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Value additon of kinnow industry byproducts for the preparation of fiber enriched extruded products

Singla, G.; Krishania, M.; Sandhu, P.P.; Sangwan, R.S.; Panesar, P.S.

Journal of Food Science and Technology 56(3): 1575-1582


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-1155
PMID: 30956338
DOI: 10.1007/s13197-019-03670-4
Accession: 066665236

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In the present study dietary fiber enriched vermicelli from wheat flour supplemented with debittered kinnow industry by-products (pulp residue and pomace) has been developed. Functional, cooking and textural properties of both supplemented and unsupplemented vermicelli were evaluated. Vermicelli containing 15% debittered kinnow pulp residue and pomace showed minimum cooking loss (18.5, 20.0%) but higher swelling index (2.06, 1.87), water absorption capacity (153, 202 g/100 g) and optimal cooking time (9.34, 9.02 min). Firmness and fracturability of vermicelli supplemented debittered pulp residue (10.0 and 21.5) and pomace (16.7 and 16.1) was higher as compared to control sample (6.1 and 2.1) respectively. Further, redness, firmness, TPC, DPPH activity and water absorption capacity of vermicelli got increased with addition of debittered kinnow pulp and pomace. The utilization of debittered kinnow pulp and pomace in vermicelli can provide dual benefit like production of healthy food products along with solving the problem of solid waste disposal of kinnow industry byproducts.

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