soil proteomics for exploitation of microbial diversity in Fusarium wilt infected and healthy rhizosphere soils of tomato
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 185-193 (2017)

Authenticity identification and leaf blight resistance evaluation of the F1 hybrids from two Lilium cultivars 'Sorbonne' and 'Francia'
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 194-200 (2017)

PstTPS1, the trehalose-6-phosphate synthase gene of Puccinia striiformis f. sp tritici, involves in cold stress response and hyphae development
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 201-208 (2017)

Glucose 6-phosphate isomerase (Pgi) is required for extracellular polysaccharide biosynthesis, DSF signals production and full virulence of Xanthomonas oryzae pv. oryzicola in rice
, Physiological and Molecular Plant Pathology 100: 209-219 (2017)

Rhizoctonia solani: taxonomy, population biology and management of rhizoctonia seedling disease of soybean
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 3-17 (2018)

Long-lasting -aminobutyric acid-induced resistance protects tomato fruit against Botrytis cinerea
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 30-41 (2018)

Anaerobic soil disinfestation is an alternative to soil fumigation for control of some soilborne pathogens in strawberry production
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 51-66 (2018)

Pathogenic variability of Plasmopara halstedii infecting sunflower in the Czech Republic
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 136-144 (2018)

Hierarchical models for white mould in snap bean
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 145-155 (2018)

Expression of defence-related genes in stems and leaves of resistant and susceptible field pea (Pisum sativum) during infection by Phoma koolunga
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 156-166 (2018)

Loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) assays for rapid detection of Pyrenopeziza brassicae (light leaf spot of brassicas)
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 167-174 (2018)

Population structure, genetic diversity, and sexual state of the rice brown spot pathogen Bipolaris oryzae from three Asian countries
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 181-192 (2018)

Genetic variability of Meloidogyne paranaensis populations and their aggressiveness to susceptible coffee genotypes
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 193-201 (2018)

Contrasting canopy and fibrous root damage on Swingle citrumelo caused by "Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus' and Phytophthora nicotianae
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 202-209 (2018)

Occurrence and genetic diversity of Blackcurrant reversion virus found on various cultivated and wild Ribes in Latvia
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 210-220 (2018)

Phylogenetic and recombination analysis of sorghum isolates of Sugarcane yellow leaf virus
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 221-232 (2018)

The honeybee Apis mellifera contributes to Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus spread via pollination
, Plant Pathology 67(1): 244-251 (2018)

Optimal harvesting strategy based on rearrangements of functions
, Applied Mathematics and Computation 320: 677-690 (2018)

Molecular characterization of a phytoplasma associated with Euonymus bungeanus witches' broom in China
, Forest Pathology 47(6): e12373 (2017)

Cross-infectivity of oil palm by Phytophthora spp. isolated from perennial crops in Malaysia
, Forest Pathology 47(6): e12374 (2017)

Arambarria the pathogen involved in canker rot of Eucalyptus, native trees wood rots and grapevine diseases in the Southern Hemisphere
, Forest Pathology 47(6): e12397 (2017)

Pollinarium size as a hybridisation barrier between sympatric inter-compatible orchids
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 497-506 (2017)

The importance of travelling stock reserves for maintaining high-quality threatened temperate woodlands
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 507-516 (2017)

Morphoanatomical characteristics of leaves of Anacardium othonianum seedlings subjected to different nitrogen doses under hydroponic conditions
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 524-537 (2017)

Flower development in species of Croton (Euphorbiaceae) and its implications for floral morphological diversity in the genus
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 538-549 (2017)

Anatomy and function of the root system of bromeliad Nidularium minutum
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 550-555 (2017)

Nutritional and physiological responses of the dicotyledonous halophyte Sarcocornia fruticosa to salinity
, Australian Journal of Botany 65(6-7): 573-581 (2017)

Nitrogen rate strategies for reducing yield-scaled nitrous oxide emissions in maize
, Environmental Research Letters 12(12): 124006 (2017)

An AgMIP framework for improved agricultural representation in integrated assessment models
, Environmental Research Letters 12(12): 125003 (2017)

Considerations for reducing food system energy demand while scaling up urban agriculture
, Environmental Research Letters 12(12): 125004 (2017)

Numerical modelling of lawsonite thin film as radiative cooling minerals for dew harvesting
, Results in Physics 7: 1959-1964 (2017)

Exploring the emergence of an 'Aquatic' Neolithic in the Russian Far East: organic residue analysis of early hunter-gatherer pottery from Sakhalin Island
, Antiquity 91(360): 1484-1500 (2017)

Mortality processes of hatchery-reared Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis (Temminck et Schlegel) larvae in relation to their piscivory
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 11-18 (2018)

Effects of controlled air exposure on the survival, growth, condition, pathogen loads and refrigerated shelf life of eastern oysters
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 19-29 (2018)

Effects of dietary docosahexaenoic acid sources, microalgae meal and oil, on growth, fatty acid composition and docosahexaenoic acid retention of orange-spotted grouper, Epinephelus coioides
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 30-35 (2018)

Early assessment of gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata) spawning dynamics by mini-broodstocks
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 36-47 (2018)

Detection of the white spot syndrome virus in zooplankton samples collected off the coast of Sonora, Mexico
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 48-56 (2018)

Performance of a photo-heterotrophic, hypersaline system for intensive cultivation of white leg shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) with minimal water replacement in lined ponds using a stochastic approach
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 57-67 (2018)

First feeding of diploid and triploid yellowtail tetra Astyanax altiparanae: An initial stage for application in laboratory studies
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 68-74 (2018)

Quality assessment of newly hatched mud crab, Scylla serrata, larvae
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 75-80 (2018)

Histopathological changes in giant freshwater prawn Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man 1879) fed with probiotic Bacillus licheniformis upon challenge with Vibrio alginolyticus
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 81-92 (2018)

The effects of temperature and photoperiod on egg hatching success, egg production and population growth of the calanoid copepod, Acartia grani (Calanoida: Acartiidae)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 93-103 (2018)

Effects of egg aging on the metabolites of ovarian fluid in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 104-110 (2018)

Depletion study and estimation of withdrawal periods for florfenicol and florfenicol amine in pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 111-119 (2018)

Evaluation of some intestinal cytokines genes expression and serum innate immune parameters in common carp (Cyprinus carpio) fed dietary loquat (Eriobotrya japonica) leaf extract
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 120-127 (2018)

Lippia alba (Verbenaceae) hydrolate as sedative of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) juveniles in simulated transport conditions
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 128-134 (2018)

Effect of thermal stress on Hsp70 gene expression and female reproductive performance of giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergii
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 135-150 (2018)

Growth, enzymatic glutathione peroxidase activity and biochemical status of juvenile barramundi (Lates calcarifer) fed dietary fermented lupin meal supplemented with organic selenium
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 151-164 (2018)

Overall development of a bioprocess for the outdoor production of Nannochloropsis gaditana for aquaculture
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 165-176 (2018)

Exploring the efficacy of vaccine techniques in juvenile sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 205-216 (2018)

Parentage determination of the mud crab Scylla paramamosain using microsatellite markers
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 217-221 (2018)

Production of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus grown in BFT using two aeration systems
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 222-231 (2018)

Fisheries or aquaculture? Unravelling key determinants of livelihoods in the Brazilian semi-arid region
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 232-242 (2018)

The observed oogenesis impairment in greater amberjack Seriola dumerili (Risso, 1810) reared in captivity is not related to an insufficient liver transcription or oocyte uptake of vitellogenin
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 243-252 (2018)

Genetic variation of white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) in Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone 1931) culture of Thailand
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 265-272 (2018)

Resistance to vibriosis, production performance and tolerance to stress of the selected giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 273-281 (2018)

Characterizing egg quality and larval performance from captive mahi-mahi Coryphaena hippurus (Linnaeus, 1758) spawns over time
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 282-293 (2018)

Survival and growth of geoduck clam larvae (Panopea generosa) in flow-through culture tanks under laboratory conditions
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 294-300 (2018)

The impacts of integrated homestead pond-dike systems in relation to production, consumption and seasonality in central north Bangladesh
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 313-334 (2018)

Habituation and conditioning in gilthead sea bream (Sparus aurata): Effects of aversive stimuli, reward and social hierarchies
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 335-340 (2018)

Effect of low salinity on the expression profile of Na+/K+-ATPase and the growth of juvenile chub mackerel (Scomber japonicus Houttuyn)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 352-358 (2018)

Fasting and refeeding lead to more efficient growth in lean pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 359-366 (2018)

Effects of potential probiotic Bacillus subtilis KADR1 and its subcellular components on immune responses and disease resistance in Labeo rohita
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 367-377 (2018)

Bacterial community composition and distribution in different segments of the gastrointestinal tract of wild-caught adult Penaeus monodon
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 378-392 (2018)

Growth performance, haematology, antioxidant status, immune response and histology of common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) fed biofloc grown on different carbon sources
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 393-403 (2018)

Role of sex steroids in gonadal differentiation of the mussel Choromytilus chorus (Bivalvia Mytilidae) (Molina 1782)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 404-414 (2018)

Dietary phospholipids requirement of the early juvenile (C1) swimming crab, Portunus trituberculatus
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 415-421 (2018)

Effects of rearing temperature on growth and survival of larval sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria)
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 422-430 (2018)

Soy protein concentrate as an alternative in replacement of fish meal in the feeds of hybrid grouper, brown-marbled grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus)xgiant grouper (E.lanceolatus) juvenile
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 431-441 (2018 )

Effect of aromatable androgen (17-methyltestosterone) on induced maturation of silver European eels (Anguilla Anguilla): Oocyte performance and synchronization
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 442-448 (2018)

Effects of l-tryptophan on the performance, energy partitioning and endocrine response of Japanese sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus Selenka) exposed to crowding stress
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 471-479 (2018)

Production of specific dsRNA against white spot syndrome virus in the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 480-491 (2018)

Gut histology, immunology and the intestinal microbiota of rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss (Walbaum), fed process variants of soybean meal
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 492-504 (2018)

Effects of stocking density, ration and temperature on growth, survival and metamorphosis of auricularia larvae of the California sea cucumber, Parastichopus californicus
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 517-525 (2018)

Effects of different feed management treatments on water quality for Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 526-531 (2018)

Integration of mapping and socio-economic status of cage culture: Towards balancing lake-use and culture fisheries in Lake Victoria, Kenya
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 532-545 (2018)

Effects of conjugated linoleic acid on growth, body composition, antioxidant status, lipid metabolism and immunity parameters of juvenile Chu's croaker, Nibea coibor
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 546-556 (2018)

Spawning and rearing of Holothuria tubulosa: A new candidate for aquaculture in the Mediterranean region
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 557-568 (2018)

Effects of dietary phospholipid level and fraction on the feed intake of non-fish meal diet in yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata Temminck & Schlegel, 1845
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 569-575 (2018)

Role of salinity in the dissolution rates of CaCO3 and its implications for aquaculture liming
, Aquaculture Research 49(1): 576-581 (2018)

Economic situation of the peasants in Russia in the end of XIX- beginning of XX century
, Voprosy Istorii 2017(10): 41-63 (2017)

Litter-dwelling ants as bioindicators to gauge the sustainability of small arboreal monocultures embedded in the Amazonian rainforest
, Ecological Indicators 82: 43-49 (2017)

Environmental driving factors affecting plant biomass in natural grassland in the Loess Plateau, China
, Ecological Indicators 82: 250-259 (2017)

Influence of oil palm monoculture on the taxonomic and functional composition of aquatic insect communities in eastern. Brazilian Amazonia
, Ecological Indicators 82: 478-483 (2017)

A drought rarity and evapotranspiration-based index as a suitable agricultural drought indicator
, Ecological Indicators 82: 530-538 (2017)

Developing and quantifying indicators of organic farming using analytic hierarchy process
, Ecological Indicators 83: 103-111 (2017)

Use of stable isotope ratios of fish larvae as indicators to assess diets and patterns of anthropogenic nitrogen pollution in estuarine ecosystems
, Ecological Indicators 83: 112-121 (2017)

A non-parametric bootstrap-data envelopment analysis approach for environmental policy planning and management of agricultural efficiency in EU countries
, Ecological Indicators 83: 132-143 (2017)

Marine angiosperm indices used to assess ecological status within the Water Framework Directive and South African National Water Act: Learning from differences and common issues
, Ecological Indicators 83: 192-200 (2017)

Influence of crop type, heterogeneity and woody structure on avian biodiversity in agricultural landscapes
, Ecological Indicators 83: 218-226 (2017)

Trade-off assessments between environmental and economic indicators in cropping systems of Pampa region (Argentina)
, Ecological Indicators 83: 328-337 (2017)

Assessing and comparing relative farm-level sustainability of smallholder shrimp farms in two Sri Lankan provinces using indices developed from two methodological frameworks
, Ecological Indicators 83: 346-355 (2017)

Do farmers perceive a deficiency of soil organic matter? A European and farm level analysis
, Ecological Indicators 83: 390-403 (2017)

The eco-hydrological threshold for evaluating the stability of sand-binding vegetation in different climatic zones
, Ecological Indicators 83: 404-415 (2017)

The potential use of papyrus (Cyperus papyrus L.) wetlands as a source of biomass energy for sub-Saharan Africa
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 10(1): 4-11 (2018)

Biomass production and water use efficiency in perennial grasses during and after drought stress
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 10(1): 12-27 (2018)

Soil nitrogen dynamics in switchgrass seeded to a marginal cropland in South Dakota
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 10(1): 28-38 (2018)

Multitrait index based on factor analysis and ideotype-design: proposal and application on elephant grass breeding for bioenergy
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 10(1): 52-60 (2018)

BETYdb: a yield, trait, and ecosystem service database applied to second-generation bioenergy feedstock production
, Global Change Biology Bioenergy 10(1): 61-71 (2018)

Using Reclaimed Water for Agricultural and Landscape Irrigation in China: a Review
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 672-686 (2017)

Effect of Ions on Clogging and Biofilm Formation in Drip Emitters Applying Secondary Sewage Effluent
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 687-698 (2017)

Nitrogen Utilization under Drip Irrigation with Sewage Effluent in the North China Plain
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 699-710 (2017)

Drip Irrigation with Sewage Effluent Increased Salt Accumulation in Soil, Depressed Sap Flow, and Increased Yield of Tomato
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 711-722 (2017)

Effect of Applying Sewage Effluent with Subsurface Drip Irrigation on Soil Enzyme Activities during the Maize Growing Season
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 723-737 (2017)

Modelling Water Flow and Escherichia coli Transport in Unsaturated Soils Under Drip Irrigation
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 738-749 (2017)

Solar Wastewater Treatment (SOWAT) and Reuse for Agricultural Irrigation
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 750-757 (2017)

Decision Models for the Ranking of Agricultural Water Demand Management Strategies in an Arid Region
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 773-783 (2017)

Spatio-Temporal Variations and Links between Irrigation and Agricultural Development in an Eastern Indian State
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 784-796 (2017)

Drip Irrigation Scheduling Using Hydrus 2-D Numerical Model Application for Strawberry Production in South-West Spain
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 797-807 (2017)

Development of a Conceptual Model for Application of Hydro-Mechanical Gates in Irrigation Networks by a System Dynamic Approach
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 808-819 (2017)

Effect of Deficit Irrigation Regimes on Yield and Fruit Quality of Olive Trees (cv. Memecik) on the Aegean Coast of Turkey
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 820-827 (2017)

Horticultural Production in Burkina Faso: A Comprehensive Socio-Economic Analysis
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 828-841 (2017)

Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil and Water Salinity in the South-Western and South-Central Coastal Region of Bangladesh
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 854-871 (2017)

Reduction of Sugarcane Water Footprint by Controlled Drainage, in Khuzestan, Iran
, Irrigation and Drainage 66(5): 884-895 (2017)

Association between postpartum blood levels of glucose and urea and fertility of cross-bred dairy cows in Sudan
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 595-605 (2017)

Sesame meal as the first protein source in piglet starter diets and advantages of a phytase: a digestive study
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 606-615 (2017)

Influence of beta-galacto-oligosaccharide on growth performance and components of intestinal barrier in broilers during heat stress
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 616-625 (2017)

Intramuscular variation in mitochondrial functionality of beef semimembranosus
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 635-639 (2017)

Ractopamine-induced changes in sarcoplasmic proteome profile of post-rigor pork semimembranosus muscle
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 640-647 (2017)

Increasing zinc levels in phytase-supplemented diets improves the performance and nutrient utilization of broiler chickens
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 648-660 (2017)

Growth performance, haemo-biochemical parameters and meat quality characteristics of male Japanese quails fed a Lippia javanica-based diet
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 661-671 (2017)

Effects of mannan-oligosaccharides' supplementation on hatching characteristics of four close-bred flocks of Japanese quail breeders
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 672-678 (2017)

Performance of broiler chickens fed South African sorghum-based diets with xylanase
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 679-687 (2017)

Comparison of on-farm progeny performances from local and imported boar semen used in the South African pig industry
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 688-696 (2017)

Effects of protease on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growingfinishing pigs
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 697-703 (2017)

Effects of feeding corn silage, pelleted, ensiled, or pelleted and ensiled alfalfa on growth and carcass characteristics of lamb
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 704-711 (2017)

Genetic parameters for ewe reproduction with objectively measured wool traits in Elsenburg Merino flock
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 712-722 (2017)

Effects of various inulin levels on in vitro digestibility of corn silage, perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and common vetch (Vicia sativa L.)/oat (Avena sativa L.) hay
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(5): 723-729 (2017)

Castration of male livestock and the potential of immunocastration to improve animal welfare and production traits: Invited Review
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 731-742 (2017)

Effects of silymarin (Silybum marianum) supplementation on milk and blood parameters of dairy cattle
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 758-765 (2017)

Effects of probiotics on growth performance, blood parameters, and antibody stimulation in piglets
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 766-775 (2017)

Effects of Prosopis laevigata pods on carcass characteristics, non-carcass components, meat quality, fatty acid profile and sensory attributes
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 785-793 (2017)

Development and preliminary validation of an automatic digital analysis system for animal fibre analysis
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 822-833 (2017)

Effect of freezer storage on quality of M. longissimus lumborum from fallow deer (Dama dama L.)
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 834-841 (2017)

Effects of false yam tuber meals and charcoal on broiler chicken production and blood parameters
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 842-853 (2017)

Using path analysis to predict bodyweight from body measurements of goats and sheep of communal rangelands in Botswana
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 854-863 (2017)

Effect of Moringa oleifera (Lam.) pods as feed additive on egg antioxidants, chemical composition and performance of commercial layers
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 864-874 (2017)

Effect of a dietary probiotic blend on performance, blood characteristics, meat quality and faecal microbial shedding in growing-finishing pigs
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 875-882 (2017)

A whole farm model for quantifying total greenhouse gas emissions on South African dairy farms
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 883-894 (2017)

Potential of oak acorn with and without polyethylene glycol as an alternative to corn in broiler diets
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 895-903 (2017)

Humic acid and enzymes in canola-based broiler diets: Effects on bone development, intestinal histomorphology and immune development
, South African Journal of Animal Science 47(6): 914-922 (2017)

Land concessions and rural youth in Southern Laos
, Journal of Peasant Studies 44(6): 1255-1274 (2017)

Grain yield and competitive ability against weeds in modern and heritage common wheat cultivars are differently influenced by sowing density
, Italian Journal of Agronomy 12(4): 343-349 (2017)

Effect of contrasting crop rotation systems on soil chemical and biochemical properties and plant root growth in organic farming: First results
, Italian Journal of Agronomy 12(4): 364-374 (2017)

Termite diversity along a land use intensification gradient in a semi-arid savanna
, Journal of Insect Conservation 21(5-6): 801-812 (2017)

Assessing a farmland set-aside conservation program for an endangered butterfly: USDA State Acres for Wildlife Enhancement (SAFE) for the Karner blue butterfly
, Journal of Insect Conservation 21(5-6): 929-941 (2017)

Integrated assessment of renewable energy potential: Approach and application in rural South Africa
, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 24: 17-31 (2017)

Evolutionary models of sustainable economic change in Brazil: No-till agriculture, reduced deforestation and ethanol biofuels
, Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 24: 130-141 (2017)

Effect of Delayed Dicamba plus Glufosinate Application on Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Control and XtendFlex (TM) Cotton Yield
, Weed Technology 31(5): 633-640 (2017)

Tolerance of Interseeded Annual Ryegrass and Red Clover Cover Crops to Residual Herbicides in Mid-Atlantic Corn Cropping Systems
, Weed Technology 31(5): 641-650 (2017)

Identification of Goosegrass (Eleusine indica) Biotypes Resistant to Preemergence-Applied Oxadiazon
, Weed Technology 31(5): 675-681 (2017)

Effects of Metribuzin Applied Lay-by on Weed Control and Sweetpotato Crop Response
, Weed Technology 31(5): 689-693 (2017)

Bell Pepper and Weed Response to Dimethyl Disulfide plus Chloropicrin and Herbicide Systems
, Weed Technology 31(5): 694-700 (2017)

Long-Term Roughstalk Bluegrass Control in Creeping Bentgrass Fairways
, Weed Technology 31(5): 714-723 (2017)

Weed Suppression and Tolerance in Winter Oats
, Weed Technology 31(5): 740-751 (2017)

Spent Coffee Grounds as Air-Propelled Abrasive Grit for Weed Control in Organic Production
, Weed Technology 31(5): 769-772 (2017)

Instrument for Determining the Particle Size Distribution of Grain by Sedimentometric Analysis
, Measurement Techniques 60(9): 968-972 (2017)

Grain Sorghum and Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Response to Herbicide Programs and Agronomic Practices
, Weed Technology 31(6): 781-792 (2017)

Enlist (TM) Weed Control Systems for Palmer Amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri) Management in Texas High Plains Cotton
, Weed Technology 31(6): 793-798 (2017)

Confirmation of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) in Montana Cereal Production and Response to POST Herbicides
, Weed Technology 31(6): 799-810 (2017)

Effect of Pyroxasulfone Formulation on Dissipation from a Winter Wheat Field in Tennessee
, Weed Technology 31(6): 822-827 (2017)

Field Dodder (Cuscuta pentagona) Control with Flumioxazin
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