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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66740

Chapter 66740 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Hornick, E.E.; Dagvadorj, J.; Zacharias, Z.R.; Miller, A.M.; Langlois, R.A.; Chen, P.; Legge, K.L.; Bishop, G.A.; Sutterwala, F.S.; Cassel, S.L., 2019:
Dendritic cell NLRC4 regulates influenza A virus-specific CD4 T cell responses through FasL expression

Gallagher, P.G.; Maksimova, Y.; Lezon-Geyda, K.; Newburger, P.E.; Medeiros, D.; Hanson, R.D.; Rothman, J.A.; Israels, S.J.; Wall, D.A.; Sidonio, R.F.; Sieff, C.; Gowans, L.Kate.; Mittal, N.; Rivera-Santiago, R.; Speicher, D.W.; Baserga, S.J.; Schulz, V.P., 2019:
Aberrant splicing contributes to severe α-spectrin-linked congenital hemolytic anemia

Koenig, J.B.; Cantu, D.; Low, C.S.; Sommer, M.E.; Noubary, F.; Croker, D.; Whalen, M.; Kong, D.; Dulla, C.G., 2019:
Glycolytic inhibitor 2-deoxyglucose prevents cortical hyperexcitability after traumatic brain injury

Borghi-Silva, A.; Di Thommazo-Luporini, L.; Carvalho, Lívia.P., 2019:
Are cardiopulmonary exercise testing and bioimpedance variables potential predictors of obesity treatment?

Yohannes, A.M., 2019:
Sobering reality of palliative care provision for patients with advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Gruchała-Niedoszytko, M.; Niedoszytko, P.; Kaczkan, Młgorzata.; Pieszko, M.; Gierat-Haponiuk, K.; Śliwińska, A.; Skotnicka, M.; Szalewska, D.; Małgorzewicz, S., 2019:
Cardiopulmonary exercise test and bioimpedance as prediction tools to predict the outcomes of obesity treatment

Januszewicz, M.; Januszewicz, A.; Michałowska, I.; Klisiewicz, A.; Dobrowolski, P.; Warchoł-Celińska, E.; Jóźwik-Plebanek, K.; Witkowski, A.; Kądziela, J.; Kowalczyk, K.; Ziębka, J.; Talarowska, P.; Kabat, M.; Florczak, Eżbieta.; Pręgowska-Chwała, B.; Tykarski, A.; Stryczyński, Łukasz.; Stefańczyk, L.; Litwin, Mław.; Widecka, K.; Adamczak, M.; Szczerbo-Trojanowska, Młgorzata.; Hoffman, P.; Więcek, A.; Prejbisz, A., 2019:
Association of intrarenal blood flow with renal function and target organ damage in hypertensive patients with fibromuscular dysplasia: the ARCADIA-POL study

Cibor, D.; Szczeklik, K.; Mach, T.; Owczarek, D., 2019:
Levels of tissue factor pathway inhibitor in patients with inflammatory bowel disease

Bialy, Mł.; Podobinska, M.; Barski, J.; Bogacki-Rychlik, W.; Sajdel-Sulkowska, E.M., 2019:
Distinct classes of low frequency ultrasonic vocalizations in rats during sexual interactions relate to different emotional states

Ratajczak, P.Krzysztof.; Kus, K.; Zaprutko, T.; Szczepański, Młaj.; Nowakowska, Eżbieta., 2019:
Antidepressant and anxiolytic efficacy of single, chronic and concomitant use of vortioxetine, dapoxetine and fluoxetine in prenatally stressed rats

Maciejewska, K.; Drzazga, Z., 2019:
Differences in spatio‑temporal distribution of the visual P3b event-related potential between young men and women

Bulatov, A.; Marma, V.; Bulatova, N.; Mickienė, L., 2019:
The filled-space illusion induced by a single-dot distractor

Ferdek, M.A.; Adamczyk, A.K.; van Rijn, C.M.; Oosterman, J.M.; Wyczesany, M., 2019:
Pain catastrophizing is associated with altered EEG effective connectivity during pain‑related mental imagery

Hosseini, S.Masoud.; Golaghaei, A.; Nassireslami, E.; Naderi, N.; Pourbadie, H.Gholami.; Rahimzadegan, M.; Mohammadi, S., 2019:
Neuroprotective effects of lipopolysaccharide and naltrexone co‑preconditioning in the photothrombotic model of unilateral selective hippocampal ischemia in rat

Zandi, N.; Zaniani, N.Riahi.; Moghimi, A.; Roohbakhsh, A., 2019:
Protective effects of M8‑B, a TRPM8 antagonist, on febrile‑ and pentylenetetrazol‑induced seizures

Gerecsei, László.István.; Balázsa, Tás.; Echevarría, D.; Ádám, Ágota.; Zachar, G.; Csillag, Aás., 2019:
Selective neuronal death following exposure to methylenedioxypyrovalerone is accompanied by an inhibition of NMDA receptor NR2B subunit expression

Agüera, A.Dr.; Zafra, Mía.A.; Molina, F.; Puerto, A., 2019:
Increased short‑term food intake after external lateral parabrachial subnucleus lesions in rats

Lemieszek, M.K.; Marques, Pícia.S.; Ribeiro, M.; Ferreira, D.; Marques, G.; Chaves, R.; Pożarowski, P.; Nunes, F.M.; Rzeski, W., 2019:
Mushroom small RNAs as potential anticancer agents: a closer look at Cantharellus cibarius proapoptotic and antiproliferative effects in colon cancer cells

Ji, J.; Zhou, S.; Wang, W.; Ling, F.; Yao, J., 2019:
Active control of terahertz plasmon-induced transparency in the hybrid metamaterial/monolayer MoS 2 /Si structure

Du, X-Sheng.; Jia, Q.; Wang, C-Yu.; Meguellati, K.; Yang, Y-Wei., 2019:
A pillar[5]arene with an amino-terminated arm stabilizes the formation of aliphatic hemiaminals and imines

Yang, Q.; Luo, M.; Liu, K.; Cao, H.; Yan, H., 2019:
A composite of single-crystalline Bi 2 WO 6 and polycrystalline BiOCl with a high percentage of exposed (00l) facets for highly efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants

Liu, L.; Yuan, Y.; Yang, Y.; McMahon, M.T.; Chen, S.; Zhou, X., 2019:
A fluorinated aza-BODIPY derivative for NIR fluorescence/PA/ 19 F MR tri-modality in vivo imaging

Gutierrez, M.Gertrude.; Deyell, J.; White, K.L.; Dalle Ore, L.C.; Cherezov, V.; Stevens, R.C.; Malmstadt, N., 2019:
The lipid phase preference of the adenosine A 2A receptor depends on its ligand binding state

Haito, A.; Chatani, N., 2019:
Rh(i)-Catalyzed [3+2] annulation reactions of cyclopropenones with amides

Hu, F.; Liu, B.; Chu, H.; Liu, C.; Li, Z.; Chen, D.; Li, L., 2019:
Real-time monitoring of pH-responsive drug release using a metal-phenolic network-functionalized upconversion nanoconstruct

Yadav, R.; Simler, T.; Gamer, M.T.; Köppe, R.; Roesky, P.W., 2019:
Rhenium is different: CO tetramerization induced by a divalent lanthanide complex in rhenium carbonyls

Bhakuni, K.; Bisht, M.; Venkatesu, P.; Mondal, D., 2019:
Designing biological fluid inspired molecularly crowded ionic liquid media as a sustainable packaging platform for cytochrome c

Liu, Z.; Le, Z.; Lu, L.; Zhu, Y.; Yang, C.; Zhao, P.; Wang, Z.; Shen, J.; Liu, L.; Chen, Y., 2019:
Scalable fabrication of metal-phenolic nanoparticles by coordination-driven flash nanocomplexation for cancer theranostics

Purnachandar, D.; Suneel, K.; Balasubramanian, S.; Karunakar, G.V., 2019:
Gold-carbene assisted formation of tetraarylmethane derivatives: double X-H activation by gold

Mingabudinova, L.R.; Zalogina, A.S.; Krasilin, A.A.; Petrova, M.I.; Trofimov, P.; Mezenov, Y.A.; Ubyivovk, E.V.; Lönnecke, P.; Nominé, A.; Ghanbaja, J.; Belmonte, T.; Milichko, V.A., 2019:
Laser printing of optically resonant hollow crystalline carbon nanostructures from 1D and 2D metal-organic frameworks

Polavarapu, L.; Zhang, Q.; Krahne, R., 2019:
Nanoscale & Nanoscale Advances joint themed collection on halide perovskite nanocrystals

Park, S.; Yossifon, G., 2019:
Combining dielectrophoresis and concentration polarization-based preconcentration to enhance bead-based immunoassay sensitivity

Wang, H-Feng.; Li, J-Feng.; Sun, X-Xi.; Xu, J-Jing., 2019:
Stabilizing electrochemical Li-O 2 batteries with a metal-based cathode of PdNi on Ni nonwoven fabric

Ruiz, D.; Mizrahi, Mín.; Santos, H.D.A.; Jaque, D.; Jones, C.M.S.; Marqués-Hueso, Jé.; Jacinto, C.; Requejo, Félix.G.; Torres-Pardo, A.; González-Calbet, Jé.M.; Juárez, B.H., 2019:
Synthesis and characterization of Ag 2 S and Ag 2 S/Ag 2 (S,Se) NIR nanocrystals

Zhang, C.; Wang, Y.; Hou, G.; Ding, W.; Zi, G.; Walter, M.D., 2019:
Experimental and computational studies on a three-membered diphosphido thorium metallaheterocycle [η 5 -1,3-(Me 3 C) 2 C 5 H 3 ] 2 Th[η 2 -P 2 (2,4,6- i Pr 3 C 6 H 2 ) 2

Cui, Y.; Liu, R.; Ye, F.; Zhao, S., 2019:
Single-excitation, dual-emission biomass quantum dots: preparation and application for ratiometric fluorescence imaging of coenzyme A in living cells

Franke, P.R.; Moore, K.B.; Schaefer, H.F.; Douberly, G.E., 2019:
tert-Butyl peroxy radical: ground and first excited state energetics and fundamental frequencies

Zhao, C.; Li, C.; Duan, L., 2019:
A competitive hopping model for carrier transport in disordered organic semiconductors

Hill, M.S.; Mahon, M.F.; Wilson, A.S.S.; Dinoi, C.; Maron, L.; Richards, E., 2019:
Reduction of 1,3,5,7-cyclooctatetraene by a molecular calcium hydride: an even electron polarised insertion/deprotonation mechanism

Jo, Y.; Kirishima, A.; Kimuro, S.; Kim, H-Kyung.; Yun, J-Il., 2019:
Formation of CaUO 2 (CO 3 ) 3 2- and Ca 2 UO 2 (CO 3 ) 3 (aq) complexes at variable temperatures (10-70 °C)

Hult Roos, A.; Eland, J.H.D.; Andersson, J.; Wallner, M.; Squibb, R.J.; Feifel, R., 2019:
Relative extent of triple Auger decay in CO and CO 2

Xu, X.; Zhang, Z.; Huang, S.; Cao, L.; Liu, W.; Yan, X., 2019:
4-Halo-1,2,3-triazolylidenes: stable carbenes featuring halogen bonding

Babazadeh, M.; Burn, P.L.; Huang, D.M., 2019:
Calculating transition dipole moments of phosphorescent emitters for efficient organic light-emitting diodes

Li, Y.; Luo, P.; Cao, X.; Liu, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, J.; Zhan, L.; Nie, Z., 2019:
Enhancing surface-assisted laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry performance by integrating plasmonic hot-electron transfer effect through surface modification

Guo, P-Fei.; Wang, X-Ming.; Wang, M-Meng.; Yang, T.; Chen, M-Li.; Wang, J-Hua., 2019:
Boron-titanate monolayer nanosheets for highly selective adsorption of immunoglobulin G

Fukal, J.; Páv, O.; Buděšínský, M.; Rosenberg, I.; Šebera, J.; Sychrovský, V., 2019:
Structural interpretation of the 31 P NMR chemical shifts in thiophosphate and phosphate: key effects due to spin-orbit and explicit solvent

Veziroglu, S.; Röder, K.; Gronenberg, O.; Vahl, A.; Polonskyi, O.; Strunskus, T.; Rubahn, H-Günter.; Kienle, L.; Adam, J.; Fiutowski, J.; Faupel, F.; Aktas, O.Cenk., 2019:
Cauliflower-like CeO 2 -TiO 2 hybrid nanostructures with extreme photocatalytic and self-cleaning properties

Lian, X.; Chen, Z.; Yu, X.; Fan, T.; Dong, Y.; Zhai, H.; Fang, W.; Yi, X., 2019:
Enhancing the photocatalytic activity of ZnSn(OH) 6 achieved by gradual sulfur doping tactics

González-Gómez, R.; Cusinato, L.; Bijani, C.; Coppel, Y.; Lecante, P.; Amiens, C.; Del Rosal, I.; Philippot, K.; Poteau, R., 2019:
Carboxylic acid-capped ruthenium nanoparticles: experimental and theoretical case study with ethanoic acid

Bodenschatz, C.J.; Xie, T.; Zhang, X.; Getman, R.B., 2019:
Insights into how the aqueous environment influences the kinetics and mechanisms of heterogeneously-catalyzed COH* and CH 3 OH* dehydrogenation reactions on Pt(111)

Guan, Y.; Wang, Z.; Gu, P.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, W.; Zhang, G., 2019:
An in situ SERS study of plasmonic nanochemistry based on bifunctional "hedgehog-like" arrays

Faour, L.; Adam, C.; Gautier, C.; Goeb, Sébastien.; Allain, M.; Levillain, E.; Canevet, D.; Sallé, M., 2019:
Redox-controlled hybridization of helical foldamers

Sengupta, T.; Chung, J.Suk.; Kang, S.Gu., 2019:
Account of chemical bonding and enhanced reactivity of vanadium-doped rhodium clusters toward C-H activation: a DFT investigation

Yuan, X.; Li, L.; Li, Z.; Wang, F.; Wang, N.; Fu, L.; He, J.; Tan, H.Hoe.; Jagadish, C., 2019:
Unexpected benefits of stacking faults on the electronic structure and optical emission in wurtzite GaAs/GaInP core/shell nanowires

Bracker, M.; Dinkelbach, F.; Weingart, O.; Kleinschmidt, M., 2019:
Impact of fluorination on the photophysics of the flavin chromophore: a quantum chemical perspective

Zhang, K.; Zhang, B.; Weng, M.; Zheng, J.; Li, S.; Pan, F., 2019:
Lithium ion diffusion mechanism in covalent organic framework based solid state electrolyte

Effting, P.Souza.; Brescianini, S.M.S.; Sorato, H.R.; Fernandes, B.Barros.; Fidelis, G.Dos.S.Pedroso.; Silva, P.Roberto.L.da.; Silveira, P.César.L.; Nesi, R.T.; Ceddia, R.B.; Pinho, R.A., 2019:
Resistance Exercise Modulates Oxidative Stress Parameters and TNF-α Content in the Heart of Mice with Diet-Induced Obesity

Cardoso, Y.P.; Brancolini, F.; Protogino, L.; Paracampo, A.; Bogan, S.; Posadas, P.; Montoya-Burgos, J.I., 2019 :
An integrated approach clarifies the cryptic diversity in Hypostomus Lacépède 1803 from the Lower La Plata Basin

Braga, R.T.; Rodrigues, Jão.F.M.; Diniz-Filho, Jé.A.F.; Rangel, T.F., 2019:
Genetic Population Structure and Allele Surfing During Range Expansion in Dynamic Habitats

Nakilcioğlu-Taş, E.; Ötleş, S., 2019:
Physical characterization of Arabica ground coffee with different roasting degrees

Pereira, R.; Pereira, A.L.; Ferreira, M.M.; Fontenelle, R.O.S.; Saker-Sampaio, S.; Santos, Hélcio.S.; Bandeira, P.N.; Vasconcelos, M.A.; Queiroz, Jé.A.N.; Braz-Filho, R.; Teixeira, E.H., 2019:
Evaluation of the antimicrobial and antioxidant activity of 7-hydroxy-4', 6-dimethoxy-isoflavone and essential oil from Myroxylon peruiferum L.f

Fernandes, D.R.R.; Díaz, F.A., 2019:
New records of nocturnal Anomaloninae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in South America

Shinohara, J.S.; Grasseschi, D.; Almeida, S.N.; Toma, H.E., 2019:
Exploring the metallochromic behavior of pentacyanidoferrates in visual, electronic and Raman spot tests

Locatelli, G.Olivo.; Finkler, L.; Finkler, C.L.L., 2019:
Comparison of acid and enzymatic hydrolysis of pectin, as inexpensive source to cell growth of Cupriavidus necator

Garcia, M.DA.Glória.M.; Lama, E.A.Del.; Martins, L.; Mazoca, C.Eduardo.M.; Bourotte, C.L.M., 2019:
Inventory and assessment of geosites to stimulate regional sustainable management: the northern coast of the state of São Paulo, Brazil

Gol, M.; Özkaya, B.; Yildirim, C.; Bal, R., 2019:
Regular exercise, overweight/obesity and sedentary lifestyle cause adaptive changes in thiol-disulfide homeostasis

Mahrose, K.M.; Elhack, M.E.Abd.; Mahgoub, S.A.; Attia, F.A.M., 2019:
Influences of stocking density and dietary probiotic supplementation on growing Japanese quail performance

Yu, Y.; Jiang, H.; Niu, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, X.I.; Qi, T.; Yu, C., 2019:
Candesartan inhibits inflammation through an angiotensin II type 1 receptor independent way in human embryonic kidney epithelial cells

Coutinho, F.Hernandes.; Tschoeke, D.Antonio.; Clementino, M.Mandetta.; Thompson, C.Carneiro.; Thompson, F.Lopes., 2019:
Genomic basis of antibiotic resistance in Vibrio parahaemolyticus strain JPA1

Contreras, F.; Gonzalez, N.; Vivero, Mín.; Guzman, M., 2019:
Cross-cultural adaptation of the Chilean Version of the Voice-Related Quality of Life (V-RQOL)

Beluci, M.Luiz.; Mondini, C.Carolina.da.Silva.Demoro.; Trettene, A.Dos.Santos.; Dantas, R.Aparecida.Spadoti., 2019:
Correlation between quality of life and burden of family caregivers of infants with cleft lip and palate

Queiroz, A.Paula.Lima.de.; Athanazio, R.Abensur.; Olm, M.Anne.Kowal.; Rubbo, B.; Casal, Y.Reis.; Lucas, J.; Behan, L., 2019:
Translation of the quality-of-life measure for adults with primary ciliary dyskinesia and its application in patients in Brazil

Chen, X.; Zhang, X-Ling.; Zhang, G-Hua.; Gao, Y-Fang., 2019:
Artesunate promotes Th1 differentiation from CD4+ T cells to enhance cell apoptosis in ovarian cancer via miR-142

Min, J.; Zhou, X-Xin.; Zhou, F.; Tan, Y.; Wang, W-Dong., 2019:
A study on changes of the resting-state brain function network in patients with amnestic mild cognitive impairment

Valle, D.; Bellinato, D.Fernandes.; Viana-Medeiros, P.Fernandes.; Lima, Jé.Bento.Pereira.; Martins Junior, A.de.Jesus., 2019:
Resistance to temephos and deltamethrin in Aedes aegypti from Brazil between 1985 and 2017

Abreu, F.Vieira.Santos.de.; Delatorre, E.; Dos Santos, A.Araújo.Cunha.; Ferreira-de-Brito, A.; de Castro, Márcia.Gonçalves.; Ribeiro, I.Pereira.; Furtado, Nália.Dias.; Vargas, W.Paixão.; Ribeiro, Mário.Sérgio.; Meneguete, Pícia.; Bonaldo, M.Cristina.; Bello, G.; Lourenço-de-Oliveira, R., 2019:
Combination of surveillance tools reveals that Yellow Fever virus can remain in the same Atlantic Forest area at least for three transmission seasons

Yuvacı, İsa.; Sırakaya, E.; Pangal, E.; Ataş, M.; Bayram, N.; Güler, E.; Demir, Fül.Ülkü.; Altunel, O., 2019:
Relationship between erythrocyte sedimentation rate and choroidal and retinal thickness in Behçet's disease

Azevedo, B.Marques.da.Silva.; Araujo, R.Barbosa.de.; Ciongoli, M.R.; Hatanaka, M.; Preti, R.Carlos.; Monteiro, M.Luiz.Ribeiro.; Zacharias, L.Cabral., 2019:
The effect of panretinal photocoagulation on confocal laser scanning ophthalmoscopy and stereo photographic parameters of optic disk topography in patients with diabetic retinopathy

Totuk, O.Melike.Gedar.; Aldroubı, N.; Aykan, U., 2019:
A case of bilateral fourth nerve palsy associated with pseudotumor cerebri syndrome

Faria, N.Vanessa.Lima.de.; Sampaio, M.O.Borges.de.; Viapiana, G.N.; Seabra, Nália.M.; Russ, H.Helena.; Montiani-Ferreira, F.; Mello, P.Augusto.Arruda., 2019:
Effects of benzalkonium chloride and cyclosporine applied topically to rabbit conjunctiva: a histomorphometric study

Morais, Fábio.Barreto.; Arantes, T.Eugênio.Faria.E.; Muccioli, C.; Allemann, N., 2019:
Ultrasonographic characteristics of active ocular toxoplasmosis

Stonoga, E.Therezinha.Schueda.; Bueno, R.Zawadzki.; Nagano, T.Ayumi.; Martins, V.; Rocha, Sérgio.Luiz., 2019:
Effects of Intraperitoneal Glutamine in the Treatment of Experimental Sepsis

Ivano, Fávio.Heuta.; Ponte, B.Jeronimo.; Dubik, T.Caroline.; Ivano, V.Kenzo.; Winkeler, Vória.Luiza.Locatelli.; Kay, Aônio.Katsumi., 2019 :
Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (Ercp): Analysis of the Effectiveness and Safety of the Procedure in the Patient with Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass

Gasparini-Junior, Jé.Luiz.; Fanelli, M.Ferretti.; Abdallah, E.Ali.; Chinen, L.Thomé.Domingos., 2019:
Evaluating Mmp-2 and Tgfß-Ri Expression in Circulating Tumor Cells of Pancreatic Cancer Patients and their Correlation with Clinical Evolution

Anastácio, L.Rezende.; Ferreira, Lívia.Garcia.; Ribeiro, H.Sena.; Diniz, K.Gonçalves.Dias.; Lima, A.Soares.; Correia, M.Isabel.T.D.; Vilela, E.Garcia., 2019:
Sarcopenia, Obesity and Sarcopenic Obesity in Liver Transplantation: a Body Composition Prospective Study

Ramos, M.Fernando.Kodama.Pertille.; Pereira, M.Alessandra.; Charruf, A.Zeide.; Dias, Aé.Roncon.; Castria, T.Biachi.de.; Barchi, L.Cardoso.; Ribeiro-Júnior, U.; Zilberstein, B.; Cecconello, I., 2019:
Conversion Therapy for Gastric Cancer: Expanding the Treatment Possibilities

Shi, C.; Zhang, R.; Bai, R.; Liu, D.; Wang, Y.; Zhang, X.; Wang, H.; Du, J., 2019:
Efficacy and safety of sitagliptin added to metformin and insulin compared with voglibose in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

Gomes, G.de.Jesus.; Carlo, R.Junqueira.Del.; Silva, Márcia.Ferreira.da.; Cunha, D.Nunes.Queiroz.da.; Silva, E.da.; Silva, K.Ana.da.; Carneiro-Junior, M.Araújo.; Prímola-Gomes, T.Nicolau.; Natali, Aônio.José., 2019:
Swimming training potentiates the recovery of femoral neck strength in young diabetic rats under insulin therapy

Liporaci, F.Martins.; Mourani, Márcio.Massaro.; Riberto, M., 2019:
The myofascial component of the pain in the painful shoulder of the hemiplegic patient

Nokhbehsaim, M.; Nogueira, A.Vilas.Boas.; Memmert, S.; Damanaki, A.; Eick, S.; Cirelli, J.Augusto.; Deschner, J., 2019:
Regulation of ghrelin receptor by microbial and inflammatory signals in human osteoblasts

Caldeira, E.Machado.; Telles, V.; Mattos, C.Trindade.; Nojima, M.da.Cunha.Gonçalves., 2019 :
Surface morphologic evaluation of orthodontic bonding systems under conditions of cariogenic challenge

Zhang, L.; Deng, S., 2019:
Effects of astragaloside IV on inflammation and immunity in rats with experimental periodontitis

Borilova Linhartova, P.; Janos, J.; Poskerova, H.; Kavrikova, D.; Fassmann, A.; Dusek, L.; Izakovicova Holla, L., 2019:
Adipokine gene variability and plasma levels in patients with chronic periodontitis -a case-control study

Costa, Cáudio.Rodrigues.Rezende.; Amorim, B.Rabelo.; Silva, S.Márcia.Mazutti.da.; Acevedo, A.Carolina.; Magalhães, Pérola.de.Oliveira.; Guerra, E.Neves.Silva., 2019:
In vitro evaluation of Eugenia dysenterica in primary culture of human gingival fibroblast cells

Martinez, M.Carmen.; Iwamoto, V.Ernesto.; Latorre, M.do.Rosário.Dias.de.Oliveira.; Simões, A.Moreira.Noronha.; Oliveira, A.Paula.de.Sousa.; Cardoso, C.Eduardo.Alves.; Marques, Iênia.Augusta.Braga.; Vendramim, Pícia.; Lopes, P.Cristina.; Sant'Ana, T.Helena.Saes.de., 2019:
Validity and reliability of the Brazilian version of the Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool to assess the risk of falls

Pontes, L.da.Silveira.; Prietsch, Sílvio.Omar.Macedo., 2019:
Sleep bruxism: population based study in people with 18 years or more in the city of Rio Grande, Brazil

Cosso, R.Moreira.Greco.; Torres, K.Cecília.de.Lima.; Mambrini, J.Vaz.de.Melo.; Peixoto, S.William.Viana.; Carvalho, Aéa.Teixeira.de.; Martins Filho, O.Assis.; Lima-Costa, M.Fernanda., 2019:
Association between inflammatory markers and hospitalizations: evidence from the Bambuí cohort of aging baseline

Luz, G.Dos.Santos.; Karam, S.de.Menezes.; Dumith, S.Carvalho., 2019:
Congenital anomalies in Rio Grande do Sul State: a time series analysis

Brocchi, B.Servilha.; Osborn, E.; Perissinoto, J., 2019:
Translation of the Parental Inventory "Language Use Inventory" into Brazilian Portuguese

Blanco, E.Selma.do.Valle.; Imbrizi, J.Maria., 2019:
Voice perception in teachers: life-story narratives between workspaces and the scenic choir

Zhu, W-Yi.; Zang, L.; Li, J.; Guan, L.; Hai, Y., 2019:
A biomechanical study on proximal junctional kyphosis following long-segment posterior spinal fusion

Abreu, C.C.; Fernandes, T.N.; Henrique, E.P.; Pereira, P.D.C.; Marques, S.B.; Herdeiro, S.L.S.; Oliveira, F.R.R.; Magalhães, N.G.M.; Anthony, D.C.; Melo, M.A.D.; Guerreiro-Diniz, C.; Diniz, D.G.; Picanço-Diniz, C.W., 2019:
Small-scale environmental enrichment and exercise enhance learning and spatial memory of Carassius auratus, and increase cell proliferation in the telencephalon: an exploratory study

Volobueva, A.S.; Orekhov, A.N.; Deykin, A.V., 2019:
An update on the tools for creating transgenic animal models of human diseases - focus on atherosclerosis

Meneghini, A.C.; Koenigkam-Santos, M.; Pereira, M.C.; Tonidandel, P.R.; Terra-Filho, J.; Cunha, F.Q.; Menezes, M.B.de.; Vianna, E.O., 2019:
Biomass smoke COPD has less tomographic abnormalities but worse hypoxemia compared with tobacco COPD

Fernandes, C.E.M.; Serafim, K.R.; Gianlorenço, A.C.L.; Mattioli, R., 2019:
Systemic injection of an H4 receptor agonist induces a decrease in CREB and pCREB levels in the cerebellar vermis and prefrontal cortex in mice

Yang, Y.; Yan, W.; Liu, Z.; Wei, M., 2019:
Skp2 inhibitor SKPin C1 decreased viability and proliferation of multiple myeloma cells and induced apoptosis

Büyük, Bşak.; Demirci, T.; Adalı, Y.; Eroğlu, Hüseyin.Avni., 2019:
A new organ preservation solution for static cold storage of the liver. Amniotic fluid

Tao, Q.; Tianyu, W.; Jiangqiao, Z.; Zhongbao, C.; Xiaoxiong, M.; Long, Z.; Jilin, Z., 2019:
Expression analysis of long non-coding RNAs in a renal ischemia-reperfusion injury model

Martinez, C.Augusto.Real.; Campos, Fábio.Guilherme.; Kanno, D.Toshio.; Meneses, E.Cristiano.; Matijascic, G.Maira.; Goto, E.Felipe.Kim.; Pereira, Jé.Aires., 2019:
Enemas with mesalazine increase the tissue contents of mucins in the colonic mucosa devoid of fecal stream

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Public interest in the Brazilian health professions regulation

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Intersectorality, key to address Social Health Inequalities

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Gait speed associated factors in elderly subjects undergoing exams to obtain the driver's license

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Safety and satisfaction of patients with nurse's care in the perioperative

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Prevalence and smokers' profile: comparisons between the psychiatric population and the general population

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Is It Time for Safeguards in the Adoption of Robotic Surgery?

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Scientific Evidence or Personal Beliefs?

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Gas-forming pyogenic liver abscess

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Evaluation of Radon Concentration in Irrigation and Drinking Waters from the Eastern Part of Oman and Estimation of Effective Doses to Omanis

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Measurement of Ambient Carbon-14 by Using the Gel Suspension Counting Method

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Preliminary Technical Discussion on a new Radon and its Progeny Continuous Monitor Using Two-Filter Method

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Natural Radionuclides in Agricultural Plants from Northern Thailand

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Reduction in Ambient Gamma Dose Rate from Radiocesium Due to Snow Cover

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Prognostic value of red cell distribution width and echocardiographic parameters in patients with pulmonary embolism

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Comparing the effects of upper limb and breathing exercises on six-minute walking distance among patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a three-group randomized controlled clinical trial

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CT imaging features of thin-walled cavitary squamous cell lung cancer

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E-cigarettes or heat-not-burn tobacco products - advantages or disadvantages for the lungs of smokers

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Personality traits in migraine and medication-overuse headache: A comparative study

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Risk Factors of Premature Coronary Artery Disease in Iran: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

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Trade-offs between life-history traits in a coldwater fish in the Mediterranean Sea: the case of blue whiting Micromesistius poutassou

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Zonisamide for Cluster Headache Prophylaxis: A Case Series

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Tests of an indifference rule in variable-delay and double-reward choice procedures with humans

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Composite Gels Containing Whey Protein Fibrils and Bacterial Cellulose Microfibrils

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An illustration of collaborative care with a focus on the role of fathers in Maudsley Anorexia Nervosa Treatment for Adults (MANTRA)

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The power of one reinforcer: The effect of a single reinforcer in the context of shaping

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Increasing preoperative apnea severity improves upper airway stimulation response in OSA treatment

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A histological and ultrastructural study of equine peripheral caries

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The Cardiac Autonomic Nervous System: A Target for Modulation of Atrial Fibrillation

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The Effect of Hemostatic Agents on Early Healing of the Extraction Socket

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microRNA-199a-5p suppresses glioma progression by inhibiting MAGT1

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Preventing Restenosis of Marsupialized Rathke Cleft Cysts Using a Nasoseptal Flap Lining

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Impact of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Incidence and Management Post-Kidney Transplantation

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Facile Fabrication of Triphenylamine-Based Redox-Active Nanocomposites by a Sol-Gel Method: Enhanced Electrochromic Response Capability and Stability Performance

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Model-based demographic inference of introgression history in European whitefish species pairs'

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Non-Typhoidal Salmonella: A Potential Anti-Cancer Agent

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Abrupt loss of atrial capture during linear ablation to eliminate atrial tachycardias post cardiac surgery

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MicroRNA-103 promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma through targeting TIMP-3 and the Wnt/β-catenin pathway

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Maple Syrup Urine Disease and Domino Liver Transplantation: When and How?

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Combining proteomics and bioinformatics to explore novel tegumental antigens as vaccine candidates against Echinococcus granulosus infection

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The OST-complex as target for RNAi-based pest control in Nilaparvata lugens

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Interaction between 12p chromosomal abnormalities and Lnc-HOTAIR mediated pathway in acute myeloid leukemia

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A new exon 12 mutation in the EPAS1 gene possibly associated with erythrocytosis

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Highly selective single-component formazanate ferrate(II) catalysts for the conversion of CO2 into cyclic carbonates

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Loss of the small GTPase Arl8b results in abnormal development of the roof plate in mouse embryos

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Axoglial interactions in myelin plasticity: Evaluating the relationship between neuronal activity and oligodendrocyte dynamics

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Biodegradable collagen from Scomberomorus lineolatus skin for wound healing dressings and its application on antibiofilm properties

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Children, but not great apes, respect ownership

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Conditioning pain modulation reduces pain only during the first stimulation of the temporal summation of pain paradigm in healthy participants

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Transcriptional control of myelination and remyelination

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Phenotypic sexual dimorphism is associated with genomic signatures of resolved sexual conflict

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Connections Between Reading Comprehension and Word-Problem Solving via Oral Language Comprehension: Implications for Comorbid Learning Disabilities

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An innovative reconstruction procedure of total nasal resurfacing with a bipedicled propeller perforator flap

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3,3',4,4',5-Pentachlorobiphenyl influences mitochondrial apoptosis pathway in granulosa cells

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Identification of an epicardial slow conduction channel using ripple mapping in ablation of postinfarct ventricular tachycardia

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Ventriculo-arterial interaction may be assessed by Oscillatory Power Fraction

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A GAP-GTPase-GDP-Pi Intermediate Crystal Structure Analyzed by DFT Shows GTP Hydrolysis Involves Serial Proton Transfers

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NEAT1 promotes retinoblastoma progression via modulating miR-124

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Local inflammatory reaction to benign, pre-malignant and malignant glottic lesions: A matched case-control study

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Ascitic fluid cytology in a previously healthy woman

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Metal-sulfide catalysts derived from lignosulfonate and their efficient use in hydrogenolysis

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Orthodontic management of traumatised teeth: a national survey of UK orthodontists

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Elimination of the Donor Service Area (DSA) from Lung Allocation; No Turning Back

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Advanced polysomnographic analysis for OSA: A pathway to personalized management?

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Synergy between Plasmonic and Electrocatalytic Activation of Methanol Oxidation on Palladium-Silver Alloy Nanotubes

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Combining Old and New for Better Understanding and Predicting Dyslexia

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Biatrial Tachycardia Occurring after Mitral/Tricuspid Valve Repair Using A Superior Transseptal Approach: Where Is the Optimal Ablation Site?

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Cryogenic Exfoliation of Non-layered Magnesium into Two-Dimensional Crystal

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Pulmonary rehabilitation for obstructive lung disease

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The shift in tuberculosis timing among people living with HIV in the course of antiretroviral therapy scale-up in Malawi

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Pharmacological evidence for the role of RAR in axon guidance and embryonic development of a protostome species

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Periprocedural Interruption of Anticoagulation in Patients with Cancer-Associated VTE: An Analysis of Thrombotic and Bleeding Outcomes

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Visualizing Microglia with a Fluorescence Turn-On Ugt1a7c Substrate

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Validation of the Olfactory Disorders Questionnaire for English-speaking Patients with Olfactory Disorders

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Hydrogel Microchambers Integrated with Organic Electrodes for Efficient Electrical Stimulation of Human iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocytes

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The Mechanism of Copper-Catalyzed Trifunctionalization of Terminal Allenes

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Modulation indices and plan delivery accuracy of volumetric modulated arc therapy

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Eisosomes at the Intersection of TORC1 and TORC2 Regulation

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Sleep-disordered breathing in children with mucolipidosis

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Genetic variants in a long noncoding RNA related to Sunitinib Resistance predict risk and survival of patients with renal cell carcinoma

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Human Platelet Lysate Improves Bone Forming Potential of Human Progenitor Cells Expanded in Microcarrier-Based Dynamic Culture

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Immune microenvironments differ in immune characteristics and outcome of glioblastoma multiforme

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Predictors of complication after adrenalectomy

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Non-functional paraganglioma of urinary bladder managed by transurethral resection

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Spontaneous gas in a retroperitoneal mass: check the testis!

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Penile skin flap: a versatile substitute for anterior urethral stricture

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A continuous fall of PSA use for prostate cancer screening among Brazilian doctors since 2001. Good or bad notice?

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Prognostic significance of inflammation-based prognostic scoring in patients with upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma

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Identifying quality of life indicators to improve outpatient pharmacy services for prostate cancer patients: a comparison between Brazilian and British experiences

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lncRNA CCAT1 promotes bladder cancer cell proliferation, migration and invasion

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AFP 2019: New Fellow, New Features, Top 20 Articles of 2018, and AFP Statistics

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Saline Irrigation for Allergic Rhinitis

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Applying a Clinical Decision Rule for CAD in Primary Care to Select a Diagnostic Test and Interpret the Results

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Denosumab for Reducing Risk of Fractures in Postmenopausal Women

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Clinically Relevant Drug-Drug Interactions in Primary Care

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Risks of Elective Labor Induction vs. Expectant Management

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New-Onset Full-Body Rash Following Sore Throat in a Child

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Interventional Radiology: Indications and Best Practices

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Psychological and Pharmacologic Treatments for Adults with PTSD

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Aromatase Inhibitors Such as Letrozole (Femara) vs. Clomiphene (Clomid) for Subfertile Women with PCOS

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Top 20 Research Studies of 2018 for Primary Care Physicians

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A Flexible Transparent Organic Artificial Synapse based on Tungsten /Egg Albumen/Indium Tin Oxide/polyethylene Terephthalate Memristor

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Selective Metal-Phenolic Assembly from Complex Multicomponent Mixtures

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Recombinant Human Hair Keratin Nanoparticles Accelerate Dermal Wound Healing

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Light-Activatable Prodrug and AIEgen Copolymer Nanoparticle for Dual-Drug Monitoring and Combination Therapy

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Polarization controllable plasmonic-enhancement on the optical response of 2D GaSe layers

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Mesoporous and Nanocomposite Fibrous Materials Based on Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) Fibers with High Craze Density Via Environmental Crazing: Preparation, Structure, and Applied Properties

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Visible-Light-Induced Photocatalytic and Antibacterial Activity of TiO 2 Codoped with Nitrogen and Bismuth: New Perspectives to Control Implant-Biofilm-Related Diseases

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Transition Metal Doped Molybdenum Diselenides with Defects and Abundant Active Sites for Efficient Performances of Enzymatic Biofuel Cell and Supercapacitor Applications

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Targeting Dynamic ATP-Binding Site Features Allows Discrimination between Highly Homologous Protein Kinases

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Attenuation of Oxytocin and Serotonin 2A Receptor Signaling through Novel Heteroreceptor Formation

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A Twist on Nonlinear Optics: Understanding the Unique Response of π-Twisted Chromophores

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Thinking Outside the Treatment Plant: UV for Water Distribution System Disinfection

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Systematic Analysis of Structure Similarity between Zika Virus and Other Flaviviruses

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Dopamine-Mediated Assembly of Citrate-Capped Plasmonic Nanoparticles into Stable Core-Shell Nanoworms for Intracellular Applications

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Degenerately Doped Transition Metal Dichalcogenides as Ohmic Homojunction Contacts to Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Semiconductors

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High-Fidelity Nanopore Sequencing of Ultra-Short DNA Targets

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Variable-Temperature ESI-IMS-MS Analysis of Myohemerythrin Reveals Ligand Losses, Unfolding, and a Non-Native Disulfide Bond

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Judy L. Bolton, 1962-2019

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A Poxin on Both of Your Houses: Poxviruses Degrade the Immune Signal cGAMP

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OX4 Is an NADPH-Dependent Dehydrogenase Catalyzing an Extended Michael Addition Reaction To Form the Six-Membered Ring in the Antifungal HSAF

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Facile and Efficient Chemoenzymatic Semi-Synthesis of Fc-Fusion Compounds for Half-Life Extension of Pharmaceutical Components

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Comparison of CO, PAH, Nicotine, and Aldehyde Emissions in Waterpipe Tobacco Smoke Generated Using Electrical and Charcoal Heating Methods

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Chronic Arsenic Exposure Induces Oxidative Stress and Perturbs Serum Lysolipids and Fecal Unsaturated Fatty Acid Metabolism

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Two-Dimensional Silver(I)-Dithiocarboxylate Coordination Polymer Exhibiting Strong Near-Infrared Photothermal Effect

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Discovery of a Thiamine-Derived Taste Enhancer in Process Flavors

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Kinetic Study on Clogging of a Geothermal Pumping Well Triggered by Mixing-Induced Biogeochemical Reactions

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Does GAC with Chlorination Produce Safer Drinking Water?  From DBPs and TOX to Calculated Toxicity

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Sr(M,Te) 2 O 6 (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni): A Magnetically Dilute Family of Honeycomb Tellurates

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Genetically Introducing Biochemically Reactive Amino Acids Dehydroalanine and Dehydrobutyrine in Proteins

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Anharmonic Vibrational States of Solids from DFT Calculations. Part I: Description of the Potential Energy Surface

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Using Graphs of Dynamic Hydrogen-Bond Networks To Dissect Conformational Coupling in a Protein Motor

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Small Molecule Inhibitors of the BfrB-Bfd Interaction Decrease Pseudomonas aeruginosa Fitness and Potentiate Fluoroquinolone Activity

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Thermodynamic Stability of Polar and Nonpolar Amyloid Fibrils

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Highly Efficient Algorithms for CIS Type Excited State Wave Function Overlaps

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Substituted Pyridazin-3(2 H)-ones as Highly Potent and Biased Formyl Peptide Receptor Agonists

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Curious Case of 2-Selenouracil: Efficient Population of Triplet States and Yet Photostable

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Thiocladospolides A-D, 12-Membered Macrolides from the Mangrove-Derived Endophytic Fungus Cladosporium cladosporioides MA-299 and Structure Revision of Pandangolide 3

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THz Fingerprints of Short-Range Correlations of Disordered Atoms in Diflunisal

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Nonstatistical Dissociation Dynamics of Nitroaromatic Chromophores

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Morphology Control of Novel Cross-Linked Ferrocenedimethanol Derivative Cyclophosphazenes: From Microspheres to Nanotubes and Their Enhanced Physicochemical Performances

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Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Relaxed Reduced-Dimensional Potential Energy Surfaces

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Uncovered Dynamic Coupling Resolves the Ambiguous Mechanism of Phenylalanine Hydroxylase Oxygen Binding

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Palladium-Catalyzed C(sp 2 )-N Bond Cross-Coupling with Triaryl Phosphates

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Reducing Defects in Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals for Light-Emitting Applications

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Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Derivatives toward Ideal Electron-Transporting Materials for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

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Exosome-like Nanoparticles from Ginger Rhizomes Inhibited NLRP3 Inflammasome Activation

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Three-Dimensional Crystalline Modification of Graphene in all- sp 2 Hexagonal Lattices with or without Topological Nodal Lines

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Excited State Potential Energy Surfaces, Conical Intersections and Analytical Gradients from Ground State Density Functional Theory

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Regioselective Gold-Catalyzed Hydration of CF 3 - and SF 5 -alkynes

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In Situ Radical Polymerization and Grafting Reaction Simultaneously Initiated by Fluorinated Graphene

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Hydroxyl Groups on the Graphene Surfaces Facilitate Ice Nucleation

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Agreement Between Experimental and Simulated Circular Dichroic Spectra of a Positively Charged Peptide in Aqueous Solution and on Self-Assembled Monolayers

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Fluidic Force Microscopy Demonstrates That Homophilic Adhesion by Candida albicans Als Proteins Is Mediated by Amyloid Bonds between Cells

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In Vitro-in Vivo Correlation of Mucoadhesion Studies on Buccal Mucosa

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Ferromagnetic Anomalous Hall Effect in Cr-Doped Bi 2 Se 3 Thin Films via Surface-State Engineering

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A Unified Strategy To Construct the Tetracyclic Ring of Calyciphylline A Alkaloids: Total Synthesis of Himalensine A

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Controlling the Assembly and Properties of Low-Molecular-Weight Hydrogelators

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Nano-mosaic of Topological Dirac States on the Surface of Pb<sub>5</sub>Bi<sub>24</sub>Se<sub>41</sub> Observed by Nano-ARPES

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Phonon Coupling between a Nanomechanical Resonator and a Quantum Fluid

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Solid-State Behavior and Solubilization of Flash Nanoprecipitated Clofazimine Particles during the Dispersion and Digestion of Milk-Based Formulations

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Peptide-Assisted 2-D Assembly toward Free-Floating Ultrathin Platinum Nanoplates as Effective Electrocatalysts

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Comparative Proteomic Analysis Reveals That Chlorophyll Metabolism Contributes to Leaf Color Changes in Wucai ( Brassica campestris L.) Responding to Cold Acclimation

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Platelet-Rich Plasma for Patellar Tendinopathy: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Leukocyte-Rich PRP or Leukocyte-Poor PRP Versus Saline

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Sir Victor Horsley's (1857-1916) memorial wall inscription at the Amarah War Cemetery

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Hiding It

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The Elderly Couple

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Stories for My Daughter

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How far are they coming from?

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High ankle sprains: Easy to miss, so follow these tips

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Cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease

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A closer look at the new biopsy codes

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Indurated plaque on the shoulder

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Pruritic nodules on the breast

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Asymptomatic nodule on the back

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Supercharge your on-call bag: 4 must-have items for dermatology residents

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Pigmented fungiform papillae of the tongue in an Indian male

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When "Little Is Known" Is Not Entirely True

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Using an Intraprofessional Global Immersion to Foster Role Formation in Nursing Students

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Inspiring Empathy and Policy Action in Undergraduate Students: Monopoly as a Strategy

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Teaching Prioritization: "Who, What, & Why?"

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An Application of Health Promotion Models for First-Semester Nursing Students

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A Guided Reflection Activity on Sudden Death

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An Old Concept With New Challenges: An Innovative Approach to Paper Documentation

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Engaging Undergraduate Nursing Students in Health Care Quality Education

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Dynamic synthetic cells based on liquid-liquid phase separation

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Interventions Targeting Deep Tissue Lymph Nodes May Not Effectively Reduce the Risk of Salmonellosis from Ground Pork Consumption: A Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment

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Network Reconfiguration for Increasing Transportation System Resilience Under Extreme Events

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Probiotics for the prevention of pediatric antibiotic-associated diarrhea

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miR-873-5p inhibits the progression of colon cancer via repression of TUSC3/AKT signaling

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Needle Placement and Position of Electrical Stimulation Inside Sacral Foramen Determines Pelvic Floor Electromyographic Response-Implications for Sacral Neuromodulation

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Discharge planning in mental healthcare settings: A review and concept analysis

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Comparison of Neural Activity in Chronic Pain Patients During Tonic and Burst Spinal Cord Stimulation Using Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography

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Calculated Decisions: Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9)

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Calculated Decisions: Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS)

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Calculated Decisions: ED-SAFE Patient Safety Screener (PSS-3)

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A Hypercrosslinked Porous Porphyrin Aluminum(III) Tetracarbonylcobaltate as a Highly Active Heterogeneous Bimetallic Catalyst for the Ring-Expansion Carbonylation of Epoxides

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Removal of Interference MS/MS Spectra for Accurate Quantification in Isobaric Tag-Based Proteomics

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A Novel Synthetic Toehold Switch for MicroRNA Detection in Mammalian Cells

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Dissecting the Contribution of OATP1B1 to Hepatic Uptake of Statins Using the OATP1B1 Selective Inhibitor Estropipate

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Metal-Free Synthesis of N-Aryl-Substituted Azacycles from Cyclic Ethers Using POCl 3

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Criteria Air Pollutants and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Hydrogen Production in U.S. Steam Methane Reforming Facilities

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High-Temperature Grafting Silylation for Minimizing Leaching of Acid Functionality from Hydrophobic Mesoporous Silicas Used as Catalysts in the Liquid Phase

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Effect of Carboxylic Acid on the Wetting Properties of a Model Water-Octane-Silica System

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A Scoping Review of the Involvement of Children's Communication Partners in Aided Augmentative and Alternative Communication Modeling Interventions

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ADPKD-what the radiologist should know

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Systematic Review of Auditory Training in Pediatric Cochlear Implant Recipients

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Idiosyncrasies of Viral Noncoding RNAs Provide Insights into Host Cell Biology

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Embracing Open Science and Transparency in Health Psychology

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CYP26A1 gene promoter is a useful tool for reporting RAR-mediated retinoid activity

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Current perspectives on established and novel therapies for pathological neovascularization in retinal disease

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Dysregulation of mechanosensory circuits coordinating the actions of antagonist motor pools following peripheral nerve injury and muscle reinnervation

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Nano-facilitated drug delivery strategies in the treatment of plasmodium infection

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FTY720 attenuates iron deposition and glial responses in improving delayed lesion and long-term outcomes of collagenase-induced intracerebral hemorrhage

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Pan-caspase inhibitors induce necroptosis via ROS-mediated activation of mixed lineage kinase domain-like protein and p38 in classically activated macrophages

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Stability After Initial Decline in Coronary Revascularization Rates in the United States

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Multiple Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting for Kawasaki Disease-Associated Coronary Artery Disease

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The Impact of Preoperative Clopidogrel on Outcomes Following Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting

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Long-term hospital readmissions after surgical versus transcatheter aortic valve replacement

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Length of ICU stay: an unneglectable risk factor for postoperative delirium

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Opioid Prescription Following Third Molar Extractions

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Prolonged Dysphagia After Orthognathic Surgery

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Modified chitosan gel incorporated with magnetic nanoparticle for removal of Cu(II) and Cr(VI) from aqueous solution

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Neuroinflammation in hypertension: the renin-angiotensin system versus pro-resolution pathways

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11α-Hydroxyprogesterone, a potent 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor, is metabolised by steroid-5α-reductase and cytochrome P450 17α-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase to produce C11α-derivatives of 21-deoxycortisol and 11-hydroxyandrostenedione in vitro

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Expression, purification, and characterization of the Degludec precursor DesB30

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The Side Effect Not Discussed

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A Cardiologist's heart for Social Responsibility or…

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The first transcatheter valve-in-valve implantation of a self-expandable valve for the treatment of a degenerated sutureless aortic bioprosthesis

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Time course effects of methotrexate on renal handling of water and electrolytes in rats. Role of aquaporin-2 and Na-K-2Cl-cotransporter

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Planetary Pediatrics: The Next Generation

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Gene expression differences in PTSD are uniquely related to the intrusion symptom cluster: A transcriptome-wide analysis in military service members

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Mendelian bone fragility disorders

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Reengineering lipid biosynthetic pathways of Aspergillus oryzae for enhanced production of γ-linolenic acid and dihomo-γ-linolenic acid

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Progress, Challenges And Opportunities In Fish Vaccine Development

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Sustained attention in infancy: A foundation for the development of multiple aspects of self-regulation for children in poverty

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Creatinine versus cystatin C based glomerular filtration rate in critically ill patients

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Control wildfire-induced Microcystis aeruginosa blooms by copper sulfate: Trade-offs between reducing algal organic matter and promoting disinfection byproduct formation

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DBP alteration from NOM and model compounds after UV/persulfate treatment with post chlorination

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Managing Achilles Pain (the MAP study) - A process evaluation of data collection methods

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Experimental and theoretical investigations of the influence of carbon on a Ho 3+ -TiO 2 photocatalyst with Vis response

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Gadolinium inhibits cadmium transport by blocking non-selective cation channels in rice seedlings

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Destruction of redox and mitochondrial dynamics co-contributes to programmed cell death in chicken kidney under arsenite or/and copper (II) exposure

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Biodegradation of mixture of plastic films by tailored marine consortia

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A green process for exfoliating electrode materials and simultaneously extracting electrolyte from spent lithium-ion batteries

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Inhibition of fibrin formation reduces neuroinflammation and improves long-term outcome after intracerebral hemorrhage

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Automatic ham classification method based on support vector machine model increases accuracy and benefits compared to manual classification

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Improvement of cleaner composting production by adding Diatomite: From the nitrogen conservation and greenhouse gas emission

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Health inequalities, risky behaviours and protective factors in adolescents: an analysis of secondary survey data from the UK

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Impact of deviations in target volume delineation - Time for a new RTQA approach?

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Evaluation of thioamides, thiolactams and thioureas as hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) donors for lowering blood pressure

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PM 2.5 -bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and nitrated PAHs (NPAHs) in rural and suburban areas in Shandong and Henan Provinces during the 2016 Chinese New Year's holiday

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Microplastic contamination and pollutant levels in mussels and cockles collected along the channel coasts

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Twelve formyl phloroglucinol meroterpenoids from the leaves of Eucalyptus robusta

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Novel approach to microscopic characterization of cryo formation in air voids of concrete

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Sex-specific differences in pulmonary embolism

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Theoretical studies on the electronic structures and optical properties of (Cu, C)-codoped rutile TiO 2 from GGA+U calculations

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Protective effects of novel derivatives of vitamin D 3 and lumisterol against UVB-induced damage in human keratinocytes involve activation of Nrf2 and p53 defense mechanisms

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Mitochondrial oxidative stress in the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) led to metabolic dysfunction in both the RPE and retinal photoreceptors

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Differences among diagnostic testing algorithms in the time from HIV diagnosis to care

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Isokinetic strength training of kinetic chain exercises of a professional tennis player with a minor partial internal abdominal oblique muscle tear - A case report

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Characterization of the first induced pluripotent stem cell line generated from a patient with autosomal dominant catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia due to a heterozygous mutation in cardiac calsequestrin-2

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Association of current and past opioid use disorders with health-related quality of life and employment among US adults

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Maternal and neonatal outcomes following a proactive peripartum multidisciplinary management protocol for placenta creta spectrum as compared to the urgent delivery

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Bone conduction hearing in the Guinea pig and the effect of artificially induced middle ear lesions

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384-Channel electrochemical sensor array chips based on hybridization-triggered switching for simultaneous oligonucleotide detection

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Label-free microfluidic paper-based electrochemical aptasensor for ultrasensitive and simultaneous multiplexed detection of cancer biomarkers

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Highly sensitive solution-gated graphene transistors for label-free DNA detection

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Impact of sagittal imbalance correction on clinical outcomes in patients undergoing MIS-TLIF for LSS

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Clinical features and prognosis of patients with Guillain-Barré and acute transverse myelitis overlap syndrome

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Pathological changes of cervical spinal canal in cervical spondylotic myelopathy: A retrospective study on 39 cases

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Heavy metal contents and magnetic properties of surface sediments in volcanic and tropical environment from Brantas River, Jawa Timur Province, Indonesia

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Thermal treatment of flame retardant plastics: A case study on a waste TV plastic shell sample

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Two-stage model for estimating the spatiotemporal distribution of hourly PM1.0 concentrations over central and east China

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Using permutational and multivariate statistics to understand inorganic well water chemistry and the occurrence of methane in groundwater, southeastern New Brunswick, Canada

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Modeling evaporative emissions from parked gasoline cars based on vehicle carbon canister experiments

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Release of micro- and nanoparticles from biodegradable plastic during in situ composting

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Melatonin increases the performance of Malus hupehensis after UV-B exposure

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P2X4 and lysosome fusion

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A computer-aided diagnosis system for plus disease in retinopathy of prematurity with structure adaptive segmentation and vessel based features

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Understanding predictors of improvement in risky drinking in a U.S. multi-site, longitudinal cohort study of transgender individuals: Implications for culturally-tailored prevention and treatment efforts

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The de novo design of α-helical peptides for supramolecular self-assembly

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Mothers' perceptions about pain in hospitalized newborn infants in Kenya

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Modified total humeral replacement on unusual osteosarcoma of the humerus: A case report

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Anatomical variation of the trajectory of the brachiocephalic artery encountered during parathyroid adenoma excision. A rare case report and a surgical challenge

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Closure of subarterial ventricular septal defect with minimally invasive surgical technique: A case report

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Case report of a laryngotracheal reconstruction with anterior and posterior costal cartilage graft and stent placement - Surgical technique

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The influence of green space on the short-term effects of particulate matter on hospitalization in the U.S. for 2000-2013

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Green synthesis of Ag nanoflowers using Kalanchoe Daigremontiana extract for enhanced photocatalytic and antibacterial activities

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Temperature transfer functions based on freshwater testate amoebae from China

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Bayesian spatial modelling for quasi-experimental designs: An interrupted time series study of the opening of Municipal Waste Incinerators in relation to infant mortality and sex ratio

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Widespread distribution of PET and PC microplastics in dust in urban China and their estimated human exposure

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Binding of tetracycline to its aptamer determined by 2D-correlated Mn 2+ hyperfine spectroscopy

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Stability of nitroxide biradical TOTAPOL in biological samples

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An equal opportunity collaboration between lipid metabolism and proteins in the control of membrane trafficking in the trans-Golgi and endosomal systems

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The toxic mechanisms of BDE-47 to the marine diatom thalassiosira pseudonana-a study based on multiple physiological processes

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Structural changes in the transport cycle of the mitochondrial ADP/ATP carrier

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Polygenic risk for circulating reproductive hormone levels and their influence on hippocampal volume and depression susceptibility

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The relationship between deep medullary veins score and the severity and distribution of intracranial microbleeds

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