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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66737

Chapter 66737 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Nikkhoo, M.; Cheng, C-Hsiu.; Wang, J-Lin.; Khoz, Z.; El-Rich, M.; Hebela, N.; Khalaf, K., 2019:
Development and validation of a geometrically personalized finite element model of the lower ligamentous cervical spine for clinical applications

Issarti, I.; Consejo, A.; Jiménez-García, M.; Hershko, S.; Koppen, C.; Rozema, J.J., 2019:
Computer aided diagnosis for suspect keratoconus detection

Marcián, P.; Narra, N.; Borák, L.; Chamrad, J.; Wolff, J., 2019:
Biomechanical performance of cranial implants with different thicknesses and material properties: A finite element study

Qazi, S.A.; Siddiqui, M.Faisal.; Jacob Wikner, J.; Omer, H., 2019:
ASIC modelling of SENSE for parallel MRI

Ali, D., 2019:
Effect of scaffold architecture on cell seeding efficiency: A discrete phase model CFD analysis

Cosentino, F.; Agnese, V.; Raffa, G.M.; Gentile, G.; Bellavia, D.; Zingales, M.; Pilato, M.; Pasta, S., 2019:
On the role of material properties in ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms

Barton, C.; Chettipally, U.; Zhou, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Lynn-Palevsky, A.; Le, S.; Calvert, J.; Das, R., 2019:
Evaluation of a machine learning algorithm for up to 48-hour advance prediction of sepsis using six vital signs

Chen, J.Hua.; Björkman, A.; Zou, J.Hua.; Engström, M., 2019:
Self-regulated learning ability, metacognitive ability, and general self-efficacy in a sample of nursing students: A cross-sectional and correlational study

Clohessy, N.; McKellar, L.; Fleet, J., 2019:
Bounce back- bounce forward: Midwifery students experience of resilience

Zhai, B.; Li, D.; Jia, J.; Liu, Y.; Sun, W.; Wang, Y., 2019:
Peer victimization and problematic internet use in adolescents: The mediating role of deviant peer affiliation and the moderating role of family functioning

Barrington-Trimis, J.L.; Liu, F.; Unger, J.B.; Alonzo, T.; Cruz, T.Boley.; Urman, R.; Pentz, M.Ann.; Berhane, K.; McConnell, R., 2019:
Evaluating the predictive value of measures of susceptibility to tobacco and alternative tobacco products

Irvin, R.; Chander, G.; Falade-Nwulia, O.; Astemborski, J.; Starbird, L.; Kirk, G.D.; Sulkowski, M.S.; Thomas, D.L.; Mehta, S.H., 2019:
Overlapping epidemics of alcohol and illicit drug use among HCV-infected persons who inject drugs

Veilleux, J.C., 2019:
Shifts in momentary motivation to quit smoking based on experimental context and perceptions of motivational instability

Wang, Y.; Magliulo, V.; Yan, W.; Shangguan, Z., 2019:
Assessing land surface drying and wetting trends with a normalized soil water index on the Loess Plateau in 2001-2016

Alahmadi, S.; Al-Ahmadi, K.; Almeshari, M., 2019:
Spatial variation in the association between NO 2 concentrations and shipping emissions in the Red Sea

Gao, B.; Huang, W.; Wang, L.; Huang, Y.; Ding, S.; Cui, S., 2019:
Driving forces of nitrogen flows and nitrogen use efficiency of food systems in seven Chinese cities, 1990 to 2015

Wang, L.; Gao, Y.; Han, B-Ping.; Fan, H.; Yang, H., 2019 :
The impacts of agriculture on macroinvertebrate communities: From structural changes to functional changes in Asia's cold region streams

de Rojas, T.; Clementel, E.; Giralt, J.; Cruz, O.; Boterberg, T.; Kortmann, R-Dieter.; Gaze, M.N.; Moreno, L.; Janssens, G.O., 2019:
Radiotherapy practice for paediatric brain tumours across Europe and quality assurance initiatives: Current situation, international survey and future perspectives

Wang, Z.; Han, N.; Zhao, K.; Li, Y.; Chi, Y.; Wang, B., 2019:
Protective effects of pyrroloquinoline quinine against oxidative stress-induced cellular senescence and inflammation in human renal tubular epithelial cells via Keap1/Nrf2 signaling pathway

Zhou, F.; Wang, N.; Yang, L.; Zhang, L-Chun.; Meng, L-Jun.; Xia, Y-Chong., 2019:
Saikosaponin A protects against dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis in mice

Wu, Y.; Zou, F.; Lu, Y.; Li, X.; Li, F.; Feng, X.; Sun, X.; Liu, Y., 2019:
SETD7 promotes TNF-α-induced proliferation and migration of airway smooth muscle cells in vitro through enhancing NF-κB/CD38 signaling

Peng, L-Yuan.; Yuan, M.; Song, K.; Yu, J-Lin.; Li, J-He.; Huang, J-Ni.; Yi, P-Fei.; Fu, B-Dong.; Shen, H-Qing., 2019:
Baicalin alleviated APEC-induced acute lung injury in chicken by inhibiting NF-κB pathway activation

Blaue, D.; Schedlbauer, C.; Starzonek, J.; Gittel, C.; Brehm, W.; Einspanier, A.; Vervuert, I., 2019:
Effects of body weight gain on insulin and lipid metabolism in equines

Kabiyea, F.; Manor-Binyamini, I., 2019:
The relationship between stress and stigma, somatization and parental self-efficacy among fathers of adolescents with developmental disabilities in the Bedouin community in Israel

Zhang, Z.; Yan, K.; Zhang, L.; Wang, Q.; Guo, R.; Yan, Z.; Chen, J., 2019:
A novel cadmium-containing wastewater treatment method: Bio-immobilization by microalgae cell and their mechanism

Farhadi, F.; Soltani, S.; Saberi, S.; Iranshahi, M., 2019:
A qHNMR method for simultaneous quantification of terpenoids from Ferula ovina (Boiss.) Boiss roots

Liu, X.; Jin, M.; Zhang, M.; Li, T.; Sun, S.; Zhang, J.; Dai, J.; Wang, Y., 2019:
The application of combined 1 H NMR-based metabolomics and transcriptomics techniques to explore phenolic acid biosynthesis in Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge

Guichard, N.; Rudaz, S.; Bonnabry, P.; Fleury-Souverain, S., 2019:
Validation and uncertainty estimation for trace amounts determination of 25 drugs used in hospital chemotherapy compounding units

Nie, J.; Yaro, P.; He, K.; Zeng, S., 2019:
Development of a novel LC-MS/MS method for quantitation of triticonazole enantiomers in rat plasma and tissues and application to study on toxicokinetics and tissue distribution

Martin, C.L.; Kane, J.B.; Miles, G.L.; Aiello, A.E.; Harris, K.Mullan., 2019:
Neighborhood disadvantage across the transition from adolescence to adulthood and risk of metabolic syndrome

Prandoni, P.; Lensing, A.W.A.; Prins, M.H.; Villalta, S.; Noventa, F., 2019:
Determinants of severe post-thrombotic syndrome: The role of thrombus location

Ferino-Pérez, A.; Gamboa-Carballo, J.José.; Li, Z.; Campos, L.C.; Jáuregui-Haza, U., 2019:
Explaining the interactions between metaldehyde and acidic surface groups of activated carbon under different pH conditions

Asante, I.; Chui, D.; Pei, H.; Zhou, E.; De Giovanni, C.; Conti, D.; Louie, S., 2019:
Alterations in folate-dependent one-carbon metabolism as colon cell transition from normal to cancerous

Lasater, K.; Holloway, K.; Lapkin, S.; Kelly, M.; McGrath, B.; Nielsen, A.; Stoyles, S.; Dieckmann, N.F.; Campbell, M., 2019 :
Do prelicensure nursing students' backgrounds impact what they notice and interpret about patients?

Kacirova, I.; Grundmann, M.; Brozmanova, H., 2019:
Valproic acid concentrations in nursing mothers, mature milk, and breastfed infants in monotherapy and combination therapy

Lam, S-Kuan.; Lu, W-Yu.; Weng, W-Chin.; Fan, P-Chuan.; Lee, W-Tso., 2019:
The short-term and long-term outcome of febrile infection-related epilepsy syndrome in children

Gracia, C.Garcia.; Chagin, K.; Kattan, M.W.; Ji, X.; Kattan, M.G.; Crotty, L.; Najm, I.; Gonzalez-Martinez, J.; Bingaman, W.; Jehi, L., 2019:
Predicting seizure freedom after epilepsy surgery, a challenge in clinical practice

van Houdt, C.A.; van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, A.G.; Oosterlaan, J.; van Kaam, A.H.; Aarnoudse-Moens, C.S.H., 2019:
Developmental outcomes of very preterm children with high parental education level

Manning, J.T.; Bundred, P.E.; Kasielska-Trojan, A.; Smith-Straney, T.; Mason, L., 2019:
Digit ratio (2D:4D), myocardial infarction and fibrinogen in men

Attallah, M.F.; Ahmed, I.M.; Abd-Elhamid, A.I.; Aly, H.F., 2019:
Extraction of carrier-free 99 Mo by ionic liquids from acid solutions: A model of seaborgium (Sg) experiment

Souliotis, G.A.; Rodrigues, M.R.D.; Wang, K.; Iacob, V.E.; Nica, N.; Roeder, B.; Tabacaru, G.; Yu, M.; Zanotti-Fregonara, P.; Bonasera, A., 2019:
A novel approach to medical radioisotope production using inverse kinematics: A successful production test of the theranostic radionuclide 67 Cu

Liu, B-Peng.; Zhang, J.; Chu, J.; Qiu, H-Min.; Jia, C-Xian.; Hennessy, D.A., 2019:
Negative life events as triggers on suicide attempt in rural China: a case-crossover study

Kubo, Y.; Izumida, M.; Togawa, K.; Zhang, F.; Hayashi, H., 2019:
Cytoplasmic R-peptide of murine leukemia virus envelope protein negatively regulates its interaction with the cell surface receptor

Ilan-Ber, T.; Ilan, Y., 2019:
The role of microtubules in the immune system and as potential targets for gut-based immunotherapy

Bonds, R.; Sharma, G.S.; Kondo, Y.; van Bavel, J.; Goldblum, R.M.; Midoro-Horiuti, T., 2019:
Pollen food allergy syndrome to tomato in mountain cedar pollen hypersensitivity

Zhang, Z.; Dong, B.; Li, S.; Chen, G.; Yang, Z.; Dong, Y.; Wang, Z.; Ma, J.; Guo, Y., 2019:
Exposure to ambient particulate matter air pollution, blood pressure and hypertension in children and adolescents: A national cross-sectional study in China

Lee, H.; Lee, D.Wan.; Kwon, S.Lul.; Heo, Y.Mok.; Jang, S.; Kwon, B-Oh.; Khim, J.Seong.; Kim, G-Hyeok.; Kim, J-Jin., 2019:
Importance of functional diversity in assessing the recovery of the microbial community after the Hebei Spirit oil spill in Korea

Li, N.; Chen, G.; Liu, F.; Mao, S.; Liu, Y.; Hou, Y.; Lu, Y.; Liu, S.; Wang, C.; Xiang, H.; Guo, Y.; Li, S., 2019:
Associations of long-term exposure to ambient PM 1 with hypertension and blood pressure in rural Chinese population: The Henan rural cohort study

Gil-Rojas, Y.; Garzón, Aés.; Hernández, Fán.; Pacheco, B.; González, D.; Campos, J.; Mosos, J.David.; Barahona, Ján.; Polania, M.José.; Restrepo, P.; Lasalvia, P.; Castañeda-Cardona, C.; Rosselli, D., 2019:
Burden of Disease Attributable to Obesity and Overweight in Colombia

Chi, H.; Li, R.; Qiao, J.; Chen, X.; Wang, X.; Hao, G.; Wu, Q.; Cao, Y.; Cai, L.; Ye, H.; Zhu, Y.; Wang, S.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, C.; Zhang, Y.; Lv, Q.; Sun, Y.; Li, H.; Huang, X.; Wang, F., 2019:
Vaginal progesterone gel is non-inferior to intramuscular progesterone in efficacy with acceptable tolerability for luteal phase support: A prospective, randomized, multicenter study in China

Ijabi, J.; Moradi-Sardareh, H.; Afrisham, R.; Seifi, F.; Ijabi, R., 2019:
SKA2 gene - A novel biomarker for latent anxiety and preterm birth prediction

Wiener, Y.; Tomashev, R.; Neeman, O.; Itzhakov, Z.; Heldenberg, E.; Melcer, Y.; Maymon, R., 2019:
Splenic artery aneurysms during pregnancy: An obstetric nightmare

Alon, R.; Shimonovitz, T.; Brecher, S.; Shick-Nave, L.; Lev-Sagie, A., 2019:
Delivery in patients with dyspareunia-A prospective study

Awowole, I.; Cohen, K.; Rock, J.; Sparey, C., 2019:
Prevalence and obstetric outcome of women with red cell antibodies in pregnancy at the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, West Yorkshire, England

Van Iseghem, V.; Sprengers, M.; De Zaeytijd, J.; Sindic, C.J.M.; Willekens, B.; Dermaut, B.; Hemelsoet, D.; Laureys, G., 2019:
Biotinidase deficiency: A treatable cause of opticospinal syndrome in young adults ✰

Eberhart, A.; Slogeris, B.; Sadreameli, S.C.; Jassal, M.S., 2019:
Using a human-centered design approach for collaborative decision-making in pediatric asthma care

Ma, N.; Zhang, X-Yuan.; Fan, W.; Guo, S.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Chen, L.; Jung, Y.Mee., 2019:
SERS study of Ag/FeS/4-MBA interface based on the SPR effect

Tang, X.; Sun, H.; Nie, J.; Han, X'en.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, R.; Ni, Z., 2019:
An o-hydroxyl aldehyde structure based naphthalimide derivative: Reversible photochromic properties and its application in ClO - detection in living cells

Liu, S.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, C.; Lin, L.; Li, Y.; Song, Y., 2019:
The novel excited state intramolecular proton transfer broken by intermolecular hydrogen bonds in HOF system

Duan, G.; Zhang, G.; Yuan, S.; Ji, R.; Zhang, L.; Ge, Y., 2019:
A pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyridine-based ratiometric fluorescent probe for sensing Cu 2+ in cell

Chen, J.; Li, M.; Pan, T.; Pang, L.; Yao, L.; Zhang, J., 2019:
Rapid and non-destructive analysis for the identification of multi-grain rice seeds with near-infrared spectroscopy

Obaydo, R.H.; Alhaj Sakur, A., 2019:
Spectrophotometric strategies for the analysis of binary combinations with minor component based on isoabsorptive point's leveling effect: An application on ciprofloxacin and fluocinolone acetonide in their recently delivered co-formulation

Shahabadi, N.; Shiri, F.; Hadidi, S., 2019:
Studies on the interaction of antibiotic drug rifampin with DNA and influence of bivalent metal ions on binding affinity

Ghimire, P.P.; Dassanayake, A.C.; Wickramaratne, N.P.; Jaroniec, M., 2019:
Polyvinyl pyrrolidone-assisted synthesis of size-tunable polymer spheres at elevated temperature and their conversion to nitrogen-containing carbon spheres

Ma, D.; Sun, D.; Zou, Y.; Mao, S.; Lv, Y.; Wang, Y.; Li, J.; Shi, J-Wen., 2019:
The synergy between electronic anchoring effect and internal electric field in CdS quantum dots decorated dandelion-like Fe-CeO 2 nanoflowers for improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Hu, H.; Chen, N.; Wei, W.; Li, H.; Jiang, Z.; Xu, Y.; Xie, J., 2019:
The effect of solvent parameters on properties of iron-based silica binary aerogels as adsorbents

Sastre Toraño, J.; Ramautar, R.; de Jong, G., 2019:
Advances in capillary electrophoresis for the life sciences

Gardner, M.S.; Kuklenyik, Z.; Lehtikoski, A.; Carter, K.A.; McWilliams, L.G.; Kusovschi, J.; Bierbaum, K.; Jones, J.I.; Rees, J.; Reis, G.; Pirkle, J.L.; Barr, J.R., 2019 :
Development and application of a high throughput one-pot extraction protocol for quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of phospholipids in serum and lipoprotein fractions in normolipidemic and dyslipidemic subjects

L'Abbé, E.N.; Symes, S.A.; Raymond, D.E.; Ubelaker, D.H., 2019:
The Rorschach butterfly, understanding bone biomechanics prior to using nomenclature in bone trauma interpretations

Bababekov, Y.J.; Hung, Y-Ching.; Hsu, Y-Tien.; Udelsman, B.V.; Mueller, J.L.; Lin, H-Ying.; Stapleton, S.M.; Chang, D.C., 2019:
Is the Power Threshold of 0.8 Applicable to Surgical Science?-Empowering the Underpowered Study

El Khoury, R.; Nikanorov, A.; McCarroll, E.; LeClerc, G.; Guy, L-Georges.; Laflamme, M.; Mailloux, A.; Schwartz, L.B., 2019:
An Animal Model of Human Peripheral Arterial Bending and Deformation

Vossler, J.D.; Pavlosky, K.Keano.; Murayama, S.M.; Moucharite, M.A.; Murayama, K.M.; Mikami, D.J., 2019:
Predictors of Robotic Versus Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Kwak, B.Jun.; Choi, H.Joong.; Kim, O-Hee.; Kim, K-Hwan.; You, Y.Kyoung.; Lee, T.Yoon.; Ahn, J.; Kim, S-June., 2019:
The Role of Phospho-c-Jun N-Terminal Kinase Expression on hepatocyte Necrosis and Autophagy in the Cholestatic Liver

Tsikis, S.; Fleishman, A.; Chaikof, E.L.; Rodrigue, J.R., 2019:
Design and Implementation of an Infrastructure Program to Support Clinical Research in Surgery

Hol, J.C.; Strik, C.; Chaturvedi, A.A.; Lomme, R.M.L.M.; van Goor, H.; Stommel, M.W.J.; Ten Broek, R.P.G., 2019:
The Efficacy of an Ultrapure Alginate Gel in Reducing Adhesion Formation in a Rat Model of Blood Contamination

Liu, C.; Liu, S.; Diao, J., 2019:
Enantioselective growth inhibition of the green algae (Chlorella vulgaris) induced by two paclobutrazol enantiomers

Duarte, G.T.; Volkova, P.Yu.; Geras'kin, S.A., 2019:
The response profile to chronic radiation exposure based on the transcriptome analysis of Scots pine from Chernobyl affected zone

Yang, T.; Han, Y.; Liu, J.; Li, L., 2019:
Aerosols from a wastewater treatment plant using oxidation ditch process: Characteristics, source apportionment, and exposure risks

Liu, D.; Huang, Z.; Li, M.; Sun, P.; Yu, T.; Zhou, L., 2019:
Novel porous magnetic nanospheres functionalized by β-cyclodextrin polymer and its application in organic pollutants from aqueous solution

Zhang, S.; Zhang, J.; Chen, H.; Wang, A.; Liu, Y.; Hou, H.; Hu, Q., 2019:
Combined cytotoxicity of co-exposure to aldehyde mixtures on human bronchial epithelial BEAS-2B cells

Xu, P.; Wu, L.; Chen, Y.; Xu, D.; Wang, X.; Shen, H.; Han, J.; Fu, Q.; Chen, Z.; Lou, X., 2019:
High intake of persistent organic pollutants generated by a municipal waste incinerator by breastfed infants

Bosker, T.; Olthof, Gël.; Vijver, M.G.; Baas, J.; Barmentlo, S.Henrik., 2019:
Significant decline of Daphnia magna population biomass due to microplastic exposure

Saavedra-Mella, F.; Liu, Y.; Southam, G.; Huang, L., 2019:
Phosphate treatment alleviated acute phytotoxicity of heavy metals in sulfidic Pb-Zn mine tailings

Wang, Y.; Peng, A.; Chen, Z.; Jin, X.; Gu, C., 2019:
Transformation of gaseous 2-bromophenol on clay mineral dust and the potential health effect

Liang, X.; Junaid, M.; Wang, Z.; Li, T.; Xu, N., 2019:
Spatiotemporal distribution, source apportionment and ecological risk assessment of PBDEs and PAHs in the Guanlan River from rapidly urbanizing areas of Shenzhen, China

Järvinen, A.; Timonen, H.; Karjalainen, P.; Bloss, M.; Simonen, P.; Saarikoski, S.; Kuuluvainen, H.; Kalliokoski, J.; Dal Maso, M.; Niemi, J.V.; Keskinen, J.; Rönkkö, T., 2019:
Particle emissions of Euro VI, EEV and retrofitted EEV city buses in real traffic

Smieja-Król, B.; Fiałkiewicz-Kozieł, B.; Michalska, A.; Krzykawski, T.; Smołka-Danielowska, D., 2019:
Deposition of mullite in peatlands of southern Poland: Implications for recording large-scale industrial processes

Abbas, Q.; Liu, G.; Yousaf, B.; Ali, M.Ubaid.; Ullah, H.; Ahmed, R., 2019:
Effects of biochar on uptake, acquisition and translocation of silver nanoparticles in rice (Oryza sativa L.) in relation to growth, photosynthetic traits and nutrients displacement

Guo, X.; Wang, J., 2019:
The phenomenological mass transfer kinetics model for Sr 2+ sorption onto spheroids primary microplastics

Shen, D.; Wu, S.; Li, Z.; Tang, Q.; Dai, P.; Li, Y.; Li, C., 2019:
Distribution and physicochemical properties of particulate matter in swine confinement barns

Cryder, Z.; Greenberg, L.; Richards, J.; Wolf, D.; Luo, Y.; Gan, J., 2019:
Fiproles in urban surface runoff: Understanding sources and causes of contamination

Du, Z.; Xiao, C.; Wang, Y.; Liu, S.; Li, S., 2019:
Dust provenance in Pan-third pole modern glacierized regions: What is the regional source?

Zeng, L.; Gong, J.; Dan, J.; Li, S.; Zhang, J.; Pu, W.; Yang, C., 2019:
Novel visible light enhanced Pyrite-Fenton system toward ultrarapid oxidation of p-nitrophenol: Catalytic activity, characterization and mechanism

Dzinun, H.; Othman, M.Hafiz.Dzarfan.; Ismail, A.F., 2019:
Photocatalytic performance of TiO 2 /Clinoptilolite: Comparison study in suspension and hybrid photocatalytic membrane reactor

Chessa, G.; Cossu, M.; Fiori, G.; Ledda, G.; Piras, P.; Sanna, A.; Brambilla, G., 2019:
Occurrence of hexabromocyclododecanes and tetrabromobisphenol A in fish and seafood from the sea of Sardinia - FAO 37.1.3 area: Their impact on human health within the European Union marine framework strategy directive

Viana, L.Finoto.; Súarez, Y.Rondon.; Cardoso, C.Andrea.Lima.; Lima, S.Marcio.; Andrade, L.Humberto.da.Cunha.; Lima-Junior, S.Eduardo., 2019:
Use of fish scales in environmental monitoring by the application of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Wu, H.; Qi, Y.; Dong, L.; Zhao, X.; Liu, H., 2019:
Revealing the impact of pyrolysis temperature on dissolved organic matter released from the biochar prepared from Typha orientalis

Uhlig, S.; Colson, B.; Schoknecht, U., 2019:
A mathematical approach for the analysis of data obtained from the monitoring of biocides leached from treated materials exposed to outdoor conditions

Azevedo, R.; Oliveira, N.; Maia, C.; Verde, I., 2019:
Effects of di(2-etilhexil) phthalate on human umbilical artery

Temporetti, P.; Beamud, G.; Nichela, D.; Baffico, G.; Pedrozo, F., 2019:
The effect of pH on phosphorus sorbed from sediments in a river with a natural pH gradient

Guo, X.; Chen, C.; Wang, J., 2019:
Sorption of sulfamethoxazole onto six types of microplastics

Swan, H.B.; Deschaseaux, E.S.M.; Eyre, B.D.; Jones, G.B., 2019:
Surface flux and vertical profile of dimethyl sulfide in acid sulfate soils at Cudgen Lake, northern New South Wales, Australia

Younes, N.A.; Dawood, M.F.A.; Wardany, A.A., 2019:
Biosafety assessment of graphene nanosheets on leaf ultrastructure, physiological and yield traits of Capsicum annuum L. and Solanum melongena L

Silva, Yíny.Araújo.; Novaes, W.Alves.; Dos Passos, M.Hiandra.Pereira.; Nascimento, V.Yan.Santos.; Cavalcante, B.Remígio.; Pitangui, A.Carolina.Rodarti.; De Araújo, R.Cappato., 2019:
Reliability of the Closed Kinetic Chain Upper Extremity Stability Test in young adults

Peterlin, P.; Gaschet, J.; Guillaume, T.; Garnier, A.; Eveillard, M.; Le Bourgeois, A.; Cherel, M.; Debord, C.; Le Bris, Y.; Theisen, O.; Mahé, Béatrice.; Dubruille, V.; Godon, C.; Robillard, N.; Wuilleme, S.; Touzeau, C.; Gastinne, T.; Blin, N.; Lok, A.; Bonnet, A.; Le Gouill, S.; Moreau, P.; Béné, M-C.; Chevallier, P., 2019:
FLT3 ligand plasma levels have no impact on outcomes after allotransplant in acute leukemia

Mishra, B.; Chand, S.; Singh Sangwan, N., 2019:
ROS management is mediated by ascorbate-glutathione-α-tocopherol triad in co-ordination with secondary metabolic pathway under cadmium stress in Withania somnifera

Reynolds, M.Victoria.; Madden, S.K.; Ryan, A.B., 2019:
The influence of premature birth on laryngeal development for phonation

Shaikh, N.; Kurs-Lasky, M.; Hoberman, A., 2019:
Modification of the acute otitis media symptom severity scale

Shirley, F.; Oshri, W.; Ari, D.; Gad, F., 2019:
The role of laryngeal ultrasound in the assessment of pediatric dysphonia and stridor

Ahmadi, A.; Mohamadi, R.; Ebadi, A.; Kamali, M.; Zarifian, T.; Kazemi, M.Dastjerdi., 2019:
Development and validation of a new scale for assessment of speech stimulability in Persian speaking children

Xiang, Y-Bao.; Tang, S-Hua.; Li, H-Zheng.; Xu, C-Yang.; Chen, C.; Xu, Y-Zhi.; Ding, L-Rong.; Xu, X-Qin., 2019:
Mutation analysis of common deafness-causing genes among 506 patients with nonsyndromic hearing loss from Wenzhou city, China

Cea, M.; González, Mía.Eugenia.; Abarzúa, M.; Navia, R., 2019:
Enzymatic esterification of oleic acid by Candida rugosa lipase immobilized onto biochar

Yi, S., 2019:
Resource recovery potentials by landfill mining and reclamation in South Korea

Al-Sheyadi, A.; Muyldermans, L.; Kauppi, K., 2019:
The complementarity of green supply chain management practices and the impact on environmental performance

Sergienko, N.; Irtem, E.; Gutierrez, O.; Radjenovic, J., 2019:
Electrochemical removal of sulfide on porous carbon-based flow-through electrodes

Lan, X.; Wang, T.; Ewald, F.; Chen, Z.; Cui, K.; Schäffer, A.; Wang, L.; Ji, R., 2019:
14 C-Labelling of the natural steroid estrogens 17α-estradiol, 17β-estradiol, and estrone

Padar, M.; Starkopf, J.; Uusvel, G.; Reintam Blaser, A., 2019:
Gastrointestinal failure affects outcome of intensive care

Rewa, O.G.; Bagshaw, S.M.; Wang, X.; Wald, R.; Smith, O.; Shapiro, J.; McMahon, B.; Liu, K.D.; Trevino, S.A.; Chawla, L.S.; Koyner, J.L., 2019:
The furosemide stress test for prediction of worsening acute kidney injury in critically ill patients: A multicenter, prospective, observational study

Rosa, R.Goulart.; Ferreira, G.Esteves.; Viola, T.Wendt.; Robinson, C.Cabral.; Kochhann, R.; Berto, P.Pinheiro.; Biason, L.; Cardoso, P.Ricardo.; Falavigna, M.; Teixeira, C., 2019:
Effects of post-ICU follow-up on subject outcomes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Pinder, N.; Bruckner, T.; Lehmann, M.; Motsch, J.; Brenner, T.; Larmann, J.; Knebel, P.; Hoppe-Tichy, T.; Swoboda, S.; Weigand, M.A.; Hofer, S.; Zimmermann, J.B., 2019:
Effect of physostigmine on recovery from septic shock following intra-abdominal infection - Results from a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, monocentric pilot trial (Anticholium® per Se)

Jiang, Z-Qing.; Wang, S-Dong.; Feng, D-Dan.; Zhang, B-Xin.; Mao, S-Hao.; Wu, J-Nong., 2019:
Epidemiological risk factors for nosocomial bloodstream infections: A four-year retrospective study in China

Matsumura, Y.; Nakada, T-Aki.; Abe, T.; Ogura, H.; Shiraishi, A.; Kushimoto, S.; Saitoh, D.; Fujishima, S.; Mayumi, T.; Shiino, Y.; Tarui, T.; Hifumi, T.; Otomo, Y.; Okamoto, K.; Umemura, Y.; Kotani, J.; Sakamoto, Y.; Sasaki, J.; Shiraishi, S-Ichiro.; Takuma, K.; Tsuruta, R.; Hagiwara, A.; Yamakawa, K.; Masuno, T.; Takeyama, N.; Yamashita, N.; Ikeda, H.; Ueyama, M.; Fujimi, S.; Gando, S., 2019:
Nighttime and non-business days are not associated with increased risk of in-hospital mortality in patients with severe sepsis in intensive care units in Japan: The JAAM FORECAST study

Shin, C.; Park, H.; Lee, W-Woo.; Kim, H-Jeong.; Kim, H-Joon.; Jeon, B., 2019:
Clonazepam for probable REM sleep behavior disorder in Parkinson's disease: A randomized placebo-controlled trial

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Effects and relationships of grazing intensity on multiple ecosystem services in the Inner Mongolian steppe

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Siblings caring for siblings with Intellectual Disabilities: Naming and negotiating emotional tensions

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Transition to adulthood: Dynamics of disability, food security, and SNAP participation

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Positive emotions, learning behavior and teacher support in self-directed learning during adolescence: Do age and gender matter?

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Does social support moderate the relationship between racial discrimination and aggression among Latinx adolescents? A longitudinal study

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Functional MRI evidence of the cortico-olivary efferent pathway during active auditory target processing in humans

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Mode of seizure inhibition by sodium channel blockers, an SV2A ligand, and an AMPA receptor antagonist in a rat amygdala kindling model

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DNA methylation in thyroid cancer

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Is obesity a risk factor for skeletal muscle ageing?

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The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission radiation protection policy and opportunities for the future

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Dosimetric uncertainties as a result of temporal resolution in 4D dose calculations for PBS proton therapy

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Facile synthesis of fluorinated nanophotosensitizers with self-supplied oxygen for efficient photodynamic therapy

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Self-Collected Samples in Cervical Cancer Screening: Results of HPV and Pap Self-Collected Samples Compared to Physician-Obtained Specimens

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Precision Medicine for Clinicians: The Future Begins Now

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Mortality Risk in Older Adults: What the Nose Knows

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Potassium uptake systems of Candida krusei

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De novo prediction of the elemental composition of peptides and proteins based on a single mass

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Insights on the Proteases Involved in Barley and Wheat Grain Germination

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Comparison of Volatile Oil between the Fruits of Amomum villosum Lour. and Amomum villosum Lour. var. xanthioides T. L. Wu et Senjen Based on GC-MS and Chemometric Techniques

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Miniaturized Multi-Port Microstrip Patch Antenna Using Metamaterial for Passive UHF RFID-Tag Sensor Applications

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How Do Neighbourhood Definitions Influence the Associations between Built Environment and Physical Activity?

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Marek's Disease Virus Regulates the Ubiquitylome of Chicken CD4 + T Cells to Promote Tumorigenesis

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Adsorption Property, Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Activated Carbon Fiber Prepared from Liquefied Wood by Zncl 2 Activation

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Rapid Determination of Amino Acids of Nitraria tangutorum Bobr. from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using HPLC-FLD-MS/MS and a Highly Selective and Sensitive Pre-Column Derivatization Method

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Structural Influence on the Post-Clustering Stability of DNA/AgNCs Fluorescence

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Pulmonary Vessel Obstruction Does Not Correlate with Severity of Pulmonary Embolism

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Effects of Silymarin on the In Vivo Pharmacokinetics of Simvastatin and Its Active Metabolite in Rats

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Adaptive Changes of Glioblastoma Cells Following Exposure to Hypoxic (1% Oxygen) Tumour Microenvironment

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A Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Insects in Feed on Poultry Growth Performances

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Nutritional Intake, Sports Nutrition Knowledge and Energy Availability in Female Australian Rules Football Players

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In Situ Incorporation of Diamino Silane Group into Waterborne Polyurethane for Enhancing Surface Hydrophobicity of Coating

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Monitoring of Fusarium Species and Trichothecene Genotypes Associated with Fusarium Head Blight on Wheat in Hebei Province, China

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Altered Gene Response to Aflatoxin B 1 in the Spleens of Susceptible and Resistant Turkeys

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Gene Therapy Today and Tomorrow

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Cyclonerane Derivatives from the Algicolous Endophytic Fungus Trichoderma asperellum A-YMD-9-2

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Telomere Function and the G-Quadruplex Formation are Regulated by hnRNP U

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DFT Analysis of NO Adsorption on the Undoped and Ce-Doped LaCoO 3 (011) Surface

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Proteome Profiling of Exosomes Purified from a Small Amount of Human Serum: The Problem of Co-Purified Serum Components

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Termites ( Blattodea Latreille 1810, Termitoidae Latreille 1802) of Abuko Nature Reserve, Nyambai Forest Park and Tanji Bird Reserve (The Gambia)

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Effectiveness Analysis of Systematic Combined Sewer Overflow Control Schemes in the Sponge City Pilot Area of Beijing

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ARNi: A Novel Approach to Counteract Cardiovascular Diseases

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Degradable Polymer Stars Based on Tannic Acid Cores by ATRP

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New Glutamine-Containing Azaphilone Alkaloids from Deep-Sea-Derived Fungus Chaetomium globosum HDN151398

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Effect of the Electric Field on the Distribution Law of Chloride Ions and Microstructure in Concrete with the Addition of Mineral Admixtures

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CC-DTW: An Accurate Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Using Calibrated Channel State Information and Modified Dynamic Time Warping

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Efficacy and Long-Term Safety of H. pylori Eradication for Gastric Cancer Prevention

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A Limonoid, 7-Deacetoxy-7-Oxogedunin (CG-1) from Andiroba ( Carapa guianensis , Meliaceae) Lowers the Accumulation of Intracellular Lipids in Adipocytes via Suppression of IRS-1/Akt-Mediated Glucose Uptake and a Decrease in GLUT4 Expression

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RT-Seg: A Real-Time Semantic Segmentation Network for Side-Scan Sonar Images

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siRNA-Mediated Simultaneous Regulation of the Cellular Innate Immune Response and Human Respiratory Syncytial Virus Replication

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Inhibition of Demineralization at Restoration Margins of Z100 and Tetric EvoCeram Bulk Fill in Dentin and Enamel

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Research on GA-SVM Based Head-Motion Classification via Mechanomyography Feature Analysis

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Penicillin G Sodium as a Treatment of Otosyphilis with Hearing Loss

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Object Tracking for a Smart City Using IoT and Edge Computing

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Telomere Gene Therapy: Polarizing Therapeutic Goals for Treatment of Various Diseases

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What Evidence Do We Have for Pharmaceutical Galactagogues in the Treatment of Lactation Insufficiency?-A Narrative Review

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Blackcurrant ( Ribes nigrum ) Extract Exerts an Anti-Inflammatory Action by Modulating Macrophage Phenotypes

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New Calibrator with Points Distributed Conical Helically for Online Calibration of C-Arm

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Identification of Small Molecule Inhibitors of Staphylococcus aureus RnpA

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Impact of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Hypoxia on Catecholamine Biosynthesis in Absence or Presence of Hif2α in Pheochromocytoma Cells

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Effect of Multi-Directional Forging on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of β-Solidifying TiAl Alloy

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The Role of Macrophage in the Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis

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Magnesium and Drugs

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MapB Protein is the Essential Methionine Aminopeptidase in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

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A Survey of Italian Dairy Farmers' Propensity for Precision Livestock Farming Tools

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YY1/BCCIP Coordinately Regulates P53-Responsive Element (p53RE)-Mediated Transactivation of p21 Waf1/Cip1

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Modeling of Protein⁻Protein Interactions in Cytokinin Signal Transduction

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Negative Pressure Waves Based High Resolution Leakage Localization Method Using Piezoceramic Transducers and Multiple Temporal Convolutions

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Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Field Exposure and the Resting EEG: Exploring the Thermal Mechanism Hypothesis

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Stress⁻Strain Properties and Gas Permeability Evolution of Hybrid Fiber Engineered Cementitious Composites in the Process of Compression

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Macrocyclic Compounds for Drug and Gene Delivery in Immune-Modulating Therapy

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Metagenomics-Guided Survey, Isolation, and Characterization of Uranium Resistant Microbiota from the Savannah River Site, USA

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Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet is Associated with Better Sleep Quality in Italian Adults

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Factors Influencing the Intention to Use the Common Ticketing System (Spider Card) in Thailand

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A Unique Sugar l-Perosamine (4-Amino-4,6-dideoxy-l-mannose) Is a Compound Building Two O-Chain Polysaccharides in the Lipopolysaccharide of Aeromonas hydrophila Strain JCM 3968, Serogroup O6

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Enhancing the Interfacial Strength of Carbon Fiber/Poly(ether ether ketone) Hybrid Composites by Plasma Treatments

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A Novel Wearable EEG and ECG Recording System for Stress Assessment

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On the Race for More Stretchable and Tough Hydrogels

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Fabrication and Application of Novel Porous Scaffold in Situ-Loaded Graphene Oxide and Osteogenic Peptide by Cryogenic 3D Printing for Repairing Critical-Sized Bone Defect

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Development and Validation of a Physical Activity Educational Module for Overweight and Obese Adolescents: CERGAS Programme

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Design, Synthesis, and Mechanism of Dihydroartemisinin⁻Coumarin Hybrids as Potential Anti-Neuroinflammatory Agents

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Nickel-Catalyzed Decarbonylative Stannylation of Acyl Fluorides under Ligand-Free Conditions

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A Novel Method for Classifying Liver and Brain Tumors Using Convolutional Neural Networks, Discrete Wavelet Transform and Long Short-Term Memory Networks

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Carbon and Tin-Based Polyacrylonitrile Hybrid Architecture Solid Phase Microextraction Fiber for the Detection and Quantification of Antibiotic Compounds in Aqueous Environmental Systems

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Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm: State of the Art and Prospects

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Short Chain Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in Microalgae Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942

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Functional Research on Three Presumed Asparagine Synthetase Family Members in Poplar

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Simultaneously Enhanced Strength and Ductility of Al⁻Mg⁻Si Alloys during Aging Process Induced by Electro-Pulsing Treatment

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A Dynamic Surface Gateway Placement Scheme for Mobile Underwater Networks

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The Effect of Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in the Treatment of Patients with Cancer: A Systematic Review

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Portable Rice Disease Spores Capture and Detection Method Using Diffraction Fingerprints on Microfluidic Chip

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Precision Revisited: Targeting Microcephaly Kinases in Brain Tumors

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Asymmetric Soil Warming under Global Climate Change

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Comparative Analysis of Different Tube Models for Linear Rheology of Monodisperse Linear Entangled Polymers

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FPGA-Based Degradation and Reliability Monitor for Underground Cables

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Transcriptome Changes in the Mink Uterus during Blastocyst Dormancy and Reactivation

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Fast Tac Metabolizers at Risk ⁻ It is Time for a C/D Ratio Calculation

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A Review on Sulfonated Polymer Composite/Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Membranes to Address Methanol Barrier Issue for Methanol Fuel Cells

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Mulberry Extract Attenuates Endothelial Dysfunction through the Regulation of Uncoupling Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase in High Fat Diet Rats

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Cervical Cancer Correlates with the Differential Expression of Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors and Reveals Therapeutic Targets

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Impacts of Low Atmospheric Pressure on Properties of Cement Concrete in Plateau Areas: A Literature Review

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Mapping Semaphorins and Netrins in the Pathogenesis of Human Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms

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Mulinum crassifolium Phil; Two New Mulinanes, Gastroprotective Activity and Metabolomic Analysis by UHPLC-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry

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Prevalence of Active Syphilis Infection and Risk Factors among HIV-Positive MSM in Zhejiang, China in 2015: A Cross-Sectional Study

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Osteopontin, Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor and Anti-Interleukin-8 Autoantibodies Complement CA125 for Detection of Early Stage Ovarian Cancer

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Performance Criteria for the Identification of Inertial Sensor Error Models

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Grape-Seed Proanthocyanidins are Able to Reverse Intestinal Dysfunction and Metabolic Endotoxemia Induced by a Cafeteria Diet in Wistar Rats

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Attenuating Diabetic Vascular and Neuronal Defects by Targeting P2rx7

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Expression of Autotaxin⁻Lysophosphatidate Signaling-Related Proteins in Breast Cancer with Adipose Stroma

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Wirelessly Powered Light and Temperature Sensors Facilitated by Electrically Small Omnidirectional and Huygens Dipole Antennas

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Optimization of Spray-Drying Process of Jerusalem artichoke Extract for Inulin Production

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The Intergranular Corrosion Susceptibility of Metastable Austenitic Cr⁻Mn⁻Ni⁻N⁻Cu High-Strength Stainless Steel under Various Heat Treatments

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Recent Progress in the Theranostics Application of Nanomedicine in Lung Cancer

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Influence of the Mass Media and Body Dissatisfaction on the Risk in Adolescents of Developing Eating Disorders

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Effect of Hot-Alkali Treatment on the Structure Composition of Jute Fabrics and Mechanical Properties of Laminated Composites

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Mutation of Inositol 1,3,4-trisphosphate 5/6-kinase6 Impairs Plant Growth and Phytic Acid Synthesis in Rice

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Application of Acyzol in the Context of Zinc Deficiency and Perspectives

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A Facile Strategy for Visualizing and Modulating Droplet-Based Microfluidics

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MicroRNA in Ovarian Cancer: Biology, Pathogenesis, and Therapeutic Opportunities

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Three-Dimensional Nano-Morphology of Carbon Nanotube/Epoxy Filled Poly(methyl methacrylate) Microcapsules

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Inflammation, Biomarkers and Immuno-Oncology Pathways in Pancreatic Cancer

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A Fourier-Based Image Formation Algorithm for Geo-Stationary GNSS-Based Bistatic Forward-Looking Synthetic Aperture Radar

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Marine Rare Actinomycetes: A Promising Source of Structurally Diverse and Unique Novel Natural Products

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An Integrated Approach to Current Trends in Organic Food in the EU

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Influence of Resveratrol on the Immune Response

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Retinoic Acid Induces Differentiation of Mouse F9 Embryonic Carcinoma Cell by Modulating the miR-485 Targeting of Abhd2

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Galectin 3 and Galectin 3 Binding Protein Improve the Risk Stratification after Myocardial Infarction

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Protective Effects of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Cancer-Related Complications

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A Unified Multiple-Target Positioning Framework for Intelligent Connected Vehicles

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A Lagrange-Newton Method for EIT/UT Dual-Modality Image Reconstruction

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Screening for Cholesterol-Lowering Probiotics from Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Corn Silage Based on Three Hypothesized Pathways

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A Fault-Tolerant Data Fusion Method of MEMS Redundant Gyro System Based on Weighted Distributed Kalman Filtering

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The Stability of a Nanoparticle Diamond Lattice Linked by DNA

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Effect of Maternal Obesity and Preconceptional Weight Loss on Male and Female Offspring Metabolism and Olfactory Performance in Mice

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Burn Time of Metal Nanoparticles

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Selenium in Germinated Chickpea ( Cicer arietinum L.) Increases the Stability of Its Oil Fraction

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PAX: Using Pseudonymization and Anonymization to Protect Patients' Identities and Data in the Healthcare System

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Evaluating the Within-Host Dynamics of Ranavirus Infection with Mechanistic Disease Models and Experimental Data

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Kinetic Analysis of Digestate Slow Pyrolysis with the Application of the Master-Plots Method and Independent Parallel Reactions Scheme

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Single-Step Self-Assembly and Physical Crosslinking of PEGylated Chitosan Nanoparticles by Tannic Acid

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Pharmacy Travel Health Services in Canada: Experience of Early Adopters

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β-Catenin/Smad3 Interaction Regulates Transforming Growth Factor-β-Induced Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition in the Lens

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Distributed Acoustic Sensing of Strain at Earth Tide Frequencies

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Children's Dietary Quality and Micronutrient Adequacy by Food Security in the Household and among Household Children

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Characteristics of Future Models of Integrated Outpatient Care

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Phosphatidylinositol 5 Phosphate (PI5P): From Behind the Scenes to the Front (Nuclear) Stage

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Rottlerin Reduces cAMP/CREB-Mediated Melanogenesis via Regulation of Autophagy

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Prediction of the Auto-Ignition Temperatures of Binary Miscible Liquid Mixtures from Molecular Structures

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Unappreciated Role of LDHA and LDHB to Control Apoptosis and Autophagy in Tumor Cells

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Analysis of Cellulose and Lignocellulose Materials by Raman Spectroscopy: A Review of the Current Status

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Molecular Biomarkers in Fragile X Syndrome

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Dynamics of Dual Specificity Phosphatases and Their Interplay with Protein Kinases in Immune Signaling

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Underwater Target Localization and Synchronization for a Distributed SIMO Sonar with an Isogradient SSP and Uncertainties in Receiver Locations

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High Endemicity of Soil-Transmitted Helminths in a Population Frequently Exposed to Albendazole but No Evidence of Antiparasitic Resistance

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Towards Deep-Learning-Driven Intrusion Detection for the Internet of Things

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Genetic Predispositions of Glucocorticoid Resistance and Therapeutic Outcomes in Polymyalgia Rheumatica and Giant Cell Arteritis

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Crack Detection of FRP-Reinforced Concrete Beam Using Embedded Piezoceramic Smart Aggregates

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Social Integration, Social Support, and All-Cause, Cardiovascular Disease and Cause-Specific Mortality: A Prospective Cohort Study

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Motor Endplate-Anatomical, Functional, and Molecular Concepts in the Historical Perspective

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Chapparvovirus DNA Found in 4% of Dogs with Diarrhea

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Design, Fabrication and Mass-spectrometric Studies of a Micro Ion Source for High-Field Asymmetric Waveform Ion Mobility Spectrometry

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Bone Regeneration Induced by Strontium Folate Loaded Biohybrid Scaffolds

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Effect of Process Parameters on Organic Micro Patterns Fabricated on a Flexible Substrate Using the Near-Field Electrohydrodynamic Direct-Writing Method

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Capillary Sensor with Disposable Optrode for Diesel Fuel Quality Testing

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MAGI1 Mediates eNOS Activation and NO Production in Endothelial Cells in Response to Fluid Shear Stress

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Bearing Fault Diagnosis Based on the Switchable Normalization SSGAN with 1-D Representation of Vibration Signals as Input

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Performance Evaluation of Low-Cost Seismic Sensors for Dense Earthquake Early Warning: 2018⁻2019 Field Testing in Southwest China

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The Flavonoid Quercetin Induces AP-1 Activation in FRTL-5 Thyroid Cells

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Performance Bound for Joint Multiple Parameter Target Estimation in Sparse Stepped-Frequency Radar: A Comparison Analysis

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Direction of Arrival Estimation Using Two Hydrophones: Frequency Diversity Technique for Passive Sonar

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Research on High Precision and Deterministic Figuring for Shaft Parts Based on Abrasive Belt Polishing

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Modification of Montmorillonite with Polyethylene Oxide and Its Use as Support for Pd 0 Nanoparticle Catalysts

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New Generation Cardiac Contractility Modulation Device-Filling the Gap in Heart Failure Treatment

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Dietary Silicon and Its Impact on Plasma Silicon Levels in the Polish Population

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Citrate-Induced p85α⁻PTEN Complex Formation Causes G 2 /M Phase Arrest in Human Pharyngeal Squamous Carcinoma Cell Lines

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Role of Cannabinoid Receptor Type 1 in Insulin Resistance and Its Biological Implications

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An Optimized Tightly-Coupled VIO Design on the Basis of the Fused Point and Line Features for Patrol Robot Navigation

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Polymorphisms of Mismatch Repair Pathway Genes Predict Clinical Outcomes in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Receiving Adjuvant Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy

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Doppler Data Association Scheme for Multi-Target Tracking in an Active Sonar System

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Influencing Factors of Void closure in Skew-Rolled Steel Balls Based on the Floating-Pressure Method

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Ubiquitination-Mediated Inflammasome Activation during Bacterial Infection

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Anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation over the Vertex Enhances Leg Motor Cortex Excitability Bilaterally

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Parallel Transmission of Distributed Sensor Based on SCTP and TCP for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks in IoT

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An Advanced Algorithm for Higher Network Navigation in Social Internet of Things Using Small-World Networks

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Ouabain Enhances Cell-Cell Adhesion Mediated by β 1 Subunits of the Na + ,K + -ATPase in CHO Fibroblasts

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Choosing from an Optimal Number of Options Makes Curry and Tea More Palatable

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A Deep Learning-Based Satellite Target Recognition Method Using Radar Data

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Facile Approach to Develop Hierarchical Roughness fiber@SiO 2 Blocks for Superhydrophobic Paper

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Fast Online Coordinate Correction of a Multi-Sensor for Object Identification in Autonomous Vehicles

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ECNet: Efficient Convolutional Networks for Side Scan Sonar Image Segmentation

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Beyond the Benefits of Assistance Dogs: Exploring Challenges Experienced by First-Time Handlers

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Improvement Properties of Hybrid Halide Perovskite Thin Films Prepared by Sequential Evaporation for Planar Solar Cells

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Evaluation of Protein Kinase Inhibitors with PLK4 Cross-Over Potential in a Pre-Clinical Model of Cancer

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An Update on Interleukin-9: From Its Cellular Source and Signal Transduction to Its Role in Immunopathogenesis

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A Pilot Study to Test the Feasibility of a Home Mobility Monitoring System in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

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Lamb-Wave-Based Multistage Damage Detection Method Using an Active PZT Sensor Network for Large Structures

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Behavioural Phenotypic Plasticity of Submerged Oviposition in Damselflies (Insecta: Odonata)

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Global Heat Wave Hazard Considering Humidity Effects during the 21st Century

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Improved Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Properties Through the Use of Segregate Carbon Nanotube Networks

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Ground Reaction Forces and Kinematics of Ski Jump Landing Using Wearable Sensors

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The Possible Role of the Microbiota-Gut-Brain-Axis in Autism Spectrum Disorder

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In-Situ Measurements in Microscale Gas Flows-Conventional Sensors or Something Else?

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The Impact of a Nitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor (L-NAME) on Ischemia⁻Reperfusion Injury of Cholestatic Livers by Pringle Maneuver and Liver Resection after Bile Duct Ligation in Rats

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The Rise of Elite Short-Course Triathlon Re-Emphasises the Necessity to Transition Efficiently from Cycling to Running

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Designing the Composition of Cement Stabilized Rammed Earth Using Artificial Neural Networks

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Filling the Gap: Neural Stem Cells as A Promising Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

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A Lightweight Three-Factor Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks for Smart Homes

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Identification of FDA-Approved Drugs with Activity against Stationary Phase Bartonella henselae

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Influence of Urban Green Space and Facility Accessibility on Exercise and Healthy Diet in Hong Kong

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Molecular and Morphological Profiling of Lung Cancer: A Foundation for "Next-Generation" Pathologists and Oncologists

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Antispasmodic Effect of Essential Oils and Their Constituents: A Review

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Heat Source Characteristics of Ternary-Gas-Shielded Tandem Narrow-Gap GMAW

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Application of NiTi in Assistive and Rehabilitation Devices: A Review

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Design and Analysis of a Lightweight Context Fusion CNN Scheme for Crowd Counting

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Reducing Inequities in Early Childhood Mental Health: How Might the Neighborhood Built Environment Help Close the Gap? A Systematic Search and Critical Review

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An Epistatic Interaction between Pnpla2 and Lipe Reveals New Pathways of Adipose Tissue Lipolysis

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Coordination between Rac1 and Rab Proteins: Functional Implications in Health and Disease

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Maternal Metformin Treatment Improves Developmental and Metabolic Traits of IUGR Fetuses

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Prognostic Value of Systemic Inflammatory Indices, NLR, PLR, and MPV, for Predicting 1-Year Survival of Patients Undergoing Cytoreductive Surgery with HIPEC

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Cyclic Response of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Slender Beams; an Experimental Study

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A Preliminary Metagenome Analysis Based on a Combination of Protein Domains

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Adaptive Selection of Truncation Radius in Calderon's Method for Direct Image Reconstruction in Electrical Capacitance Tomography

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An Active Power Control Technique for Downlink Interference Management in a Two-Tier Macro⁻Femto Network

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Preparation of Pincer Hafnium Complexes for Olefin Polymerization

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T he Role of miRNAs in Zearalenone-Promotion of TM3 Cell Proliferation

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Adherence to a Mediterranean Dietary Pattern Is Associated with Higher Quality of Life in a Cohort of Italian Adults

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Active PZT Composite Microfluidic Channel for Bioparticle Manipulation

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Serum S100A12 and S100B Proteins are Independent Predictors of the Presence and Severity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

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Releasing the Genie in the Bottle: Molecular Signaling with Hydrogen Sulfide

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Structural Characterization of a Boron(III) η 2 -σ-Silane-Complex

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Micro- and Nanopillar Chips for Continuous Separation of Extracellular Vesicles

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Effect of Substrate and Bacterial Zeta Potential on Adhesion of Mycobacterium smegmatis

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Consequences of Hypoacidity Induced by Proton Pump Inhibitors - a Practical Approach

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Urinary Tract and Gynecologic Malignancies

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Effect and Toxicity of Radiation Therapy in Selected Palliative Indications

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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer with Estrogen Receptors and ALK Positivity

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Risk factors of syphilis co-infection among HIV-infected men who have sex with men in Tel-Aviv, Israel

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Cochlear Implantation in the Old Old with Cognitive Decline

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Effect of Intranasal Corticosteroids on Secondary Sinonasal Symptoms: A Systematic Review of Randomized Trials

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Enteral Tranexamic Acid Decreases Proteolytic Activity in the Heart in Acute Experimental Hemorrhagic Shock

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Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors and Angiotensin Receptor Blockers in Myocardial Infarction

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My Journey before and after the birth of the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

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An occupational therapy community development practice process

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Factors associated with the use and longer duration of seclusion and restraint in psychiatric inpatient settings: a retrospective chart review

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The nephrotoxicity of new immunotherapies

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Prime eligible poisons: identification of extremely hazardous substances available on Amazon.com ®

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Interval growth in an ICA bifurcation aneurysm treated with balloon occlusion, and possible contribution of vasa vasorum hypertrophy

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Mechanisms of the effectiveness of lipid nanoparticle formulations loaded with anti-tubercular drugs combinations toward overcoming drug bioavailability in tuberculosis

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Don't Just Stand There: Do Something! The Case for Peri-Ictal Intervention

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CRAFTing a New Approach to Antiepileptic Drug Discovery

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Good Outcome in Cardiac Arrest Patients in Refractory Status Epilepticus: A Result of Aggressive Treatment or EEG Reclassification

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Are Antidepressant Medications Safe for Pregnant Women With Epilepsy? The Signs Point to Yes

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Serine-rich repeat proteins from gut microbes

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From Bacteriophage to Plant Genetics

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Control of Meristem Size

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Water Use Efficiency as a Constraint and Target for Improving the Resilience and Productivity of C 3 and C 4 Crops

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Evolution of Glucosinolate Diversity via Whole-Genome Duplications, Gene Rearrangements, and Substrate Promiscuity

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Heterotrimeric G-Protein Signaling in Plants: Conserved and Novel Mechanisms

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Crop Improvement Through Temperature Resilience

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Failure of Post Exposure Prophylaxis in a girl child attacked by rabid dog severing her Facial nerve causing possible direct entry of rabies virus into the facial nerve

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High elevation training mask as a respiratory muscle strength training tool for dysphagia

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Is it time to re-think the use of etravirine in patients with available genotypic resistance test?

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Experiences of shame and intellectual disabilities: Two case studies

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Extensor Carpi Ulnaris Tendon Anatomy May Mimic Tears

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Lessons From the Street Through a Homeless Youth With Depression

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Human resource technology disruptions and their implications for human resources management in healthcare organizations

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Estimation of vegetation water content using hyperspectral vegetation indices: a comparison of crop water indicators in response to water stress treatments for summer maize

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Gender differences in the bidirectional relationship between alcohol consumption and sleeplessness: the Tromsø study

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Involving end-users in the design of an audit and feedback intervention in the emergency department setting - a mixed methods study

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Cell size sensing-a one-dimensional solution for a three-dimensional problem?

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Elevated plasma copeptin levels identify the presence and severity of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in obesity

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Plasmodium knowlesi clinical isolates from Malaysia show extensive diversity and strong differential selection pressure at the merozoite surface protein 7D (MSP7D)

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Measuring implementation in global mental health: validation of a pragmatic implementation science measure in eastern Ukraine using an experimental vignette design

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Technology-aided assessments of sensorimotor function: current use, barriers and future directions in the view of different stakeholders

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To what extent is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder considered in policy-related documents in South Africa? A document review

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Effect of transcription inhibition and generation of suppressive viral non-coding RNAs

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A case report of a tongue ulcer presented as the first sign of occult tuberculosis

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Novel magnetically separable of Fe 3 O 4 /Ag 3 PO 4 @WO 3 nanocomposites for enhanced photocatalytic and antibacterial activity against Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus)

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LncRNA-miRNA-mRNA expression variation profile in the urine of calcium oxalate stone patients

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Psychometric analysis of the adult sickle cell quality of life measurement information system (ACSQ-Me) in a UK population

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Nonanatomic versus anatomic techniques in spring ligament reconstruction: biomechanical assessment via a finite element model

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Investigation on potential malaria vectors (Anopheles spp.) in the Province of Trento, Italy

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3D planning and surgical navigation of clavicle osteosynthesis using adaptable patient-specific instruments

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All-trans-retinoic acid (ATRA) plus oxaliplatin plus 5-fluorouracil/leucovorin (FOLFOX) versus FOLFOX alone as palliative chemotherapy in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma and extrahepatic metastasis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

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Do we really allow patient decision-making in rotator cuff surgery? A prospective randomized study

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Quality and quantity of sample size is crucial in clinical studies to exclude association: antimicrobial exposure and the risk of delirium in critically ill patients

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African trypanosomes

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Insights into the natural history of metachromatic leukodystrophy from interviews with caregivers

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Renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system blockers after KDIGO stage 3 acute kidney injury: use and impact on 2-year mortality in the AKIKI trial

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Retrotransposon expression in response to in vitro inoculation with two fungal pathogens of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

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Regulation of global gene expression in brain by TMP21

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Dauer signalling pathway model for Haemonchus contortus

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Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in systemic sclerosis induces long-lasting changes in B cell homeostasis toward an anti-inflammatory B cell cytokine pattern

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Demography of vascular Behcet's disease with different gender and age: an investigation with 166 Chinese patients

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Cisplatin resistant lung cancer cells promoted M2 polarization of tumor-associated macrophages via the Src/CD155/MIF functional pathway

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CRISPR enables directed evolution in plants

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CRISPR directed evolution of the spliceosome for resistance to splicing inhibitors

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Transobturator tape material detected in the bladder neck: a case report

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Incomplete childhood vaccination and associated factors among children aged 12-23 months in Gondar city administration, Northwest, Ethiopia 2018

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IGF-1C domain-modified hydrogel enhances therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells for hindlimb ischemia

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Notch signalling defines dorsal root ganglia neuroglial fate choice during early neural crest cell migration

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Place for elective cholecystectomy for patients with severe thalassaemia: a retrospective case control study

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Neighbourhood contacts and trade movements drive the regional spread of bovine viral diarrhoea virus (BVDV)

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Brazilian recommendations on the safety and effectiveness of the yellow fever vaccination in patients with chronic immune-mediated inflammatory diseases

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A CCR5 + memory subset within HIV-1-infected primary resting CD4 + T cells is permissive for replication-competent, latently infected viruses in vitro

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Concealed cysts presenting as 'Club' penis: a case report

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