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Cloning and expression analysis of CtbHLH transcription factor gene from Carthamus tinctorius and construction of plant expression vector

Yao, N.; Liu, J.-Y.; Tian, Y.-Y.; Dong, Y.-Y.; Liu, X.-M.; Li, H.-Y.

Zhongguo Zhong Yao Za Zhi 44(2): 278-282


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-5302
PMID: 30989946
Accession: 066695427

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To clone bHLH( basic helix-loop-helix) gene from Carthamus tinctorius,analyze the expression level in different plant tissues and construct the plant expression vector. The bHLH1 gene was cloned by RT-PCR techniques,and the protein characteristics were analyzed by bioinformatics,and phylogenetic tree was constructed. The expression of bHLH1 gene in different tissues and the roots after inoculated by Fusarium oxysporum were analyzed using real time-PCR,and the plant expression vector p BASTA-bHLH1 was constructed. The obtained ORF sequence of bHLH1 gene was 897 bp,encoded a protein of 298 amino acids. Sequence alignment and phylogenetic tree analyses showed that C. tinctorius bHLH1 had a certain homology with other species of amino acids,and was the most similar to the amino acid sequence of tobacco. Real-time PCR results showed significant differences,CtbHLH1 gene in red flower petals in different tissues and different flowering period had remarkable difference in expression level,its high amount expressed in petals,flowers third day after blossom expressed the highest quantity,at the end of the flowering the expression quantity is low. In addition,it is expressed in the root,and the expression in the stem and leaves is extremely low. The bHLH1 gene of C. tinctorius is successfully cloned,and the expression is analyzed. The plant expression vector p BASTA-bHLH is constructed.

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