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Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66836

Chapter 66836 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Common signal transduction system shared by Ste2 and Ste3 in haploid cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae : autocrine cell-cycle arrest results from forced expression of Ste2
, The Embo Journal 6(1): 249-254 (1987)

The halo-opsin gene. Ii. Sequence, primary structure of halorhodopsin and comparison with bacteriorhodopsin
, The Embo Journal 6(1): 265-273 (1987)

Expression of the nuclear encoded Oee1 protein is required for oxygen evolution and stability of photosystem Ii particles in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 313-318 (1987)

Expression and rescuing of a cloned human tumour necrosis factor gene using an Ebv-based shuttle cosmid vector
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 355-361 (1987)

The hormone response element of the mouse mammary tumour virus Dna mediates the progestin and androgen induction of transcription in the proviral long terminal repeat region
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 363-368 (1987)

A single point mutation in erbA restores the erythroid transforming potential of a mutant avian erythroblastosis virus (Aev) defective in both erbA and erbB oncogenes
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 375-382 (1987)

Identification of two distinct elements in the long terminal repeat of Htlv-I responsible for maximum gene expression
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 389-395 (1987)

Endonuclease G: a (dG)n X (dC)n-specific Dnase from higher eukaryotes
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 401-407 (1987)

A novel endoribonuclease cleaves at a priming site of mouse mitochondrial Dna replication
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 409-417 (1987)

Xenopus transcription factor Iiia binds primarily at junctions between double helical stems and internal loops in oocyte 5S Rna
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 453-460 (1987)

Identification of silencer binding proteins from yeast: possible roles in Sir control and Dna replication
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 461-467 (1987)

Fungal small nuclear ribonucleoproteins share properties with plant and vertebrate U-snRnps
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 469-476 (1987)

Enzymatic conversion of guanosine 3 adjacent to the anticodon of yeast tRnaphe to N1-methylguanosine and the wye nucleoside: dependence on the anticodon sequence
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 477-483 (1987)

Recombinant forms of M13 procoat with an OmpA leader sequence or a large carboxy-terminal extension retain their independence of secY function
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 501-505 (1987)

Unusual properties of promoter-up mutations in the Escherichia coli galactose operon and evidence suggesting Rna polymerase-induced Dna bending
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 507-513 (1987)

Control of replication of plasmid R1: translation of the 7k reading frame in the RepA mRna leader region counteracts the interaction between CopA Rna and CopT Rna
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 515-522 (1987)

Genes for stable Rna in the extreme thermophile Thermoproteus tenax : introns and transcription signals
, The Embo Journal 6(2): 523-528 (1987)

The Gabaa/benzodiazepine receptor is a heterotetramer of homologous alpha and beta subunits
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 561-565 (1987)

Differentially expressed bovine cytokeratin genes. Analysis of gene linkage and evolutionary conservation of 5-upstream sequences
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 567-575 (1987)

Single amino acid changes that render human Ifn-alpha 2 biologically active on mouse cells
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 591-598 (1987)

Close genetic and physical linkage between the murine haemopoietic growth factor genes Gm-Csf and Multi-Csf (Il3)
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 617-623 (1987)

Molecular cloning of cDna coding for rat proliferating cell nuclear antigen (Pcna)/cyclin
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 637-642 (1987)

Molecular cloning of the beta-subunit of human prolyl 4-hydroxylase. This subunit and protein disulphide isomerase are products of the same gene
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 643-649 (1987)

Characterization and expression of a murine gene homologous to human Epa/Timp: a virus-induced gene in the mouse
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 651-657 (1987)

Production of hepatitis B virus in vitro by transient expression of cloned Hbv Dna in a hepatoma cell line
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 675-680 (1987)

Adenovirus Vai Rna complexes with the 68 000 Mr protein kinase to regulate its autophosphorylation and activity
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 689-697 (1987)

Import of frog prepropeptide Gla into microsomes requires Atp but does not involve docking protein or ribosomes
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 699-703 (1987)

Three suppressor mutations which cure a mitochondrial Rna maturase deficiency occur at the same codon in the open reading frame of the nuclear Nam2 gene
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 713-721 (1987)

Yeast Dna polymerase--Dna primase complex; cloning of Pri 1, a single essential gene related to Dna primase activity
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 737-742 (1987)

Egf homologous sequences encoded in the genome of Drosophila melanogaster, and their relation to neurogenic genes
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 761-766 (1987)

Developmental and molecular analysis of Deformed ; a homeotic gene controlling Drosophila head development
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 767-777 (1987)

Oocyte-specific transcription of fs(1)K10 : a Drosophila gene affecting dorsal-ventral developmental polarity
, The Embo Journal 6(3): 801-807 (1987)

Activation of Agrobacterium tumefaciens vir gene expression generates multiple single-stranded T-strand molecules from the pTiA6 T-region: requirement for 5 virD gene products
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 857-863 (1987)

Stoichiometric differences in Dna molecules containing the atpA gene suggest mechanisms for the generation of mitochondrial genome diversity in maize
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 865-869 (1987)

Localisation of the protein and glycoprotein components of bovine nasal epithelial desmosomes by immunoelectron microscopy
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 885-889 (1987)

Calcitonin gene-related peptide elevates cyclic Amp levels in chick skeletal muscle: possible neurotrophic role for a coexisting neuronal messenger
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 901-906 (1987)

Isolation and nucleotide sequence of mouse Ncam cDna that codes for a Mr 79,000 polypeptide without a membrane-spanning region
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 907-914 (1987)

Inducibility of interleukin-2 Rna expression in individual mature and immature T lymphocytes
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 939-946 (1987)

Complementary Dna for human T-cell cyclophilin
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 947-950 (1987)

Calcium regulates inositol 1,3,4,5-tetrakisphosphate production in lysed thymocytes and in intact cells stimulated with concanavalin A
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 957-962 (1987)

Identification of the Hpv-16 E6 protein from transformed mouse cells and human cervical carcinoma cell lines
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 989-992 (1987)

The Atp requiring step in assembly of M13 procoat protein into microsomes is related to preservation of transport competence of the precursor protein
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1011-1016 (1987)

Discrete elements within the Sv40 enhancer region display different cell-specific enhancer activities
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1017-1025 (1987)

In vivo labelling of intermediates in the discontinuous synthesis of mRnas in Trypanosoma brucei
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1055-1062 (1987)

Multiple spacer sequences in the nuclear large subunit ribosomal Rna gene of Crithidia fasciculata
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1063-1071 (1987)

Both Atp and an energized inner membrane are required to import a purified precursor protein into mitochondria
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1073-1077 (1987)

Self-splicing of a group Ii intron in yeast mitochondria: dependence on 5 exon sequences
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1079-1084 (1987)

Transcriptional termination at a fully rho-independent site in Escherichia coli is prevented by uninterrupted translation of the nascent Rna
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1115-1119 (1987)

Gatc sequences, Dna nicks and the MutH function in Escherichia coli mismatch repair
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1121-1127 (1987)

Base sequence-specific interactions of operator Dna fragments with the lambda-cro repressor coupled with changes in their conformations
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1129-1135 (1987)

Organization of multispecific Dna methyltransferases encoded by temperate Bacillus subtilis phages
, The Embo Journal 6(4): 1137-1142 (1987)

Expression and functional analysis of the Rhizobium meliloti nif A gene
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 7-14 (1988)

At least 60 Adp-ribosylated variant histones are present in nuclei from dimethylsulfate-treated and untreated cells
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 57-67 (1988)

Gene organization and transcription of duplicated Mbp genes of myelin deficient (shi(mld)) mutant mouse
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 77-83 (1988)

Induction of T-cell receptor-alpha and -beta mRna in Sl12 cells can occur by transcriptional and post-transcriptional mechanisms
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 101-109 (1988)

Conservation of the immunoglobulin C lambda 5 gene in the Mus gene
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 117-122 (1988)

Expression of the human Egf receptor with ligand-stimulatable kinase activity in insect cells using a baculovirus vector
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 139-146 (1988)

A cis-acting element and associated binding factor required for Cns expression of the Drosophila melanogaster dopa decarboxylase gene
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 177-188 (1988)

7Sl Rna from Schizosaccharomyces pombe is encoded by a single copy essential gene
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 231-237 (1988)

Identification and characterization of Hiv-specific Rnase H by monoclonal antibody
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 239-243 (1988)

Ribosomal initiation from an Acg codon in the Sendai virus P/C mRna
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 245-251 (1988)

Hybrid Dna tracts may start at different sites during meiotic recombination in gene b2 of Ascobolus
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 253-259 (1988)

Contacts between the LexA repressor-or its Dna-binding domain-and the backbone of the recA operator Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 269-275 (1988)

Resistance to macrolides, lincosamides and streptogramin type B antibiotics due to a mutation in an rRna operon of Streptomyces ambofaciens
, The Embo Journal 7(1): 277-282 (1988)

A Dna sequence element that confers seed-specific enhancement to a constitutive promoter
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 297-302 (1988)

Replication termini in the rDna of synchronized pea root cells ( Pisum sativum )
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 303-308 (1988)

Nuclear mutations specifically affect the synthesis and/or degradation of the chloroplast-encoded D2 polypeptide of photosystem Ii in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 319-324 (1988)

The 2.5 A X-ray crystal structure of the acid-stable proteinase inhibitor from human mucous secretions analysed in its complex with bovine alpha-chymotrypsin
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 345-351 (1988)

Dynamics of the microtubule oscillator: role of nucleotides and tubulin-Map interactions
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 357-365 (1988)

The mechanism of chromosomal translocation t(11;14) involving the T-cell receptor C delta locus on human chromosome 14q11 and a transcribed region of chromosome 11p15
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 385-394 (1988)

The chromosome region containing the highly polymorphic Hla class I genes displays limited large scale variability in the human population
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 395-400 (1988)

Antisense oligonucleotide-directed cleavage of mRna in Xenopus oocytes and eggs
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 427-434 (1988)

Alternative Rna products from the Ultrabithorax domain of the bithorax complex
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 435-445 (1988)

Polygene transcripts are precursors to calmodulin mRnas in trypanosomes
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 455-463 (1988)

The Nam2 proteins from S. cerevisiae and S. douglasii are mitochondrial leucyl-tRna synthetases, and are involved in mRna splicing
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 473-483 (1988)

Characterization of a transcription factor involved in mother cell specific transcription of the yeast Ho gene
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 485-494 (1988)

Dual regulation of the expression of the polyubiquitin gene by cyclic Amp and heat shock in yeast
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 495-502 (1988)

Upstream regulatory elements are necessary and sufficient for transcription of a U6 Rna gene by Rna polymerase Iii
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 503-512 (1988)

Human immunodeficiency virus infection of Cd4-bearing cells occurs by a pH-independent mechanism
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 513-518 (1988)

Post-transcriptional regulator (rex) of Htlv-1 initiates expression of viral structural proteins but suppresses expression of regulatory proteins
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 519-523 (1988)

The specific Dna recognition sequence of the bovine papillomavirus E2 protein is an E2-dependent enhancer
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 525-531 (1988)

The carboxy-terminal domain shared by the bovine papillomavirus E2 transactivator and repressor proteins contains a specific Dna binding activity
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 533-539 (1988)

Replacement of lys 622 in the Atp binding domain of P100gag-mil abolishes the in vitro autophosphorylation of the protein and the biological properties of the v-mil oncogene of Mh2 virus
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 541-546 (1988)

Dna supercoiling changes the spacing requirement of two lac operators for Dna loop formation with lac repressor
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 547-556 (1988)

Control of ColE1 replication: low affinity specific binding of Rop (Rom) to Rnai and Rnaii
, The Embo Journal 7(2): 557-566 (1988)

The photosynthetic water oxidase: its proton pumping activity is short-circuited within the protein by Dccd
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 589-594 (1988)

Detection of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor alpha-subunit mRna by in situ hybridization at neuromuscular junctions of 15-day-old chick striated muscles
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 603-609 (1988)

Angiotensin Ii-induced stimulation of voltage-dependent Ca2+ currents in an adrenal cortical cell line
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 619-624 (1988)

Differential splicing and alternative polyadenylation generates distinct Ncam transcripts and proteins in the mouse
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 625-632 (1988)

Binding to membrane proteins within the endoplasmic reticulum cannot explain the retention of the glucose-regulated protein Grp78 in Xenopus oocytes
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 633-638 (1988)

Assembly of spaced chromatin promoted by Dna synthesis in extracts from Xenopus eggs
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 665-672 (1988)

Expression of the Fgf-related proto-oncogene int-2 during gastrulation and neurulation in the mouse
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 691-695 (1988)

A point mutation at the Atp-binding site of the Egf-receptor abolishes signal transduction
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 707-710 (1988)

Variable region genes in the human T-cell rearranging gamma (Trg) locus: V-J junction and homology with the mouse genes
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 719-726 (1988)

Content and organization of the human Ig Vh locus: definition of three new Vh families and linkage to the Ig Ch locus
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 727-738 (1988)

Chicken immunoglobulin gamma-heavy chains: limited Vh gene repertoire, combinatorial diversification by D gene segments and evolution of the heavy chain locus
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 739-744 (1988)

The S.pombe mei2 gene encoding a crucial molecule for commitment to meiosis is under the regulation of cAmp
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 761-767 (1988)

Structure of U2 snRna genes of Arabidopsis thaliana and their expression in electroporated plant protoplasts
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 791-799 (1988)

Specific contacts between mammalian U7 snRna and histone precursor Rna are indispensable for the in vitro 3 Rna processing reaction
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 801-808 (1988)

The role of the polypyrimidine stretch at the Sv40 early pre-mRna 3 splice site in alternative splicing
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 809-817 (1988)

A model for the hepatitis B virus core protein: prediction of antigenic sites and relationship to Rna virus capsid proteins
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 819-824 (1988)

Analysis of Hpv-1 E4 gene expression using epitope-defined antibodies
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 825-833 (1988)

Dna-binding properties of an adenovirus 289R E1A protein
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 835-841 (1988)

Interaction of a protein from rat liver nuclei with cruciform Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 843-849 (1988)

Resolution of ColE1 dimers requires a Dna sequence implicated in the three-dimensional organization of the cer site
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 851-858 (1988)

A synthetic peptide corresponding to the C-terminal 25 residues of phage Ms2 coded lysis protein dissipates the protonmotive force in Escherichia coli membrane vesicles by generating hydrophilic pores
, The Embo Journal 7(3): 867-873 (1988)

Evidence that luminal Er proteins are sorted from secreted proteins in a post-Er compartment
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 913-918 (1988)

Tissue-specific expression of a vimentin-desmin hybrid gene in transgenic mice
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 941-947 (1988)

A carboxyl-terminal cysteine residue is required for palmitic acid binding and biological activity of the ras-related yeast Ypt1 protein
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 971-976 (1988)

Egf-stimulated tyrosine phosphorylation of p185neu: a potential model for receptor interactions
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 995-1001 (1988)

Multiple Rnas expressed from the int-2 gene in mouse embryonal carcinoma cell lines encode a protein with homology to fibroblast growth factors
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1013-1022 (1988)

C-myc down-regulates class I Hla expression in human melanomas
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1023-1029 (1988)

Isolation of chicken major histocompatibility complex class Ii (B-L) beta chain sequences: comparison with mammalian beta chains and expression in lymphoid organs
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1031-1039 (1988)

Immunoglobulin mRna stability varies during B lymphocyte differentiation
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1041-1046 (1988)

Isolation of cDnas for two distinct human Fc receptors by ligand affinity cloning
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1053-1059 (1988)

Transcription fraction Tfiiic can regulate differential Xenopus 5S Rna gene transcription in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1071-1079 (1988)

Progressive loss of Dna sequences from terminal chromosome deficiencies in Drosophila melanogaster
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1081-1086 (1988)

A yeast gene required for the G1-to-S transition encodes a protein containing an A-kinase target site and Gtpase domain
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1175-1182 (1988)

Nuclear factors in human brain cells bind specifically to the Jcv regulatory region
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1205-1210 (1988)

Cellular factors required for multiple stages of Sv40 Dna replication in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1211-1218 (1988)

Site-specific recombination in bacteriophage Mu: characterization of binding sites for the Dna invertase Gin
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1219-1227 (1988)

The Dna invertase Gin of phage Mu: formation of a covalent complex with Dna via a phosphoserine at amino acid position 9
, The Embo Journal 7(4): 1229-1237 (1988)

Interaction of a nodule specific, trans -acting factor with distinct Dna elements in the soybean leghaemoglobin Ibc 3 5 upstream region
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1265-1271 (1988)

Analysis of the mechanism of protection in transgenic plants expressing the potato virus X coat protein or its antisense Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1273-1280 (1988)

Imported large subunits of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase, but not imported -Atp synthase subunits, are assembled into holoenzyme in isolated chloroplasts
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1307-1314 (1988)

B cell ontogeny in murine embryo studied by a culture system with the monolayer of a stromal cell clone, St2: B cell progenitor develops first in the embryonal body rather than in the yolk sac
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1337-1343 (1988)

Expression of insulin-like growth factor-I and -Ii genes in human smooth muscle tumours
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1379-1385 (1988)

Dna sequences outside the receptor-binding sites differently modulate the responsiveness of the mouse mammary tumour virus promoter to various steroid hormones
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1403-1410 (1988)

Trypanosome trans-splicing utilizes 2-5 branches and a corresponding debranching activity
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1431-1437 (1988)

Mas1, a gene essential for yeast mitochondrial assembly, encodes a subunit of the mitochondrial processing protease
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1439-1447 (1988)

Mss18, a yeast nuclear gene involved in the splicing of intron aI5 beta of the mitochondrial cox1 transcript
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1455-1464 (1988)

Reading frame switch caused by base-pair formation between the 3 end of 16S rRna and the mRna during elongation of protein synthesis in Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1503-1507 (1988)

The Escherichia coli 30S ribosomal subunit; an optimized three-dimensional fit between the ribosomal proteins and the 16S Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1509-1513 (1988)

Initiation of heteroduplex-loop repair by T4-encoded endonuclease Vii in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(5): 1527-1535 (1988)

Novel mechanisms for maturation of chloroplast transfer Rna precursors
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1567-1574 (1988)

Expression of a bacterial gene in plants mediated by infectious geminivirus Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1583-1587 (1988)

Hyperphosphorylation of N-60, a protein structurally and immunologically related to nucleolin after tumour-promoter treatment
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1621-1626 (1988)

Cyclic Amp-independent, dual regulation of voltage-dependent Ca2+ currents by Lhrh and somatostatin in a pituitary cell line
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1627-1633 (1988)

Egf binding to its receptor triggers a rapid tyrosine phosphorylation of the erbB-2 protein in the mammary tumor cell line Sk-Br-3
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1647-1651 (1988)

Expression of human estrogen receptor mutants in Xenopus oocytes: correlation between transcriptional activity and ability to form protein-Dna complexes
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1653-1660 (1988)

Thymocyte circular Dna excised from T cell receptor alpha-delta gene complex
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1669-1674 (1988)

Molecular cloning of the cDna of human X chromosomal gene (Ccg1) which complements the temperature-sensitive G1 mutants, tsBn462 and ts13, of the Bhk cell line
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1683-1687 (1988)

Alpha-interferon inhibits the expression of heavy chain mu messenger Rna in Daudi cells
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1689-1696 (1988)

The finger motif defines a multigene family represented in the maternal mRna of Xenopus laevis oocytes
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1735-1741 (1988)

Small finger protein of avian and murine retroviruses has nucleic acid annealing activity and positions the replication primer tRna onto genomic Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1777-1783 (1988)

Partial purification and substrate analysis of bacterially expressed Hiv protease by means of monoclonal antibody
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1785-1791 (1988)

Dissection of functional domains of the yeast proton-pumping Atpase by directed mutagenesis
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1793-1798 (1988)

Co-ordinate control of synthesis of mitochondrial and non-mitochondrial hemoproteins: a binding site for the Hap1 (Cyp1) protein in the Uas region of the yeast catalase T gene (Ctt1)
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1799-1804 (1988)

Multiple regulatory mechanisms control the expression of the Ras1 and Ras2 genes of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1805-1813 (1988)

Effect of anti-cruciform Dna monoclonal antibodies on Dna replication
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1837-1844 (1988)

The functional significance of Dna sequence structure in a site-specific genetic recombination reaction
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1845-1852 (1988)

Dna supercoiling and the leu-500 promoter mutation of Salmonella typhimurium
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1863-1869 (1988)

Correlation between the conformation of Escherichia coli 10 hexamer sequences and promoter strength: use of orthophenanthroline cuprous complex as a structural index
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1871-1879 (1988)

The partition locus of plasmid pSc101 is a specific binding site for Dna gyrase
, The Embo Journal 7(6): 1889-1895 (1988)

Both positive and negative regulatory elements mediate expression of a photoregulated Cab gene from Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 1929-1936 (1988)

The structure and organization of the human heavy neurofilament subunit (Nf-H) and the gene encoding it
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 1947-1955 (1988)

Two distinct genetic loci regulating class Ii gene expression are defective in human mutant and patient cell lines
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 1965-1972 (1988)

Interdependence of Cd3-Ti and Cd2 activation pathways in human T lymphocytes
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 1973-1977 (1988)

The use of chromosomal translocations to study human immunoglobulin gene organization: mapping Dh segments within 35 kb of the C mu gene and identification of a new Dh locus
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2003-2010 (1988)

Four classes of mRna are expressed from the mouse int-2 gene, a member of the Fgf gene family
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2035-2041 (1988)

The role of beta-hydroxyaspartate and adjacent carboxylate residues in the first Egf domain of human factor Ix
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2053-2061 (1988)

A progesterone responsive element maps to the far upstream steroid dependent Dnase hypersensitive site of chicken lysozyme chromatin
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2063-2073 (1988)

Two different liver-specific factors stimulate in vitro transcription from the human alpha 1-antitrypsin promoter
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2075-2087 (1988)

Splice site selection dominates over poly(A) site choice in Rna production from complex adenovirus transcription units
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2107-2116 (1988)

Purification of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 enhancer and Tar binding proteins Ebp-1 and Ubp-1
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2117-2130 (1988)

Expression of multiple homeobox genes within diverse mammalian haemopoietic lineages
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2131-2138 (1988)

Differential utilization of the same reading frame in a Xenopus homeobox gene encodes two related proteins sharing the same Dna-binding specificity
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2139-2149 (1988)

The Abdominal-B gene of Drosophila melanogaster : overlapping transcripts exhibit two different spatial distributions
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2163-2173 (1988)

Protein/Dna architecture of the Dnase I hypersensitive region of the Drosophila hsp26 promoter
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2191-2201 (1988)

Sequence analysis of Ars elements in fission yeast
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2203-2209 (1988)

Roles of two Dna-binding factors in replication, segregation and transcriptional repression mediated by a yeast silencer
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2241-2253 (1988)

Cloning and characterization of a Dna gyrase B gene from Streptomyces sphaeroides that confers resistance to novobiocin
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2255-2259 (1988)

In vivo and in vitro identity of site specific cleavages in the 5 non-coding region of ompA and bla mRna in Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 7(7): 2269-2275 (1988)

Investigation of the structure of trimeric and monomeric photosystem I reaction centre complexes
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2287-2293 (1988)

Unmethylated CpG islands associated with genes in higher plant Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2295-2299 (1988)

Porcine vinculin and metavinculin differ by a 68-residue insert located close to the carboxy-terminal part of the molecule
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2329-2334 (1988)

Biosynthesis, secretion and extracellular localization of anchorin Cii, a collagen-binding protein of the calpactin family
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2335-2342 (1988)

A Cd8 polypeptide that is lost after passing the Golgi but before reaching the cell surface: a novel sorting mechanism
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2359-2367 (1988)

Characterization of two different genes (cDna) for cytochrome c oxidase subunit Via from heart and liver of the rat
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2387-2391 (1988)

A T cell-specific enhancer is located in a Dnase I-hypersensitive area at the 3 end of the Cd3-delta gene
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2401-2407 (1988)

Activation of protein kinase C or cAmp-dependent protein kinase increases phosphorylation of the c-erbA-encoded thyroid hormone receptor and of the v-erbA-encoded protein
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2425-2433 (1988)

P36, the major cytoplasmic substrate of src tyrosine protein kinase, binds to its p11 regulatory subunit via a short amino-terminal amphiphatic helix
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2435-2442 (1988)

Molecular cloning and characterization of the human dbl proto-oncogene: evidence that its overexpression is sufficient to transform Nih/3T3 cells
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2465-2473 (1988)

Transforming but not immortalizing oncogenes activate the transcription factor Pea1
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2475-2483 (1988)

A variant nuclear protein in dedifferentiated hepatoma cells binds to the same functional sequences in the beta fibrinogen gene promoter as Hnf-1
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2485-2493 (1988)

Metal binding finger structures in the glucocorticoid receptor defined by site-directed mutagenesis
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2503-2508 (1988)

Transcripts from the frameshifted Murf3 gene from Crithidia fasciculata are edited by U insertion at multiple sites
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2509-2514 (1988)

A rabbit beta-globin polyadenylation signal directs efficient termination of transcription of polyomavirus Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2515-2522 (1988)

Antisense Rna inhibits splicing of pre-mRna in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2523-2532 (1988)

A U1 snRna:pre-mRna base pairing interaction is required early in yeast spliceosome assembly but does not uniquely define the 5 cleavage site
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2533-2538 (1988)

Active site mutagenesis of the Aids virus protease and its alleviation by trans complementation
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2547-2553 (1988)

Identification of an amber nonsense mutation in the rosy516 gene by germline transformation of an amber suppressor tRna gene
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2579-2584 (1988)

Sequential order of target-recognizing domains in multispecific Dna-methyltransferases
, The Embo Journal 7(8): 2601-2609 (1988)

Proteins encoded by a complex chloroplast transcription unit are each translated from both monocistronic and polycistronic mRnas
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2637-2644 (1988)

Identification of regions affecting virulence, Rna processing and infectivity in the virulent satellite of turnip crinkle virus
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2645-2651 (1988)

Oscillations in microtubule polymerization: the rate of Gtp regeneration on tubulin controls the period
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2653-2659 (1988)

The genes for the alpha 1(Iv) and alpha 2(Iv) chains of human basement membrane collagen type Iv are arranged head-to-head and separated by a bidirectional promoter of unique structure
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2687-2695 (1988)

Expression of functional human Egf receptor on murine bone marrow cells
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2749-2756 (1988)

Tissue-specific and steroid-dependent interaction of transcription factors with the oestrogen-inducible apo Vldl Ii promoter in vivo
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2757-2763 (1988)

Nucleotide sequences of chimpanzee Mhc class I alleles: evidence for trans-species mode of evolution
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2765-2774 (1988)

A molecular map of the chicken major histocompatibility complex: the class Ii beta genes are closely linked to the class I genes and the nucleolar organizer
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2775-2785 (1988)

Nullisomic deletion of the mcf.2 transforming gene in two haemophilia B patients
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2795-2799 (1988)

Sensitive and high resolution in situ hybridization to human chromosomes using biotin labelled probes: assignment of the human thymocyte Cd1 antigen genes to chromosome 1
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2801-2805 (1988)

The promoter of Alzheimer's disease amyloid A4 precursor gene
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2807-2813 (1988)

Mutational analysis of the 5 non-coding region of human immunodeficiency virus type 1: effects of secondary structure on translation
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2831-2837 (1988)

Effects of mutations in stem and loop regions on the structure and function of adenovirus Va Rnai
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2849-2859 (1988)

Structure-function relationships in the Gtp binding domain of Ef-Tu: mutation of Val20, the residue homologous to position 12 in p21
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2861-2867 (1988)

Neuronal acetylcholine receptors in Drosophila: the Ard protein is a component of a high-affinity alpha-bungarotoxin binding complex
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2889-2894 (1988)

Pl of coliphage lambda: an alternative solution for an efficient promoter
, The Embo Journal 7(9): 2919-2923 (1988)

Tenascin: cDna cloning and induction by Tgf-beta
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 2977-2982 (1988)

Early increase in histone H1(0) mRna during differentiation of F9 cells to parietal endoderm
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3003-3008 (1988)

A factor Ix mutation, verified by direct genomic sequencing, causes haemophilia B by a novel mechanism
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3009-3015 (1988)

Uptake of Gaba by rat brain synaptic vesicles isolated by a new procedure
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3023-3029 (1988)

Biological activities of Egf-receptor mutants with individually altered autophosphorylation sites
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3045-3052 (1988)

Kinetic parameters of the protein tyrosine kinase activity of Egf-receptor mutants with individually altered autophosphorylation sites
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3053-3060 (1988)

Truncation of the human Egf receptor leads to differential transforming potentials in primary avian fibroblasts and erythroblasts
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3061-3071 (1988)

Specific glucocorticoid receptor binding to Dna reconstituted in a nucleosome
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3073-3079 (1988)

Mouse Cd1 is distinct from and co-exists with Tl in the same thymus
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3081-3086 (1988)

The Mrc Ox-45 antigen of rat leukocytes and endothelium is in a subset of the immunoglobulin superfamily with Cd2, Lfa-3 and carcinoembryonic antigens
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3087-3091 (1988)

The 117 mutation in Greek Hpfh affects the binding of three nuclear factors to the Ccaat region of the gamma-globin gene
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3099-3107 (1988)

Nuclear factor Nf-kappa B can interact functionally with its cognate binding site to provide lymphoid-specific promoter function
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3109-3113 (1988)

Purification of a Nf1-like Dna-binding protein from rat liver and cloning of the corresponding cDna
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3115-3123 (1988)

Elements required for transcription initiation of the human U2 snRna gene coincide with elements required for snRna 3 end formation
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3125-3134 (1988)

An initiation site of Dna replication with transcriptional enhancer activity present upstream of the c-myc gene
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3135-3142 (1988)

Functional domains required for tat-induced transcriptional activation of the Hiv-1 long terminal repeat
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3143-3147 (1988)

CDna cloning of the developmentally regulated lamin Liii of Xenopus laevis
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3189-3197 (1988)

A yeast Dna repair gene partially complements defective excision repair in mammalian cells
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3245-3253 (1988)

Mitochondrial Rna polymerase of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: composition and mechanism of promoter recognition
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3255-3262 (1988)

Mutation of lysine-48 to arginine in the yeast Rad3 protein abolishes its Atpase and Dna helicase activities but not the ability to bind Atp
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3263-3269 (1988)

Control of replication of plasmid R1: kinetics of in vitro interaction between the antisense Rna, CopA, and its target, CopT
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3279-3288 (1988)

Conditional high copy number ColE1 mutants: resistance to Rna1 inhibition in vivo and in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(10): 3289-3297 (1988)

A new locus (Nia 1) in Arabidopsis thaliana encoding nitrate reductase
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3309-3314 (1988)

Interaction of a Dna binding factor with the 5-flanking region of an ethylene-responsive fruit ripening gene from tomato
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3315-3320 (1988)

Recycling of 5-nucleotidase in a rat hepatoma cell line
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3345-3351 (1988)

Yeast mutants temperature-sensitive for growth after random mutagenesis of the chromosomal Ras2 gene and deletion of the Ras1 gene
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3375-3383 (1988)

Genomic organization of the human oestrogen receptor gene
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3385-3388 (1988)

Evidence for a nuclear factor(s), Irf-1, mediating induction and silencing properties to human Ifn-beta gene regulatory elements
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3397-3405 (1988)

Recombination within the upstream gene of duplicated myelin basic protein genes of myelin deficient shimld mouse results in the production of antisense Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3407-3412 (1988)

Diverse organization of immunoglobulin Vh gene loci in a primitive vertebrate
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3413-3422 (1988)

Cytolytic T cells recognize a chimeric Mhc class I antigen expressed in influenza A infected transgenic mice
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3423-3431 (1988)

A second subunit of Cd8 is expressed in human T cells
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3433-3439 (1988)

Searching for coding sequences in the mammalian genome: the H-2K region of the mouse Mhc is replete with genes expressed in embryos
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3441-3449 (1988)

B lymphocyte lineage-restricted expression of mb-1, a gene with Cd3-like structural properties
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3457-3464 (1988)

The human Lyt-3 molecule requires Cd8 for cell surface expression
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3465-3470 (1988)

Combinatorial expression of a ftz-zen fusion promoter suggests the occurrence of cis interactions between genes of the Ant-C
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3479-3485 (1988)

Derepression of a novel class of vaccinia virus genes upon Dna replication
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3487-3492 (1988)

The processing peptidase of yeast mitochondria: the two co-operating components Mpp and Pep are structurally related
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3493-3500 (1988)

Genes encoding a subunit of respiratory Nadh dehydrogenase (Nd1) and a reverse transcriptase-like protein (Rtl) are linked to ribosomal Rna gene pieces in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii mitochondrial Dna
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3501-3508 (1988)

Rna binding specificity of hnRnp proteins: a subset bind to the 3 end of introns
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3519-3529 (1988)

Two guanosine binding sites exist in group I self-splicing Ivs Rnas
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3531-3537 (1988)

A novel function of Rnase P from Escherichia coli: processing of a suppressor tRna precursor
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3539-3545 (1988)

Signal recognition particle (Srp) stabilizes the translocation-competent conformation of pre-secretory proteins
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3553-3557 (1988)

Ribosome pausing and stacking during translation of a eukaryotic mRna
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3559-3569 (1988)

The importance of highly conserved nucleotides in the binding region of chloramphenicol at the peptidyl transfer centre of Escherichia coli 23S ribosomal Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3577-3587 (1988)

The binding site for ribosomal protein L2 within 23S ribosomal Rna of Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3589-3594 (1988)

Processing of unstable bacteriophage T4 gene 32 mRnas into a stable species requires Escherichia coli ribonuclease E
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3601-3607 (1988)

Dna deoxyribophosphodiesterase
, The Embo Journal 7(11): 3617-3622 (1988)

Repetitive usage of immunoglobulin Vh and D gene segments in Cd5+ Ly-1 B clones of (Nzb x Nzw)F1 mice
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3705-3710 (1988)

Increased turnover of the messenger Rna encoding tyrosine aminotransferase can account for the desensitization and de-induction of tyrosine aminotransferase by 8-bromo-cyclic Amp treatment and removal
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3711-3716 (1988)

A new type of transforming growth factor-beta, Tgf-beta 3
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3737-3743 (1988)

A zinc-responsive factor interacts with a metal-regulated enhancer element (Mre) of the mouse metallothionein-I gene
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3763-3770 (1988)

Cell-specific activity of a Ggtca half-palindromic oestrogen-responsive element in the chicken ovalbumin gene promoter
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3771-3778 (1988)

Positionally exact initiation is required for the formation of a stable Rna polymerase Ii transcription complex in vivo
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3785-3792 (1988)

Proteins bound at adjacent Dna elements act synergistically to regulate human proenkephalin cAmp inducible transcription
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3793-3805 (1988)

A dimer of Bpv-1 E2 containing a protease resistant core interacts with its Dna target
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3807-3816 (1988)

Functional domains of the Rna component of ribonuclease P revealed by chemical probing of mutant Rnas
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3817-3821 (1988)

Wheat germ splicing endonuclease is highly specific for plant pre-tRnas
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3823-3828 (1988)

Import of proteins into yeast mitochondria: the purified matrix processing protease contains two subunits which are encoded by the nuclear Mas1 and Mas2 genes
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3857-3862 (1988)

The Xenopus laevis mitochondrial protein mtDbp-C cooperatively folds the Dna in vitro
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3873-3879 (1988)

Nuclear localization of a Dna-binding C-terminal domain from Balbiani ring coded secretory protein
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3881-3888 (1988)

Messenger Rna recognition in Escherichia coli: a possible second site of interaction with 16S ribosomal Rna
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3957-3962 (1988)

Secretion of cyclolysin, the calmodulin-sensitive adenylate cyclase-haemolysin bifunctional protein of Bordetella pertussis
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 3997-4004 (1988)

A threonine to alanine exchange at position 40 of Tet repressor alters the recognition of the sixth base pair of tet operator from Gc to At
, The Embo Journal 7(12): 4011-4017 (1988)

Uv-inducible transient expression in parsley protoplasts identifies regulatory cis -elements of a chimeric Antirrhinum majus chalcone synthase gene
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4027-4033 (1988)

Binding site requirements for pea nuclear protein factor Gt-1 correlate with sequences required for light-dependent transcriptional activation of the rbcS-3A gene
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4035-4044 (1988)

TnpA product encoded by the transposable element En-1 of Zea mays is a Dna binding protein
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4045-4053 (1988)

VirD proteins of Agrobacterium tumefaciens are required for the formation of a covalent Dna-protein complex at the 5 terminus of T-strand molecules
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4055-4062 (1988)

The 7S Rna from tomato leaf tissue resembles a signal recognition particle Rna and exhibits a remarkable sequence complementarity to viroids
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4063-4074 (1988)

Release of putative exocytic transport vesicles from perforated Mdck cells
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4075-4085 (1988)

Surface location and high affinity for calcium of a 500-kd liver membrane protein closely related to the Ldl-receptor suggest a physiological role as lipoprotein receptor
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4119-4127 (1988)

Structure and functional expression of cloned rat serotonin 5Ht-2 receptor
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4135-4140 (1988)

The primary structure of human ribonuclease/angiogenin inhibitor (Rai) discloses a novel highly diversified protein superfamily with a common repetitive module
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4151-4156 (1988)

The chicken dystrophin cDna: striking conservation of the C-terminal coding and 3 untranslated regions between man and chicken
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4157-4162 (1988)

Enzymatic amplification of exogenous and endogenous retroviral sequences from Dna of patients with tropical spastic paraparesis
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4179-4184 (1988)

Identification of a novel lymphoid specific octamer binding protein (Otf-2B) by proteolytic clipping bandshift assay (Pcba)
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4221-4229 (1988)

Interactions of purified transcription factors: binding of yeast Mat alpha 1 and Prtf to cell type-specific, upstream activating sequences
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4255-4264 (1988)

Novel Jun- and Fos-related proteins in Drosophila are functionally homologous to enhancer factor Ap-1
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4265-4273 (1988)

Dna rearrangement of a homeobox gene in myeloid leukaemic cells
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4283-4290 (1988)

Isolation and sequence-specific Dna binding of the Antennapedia homeodomain
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4299-4304 (1988)

Structure and expression of a Xenopus gene encoding an snRnp protein (U1 70K)
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4311-4321 (1988)

The Whi1+ gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae tethers cell division to cell size and is a cyclin homolog
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4335-4346 (1988)

Assembly of spaced chromatin involvement of Atp and Dna topoisomerase activity
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4355-4365 (1988)

Dna-dependent Rna polymerase of Escherichia coli induces bending or an increased flexibility of Dna by specific complex formation
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4379-4381 (1988)

Mutagenesis at the mRna decoding site in the 16S ribosomal Rna using the specialized ribosome system in Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 7(13): 4383-4388 (1988)

Amino acid sequence of mouse nidogen, a multidomain basement membrane protein with binding activity for laminin, collagen Iv and cells
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 65-72 (1989)

Expression of active hormone and Dna-binding domains of the chicken progesterone receptor in E. coli
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 83-90 (1989)

Cloning and sequencing of a calcium-binding protein regulated by cyclic Amp in the thyroid
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 111-116 (1989)

Epstein-Barr virus Bzlf1 trans-activator specifically binds to a consensus Ap-1 site and is related to c-fos
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 127-132 (1989)

N-myc is frequently activated by proviral insertion in MuLv-induced T cell lymphomas
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 133-136 (1989)

A chimeric Egf-R-neu proto-oncogene allows Egf to regulate neu tyrosine kinase and cell transformation
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 159-166 (1989)

Her2 cytoplasmic domain generates normal mitogenic and transforming signals in a chimeric receptor
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 167-173 (1989)

Molecular cloning of the chicken myelomonocytic growth factor (cMgf) reveals relationship to interleukin 6 and granulocyte colony stimulating factor
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 175-181 (1989)

T antigen expression and tumorigenesis in transgenic mice containing a mouse major urinary protein/Sv40 T antigen hybrid gene
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 183-191 (1989)

Molecular characterization and expression of the (Na+ + K+)-Atpase alpha-subunit in Drosophila melanogaster
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 193-202 (1989)

Resolution of model Holliday junctions by yeast endonuclease: effect of Dna structure and sequence
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 239-246 (1989)

The Cup2 gene product regulates the expression of the Cup1 gene, coding for yeast metallothionein
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 255-260 (1989)

Yeast upstream activator protein Gcn4 can stimulate transcription when its binding site replaces the Tata element
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 261-268 (1989)

In vitro synthesis of vertebrate U1 snRna
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 287-292 (1989)

Non-enzymatic excision of pre-tRna introns?
, The Embo Journal 8(1): 293-300 (1989)

Differential exon usage involving an unusual splicing mechanism generates at least eight types of Ncam cDna in mouse brain
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 385-392 (1989)

Functional analysis of the ligand binding site of Egf-receptor utilizing chimeric chicken/human receptor molecules
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 421-427 (1989)

Dose-dependent regulation of macrophage differentiation by mos mRna in a human monocytic cell line
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 457-463 (1989)

Induction of assembly of Mhc class I heavy chains with beta 2microglobulin by interferon-gamma
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 475-481 (1989)

Bovine leukemia virus trans-activator p38tax activates heterologous promoters with a common sequence known as a cAmp-responsive element or the binding site of a cellular transcription factor Atf
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 497-503 (1989)

Continued expression of Hpv-16 E7 protein is required for maintenance of the transformed phenotype of cells co-transformed by Hpv-16 plus Ej-ras
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 513-519 (1989)

In vivo and in vitro expression of U7 snRna genes: cis- and trans-acting elements required for Rna polymerase Ii-directed transcription
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 539-549 (1989)

Pre-mRna splicing mutants of Schizosaccharomyces pombe
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 551-559 (1989)

Induction of dnaN and dnaQ gene expression in Escherichia coli by alkylation damage to Dna
, The Embo Journal 8(2): 587-593 (1989)

Inducible in vivo Dna footprints define sequences necessary for Uv light activation of the parsley chalcone synthase gene
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 651-656 (1989)

Characterization of double-stranded Rna genetic elements associated with biological control of chestnut blight: organization of terminal domains and identification of gene products
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 657-663 (1989)

Regulation of the mannose 6-phosphate/Igf Ii receptor expression at the cell surface by mannose 6-phosphate, insulin like growth factors and epidermal growth factor
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 681-686 (1989)

Molecular cloning and characterization of the novel, human complement-associated protein, Sp-40,40: a link between the complement and reproductive systems
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 711-718 (1989)

Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 Ltr Tata and Tar region sequences required for transcriptional regulation
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 765-778 (1989)

A possible homology between immunodeficiency virus p24 core protein and picornaviral Vp2 coat protein: prediction of Hiv p24 antigenic sites
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 779-785 (1989)

Regulation of tissue-specific alternative splicing: exon-specific cis-elements govern the splicing of leukocyte common antigen pre-mRna
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 787-796 (1989)

Spkk, a new nucleic acid-binding unit of protein found in histone
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 797-804 (1989)

The product of a novel growth factor activated gene, fos B, interacts with Jun proteins enhancing their Dna binding activity
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 805-813 (1989)

The 5 flanking region of the pS2 gene contains a complex enhancer region responsive to oestrogens, epidermal growth factor, a tumour promoter (Tpa), the c-Ha-ras oncoprotein and the c-jun protein
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 823-829 (1989)

Overlapping sites for constitutive and induced Dna binding factors involved in interferon-stimulated transcription
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 831-839 (1989)

The Rna binding protein La influences both the accuracy and the efficiency of Rna polymerase Iii transcription in vitro
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 841-850 (1989)

Function of the mammalian La protein: evidence for its action in transcription termination by Rna polymerase Iii
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 851-861 (1989)

Recombination in hamster cell nuclear extracts between adenovirus type 12 Dna and two hamster preinsertion sequences
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 869-878 (1989)

Identifying functional regions of rRna by insertion mutagenesis and complete gene replacement in Tetrahymena thermophila
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 933-938 (1989)

Interpathway regulation of the Trp4 gene of yeast
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 939-945 (1989)

Internal and terminal cis-acting sites are necessary for in vitro replication of the L-A double-stranded Rna virus of yeast
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 947-954 (1989)

The integrated conjugative plasmid pSam2 of Streptomyces ambofaciens is related to temperate bacteriophages
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 973-980 (1989)

MalT, the regulatory protein of the Escherichia coli maltose system, is an Atp-dependent transcriptional activator
, The Embo Journal 8(3): 981-987 (1989)

Activity of the transposon Tam3 in Antirrhinum and tobacco: possible role of Dna methylation
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 997-1004 (1989)

Mapping of Digitaria streak virus transcripts reveals different Rna species from the same transcription unit
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1033-1039 (1989)

Specificity of binding of clathrin adaptors to signals on the mannose-6-phosphate/insulin-like growth factor Ii receptor
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1041-1047 (1989)

Pdgf A chain homodimers drive proliferation of bipotential (O-2A) glial progenitor cells in the developing rat optic nerve
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1049-1056 (1989)

Developmental expression of the protein product of Vg1, a localized maternal mRna in the frog Xenopus laevis
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1057-1065 (1989)

The globular domains of type Vi collagen are related to the collagen-binding domains of cartilage matrix protein and von Willebrand factor
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1073-1077 (1989)

Cell type specific trans-acting factors are involved in alternative splicing of human fibronectin pre-mRna
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1079-1085 (1989)

Post-translational processing of p21ras is two-step and involves carboxyl-methylation and carboxy-terminal proteolysis
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1093-1098 (1989)

P21H-ras-induced morphological transformation and increases in c-myc expression are independent of functional protein kinase C
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1099-1104 (1989)

A C-terminal domain of Gap is sufficient to stimulate ras p21 Gtpase activity
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1105-1110 (1989)

Myc oncoproteins are phosphorylated by casein kinase Ii
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1111-1119 (1989)

Double-stranded Rna activates binding of Nf-kappa B to an inducible element in the human beta-interferon promoter
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1129-1138 (1989)

A gamma-interferon-induced factor that binds the interferon response sequence of the Mhc class I gene, H-2Kb
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1139-1144 (1989)

The CarG promoter sequence is necessary for muscle-specific transcription of the cardiac actin gene in Xenopus embryos
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1153-1161 (1989)

Vpx mutants of Hiv-2 are infectious in established cell lines but display a severe defect in peripheral blood lymphocytes
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1169-1175 (1989)

CDna sequence of the rat U snRnp-associated protein N: description of a potential Sm epitope
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1177-1181 (1989)

Lac repressor mutants with double or triple exchanges in the recognition helix bind specifically to lac operator variants with multiple exchanges
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1265-1270 (1989)

Autoregulation and multiple Dna interactions by a transcriptional regulatory protein in E. coli pili biogenesis
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1271-1277 (1989)

FixK, a gene homologous with fnr and crp from Escherichia coli, regulates nitrogen fixation genes both positively and negatively in Rhizobium meliloti
, The Embo Journal 8(4): 1279-1286 (1989 )

Vascular expression of a bean cell wall glycine-rich protein--glucuronidase gene fusion in transgenic tobacco
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1309-1314 (1989)

Both wound-inducible and tuber-specific expression are mediated by the promoter of a single member of the potato proteinase inhibitor Ii gene family
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1323-1330 (1989)

Characterization of the End1 gene required for vacuole biogenesis and gluconeogenic growth of budding yeast
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1349-1359 (1989)

The primary structure of the alpha 4 subunit of Vla-4: homology to other integrins and a possible cell-cell adhesion function
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1361-1368 (1989)

Differential signalling potential of insulin- and Igf-1-receptor cytoplasmic domains
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1369-1375 (1989)

Bovine papilloma virus encoded E2 protein activates lymphokine genes through Dna elements, distinct from the consensus motif, in the long control region of its own genome
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1411-1417 (1989)

Joining of linear plasmid Dna is reduced and error-prone in Bloom's syndrome cells
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1419-1425 (1989)

The ras-related mouse ypt1 protein can functionally replace the Ypt1 gene product in yeast
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1427-1432 (1989)

The transcriptional activation function located in the hormone-binding domain of the human oestrogen receptor is not encoded in a single exon
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1441-1446 (1989)

The Epstein-Barr virus early protein Eb1 activates transcription from different responsive elements including Ap-1 binding sites
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1447-1453 (1989)

Transcription factors Ap-3 and Ap-2 interact with the Sv40 enhancer in a mutually exclusive manner
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1455-1460 (1989)

Interaction of heavy chain binding protein (BiP/Grp78) with adenine nucleotides
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1461-1467 (1989)

Mobilization of the gypsy and copia retrotransposons in Drosophila melanogaster induces reversion of the ovo D dominant female-sterile mutations: molecular analysis of revertant alleles
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1549-1558 (1989)

Intermediates in Hin-mediated Dna inversion: a role for Fis and the recombinational enhancer in the strand exchange reaction
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1581-1590 (1989)

Directionality of DnaA protein/Dna interaction. Active orientation of the DnaA protein/dnaA box complex in transcription termination
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1609-1613 (1989)

The transition state transcription regulator abrB of Bacillus subtilis is a Dna binding protein
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1615-1621 (1989)

XerB, an Escherichia coli gene required for plasmid ColE1 site-specific recombination, is identical to pepA, encoding aminopeptidase A, a protein with substantial similarity to bovine lens leucine aminopeptidase
, The Embo Journal 8(5): 1623-1627 (1989)

Gabaa receptor beta subunit heterogeneity: functional expression of cloned cDnas
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1665-1670 (1989)

Topology of the non-structural rotavirus receptor glycoprotein Ns28 in the rough endoplasmic reticulum
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1695-1703 (1989)

A base substitution in the exon of a collagen gene causes alternative splicing and generates a structurally abnormal polypeptide in a patient with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome type Vii
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1705-1710 (1989)

Multiple mRnas encode peripherin, a neuronal intermediate filament protein
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1719-1726 (1989)

Isolation of dynein heavy chain cDnas from trout testis which predict an extensive carboxyl-terminal alpha-helical coiled-coil domain
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1727-1734 (1989)

Peyer's patch-specific lymphocyte homing receptors consist of a Vla-4-like alpha chain associated with either of two integrin beta chains, one of which is novel
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1735-1741 (1989)

Allelic forms of immunoglobulin V genes in different strains of mice
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1743-1748 (1989)

Expression and secretion of gro/Mgsa by stimulated human endothelial cells
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1761-1766 (1989)

Activation of c-myb by carboxy-terminal truncation: relationship to transformation of murine haemopoietic cells in vitro
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1777-1783 (1989)

A point mutation in the Cyc1 Uas1 creates a new combination of regulatory elements that activate transcription synergistically
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1801-1808 (1989)

The Dna binding site of the Xenopus transcription factor Iiia has a non-B-form structure
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1809-1817 (1989)

Nuclear protein p68 is an Rna-dependent Atpase
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1827-1831 (1989)

Exonucleolytic proofreading increases the accuracy of Dna synthesis by human lymphocyte Dna polymerase alpha-Dna primase
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1833-1839 (1989)

Co-operative interactions between Nfi and the adenovirus Dna binding protein at the adenovirus origin of replication
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1841-1848 (1989)

Structure and function of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cdc2 gene encoding the large subunit of Dna polymerase Iii
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1849-1854 (1989)

Dna gyrase can supercoil Dna circles as small as 174 base pairs
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1861-1866 (1989)

A Dna binding protein that recognizes oligo(dA).oligo(dT) tracts
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1867-1877 (1989)

Signals at the bacteriophage phi 29 Dna replication origins required for protein p6 binding and activity
, The Embo Journal 8(6): 1879-1885 (1989)

A wheat -Amy2 promoter is regulated by gibberellin in transformed oat aleurone protoplasts
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1907-1913 (1989)

The gene coding for the major birch pollen allergen Betv1, is highly homologous to a pea disease resistance response gene
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1935-1938 (1989)

Sequence analysis of alpha 1(Vi) and alpha 2(Vi) chains of human type Vi collagen reveals internal triplication of globular domains similar to the A domains of von Willebrand factor and two alpha 2(Vi) chain variants that differ in the carboxy terminus
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1939-1946 (1989)

Minimum length of an idiotypic peptide and a model for its binding to a major histocompatibility complex class Ii molecule
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1947-1952 (1989)

Post-transcriptional mechanisms of deregulation of Myc following conversion of a human B cell line by Epstein-Barr virus
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1973-1980 (1989)

The cloned human oestrogen receptor contains a mutation which alters its hormone binding properties
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1981-1986 (1989)

Molecular characterization of a gene of the Egf family expressed in undifferentiated human Ntera2 teratocarcinoma cells
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 1987-1991 (1989)

Leucine zipper structure of the protein Cre-Bp1 binding to the cyclic Amp response element in brain
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2023-2028 (1989)

Overproduction of the regulatory subunit of the cAmp-dependent protein kinase blocks the differentiation of Dictyostelium discoideum
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2039-2043 (1989)

Proximal-distal pattern formation in Drosophila : cell autonomous requirement for Distal-less gene activity in limb development
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2045-2055 (1989)

Infectious circular Dna of human adenovirus type 5: regeneration of viral Dna termini from molecules lacking terminal sequences
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2077-2085 (1989)

Mutational analysis of Is10s outside end
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2101-2109 (1989)

Mechanistic and physiological consequences of Hpr(ser) phosphorylation on the activities of the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system in gram-positive bacteria: studies with site-specific mutants of Hpr
, The Embo Journal 8(7): 2111-2120 (1989)

Atp-dependent import of a lumenal protein by isolated thylakoid vesicles
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2251-2255 (1989)

Vav, a novel human oncogene derived from a locus ubiquitously expressed in hematopoietic cells
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2283-2290 (1989)

Thyroid-stimulating hormone (Tsh) deficiency caused by a single base substitution in the Cagyc region of the beta-subunit
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2291-2296 (1989)

Altered regulation of Mhc class I genes in different tumor cell lines is reflected by distinct sets of Dnase I hypersensitive sites
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2297-2304 (1989)

Identification of multiple Htf-island associated genes in the human major histocompatibility complex class Iii region
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2305-2312 (1989)

Molecular cloning of the primary IgH repertoire: a quantitative analysis of Vh gene usage in adult mice
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2313-2320 (1989)

The adenovirus E1B 55 kd protein influences mRna transport via an intranuclear effect on Rna metabolism
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2329-2336 (1989)

The C-terminal 79 amino acids of the herpes simplex virus regulatory protein, Vmw65, efficiently activate transcription in yeast and mammalian cells in chimeric Dna-binding proteins
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2337-2342 (1989)

Nucleosomes inhibit both transcriptional initiation and elongation by Rna polymerase Iii in vitro
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2343-2351 (1989)

The interference of truncated with normal potassium channel subunits leads to abnormal behaviour in transgenic Drosophila melanogaster
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2359-2364 (1989)

The Pros-35 gene encodes the 35 kd protein subunit of Drosophila melanogaster proteasome
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2373-2379 (1989)

Transcriptional activation of bacteriophage lambda Dna replication in vitro: regulatory role of histone-like protein Hu of Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2393-2402 (1989)

In vitro reconstitution of anticodon nuclease from components encoded by phage T4 and Escherichia coli Ctr5X
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2411-2415 (1989)

Evidence of a ter specific binding protein essential for the termination reaction of Dna replication in Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 8(8): 2435-2441 (1989)

Correlation of the expression of the nuclear photosynthetic gene St-Ls1 with the presence of chloroplasts
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2445-2451 (1989)

Isolation of cDna clones encoding human acid sphingomyelinase: occurrence of alternatively processed transcripts
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2469-2473 (1989)

The adenylate cyclase-coupled vasopressin V2-receptor is highly laterally mobile in membranes of Llc-Pk1 renal epithelial cells at physiological temperature
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2481-2488 (1989)

Cloning, sequence analysis and expression of a cDna encoding a novel insulin-like growth factor binding protein (Igfbp-2)
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2497-2502 (1989)

An enhancer located in a CpG-island 3 to the Tcr/Cd3-epsilon gene confers T lymphocyte-specificity to its promoter
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2527-2535 (1989)

Repression of c-fos transcription is mediated through p67Srf bound to the Sre
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2567-2574 (1989)

Reversible abrogation of Il-3 dependence by an inducible H-ras oncogene
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2575-2581 (1989)

Mouse interleukin-2 structure-function studies: substitutions in the first alpha-helix can specifically inactivate p70 receptor binding and mutations in the fifth alpha-helix can specifically inactivate p55 receptor binding
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2583-2590 (1989)

A collagen-binding 59-kd protein (fibromodulin) is structurally related to the small interstitial proteoglycans Pg-S1 and Pg-S2 (decorin)
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2601-2604 (1989)

Novel metabolism of several beta zero-thalassemic beta-globin mRnas in the erythroid tissues of transgenic mice
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2613-2619 (1989)

Alternating purine-pyrimidine tracts may promote chromosomal translocations seen in a variety of human lymphoid tumours
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2621-2631 (1989)

The Gag precursor of simian immunodeficiency virus assembles into virus-like particles
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2653-2660 (1989)

Role of myristoylation of poliovirus capsid protein Vp4 as determined by site-directed mutagenesis of its N-terminal sequence
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2661-2668 (1989)

Adenovirus Vai-Rna regulates gene expression by controlling stability of ribosome-bound Rnas
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2669-2675 (1989)

Replication origin of a single-stranded Dna plasmid pC194
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2711-2716 (1989 )

Structure and deduced function of the granaticin-producing polyketide synthase gene cluster of Streptomyces violaceoruber T22
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2717-2725 (1989)

A cinematographic view of Escherichia coli Rna polymerase translocation
, The Embo Journal 8(9): 2745-2754 (1989)

Single channel H+ currents through reconstituted chloroplast Atp synthase Cf0-Cf1
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2827-2834 (1989)

Comparative studies on the electrical properties of the H+ translocating Atpase and pyrophosphatase of the vacuolar-lysosomal compartment
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2835-2841 (1989)

Synaptophysin is targeted to similar microvesicles in Cho and Pc12 cells
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2863-2872 (1989)

Neuraxin, a novel putative structural protein of the rat central nervous system that is immunologically related to microtubule-associated protein 5
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2879-2888 (1989)

Molecular cloning of murine intercellular adhesion molecule (Icam-1)
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2889-2896 (1989)

A transforming function of the Barf1 gene encoded by Epstein-Barr virus
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2897-2903 (1989)

Identification of a common signal associated with cellular proliferation stimulated by four haemopoietic growth factors in a highly enriched population of granulocyte/macrophage colony-forming cells
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 2967-2974 (1989)

Transcriptional enhancement by upstream activators is brought about by different molecular mechanisms for class I and Ii Rna polymerase genes
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3011-3017 (1989)

Human herpes virus-6 increases Hiv-1 expression in co-infected T cells via nuclear factors binding to the Hiv-1 enhancer
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3019-3027 (1989)

Isolation and Dna-binding characteristics of a protein involved in transcription activation of two divergently transcribed, essential yeast genes
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3029-3037 (1989)

Mpf from starfish oocytes at first meiotic metaphase is a heterodimer containing one molecule of cdc2 and one molecule of cyclin B
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3053-3058 (1989)

Structure and developmental expression of the chicken Cdc2 kinase
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3071-3078 (1989)

Three hormone receptor-like Drosophila genes encode an identical Dna-binding finger
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3087-3094 (1989)

Evidence from complementation assays in vitro that U5 snRnp is required for both steps of mRna splicing
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3105-3112 (1989)

U3, U8 and U13 comprise a new class of mammalian snRnps localized in the cell nucleolus
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3113-3119 (1989)

Breakage--reunion and copy choice mechanisms of recombination between short homologous sequences
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3127-3133 (1989)

Reverse gyrase binding to Dna alters the double helix structure and produces single-strand cleavage in the absence of Atp
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3135-3139 (1989)

Dna-directed oligomerization of the monomeric Ner repressor from the Mu-like bacteriophage D108
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3141-3148 (1989)

Escherichia coli 16S rRna 3-end formation requires a distal transfer Rna sequence at a proper distance
, The Embo Journal 8(10): 3159-3166 (1989)

Heat shock and the sorting of luminal Er proteins
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3171-3176 (1989)

A restricted set of apical proteins recycle through the trans-Golgi network in Mdck cells
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3207-3213 (1989)

The E2 antigen, a 32 kd glycoprotein involved in T-cell adhesion processes, is the Mic2 gene product
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3253-3259 (1989)

Class Ii Mhc molecules and the Hiv gp 120 envelope protein interact with functionally distinct regions of the Cd4 molecule
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3271-3277 (1989)

Hiv-1 reverse transcriptase specifically interacts with the anticodon domain of its cognate primer tRna
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3279-3285 (1989)

Facultative polypeptide translocation allows a single mRna to encode the secreted and cytosolic forms of plasminogen activators inhibitor 2
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3287-3294 (1989)

Myelin-deficient rat: a point mutation in exon Iii (A----C, Thr75----Pro) of the myelin proteolipid protein causes dysmyelination and oligodendrocyte death
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3295-3302 (1989)

Intermolecular transphosphorylation between insulin receptors and Egf-insulin receptor chimerae
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3303-3309 (1989)

Head activator acts as an autocrine growth factor for Nh15-Ca2 cells in the G2/mitosis transition
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3311-3318 (1989)

Cell cycle-specific action of nerve growth factor in Pc12 cells: differentiation without proliferation
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3319-3325 (1989)

Phospholipase C-gamma, a substrate for Pdgf receptor kinase, is not phosphorylated on tyrosine during the mitogenic response to Csf-1
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3345-3350 (1989)

Suppression of Mhc class I gene expression by N-myc through enhancer inactivation
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3351-3355 (1989)

Influence of the Gcgc discriminator motif introduced into the ribosomal Rna P2- and tac promoter on growth-rate control and stringent sensitivity
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3357-3363 (1989)

Pea3 is a nuclear target for transcription activation by non-nuclear oncogenes
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3371-3378 (1989)

Identification of a yeast protein homologous in function to the mammalian general transcription factor, Tfiia
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3379-3382 (1989)

Characterization of the Rna polymerases of Trypanosoma brucei: trypanosomal mRnas are composed of transcripts derived from both Rna polymerase Ii and Iii
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3383-3389 (1989)

Autoregulation of Rnase Iii operon by mRna processing
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3401-3407 (1989)

Drosophila Sgs3 Tata: effects of point mutations on expression in vivo and protein binding in vitro with staged nuclear extracts
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3459-3466 (1989)

Action at a distance in Mu Dna transposition: an enhancer-like element is the site of action of supercoiling relief activity by integration host factor (Ihf)
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3483-3489 (1989)

Transcriptional activation of the Klebsiella pneumoniae nifLa promoter by Ntrc is face-of-the-helix dependent and the activator stabilizes the interaction of sigma 54-Rna polymerase with the promoter
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3491-3499 (1989)

The extreme mutator effect of Escherichia coli mutD5 results from saturation of mismatch repair by excessive Dna replication errors
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3511-3516 (1989)

Effects of mutations in heat-shock genes groEs and groEl on protein export in Escherichia coli
, The Embo Journal 8(11): 3517-3521 (1989)

Adenovirus polypeptide Ix revealed as capsid cement by difference images from electron microscopy and crystallography
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3563-3570 (1989)

Deletion of the gene for subunit Iii leads to defective assembly of bacterial cytochrome oxidase
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3571-3579 (1989)

Vasopressin directly closes Atp-sensitive potassium channels evoking membrane depolarization and an increase in the free intracellular Ca2+ concentration in insulin-secreting cells
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3595-3599 (1989)

Anion transport in oocytes of Xenopus laevis induced by expression of mouse erythroid band 3 protein--encoding cRna and of a cRna derivative obtained by site-directed mutagenesis at the stilbene disulfonate binding site
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3601-3609 (1989)

Internalization and recycling of Cd4 transfected into HeLa and Nih3T3 cells
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3641-3649 (1989)

Human IgG Fc receptor (hFcRii; Cd32) exists as multiple isoforms in macrophages, lymphocytes and IgG-transporting placental epithelium
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3657-3666 (1989)

Egf induces differentiation of an Il-3-dependent cell line expressing the Egf receptor
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3677-3684 (1989)

Iron regulation of transferrin receptor mRna levels requires iron-responsive elements and a rapid turnover determinant in the 3 untranslated region of the mRna
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3693-3699 (1989)

TrkB, a novel tyrosine protein kinase receptor expressed during mouse neural development
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3701-3709 (1989)

Elimination of Cd8+ thymocytes in transgenic mice expressing an anti-Lyt2.2 immunoglobulin heavy chain gene
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3719-3726 (1989)

A physical map linking the five Cd1 human thymocyte differentiation antigen genes
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3727-3732 (1989)

The smaller human Vh gene families display remarkably little polymorphism
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3741-3748 (1989)

Cooperative binding of estrogen receptor to imperfect estrogen-responsive Dna elements correlates with their synergistic hormone-dependent enhancer activity
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3781-3791 (1989)

Tnf stimulates expression of mouse Mhc class I genes by inducing an Nf kappa B-like enhancer binding activity which displaces constitutive factors
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3793-3800 (1989)

A human homologue of the yeast Gst1 gene codes for a Gtp-binding protein and is expressed in a proliferation-dependent manner in mammalian cells
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3807-3814 (1989)

The two Dna-binding domains of yeast transcription factor tau as observed by scanning transmission electron microscopy
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3815-3824 (1989)

Asymmetrical recognition of the palindromic Ap1 binding site (Tre) by Fos protein complexes
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3825-3832 (1989)

The basic region of Fos mediates specific Dna binding
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3833-3841 (1989)

Stereoselective arginine binding is a phylogenetically conserved property of group I self-splicing Rnas
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3843-3851 (1989)

Cloned human snRnp proteins B and B' differ only in their carboxy-terminal part
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3853-3860 (1989)

Ribozyme mediated destruction of Rna in vivo
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3861-3866 (1989)

Identification of four conserved motifs among the Rna-dependent polymerase encoding elements
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3867-3874 (1989)

Multiple replication factors augment Dna synthesis by the two eukaryotic Dna polymerases, alpha and delta
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3883-3889 (1989)

Activation of Sv40 Dna replication in vitro by cellular protein phosphatase 2A
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3891-3898 (1989)

Disruption of the yeast nuclear Pet54 gene blocks excision of mitochondrial intron aI5 beta from pre-mRna for cytochrome c oxidase subunit I
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3899-3904 (1989)

Binding of the 3 terminus of tRna to 23S rRna in the ribosomal exit site actively promotes translocation
, The Embo Journal 8(12): 3933-3938 (1989)

P34cdc2 is located in both nucleus and cytoplasm; part is centrosomally associated at G2/M and enters vesicles at anaphase
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 3985-3995 (1989)

A yeast nucleolar protein related to mammalian fibrillarin is associated with small nucleolar Rna and is essential for viability
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4015-4024 (1989)

Direct binding of a myasthenia gravis related epitope to Mhc class Ii molecules on living murine antigen-presenting cells
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4049-4052 (1989)

Thymic epithelial cells induce in vitro differentiation of Pro-T lymphocyte clones into Tcr alpha,beta/T3+ and Tcr gamma,delta/T3+ cells
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4053-4063 (1989)

Expression of the Dba/2J Ren-2 gene in the adrenal gland of transgenic mice
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4065-4072 (1989)

A physical genome map of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Pao
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4081-4089 (1989)

An antisense Rna involved in p53 mRna maturation in murine erythroleukemia cells induced to differentiate
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4107-4114 (1989)

CDna cloning and sequencing of the protein-tyrosine kinase substrate, ezrin, reveals homology to band 4.1
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4133-4142 (1989)

The role of Ace3 in Drosophila chorion gene amplification
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4153-4162 (1989)

Identification of the Rna binding segment of human U1 A protein and definition of its binding site on U1 snRna
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4163-4170 (1989)

Mapping U2 snRnp--pre-mRna interactions using biotinylated oligonucleotides made of 2-Ome Rna
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4171-4178 (1989)

An abundant U6 snRnp found in germ cells and embryos of Xenopus laevis
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4179-4187 (1989)

Spkk motifs prefer to bind to Dna at A/T-rich sites
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4189-4195 (1989)

The ocs-element is a component of the promoters of several T-Dna and plant viral genes
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4197-4204 (1989)

The Sv40 Tc-Ii(kappa B) and the related H-2Kb enhansons exhibit different cell type specific and inducible proto-enhancer activities, but the Sv40 core sequence and the Ap-2 binding site have no enhanson properties
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4205-4214 (1989)

The Sv40 Tc-Ii(kappa B) enhanson binds ubiquitous and cell type specifically inducible nuclear proteins from lymphoid and non-lymphoid cell lines
, The Embo Journal 8(13): 4215-4227 (1989)