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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66703

Chapter 66703 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Qiao, H.; Chen, X.; Chen, E.; Zhang, J.; Huang, D.; Yang, D.; Ding, Y.; Qian, H.; Feijen, J.; Chen, W., 2019:
Folated pH-degradable nanogels for the simultaneous delivery of docetaxel and an IDO1-inhibitor in enhancing cancer chemo-immunotherapy

Nakamura, S.; Tokunaga, A.; Saito, H.; Kondo, M., 2019:
Enantioselective conjugate addition of an α,α-dithioacetonitrile with nitroalkenes using chiral bis(imidazoline)-Pd complexes

Poater, J.; Solà, M., 2019:
Open-shell jellium aromaticity in metal clusters

Nicks, J.; Zhang, J.; Foster, J.A., 2019:
Tandem catalysis by ultrathin metal-organic nanosheets formed through post-synthetic functionalisation of a layered framework

Lin, Y.; Jiang, L.; Huang, Y.; Yang, Y.; He, Y.; Lu, C.; Yang, H., 2019:
DNA-mediated reversible capture and release of circulating tumor cells with a multivalent dual-specific aptamer coating network

Linghu, Y.; Li, N.; Du, Y.; Wu, C., 2019:
Ligand induced structure and property changes of 1T-MoS 2

Sanchez, M.L.K.; Wu, C-Hao.; Adams, M.W.W.; Dyer, R.Brian., 2019:
Optimizing electron transfer from CdSe QDs to hydrogenase for photocatalytic H 2 production

Nielsen, J., 2019:
Cell factory engineering for improved production of natural products

Avery, A.M.; Waring, M.S.; DeCarlo, P.F., 2019:
Human occupant contribution to secondary aerosol mass in the indoor environment

Begum, R.; Chin, X.Yu.; Li, M.; Damodaran, B.; Sum, T.Chien.; Mhaisalkar, S.; Mathews, N., 2019:
Stable Sn 2+ doped FAPbI 3 nanocrystals for near-infrared LEDs

Westmoreland, D.E.; Nap, R.J.; Arcudi, F.; Szleifer, I.; Weiss, E.A., 2019:
pH-Dependent structure of water-exposed surfaces of CdSe quantum dots

Brassard, D.; Geissler, M.; Descarreaux, M.; Tremblay, D.; Daoud, J.; Clime, L.; Mounier, M.; Charlebois, D.; Veres, T., 2019:
Extraction of nucleic acids from blood: unveiling the potential of active pneumatic pumping in centrifugal microfluidics for integration and automation of sample preparation processes

Hirata, Y.; Morimoto, Y.; Nam, E.; Takeuchi, S., 2019:
Portable biohybrid odorant sensors using cell-laden collagen micropillars

Reale, R.; De Ninno, A.; Businaro, L.; Bisegna, P.; Caselli, F., 2019:
High-throughput electrical position detection of single flowing particles/cells with non-spherical shape

Courtois, A.; Garcia, M.; Krisa, Séphanie.; Atgié, C.; Sauvant, P.; Richard, T.; Faure, C., 2019:
Encapsulation of ε-viniferin in onion-type multi-lamellar liposomes increases its solubility and its photo-stability and decreases its cytotoxicity on Caco-2 intestinal cells

Figueras, M.; Sousa, C.; Illas, F., 2019:
Effect of electron correlation in the decomposition of core level binding energy shifts into initial and final state contributions

Olsson, E.; Cottom, J.; Aparicio-Anglès, X.; de Leeuw, N.H., 2019:
Computational study of the mixed B-site perovskite SmB x Co 1-x O 3-d (B = Mn, Fe, Ni, Cu) for next generation solid oxide fuel cell cathodes

Salomon, R.; Kaczorowski, D.; Valdes-Mora, F.; Nordon, R.E.; Neild, A.; Farbehi, N.; Bartonicek, N.; Gallego-Ortega, D., 2019:
Droplet-based single cell RNAseq tools: a practical guide

Yang, M.; Hirai, M.; Gabbaï, Fçois.P., 2019:
Phosphonium-stibonium and bis-stibonium cations as pnictogen-bonding catalysts for the transfer hydrogenation of quinolines

Loh, K.Seng.; Hsu, L.Yang., 2019:
Tuberculosis in Singapore: Past and Future

Zheng, H.; Pek, P.Pin.; Ho, A.Fw.; Wah, W.; Foo, L.Li.; Li, J.Q.; Utravathy, V.; Chua, T.Sj.; Tan, H.Cheem.; Ong, M.Eh., 2019:
Ethnic Differences and Trends in ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction Incidence and Mortality in a Multi-Ethnic Population

Yap, J.; Chia, S.Yang.; Lim, F.Yi.; Allen, J.C.; Teo, L.; Sim, D.; Go, Y.Yun.; Jaufeerally, F.Rehman.; Seow, M.; Kwok, B.; Liew, R.; Lam, C.Sp.; Ching, C.Keong., 2019:
The Singapore Heart Failure Risk Score: Prediction of Survival in Southeast Asian Patients

Lee, Y.Ying.; Ang, S.; Chua, H.Choon.; Subramaniam, M., 2019:
Peer Support in Mental Health: A Growing Movement in Singapore

Chua, N.Grace.; Liew, Y.Xin.; Lee, W.; Tang, S.S.; Zhou, Y.P.; Patel, K.; Kwa, A.Lh.; Chlebicki, M.Piotr., 2019:
Empiric Meropenem-based versus Ceftazidime-based Therapy for Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia in a Retrospective Cohort Study

Ho, C.Ww.; Tan, N.Wh.; Thoon, K.Cheng.; Chong, C.Yin., 2019:
A Review of Four Cases of Leptospirosis Presenting for Acute Care to a Tertiary Paediatric Hospital in Singapore

Lau, K.Foo.; Tan, K.Sin.; Goh, K.Jin.; Ramli, N.; Tai, S.Ml., 2019:
A Rare but Disabling Stroke

Espeland, M.A.; Hayden, K.M.; Lockhart, S.N.; Yassine, H.N.; Hoscheidt, S.; Yasar, S.; Luchsinger, J.A.; Neiberg, R.H.; Brinton, R.Diaz.; Carmichael, O., 2019:
Sex-Related Differences in Brain Volumes and Cerebral Blood Flow Among Overweight and Obese Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: Exploratory Analyses from the Action for Health in Diabetes Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study

Soroush, A.; Poneros, J.M.; Lightdale, C.J.; Abrams, J.A., 2019:
Shorter time to achieve endoscopic eradication is not associated with improved long-term outcomes in Barrett's esophagus

Melo, T.P.; Fortes, M.R.S.; Fernandes, G.A.; Albuquerque, L.G.; Carvalheiro, R., 2019:
Multi-breed validation study unravelled genomic regions associated with puberty traits segregating across tropically adapted breeds

Ogórek, M.; Herman, S.; Pierzchała, O.; Bednarz, A.; Rajfur, Z.; Baster, Z.; Grzmil, P.; Starzyński, R.R.; Szudzik, M.; Jończy, A.; Lipiński, P.; Lenartowicz, M., 2019:
Molecular machinery providing copper bioavailability for spermatozoa along the epididymial tubule in mouse

Halu, A.; Liu, S.; Baek, S.Han.; Hobbs, B.D.; Hunninghake, G.M.; Cho, M.H.; Silverman, E.K.; Sharma, A., 2019:
Exploring the cross-phenotype network region of disease modules reveals concordant and discordant pathways between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Hubbard, K.; Shome, A.; Sun, B.; Pontré, B.; McGregor, A.; Mountjoy, K.G., 2019:
Chronic High-Fat Diet Exacerbates Sexually Dimorphic Pomctm1/tm1 Mouse Obesity

Yadava, R.S.; Kim, Y.K.; Mandal, M.; Mahadevan, K.; Gladman, J.T.; Yu, Q.; Mahadevan, M.S., 2019:
MBNL1 overexpression is not sufficient to rescue the phenotypes in a mouse model of RNA toxicity

Axtner, J.; Crampton-Platt, A.; Hörig, L.A.; Mohamed, A.; Xu, C.C.Y.; Yu, D.W.; Wilting, A., 2019:
An efficient and robust laboratory workflow and tetrapod database for larger scale environmental DNA studies

Zhan, C.; Shi, Y.; Jiang, W.; Sun, F.; Li, M.; Lu, T.; Yin, J.; Ma, K.; Yang, X.; Wang, Q., 2019:
How many lymph nodes should be dissected in esophagectomy with or without neoadjuvant therapy to get accurate staging?

Blundell, J.E., 2019:
Low-calorie sweeteners: more complicated than sweetness without calories

Eelderink, C.; Rietsema, S.; van Vliet, I.M.Y.; Loef, L.C.; Boer, T.; Koehorst, M.; Nolte, I.M.; Westerhuis, R.; Singh-Povel, Cécile.M.; Geurts, J.M.W.; Corpeleijn, E.; Bakker, S.J.L., 2019:
The effect of high compared with low dairy consumption on glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and metabolic flexibility in overweight adults: a randomized crossover trial

Keats, E.C.; Neufeld, L.M.; Garrett, G.S.; Mbuya, M.N.N.; Bhutta, Z.A., 2019:
Improved micronutrient status and health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries following large-scale fortification: evidence from a systematic review and meta-analysis

Koterazawa, Y.; Oshikiri, T.; Hasegawa, H.; Yamamoto, M.; Kanaji, S.; Yamashita, K.; Matsuda, T.; Nakamura, T.; Suzuki, S.; Kakeji, Y., 2019:
Routine placement of feeding jejunostomy tube during esophagectomy increases postoperative complications and does not improve postoperative malnutrition

Hornung, B.V.H.; Zwittink, R.D.; Kuijper, E.J., 2019:
Issues and current standards of controls in microbiome research

Truong, V.Anh.; Hsu, M-Nung.; Kieu Nguyen, N.Thi.; Lin, M-Wei.; Shen, C-Che.; Lin, C-Yu.; Hu, Y-Chen., 2019:
CRISPRai for simultaneous gene activation and inhibition to promote stem cell chondrogenesis and calvarial bone regeneration

Madrigal-Carrillo, E-Alejandro.; Díaz-Tufinio, C-Alejandro.; Santamaría-Suárez, H-Aníbal.; Arciniega, M.; Torres-Larios, A., 2019:
A screening platform to monitor RNA processing and protein-RNA interactions in ribonuclease P uncovers a small molecule inhibitor

Higgins, K.A.; Mattes, R.D., 2019:
A randomized controlled trial contrasting the effects of 4 low-calorie sweeteners and sucrose on body weight in adults with overweight or obesity

Pullicin, A.J.; Kim, H.; Brinkman, M.C.; Buehler, S.S.; Clark, P.I.; Lim, J., 2019:
Impacts of Nicotine and Flavoring on the Sensory Perception of E-Cigarette Aerosol

Li, Y.; Wang, L.; Rivera-Serrano, Eín.E.; Chen, X.; Lemon, S.M., 2019:
TNRC6 proteins modulate hepatitis C virus replication by spatially regulating the binding of miR-122/Ago2 complexes to viral RNA

Hayashi, S.; Mori, S.; Suzuki, T.; Suzuki, T.; Yoshihisa, T., 2019:
Impact of intron removal from tRNA genes on Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Andreou, A.Zoi.; Harms, U.; Klostermeier, D., 2019:
Single-stranded regions modulate conformational dynamics and ATPase activity of eIF4A to optimize 5'-UTR unwinding

Herrmann, H.A.; Schwartz, J-Marc.; Johnson, G.N., 2019:
Metabolic acclimation - a key to enhancing photosynthesis in changing environments?

Zheng, J-Sheng.; Imamura, F.; Sharp, S.J.; Koulman, A.; Griffin, J.L.; Mulligan, A.A.; Luben, R.; Khaw, K-Tee.; Wareham, N.J.; Forouhi, N.G., 2019:
Changes in plasma phospholipid fatty acid profiles over 13 years and correlates of change: European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition-Norfolk Study

Brugaillères, P.; Issanchou, S.; Nicklaus, S.; Chabanet, C.; Schwartz, C., 2019:
Caloric compensation in infants: developmental changes around the age of 1 year and associations with anthropometric measurements up to 2 years

Robertson, M.M.; Braunstein, S.L.; Hoover, D.R.; Li, S.; Nash, D., 2019:
Timeliness of HIV Diagnosis and Antiretroviral Treatment Initiation in the Era of Universal Test and Treat

Rao, A.J.; Bullis, C.; Holste, K.G.; Teton, Z.; Burchiel, K.J.; Raslan, A.M., 2019:
Balancing Operative Efficiency and Surgical Education: A Functional Neurosurgery Model

Hua, Y.; Krupp, D.; Esche, J.; Remer, T., 2019:
Increased body fatness adversely relates to 24-hour urine pH during childhood and adolescence: evidence of an adipo-renal axis

Smithers, B.; Oates, M.; Gough, J., 2019:
'Why genes in pieces?'-revisited

Gross, J.P.; Powell, S.; Zelko, F.; Hartsell, W.; Goldman, S.; Fangusaro, J.; Lulla, R.R.; Smiley, N.Pillay.; Chang, J.Han-Chih.; Gondi, V., 2019:
Improved neuropsychological outcomes following proton therapy relative to x-ray therapy for pediatric brain tumor patients

Jacono, A.A.; Bryant, L.M.; Alemi, A.Sean., 2019:
Optimal Facelift Vector and its Relation to Zygomaticus Major Orientation

Belfort, M.B.; Edwards, E.M.; Greenberg, L.T.; Parker, M.G.; Ehret, D.Y.; Horbar, J.D., 2019:
Diet, weight gain, and head growth in hospitalized US very preterm infants: a 10-year observational study

Tan, T.Khee., 2019:
Disruptive innovators in anaesthesia: data and devices

Choo, Y.Ying.; Agarwal, P.; How, C.How.; Yeleswarapu, S.Padmini., 2019:
Developmental delay: identification and management at primary care level

Woo, J.Wei.; Kong, W.; Ambhore, A.; Rastogi, S.; Poh, K.Keong.; Loh, P.Huan., 2019:
Isolated right ventricle infarction

Yang, H.Kyung.; Kim, J.Hyoung.; Hwang, J-Min., 2019:
Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 14 Patients with Congenital Oculomotor Nerve Palsy

Rohrbach, J.M.; Lisch, W.; Seitz, B., 2019:
The cornea as an indicator for systemic diseases

Märker-Hermann, E.; Nitschmann, S., 2019:
Upadacitinib in patients with rheumatoid arthritis : SELECT-NEXT and SELECT-BEYOND

Fiedler, G.M.; Vogt, B., 2019:
Laboratory tests for kidney disease

Siebert, H.; Uphoff, H.; Grewe, H.Annette., 2019:
Monitoring heat-related mortality in Hesse

Schoierer, J.; Mertes, H.; Wershofen, B.; Böse-O'Reilly, S., 2019:
Training modules on climate change, heat, and health for medical assistants and nurses in outpatient care

Aresti Sanz, J.; El Aidy, S., 2019:
Microbiota and gut neuropeptides: a dual action of antimicrobial activity and neuroimmune response

Brandt, L.; Petersen, Jörgen.; Callizo, J.; Bemme, S.; Pfeiffer, S.; Hoerauf, H.; Feltgen, N.; van Oterendorp, C., 2019:
Complications in sutured scleral fixation of artificial lens implantation

Balius, R.; Pedret, C.; Iriarte, Iñigo.; Sáiz, Rén.; Cerezal, L., 2019:
Sonographic landmarks in hamstring muscles

Kulchavenya, E.; Kholtobin, D.; Shevchenko, S., 2019:
Challenges in urogenital tuberculosis

Nakagawa, T.; Okita, A.K., 2019:
Transcriptional silencing of centromere repeats by heterochromatin safeguards chromosome integrity

Tas, F.; Erturk, K., 2019:
BRAF mutation status might contribute an effect on both disease-free and overall survival in stage III cutaneous melanomas treated with intermediate dose interferon-alpha

Yigit, O.; Kulak Kayikci, M.Emel.; Temucin, C.Mesut.; Sarac, S.; Erman, M.; Belgin, E., 2019:
Electrophysiologic evaluation of facial nerve functions after oxaliplatin treatment

Beetz, M.Jerome.; Kössl, M.; Hechavarría, J.C., 2019:
Adaptations in the call emission pattern of frugivorous bats when orienting under challenging conditions

Holland, B.C.; Sood, A.; Delfino, K.; Dynda, D.I.; Ran, S.; Freed, N.; Alanee, S., 2019:
Age and sex have no impact on expression levels of markers of immune cell infiltration and immune checkpoint pathways in patients with muscle-invasive urothelial carcinoma of the bladder treated with radical cystectomy

Pezeshkpoor, B.; Gazorpak, M.; Berkemeier, A-C.; Singer, H.; Pavlova, A.; Biswas, A.; Oldenburg, J., 2019:
In silico and in vitro evaluation of the impact of mutations in non-severe haemophilia A patients on assay discrepancies

Gaudio, F.; Nardelli, C.; Masciandaro, P.; Perrone, T.; Laddaga, F.Emanuela.; Curci, P.; Depalo, R.; Cicinelli, E.; Specchia, G., 2019:
Pregnancy rate and outcome of pregnancies in long-term survivors of Hodgkin's lymphoma

Obata, H.; Ogawa, T.; Nakazawa, K., 2019:
Unique controlling mechanisms underlying walking with two handheld poles in contrast to those of conventional walking as revealed by split-belt locomotor adaptation

Cheng, M.; Yan, X.; He, J.; Qiu, J.; Chen, Q., 2019:
Comparative genome analysis reveals the evolution of chloroacetanilide herbicide mineralization in Sphingomonas wittichii DC-6

Kitagawa, M.; Someya, M.; Hasegawa, T.; Mikami, T.; Asaishi, K.; Hasegawa, T.; Matsumoto, Y.; Kutomi, G.; Takemasa, I.; Sakata, K-Ichi., 2019:
Influence of XRCC4 expression by breast cancer cells on ipsilateral recurrence after breast-conserving therapy

Akbaba, S.; Oelmann-Avendano, J.T.; Krug, D.; Arians, N.; Bostel, T.; Hoerner-Rieber, J.; Nicolay, N.H.; Debus, J.; Lindel, K.; Foerster, R., 2019:
The impact of vaginal dilator use on vaginal stenosis and sexual quality of life in women treated with adjuvant radiotherapy for endometrial cancer

Eggimann, P.; Pagani, J-Luc.; Dupuis-Lozeron, E.; Ms, B.Ekholm.; Thévenin, M-Josèphe.; Joseph, C.; Revelly, J-Pierre.; Que, Y-Ai., 2019:
Sustained reduction of catheter-associated bloodstream infections with enhancement of catheter bundle by chlorhexidine dressings over 11 years

Cholley, B., 2019:
Echocardiography in the intensive care unit: beyond "eyeballing". A plea for the broader use of the aortic velocity-time integral measurement

Volpicelli, G., 2019:
A lung point that is not a lung point

Ai, F-Fang.; Mao, M.; Zhang, Y.; Kang, J.; Zhu, L., 2019:
Experimental study of a new original mesh developed for pelvic floor reconstructive surgery

Arias-Moreno, A.J.; Hosseini, H.S.; Bevers, M.; Ito, K.; Zysset, P.; van Rietbergen, B., 2019:
Validation of distal radius failure load predictions by homogenized- and micro-finite element analyses based on second-generation high-resolution peripheral quantitative CT images

Lee, D.Won.; Kim, J.Goo., 2019:
Anatomic medial complex reconstruction in serious medial knee instability results in excellent mid-term outcomes

Honegger, Jürgen.; Nasi-Kordhishti, I.; Giese, S., 2019:
Pituitary adenomas

Wirth, T.; Eberhardt, O.; Cerkez, D.; Fernandez, F., 2019:
Specific cases of slipped capital femoral epiphysis : Endocrinopathies, hormone therapy and other rare causes

Azam, A.Haeruman.; Tanji, Y., 2019:
Peculiarities of Staphylococcus aureus phages and their possible application in phage therapy

Mitra, C.; Gummadidala, P.M.; Merrifield, R.; Omebeyinje, M.H.; Jesmin, R.; Lead, J.R.; Chanda, A., 2019:
Size and coating of engineered silver nanoparticles determine their ability to growth-independently inhibit aflatoxin biosynthesis in Aspergillus parasiticus

Pan, Q.; Tong, Y.; Han, Y-Jie.; Ye, B-Ce., 2019:
Two amino acids missing of MtrA resulted in increased erythromycin level and altered phenotypes in Saccharopolyspora erythraea

Lei, S.; Zhao, H.; Pang, B.; Qu, R.; Lian, Z.; Jiang, C.; Shao, D.; Huang, Q.; Jin, M.; Shi, J., 2019:
Capability of iturin from Bacillus subtilis to inhibit Candida albicans in vitro and in vivo

Mandel, C.; Choudhury, A.; Hochbaum, K.; Autexier, S.; Budelmann, J., 2019:
Recognition and classification of posture and gait patterns of rollator users by distance measurements-a comparison between clinical assessment and automatic classification

Govind, N.R.; Ramesh, H., 2019:
The impact of spatiotemporal patterns of land use land cover and land surface temperature on an urban cool island: a case study of Bengaluru

Yoshizane, T.; Tanaka, S.; Abe, S.; Ueno, T.; Goto, Y.; Kojima, T.; Iwama, M.; Arai, M.; Noda, T.; Kawasaki, M., 2019:
Impact of neointimal tissue characterization and heterogeneity of bare-metal stents and drug-eluting stents on the time course after stent implantation evaluated by integrated backscatter intravascular ultrasound

Farzin, L.; Shamsipur, M.; Sheibani, S.; Samandari, L.; Hatami, Z., 2019:
A review on nanomaterial-based electrochemical, optical, photoacoustic and magnetoelastic methods for determination of uranyl cation

Ogura, J.; Sato, T.; Higuchi, K.; Bhutia, Y.D.; Babu, E.; Masuda, M.; Miyauchi, S.; Rueda, R.; Pereira, S.L.; Ganapathy, V., 2019:
Transport Mechanisms for the Nutritional Supplement β-Hydroxy-β-Methylbutyrate (HMB) in Mammalian Cells

Yue, L.; Lv, L.; Xu, Z.; Zhang, L.; Yang, M., 2019:
A reactive force field molecular dynamics study of molecular nitrogen and water mixtures under high temperature and high pressure

Moradi, M.; Hopke, P.; Hadei, M.; Eslami, A.; Rastkari, N.; Naghdali, Z.; Kermani, M.; Emam, B.; Farhadi, M.; Shahsavani, A., 2019:
Exposure to BTEX in beauty salons: biomonitoring, urinary excretion, clinical symptoms, and health risk assessments

Yucedag, C.; Ozel, H.Baris.; Cetin, M.; Sevik, H., 2019:
Variability in morphological traits of seedlings from five Euonymus japonicus cultivars

Roider-Schur, S.; Rumpold, T.; Kirchheiner, K.; Masel, E.Katharina.; Nemecek, R.; Amering, M.; Watzke, H.; Schrank, B., 2019:
Migrate your mind: the role of palliative care in transcultural cancer treatment : A qualitative analysis

Pires, J.Ferreira.; Schwan, R.Freitas.; Silva, C.Ferreira., 2019:
Assessing the efficiency in assisted depuration of coffee processing wastewater from mixed wild microbial selected inoculum

Liu, J.Sherry.; Foo, D.; Yeo, T.Tsai.; Ho, K.Hang.; Nga, V.Diong.Weng.; Karlsson, B., 2019:
Twenty-three years follow-up after low-dose Gamma Knife surgery of a brainstem juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma: a case report and review of the literature

Saengthong, P.; Chaitusaney, B.; Hirunwiwatkul, P.; Charakorn, N., 2019:
Adenotonsillectomy in children with syndromic craniosynostosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Nehme, M.; Parkinson, C.R.; Zero, D.T.; Hara, A.T., 2019:
Randomised study of the effects of fluoride and time on in situ remineralisation of acid-softened enamel

Hu, W.; Li, X.; Cheng, R.; Ke, J.; Liu, Y.; Ma, M.; Cao, Y.; Liu, D., 2019:
NAV2 facilitates invasion of cutaneous melanoma cells by targeting SNAI2 through the GSK-3β/β-catenin pathway

Pan, X.; Liu, C.; Du, W.; Chen, L.; Han, X.; Yang, X.; Liu, C., 2019:
Genetic analysis and forensic evaluation of 47 autosomal InDel markers in four different Chinese populations

Le Daré, B.; Allard, S.; Bouvet, R.; Baert, A.; Allard, P-Marie.; Morel, I.; Gicquel, T., 2019:
A case of fatal acebutolol poisoning: an illustration of the potential of molecular networking

van Wamelen, D.J.; Leta, V.; Podlewska, A.M.; Wan, Y-Min.; Krbot, K.; Jaakkola, E.; Martinez-Martin, P.; Rizos, A.; Parry, M.; Metta, V.; Ray Chaudhuri, K., 2019:
Exploring hyperhidrosis and related thermoregulatory symptoms as a possible clinical identifier for the dysautonomic subtype of Parkinson's disease

Butler-Dawson, J.; Krisher, L.; Yoder, H.; Dally, M.; Sorensen, C.; Johnson, R.J.; Asensio, C.; Cruz, A.; Johnson, E.C.; Carlton, E.J.; Tenney, L.; Asturias, E.J.; Newman, L.S., 2019:
Evaluation of heat stress and cumulative incidence of acute kidney injury in sugarcane workers in Guatemala

Galli, C.; Colangelo, M.; Pedrazzi, G.; Guizzardi, S., 2019:
The Response of Osteoblasts and Bone to Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Fields: Insights from the Literature

Kim, Y.Mee.; Kim, S.; Won, Y.Jun.; Kim, S.Hwa., 2019 :
Clinical Manifestations and Factors Associated with Osteosarcopenic Obesity Syndrome: A Cross-Sectional Study in Koreans with Obesity

Zhou, J.; Zhang, G.; Shi, M.; Liu, Z.; Xiao, M.; Fu, S.; Gong, X.; Shi, X., 2019:
A novel splicing mutation of PTCH1 in a Chinese family with nevoid basal cell carcinoma syndrome

Zheng, L.; Kurselis, K.; El-Tamer, A.; Hinze, U.; Reinhardt, C.; Overmeyer, L.; Chichkov, B., 2019:
Nanofabrication of High-Resolution Periodic Structures with a Gap Size Below 100 nm by Two-Photon Polymerization

Wang, L.; Wang, H.; Duan, X.; Dai, P.; Li, J., 2019:
Comprehensive Analysis of the Canonical and Non-canonical Wnt Signaling Pathways in Gastric Cancer

Hashimoto, R.; Nakahori, M.; Matsuda, T., 2019:
Impact of Urgent Double-Balloon Enteroscopy on the Short-Term and Long-Term Outcomes in Overt Small Bowel Bleeding

Silva, C.L.; Perestrelo, R.; Silva, P.; Tomás, H.; Câmara, Jé.S., 2019:
Implementing a central composite design for the optimization of solid phase microextraction to establish the urinary volatomic expression: a first approach for breast cancer

Hoff, R.; Putter, H.; Mehlum, I.Sivesind.; Gran, J.Michael., 2019:
Landmark estimation of transition probabilities in non-Markov multi-state models with covariates

Wang, J.; Yan, Y.; Geng, Y.; Gan, Y.; Fang, Z., 2019:
Fabrication of polydimethylsiloxane nanofluidic chips under AFM tip-based nanomilling process

Tu, Y.; Hu, L.; Yang, C.; Nemat, A.; Xian, G.; Zhang, J.; Zeng, Q., 2019:
Optimal Antithrombotic Therapy for Patients with STEMI Undergoing PCI at High Risk of Bleeding

Hosokawa, Y.; Hosokawa, I.; Ozaki, K.; Matsuo, T., 2019:
Sudachitin Inhibits Matrix Metalloproteinase-1 and -3 Production in Tumor Necrosis Factor-α-Stimulated Human Periodontal Ligament Cells

Karpanen, T.J.; Casey, A.L.; Whitehouse, T.; Timsit, J-Francois.; Mimoz, O.; Palomar, M.; Elliott, T.S.J., 2019:
A clinical evaluation of two central venous catheter stabilization systems

Huq, M.Amdadul., 2019:
Sphingobium chungangianum sp. nov., isolated from rhizosphere of Pinus koraiensis

Mollerach, F.B.; Scolnik, M.; Catoggio, L.J.; Rosa, J.; Soriano, E.R., 2019:
Causes of fetal third-degree atrioventricular block and use of hydroxychloroquine in pregnant women with Ro/La antibodies

Li, H.; Zhang, L.; Mao, Y.; Wen, C.; Zhao, P., 2019:
A Simple Electrochemical Route to Access Amorphous Co-Ni Hydroxide for Non-enzymatic Glucose Sensing

Escorcio-Bezerra, M.Luiz.; Manzano, G.Mastrocola.; Bichuetti, D.Bernardi.; Nunes, K.Faria.; Correa, D.Sales.Alves.; Oliveira, A.Souza.Bulle.; Baeta, A.Machado., 2019:
Tonic pupils: an unusual autonomic involvement in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP)

Alnor, A.Bryde.; Vinholt, P.Just., 2019:
Paediatric reference intervals are heterogeneous and differ considerably in the classification of healthy paediatric blood samples

Xu, D.; Gao, J.; Chen, L.; Mou, H.; Wang, X.; Ling, J.; Wang, K., 2019:
Development of a quality of life questionnaire for nursing home residents in mainland China

Cruickshank, S.; Steel, E.; Fenlon, D.; Armes, J.; Banks, E.; Humphris, G., 2019:
Specialist breast cancer nurses' views on implementing a fear of cancer recurrence intervention in practice: a mixed methods study

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Cellular Automata Tractography: Fast Geodesic Diffusion MR Tractography and Connectivity Based Segmentation on the GPU

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Use of oral anticoagulant drugs is associated with carotid intraplaque hemorrhage in atherosclerosis patients: a meta-analysis

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Valorization of cheese whey and orange molasses for fungal biomass production by submerged fermentation with Rhizopus sp

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Acupuncture and Vitamin D for the Management of Aromatase Inhibitor-Induced Arthralgia

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Nummular Headache

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Proteasome inhibitors trigger mutations via activation of caspases and CAD, but mutagenesis provoked by the HDAC inhibitors vorinostat and romidepsin is caspase/CAD-independent

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Wire-driven flexible manipulator with constrained spherical joints for minimally invasive surgery

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Metabolic Labeling of Live Stem Cell for In Vitro Imaging and In Vivo Tracking

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Sphingosine Kinase-1 Is Essential for Maintaining External/Outer Limiting Membrane and Associated Adherens Junctions in the Aging Retina

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Setting-up a Real-Time Air Quality Forecasting system for Serbia: a WRF-Chem feasibility study with different horizontal resolutions and emission inventories

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Remediation of cobalt-polluted soil after application of selected substances and using oat (Avena sativa L.)

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Radiolytic oxidation and degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol in aqueous solutions

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Sewage waste water application improves the productivity of diverse wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars on a sandy loam soil

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Natives' Attitudes and Immigrants' Unemployment Durations

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Pediatric Radiology: Why the Pediatricians Need it?

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Use of the ptxD gene as a portable selectable marker for chloroplast transformation in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

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Mineral Elements and Active Ingredients in Root of Wild Paeonia lactiflora Growing at Duolun County, Inner Mongolia

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The Warburg metabolism fuels tumor metastasis

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Hyper-dense fluid on plain computed tomography may reveal a ruptured aneurysm in patients with median arcuate ligament syndrome

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Ketoacidosis in Euglycemic Patients With Type 2 Diabetes After Abdominal Surgery

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Health literacy of nursing students and its effective factors

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Generation of a nitric oxide signaling pathway in mesenchymal stem cells promotes endothelial lineage commitment

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Herpesviral infections and antimicrobial protection for Alzheimer's disease: Implications for prevention and treatment

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Population structure promotes the evolution of costly sex in artificial gene networks

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Prognostic utility and clinical significance of lysyl oxidase-like 2 protein expression in digestive system cancers

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One-step validation method for surrogate endpoints using data from multiple randomized cancer clinical trials with failure-time endpoints

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Network meta-analysis of rare events using the Mantel-Haenszel method

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Direct comparison of four methods to construct xylem vulnerability curves: differences among techniques are linked to vessel network characteristics

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The effect of risk communication on periodontal treatment outcomes: A randomized controlled trial

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Quantile regression and empirical likelihood for the analysis longitudinal data with monotone missing responses due to dropout, with applications to quality of life measurements from clinical trials

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A feed-forward regulatory network lncPCAT1/miR-106a-5p/E2F5 regulates the osteogenic differentiation of periodontal ligament stem cells

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Potential of stem cell-derived exosomes to regenerate β islets through Pdx-1 dependent mechanism in a rat model of type 1 diabetes

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Writing Papers to Be Memorable, Even When They Are Not Really Read

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Activity budget and spatial distribution of Bennett's wallabies (Macropus rufogriseus) in open versus closed exhibit designs

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EPR spectroscopy of multi-component, multi-spin molecular system obtained by the photolysis of 2,4,6-triazido-3-cyano-5-fluoropyridine in solid argon

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Xylitol production on sugarcane biomass hydrolysate by newly identified Candida tropicalisJA2 strain

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Highly Porous Metalloporphyrin Covalent Ionic Frameworks with Well Defined Cooperative Functional Groups as Excellent Catalysts for CO2 Cycloaddition

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Top-down Mass Spectrometry of Intact Phosphorylated β-casein: Correlation between The Precursor Charge State and Internal Fragments

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Exosome-transmitted p120-catenin suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma progression via STAT3 pathways

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Trimodality therapy for oropharyngeal cancer in the TORS era: Is there a cohort that may benefit?

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Mainstreaming human and large carnivore coexistence through institutional collaboration

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Difficulty differentiating a case of posterior cortical atrophy from a psychogenic disturbance of vision

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Prognostic Relevance of Tertiary Lymphoid Organs Following Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

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Activation of a Non-Heme Fe III -OOH by a Second Fe III to Hydroxylate Strong C-H Bonds: Possible Implications for Soluble Methane Monooxygenase

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C-Terminal Bioconjugation of Peptides through Photoredox Catalyzed Decarboxylative Alkynylation

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Nationwide central diagnosis review for childhood solid tumors: From concept to realization of an Associazione Italiana Ematologia Oncologia Pediatrica (AIEOP) integrated project

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A Liquid-Metal-Elastomer Nanocomposite for Stretchable Dielectric Materials

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Cell-Penetrating Peptide Foldamers: Drug Delivery Tools

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Evidence of Spin Frustration in a Vanadium Diselenide Monolayer Magnet

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The endocytic pathways of carbon dots in human adenoid cystic carcinoma cells

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Single-Stimulus-Induced Modulation of Multiple Optical Properties

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Perceptions on Use of the Subjective Global Assessment Before and After It Became Part of Regular Practice

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Power behind the throne: A clinical trial simulation study evaluating the impact of controllable design factors on the power of antidepressant trials

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Senescence as a main mechanism of Ritonavir and Ritonavir-NO action against melanoma

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RNA dynamics by NMR

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Quasicrystal Photonic Metasurfaces for Radiation Controlling of Second Harmonic Generation

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A controlled study of an integrated prevention program for improving disordered eating and body image among Mexican university students: A 3-month follow-up

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Role of cytokines in combinatorial immunotherapeutics of non-small cell lung cancer through systems perspective

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LncRNA KCNQ1OT1 enhanced the methotrexate resistance of colorectal cancer cells by regulating miR-760/PPP1R1B via the cAMP signalling pathway

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Responsive Porous Microcarriers With Controllable Oxygen Delivery for Wound Healing

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Building Carbon-Based Versatile Scaffolds on the Electrode Surface to Boost Capacitive Performance for Fiber Pseudocapacitors

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Artificial Intelligence and Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging

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Quality parameters and fertility of ram semen cryopreserved in egg yolk and soybean lecithin supplemented extenders

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Production and characterization of swine hyperimmune serum against recombinant, common antigens of Gram-negative outer membrane bacteria

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Does an early discharge of a newborn influence the success of the newborn hearing screening in developing countries? A hospital based study

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The role of mediastinoscopy in the diagnosis of thoracic disease: 107-case analysis

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Efficient Fenton-like Process Induced by Fortified Electron-Rich O Microcenter on the Reduction State Cu-Doped CNO Polymer

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Industrial Riboflavin Fermentation Broths Represent a Diverse Source of Natural Saturated and Unsaturated Lactones

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Pd-Catalyzed Site-Selective C(sp 2 )-H Olefination and Alkynylation of Phenylalanine Residues in Peptides

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Functional connectome from phase synchrony at resting state is a neural fingerprint

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Development and validation of indirect and generic immunoassays to quantify free and total evolocumab in rat serum

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Assessment of Radiation Safety Knowledge Among Urology Residents in the United States

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Large Fibroepithelial Polyp of the Palatine Tonsil

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Reconsidering osteoconduction in the era of additive manufacturing

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Intracranial mechanical thrombectomy using a proximal balloon guide catheter via a transradial access

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The variant with the absence of the superior petrosal venous and sinus: A potential pitfall of transvenous balloon-assisted embolisation of Borden type II transverse-sigmoid dural arteriovenous fistula

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Rationale in diagnosis and management: role of screening and history taking

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Impact of the introduction of novel hormonal agents on metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer treatment choice

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Optimizing patient education of oncology medications: A quantitative analysis of the patient perspective

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Evaluation of appropriate use of bisphosphonates and denosumab in patients with cancer

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Qualification of a chemotherapy-compounding robot

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Advanced Theranostic Application of Bio-Nanoparticle Systems

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Trends in Enzyme Inhibition and Activation in Drug Design - Part-I

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Expression patterns and prognostic value of miR-210, miR-494, and miR-205 in middle-aged and old patients with sepsis-induced acute kidney injury

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Diagnostic ability of community health workers for malaria diagnosis in the field using different variants of bivalent malaria rapid diagnostic test kits

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Can Google be used to study parasitic disease? Internet searching on tick-borne encephalitis in Germany

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Incrimination of Aedes aegypti for dengue virus serotype-1 in Assam, Northeast India

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Anthecotulide Sesquiterpene Lactone Exhibits Selective Anticancer Effects in Human Malignant Melanoma Cells by Activating Apoptotic and Autophagic Pathways, S-Phase Cell Cycle Arrest, Caspase Activation, and Inhibition of NF-κB Signalling Pathway

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Can we assess which is better?-transcatheter or surgical aortic valve replacement in intermediate or lower risk patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Public health in Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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Role of skeletal muscle on chest computed tomography for risk stratification of lung cancer patients

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Synthesis of solandelactone F, constanolactone A and an advanced intermediate towards solandelactone E from a common synthetic intermediate

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The Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid Cells-2 (TREM-2) as Expression of the Relationship between Microglia and Alzheimer's Disease: A Novel Marker for a Promising Pathway to Explore

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An Ultrasound Prediction Equation to Estimate DXA-Derived Body Fatness for Middle-Aged and Older Caucasian Adults

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Predictive Ability of Seven Domains of the Kihon Checklist for Incident Dependency and Mortality

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Loss of Posterior Occluding Teeth and Its Association with Protein-Micronutrients Intake and Muscle Mass among Thai Elders: A Pilot Study

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Eradication therapy for Burkholderia cepacia complex in people with cystic fibrosis

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Modelling the Inhibition of Selenoproteins by Small Molecules using Cysteine and Selenocysteine Derivatives

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In Vitro and in Vivo Investigation of Chlorophyll Binding Sites Involved in Non-Photochemical Quenching in Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii

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Different doses, durations and modes of delivery of nicotine replacement therapy for smoking cessation

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Arsenic-tolerant microbial consortia from sediments of Copahue Geothermal System with potential applications in bioremediation

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Management of Biotechnical Complications Associated with a Full-Arch Implant Restoration Using Digital and Conventional Workflows: A Clinical Report

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The Influence of Proinflammatory Cytokines on Voriconazole Trough Concentration in Patients With Different Forms of Hematologic Disorders

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Inactivation of Potato Polyphenol Oxidase Using Microwave Cold Plasma Treatment

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Generation of a purely clonal defective interfering influenza virus

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SGLT2 inhibition to address the unmet needs in diabetic nephropathy

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Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica L.) Pepsin Hydrolysates Inhibit Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme by Interacting with its Catalytic Site

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Revisiting the influence of individual factors on heat exchange during exercise in dry heat using direct calorimetry

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Look better. Single atoms in chemistry, and single atoms in physics

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Metal- and Reagent-free Synthesis of highly functionalized N,N-Diarylamides by Anodic C,N-Coupling Reaction

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Cross-Peaks in Simple Two-Dimensional NMR Experiments from Chemical Exchange of Transverse Magnetisation

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G-SERF Editing in Two-Dimensional Pure-Shift Total Correlation Spectroscopy: Scalar Coupling Measurements for a Group of Spins in Organic Molecules

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A General Treatment to Study Molecular Complexes Stabilized by Hydrogen-, Halogen-, and Carbon-Bond Networks: Experiment and Theory of (CH 2 F 2 ) n ⋅⋅⋅(H 2 O) m

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Copper-Catalyzed N-F Bond Activation for Uniform Intramolecular C-H Amination Yielding Pyrrolidines and Piperidines

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Surface-Confined SnS 2 @C@rGO as High-Performance Anode Materials for Sodium- and Potassium-Ion Batteries

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Differential associations of ferritin and 25-hydroxyvitamin D with fasting glucose and diabetes risk in community dwelling older men

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Polydopamine-coated cotton fibers as the adsorbent for in-tube solid-phase microextraction

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Solid-phase extraction of phenoxyacetic acid herbicides in complex samples with Zr (IV)-based metal-organic framework

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Contraception Care for Transmasculine Individuals on Testosterone Therapy

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High-Stability MnO x Nanowires@C@MnO x Nanosheet Core-Shell Heterostructure Pseudocapacitance Electrode Based on Reversible Phase Transition Mechanism

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Toxicology in the Super-Resolution Era

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Surface-Independent and Oriented Immobilization of Antibody via One-Step Polydopamine/Protein G Coating: Application to Influenza Virus Immunoassay

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Differentiating Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) Into Lung Epithelial Cells

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Lipid Disturbances in Adolescents Treated With Second-Generation Antipsychotics: Clinical Determinants of Plasma Lipid Worsening and New-Onset Hypercholesterolemia

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Oral Ketamine for Depression, 2: Practical Considerations

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Genetics Guideline Is Excellent, but the Pharmacogenetics Section Is Weak

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Update on the management of bronchiolitis

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Extended optic neuropathy with myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein antibodies

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Focus on empagliflozin : post hoc analyses of the cardiovascular outcome trial EMPA-REG OUTCOME

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Impact of thyroid function on the result of intrauterine insemination among fertile women

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Non-specific interstitial pneumonia : a rare clinical entity in adolescents

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Comparative analysis between orthopaedic manual therapy and osteopathy : focus on the Belgian situation

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Frailty in nursing home : contribution of the SENIOR study

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Additive manufacturing in health care (part 2) : printing organs of vital importance

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Basal insulin degludec (Tresiba®)

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The efficacy and safety of targeted narrowband UVB therapy: a retrospective cohort study

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Assessment of cardiac and vessel functions in childhood psoriasis

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Elevated neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio as an indicator of secondary erythema nodosum, a retrospective observational study

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Analyzing the effect of laparoscopy duration time on peroperative gastroesophageal reflux

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The impact of JAK/STAT inhibitor ruxolitinib on the genesis of lymphoproliferative diseases

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Antibiotic resistance pattern and spa types of Staphylococcus aureus strains isolated from food business and hospital kitchen employees in Çanakkale, Turkey

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Protective effects of ghrelin on kidney tissue in rats with partial ureteral obstruction

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pH/Redox Dual-Responsive Polyplex with Effective Endosomal Escape for Co-Delivery of siRNA and Doxorubicin against Drug-Resistant Cancer Cells

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Bio-based Sanitizer Delivery System for Improved Sanitation of Bacterial and Fungal Biofilms

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Size Control Synthesis of Monodisperse, Quasi-Spherical Silver Nanoparticles To Realize Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Uniformity and Reproducibility

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Chemistry of Photosensitive Fluorophores for Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy

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Computational Design of Mixed-Valence Tin Sulfides as Solar Absorbers

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Largely Enhancing Luminous Efficacy, Color-Conversion Efficiency, and Stability for Quantum Dot White LEDs Using the Two-dimensional Hexagonal Pore Structure of SBA-15 Mesoporous Particles

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PCB Emissions from Paint Colorants

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Model for the Prediction of the Lifetime and Energy Yield of Methyl Ammonium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells at Elevated Temperatures

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Comparative Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Fe L 2,3 -Edges X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Three Highly Popular, Low-Spin Organoiron Complexes: [Fe(CO) 5 ], [(η 5 -C 5 H 5 )Fe(CO)(μ-CO)] 2 , and [(η 5 -C 5 H 5 ) 2 Fe

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One-Step Treatment of Phosphite-Laden Wastewater: A Single Electrochemical Reactor Integrating Superoxide Radical-Induced Oxidation and Electrocoagulation

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Vapor Phase Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires: Key Developments and Open Questions

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High-Pressure Low-Temperature Optical Studies of BaWO 4 :Ce,Na Crystals

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Thermodynamics of OHgX, XHgOH, XHgOCl, XHgOBr, HOHgY Gaseous Oxidized Mercury Molecules from Isodesmic, Isogyric, and Atomization Work Reactions (X = Halogen, Y = OH, OCl, OBr)

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Police lineups of the future?

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Moderators of the efficacy of a web-based stress management intervention for college students

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Grab that face, hammer, or line: No effect of hands position on visual memory

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Evidence against preserved syntactic comprehension in healthy aging

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DNA Motif Match Statistics Without Poisson Approximation

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Characteristics of parathyroid hormone-1 receptor agonists and antagonists

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Role of Nrf2-antioxidant in radioprotection by root extract of Inula racemosa

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Pornography and Heterosexual Women's Intimate Experiences with a Partner

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The Anti-Anti-CRISPR

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CRISPR-Cas9-Mediated Correction of the G189R-PAX2 Mutation in Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from a Patient with Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis

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Walk the Line: Debating a Germline Editing Moratorium

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Chipping in on Diagnostics

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CRISPR Cinema: Scenes from the Cutting Edge

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Time To Let CRISPR B.E.?

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Actions developed by the Brazilian Physiological Society to promote women's participation in science

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Beyond the single course: teaching research throughout the curriculum

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An outreach program with hands-on, physiology-based exercises generates questions about STEM career expectations

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Forgetting as the friend of learning: implications for teaching and self-regulated learning

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What determines the physiology that students learn?

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Antioxidant Properties and Antibacterial Effects of Eucalyptus camaldulensis Ethanolic Leaf Extract on Biofilm Formation, Motility, Hemolysin Production, and Cell Membrane of the Foodborne Pathogen Listeria monocytogenes

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LSU rDNA D5 region: the DNA barcode for molecular classification and identification of Demodex

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Small-molecule inhibitors of lysine methyltransferases SMYD2 and SMYD3: current trends

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Voltage-dependent anion channel isoform 3 as a potential male contraceptive drug target

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Effect of Specialized Critical Care Transport Unit on Short-Term Mortality of Critically Ill Patients Undergoing Interhospital Transport

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No differences in effectiveness and safety between pipeline embolization device and stent-assisted coiling for the treatment of communicating segment internal carotid artery aneurysms

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'Likelihood to be diagnosed or misdiagnosed': application to meta-analytic data for cognitive screening instruments

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Expanding Environmental Health Literacy-A Focus on Water Quality and Tribal Lands

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Thinking Ahead of the Tractor: Driver Safety and Situation Awareness

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Progress and obstacles in culturing 'Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus', the bacterium associated with Huanglongbing (HLB)

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Purification of Adult Hymenolepis diminuta (Cestoda) Mitochondrial NADPH→NAD + Transhydrogenase

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Role of Vascular Niche of Bone Marrow in the Development of MLL-AF9 Induced Acute Myclaid Leukemia

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Detection and Analysis of T Lymphocyte Subsets and B Lymphocytes in Patients with Acute Leukemia

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Overexpression of miR-30a Promotes Apoptosis of Leukemia K562 Cells

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Change of ROCK1 Gene Expression Level in Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Its Clinical Significance

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Clinical role of Morphology in Diagnosing Bone Marrow Involvement of Diffuse Large B Bell Lymphoma

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Silencing Calreticulin Expression Inhibits Invasion Ability of SNK6 Cells in Vitro via Down-Regulating Expression of VEGF and MMP2/9

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Value of MYC, BCL-2 and BCL-6 for Evaluation of Prognosis in Patients with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

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Curcumin Increases the Chemosensitivity of Multiple Myeloma to Bortezomib by Inhibiting the Notch1 Signaling Pathway

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Significance of Detecting Serum Complement C3 and C4 in Patients with Multiple Myeloma

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Effect of siRNA-Interfering β-Catenin Expression on MDR of Human Multiple Myeloma Cell Line

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Effect of Bushen Yanggu Decoction on Multidrug Resistance of Multiple Myeloma Cell Line KM3/BTZ

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Significance of Neutrophil/Lymphocyte Ratio in the Prognosis of Patients with Multiple Myeloma

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Efficacy and Safety of Decitabine Combined with CAG (Cytarabine, Aclarubicin, G-CSF) for Patients with Intermediate or High Risk Myelodysplastic Syndrome and Acute Myeloid Leukemia: a Meta-Analysis

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Detection of Genetic Mutations in Primary Hypereosinophilia Patients

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Effects of Low-Dose Decitabine on Soluble CD44, GDF11 Levels and Hematopoietic Function in Elderly Patients with MDS

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Comparation of Clinical Efficacy between Two Regimens of Preexcitation Chemotherapy for MDS-RAEB Patients

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Symptomatic Profiles of 173 Chinese Patients with Essential Thrombocythemia

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Establishment of 137 Cs γ ray Combined with Cyclophosphamide and Chloramphenicol-Mediated Mouse Model of Acquired Aplastic Anemia

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Relationship between Thrombotic Events and Peripheral Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte Ratio in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Essential Thrombocythemia

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Analysis of Gene Mutation Types in 920 Cases of Thalassemia

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Survey and Establishment of the Hematological Parameter Reference Intervals for Adult in Xuzhou Area of China

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Screening and Identification of Blood Group Alloantibody by Surface Plasmon Resonance Technique and Its Preliminary Application

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Metabolic Characteristics of WBC-deplted RBC suspension during Different Storage Stage in MAP Based on UPLC-MS/MS

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Application and Evaluation of Chemiluminescence Immunoassay in Blood Screening

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Association between IL-10 Gene -592(C→A) (rs1800872) SNP and GVHD after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Children

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Effect of DSA on Vascular Endothelial Cell Injury in NK Cell -Mediated ADCC

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Screening and Verification of Antioxidant Small Molecular Compounds for Expansion of Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells Ex Vitro

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Effect of Microvascular Endothelial Cells on the Proliferation of Bone Marrow Hematopoietic Stem Cells under Different Culture Conditions

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Role of Rictor in Hematopoietic Stem Cells during Fetal Liver Hematopoiesis

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Establishment of STO Cell Lines Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein and Mouse Leukemia Inhibitory Factor

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Analysis of Clinical Blood Use in Emergency Blood Loss Patients

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Analysis of HFE and Non-HFE Mutations in a Tibet Cohort with Iron Overload

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Donor-Specific Antibodies in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation-Review

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Recent Advances in Immunotherapy for Acute Myeloid Leukemia --Review

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Parallel visual circuitry in a basal chordate

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Oligodendrocytes regulate presynaptic properties and neurotransmission through BDNF signaling in the mouse brainstem

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Glioblastoma in the elderly

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Quality and determinants of anticoagulation therapy by AVK in elderly subjects: study of a continuous series of 155 patients hospitalized in geriatric medicine

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Incretins-adipocytokines interactions in type 2 diabetic subjects with or without non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: interest of GLP-1 (glucagon-like peptide-1) as a modulating biomarker

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Heat shock proteins and psoriasis

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Non-invasive biomarkers of fibrosis for the screening of patients with metabolic steatopathy (NAFLD) : a significant role for all biologists

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Guidance for cytological automation in hematology

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Accreditation of the toxicological screening: recommendations of the SFBC-SFTA group

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Evaluation of the environmental contamination in microbiology Which strategy to adopt?

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Deuxième édition du CoBioMe

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Dermpath and Clinic: Chronic scaly papules on the back and lower extremities

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Erythema multiforme-like rash upon anti-melanoma therapy with BRAF and MEK inhibitors

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"Knife-cut" ulcers in intertriginous areas

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A large nodule on the scalp of an Indian female

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Hydroa vacciniforme: a distinctive form of Epstein-Barr virus-associated T-cell lymphoproliferative disorders

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Muehrcke lines on fingers and toenails

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Primary cutaneous Ewing sarcoma in a young girl

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Rare CARD14 missense variants associated with palmoplantar pustulosis (PPP) in the Chinese Han population

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Experiences of Patients With a Diabetes Self-Care App Developed Based on the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model: Before-and-After Study

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Reducing Alcohol Consumption Among Risky Drinkers in the General Population of Sweden Using an Interactive Mobile Health Intervention: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial

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Framing Mental Health Within Digital Games: An Exploratory Case Study of Hellblade

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Effectiveness of Low Glycemic Index Diet Consultations Through a Diet Glycemic Assessment App Tool on Maternal and Neonatal Insulin Resistance: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Catalysis: energy is the measure of all things

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The dealloying-lithiation/delithiation-realloying mechanism of a breithauptite (NiSb) nanocrystal embedded nanofabric anode for flexible Li-ion batteries

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A numbering-up strategy of hydrodynamic microfluidic filters for continuous-flow high-throughput cell sorting

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Anomalous transport in the soft-sphere Lorentz model

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The incorporation of cystine by the soluble carrier family 7 member 11 (SLC7A11) is a component of the redox regulatory mechanism in stallion spermatozoa

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Limitations of transcriptome-based prediction of pathogenicity genes in the plant pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans

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Transgenerational Effects of Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals on Male and Female Reproduction

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Experimental Evidence Behind Clinical Trial Outcomes in Retinopathy of Prematurity

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Iris Root Chandelier Illumination for the Management of Advanced Pediatric Tractional Retinal Detachments

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Spontaneous Hyaloidal Contraction and Complex Retinal Detachment in a Patient With Von Hippel-Lindau Syndrome

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Exudative Retinal Detachment Following Laser Photocoagulation for Retinopathy of Prematurity: A Rare Complication

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Exudative Retinal Detachment Following Intravitreal Chemotherapeutic Treatment for Retinoblastoma

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Microcornea, Posterior Megalolenticonus, Persistent Fetal Vasculature, and Coloboma Syndrome Associated With a New Mutation in ZNF408

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Displacement of Submacular Hemorrhage With Subretinal Injection of Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator and Gas Tamponade in the Setting of Myopic Degeneration

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Long-Term Course Following Vitreous Surgery for Epiretinal Membrane

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Higher Vascular Density of the Superficial Retinal Capillary Plexus in Degenerative Lamellar Macular Holes

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Clinical Application of Fluorescein Angiography-Free Navigated Focal Laser Photocoagulation in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy

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Intraoperative Optical Coherence Tomography Demonstrating Macular Hole Associated With Ruptured Retinal Arterial Macroaneurysm

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Presumed Choroidal Granuloma Annulare Mimicking Choroidal Lymphoma

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Migration triggers in a large herbivore: Galápagos giant tortoises navigating resource gradients on volcanoes

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Enhancing the Viscosity-Sensitive Range of a BODIPY Molecular Rotor by Two Orders of Magnitude

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Annexin A3 depletion overcomes resistance to oxaliplatin in colorectal cancer via the MAPK signaling pathway

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Phenothiazine-Based Organic Catholyte for High-Capacity and Long-Life Aqueous Redox Flow Batteries

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Optimising the tension of an autologous fascia pubovaginal sling to minimize retentive complications

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Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C 3 N 4 )-Derived N-Rich Graphene with Tuneable Interlayer Distance as a High-Rate Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries

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Citizen Science and Gamification

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Achieving Meaningful Access to Medicaid

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Empathetic Practice: The Struggle and Virtue of Empathizing with a Patient's Suffering

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The Critical Role of Medical Institutions in Expanding Access to Investigational Interventions

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Better Guidance for Surrogates

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Changing the Question

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Federal Right to Try: Where Is It Going?

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Danielle M. Wenner Replies

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Rawls and Social Value in Research

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Microplastic-Contaminant Interactions: Influence of Non-Linearity and Coupled Mass Transfer

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A re-evaluation of chironomid deformities as an environmental stress response: avoiding survivorship bias and testing noncontaminant biological factors

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A step in the digital direction: from paper logs to electronic data capture

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SO 2 -Resistant Amine-Containing CO 2 Adsorbent with a Surface Protection Layer

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Superstrong Noncovalent Interface between Melamine and Graphene Oxide

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Characterizing Properties and Environmental Behaviors of Dissolved Organic Matter Using Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopic Analysis

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Structure and Magnetism of (La/Sr) 2 M 0.5 Ir V 0.5 O 4 and Topochemically Reduced (La/Sr) 2 M 0.5 Ir II 0.5 O 3 (M = Fe, Co) Complex Oxides

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Photomineralization of Effluent Organic Phosphorus to Orthophosphate under Simulated Light Illumination

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Rh(III)-Catalyzed C-H Activation-Initiated Directed Cyclopropanation of Allylic Alcohols

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Selecting Household Water Treatment Options on the Basis of World Health Organization Performance Testing Protocols

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Dysoxylactam A, a Macro Cyclolipopeptide Reverses P-glycoprotein-mediated Multidrug Resistance in Cancer Cells

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Quantifying the Donor Strength of Ligand-Stabilized Main Group Fragments

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A Covalent Organic Framework Bearing Single Ni Sites as a Synergistic Photocatalyst for Selective Photoreduction of CO 2 to CO

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Tuning the Structure and Electronic Properties of B-N Fused Dipyridylanthracene and Implications on the Self-Sensitized Reactivity with Singlet Oxygen

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EjHAT1 Participates in Heat Alleviation of Loquat Fruit Lignification by Suppressing the Promoter Activity of Key Lignin Monomer Synthesis Gene EjCAD5

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Efficient Electrocatalytic Hydrogenation with a Palladium Membrane Reactor

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Glutamine Side Chain 13 C═ 18 O as a Nonperturbative IR Probe of Amyloid Fibril Hydration and Assembly

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Nanoscale Metal-Organic Framework Hierarchically Combines High-Z Components for Multifarious Radio-Enhancement

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Affordable Membrane Permeability Calculations: Permeation of Short-Chain Alcohols through Pure-Lipid Bilayers and a Mammalian Cell Membrane

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A General Synthetic Approach for the Laurencia Family of Natural Products Empowered by a Potentially Biomimetic Ring Expansion

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Discovery of 3-(Indol-5-yl)-indazole Derivatives as Novel Myeloid Differentiation Protein 2/Toll-like Receptor 4 Antagonists for Treatment of Acute Lung Injury

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Rhenium-Catalyzed Regioselective ortho-Alkenylation and [3 + 2 + 1] Cycloaddition of Phenols with Internal Alkynes

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Nickel-Catalyzed Intramolecular Direct Arylation of Imines toward Diverse Indoles

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Adsorption of Pregelatinized Starch for Selective Flocculation and Flotation of Fine Siderite

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Total Syntheses of Pleiocarpamine, Normavacurine, and C-Mavacurine

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"Mirror"-like Protein Dimers Stabilized by Local Heterogeneity at Protein Surfaces

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Visible-Light-Mediated β-C(sp 3 )-H Amination of Glycosylimidates: En Route to Oxazoline-Fused/Spiro Nonclassical Bicyclic Sugars

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Upstream Impact of Public Reporting

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Hidden in the Heart

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Sacubitril/Valsartan Decreases Cardiac Fibrosis in Left Ventricle Pressure Overload by Restoring PKG Signaling in Cardiac Fibroblasts

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Impact of Race and Ethnicity on the Clinical and Angiographic Characteristics, Social Determinants of Health, and 1-Year Outcomes After Everolimus-Eluting Coronary Stent Procedures in Women

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Effect of Public Reporting on the Utilization of Coronary Angiography After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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Transplantation of Hearts Donated After Circulatory-Determined Death

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Does Arthroscopic Suture-Spanning Augmentation of Single-Row Repair Reduce the Retear Rate of Massive Rotator Cuff Tear?

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Elizabeth Fee (1946-2018)

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Tofacitinib for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: an update

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Molecular Detection of QoI Resistance in Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Causing Strawberry Anthracnose Based on Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay

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Reliability and validity of the function in sitting test among non-ambulatory individuals with spinal cord injury

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MicroRNA-155: A Master Regulator of Inflammation

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The Efficacy of Vitamin C in the Prevention of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome After Distal Radius Fractures: A Synthesis

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The SCMCIE94 Protocol for Countries With Limited Resources

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Environmental factors which can affect the burden of pneumococcal disease and the immune response to pneumococcal vaccines: the need for more precisely delineated vaccine recommendations

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Plasma proteomics and the paediatric patient

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Recovery profiles following single and multiple matches per week in professional football

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Food taboos during pregnancy

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Between Abnormal "Otherness" to Groundbreaking "Uniqueness": The Family-Construction Process of the GLBT Family

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Demosaicking Using a Spatial Reference Image for an Anti-Aliasing Multispectral Filter Array

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Discrete Curvature Representations for Noise Robust Image Corner Detection

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Multichannel AC Biosusceptometry system to map biodistribution and assess the pharmacokinetic profile of magnetic nanoparticles by imaging

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XGBoost Model for Chronic Kidney Disease Diagnosis

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Maneuvering Target Tracking With Event-Based Mixture Kalman Filter in Mobile Sensor Networks

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Fuzzy Clustering to Identify Clusters at Different Levels of Fuzziness: An Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization Approach

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Active Event-Triggered Control for Nonlinear Networked Control Systems With Communication Constraints

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Event-Triggered Active MPC for Nonlinear Multiagent Systems With Packet Losses

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Image-based storytelling: a visual narrative of my family's story

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Painting plainly

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Yousef's story

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The ethics of new technologies to track drug adherence

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One Year of Knee Pain in a 21-year-old Male Frisbee Player

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Calcific tendinitis at the hip mimicking infective bursitis

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The March for Moms

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The Millennials are Here and They Expect More From Their Surgical Educators!

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A Call to Action for Male Surgeons in the Wake of the #MeToo Movement: Mentor Female Surgeons

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Backward walking observational training improves gait ability in patients with chronic stroke: randomised controlled pilot study

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Shearing Osteochondral Fracture of the Humeral Head: A Case Report

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Recommendations for Fall-Related Injury Prevention: A 1-Year Review of Fall-Related Root Cause Analyses in the Veterans Health Administration

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Obtaining and Modeling Variability in Travel Times From Off-Site Satellite Clinics to Hospitals and Surgery Centers for Surgeons and Proceduralists Seeing Office Patients in the Morning and Performing a To-Follow List of Cases in the Afternoon

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Management of Pediatric Tibial Shaft Fractures

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Hip Surveillance in Children With Cerebral Palsy