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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66382

Chapter 66382 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seenivasan, N., 2019:
Nematostatic activity of root extracts of banana (Musa spp.) genotypes as pre-infectional resistance mechanism against the burrowing nematode, Radopholus similis

Zhi, H.; Dong, Y.; Wang, Y., 2019:
Effects of controlled atmosphere, edible coating, and 1-methylcyclopropene on improving storage quality of 'Bartlett' pears after long-term storage

Suchoff, D.H.; Gunter, C.C.; Schultheis, J.R.; Hassell, R.L.; Louws, F.J., 2019:
The effect of grafting on nitrogen use in determinate field-grown tomatoes

Fukuoka, N.; Murakami, K.; Ikoma, H.; Morikawa, S.; Suzuki, T.; Suzuki, M.; Murakamia, K.; Noto, S., 2019:
Yield improvement of Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.) in summer culture through use of a new kind of infrared-cutting net

Pakkish, Z.; Poor, M. R. H.; Nasab, M. A. A.; Asghari, H., 2019:
Brassinolides have a small effect on vegetative growth, and increase reproductive growth of pistachio trees Cv. Owhadi

Yan, F.; Wang, L.; Zheng, X.; Luo, Z.; Wang, J.; Liu, M., 2019:
Acquisition of triploid germplasms by controlled hybridisation between diploid and tetraploid in Chinese jujube

Schjonning, P.; Jensen, J.L.; Bruun, S.; Jensen, L.S.; Christensen, B.T.; Munkholm, L.J.; Oelofse, M.; Baby, S.; Knudsen, L., 2018:
The Role of Soil Organic Matter for Maintaining Crop Yields: Evidence for a Renewed Conceptual Basis

Mehra, P.; Baker, J.; Sojka, R.E.; Bolan, N.; Desbiolles, J.; Kirkham, M.B.; Ross, C.; Gupta, R., 2018:
A Review of Tillage Practices and Their Potential to Impact the Soil Carbon Dynamics

Cossani, C.M.; Sadras, V.O., 2018:
Water-Nitrogen Colimitation in Grain Crops

Reis, M.; Dutal, H., 2019:
Determining the effect of deforestation on sustainable water supply in a semi-arid mountainous watershed by using storm water management model

Stewart, B. A.; Lal, R., 2018:
Increasing World Average Yields of Cereal Crops: It's All About Water

Mahajan, G.; Matloob, A.; Singh, R.; Singh, V.P.; Chauhan, B.S., 2018:
Basmati Rice in the Indian Subcontinent: Strategies to Boost Production and Quality Traits

Iorember, P.T.; Jelilov, G., 2018:
Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Increase in Government Agricultural Expenditure on Household Welfare in Nigeria

Kossele, T.P.Y.; Shan, L.J., 2018:
Economic Security and the Political Governance Crisis in Central African Republic

Puppe, D.; Sommer, M., 2018:
Experiments, Uptake Mechanisms, and Functioning of Silicon Foliar Fertilization-A Review Focusing on Maize, Rice, and Wheat

Abid, M.; Tian, Z.; Zahoor, R.; Ata-Ul-Karim, S.T.; Daryl, C.; Snider, J.L.; Dai, T., 2018:
Pre-Drought Priming: A Key Drought Tolerance Engine in Support of Grain Development in Wheat

Manna, M.C.; Rahman, M.M.; Naidu, R.; Sahu, A.; Bhattacharjya, S.; Wanjari, R. H.; Patra, A.K.; Chaudhari, S. K.; Majumdar, K.; Khanna, S. S., 2018:
Bio-Waste Management in Subtropical Soils of India: Future Challenges and Opportunities in Agriculture

Tiemann, T. T.; Donough, C. R.; Lim, Y. L.; Haerdter, R.; Norton, R.; Tao, H. H.; Jaramillo, R.; Satyanarayana, T.; Zingore, S.; Oberthur, T., 2018:
Feeding the Palm: A Review of Oil Palm Nutrition

Chen, D.; Kong, X.; Wu, S.; Huang, J.; Cheng, X.; Jiang, J., 2019:
An esterase AppH for the hydrolysis of 2-(4-aryloxyphenoxy) propionate herbicides in Sphingobium sp. strain C3

Piechowiak, T.; Jozefczyk, R.; Balawejder, M., 2018:
Impact of ozonation process of wheat flour on the activity of selected enzymes

Imagawa, F.; Minagawa, H.; Nakayama, Y.; Kanno, K.; Hayakawa, T.; Kojima, S., 2018:
Tos17 insertion in NADH-dependent glutamate synthase genes leads to an increase in grain protein content in rice

Kourimska, L.; Sabolova, M.; Horcicka, P.; Rys, S.; Bozik, M., 2018:
Lipid content, fatty acid profile, and nutritional value of new oat cultivars

Fadel, A.; Ashworth, J.; Plunkett, A.; Mahmoud, A.M.; Ranneh, Y.; Li, W., 2018:
Improving the extractability of arabinoxylans and the molecular weight of wheat endosperm using extrusion processing

Romero, C.C. T.; Vels, A.; Niks, R.E., 2018:
Identification of a large-effect QTL associated with kernel discoloration in barley

Mangan, D.; Cornaggia, C.; Liadova, A.; Draga, A.; Ivory, R.; Evans, D. E.; McCleary, B.V., 2018:
Development of an automatable method for the measurement of endo-1,4-beta-xylanase activity in barley malt and initial investigation into the relationship between endo-1,4-beta-xylanase activity and wort viscosity

Rao, S.; Santhakumar, A.B.; Chinkwo, K.A.; Wu, G.; Johnson, S.K.; Blanchard, C.L., 2018 :
Characterization of phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity in sorghum grains

Girard, A.L.; Awika, J.M., 2018:
Sorghum polyphenols and other bioactive components as functional and health promoting food ingredients

Laidig, F.; Piepho, H.-P.; Huesken, A.; Begemann, J.; Rentel, D.; Drobek, T.; Meyer, U., 2018:
Predicting loaf volume for winter wheat by linear regression models based on protein concentration and sedimentation value using samples from VCU trials and mills

Labuschagne, M. T., 2018:
A review of cereal grain proteomics and its potential for sorghum improvement

Lopez, V.; van der Heijden, E.; Villar, M.; Michel, A.; Alberdi, P.; Gortazar, C.; Rutten, V.; de la Fuente, J., 2018:
Comparative proteomics identified immune response proteins involved in response to vaccination with heat-inactivated Mycobacterium bovis and mycobacterial challenge in cattle

Rodrigues Abrao, C.M.; Bacani, V.M., 2018:
Diagnosing Environmental Fragility on the Hydrographic Basin of Santo ANTONIO RIVER, MS: SUBSIDY TO ENVIRONMENTAL ZONING

Hill, R.V.; Kumar, N.; Magnan, N.; Makhija, S.; de Nicola, F.; Spielman, D.J.; Ward, P.S., 2019:
Ex ante and ex post effects of hybrid index insurance in Bangladesh

Khudzari, J.M.; Gariepy, Y.; Kurian, J.; Tartakovsky, B.; Raghavan, G. S. V., 2019:
Effects of biochar anodes in rice plant microbial fuel cells on the production of bioelectricity, biomass, and methane

Thorlakson, T., 2018:
A move beyond sustainability certification: The evolution of the chocolate industry's sustainable sourcing practices

Paris, E.H.; Peraza Lope, C.; Masson, M.A.; Delgado Ku, P.C.; Escamilla Ojeda, B.C., 2018:
The organization of stingless beekeeping (Meliponiculture) at Mayapan, Yucatan, Mexico

Rosenzweig, M.S.; Marston, J.M., 2018:
Archaeologies of empire and environment

Morehart, C.T., 2018:
Inherited legacies of ecological imperialism in central Mexico

Lentz, D.L.; Dunning, N.P.; Scarborough, V.L.; Grazioso, L., 2018:
Imperial resource management at the ancient Maya city of Tikal: A resilience model of sustainability and collapse

Brite, E.B., 2018:
The hydrosocial empire: The Karakum River and the Soviet conquest of Central Asia in the 20th century

Langlie, B.A.S., 2018:
Building ecological resistance: Late intermediate period farming in the south-central highland Andes (CE 1100-1450)

Acabado, S., 2018:
Zones of refuge: Resisting conquest in the northern Philippine highlands through environmental practice

Banday, U.J.; Aneja, R., 2019:
Energy consumption, economic growth and CO2 emissions: evidence from G7 countries

Bandian, L.; Nemati, H.; Moghaddam, M., 2019:
Effects of Bentonite Application and Urea Fertilization Time on Growth, Development and Nitrate Accumulation in Spinach (Spinacia oleraceae L.)

Li, W.; Zheng, C.; He, S., 2019:
The Analysis of Xylem Vessel Structure of Populus euphratica Oliv.Fresh Branch by HRCT

Nourgholipour, F.; Hosseini, H.M.; Tehrani, M.M.; Zadeh, B.M.; Moshiri, F., 2019:
Phosphorus Efficiency of Winter Canola Cultivars and Rhizosphere Properties in Rhizobox Technique

Abubaker, B. A.; Yan Haofang; Hong, L.; You, W.Y.; Elshaikh, N.A.; Hussein, G.; Pandab, S.; Hassan, S., 2019:
Enhancement of Depleted Loam Soil as Well as Cucumber Productivity Utilizing Biochar Under Water Stress

Baxter, A.E.; Maguire, R.O.; Whitehurst, G.; Holshouser, D.; Reiter, M., 2019:
Novel Fertilizer as an Alternative for Supplying Manganese and Boron to Soybeans

Boparai, A. K.; Manchanda, J. S., 2019:
Response of Cotton and Wheat Cultivars to Soil-applied Boron in a Boron-deficient, Noncalcareous Typic Ustochrept

Hill, M. G.; Zhuang, Q. G.; Mauchline, N.A.; Sutherland, P. W.; Stannard, K. A.; Popowski, E., 2019:
Testing the susceptibility of kiwifruit (Actinida chinensis var. deliciosa) germplasm to Hemiberlesia lataniae (vol 47, pg 1, 2018)

Hill, M. G.; Zhuang, Q.G.; Mauchline, N.A.; Sutherland, P.W.; Stannard, K.A.; Popowski, E., 2019:
Testing the susceptibility of kiwifruit (Actinida chinensis var. deliciosa) germplasm to Hemiberlesia lataniae

Panahandeh, J., 2019:
Chromosome pairing in auto-allotetraploid (AAAB) interspecific hybrid potatoes

Howlett, B.G.; Lankin-Vega, G.O.; Jesson, L.K., 2019:
Bombus terrestris: a more efficient but less effective pollinator than Apis mellifera across surveyed white clover seed fields

Hodge, S.; Bennett, J.; Merfield, C.N.; Hofmann, R.W., 2019:
Effects of sticky trap colour, UV illumination and within-trap variation on tomato potato psyllid captures in glasshouses

Greer, D.H.; Weedon, M.M., 2019:
Can a small differential in canopy temperature influence performance of Semillon in a vineyard?

Al-Khirllah, M. A.; Mohemmed, L., I., 2015:
Gene Action for Earliness and Yield of Some Cotton Varieties and Their HYBRIDS UNDER TWO IRRIGATION PERIODS

Bandar, S. J.; Abed, R. T., 2015:
Heterosis and Gene Action of Diallel Cross Among Inbred Lines of Maize

Al-Wagga, A. H. A.; Sultan, A. M., 2015:
Influence of Different Plant Tall and Growth of Water Hyacinth on Water CONSUMPTIVE IN NORTHERN IRAQ

Lahmood, N. R., 2015:
Role of the Combined Between Sorghum Residue and Chevalier Herbicide on WEED CONTROL IN WHEAT

Ibrahim, A. S.; Abed, N. Y., 2015:
Heterosis of Some Traits of Maize As Influenced by Planting Date

Jadoo, K.A.; Alowan, A.L., 2015:
Hormonal Regulation of Tillering in Sorgum (Sorghum Bicolor L. Moench) AND ITS INFLUENC ON GRAIN YIELD AND ITS COMPONENTS

Safi, S. M. A.; Al-Baldawi, M. H. K., 2015:
Effect of Some Plant Growth Regulator and Water Irrigation Quality on GROWTH AND QUALITY CHARACTERS OF WHEAT

Safi, S. M. A.; Al-Baldawi, M. H. K., 2015:
Effect of Some Plant Growth Regulator and Water Irrigation Quality on YIELD AND THEIR COMPONENTS OF BREAD WHEAT

Yahya, S.H.; Abdul-Razak, M. M. A., 2015:
The Effect of Irrigation Methods and Magnetization of Water in Yield of SUNFLOWER

Dawood, A. A. R.; Rasheed, A.A., 2015:
Effect of Seed Treamentand Seed Size on Seed Vigor, Field Emergence and GRAIN YIELD OF SORGHUM

Ibrahem, I. A.; Samir, S. H., 2015:
Evaluating the Effectiveness of Bioagents With Bltanol to Control RHAIZOCTONIA SOLANI ON COTTON SEEDLINGS

Abed, M. N.; Ahmed, A. F., 2015:
Mashering Economic Efficiency and Total Factor Productivity of Wheat in IRAQ (WASIT PROVINCE AS A CASE STUDY)

Al-Khazraji, R. M., I., 2015:
A Suggested Extension Plan to Exhibition Foundation for Dates Palms and EXHIBITION IN Al-DIWANIYA AGRICULTURAL DIRECTORATE

Baktash, F. Y.; Hassan, L. K., 2015:
Pure Line Selection From Bread Wheat for Flowering and Maturity Under DIFFERENT SEEDING RATES

Khrbeet, H. K.; Jasim, A. M., 2015:
Effect of Sowing Dates and Cutting Stages on Forage Yield and Quality of SORGHUM (Var.Abu - Sabeen) 1-GROWTH TRAITS AND GREEN FORAGE YIDLD

Khrbeet, H. K.; Jasim, A. M., 2015:
Effect of Sowing Dates and Cutting Stages on Forage Yield and Quality of SORGHUM (VAR.Abu - Sabeen) 2- DRY MATTER AND FORAGE QUALITY

Alowan, A. L.; Jaddoa, K. A., 2015:

Hussain, A. F. A.; Naserella, A. Y., 2015:
Germination Ability and Seed Yield of Cowpea As Affected by Planting DATES

Ulaiwee, A. M.; El-Sahookie, M. M.; Mohammed, L., I., 2015:
Performance of Selected Sorghum Genotypes in a Saline Sodic Soil

Al-Hassan, S. A.; Zeboon, N. H.; Bailer, H. A. A., 2015:
Effect of Timinor and Rates of Potassium Application on Some Growth TRIALS OF BREAD WHEAT

Al-Shemary, I. A. H.; Baday, S. J. S., 2015:
Role of Citrullus Colocynthis Fruits Extract and Poly Ethylene Glycol in THE INDUCTION OF GENETIC VARIATIONS AND DROUGHT TOLERANCE OF SUGARCANE IN VITRO

Al-Kareem, S. S. A.; Hussein, H. A., 2015:
The Effect of the Spray Nozzle and Operating Pressure on Weeds Control ACCOMPANYING WITH WHEAT CROP

Hasun, R. H., 2015:
Suggested Model for Training Rural Youth in the Area of Farm Management

Ridha, B. A.; Hassuny, A. R., 2015:
Broblems Facing the Extension Training Centers and Methods for DEVELOPMENT IN IRAQ FROM THE STANDPOINT OF ITS EMPLOYEES

Sarkees, N. A., 2015:
Response of Growth and Yield of Rapeseed to Sowing Method and Seeding RATE

Baktash, F. Y.; Hassan, L. K., 2015:
Pure Line Selection From Bread Wheat for Grain Yield and It's Components UNDER DIFFERENT SEEDING RATES

Hashem, K., I., 2015:
Nitrogen Fertilizer and Its Effect on Green Forage Yield of Two Alfalfa CULTIVARS

Ulaiwee, A. M.; El-sahookie, m M.; Mohammed, L., I., 2015:
Performance of Selected Sunflower in a Saline Sodic Soil

Saleem, Q. T. S.; Joody, A. T., 2015:

Hussein, J.K., 2015:
Molecular and Morphologigal Characterization for Some Carnation Species (Dianthus spp.)

Al-Juboori, A. W. A.; Alwan, K.A., 2015:
Testing and Diagnosis of Genetic Variability in Tomato Affected by ELECTRIC SHOCK AND SODIUM AZIDE UNDER SALT STRESS CONDITIONS 1-Vegetative and yield characteristics

Al-Hamadani, K.A. S., 2015:

Al-Aadhami, L. H.; Abdulla, L. M., 2015:
The Effectiveness of Hermetic Storage Method in the Population Groups NUMBERS OF THE RED FLOUR BEETLE Tribolium castaneum AND SOME PROPERTIES OF STORED GRAIN

Hameed, O. A.; Hussein, H. Z., 2015:
Detection on Diacetoxyscirpenol Mycotoxin in Iraq on Corn Seed by Thin LAYER CHROMOTOGRAPHY (TLC)

Jasim, A. A.; Al-Hashimy, L. A., 2015:
The Effect of Equipments Type on New Holland Tractor (Td - 80) Operation COSTS

Salma, M. A.; Najib, S. T., 2015:

Kadhim, N. S.; Adhas, S. M., 2015:
Study Performance and Emmission of Diesel Engine Fueled With Different DIESEL FUEL TEMPERATURES

Kumakura, K.; Osanai, Y.; Osa, Y.; Fujii, K.; Asakawa, M.; Ushiyama, K.; Onuma, M.; Igarashi, H.; Endoh, D., 2018:
Multi-locus exon-primed intron crossing (EPIC) primer design for regional birds and algorithm design for a combination of introns

Goepel, J.; Hissa, L.de B.V.; Schuengel, J.; Schaldach, R., 2018:
Sensitivity assessment and evaluation of a spatially explicit land-use model for Southern Amazonia

Rodriguez Alvarez, J.; Arroqui, M.; Mangudo, P.; Toloza, J.; Jatip, D.; Rodriguez, J.M.; Teyseyre, A.; Sanz, C.; Zunino, A.; Machado, C.; Mateos, C., 2018:
Body condition estimation on cows from depth images using Convolutional Neural Networks

Li, X.; Huang, J.; Xiong, Y.; Zhou, J.; Tan, X.; Zhang, B., 2018:
Determination of soluble solid content in multi-origin 'Fuji' apples by using FT-NIR spectroscopy and an origin discriminant strategy

Sun, J.; Kunnemeyer, R.; McGlone, A.; Tomer, N., 2018:
Investigations of optical geometry and sample positioning in NIBS transmittance for detecting vascular browning in apples

Goap, A.; Sharma, D.; Shukla, A. K.; Krishna, C. R., 2018:
An IoT based smart irrigation management system using Machine learning and open source technologies

Adeyemi, O.; Grove, I.; Peets, S.; Domun, Y.; Norton, T., 2018:
Dynamic modelling of lettuce transpiration for water status monitoring

Comba, L.; Biglia, A.; Aimonino, D.R.; Gay, P., 2018:
Unsupervised detection of vineyards by 3D point-cloud UAV photogrammetry for precision agriculture

Mack, J.; Schindler, F.; Rist, F.; Herzog, K.; Toepfer, R.; Steinhage, V., 2018:
Semantic labeling and reconstruction of grape bunches from 3D range data using a new RGB-D feature descriptor

Sharma, R.; Kamble, S.S.; Gunasekaran, A., 2018:
Big GIS analytics framework for agriculture supply chains: A literature review identifying the current trends and future perspectives

Badnakhe, M.R.; Durbha, S.S.; Jagarlapudi, A.; Gade, R.M., 2018:
Evaluation of Citrus Gummosis disease dynamics and predictions with weather and inversion based leaf optical model

Su, J.; Liu, C.; Coombes, M.; Hu, X.; Wang, C.; Xu, X.; Li, Q.; Guo, L.; Chen, W.-H., 2018:
Wheat yellow rust monitoring by learning from multispectral UAV aerial imagery

Stygar, A. H.; Kristensen, A. R., 2018:
Detecting abnormalities in pigs' growth - A dynamic linear model with diurnal growth pattern for identified and unidentified pigs

Coble, K.F.; Menegat, M.B.; Bergtold, J.S.; Dritz, S.S.; Tokach, M.D.; DeRouchey, J.M.; Goodband, R.D.; Woodworth, J.C., 2018:
Using network flow modeling to determine pig flow in a commercial production system

Abdulridha, J.; Ampatzidis, Y.; Ehsani, R.; de Castro, A.I., 2018:
Evaluating the performance of spectral features and multivariate analysis tools to detect laurel wilt disease and nutritional deficiency in avocado

Khan, M.A.; Akram, T.; Sharif, M.; Awais, M.; Javed, K.; Ali, H.; Saba, T., 2018:
CCDF: Automatic system for segmentation and recognition of fruit crops diseases based on correlation coefficient and deep CNN features

Kerkech, M.; Hafiane, A.; Canals, R., 2018:
Deep leaning approach with colorimetric spaces and vegetation indices for vine diseases detection in UAV images

Deng, X.; Dou, Y.; Hu, D., 2018:
Robust closed-loop control of vegetable production in plant factory

Wang, L.; Zhang, H., 2018:
An adaptive fuzzy hierarchical control for maintaining solar greenhouse temperature

Elavarasan, D.; Vincent, D.R.; Sharma, V.; Zomaya, A.Y.; Srinivasan, K., 2018:
Forecasting yield by integrating agrarian factors and machine learning models: A survey

Wendel, A.; Underwood, J.; Walsh, K., 2018:
Maturity estimation of mangoes using hyperspectral imaging from a ground based mobile platform

Kouadio, L.; Deo, R.C.; Byrareddy, V.; Adamowski, J.F.; Mushtaq, S.; Van Phuong Nguyen, 2018:
Artificial intelligence approach for the prediction of Robusta coffee yield using soil fertility properties

Oates, M.J.; Fox, P.; Sanchez-Rodriguez, L.; Carbonell-Barrachina, A.A.; Ruiz-Canales, A., 2018:
DFT based classification of olive oil type using a sinusoidally heated, low cost electronic nose

Wang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2018:
Citrus ontology development based on the eight-point charter of agriculture

Zhang, J.; He, L.; Karkee, M.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, X.; Gao, Z., 2018:
Branch detection for apple trees trained in fruiting wall architecture using depth features and Regions-Convolutional Neural Network (R-CNN)

Adamczak, L.; Chmiel, M.; Florowski, T.; Pietrzak, D.; Witkowski, M.; Barczak, T., 2018:
The use of 3D scanning to determine the weight of the chicken breast

Anjom, F.K.; Vougioukas, S.G.; Slaughter, D.C., 2018:
Development and application of a strawberry yield-monitoring picking cart

Thi Thanh Nhan Nguyen; Thi-Lan Le; Hai Vu; Van-Sam Hoang; Thanh-Hai Tran, 2018:
Crowdsourcing for botanical data collection towards to automatic plant identification: A review

Gao, L.; Lin, X., 2018:
A method for accurately segmenting images of medicinal plant leaves with complex backgrounds

Sanchez, M.-T.; Entrenas, J.-A.; Torres, I.; Vega, M.; Perez-Marin, D., 2018:
Monitoring texture and other quality parameters in spinach plants using NIR spectroscopy

Yang, Q.; Xiao, D.; Lin, S., 2018:
Feeding behavior recognition for group-housed pigs with the Faster R-CNN

Tong, J.; Shi, H.; Wu, C.; Jiang, H.; Yang, T., 2018:
Skewness correction and quality evaluation of plug seedling images based on Canny operator andlibligh transform

Mehra, M.; Saxena, S.; Sankaranarayanan, S.; Tom, R.J.; Veeramanikandan, M., 2018:
IoT based hydroponics system using Deep Neural Networks

Depigny, S.; Wils, E.D.; Tixier, P.; Keng, M.N.; Cilas, C.; Lescot, T.; Jagoret, P., 2019:
Plantain productivity: Insights from Cameroonian cropping systems

Adimassu, Z.; Alemu, G.; Tamene, L., 2019:
Effects of tillage and crop residue management on runoff, soil loss and crop yield in the Humid Highlands of Ethiopia

Li, R.; Lin, H.; Niu, H.; Chen, Y.; Zhao, S.; Fan, L., 2019:
Smallholder preference and agroecosystem service trade-offs: A case study in Xinzheng County, China

Schiavon, S.; Sturaro, E.; Tagliapietra, F.; Ramanzin, M.; Bittante, G., 2019:
Nitrogen and phosphorus excretion on mountain farms of different dairy systems

Jeong, H.; Pittelkow, C.M.; Bhattarai, R., 2019:
Simulated responses of tile-drained agricultural systems to recent changes in ambient atmospheric gradients

Accatino, F.; Tonda, A.; Dross, C.; Leger, F.; Tichit, M., 2019:
Trade-offs and synergies between livestock production and other ecosystem services

Perego, A.; Rocca, A.; Cattivelli, V.; Tabaglio, V.; Fiorini, A.; Barbieri, S.; Schillaci, C.; Chiodini, M. E.; Brenna, S.; Acutis, M., 2019:
Agro-environmental aspects of conservation agriculture compared to conventional systems: A 3-year experience on 20 farms in the Po valley (Northern Italy)

Srivastava, A.K.; Mboh, C.M.; Gaiser, T.; Kuhn, A.; Ermias, E.; Ewert, F., 2019:
Effect of mineral fertilizer on rain water and radiation use efficiencies for maize yield and stover biomass productivity in Ethiopia

Vroege, W.; Dalhaus, T.; Finger, R., 2019:
Index insurances for grasslands - A review for Europe and North-America

Paut, R.; Sabatier, R.; Tchamitchian, M., 2019:
Reducing risk through crop diversification: An application of portfolio theory to diversified horticultural systems

Acharjee, T.K.; van Halsema, G.; Ludwig, F.; Hellegers, P.; Supit, I., 2019:
Shifting planting date of Boro rice as a climate change adaptation strategy to reduce water use

Toreti, A.; Maiorano, A.; De Sanctis, G.; Webber, H.; Ruane, A. C.; Fumagalli, D.; Ceglar, A.; Niemeyer, S.; Zampieri, M., 2019:
Using reanalysis in crop monitoring and forecasting systems

de Wit, A.; Boogaard, H.; Fumagalli, D.; Janssen, S.; Knapen, R.; van Kraalingen, D.; Supit, I.; van der Wijngaart, R.; van Diepen, K., 2019:
25 years of the WOFOST cropping systems model

Ceglar, A.; van der Wijngaart, R.; de Wit, A.; Lecerf, R.; Boogaard, H.; Seguini, L.; van den Berg, M.; Toreti, A.; Zampieri, M.; Fumagalli, D.; Baruth, B., 2019:
Improving WOFOST model to simulate winter wheat phenology in Europe: Evaluation and effects on yield

Pagani, V.; Guarneri, T.; Busetto, L.; Ranghetti, L.; Boschetti, M.; Movedi, E.; Campos-Taberner, M.; Javier Garcia-Haro, F.; Katsantonis, D.; Stavrakoudis, D.; Ricciardelli, E.; Romano, F.; Holecz, F.; Collivignarelli, F.; Granell, C.; Casteleyn, S.; Confalonieri, R., 2019:
A high-resolution, integrated system for rice yield forecasting at district level

Lecerf, R.; Ceglar, A.; Lopez-Lozano, R.; Van Der Velde, M.; Baruth, B., 2019:
Assessing the information in crop model and meteorological indicators to forecast crop yield over Europe

van der Velde, M.; Nisini, L., 2019:
Performance of the MARS-crop yield forecasting system for the European Union: Assessing accuracy, in-season, and year-to-year improvements from 1993 to 2015

Seguini, L.; Bussay, A.; Baruth, B., 2019:
From extreme weather to impacts: The role of the areas of concern maps in the JRC MARS bulletin

van der Velde, M.; Biavetti, I.; El-Aydam, M.; Niemeyer, S.; Santini, F.; van den Berg, M., 2019:
Use and relevance of European Union crop monitoring and yield forecasts

Raul, L.-L.; Bettina, B., 2019:
An evaluation framework to build a cost-efficient crop monitoring system. Experiences from the extension of the European crop monitoring system

Rembold, F.; Meroni, M.; Urbano, F.; Csak, G.; Kerdiles, H.; Perez-Hoyos, A.; Lemoine, G.; Leo, O.; Negre, T., 2019:
ASAP: A new global early warning system to detect anomaly hot spots of agricultural production for food security analysis

Fritz, S.; See, L.; Bayas, J.C.L.; Waldner, F.; Jacques, D.; Becker-Reshef, I.; Whitcraft, A.; Baruth, B.; Bonifacio, R.; Crutchfield, J.; Rembold, F.; Rojas, O.; Schucknecht, A.; Van der Velde, M.; Verdin, J.; Wu, B.; Yan, N.; You, L.; Gilliams, S.; Mucher, S.; Tetrault, R.; Moorthy, I.; McCallum, I., 2019:
A comparison of global agricultural monitoring systems and current gaps

Siebert, R.; Richter, I.; Herzig, C.; Birringer, M., 2018:
Genome Editing for the Agriculture and Food Industry Potentials and Risks

Miller, H.I.; Morandini, P.A., 2018:
Plant Domestication, the Brave Old World of Genetic Modification

Otten, L., 2018:
How Agrobacterium, a Natural Genetic Engineer, Became a Tool for Modern Agriculture

Arujanan, M.; Teng, P.P. S., 2018:
Legal, Regulatory and Labelling Status of Biotech Crops

Mora-Oberlaender, J.; Castano Hernandez, A.; Alejandro Lopez-Pazos, S.; Chaparro-Giraldo, A., 2018:
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