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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66771

Chapter 66771 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bistline, J.E.; Hodson, E.; Rossmann, C.G.; Creason, J.; Murray, B.; Barron, A.R., 2019:
Electric sector policy, technological change, and U.S. emissions reductions goals: Results from the EMF 32 model intercomparison project

Farris, S.G.; Legasse, A.; Uebelacker, L.; Brown, R.A.; Price, L.H.; Abrantes, A.M., 2019:
Anxiety Sensitivity is Associated with Lower Enjoyment and an Anxiogenic Response to Physical Activity in Smokers

Bellach, A.; Kosorok, M.R.; Rüschendorf, L.; Fine, J.P., 2019:
Weighted NPMLE for the Subdistribution of a Competing Risk

Kim-Spoon, J.; Deater-Deckard, K.; Calkins, S.D.; King-Casas, B.; Bell, M.Ann., 2019:
Commonality between executive functioning and effortful control related to adjustment

Brach, J.S.; Almeida, G.J.; Perera, S.; Hergenroeder, A.; Kotlarczyk, M.; Gibbs, B.Barone., 2019:
The Role of the Environment on Sedentary Behavior in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

Fishbaugh, J.; Paniagua, B.; Mostapha, M.; Styner, M.; Murphy, V.; Gilmore, J.; Gerig, G., 2019:
Model selection for spatiotemporal modeling of early childhood sub-cortical development

Kabir, F.; Yu, N.; Yao, W.; Wu, L.; Jiang, J.H.; Gu, Y.; Su, H., 2019:
Impact of aerosols on reservoir inflow: A case study for Big Creek Hydroelectric System in California

Hill, B.H.; Elonen, C.M.; Herlihy, A.T.; Jicha, T.M.; Serenbetz, G., 2019:
Microbial ecoenzyme stoichiometry, nutrient limitation, and organic matter decomposition in wetlands of the conterminous United States

Huang, H.; Gu, Y.; Xue, Y.; Jiang, J.; Zhao, B., 2019:
Assessing aerosol indirect effect on clouds and regional climate of East/South Asia and West Africa using NCEP GFS

Lloyd, M.E., 2019:
This Birth (Story) Was a Long Time Coming

Sytsma, T.T.; Zimmerman, K.P.; Manning, J.B.; Jenkins, S.M.; Nelson, N.C.; Clark, M.M.; Boldt, K.; Borowski, K.S., 2019:
Perceived Barriers to Exercise in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

Brzezinski, L.; Mimm, N.; Porter, S., 2019:
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Barriers to Supporting Breastfeeding by Mothers and Infants

Lasiuk, G.C.; Penner, J.; Benzies, K.; Jubinville, J.; Hegadoren, K.; van Manen, M., 2019:
Evaluation of a Storybook Resource for Parents in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Lubker Cornish, D.; Roberts Dobie, S., 2019:
Social Support in the "Fourth Trimester": A Qualitative Analysis of Women at 1 Month and 3 Months Postpartum

Dai, Z., 2019:
Chinese News Media Discourse of Doulas and Doula Care

Mishima, N.; Jemu, S.K.; Kuroda, T.; Tabuchi, K.; Darcy, A.W.; Shimono, T.; Lamaningao, P.; Miyake, M.; Kanda, S.; Ng'ambi, S.; Komai, Y.; Maeba, H.; Amano, H.; Nishiyama, T., 2019:
Hematobium schistosomiasis control for health management of labor force generation at Nkhotakota and Lilongwe in the Republic of Malawi-assumed to be related to occupational risk

Jahan, Y.; Moriyama, M.; Hossain, S.; Rahman, M.Moshiur.; Ferdous, F.; Ahmed, S.; Das, S.Kumar.; Hossain, M.Iqbal.; Faruque, A.Syed.Golam.; Ahmed, T.; Chisti, M.Jobayer., 2019 :
Relation of childhood diarrheal morbidity with the type of tube well used and associated factors of Shigella sonnei diarrhea in rural Bangladesh site of the Global Enteric Multicenter Study

Htwe, K.Ko.; Kyaw, N.Thu.Thu.; Kumar, A.M.V.; Kyaw, K.Wut.Yee.; Oo, M.Minn.; Thwin, T.; Saw, S.; Aung, S.Thu., 2019:
Pre-treatment loss to follow-up and treatment delay among bacteriologically-confirmed tuberculosis patients diagnosed in Mandalay Region, Myanmar

Zhang, H.; Chen, C.; He, J.; Zhang, J.; Liu, Z.; Sun, T., 2019:
Anti-PD-1 Antibody Administration following Hip Fracture Surgery Reverses Immune Dysfunction and Decreases Susceptibility to Infection

Locke, J.; Kang-Yi, C.; Pellecchia, M.; Mandell, D.S., 2019:
It's Messy but Real: A Pilot Study of the Implementation a Social Engagement Intervention for Children with Autism in Schools

Campbell, K.A.; MacKinnon, K.; Dobbins, M.; Van Borek, N.; Jack, S.M.; Catherine, N.; Gonzalez, A.; Landy, C.Kurtz.; MacMillan, H.; Marcellus, L.; Sheehan, D.; Tonmyr, L.; Varcoe, C.; Waddell, C., 2019:
Weathering the rural reality: delivery of the Nurse-Family Partnership home visitation program in rural British Columbia, Canada

Song, Y-An.; Ma, T.; Zhang, X-Yan.; Cheng, X-Song.; Olajuyin, A-Matthew.; Sun, Z-Fu.; Zhang, X-Ju., 2019:
Apatinib preferentially inhibits PC9 gefitinib-resistant cancer cells by inducing cell cycle arrest and inhibiting VEGFR signaling pathway

Xu, H.; Chen, X.; Huang, Z., 2019:
Identification of ESM1 overexpressed in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Hassanpour, M.; Rahbarghazi, R.; Nouri, M.; Aghamohammadzadeh, N.; Safaei, N.; Ahmadi, M., 2019:
Role of autophagy in atherosclerosis: foe or friend?

Gao, M.; Benge, A.; Wu, T-Jung.; Javier, R., 2019:
Use of Plasmid pVMG to Make Transcriptional ß-Glucuronidase Reporter Gene Fusions in the Rhizobium Genome for Monitoring the Expression of Rhizobial Genes In Vivo

Hunt, A.W.; Clegg, K.; Reyes, C.Delos.; Riley-Behringer, M.; Zyzanski, S.; Werner, J., 2019:
Characteristics and Red Flag Correlates of Psychiatric Outpatients in a Mandated-Use Prescription Drug Monitoring Program State: A PBRN Card Study

Mastroleo, N.R.; Celio, M.A.; Barnett, N.P.; Colby, S.M.; Kahler, C.W.; Operario, D.; Suffoletto, B.P.; Monti, P.M., 2019:
Feasibility and Acceptability of a Motivational Intervention Combined with Text Messaging for Alcohol and Sex Risk Reduction with Emergency Department Patients: A Pilot Trial

Du, L.; Li, J.; Zhang, X.; Wang, L.; Zhang, W.; Yang, M.; Hou, C., 2019:
Pomegranate peel polyphenols inhibits inflammation in LPS-induced RAW264.7 macrophages via the suppression of TLR4/NF-κB pathway activation

Alim, A.; Li, T.; Nisar, T.; Ren, D.; Zhai, X.; Pang, Y.; Yang, X., 2019:
Antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antiproliferative activity-based comparative study of peel and flesh polyphenols from Actinidia chinensis

Liu, W.; Huang, S.; Li, Y.; Zhang, K.; Zheng, X., 2019:
Suppressive effect of glycyrrhizic acid against lipopolysaccharide-induced neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment in C57 mice via toll-like receptor 4 signaling pathway

Ruaro, B.; Smith, V.; Sulli, A.; Pizzorni, C.; Tardito, S.; Patané, M.; Paolino, S.; Cutolo, M., 2019:
Innovations in the Assessment of Primary and Secondary Raynaud's Phenomenon

Severino, B.; Corvino, A.; Fiorino, F.; Frecentese, F.; Perissutti, E.; Caliendo, G.; Santagada, V.; Magli, E.; Molinaro, P.; Pignataro, G.; Annunziato, L.; Antunes, Nícia.J.; Rojas-Moscoso, J.; de Freitas, N.L.; Mendes, G.D.; De Nucci, G., 2019:
Development, Validation of LC-MS/MS Method and Determination of Pharmacokinetic Parameters of the Stroke Neuroprotectant Neurounina-1 in Beagle Dog Plasma After Intravenous Administration

Horb, M.; Wlizla, M.; Abu-Daya, A.; McNamara, S.; Gajdasik, D.; Igawa, T.; Suzuki, A.; Ogino, H.; Noble, A.; Robert, J.; James-Zorn, C.; Guille, M.; Nicolas, M.; Lafond, T.; Boujard, D.; Audic, Y.; Guillet, B., 2019 :
Xenopus Resources: Transgenic, Inbred and Mutant Animals, Training Opportunities, and Web-Based Support

Engel, F.A.; Faude, O.; Kölling, S.; Kellmann, M.; Donath, L., 2019:
Verbal Encouragement and Between-Day Reliability During High-Intensity Functional Strength and Endurance Performance Testing

do Nascimento Salvador, P.Cesar.; Schäfer, L.; Grassi, B.; Guglielmo, L.Guilherme.Antonacci.; Denadai, B.Sérgio., 2019:
Changes in VO 2 Kinetics After Elevated Baseline Do Not Necessarily Reflect Alterations in Muscle Force Production in Both Sexes

Imboden, C.; Gerber, M.; Beck, J.; Eckert, A.; Pühse, U.; Holsboer-Trachsler, E.; Hatzinger, M., 2019:
Effects of Aerobic Exercise as Add-On Treatment for Inpatients With Moderate to Severe Depression on Depression Severity, Sleep, Cognition, Psychological Well-Being, and Biomarkers: Study Protocol, Description of Study Population, and Manipulation Check

Alsaadi, T.; Kassie, S.; Mohamed Ali, O.; Mozahem, K.; Al Fardan, S.; Ahmed, A.M., 2019:
Psychiatric Comorbidity in Neurological Disorders: Towards a Multidisciplinary Approach to Illness Management in the United Arab Emirates

Cheng, G.H-L.; Chan, D.K-S.; Yeung, D.Y., 2019:
Correlates of Acceptance of Wealth Inequality: A Moderated Mediation Model

Bächinger, D.; Goosmann, M.M.; Schuknecht, B.; Nadol, J.B.; Adams, J.C.; Huber, A.; Eckhard, A.H., 2019:
Clinical Imaging Findings of Vestibular Aqueduct Trauma in a Patient With Posttraumatic Meniere's Syndrome

Qian, H.; Ju, P.; Zhang, D.; Ma, L.; Hu, Y.; Li, Z.; Huang, L.; Lou, Y.; Du, C., 2019:
Effect of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration on the Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion of Q235 Carbon Steel by Halophilic Archaeon Natronorubrum tibetense

Jacquin, J.; Cheng, J.; Odobel, Cène.; Pandin, C.; Conan, P.; Pujo-Pay, M.; Barbe, Vérie.; Meistertzheim, A-Leila.; Ghiglione, J-François., 2019:
Microbial Ecotoxicology of Marine Plastic Debris: A Review on Colonization and Biodegradation by the "Plastisphere"

Sun, Y.; Guo, D.; Hua, Z.; Sun, H.; Zheng, Z.; Xia, X.; Shi, C., 2019:
Attenuation of Multiple Vibrio parahaemolyticus Virulence Factors by Citral

Cabral, A.; da Silva Cândido, D.; Monteiro, S.Maria.; Lemos, F.; Saitovitch, D.; Noronha, I.L.; Alves, Lícia.Ferreira.; Geraldo, M.Vieira.; Kalil, J.; Cunha-Neto, E.; Pinto Ferreira, L.Rodrigues.; Coelho, Vônica., 2019:
Differential microRNA Profile in Operational Tolerance: A Potential Role in Favoring Cell Survival

Wculek, S.K.; Khouili, Sía.C.; Priego, E.; Heras-Murillo, I.; Sancho, D., 2019:
Metabolic Control of Dendritic Cell Functions: Digesting Information

Curato, C.; Bernshtein, B.; Zupancič, E.; Dufner, A.; Jaitin, D.; Giladi, A.; David, E.; Chappell-Maor, L.; Leshkowitz, D.; Knobeloch, K-Peter.; Amit, I.; Florindo, H.F.; Jung, S., 2019:
DC Respond to Cognate T Cell Interaction in the Antigen-Challenged Lymph Node

Thor, K., 2019:
Calcium-Nutrient and Messenger

Palasz, E.; Niewiadomski, W.; Gasiorowska, A.; Mietelska-Porowska, A.; Niewiadomska, G., 2019:
Neuroplasticity and Neuroprotective Effect of Treadmill Training in the Chronic Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease

Rogers, S.J.; Puric, E.; Eberle, B.; Datta, N.R.; Bodis, S.B., 2019:
Radiotherapy for Melanoma: More than DNA Damage

Qin, Q.; Qian, Y.; Zhu, G.; Fan, W.; Niu, J.; Gu, Y., 2019:
The Correlation between Serum Uric Acid and Renal Function in Elderly Chinese Diabetes with Normoalbuminuria

Jiang, J.; Lu, H., 2019:
Immediate Surgery Might Be a Better Option for Subcapsular Thyroid Microcarcinomas

Lu, H.; Wang, C.; Xue, L.; Zhang, Q.; Luh, F.; Wang, J.; Lin, T.G.; Yen, Y.; Liu, X., 2019:
Human Mitotic Centromere-Associated Kinesin Is Targeted by MicroRNA 485-5p/181c and Prognosticates Poor Survivability of Breast Cancer

Costa, A.Luiz.Ferreira.; Paixão, A.Kataki.; Gonçalves, B.Costa.; Ogawa, C.Massahiro.; Martinelli, T.; Maeda, F.Akio.; Trivino, T.; Lopes, Sérgio.Lucio.Pereira.de.Castro., 2019:
Cone Beam Computed Tomography-Based Anatomical Assessment of the Olfactory Fossa

Aihara, H.; Zider, J.; Fanton, G.; Duerig, T., 2019:
Combustion Synthesis Porous Nitinol for Biomedical Applications

Mama, M.; Teshome, T.; Detamo, J., 2019:
Antibacterial Activity of Honey against Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus : A Laboratory-Based Experimental Study

Ehelepola, N.D.B.; Karunathilaka, C.N.; Liyanage, G.L.H.S.; Wickramaarachchi, W.A.C.B.; Samarathunga, J.R.P.U.; Dissanayake, W.P., 2019:
An Atypical Clinical Manifestation of a Hump-Nosed Pit Viper Envenomation

Shrestha, K.Raj.; Yoo, S.Young., 2019:
Phage-Based Artificial Niche: The Recent Progress and Future Opportunities in Stem Cell Therapy

Valencia-González, H.Abraham.; Ruíz, G.; Ortiz-Sánchez, E.; García-Carrancá, A., 2019:
Cancer Stem Cells from Tumor Cell Lines Activate the DNA Damage Response Pathway after Ionizing Radiation More Efficiently Than Noncancer Stem Cells

Zhao, L.; Wang, J.; Li, H.; Che, J.; Ma, N.; Cao, B., 2019:
Safety and Efficacy of Tianfoshen Oral Liquid in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients as an Adjuvant Therapy

Begum, M.Marium.; Islam, A.; Begum, R.; Uddin, M.Sahab.; Rahman, M.Sohanur.; Alam, S.; Akter, W.; Das, M.; Rahman, M.Sohanur.; Imon, A.H.M.Rahmatullah., 2019:
Ethnopharmacological Inspections of Organic Extract of Oroxylum indicum in Rat Models: A Promising Natural Gift

Yu, X.; Mao, Y.; Shergis, J.Linda.; Coyle, M.E.; Wu, L.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, A.Lin.; Lin, L.; Xue, C.Changli.; Xu, Y., 2019:
Effectiveness and Safety of Oral Cordyceps sinensis on Stable COPD of GOLD Stages 2-3: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Fernandes, M.Fernanda.; Conegundes, J.Leiras.Mota.; Pinto, Nícolas.de.Castro.Campos.; de Oliveira, L.Gustavo.; de Aguiar, J.Adriano.Kopke.; Souza-Fagundes, E.Maria.; Scio, E., 2019:
Cecropia pachystachya Leaves Present Potential to Be Used as New Ingredient for Antiaging Dermocosmetics

Wu, L.; Ran, L.; Lang, H.; Zhou, M.; Yu, L.; Yi, L.; Zhu, J.; Liu, L.; Mi, M., 2019:
Myricetin improves endurance capacity by inducing muscle fiber type conversion via miR-499

Gaeini, Z.; Bahadoran, Z.; Mirmiran, P.; Azizi, F., 2019:
Tea, coffee, caffeine intake and the risk of cardio-metabolic outcomes: findings from a population with low coffee and high tea consumption

Neal, Z.; Lawlor, J.; Neal, J.Watling.; Mills, K.; McAlindon, K., 2019:
Just Google it: Measuring schools' use of research evidence with internet search results

Oldenburg, M.; Jensen, H-Joachim., 2019:
Cross-sectional study about the activities for various occupational groups on board during different voyage stages

Sánchez-Vargas, L.A.; Mathew, A., 2019:
Peripheral follicular helper T cells in acute viral diseases: a perspective on dengue

Dhokotera, T.; Bohlius, J.; Spoerri, A.; Egger, M.; Ncayiyana, J.; Olago, V.; Singh, E.; Sengayi, M., 2019:
The burden of cancers associated with HIV in the South African public health sector, 2004-2014: a record linkage study

Dahab, M.; Abdelmagid, N.; Kodouda, A.; Checchi, F., 2019:
Deaths, injuries and detentions during civil demonstrations in Sudan: a secondary data analysis

Salimijazi, F.; Parra, E.; Barstow, B., 2019:
Electrical energy storage with engineered biological systems

Healy, C.P.; Deans, T.L., 2019:
Genetic circuits to engineer tissues with alternative functions

Liao, L-Sheng.; Li, C-Xi.; Zhang, F-Fei.; Yan, Y-Si.; Luo, X-Mei.; Zhao, S.; Feng, J-Xun., 2019:
How an essential Zn2Cys6 transcription factor PoxCxrA regulates cellulase gene expression in ascomycete fungi?

Wu, Y.; Kovalovszki, A.; Pan, J.; Lin, C.; Liu, H.; Duan, N.; Angelidaki, I., 2019:
Early warning indicators for mesophilic anaerobic digestion of corn stalk: a combined experimental and simulation approach

Zhang, H.; Huang, S.; Wei, W.; Zhang, J.; Xie, J., 2019:
Investigation of alkaline hydrogen peroxide pretreatment and Tween 80 to enhance enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse

Xie, H.; Engle, N.L.; Venketachalam, S.; Yoo, C.Geun.; Barros, J.; Lecoultre, M.; Howard, N.; Li, G.; Sun, L.; Srivastava, A.C.; Pattathil, S.; Pu, Y.; Hahn, M.G.; Ragauskas, A.J.; Nelson, R.S.; Dixon, R.A.; Tschaplinski, T.J.; Blancaflor, E.B.; Tang, Y., 2019:
Combining loss of function of FOLYLPOLYGLUTAMATE SYNTHETASE1 and CAFFEOYL - COA 3 - O - METHYLTRANSFERASE1 for lignin reduction and improved saccharification efficiency in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kikumoto, T.; Akatsuka, K.; Nakamura, E.; Ito, W.; Hirabayashi, R.; Edama, M., 2019:
Quantitative evaluation method for clarifying ankle plantar flexion angles using anterior drawer and inversion stress tests: a cross-sectional study

Schneiders, J.; Telo, G.H.; Bottino, L.Grabinski.; Pasinato, B.; Neyeloff, J.Lavanholi.; Schaan, B.D., 2019:
Quality indicators in type 2 diabetes patient care: analysis per care-complexity level

Li, J.; Shen, X., 2019:
Effect of rosiglitazone on inflammatory cytokines and oxidative stress after intensive insulin therapy in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes

Wang, Z.; McSwiggin, H.; Newkirk, S.J.; Wang, Y.; Oliver, D.; Tang, C.; Lee, S.; Wang, S.; Yuan, S.; Zheng, H.; Ye, P.; An, W.; Yan, W., 2019:
Insertion of a chimeric retrotransposon sequence in mouse Axin1 locus causes metastable kinky tail phenotype

Soler, N.; Robert, E.; Chauvot de Beauchêne, I.; Monteiro, P.; Libante, V.; Maigret, B.; Staub, J.; Ritchie, D.W.; Guédon, Gérard.; Payot, S.; Devignes, M-Dominique.; Leblond-Bourget, N., 2019:
Characterization of a relaxase belonging to the MOB T family, a widespread family in Firmicutes mediating the transfer of ICEs

Evans, K.; Wang, X.; Roper, M.G., 2019:
Chiral micellar electrokinetic chromatographic separation for determination of L- and D-primary amines released from murine islets of Langerhans

Dietz, N.A.; Asfar, T.; Caban-Martinez, A.J.; Ward, K.D.; Santiago, K.; Ruano-Herreria, E.C.; McClure, L.A.; Lee, D.J., 2019:
Developing a Worksite-based Culturally Adapted Smoking Cessation Intervention for Male Hispanic/Latino Construction Workers

Hillel, I.; Gazit, E.; Nieuwboer, A.; Avanzino, L.; Rochester, L.; Cereatti, A.; Croce, U.Della.; Rikkert, M.Olde.; Bloem, B.R.; Pelosin, E.; Del Din, S.; Ginis, P.; Giladi, N.; Mirelman, A.; Hausdorff, J.M., 2019:
Is every-day walking in older adults more analogous to dual-task walking or to usual walking? Elucidating the gaps between gait performance in the lab and during 24/7 monitoring

Larsen, R.Tolstrup.; Christensen, J.; Juhl, C.Bogh.; Andersen, H.Boje.; Langberg, H., 2019:
Physical activity monitors to enhance amount of physical activity in older adults - a systematic review and meta-analysis

Evangelakou, Z.; Manola, M.; Gumeni, S.; Trougakos, I.P., 2019:
Nutrigenomics as a tool to study the impact of diet on aging and age-related diseases: the Drosophila approach

Cont, G.; Paviotti, G.; Montico, M.; Paganin, P.; Guerra, M.; Trappan, A.; Demarini, S.; Gasparini, P.; Robino, A., 2019:
TAS2R38 bitter taste genotype is associated with complementary feeding behavior in infants

Hasan, A.; Kochumon, S.; Al-Ozairi, E.; Tuomilehto, J.; Ahmad, R., 2019:
Association between Adipose Tissue Interleukin-33 and Immunometabolic Markers in Individuals with Varying Degrees of Glycemia

Ochiumi, Y.; Suzuki, Y., 2019:
Observation of early strut coverage after polymer-free biolimus-A9 coated stent by optical frequency domain imaging

Yamaoka, O.; Matsui, T.; Nishiyama, K.; Miyamoto, A.; Shiota, H.; Kawahara, C.; Shikano, M.; Nagao, M.; Minamiguchi, H.; Takemura, S., 2019:
Indolent primary effusion lymphoma-like lymphoma in the pericardium: A case report and review of the literature

Kim, B.Gyu.; Kim, K.Hwan.; Nah, J.Chun.; Cho, S.Woo., 2019:
Simultaneous left and right ventricular apical thrombi after occlusion of the wrapped left anterior descending artery

Habu, M.; Kawasaki, T.; Yamano, M.; Kamitani, T., 2019:
Onset of new diastolic murmur as a sign of bioprosthetic valve dysfunction: A case report

Masaki, K.; Morishige, K.; Matsusaka, H.; Kubo, T., 2019:
Radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation through an implanted inferior vena cava filter

Odawara, K.; Inoue, T.; Hirooka, Y., 2019:
Effective steroid therapy in an elderly patient with cardiac sarcoidosis and severe left ventricular dysfunction

Okano, T.; Okada, A.; Tabata, H.; Kobayashi, H.; Shoin, W.; Yoshie, K.; Oguchi, Y.; Shoda, M.; Kuwahara, K., 2019:
Wire perforation causing cardiopulmonary arrest during radiofrequency hot balloon ablation for pulmonary vein isolation

Santiyanon, N.; Yeephu, S., 2019:
Interaction between warfarin and astaxanthin: A case report

Mekonnen, T.Hambisa.; Abere, G.; Olkeba, S.Wedajo., 2019:
Risk Factors Associated with Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal Disorders among Barbers in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia, 2018: A Cross-Sectional Study

Ma, C.; Fu, K.; Trujillo, M.J.; Gu, X.; Baig, N.; Bohn, P.W.; Camden, J.P., 2019:
In Situ Probing of Laser Annealing of Plasmonic Substrates with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Xu, P.; Shi, X.; Zhang, X.; Liu, Q.; Xie, Y.; Hong, Y.; Li, J.; Peng, M.; Liu, X.; Xu, G., 2019:
Overexpression of BRCA1 in Neural Stem Cells Enhances Cell Survival and Functional Recovery after Transplantation into Experimental Ischemic Stroke

Jeong, D.; Lee, J.; Park, S.Hee.; Kim, Y.Ah.; Park, B.Jun.; Oh, J.; Sung, G-Ho.; Aravinthan, A.; Kim, J-Hoon.; Kang, H.; Cho, J.Youl., 2019:
Antiphotoaging and Antimelanogenic Effects of Penthorum chinense Pursh Ethanol Extract due to Antioxidant- and Autophagy-Inducing Properties

Rousseau, B.; Guillemin, A.; Tournigand, C., 2019:
Guidelines and tumor boards are required for solid organ recipients with de novo carcinoma

Marmorino, F.; Falcone, A.; Cremolini, C., 2019:
Bevacizumab as maintenance therapy in mCRC: Interpreting results of the MOMA trial

Cervantes-Gomez, F.; Stellrecht, C.M.; Ayres, M.L.; Keating, M.J.; Wierda, W.G.; Gandhi, V., 2019:
PIM kinase inhibitor, AZD1208, inhibits protein translation and induces autophagy in primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells

Sundström, P.; Szeponik, L.; Ahlmanner, F.; Sundquist, M.; Wong, J.S.B.; Lindskog, E.Bexe.; Gustafsson, B.; Quiding-Järbrink, M., 2019:
Tumor-infiltrating mucosal-associated invariant T (MAIT) cells retain expression of cytotoxic effector molecules

Khan, A.J.; LaCava, S.; Mehta, M.; Schiff, D.; Thandoni, A.; Jhawar, S.; Danish, S.; Haffty, B.G.; Chen, S., 2019:
The glutamate release inhibitor riluzole increases DNA damage and enhances cytotoxicity in human glioma cells, in vitro and in vivo

Simile, M.M.; Peitta, G.; Tomasi, M.L.; Brozzetti, S.; Feo, C.F.; Porcu, A.; Cigliano, A.; Calvisi, D.F.; Feo, F.; Pascale, R.M., 2019:
MicroRNA-203 impacts on the growth, aggressiveness and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma by targeting MAT2A and MAT2B genes

Pestana, M.Helena.; Sobral, M., 2019:
Cognitive reserve and dementia A scientometric review

Matos, T.Martins.; Souza-Talarico, J.Nery.De., 2019:
How stress mediators can cumulatively contribute to Alzheimer's disease An allostatic load approach

Apgáua, L.T.; Jaeger, Aônio., 2019:
Memory for emotional information and alexithymia A systematic review

Rodrigues, J.de.Carvalho.; Becker, Nália.; Beckenkamp, C.Luísa.; Miná, C.Schorr.; de Salles, J.Fumagalli.; Bandeira, D.Ruschel., 2019:
Psychometric properties of cognitive screening for patients with cerebrovascular diseases A systematic review

Zortea, M.; de Jou, G.Inchausti.; de Salles, J.Fumagalli., 2019:
Memory monitoring and memory control in chronic stroke patients Dissociated processes

Pereira, N.; Gonçalves, A.Paula.Bresolin.; Goulart, M.; Tarrasconi, M.Amarante.; Kochhann, R.; Fonseca, R.Paz., 2019:
Age-related differences in conversational discourse abilities A comparative study

Cera, M.Luchesi.; Romeiro, T.Piovesana.Pereira.; Mandrá, P.Pupin.; Fukuda, M.Tomoe.Hebihara., 2019:
Variables associated with speech and language therapy time for aphasia, apraxia of speech and dysarthria

Vásquez, K.Arguedas.; Valverde, E.Miranda.; Aguilar, D.Valerio.; Gabarain, H-Jacques.Hernández., 2019:
Montreal Cognitive Assessment scale in patients with Parkinson Disease with normal scores in the Mini-Mental State Examination

Marques, C.Leonardo.Sacomani.; de Souza, J.Thomaz.; Gonçalves, M.Gabriel.; da Silva, Tís.Regina.; da Costa, R.Dalle.Molle.; Modolo, G.Pinheiro.; Corrente, Jé.Eduardo.; Bazan, R.; Luvizutto, G.José., 2019:
Validation of the Catherine Bergego Scale in patients with unilateral spatial neglect after stroke

Lima, G.; Teldeschi, A.; Oliveira, Nália.; Bernardes, C.; Drummond, Cáudia.; Assunção, N.; Bortolini, T.; Mattos, P., 2019:
The Von Restorff effect in the Brazilian version of the Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test in an elderly population

Plácido, J.; Ferreira, Jé.Vinicius.; de Oliveira, F.; Sant'Anna, P.; Monteiro-Junior, R.Sobral.; Laks, J.; Deslandes, A.C., 2019:
Association among 2-min step test, functional level and diagnosis of dementia

Starling, D.Siqueira.Veloso.; Moreira, B.Fernanda.Tolentino.; Jaeger, Aônio., 2019:
Retrieval practice as a learning strategy for individuals with Down syndrome A preliminary study

Baixinho, C.Lavareda.; Dixe, M.Dos.Anjos.; Madeira, C.; Alves, Sílvia.; Henriques, M.Adriana., 2019:
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Neuropsychological assessment in preclinical and prodromal Alzheimer disease: a global perspective

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Scrutinizing the drug resistance mechanism of multi- and extensively-drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis: mutations versus efflux pumps

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PPAR δ : A Potential Therapeutic Target for the Treatment of Metabolic Hypertension

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Incorporating Pathway Information into Feature Selection towards Better Performed Gene Signatures

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Balloon-Assisted Percutaneous Transhepatic Antegrade Embolization with 2-Octyl Cyanoacrylate for the Treatment of Isolated Gastric Varices with Large Gastrorenal Shunts

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Fecal Microbiota of Diarrhea-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients Causes Hepatic Inflammation of Germ-Free Rats and Berberine Reverses It Partially

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Effect of Weightlessness on the 3D Structure Formation and Physiologic Function of Human Cancer Cells

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Label-Free LC-MS/MS Proteomics Analyses Reveal Proteomic Changes Accompanying MSTN KO in C2C12 Cells

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Use of a Novel, Reinforced, Low Immunogenic, Porcine Small Intestine Submucosa Patch to Repair a Supraspinatus Tendon Defect in a Rabbit Model

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Interleukin 6 Function in the Skin and Isolated Keratinocytes Is Modulated by Hyperglycemia

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Precision Medicine

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Nudging transparent behavioural science and policy

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Materials and structural designs of stretchable conductors

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Innovative omics-based approaches for prioritisation and targeted isolation of natural products - new strategies for drug discovery

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5-(3',4'-Dihydroxyphenyl)-γ-valerolactone, a metabolite of procyanidins in cacao, suppresses MDI-induced adipogenesis by regulating cell cycle progression through direct inhibition of CDK2/cyclin O

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Facile o-quinodimethane formation from benzocyclobutenes triggered by the Staudinger reaction at ambient temperature

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Predicting aromatic exciplex fluorescence emission energies

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TiO 2 mesoporous thin film architecture as a tool to control Au nanoparticles growth and sensing capabilities

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Tuning the electronic and magnetic properties of antimonene nanosheets via point defects and external fields: first-principles calculations

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Selective synthesis of (1H-benzo[d]imidazol-2-yl)(phenyl)methanone and quinoxaline from aromatic aldehyde and o-phenylenediamine

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A novel homolateral and dicationic AIEgen for the sensitive detection of casein

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2,6-Bis(benzimidazol-2-yl)pyridine complexes of group 14 elements

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Peracetic acid reduces Campylobacter spp. numbers and total viable counts on broiler breast muscle and drumstick skins during modified atmosphere package storage

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Phage cocktail SalmoFREE® reduces Salmonella on a commercial broiler farm

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Gibberellins play a role in regulating tomato fruit ripening

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INGA 2.0: improving protein function prediction for the dark proteome

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Physiological and transcriptomic response of Saccharomyces pastorianus to cold storage

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Overexpression of endogenous stress-tolerance related genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae improved strain robustness and production of heterologous cellobiohydrolase

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Resection of Myxopapillary Ependymoma of the Filum Terminale: 2-Dimensional Operative Video

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Carboxylate-functionalized foldamer inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase and Topoisomerase 1: artificial analogues of DNA mimic proteins

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VoroMQA web server for assessing three-dimensional structures of proteins and protein complexes

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Genome-wide analysis of phospholipase D gene family and profiling of phospholipids under abiotic stresses in Brassica napus

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Acute kidney injury: to dialyse or to filter?

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Genotyping and phylogenetic analysis of Pythium insidiosum causing human corneal ulcer

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The Barcode, UMI, Set format and BUStools

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Effects of thermally oxidized canola oil and tannic acid supplementation on nutrient digestibility and microbial metabolites in finishing pigs1

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Analysis of fishy taint in duck eggs reveals the causative constituent of the fishy odor and factors affecting the perception ability of this odor

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Autochthonous Cutaneous Larva Migrans in France and Europe

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Torticollis in children

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Age estimation in forensic anthropology: methodological considerations about the validation studies of prediction models

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Effects of police body armour on overmatching ballistic injury

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Different rates of endocytic activity and vesicle transport from the apical and synaptic poles of the outer hair cell

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Topic issue: men's health in 2019

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Neural pathways in the pallial nerve and arm nerve cord revealed by neurobiotin backfilling in the cephalopod mollusk Octopus vulgaris

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High-frequency measurements of gas ebullition in a Brazilian subtropical reservoir-identification of relevant triggers and seasonal patterns

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Assessment of groundwater vulnerability to contamination: a case study

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Fascial plane blocks: anatomical structures that affect the spread of local anesthetic

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Scientific and ethical evaluation of projects in data-driven medicine

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Current challenges in the assessment of ethical proposals-aspects of digitalization and personalization in the healthcare system

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Depressive Symptoms and Sexually Transmitted Disease: Evidence from a Low-Income Neighborhood of New York City

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Development of the Impact of Physical Activity Scale

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Centromeric non-coding RNA as a hidden epigenetic factor of the point centromere

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Regulation of the protein entry gate assembly by mitochondrial porin

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Ayahuasca-induced psychosis in a patient with bipolar disorder

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What replaces the locked door? : Conceptual and ethical considerations regarding open door policies, formal coercion and treatment pressures

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Impact of the Zeitgeist and human rights on psychiatric actions

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Autonomy focusing as guiding idea of minimally restrictive psychiatry

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Effects of Genetic Background and Environmental Conditions on Texture Properties in a Recombinant Inbred Population of an Inter-Subspecies Cross

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Large dural-based mass with bony hyperostosis in a 16-year-old male: IgG4-related disease mimicking lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma

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Prior endoscopic third ventriculostomy does not increase ventriculoperitoneal shunt failure rate

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Management: opinions from different centers-the Istituto Giannina Gaslini experience

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Structural properties of the seed bank and the two island diffusion

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Primary radiotherapy and short androgen deprivation therapy of 18 months may be sufficient in patients with localized prostate cancer with high-risk-factor compared to the standard of 28 to 36 months

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Post-infection irritable bowel syndrome in the tropical and subtropical regions: Vibrio cholerae is a new cause of this well-known condition

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Osteoporotic bone fractures: intramedullary augmentation and hybrid osteosynthesis

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Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Chronic Fatigue: Three Distinct Entities Requiring Complete Different Approaches

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Selective suppression of the vestibulo-ocular reflex during human locomotion

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A "dumbbell" vesicourethral stone

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"Sausage" sign intussusception

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The "mosaic pattern" in hepatic sinusoidal dilatation

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Genetics of rectal cancer and novel therapies: primer for radiologists

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Nonstop mutation in the Kisspeptin 1 receptor (KISS1R) gene causes normosmic congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism

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Down syndrome and infertility: what support should we provide?

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Impact of Genes and the Environment on the Pathogenesis and Disease Course of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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N-Acetylcysteine Prevents Post-embolization Syndrome in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma Following Transarterial Chemoembolization

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Sucrose and saccharin differentially modulate depression and anxiety-like behavior in diabetic mice: exposures and withdrawal effects

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Parasites and Metals in Walleye (Sander vitreus) and Northern Pike (Esox lucius) from Boreal Montreal Lake (Saskatchewan, Canada): Assessment of Human Health Risks

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Concomitant Use of Hyaluronic Acid and Laser in Facial Rejuvenation

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Role of the chanzyme TRPM7 in the nervous system in health and disease

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CNDP1 knockout in zebrafish alters the amino acid metabolism, restrains weight gain, but does not protect from diabetic complications

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Focal and Osteosclerotic Bone Diseases

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A fuzzy multi-stakeholder socio-optimal model for water and waste load allocation

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Self-reported Sensory Hypersensitivity Moderates Association Between Tactile Psychophysical Performance and Autism-Related Traits in Neurotypical Adults

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Non-canonical roles for metabolic enzymes and intermediates in malignant progression and metastasis

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In honor of Prof. Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Gerd Plewig on the occasion of his 80th birthday : Gerd Plewid-a lifetime for dermatology

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Effects of short- and long-term cold acclimation on morphology, physiology, and exercise performance of California mice (Peromyscus californicus): potential modulation by fatherhood

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Should "garbage in-garbage out" be replaced by "little in-little out"? Questionnaire response rates need to be improved in surgical quality registries!

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Defining Primary Selective IgM Deficiency

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Heat shock proteins in the therapy of autoimmune diseases: too simple to be true?

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Circadian neurogenetics of mood disorders

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In Vitro Models of Brain Disorders

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Neuronal Cultures and Nanomaterials

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Large-Scale, High-Resolution Microelectrode Arrays for Interrogation of Neurons and Networks

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Multisite Intracellular Recordings by MEA

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Burst Detection Methods

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Reconstruction of Functional Connectivity from Multielectrode Recordings and Calcium Imaging

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Open-Source Tools for Processing and Analysis of In Vitro Extracellular Neuronal Signals

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General and specific interactions of the phospholipid bilayer with P-type ATPases

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Optical second harmonic generation microscopy: application to the sensitive detection of cell membrane damage

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Tensile and compressive force regulation on cell mechanosensing

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Primary unilateral uncomplicated inguinal hernia repair, which is the procedure most frequently, performed in operating theatres the world over? Situation of Africa

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Mesh erosion into urinary bladder, rare condition but important to know

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Efficacy and safety of trifluridine/tipiracil in third-line and beyond for the treatment of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in routine clinical practice: patterns of use and prognostic nomogram

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De-escalation treatment of axilla in breast cancer

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PDZ Scaffold Protein CAL Couples with Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor 5 to Protect Against Cell Apoptosis and Is a Potential Target in the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease

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Simultaneous Production of Lipids and Carotenoids by the Red Yeast Rhodotorula from Waste Glycerol Fraction and Potato Wastewater

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Neotropical Leaf Litter Beetle Genus Motonerus (Coleoptera: Hydrophilidae): New Species, Distribution Data, and Description of Third Instar Larva

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Enormous gill chambers of deep-sea coffinfishes (Lophiiformes: Chaunacidae) support unique ventilatory specialisations such as breath holding and extreme inflation

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The endangered White's seahorse Hippocampus whitei)chooses artificial over natural habitats

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Effects of CXCL4/CXCR3 on the lipopolysaccharide-induced injury in human umbilical vein endothelial cells

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Rat sinus mucosa- and periosteum-derived exosomes accelerate osteogenesis

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3D Pixel Mechanical Metamaterials

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Increased risk of fatal paediatric injuries in rural Northern Norway

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Circular RNA rno_circ_0004002 regulates cell proliferation, apoptosis, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition through targeting miR-342-5p and Wnt3a in anorectal malformations

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Contribution of potassium channels to action potential repolarization of human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes

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Upregulation of AKT1 and downregulation of AKT3 caused by dysregulation of microRNAs contributes to pathogenesis of hemangioma by promoting proliferation of endothelial cells

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Dermal elastolysis in the setting of combination immunotherapy

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Mapping first-line health care providers' roles, practices, and impacts on care for workers with compensable musculoskeletal disorders in four jurisdictions: A critical interpretive synthesis

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MRI-based radiomics signature for tumor grading of rectal carcinoma using random forest model

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'Bumping along': a qualitative metasynthesis of challenges to interprofessional placements

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Crystal Structures and Melting Behaviors of 2-D and 3-D Anionic Coordination Polymers Containing Organometallic Ionic Liquid Components

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Noisy waters

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Suboptimal growth among individuals of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in a temperate river

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The mechanism(s) of action of antioxidants: From scavenging reactive oxygen/nitrogen species to redox signaling and the generation of bioactive secondary metabolites

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The chemical and visual basis in the pollination of the neotropical sexually deceptive orchid Telipogon peruvianus (Orchidaceae)

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Upregulation of TRPV1 in spinal dorsal root ganglion by activating NGF-TrkA pathway contributes to pelvic organ cross-sensitisation in rats with experimental autoimmune prostatitis

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MiR-423-5p inhibition alleviates cardiomyocyte apoptosis and mitochondrial dysfunction caused by hypoxia/reoxygenation through activation of the wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway via targeting MYBL2

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Post-ejaculatory increase in human semen osmolality in vitro

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Role of human and porcine MHC DRB1 alleles in determining the intensity of individual human anti-pig T-cell responses

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Kinaesthetic illusion shapes the cortical plasticity evoked by action observation

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Gene expression profile of the hippocampus of rats subjected to traumatic brain injury

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Economic Inequality is Associated with Long-Term Harm on Adolescent Well-Being in China

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Intact single muscle fibres from SOD1 G93A ALS mice display preserved specific force, fatigue resistance, and training-like adaptations

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Biopesticide based sustainable pest management for safer production of vegetable legumes and brassicas in Asia and Africa

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Site-Selective, Remote sp3 C-H Carboxylation Enabled by the Merger of Photoredox and Nickel Catalysis

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Differential expression of TLRs and AKAP3 in cigarette smoked mice testis

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Gender differences in the effects of cannabidiol on ethanol binge drinking in mice

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FGF19 sustains the high proliferative ability of keratinocytes in psoriasis through the regulation of Wnt/GSK-3β/β-catenin signaling via FGFR4

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Breast cancer in developing countries: The shrinking age gap

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Nipple sparing mastectomy for melanoma metastatic to the breast

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Acinetobacter sp. mediated synthesis of AgNPs, its optimization, characterization and synergistic antifungal activity against C. albicans

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Co-infection of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) with infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus and Flavobacterium psychrophilum

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A flexible and robust method for assessing conditional association and conditional concordance

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Vasohibin-2 plays an essential role in metastasis of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

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Extramedullary myeloid leukemia mimicking lobular carcinoma of the breast following bone marrow transplant for acute myeloid leukemia

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Call for a national sore throat guideline

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When I say … merit

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Quantitative assessment of the association between TAP2 rs241447 polymorphism and cancer risk

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Separating the good guys and gals from the bad

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Solution-Phase Synthesis of Few-layer Hexagonal Antimonene Nanosheets via Anisotropic Growth

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A comparison of lancets and evaluation of various manoeuvres in reducing finger prick pain during pre-donation haemoglobin estimation

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Antibacterial activity of copper-bearing 316L stainless steel for the prevention of implant-related infection

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Role of the afferent renal nerves in sodium homeostasis and blood pressure regulation in rats

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Making conservation science more reliable with preregistration and registered reports

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Botulinum toxin for the treatment of dystonia and pain in corticobasal syndrome

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High Incidence of Venous Thromboembolism Recurrence in Patients with Sickle Cell Disease

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Conical Hollow Microhelices with Superior Swimming Capabilities for Targeted Cargo Delivery

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Proportional hazards regression of survival-sacrifice data with cause-of-death information in animal carcinogenicity studies

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Assessment of the protective effect of KN-93 drug in systemic epilepsy disorders induced by pilocarpine in male rat

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Photosensitive Hydrogel Creates Favorable Biologic Niches to Promote Spinal Cord Injury Repair

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Oral dysfunction as a cause of malocclusion

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Osteocytes and mechanical loading: The Wnt connection

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Three-dimensional evaluation of the holographic projection in digital dental model superimposition using HoloLens device

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Hunting for genes that shape human faces: Initial successes and challenges for the future

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Whitening effects of cosmetic formulation in the vascular component of skin pigmentation

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Enhancement of mouse diaphragm contractility in the presence of antagonists of GABA A and GABA B receptors

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A multi-center comparative efficacy and safety study of two different hyaluronic acid fillers for treatment of nasolabial folds in a Chinese population

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Molecular landscape of muscle-invasive bladder cancer: Patient age matter?

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Intensive Glucose Control for Critically Ill Patients

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Pregenomic RNA: How to assist the management of chronic hepatitis B?

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Long-term Donor Quality of Life after Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Japan

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Postmodernity - progress, imperfections and unintended consequences

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Evaluation of video compression methods for cone-beam computerized tomography

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Percutaneous Coronary Intervention and Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting for the Treatment of Left Main Coronary Artery Disease

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Evolution of Smart Health Wearables: Novel Application for Detection of Arrhythmia

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Which Individuals Could Benefit from Repeat Coronary Calcium Scans among Asymptomatic Korean Adults with a Baseline Coronary Artery Calcium Score of Zero?

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Coronary Angioscopy Findings before and after Excimer Laser Coronary Angioplasty for Bare-Metal Stent In-Stent Restenosis

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Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptor Blocker, Fimasartan, Reduces Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Senescence by Inhibiting the CYR61 Signaling Pathway

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Don't Touch My POT!

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Pregnancy in Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension "To Deliver, or Not to Deliver: That Is the Question"

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Shape and Mobility of a Left Ventricular Thrombus Are Predictors of Thrombus Resolution

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Significance of Differential Characteristics in Infantile Kawasaki Disease

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Can artificial Intelligence Prediction Algorithms Exceed Statistical Predictions?

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Clinical comparison between neuroendocrine and endometrioid type carcinoma of the uterine corpus

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A pilot study of gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonist combined with aromatase inhibitor as fertility-sparing treatment in obese patients with endometrial cancer

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Actinomycin D shortage in the Brazilian market: new challenges for successful treatment of gestational trophoblastic neoplasia

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A Case of Pulmonary Embolism Caused by Huge Popliteal Venous Saccular Aneurysm

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Medical Professionalism in Neoliberalism

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Factors Influencing the Diagnosis and Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis among Contacts in Congregated Settings in Korea

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Balance between Professionalism and Commercialism

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rEXPAR: an isothermal amplification scheme that is robust to autocatalytic parasites

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Ferroelectrcity and Large Piezoelectric Response of AlN/ScN superlattice

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Wearable Environmental Monitor To Quantify Personal Ambient Volatile Organic Compound Exposures

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Cell-Based Assays on Microfluidics for Drug Screening

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Multi-leveled Static-dynamic Anticounterfeiting Based on the Stimuli-responsive Luminescence in A Niobate Structure

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Ferritin-Based Electrochemiluminescence Nanosurface Energy Transfer System for Procalcitonin Detection Using HWRGWVC Heptapeptide for Site-Oriented Antibody Immobilization

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DNA-Functionalized Metal-Organic Framework: Cell Imaging, Targeting Drug Delivery and Photodynamic Therapy

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Mechanisms of Specific versus Nonspecific Interactions of Aggregation-Prone Inhibitors and Attenuators

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Reversible Modulated Upconversion Luminescence of MoO 3 :Yb 3+ ,Er 3+ Thermochromic Phosphor for Switching Devices

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Accelerated Discovery of Organic Polymer Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution from Water through the Integration of Experiment and Theory

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LiGaP 2 O 7 : A Potential UV Nonlinear-Optical Crystal

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High-Performance Low-Voltage Flexible Photodetector Arrays Based on All-Solid-State Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Photosensing and Imaging

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Observation of Microheterogeneity in Highly Concentrated Nonaqueous Electrolyte Solutions

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Cu-Catalyzed Direct C-P Bond Formation through Dehydrogenative Cross-Coupling Reactions between Azoles and Dialkyl Phosphites

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Solvent-Free Synthesis and Key Intermediate Isolation in Ni 2 Dy 2 Catalyst Development in the Domino Ring-Opening Electrocyclization Reaction of Furfural and Amines

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One-Pot, Three-Component Synthesis of 5-Sulfenyl-2-iminothiazolines by Cross-Dehydrogenative C-S Coupling Using I 2 /DMSO in Open Air

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Improving Peptide-Spectrum Matching by Fragmentation Prediction Using Hidden Markov Models

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Terminal Alkyne-Assisted One-Pot Synthesis of Arylamidines: Carbon Source of Amidine Group from Oxime Chlorides

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Cu-Catalyzed S N 2' Substitution of Propargylic Phosphates with Vinylarene-Derived Chiral Nucleophiles: Synthesis of Chiral Allenes

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Activation Relay on Rhodium-Catalyzed C-H Aminomethylation in Cooperation with Photoredox Catalysis

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Copper Mediated Selective Mono and Sequential Organochalcogenation of C-H Bond: Synthesis of Hybrid Unsymmetrical Aryl Ferrocene Chalcogenides

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Nanoscale Chemical Reaction Imaging at the Solid-Liquid Interface via TERS

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