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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66826

Chapter 66826 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Bass, M.H., 1918:
Cutaneous And Intracutaneous Tuberculin Tests In Infants And Children

Smith, C.H., 1918:
Methods Used In A Class For Undernourished Children

Schloss, O.M.; Harrington, H., 1919:
Comparison Of The Carbon Dioxid Tension Of The Alveolar Air And The Hydrogen-Ion Concentration Of The Urine With The Bicarbonate Of The Blood Plasma

Wollstein, M.; Goldbloom, A., 1919:
Epidemic Influenza In Infants

Hess, A.F.; Unger, L.J., 1919:
Scurvy Viii. Factors Affecting The Antiscorbutic Value Of Foods1

Hinman, F., 1919:
The Cystoscopic Study Of Urologic Conditions In Children

Hektoen, L.; Grulee, C.G., 1919:
The Precipitin Reaction In Infant Stools

Morse, J.L., 1919:
A Study Of The Relationship Of Convulsions In Infancy And Childhood To Epilepsy

Montgomery, J.C.; Dunham, E.C., 1919:
Leukocyte Counts During Influenza In Infants And Children

Talbot, F.B., 1919:
The Caloric Requirements Of Normal Infants And Children From Birth To Puberty

Blackfan, K.D., 1919:
The Early Recognition Of Hydrocephalus In Meningitis

Foster Wheeldon, T., 1920:
A Study Of Achondroplasia

Byfield, A.H., 1920:
The Etiology Of Arthritis Deformans In Children

Meyers, A.E., 1920:
Dilatation Of The Colon In Children

Hess, A.F.; Unger, L.J., 1920:
Scorbutic Beading Of The Ribs

Brown, A.; MacLACHLAN, I.F.; Simpson, R., 1920:
The Effect Of Intravenous Injections Of Calcium In Tetany And The Influence Of Cod Liver Oil And Phosphorus In The Retention Of Calcium In The Blood

Cowie, D.M., 1920:
The Duct Sign In Mumps

Marriott, W.M., 1920:
Some Phases Of The Pathology Of Nutrition In Infancy

Holt, L.E.; Fales, H.L., 1921:
The Food Requirements Of Children I. Total Caloric Requirements

Calhoun, H.A., 1921:
Effect Of Injection Of Nonspecific Protein On Diphtheria Virulence Tests In Guinea-Pigs

Schloss, O.M., 1921:
The Nature Of The Reducing Substance In The Urine Of Infants With Nutritional Disorders

Gerstenberger, H.J., 1921:
Malt Soup Extract As An Antiscorbutic

Talbot, F.B., 1921:
Standards Of Basal Metabolism In Normal Infants And Children

Park, W.H., 1921:
The Degree Of Immunity To Diphtheria Insured By A Negative Schick Test

Howland, J.; Kramer, B., 1921:
Calcium And Phosphorus In The Serum In Relation To Rickets

Utheim, K., 1921:
Metabolism Studies In Infants Suffering From Chronic Nutritional Disturbances (Athrepsia)

Kramer, B.; Tisdall, F.F.; Howland, J., 1921:
Observations On Infantile Tetany

Feldman, W.M., 1922:
The Nature Of The Plantar Reflex In Early Life And The Causes Of Its Variations

Shipley, P.G.; Park, E.A.; McCOLLUM, E.V.; Simmonds, N., 1922:
Is There More Than One Kind Of Rickets?

Bartlett, F.H., 1922:
Indications For The Removal Of The Spleen In Infants And Children

Cowie, D.M., 1922 :
The Horse Serum (Foreign Protein) Treatment Of Pyelitis And Pyuria

Halbertsma, T.., 1922:
The Amount Of Blood To Be Transfused In Anemia Of Children (Blood Dosage)

Morse, J.L., 1922:
D'Espine'S And Allied Signs In Childhood

Stewart, C.A., 1922:
The Vital Capacity Of The Lungs Of Children In Health And Disease

Talbot, F.B.; Moriarty, M.E., 1923:
The Value Of Basal Metabolism In The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Cretinism

Kuttner, A.; Ratner, B., 1923:
The Importance Of Colostrum To The New-Born Infant

Holt, L.E.; Fales, H.L., 1923:
Observations On The Health And Growth Of Children In An Institution

Park, E.A.; Guy, R.A.; Powers, G.F., 1923:
A Proof Of The Regulatory Influence Of Cod Liver Oil On Calcium And Phosphorus Metabolism

Wilcox, H.B.; Lyttle, J.D., 1923:
Kidney Function In Acute Disease

Lucas, W.P.; Hoobler, H.R., 1923:
Study Of Acute Secondary Anemias In Infancy

Ehrenfest, H., 1923:
The Causation Of Intracranial Hemorrhages In The New-Born

Hess, A.F.; Weinstock, M., 1924:
Antirachitic Effect Of Cod Liver Oil Fed During The Period Of Pregnancy Or Lactation

Toomey, J.A.; Nourse, J.D., 1924:
Extinction Tests In Scarlet Fever

Lindberg, G., 1924:
Atonic Insufficiency Of The Stomach A Cause Of Vomiting And Of Lack Of Appetite In Infants

Denzer, B.S.; Merritt, K.K., 1924:
Studies On Anemia In Infancy: The Urobilin Content Of The Stools Of Normal Infants

Kasahara, M., 1924:
The Production Of Purulent Meningitis In The Rabbit And The Changes In Its Cerebrospinal Fluid

Findlay, L., 1924:
Reflections On Congenital Syphilis

Ebaugh, F.G., 1924:
Mental Health Problems In School Children

Kasahara, M., 1924:
Experimental Study In Meningeal Irritability

Armand-Delille, P.; Gelston, C.F., 1924:
The Diagnosis Of Dilatation Of The Bronchi In Children By Means Of The Injection Of Iodinized Oil

Bloch, C.E., 1924:
Further Clinical Investigations Into The Diseases Arising In Consequence Of A Deficiency In The Fat-Soluble A Factor

Ruhrah, J., 1925 :
The History Of Pediatrics

Scott, G.H., 1925:
Growth Of Crypts And Glands Of The Human Stomach

Powers, G.F., 1925:
Comparison And Interpretation On A Caloric Basis Of The Milk Mixtures Used In Infant Feeding

Krasnogorski, N.I., 1925:
The Conditioned Reflexes And Children'S Neuroses

Hammond, J.; Sheng, H., 1925:
The Development And Diet Of Chinese Children

Bartlett, W.M., 1926:
Protein Requirement As Determined In Diabetic Children

Davidson, M.; Pearson, W.J., 1927:
Chronic Lung Infections In Children

Acunna, M.; Casaubon, A.; Macera, J.M., 1927:
Plastic Pleurisy In Infancy

Abt, I.A., 1927:
The Influence Of Pathology On The Development Of Pediatrics

Gittings, J.C., 1928:
Pediatrics Of One Hundred Years Ago

Willius, F.A.; Amberg, S., 1929:
Paroxysmal Tachycardia With Syncope Occurring In A Child

Wedd, A.M., 1929 :
Ectopia Cordis

Silver, H.B., 1929:
Acute Mastoiditis In An Infant Aged Eight Weeks

Wile, I.S., 1929:
Constipation And Behavior

Cutler, E.C., 1929:
The Experimental Production Of Abscess Of The Lung

Dick, G.F.; Dick, G.H., 1929:
The Control Of Scarlet Fever

Armand-Delille, P.; Lestocquoy, C., 1929:
The Diagnosis Of Tuberculosis Of The Tracheobronchial Glands

Ramon, G.; Helie, G.I., 1930:
Anatoxin As An Immunizing Agent Against Diphtheria

Brennemann, J., 1930:
Vis Medicatrix Naturae In Pediatrics

Crothers, B.; Vogt, E.C.; Eley, R.C., 1930:
Encephalography In Cases With Fixed Lesions Of The Brain

Park, E.A.; Jackson, D.; Kajdi, L., 1931:
Shadows Produced By Lead In The X-Ray Pictures Of The Growing Skeleton

Tsuda, T., 1931:
Efficiency Of Scarlet Fever Antitoxin

Aldrich, C.A., 1931:
Treatment Of The Acute Cerebral Complication Of "Nephritis"

Van Ingen, P., 1931:
Whither Are We Bound?

Seham, M.; Shapiro, M.J.; Hilbert, E.H., 1931:
The Early Diagnosis Of Rheumatic Heart Disease In Children

Talbot, F.B.; Bates, V.; Bates, E.; Dalrymple, A.J., 1931:
Skin Temperatures Of Children

Murphy, D.P.; Bowman, J.E.; Wilson, R.B., 1931:
Late Respiratory Failure Of Immature Infants Treated Successfully In Drinker Respirator

Barenberg, L.H.; Ostroff, J., 1931:
Use Of Human Blood In Protection Against Mumps

Josephson, E.M., 1931:
Otitis And Otalgia Of The Teething Child

Balyeat, R.M.; Rinkel, H.J., 1931:
Allergic Migraine In Children

Jacobi, M.; Rascoff, H., 1931:
Congenital Esophageal Stenosis Associated With Aberrant Ductus Arteriosus

Roehm, H.R., 1931:
Acute Osteomyelitis Of The Superior Maxilla In A Young Infant

Greenwald, H.M.; Steiner, M., 1931:
Meckel'S Diverticulum In Infancy And In Childhood

Carpenter, H.C., 1932:
The Hospital'S Responsibility In Preventive Medicine

Van Creveld, S., 1932:
Function Of The Liver In Scarlet Fever

Collis, W.R.F., 1932:
The Contagious Factor In The Etiology Of Rheumatic Fever

Creveld, S.V., 1932:
Diameter Of Red Blood Cells Of Premature Infants And Of Those Born At Full Term

Benjamin, B.; Ward, S.M., 1932:
Leukocytic Response To Measles

Johnston, M.M.; Brown, A.; Tisdall, F.F.; Fraser, D.T., 1933:
Intestinal Infections In Infants

Dunham, E.C., 1933:
Septicemia In The New-Born

Byers, R.K.; Hass, G.M., 1933:
Thrombosis Of The Dural Venous Sinuses In Infancy And In Childhood

Schloss, O.M., 1933:
Interpretation Of Some Recent Advances In Medicine In Terms Of Equilibrium

Krasnogorski, N.I., 1933:
Physiology Of Cerebral Activity In Children As A New Subject Of Pediatric Investigation

Brahdy, M.B.; Lenarsky, M., 1933:
Treatment Of Respiratory Failure In Acute Epidemic Poliomyelitis

Stallings, M.; Nichols, V.C., 1934:
Treatment Of Whooping Cough With An Active Undenatured Antigen

Wallgren, A., 1935:
Primary Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Childhood

Lyttle, J.D.; Seegal, D.; Jost, E.L., 1935:
Cutaneous Reactions To Hemolytic Streptococcus Nucleoprotein In Persons With Scarlet Fever

Winters, M.; Tompkins, C.A., 1936:
A Pectin-Agar Preparation For Treatment Of Diarrhea Of Infants

Hall, B.E.; Sunderman, F.W.; Gittings, J.C., 1936:
Congenital Muscular Hypertrophy

McCLURE, W.B., 1936:
Effect Of Acute Appendicitis And Of Lobar Pneumonia On The Thoracic And Abdominal Respiratory Movements In Children

Law, J.L., 1936:
Encephalography In Infants And In Children

Helmholz, H.F., 1937:
Infection Of The Renal Parenchyma From The Pelvis Of The Kidney

Kato, K., 1937:
Sternal Marrow Puncture In Infants And In Children

Reichert, J.L.; Epstein, I.M.; Jung, R.; Colwell, C.A., 1937:
Infection Of The Lower Part Of The Genital Tract In Girls

Shaw, E.B., 1937:
A Comparative Study Of Immunization

Warkany, J.; Mitchell, A.G., 1938:
Relation Of Endocrine Disturbances To Certain Heredodegenerative Symptoms

Wallgren, A., 1938:
Rheumatic Erythema Nodosum

Reithel, F.J.; Manville, I.A., 1938:
Advantages Of Adding Apple To Milk Formulas

Retan, G.M., 1938:
Intravenous Injection Of Hypotonic Salt Solution Containing Sulfanilamide For Streptococcic Meningitis

Corper, F.J., 1938:
Osteochondritis Ischiopubica In Childhood

Debre, R.; Lamy, M.; See, G.; Schrameck, G., 1938:
Congenital And Familial Hemolytic Disease In Children

Burpee, C.M.K.; Robinow, M.; Leslie, J.T., 1939:
Gonorrheal Vaginitis In Girls Treated With Estrone (Theelin), Fever And Sulfanilamide

Vogel, P.; Bassen, F.A., 1939:
Sternal Marrow Of Children In Normal And In Pathologic States

Chown, B., 1939:
Giant Cell Pneumonia Of Infancy As A Manifestation Of Vitamin A Deficiency

Flood, R.G., 1939:
Control Of Impetigo

Heersema, P., 1940:
Prognosis In Postencephalitic Disorders

Thorner, M.W.; Pearson, G.H.J., 1940:
Behavior Disorders Of Intellectual Origin Occurring In Childhood

Russ, J.D.; Strong, R.A., 1941:
Resuscitation Of The Asphyxiated Newborn Infant

Breese, B.B., 1941:
Aphthous Pharyngitis

Kennedy, R.L.J., 1941:
Polyps Of The Rectum And Colon In Infants And In Children

Robinson, P., 1941:
Favism In Children

Ash, R., 1942:
Cardiac Signs In Rheumatic Infection Of Childhood

Meneghello, J.; Drinberg, M., 1943:
Intravenous Hippuric Acid Test Of Hepatic Function In Infectious Diseases Of Children

Byers, R.K.; Lord, E.E., 1943:
Late Effects Of Lead Poisoning On Mental Development

Reisman, H.A.; Rosen, A.S., 1943:
Encephalitis Complicating Measles

Macy, I.G.; Williams, H.H.; Pratt, J.P.; Hamil, B.M., 1945:
Xix. Implications Of Breast Feeding And Their Investigation

Bakwin, H., 1946:
Behavior Problems In Children

Quilligan, J.; Turkel, H., 1946:
Bone Marrow Infusion And Its Complications

Gross, R.E., 1946:
Congenital Hernia Of The Diaphragm

Bridge, E.M.; Clarke, G.H.; Abbe, D., 1946:
Clinical Immunity In Poliomyelitis

Waring, J.I.; Gregg, D.B., 1947:
Pulmonary Calcifications And Sensitivity To Histoplasmin In Charleston, S. C

Smith, C.A., 1950:
Physiologic Background Of Fetal Anoxia At Birth And Cyanosis In The Newborn

Keith, H.M., 1950:
Use Of Phenurone(R) In Convulsive Disorders In Children

Meneghello, J.; Niemeyer, H.; Espinosa, J., 1950:
Liver Steatosis In Undernourished Chilean Children: I. Its Evolution as Followed by Serial Puncture Biopsies

Goldberg, T.E.; Egan, M.F.; Gscheidle, T.; Coppola, R., 2003:
Executive Subprocesses in Working Memory

Berguer, R., 1999:
Major Surgery Suppresses Maximal Production of Helper T-Cell Type 1 Cytokines Without Potentiating the Release of Helper T-Cell Type 2 Cytokines

Danielsson, P.E., 1999:
Reasons Why Trauma Surgeons Fail to Screen for Alcohol Problems

Gruenberger, T., 2000:
Echogenicity of Liver Metastases Is an Independent Prognostic Factor After Potentially Curative Treatment

Eiseman, B., 2000:
Feasibility of Damage Control Surgery in the Management of Military Combat Casualties

Richardson, J.D., 2000:
On Mentoring

Berney, T., 2000:
Long-term Metabolic Results After Pancreatic Resection for Severe Chronic Pancreatitis

Rutledge, R.H., 2000:
Good Cheer!: Surgical Memoirs

Carlin, A.M., 2002:
Prophylactic and Therapeutic Inferior Vena Cava Filters to Prevent Pulmonary Emboli in Trauma Patients

Holt, D., 2002:
Use of Hepatitis B Core Antibody-Positive Donors in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Seiler, C., 1884:
The Therapeutic Action Of The Natural Mineral Springs Of Cresson Upon The Mucous Membrane Of The Nose And Throat

Preston, G.J., 1898:
Some Suggestions Concerning The Examination And Commitment Of The Insane

Spratling, W.P., 1898 :
The Peterson Hospital At The Craig Colony For Epileptics

Lydston, G.F., 1898:
Probable Influence Of The Modern Small Arm Projectile On Military Surgery

Nottage, H.P., 1898:

Stokes, W..R., 1898:
Formaldehyde Disinfection

Cutter, E., 1898:
Erythoxylon Coca As A Heart Tonic

Lichty, D., 1898:
An Individual Drinking Cup

Owens, J.E., 1898:
Mechanical Features In Oblique Fractures

Laplace, E., 1898:
Pathology Of Tuberculous Glands Of The Neck; Their Early And Complete Removal

Haggard, W.D., 1898:
Disposal Of The Stump In Appendicitis Operations

Baldwin, J.F., 1898:
Some Unusual Cases Of Appendicitis

Brennecke, H.A., 1898:
A Report Of Two Cases Of Gangrenous Pancreatitis With Disseminated Fat Necrosis

Somers, L.S., 1898:
Chronic Suppurative Ethmoiditis

Allport, F., 1898:
Physical Defects In Pupils

Boeckmann, E., 1898:
The Best Methods Of Surgical Sterilization

Sneve, H., 1901:
How To Treat Muscular And Joint Sprains Of Railway Employees

Calvert, W.J., 1902:
The Blood In Filariasis

Montgomery, D.W., 1916:
Alliaceous Odor Produced By Iron Cacodylate

Spivak, C.D., 1920:
The Pirquet System Of Nutrition

Keyes, E.L., 1920:
The Treatment Of Gonorrhea Of The Male Urethra

Billings, F., 1921:
The Future Of Private Medical Practice

Miller, E.M.; Herbst, R.H., 1921:
Papillary Epithelioma Of The Kidney Pelvis

Sollmann, T., 1921:
The Quinotoxin Myth

Williams, T.A., 1921:
Subjective Signs In Diagnosis

Richards, L.G., 1921:
The Hospital And Its Necropsy Percentage

James, C.S.; Shuman, J.W., 1921:
Ulcerative Colitis Complicating Tuberculous Meningitis

Emerson, P.W., 1921:
A Case Of Acrodynia

Walker, G., 1921:
Apparatus To Aid In Differentiation Between An Obstruction In The Urinary Outlet And Paralysis Of The Bladder

Burton-Opitz, R., 1922:
The Motor Activity Of The Venae Cavae

Cibelius, C.A., 1922:
Dicephalus With Two Complete Spines

Smith, G.A., 1929:
Gas Bacillus Infection Following Tonsillectomy

Zollinger, R.M.; Grant, G.N., 1964:
Ulcerogenic Tumor of the Pancreas

Lorentz, W.B.; Simon, J.L.; Benua, R.S., 1967:
Brain Scanning in Children

Williams, R.J.P.; Wacker, W.E.C., 1967:
Cation Balance in Biological Systems

Richards, W.; Siegel, S.C.; Strauss, J.; Leigh, M.D., 1967:
Status Asthmaticus in Children

Rouse, M.O., 1967:
"To Whom Much Has Been Given..

Widmann, F.K., 1967:
Blood Transfusion in Clinical Medicine

Morse, H.N., 1967:
Law And Medicine

Holder, A.R., 1973:
Law & Medicine

Ratzan, R.M., 1981:

Shearer, S.W.; Sarlin, M.D.; Burns, W.R., 1982:
Family Pharmacists

Rosenthal, S., 1982:
Uncommon Malignant Tumors

Patterson, R.; Anderson, J., 1982:
Allergic Reactions to Drugs and Biologic Agents

Herbert, V.; Drivas, G., 1982:
Spirulina and Vitamin B12

Trang, J.M.; Blanchard, J.; Conrad, K.A.; Harrison, G.G., 1984:
Effect of Dietary Ascorbic Acid Restriction and Supplementation on Urine pH in Elderly Males

Skandalakis, J.E., 1996:
Gray's Anatomy

Infection, T.W.G.onP.ofI.G.A.S., 1998:
Prevention of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Disease Among Household Contacts of Case-Patients: Is Prophylaxis Warranted?

Ewbank, D.C., 1998:
Effects of Age and Ethnicity on the Link Between Apoe epsilon4 and Alzheimer Disease

Traumatic, N.I.H.C.D.P.onR.ofP.W., 1999:
Rehabilitation of Persons With Traumatic Brain Injury

Ludwig, M., 1999:
Myocardial Infarction Associated With Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

Chi-Lum, B.I., 1999:
Physicians Accessing the Internet: The Pai Project

Vastag, B., 2001:
Experts Wrestle With Social, Ethical Implications of Human Genome Research

Writing Group for the Women's Health Initiative Investigators,, 2002:
Risks and Benefits of Estrogen Plus Progestin in Healthy Postmenopausal Women: Principal Results From the Women's Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial

Iber, F.L., 2003:
Sleisenger & Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology/Diagnosis/Management, vols 1 & 2; Sleisenger & Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology/Diagnosis/Management Cd-Rom

Perlman, J.I., 2003:
Ocular Pathology; Ocular Pathology (Cd-Rom)

Mulcahy-Hawes, K., 2003:
Watching the World Go By

Harrison, B., 2003:
A Historical Survey of National Health Movements and Public Opinion in the United States

Graham, P.W., 2003:
On Being Ill

Malani, P.N., 2003:

Marshall, L.A., 2004:
Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection

Cunningham, P.J., 2004:
A Shared Destiny: Community Effects of Uninsurance

Satya-Murti, S., 2004:

Sabry, M.A.; AlSaleh, Q.; Farah, S.; Obenbergerova, D.; Simeonov, S.; AlAwadi, S.A.; Farag, T.I., 1997:
Another Arab patient with overlap of Vradi-Papp/Opitz trigonocephaly syndromes?

Abuelo, D.N.; Forman, E.N.; Rubin, L.P., 1997:
Limb defects and congenital anomalies of the genitalia in an infant with homozygous -thalassemia

Chitayat, D.; Silver, M.M.; O'Brien, K.; Wyatt, P.; Waye, J.S.; Chiu, D.H.K.; Babul, R.; Thomas, M., 1997:
Limb defects in homozygous -thalassemia: Report of three cases

Reish, O.; Gorlin, R.J.; Hordinsky, M.; Rest, E.B.; Burke, B.; Berry, S.A., 1997:
Brain anomalies, retardation of mentality and growth, ectodermal dysplasia, skeletal malformations, Hirschsprung disease, ear deformity and deafness, eye hypoplasia, cleft palate, cryptorchidism, and kidney dysplasia/hypoplasia Bresek/Bresheck: New X-link

Spence, M.A.; Flodman, P.L.; Sadovnik, A.D.; Ameli, H.; Bailey-Wilson, J.E.; Remick, R.A., 1997:
Response to Craddock et al

Williams, N.M.; Jones, L.A.; Murphy, K.C.; Cardno, A.G.; Asherson, P.; Williams, J.; McGuffin, P.; Owen, M.J., 1997:
No evidence for an allelic association between schizophrenia and markers D22S278 and D22S283

Chen, A.C.-H.; Kalsi, G.; Brynjolfsson, J.; Sigmundsson, T.; Curtis, D.; Butler, R.; Read, T.; Murphy, P.; Barnard, E.A.; Petursson, H.; Gurling, H.M.D., 1997:
Exclusion of linkage between schizophrenia and the gene encoding a neutral amino acid glutamate/aspartate transporter, Slc1A5

Ebstein, R.P.; Segman, R.; Benjamin, J.; Osher, Y.; Nemanov, L.; Belmaker, R.H., 1997:
5-Ht2C (Htr2C)serotonin receptor gene polymorphism associated with the human personality trait of reward dependence: Interaction with dopamine D4 receptor (D4Dr) and dopamine D3 receptor (D3Dr) polymorphisms

Abrams, M.T.; Doheny, K.F.; Mazzocco, M.M.M.; Knight, S.J.L.; Baumgardner, T.L.; Freund, L.S.; Davies, K.E.; Reiss, A.L., 1997:
Cognitive, behavioral, and neuroanatomical assessment of two unrelated male children expressingFraxe

Awazu, M.; Tanaka, T.; Sato, S.; Anzo, M.; Higuchi, M.; Yamazaki, K.; Matsuo, N., 1997:
Hepatic dysfunction in two sibs with Alstrm syndrome: Case report and review of the literature

Courtens, W.; Vamos, E.; Christophe, C.; Schinzel, A., 1997:
Acrocallosal syndrome in Algerian boy born to consanguineous parents: Review of the literature and further delineation of the syndrome

Glass, R.B.J.; Rosenbaum, K.N., 1997:
Acampomelic campomelic dysplasia: Further radiographic variations

Vilchis, F.; Canto, P.; Chávez, B.; Ulloa-Aguirre, A.; Méndez, J.P., 1997:
Molecular analysis of the 5-steroid reductase type 2 gene in a family with deficiency of the enzyme

Wu, B.-L.; Schneider, G.H.; Korf, B.R., 1997:
Deletion of the entireNf1 gene causing distinct manifestations in a family

Rubinstein, W.S.; Wenger, S.L.; Hoffman, R.M.; Auerbach, A.D.; Mulvihill, J.J., 1997:
Interstitial lung disease in an adult with Fanconi anemia: Clues to the pathogenesis

Vogel, F., 1997:
Walter Fuhrmann

Sorge, G.; Pavone, L.; Polizzi, A.; Mauceri, L.; Leonardi, R.M.; Tripi, T.; Opitz, J.M., 1997:
Another new form, the Palagonia type of acrofacial dysostosis in Sicilian family

Wieczorek, D.; Bolt, J.; Schwechheimer, K.; Gillessen-Kaesbach, G., 1997:
A patient with interstitial deletion of the short arm of chromosome 3 (pterp21.2::p12qter) and a Charge-like phenotype

Yoshikawa, T.; Sanders, A.R.; Esterling, L.E.; Overhauser, J.; Garnes, J.A.; Lennon, G.; Grewal, R.; Detera-Wadleigh, S.D., 1997:
Isolation of chromosome 18-specific brain transcripts as positional candidates for bipolar disorder

Steinlein, O.K.; Deckert, J.; Nöthen, M.M.; Franke, P.; Maier, W.; Beckmann, H.; Propping, P., 1997:
Neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptor 4 subunit (Chrna4) and panic disorder: An association study

Mikesell, M.J.; Barron, Y.D.; Nimgaonkar, V.L.; Sobell, J.L.; Sommer, S.S.; McMurray, C.T., 1997:
Gly(247) Asp proenkephalin A mutation is rare in schizophrenia populations

Guillén, D.R.; Lowichik, A.; Schneider, N.R.; Cohen, D.S.; Garcia, S.; Zinn, A.R., 1997:
Prune-belly syndrome and other anomalies in a stillborn fetus with a ring X chromosome lackingXist

Tatsumi, M.; Sasaki, T.; Sakai, T.; Kamijima, K.; Fukuda, R.; Kunugi, H.; Hattori, M.; Nanko, S., 1997:
Genes for interleukin-2 receptor chain, interleukin-1 , and schizophrenia: No evidence for the association or linkage

Puertollano, R.; Visedo, G.; Zapata, C.; Fernández-Piqueras, J., 1997:
A study of genetic association between manic-depressive illness and a highly polymorphic marker from the Gabr-1 gene

Werner, W.; Kraft, S.; Callen, D.F.; Bartsch, O.; Hinkel, G.K., 1997:
A small deletion of 16q23.116q24.2 [del(16)(q23.1q24.2).ish del(16)(q23.1q24.2)(D16S395+, D16S348, P5432+)] in a boy with iris coloboma and minor anomalies

Aviv, H.; Lieber, C.; Yenamandra, A.; Desposito, F., 1997:
Familial transmission of a deletion of chromosome 21 derived from a translocation between chromosome 21 and an inverted chromosome 22

Zwamborn-Hanssen, A.M.N.; Bijlsma, J.B.; Hennekam, E.F.A.M.; Lindhout, D.; Beemer, F.A.; Bakker, E.; Kleijer, W.J.; de France, H.F.; de Die-Smulders, C.E.M.; Duran, M.; van Gennip, A.H.; van Mens, J.T.; Pearson, P.L.; Mantel, G.; Verhage, R.E., 1997:
The Dutch uniform multicenter registration system for genetic disorders and malformation syndromes

Spritz, R.A.; Bailin, T.U.; Nicholls, R.D.; Lee, S.-T.; Park, S.-K.; Mascari, M.J.; Butler, M.G., 1997:
Hypopigmentation in the Prader-Willi syndrome correlates withP gene deletion but not with haplotype of the hemizygousP allele

Turecki, G.; Rouleau, G.A.; Mari, J.; Joober, R.; Morgan, K., 1997:
Lack of association between bipolar disorder and tyrosine hydroxylase

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Just watching

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James V. Neel

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