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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66475

Chapter 66475 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Functional analysis of the Rubisco large subunit ÂN-methyltransferase promoter from tobacco and its regulation by light in soybean hairy roots
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 907-912 (1998)

Micropropagation of lily (Lilium longiflorum) via in vitro stem node and pseudo-bulblet culture
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 913-916 (1998)

Mobile arrays of vacuole ripples are common in plant cells
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 917-920 (1998)

Brassinolide affects the rate of cell division in isolated leaf protoplasts of Petunia hybrida
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 921-924 (1998)

Leaflet development, induction time, and medium influence somatic embryogenesis in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 925-929 (1998)

Large-scale analysis of expressed genes from the leaf of oilseed rape (Brassica napus L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 930-936 (1998)

Rapid production of fertile transgenic barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by direct gene transfer to primary callus-derived protoplasts
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 937-940 (1998)

Enhancement of plant regeneration from embryogenic callus of commercial barley cultivars
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 941-945 (1998)

Regulation of polyphenol production in Vitis vinifera cell suspension cultures by sugars
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 946-950 (1998)

Micropropagation of gum karaya (Sterculia urens) by adventitious shoot formation and somatic embryogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 951-956 (1998)

High-frequency embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from isolated microspores of indica rice
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 957-962 (1998)

Herbicide-resistant transgenic creeping bentgrass plants obtained by electroporation using an altered buffer
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 963-967 (1998)

Induced androgenesis in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) I. Influence of genotype on androgenetic ability : I. Influence of genotype on androgenetic ability
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 968-973 (1998)

Improved production of doubled haploids by colchicine application to wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) anther culture
, Plant Cell Reports 17(12): 974-979 (1998)

Regeneration of transgenic cassava plants (Manihot esculenta Crantz) through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of embryogenic suspension cultures
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 827-831 (1998)

Mitochondrial genome structure of a cytoplasmic hybrid between tomato and wild potato
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 832-836 (1998)

Microsatellite fingerprinting in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) and wild relatives
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 837-842 (1998)

Effect of ticarcillin/potassium clavulanate on callus growth and shoot regeneration in Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 843-847 (1998)

Characterization of genetic diversity of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes in Daucus varieties by RAPD and AFLP
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 848-853 (1998)

Development of insect-resistant transgenic cauliflower plants expressing the trypsin inhibitor gene isolated from local sweet potato
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 854-860 (1998)

Protocol for in vitro propagation of Excoecaria agallocha L., a medicinally important mangrove species
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 861-865 (1998)

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration in Heracleum candicans Wall
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 866-869 (1998)

Friable embryogenic callus and somatic embryo formation from cotyledon explants of African marigold (Tagetes erecta L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 870-875 (1998)

Tobacco plants perturbed in the ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation system accumulate callose, salicylic acid, and pathogenesis-related protein 1
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 876-880 (1998)

Chromosome doubling and mode of reproduction of induced tetraploids of eastern gamagrass (Tripsacum dactyloides L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 881-885 (1998)

Influence of petiole and lamina on adventitious shoot initiation from leaf explants of Paulownia fortunei
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 886-890 (1998)

Specific induction of secondary product formation in transgenic plant cell cultures using an inducible promoter
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 891-896 (1998)

Galactolipase activity but not the level of high-melting-point phosphatidylglycerol is related to chilling tolerance in differentially sensitive Zea mays inbred lines
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 897-901 (1998)

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration from barley cultivars grown in Spain
, Plant Cell Reports 17(11): 902-906 (1998)

Direct gene delivery into isolated microspores of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) and the production of fertile transgenic plants
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 323-328 (1998)

Induction of microspore-derived embryos of Brassica napus L. with polyethylene glycol (PEG) as osmoticum in a low sucrose medium
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 329-333 (1998)

Transgenic Japanese lawngrass (Zoysia japonica Steud.) plants regenerated from protoplasts
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 334-338 (1998)

A maize anthocyanin transactivator induces pigmentation in hairy roots of dicotyledonous species
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 339-344 (1998)

Rapid and efficient transformation of diploid Medicago truncatula and Medicago sativa ssp. falcata lines improved in somatic embryogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 345-355 (1998)

Comparisons of the efficiency of some promoters in silver birch (Betula pendula)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 356-361 (1998)

Intergeneric somatic hybridization of rice (Oryza sativa L.) and barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) by protoplast fusion
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 362-367 (1998)

Effects of the medium ammonium-nitrate ratio on competence for asparagus cell division induced by phytosulfokine-α
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 368-372 (1998)

In vitro regeneration via caulogenesis and brassin-induced shoot conversion of dormant buds from plumular explants of peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. cv `Okrun')
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 373-378 (1998)

Low-molecular-weight precursors for defense-related cell wall hydroxycinnamoyl esters in elicited parsley suspension cultures
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 379-383 (1998)

Expression of the rolC gene and nicotine production in transgenic roots and their regenerated plants
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 384-390 (1998)

Interaction of methyl jasmonate, wounding and fungal elicitation during sesquiterpene induction in Hyoscyamus muticus in root cultures
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 391-395 (1998)

The effect of altered codon usage on luciferase activity in tobacco, maize and wheat
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 396-399 (1998)

Flow cytometric analyses in embryogenic and non-embryogenic callus lines of Cyclamen persicum Mill.: relation between ploidy level and competence for somatic embryogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 400-404 (1998)

Hairy roots of Datura candida×D. aurea: effect of culture medium composition on growth and alkaloid biosynthesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 405-409 (1998)

Regeneration of cassava plants via shoot organogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 410-414 (1998)

RAPD marker in grapevine (Vitis spp.) similar to plant retrotransposons
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 415-421 (1998)

Rapid clonal multiplication through in vitro axillary shoot proliferation of Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr., a medicinal tree
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 422-426 (1998)

Plants obtained from the Khair tree (Acacia catechu Willd.) using mature nodal segments
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 427-429 (1998)

Micropropagation of nodal explants from adult trees of Cleistanthus collinus
, Plant Cell Reports 17(5): 430-433 (1998)

Mass propagation of ornamental gentian in liquid medium
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 747-751 (1998)

Sonication-assisted Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of soybean immature cotyledons: optimization of transient expression
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 752-759 (1998)

Expression of a modified green fluorescent protein gene in transgenic maize plants and progeny
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 760-764 (1998)

Growth characteristics and transformability of soybean embryogenic cultures
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 765-772 (1998)

Establishment of a novel tissue culture method, stem-disc culture, and its practical application to micropropagation of garlic (Allium sativum L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 773-779 (1998)

Medium and genotype factors influencing shoot regeneration from cotyledonary explants of Chinese cabbage (Brassica campestris L. ssp. pekinensis)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 780-786 (1998)

Effect of physiological age of mother tuber and number of subcultures on in vitro tuberisation of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 787-790 (1998)

Cryopreservation of in vitro sugar beet shoot tips using the encapsulation-dehydration technique: influence of abscisic acid and cold acclimation
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 791-793 (1998)

Microtuberization in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 794-798 (1998)

In vitro induction of tetraploidy in mulberry (Morus alba L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 799-803 (1998)

Direct somatic embryogenesis in a selected tea clone, `TRI-2025' (Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze) from nodal explants
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 804-809 (1998)

Micropropagation of Elaeocarpus robustus Roxb
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 810-813 (1998)

Random chloroplast segregation and mitochondrial genome recombination in somatic hybrid plants of Diplotaxis catholica+Brassica juncea
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 814-818 (1998)

Plant regeneration from in vitro-cultured seedling leaf protoplasts of Actinidia eriantha Benth
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 819-821 (1998)

Transformation of arctic bramble (Rubus arcticus L.) by Agrobacterium tumefaciens
, Plant Cell Reports 17(10): 822-826 (1998)

Plant regeneration from callus culture of Cymbidium ensifolium var. misericors
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 251-255 (1998)

Bialaphos stimulates shoot regeneration from hairy roots of snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus L.) transformed by Agrobacterium rhizogenes
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 256-261 (1998)

Microprojectile bombardment-mediated transformation of Lilium longiflorum
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 262-267 (1998)

Glomus fasciculatum alleviates transplantation shock of micropropagated Sesbania sesban
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 268-272 (1998)

Rapid in-vitro plant regeneration of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 273-278 (1998)

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of `Alpine' Fragaria vesca, and transmission of transgenes to R1 progeny
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 279-283 (1998)

Expression of the Commelina yellow mottle virus promoter in transgenic oat
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 284-287 (1998)

Strategies for the improvement of salidroside production in cell suspension cultures of Rhodiola sachalinensis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 288-293 (1998)

Plant regeneration via somatic embryogenesis in pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L. Millsp)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 294-297 (1998)

Effect of basal medium, growth regulators and Phytagel concentration on initiation of embryogenic cultures from immature zygotic embryos of loblolly pine (Pinus taeda L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 298-301 (1998)

Embryogenesis and plant regeneration from callus cultures derived from unpollinated ovaries of Hyoscyamus muticus L
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 302-305 (1998)

RAPD markers associated with salt tolerance in an interspecific cross of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum×L. pennellii)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 306-312 (1998)

Plant regeneration from callus protoplasts of the forage legume Astragalus adsurgens Pall
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 313-317 (1998)

`Isubgol' as an alternative gelling agent in plant tissue culture media
, Plant Cell Reports 17(4): 318-322 (1998)

Agrobacterium-mediated transformation and plant regeneration from hypocotyl segments of Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kaki Thunb)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 435-440 (1998)

Establishment of a highly efficient regeneration system from leaf base segments of oat (Avena sativa L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 441-445 (1998)

Callus induction and somatic embryogenesis of Phalaenopsis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 446-450 (1998)

Effects of NO3- and BAP on organogenesis in tissue-cultured shoot primordia induced from shoot apices of Utricularia praelonga St. Hil
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 451-456 (1998)

High forskolin production in hairy roots of Coleus forskohlii
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 457-459 (1998)

Stable transformation and regeneration of transgenic plants of Pinus radiata D. Don
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 460-468 (1998)

Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 469-475 (1998)

Regulation of the maize ubiquitin (Ubi-1) promoter in developing maize (Zea mays L.) seeds examined using transient gene expression in kernels grown in vitro
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 476-481 (1998)

Sonication-assisted Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] embryogenic suspension culture tissue
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 482-488 (1998)

Co-transformation with one Agrobacterium tumefaciens strain containing two binary plasmids as a method for producing marker-free transgenic plants
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 489-496 (1998)

Agrobacterium tumefaciens- mediated transformation of embryogenic avocado cultures and regeneration of somatic embryos
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 497-503 (1998)

Stable transformation of Eustoma grandiflorum by particle bombardment
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 504-507 (1998)

Protoplast fusion between Lycopersicon esculentum and L. peruvianum-complex: somatic embryogenesis, plant regeneration and morphology
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 508-514 (1998)

Regeneration of coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) from plumule explants through somatic embryogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 515-521 (1998)

Genotypic control of peanut somatic embryogenesis
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 522-525 (1998)

Shoot regeneration from leaves of Prunus serotina Ehrh. (black cherry) and P. avium L. (wild cherry)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 526-530 (1998)

A novel type-1 ribosome-inactivating protein isolated from the supernatant of transformed suspension cultures of Trichosanthes kirilowii
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 531-537 (1998)

Shoot regeneration and somatic embryogenesis from different explants of Brahmi [Bacopa monniera (L.) Wettst.
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 538-543 (1998)

Regenerative ability of somatic single and multiple embryos from cotyledons of Korean ginseng on hormone-free medium
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 544-551 (1998)

Purification and characterization of a lectin from seeds and cotyledonary callus of Zizyphus mauritiana
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 552-556 (1998)

Plant regeneration through organogenesis from callus induced from mature zygotic embryos of loblolly pine
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 557-560 (1998)

Differential cytokinin effects on the stimulation of in vitro shoot proliferation from meristematic explants of castor (Ricinus communis L.)
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 561-566 (1998)

Callus induction and plant regeneration from hypocotyl explants of the forage legume Astragalus adsurgens
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 567-570 (1998)

Plant regeneration from axillary buds of a mature tree of Ficus religiosa
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 571-573 (1998)

Somatic embryogenesis and shoot regeneration from transgenic roots of the cherry rootstock Colt (Prunus avium×P. pseudocerasus) mediated by pRi 1855 T-DNA of Agrobacterium rhizogenes
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 574-580 (1998)

A novel strategy for the induction and maintenance of shoot regeneration from callus derived from established shoots of apple [Malus×Domestica Borkh.] cv. Golden Delicious
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 581-585 (1998)

Expression of an antisense 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate oxidase gene stimulates shoot regeneration in Cucumis melo
, Plant Cell Reports 17(6-7): 586-589 (1998)

Bulky Calixarene Ligands Stabilize Supported Iridium Pair-Site Catalysts
, Journal of the American Chemical Society 141(9): 4010-4015 (2019)

Space partitioning of exchange-correlation functionals with the projector augmented-wave method
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054101 (2019)

Chiral γ-graphyne nanotubes with almost equivalent bandgaps
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054706 (2019)

Influence of bonded interactions on structural phases of flexible polymers
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054904 (2019)

The effect of Coulomb repulsion on the space-time resolution limits for ultrafast electron diffraction
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054201 (2019)

A discontinuous basis enables numerically exact solution of the Schrödinger equation around conical intersections in the adiabatic representation
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054102 (2019)

Mode selective excitation of terahertz vibrations in single crystalline rubrene
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054503 (2019)

Finite-size scaling study of aging during coarsening in non-conserved Ising model: The case of zero temperature quench
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054702 (2019)

Investigation of DPD transport properties in modeling bioparticle motion under the effect of external forces: Low Reynolds number and high Schmidt scenarios
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054901 (2019)

Femtosecond dynamics of metal-centered and ligand-to-metal charge-transfer (t 2g -based) electronic excited states in various solvents: A comprehensive study of IrBr 6 2
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054302 (2019)

Analyses based on statistical thermodynamics for large difference between thermophilic rhodopsin and xanthorhodopsin in terms of thermostability
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 055101 (2019)

Extracting collective motions underlying nucleosome dynamics via nonlinear manifold learning
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054902 (2019)

Thermodynamic picture of vitrification of water through complex specific heat and entropy: A journey through "no man's land"
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054502 (2019)

EGFRD in all dimensions
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054108 (2019)

Effect of hydrogen-bond on ultrafast spectral diffusion dynamics of water at charged monolayer interfaces
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054705 (2019)

Surface topography and water contact angle of sandblasted and thermally annealed glass surfaces
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054701 (2019)

Committors, first-passage times, fluxes, Markov states, milestones, and all that
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054106 (2019)

Building Markov state models using optimal transport theory
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054105 (2019)

Mid-IR spectroscopy of supercritical water: From dilute gas to dense fluid
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054505 (2019)

Multicomponent condensation on the nucleation stage
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054104 (2019)

Bubbles in water under stretch-induced cavitation
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054501 (2019)

Metal phthalocyanines interaction with Co mediated by a moiré graphene superlattice
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054704 (2019)

Stability of nanoparticles in solution: A statistical description of crystallization as a finite particle size effect in a lattice-gas model
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054504 (2019)

Ordering in clusters of uniaxial anisotropic particles during homogeneous nucleation and growth
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054903 (2019)

Photo-dissociation of naphthalene dimer cations stored in a compact electrostatic ion storage ring
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054303 (2019)

Low energy electron and positron impact differential cross sections for the ionization of water molecules in the coplanar and perpendicular kinematics
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054304 (2019)

Vacuum ultraviolet excited state dynamics of small amides
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054301 (2019)

High-temperature superconductivity in alkaline and rare earth polyhydrides at high pressure: A theoretical perspective
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 050901 (2019)

Random surface statistical associating fluid theory: Adsorption of n-alkanes on rough surface
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054703 (2019)

On the choice of coordinates in anharmonic theoretical vibrational spectroscopy: Harmonic vs. anharmonic coupling in vibrational configuration interaction
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054107 (2019)

Non-equilibrium Markov state modeling of periodically driven biomolecules
, Journal of Chemical Physics 150(5): 054103 (2019)

Using mobile transport vouchers to improve access to skilled delivery
, Rural and Remote Health 19(1): 4577 (2019)

Fungible Correlation Matrices
, Multivariate Behavioral Research 54(1): 156 (2019)

Restor(y)ing Health: A Conceptual Model of the Effects of Digital Storytelling
, Health Promotion Practice 20(4): 502-512 (2019)

'Active'ating thoughts about affect: elicitation of physical activity judgements in insufficiently active women
, Psychology and Health 34(5): 590-608 (2019)

Optimising daily diary questionnaires about fatigue, psychological flexibility and well-being: perspectives of people with rheumatic disease
, Psychology and Health 34(2): 181-199 (2019)

The association between the severity of chronic kidney disease and medical costs among patients with type 2 diabetes
, Journal of Medical Economics 22(5): 447-454 (2019)

Leasing a medical curriculum: What's it worth?
, Medical Teacher 41(6): 697-702 (2019)

Using visualisation methods to analyse referral networks within community health care among patients aged 65 years and over
, Health Informatics Journal 2019: 1460458218824717 (2019)

Effects of Plyometric Training on Physical Performance of Young Male Soccer Players: Potential Effects of Different Drop Jump Heights
, Pediatric Exercise Science 31(3): 306-313 (2019)

Endorectal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging for staging of early rectal cancers: how well does it work in practice?
, Acta Oncologica 58(Sup1): S49 (2019)

The antiviral activity and cytotoxicity of 15 natural phenolic compounds with previously demonstrated antifungal activity
, Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part. B Pesticides Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes 54(6): 498-504 (2019)

Non-technical skills assessments in undergraduate medical education: A focused BEME systematic review: BEME Guide No. 54
, Medical Teacher 41(7): 732-745 (2019)

Pulmonary artery flotation catheter combined with pump-controlled retrograde trial off as a trial for weaning from veno-arterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a case report
, Perfusion 2019: 267659118824219 (2019)

Age-specific health-related quality of life in long-term and very long-term colorectal cancer survivors versus population controls - a population-based study
, Acta Oncologica 58(5): 801-810 (2019)

Shepherd's crook deformity of an early branching acute marginal artery
, Acta Cardiologica 2019: 1-2 (2019)

The Belgian experience with concomitant surgical ablation of atrial fibrillation: a multi-centre prospective registry
, Acta Cardiologica 2019: 1-9 (2019)

Cardiovascular health in urban Chinese children and adolescents
, Annals of Medicine 51(1): 88-96 (2019)

Right ventricular fibrosis in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension
, Acta Cardiologica 2019: 1-2 (2019)

Risk factors for critical limb ischemia in patients undergoing femoral cannulation for venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: Is distal limb perfusion a mandatory approach?
, Perfusion 2019: 267659119827231 (2019)

The prevention of severe pertussis and pertussis deaths in young infants
, Expert Review of Vaccines 18(3): 205-208 (2019)

A meta-analysis of the relationship between anatomical variations of pulmonary veins and atrial fibrillation
, Acta Cardiologica 2019: 1-9 (2019)

Contemporary choice of glucose lowering agents in heart failure patients with type 2 diabetes
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Influence of the pH control strategy and reactor volume on batch fermentative hydrogen production from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste
, Waste Management and Research 37(5): 478-485 (2019)

Treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension with the dual endothelin receptor antagonist macitentan: clinical evidence and experience
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Pollution analysis of soil polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from informal electronic waste dismantling areas in Xinqiao, China
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Estimation of willingness-to-pay for the MSW disposal system by choice experiment approach: A case study of Taiwan
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Clinicopathologic characteristics of early gastric cancer according to specific intragastric location
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Single stranded (ss)RNA-mediated antiviral response against infectious laryngotracheitis virus infection
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Lactobacillus mucosae DPC 6426 as a bile-modifying and immunomodulatory microbe
, Bmc Microbiology 19(1): 33 (2019)

Community pharmacy integration within the primary care pathway for people with long-term conditions: a focus group study of patients', pharmacists' and GPs' experiences and expectations
, Bmc Family Practice 20(1): 26 (2019)

Uncovering a multitude of human glucocorticoid receptor variants: an expansive survey of a single gene
, Bmc Genetics 20(1): 16 (2019)

Comparative transcriptome analysis identified candidate genes involved in mycelium browning in Lentinula edodes
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A case report of community-acquired Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia complicated with MODS in a previously healthy patient and related literature review
, Bmc Infectious Diseases 19(1): 130 (2019)

Osteopontin in the host response to Leishmania amazonensis
, Bmc Microbiology 19(1): 32 (2019)

Constipation and laxative use among people living in nursing homes in 2007 and 2013
, Bmc Geriatrics 19(1): 38 (2019)

Positive response to Icotinib in metastatic lung adenocarcinoma with acquiring EGFR Leu792H mutation after AZD9291 treatment: a case report
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Predicting protein functions by applying predicate logic to biomedical literature
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TNFSF15 promoter polymorphisms increase the susceptibility to small cell lung cancer: a case-control study
, Bmc Medical Genetics 20(1): 29 (2019)

Are we mis-estimating chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy? Analysis of assessment methodologies from a prospective, multinational, longitudinal cohort study of patients receiving neurotoxic chemotherapy
, Bmc Cancer 19(1): 132 (2019)

Virulence factor landscape of a Staphylococcus aureus sequence type 45 strain, MCRF184
, Bmc Genomics 20(1): 123 (2019)

Predictors of discordant latent tuberculosis infection test results amongst South African health care workers
, Bmc Infectious Diseases 19(1): 131 (2019)

Hydrogen-rich solution attenuates cold ischemia-reperfusion injury in rat liver transplantation
, Bmc Gastroenterology 19(1): 25 (2019)

Predicting clinically promising therapeutic hypotheses using tensor factorization
, Bmc Bioinformatics 20(1): 69 (2019)

The influence of nitrogen availability on anatomical and physiological responses of Populus alba × P. glandulosa to drought stress
, Bmc Plant Biology 19(1): 63 (2019)

Developmental characteristics of pearl oyster Pinctada fucata martensii: insight into key molecular events related to shell formation, settlement and metamorphosis
, Bmc Genomics 20(1): 122 (2019)

Barriers and facilitators to implementing dementia care mapping in care homes: results from the DCM™ EPIC trial process evaluation
, Bmc Geriatrics 19(1): 37 (2019)

Ciliochoroidal detachment after Ahmed glaucoma valve implantation: a retrospective study
, Bmc Ophthalmology 19(1): 46 (2019)

Genomic prediction of tuberculosis drug-resistance: benchmarking existing databases and prediction algorithms
, Bmc Bioinformatics 20(1): 68 (2019)

The dynamical signature of anhedonia in major depressive disorder: positive emotion dynamics, reactivity, and recovery
, Bmc Psychiatry 19(1): 59 (2019)

Analyzing a co-occurrence gene-interaction network to identify disease-gene association
, Bmc Bioinformatics 20(1): 70 (2019)

Identification of non-invasive biomarkers for chronic atrophic gastritis from serum exosomal microRNAs
, Bmc Cancer 19(1): 129 (2019)

Breaking silence: a survey of barriers to goals of care discussions from the perspective of oncology practitioners
, Bmc Cancer 19(1): 130 (2019)

Development of a core outcome set for amblyopia, strabismus and ocular motility disorders: a review to identify outcome measures
, Bmc Ophthalmology 19(1): 47 (2019)

An integrated, collaborative healthcare model for the early diagnosis and management of dementia: Preliminary audit results from the first transdisciplinary service integrating family medicine and geriatric psychiatry services to the heart of patients' homes
, Bmc Psychiatry 19(1): 61 (2019)

Infant mortality in Brazil attributable to inborn errors of metabolism associated with sudden death: a time-series study (2002-2014)
, Bmc Pediatrics 19(1): 52 (2019)

Prevalence and factors associated with emotional and behavioural difficulties among children living with HIV in Malawi: a cross-sectional study
, Bmc Psychiatry 19(1): 60 (2019)

Measuring liver fat fraction with complex-based chemical shift MRI: the effect of simplified sampling protocols on accuracy
, Bmc Medical Imaging 19(1): 14 (2019)

Patients with non-operated traumatic primary or recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation have equally poor self-reported and measured shoulder function: a cross-sectional study
, Bmc Musculoskeletal Disorders 20(1): 59 (2019)

Does thread shape affect the fixation strength of the bioabsorbable interference screws for anterior cruciate ligament reconstructions? A biomechanical study
, Bmc Musculoskeletal Disorders 20(1): 60 (2019)

Concordance between self-report and medical records of preventive healthcare delivery among a sample of disadvantaged patients from four aboriginal community controlled health services
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Specific feedback makes medical students better communicators
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