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Effect of Sowing Dates and Cutting Stages on Forage Yield and Quality of Sorghum (Var.Abu - Sabeen) 1-Growth Traits and Green Forage Yidld

Khrbeet, H. K.; Jasim, A. M.

Iraqi Journal of Agricultural Sciences 46(4): 475-483


ISSN/ISBN: 0075-0530
Accession: 066381069

The study was conducted at the experimental station of the college of Agriculture in Abu - Ghraib, University of Baghdad during the period form mid. Of March to end of September of 2013. The main objective was to find out the effect of sowing dates and cutting stages on growth traits and green forage yield of Sorghum (Var.Abu - Sabeen). The Layout of the experiment was (R.C.B.D) with three replicates arranged in split- plot. Sowing dates (16, 30 March, 13, and 27 April) were taken as main plots while cutting stages (Vegetative growth, 25%, 50%, and 75% flowering) were taken as sub plots. Results showed, that sowing dates on 30 March gave highest mean of Plant height (209.6, 197.5, 164.7) cm, leaf area (2410.5, 2217.7, 1452.8) cm(2), number of leaves per plant (10.78, 10.30, 9.25) and green forage yield (40.3, 35.0, 22.7) t.ha (-1) for three cuts respectively. cutting the plants at 75% flowering gave highest Plant height (208.9, 198.9, 172.8) cm, stem diameter (1.9, 1.8, 1.5) cm and green forage yield (40.5, 36, 25.6) t.ha(-1) for three cuts respectively. There was significant interaction between sowing dates and cutting stages on Plant height, leaf area and forage yield. Sowing Abu - Sabeen. Var. on 30 March and cutting at 75% flowering gave highest total forage yield for three cuts (113.68) t.ha (-1) compar with local Var. (kafir) which produced only (39.77) t.ha (-1).

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