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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66926

Chapter 66926 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Key drivers for successful development of peer-to-peer microgrids for swarm electrification
, Applied Energy 244: 46-62 (2019)

Thermal management of concentrator photovoltaic systems using two-phase flow boiling in double-layer microchannel heat sinks
, Applied Energy 241: 404-419 (2019)

Pump as turbine applied to micro energy storage and smart water grids: A case study
, Applied Energy 241: 567-579 (2019)

Holistic multi-criteria decision analysis evaluation of sustainable electric generation portfolios: New England case study
, Applied Energy 242: 655-673 (2019)

Utilizing stillage in the biorefinery: Economic, technological and energetic analysis
, Applied Energy 241: 491-503 (2019)

Uncertainty Quantification in high-density fluid radial-inflow turbines for renewable low-grade temperature cycles
, Applied Energy 241: 313-330 (2019)

Toward a new method for the design of combined sensible/latent thermal-energy storage using non-dimensional analysis
, Applied Energy 247: 322-334 (2019)

Performance of supersonic steam ejectors considering the nonequilibrium condensation phenomenon for efficient energy utilisation
, Applied Energy 242: 157-167 (2019)

Biowaste-based biochar: A new strategy for fermentative bioethanol overproduction via whole-cell immobilization
, Applied Energy 242: 480-491 (2019)

Provision of secondary frequency regulation by coordinated dispatch of industrial loads and thermal power plants
, Applied Energy 241: 302-312 (2019)

Real-time optimization strategies of Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Systems based on Load-following control: A new strategy, and a comparative study of topologies and fuel economy obtained
, Applied Energy 241: 444-460 (2019)

A reinforcement learning framework for optimal operation and maintenance of power grids
, Applied Energy 241: 291-301 (2019)

A new comprehensive framework for the multi-objective optimization of building energy design: Harlequin
, Applied Energy 241: 331-361 (2019)

Modelling of an airflow window and numerical investigation of its thermal performances by comparison to conventional double and triple-glazed windows
, Applied Energy 242: 27-45 (2019)

Combined decentralized and local voltage control strategy of soft open points in active distribution networks
, Applied Energy 241: 613-624 (2019)

Adsorption and decomposition of tar model compounds over the surface of gasification char and active carbon within the temperature range 250800C
, Applied Energy 241: 139-151 (2019)

E-Road: The largest energy supply of the future?
, Applied Energy 241: 174-183 (2019)

Parameters and their impacts on the temperature distribution and thermal gradient of solid oxide fuel cell
, Applied Energy 241: 164-173 (2019)

A validated model of a photovoltaic water pumping system for off-grid rural communities
, Applied Energy 241: 580-591 (2019)

Two-stage stochastic optimization for cost-minimal charging of electric vehicles at public charging stations with photovoltaics
, Applied Energy 242: 769-781 (2019)

Benefits from heat pipe integration in H2/H2O fed Sofc systems
, Applied Energy 241: 472-482 (2019)

Model predictive control for thermal energy storage and thermal comfort optimization of building demand response in smart grids
, Applied Energy 242: 873-882 (2019)

Demand side industrial load control for local utilization of wind power in isolated grids
, Applied Energy 243: 47-56 (2019)

Experimental investigation of heat transfer and flow characteristics in finned copper foam heat sinks subjected to jet impingement cooling
, Applied Energy 241: 433-443 (2019)

Numerical optimization of methane-based fuel blends under engine-relevant conditions using a multi-objective genetic algorithm
, Applied Energy 242: 1712-1724 (2019)

Economic feasibility of building retrofitting mitigation potentials: Climate change uncertainties for Swedish cities
, Applied Energy 242: 1022-1035 (2019)

Lithiumion battery thermal management using heat pipe and phase change material during dischargecharge cycle: A comprehensive numerical study
, Applied Energy 242: 378-392 (2019)

Short-term forecasting and uncertainty analysis of wind turbine power based on long short-term memory network and Gaussian mixture model
, Applied Energy 241: 229-244 (2019 )

Agricultural greenhouse Co2 utilization in anaerobic-digestion-based biomethane production plants: A techno-economic and environmental assessment and comparison with Co2 geological storage
, Applied Energy 242: 1753-1766 (2019)

Techno-economic analysis of screening metal hydride pairs for a 910 Mwhth thermal energy storage system
, Applied Energy 242: 148-156 (2019)

Using portable emissions measurement systems (Pems) to derive more accurate estimates of fuel use and nitrogen oxides emissions from modern Euro 6 passenger cars under real-world driving conditions
, Applied Energy 242: 942-973 (2019)

A many-objective optimization of industrial environmental management using Nsga-Iii: A case of Chinas iron and steel industry
, Applied Energy 242: 46-56 (2019)

A hierarchical predictive control for supercapacitor-retrofitted grid-connected hybrid renewable systems
, Applied Energy 242: 393-402 (2019)

Nitrogen-doped biochar derived from watermelon rind as oxygen reduction catalyst in air cathode microbial fuel cells
, Applied Energy 242: 516-525 (2019)

Modeling and field-test of a compact electromagnetic energy harvester for railroad transportation
, Applied Energy 247: 309-321 (2019)

Comparative energy and greenhouse gas assessment of industrial rooftop-integrated Pv and solar thermal collectors
, Applied Energy 241: 113-123 (2019)

Resilient operational strategies for power systems considering the interactions with natural gas systems
, Applied Energy 241: 548-566 (2019)

Bioethanol facility location selection using best-worst method
, Applied Energy 242: 612-623 (2019)

How can China achieve its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions by 2030? A multi-criteria allocation of Chinas carbon emission allowance
, Applied Energy 241: 380-389 (2019)

Feasibility study on a vehicular thermoelectric generator for both waste heat recovery and engine oil warm-up
, Applied Energy 242: 273-284 (2019)

Modelling and forecasting hourly electricity demand in West African countries
, Applied Energy 242: 311-333 (2019)

Integration of a dark fermentation effluent in a microalgal-based biorefinery for the production of high-added value omega-3 fatty acids
, Applied Energy 241: 130-138 (2019)

Development of a dairy multi-objective optimization (Dairymoo) method for economic and environmental optimization of dairy farms
, Applied Energy 242: 1697-1711 (2019)

Spatiotemporal dynamics of Co2 emissions from central heating supply in the North China Plain over 20122016 due to natural gas usage
, Applied Energy 241: 245-256 (2019)

Technology solutions to mitigate electricity cost for electric vehicle Dc fast charging
, Applied Energy 242: 415-423 (2019)

A robust optimization model for designing the building cooling source under cooling load uncertainty
, Applied Energy 241: 390-403 (2019)

Coordinated optimal operation of hydrowindsolar integrated systems
, Applied Energy 242: 883-896 (2019)

A novel approach for selecting typical hot-year (Thy) weather data
, Applied Energy 242: 1634-1648 (2019)

Influence of the incident radiation on the energy performance of two small-scale solar Organic Rankine Cycle trigenerative systems: A simulation analysis
, Applied Energy 242: 1176-1188 (2019)

Probabilistic duck curve in high Pv penetration power system: Concept, modeling, and empirical analysis in China
, Applied Energy 242: 205-215 (2019)

Feasibility of off-grid housing under current and future climates
, Applied Energy 241: 196-211 (2019)

Global energy system transformations in mitigation scenarios considering climate uncertainties
, Applied Energy 243: 119-131 (2019)

Dynamic modeling of a dual fluidized-bed system with the circulation of dry sorbent for Co2 capture
, Applied Energy 241: 640-651 (2019)

Experimental study and Taguchi analysis on Led cooling by thermoelectric cooler integrated with microchannel heat sink
, Applied Energy 242: 232-238 (2019)

Flow and heat transfer characteristics of natural convection in vertical air channels of double-skin solar faades
, Applied Energy 242: 107-120 (2019)

Proportioning wind, solar, and in-stream tidal electricity generating capacity to co-optimize multiple grid integration metrics
, Applied Energy 242: 69-77 (2019)

A multifunctional road-compatible piezoelectric energy harvester for autonomous driver-assist Led indicators with a self-monitoring system
, Applied Energy 242: 294-301 (2019)

Preliminary analysis of market potential for a hydropneumatic ground-level integrated diverse energy storage system
, Applied Energy 242: 1237-1247 (2019)

Dynamic modeling and parameter optimization of a free-piston Vuilleumier heat pump with dwell-based motion
, Applied Energy 242: 741-751 (2019)

Vector field-based support vector regression for building energy consumption prediction
, Applied Energy 242: 403-414 (2019)

Quick pyrolysis of a massive coal sample via rapid infrared heating
, Applied Energy 242: 732-740 (2019)

Optimization model for long-distance integrated transmission of wind farms and pumped-storage hydropower plants
, Applied Energy 242: 285-293 (2019)

Quantifying the cost of leaving the Paris Agreement via the integration of life cycle assessment, energy systems modeling and monetization
, Applied Energy 242: 588-601 (2019)

An overall perspective for the energetic valorization of household food waste using microbial fuel cell technology of its extract, coupled with anaerobic digestion of the solid residue
, Applied Energy 242: 1064-1073 (2019)

Emissions reduction and wholesale electricity price targeting using an output-based mechanism
, Applied Energy 242: 1050-1063 (2019)

Optimal configuration of modular cogeneration plants integrated by a battery energy storage system providing peak shaving service
, Applied Energy 242: 974-993 (2019)

Effect of different dimensional carbon materials on the properties and application of phase change materials: A review
, Applied Energy 242: 695-715 (2019)

Acetonitrile contamination in the cathode of proton exchange membrane fuel cells and cell performance recovery
, Applied Energy 242: 239-247 (2019)

Systems design and analysis of liquid air energy storage from liquefied natural gas cold energy
, Applied Energy 242: 168-180 (2019)

Modeling wind power investments, policies and social benefits for deregulated electricity market A review
, Applied Energy 242: 364-377 (2019)

The implementation of univariable scheme-based air temperature for solar radiation prediction: New development of dynamic evolving neural-fuzzy inference system model
, Applied Energy 241: 184-195 (2019)

A novel indicator for evaluation of the impact of distributed generations on the energy losses of low voltage distribution grids
, Applied Energy 242: 674-683 (2019)

Consistency analysis of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell stack during cold start
, Applied Energy 241: 420-432 (2019)

Technology pathways for complying with Corporate Average Fuel Consumption regulations up to 2030: A case study of China
, Applied Energy 241: 257-277 (2019)

On greenhouse gas emissions and thermal efficiency of natural gas/diesel dual-fuel engine at low load conditions: Coupled effect of injector rail pressure and split injection
, Applied Energy 242: 216-231 (2019)

Trading strategy optimization for a prosumer in continuous double auction-based peer-to-peer market: A prediction-integration model
, Applied Energy 242: 1121-1133 (2019)

Use of attainable regions for synthesis and optimization of multistage anaerobic digesters
, Applied Energy 242: 334-350 (2019)

Theoretical modeling of the gas humidification effect on the characteristics of proton ceramic fuel cells
, Applied Energy 242: 1448-1459 (2019)

A combined model based on data preprocessing strategy and multi-objective optimization algorithm for short-term wind speed forecasting
, Applied Energy 241: 519-539 (2019)

Moving second generation biofuel manufacturing forward: Investigating economic viability and environmental sustainability considering two strategies for supply chain restructuring
, Applied Energy 242: 1467-1496 (2019)

Shift in a national virtual energy network
, Applied Energy 242: 561-569 (2019)

Performance of firebrick resistance-heated energy storage for industrial heat applications and round-trip electricity storage
, Applied Energy 242: 782-796 (2019)

Digital numerical map-oriented estimation of solar energy potential for site selection of photovoltaic solar panels on national highway slopes
, Applied Energy 242: 57-68 (2019)

Thermodynamic analysis of carbon dioxide storage in salt caverns to improve the Power-to-Gas process
, Applied Energy 242: 1090-1107 (2019)

Assessment of short-term aquifer thermal energy storage for demand-side management perspectives: Experimental and numerical developments
, Applied Energy 242: 534-546 (2019)

An accurate bilinear cavern model for compressed air energy storage
, Applied Energy 242: 752-768 (2019)

Carbon dioxide absorption in water/nanofluid by a symmetric amine-based nanodendritic adsorbent
, Applied Energy 242: 1562-1572 (2019)

Fast analytical method for reliability evaluation of electricity-gas integrated energy system considering dispatch strategies
, Applied Energy 242: 260-272 (2019)

Study on the overall energy performance of a novel c-Si based semitransparent solar photovoltaic window
, Applied Energy 242: 854-872 (2019)

Optimizing the management of smart home energy resources under different power cost scenarios
, Applied Energy 242: 351-363 (2019)

A community microgrid architecture with an internal local market
, Applied Energy 242: 547-560 (2019)

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (Ates) smart grids: Large-scale seasonal energy storage as a distributed energy management solution
, Applied Energy 242: 624-639 (2019)

A motivational game-theoretic approach for peer-to-peer energy trading in the smart grid
, Applied Energy 243: 10-20 (2019)

Scenario generation of aggregated Wind, Photovoltaics and small Hydro production for power systems applications
, Applied Energy 242: 1396-1406 (2019)

Are carbon dioxide emission reductions compatible with sustainable well-being?
, Applied Energy 242: 1-11 (2019)

Testing and modelling an unglazed photovoltaic thermal collector for application in Sichuan Basin
, Applied Energy 242: 931-941 (2019)

Numerical investigation of reactivity controlled compression ignition (Rcci) using different multi-component surrogate combinations of diesel and gasoline
, Applied Energy 242: 462-479 (2019)

Energy and Co2 implications of decarbonization strategies for China beyond efficiency: Modeling 2050 maximum renewable resources and accelerated electrification impacts
, Applied Energy 242: 12-26 (2019)

Impact of drone delivery on sustainability and cost: Realizing the Uav potential through vehicle routing optimization
, Applied Energy 242: 1164-1175 (2019)

An islanding partition method of active distribution networks based on chance-constrained programming
, Applied Energy 242: 78-91 (2019)

Mobile phone Gps data in urban bicycle-sharing: Layout optimization and emissions reduction analysis
, Applied Energy 242: 138-147 (2019)

Analysis of the high instantaneous Nox emissions from Euro 6 diesel passenger cars under real driving conditions
, Applied Energy 242: 1074-1089 (2019)

Holistic modeling framework of demand response considering multi-timescale uncertainties for capacity value estimation
, Applied Energy 247: 692-702 (2019)

Watts-level road-compatible piezoelectric energy harvester for a self-powered temperature monitoring system on an actual roadway
, Applied Energy 243: 313-320 (2019)

Experimental study on knock suppression of spark-ignition engine fuelled with kerosene via water injection
, Applied Energy 242: 248-259 (2019)

A solar combi-system utilizing stable supercooling of sodium acetate trihydrate for heat storage: Numerical performance investigation
, Applied Energy 242: 1108-1120 (2019)

Successful strategies for increasing energy self-sufficiency at Grneck wastewater treatment plant in Germany by food waste co-digestion and improved aeration
, Applied Energy 242: 797-808 (2019)

Frequency control of air conditioners in response to real-time dynamic electricity prices in smart grids
, Applied Energy 242: 92-106 (2019)

Techno-economic analysis and optimal control of battery storage for frequency control services, applied to the German market
, Applied Energy 242: 1036-1049 (2019)

A two-stage supervised learning approach for electricity price forecasting by leveraging different data sources
, Applied Energy 242: 1497-1512 (2019)

Enerwater A standard method for assessing and improving the energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants
, Applied Energy 242: 897-910 (2019)

An optimization model for siting and sizing of vehicle-to-grid facilities in a microgrid
, Applied Energy 242: 1649-1660 (2019)

Investigation of a solar-biomass gasification system with the production of methanol and electricity: Thermodynamic, economic and off-design operation
, Applied Energy 243: 91-101 (2019)

Levelised Cost of Storage (Lcos) for solar-Pv-powered cooling in the tropics
, Applied Energy 242: 640-654 (2019)

Conventional and advanced exergy analysis of a grid connected underwater compressed air energy storage facility
, Applied Energy 242: 1198-1208 (2019)

An interval arithmetic-based method for parametric identification of a fuel cell equivalent circuit model
, Applied Energy 242: 1226-1236 (2019)

Combustion characteristics and thermal performance of premixed hydrogen-air in a two-rearward-step micro tube
, Applied Energy 242: 424-438 (2019)

Superior energy-saving splitter in monoethanolamine-based biphasic solvents for Co2 capture from coal-fired flue gas
, Applied Energy 242: 302-310 (2019)

Dynamic event-triggered robust secondary frequency control for islanded Ac microgrid
, Applied Energy 242: 821-836 (2019)

Experimental investigation on Co2 hydrate formation/dissociation for cold thermal energy harvest and transportation applications
, Applied Energy 242: 1358-1368 (2019)

Design and off-design optimization procedure for low-temperature geothermal organic Rankine cycles
, Applied Energy 242: 716-731 (2019)

Enhanced Co2 sorption capacity of amine-tethered fly ash residues derived from co-firing of coal and biomass blends
, Applied Energy 242: 453-461 (2019)

Modelling of advanced gasification systems (Magsy): Simulation and validation for the case of the rising co-current reactor
, Applied Energy 242: 526-533 (2019)

Low carbon fuel production from combined solid oxide Co2 co-electrolysis and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis system: A modelling study
, Applied Energy 242: 911-918 (2019)

Benchmarking carbon emissions efficiency in Chinese cities: A comparative study based on high-resolution gridded data
, Applied Energy 242: 994-1009 (2019)

Numerical simulation of a silicon-based latent heat thermal energy storage system operating at ultra-high temperatures
, Applied Energy 242: 837-853 (2019)

A hierarchical coordinated demand response control for buildings with improved performances at building group
, Applied Energy 242: 684-694 (2019)

A worldwide cost-based design and optimization of tilted bifacial solar farms
, Applied Energy 247: 467-479 (2019)

Optimal blade pitch function and control device for high-solidity straight-bladed vertical axis wind turbines
, Applied Energy 242: 1613-1625 (2019)

A game theory-based decentralized control strategy for power demand management of building cluster using thermal mass and energy storage
, Applied Energy 242: 809-820 (2019)

Experimental study of the thermal performance of an extensive green roof on sunny summer days
, Applied Energy 242: 1010-1021 (2019)

Big data driven lithium-ion battery modeling method based on Sdae-Elm algorithm and data pre-processing technology
, Applied Energy 242: 1259-1273 (2019)

Optimal integration of recompression supercritical Co2 Brayton cycle with main compression intercooling in solar power tower system based on exergoeconomic approach
, Applied Energy 242: 1134-1154 (2019)

Effect of Mea activation method on the long-term performance of Pem fuel cell
, Applied Energy 242: 602-611 (2019)

Black into green: A Big opportunity for North Dakotas oil and gas producers
, Applied Energy 242: 1189-1197 (2019 )

An affine arithmetic-model predictive control approach for optimal economic dispatch of combined heat and power microgrids
, Applied Energy 242: 1436-1447 (2019)

Optimal strategic offerings for a conventional producer in jointly cleared energy and balancing markets under high penetration of wind power production
, Applied Energy 244: 16-35 (2019)

Joint planning of distributed generation and electric vehicle charging stations considering real-time charging navigation
, Applied Energy 242: 1274-1284 (2019)

Wake model for horizontal-axis wind and hydrokinetic turbines in yawed conditions
, Applied Energy 242: 1383-1395 (2019)

Plastic/rubber waste-templated carbide slag pellets for regenerable Co2 capture at elevated temperature
, Applied Energy 242: 919-930 (2019)

Experimental investigation of iso-butanol/diesel reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion in a non-road diesel engine
, Applied Energy 242: 1307-1319 (2019)

Building energy demand assessment through heating degree days: The importance of a climatic dataset
, Applied Energy 242: 1285-1306 (2019)

Experimental validation of performance and degradation study of canal-top photovoltaic system
, Applied Energy 243: 102-118 (2019)

A free-piston Stirling generator integrated with a parabolic trough collector for thermal-to-electric conversion of solar energy
, Applied Energy 242: 1248-1258 (2019)

Direct aqueous carbonation of heat activated serpentine: Discovery of undesirable side reactions reducing process efficiency
, Applied Energy 242: 1369-1382 (2019)

An optimal combined operation scheme for pumped storage and hybrid wind-photovoltaic complementary power generation system
, Applied Energy 242: 1155-1163 (2019)

Comparison of marginal and average emission factors for passenger transportation modes
, Applied Energy 242: 1460-1466 (2019)

An innovative energy efficiency metric for data analytics and diagnostics in telecommunication applications
, Applied Energy 242: 1539-1548 (2019)

Forecasting the Impact of Connected and Automated Vehicles on Energy Use: A Microeconomic Study of Induced Travel and Energy Rebound
, Applied Energy 247: 297-308 (2019)

Improving the energy efficiency of an electrodialytic process to extract phosphorus from municipal solid waste digestate through different strategies
, Applied Energy 247: 182-189 (2019)

Box-Behnken design based Co2 co-gasification of horticultural waste and sewage sludge with addition of ash from waste as catalyst
, Applied Energy 242: 1549-1561 (2019)

Co-simulation and optimization of building geometry and multi-energy systems: Interdependencies in energy supply, energy demand and solar potentials
, Applied Energy 242: 1661-1682 (2019)

A multi-criteria, long-term energy planning optimisation model with integrated on-grid and off-grid electrification The case of Uganda
, Applied Energy 243: 288-312 (2019)

Experimental studies on hydrogen hydrate with tetrahydrofuran by differential scanning calorimeter and in-situ Raman
, Applied Energy 243: 1-9 (2019)

Numerical methodology on virtual model extension and system-level optimization of light-duty diesel vehicle with dual-loop exhaust gas recirculation
, Applied Energy 242: 1422-1435 (2019)

Optimization of thermal performance in thermocline tank thermal energy storage system with the multilayered Pcm(s) for Csp tower plants
, Applied Energy 243: 175-190 (2019)

Optimal design of negative emission hybrid renewable energy systems with biochar production
, Applied Energy 243: 233-249 (2019)

Direct and indirect electrification of chemical industry using methanol production as a case study
, Applied Energy 243: 71-90 (2019)

A secured distributed control system for future interconnected smart grids
, Applied Energy 243: 57-70 (2019)

Simultaneous removal of So2 and Nox by a new combined spray-and-scattered-bubble technology based on preozonation: From lab scale to pilot scale
, Applied Energy 242: 1528-1538 (2019)

2kW Modular Pem fuel cell stack for space applications: Development and test for operation under relevant conditions
, Applied Energy 242: 1683-1696 (2019)

Modeling of Pem fuel cell with thin Mea under low humidity operating condition
, Applied Energy 242: 1513-1527 (2019)

Molten alkali carbonates as alternative engineering fluids for high temperature applications
, Applied Energy 242: 1626-1633 (2019)

Unit commitment under imperfect foresight The impact of stochastic photovoltaic generation
, Applied Energy 243: 336-349 (2019)

Decoupling of economic growth and emissions in Chinas cities: A case study of the Central Plains urban agglomeration
, Applied Energy 244: 36-45 (2019)

Nanosecond pulsed plasma assisted dry reforming of Ch4: The effect of plasma operating parameters
, Applied Energy 243: 132-144 (2019)

Life cycle (well-to-wheel) energy and environmental assessment of natural gas as transportation fuel in Pakistan
, Applied Energy 242: 1738-1752 (2019)

Exploration and casting of large scale microscopic pathways for shale using electrodeposition
, Applied Energy 247: 32-39 (2019)

Modeling cycle-to-cycle variations in spark ignited combustion engines by scale-resolving simulations for different engine speeds
, Applied Energy 250: 801-820 (2019)

Novel copper foam with ordered hole arrays as catalyst support for methanol steam reforming microreactor
, Applied Energy 246: 24-37 (2019)

Potentials of porous materials for energy management in heat exchangers A comprehensive review
, Applied Energy 243: 206-232 (2019)

Modeling of biomass supply system by combining computational methods A review article
, Applied Energy 243: 145-154 (2019)

Effect analysis on cold starting performance enhancement of a diesel engine fueled with biodiesel fuel based on an improved thermodynamic model
, Applied Energy 243: 321-335 (2019)

Model predictive control based robust scheduling of community integrated energy system with operational flexibility
, Applied Energy 243: 250-265 (2019)

Dynamic analysis of the integration of electric vehicles in efficient buildings fed by renewables
, Applied Energy 245: 31-50 (2019)

A stochastic optimization approach to the design and operation planning of a hybrid renewable energy system
, Applied Energy 247: 212-220 (2019)

A model predictive control strategy to optimize the performance of radiant floor heating and cooling systems in office buildings
, Applied Energy 245: 65-77 (2019)

Impact of shared battery energy storage systems on photovoltaic self-consumption and electricity bills in apartment buildings
, Applied Energy 245: 78-95 (2019)

The effects of operating conditions and structural parameters on the dynamic, electric consumption and power generation characteristics of an electric assisted bicycle
, Applied Energy 247: 285-296 (2019)

Techno-economic analysis of the thermal energy saving options for high-voltage direct current interconnectors
, Applied Energy 247: 60-77 (2019)

Year-round performance analysis of a photovoltaic panel coupled with phase change material
, Applied Energy 245: 51-64 (2019)

A Gis-based high spatial resolution assessment of large-scale Pv generation potential in China
, Applied Energy 247: 254-269 (2019)

Post-combustion Co2 capture from a natural gas combined cycle power plant using activated carbon adsorption
, Applied Energy 245: 1-15 (2019)

Examining and optimizing the Bcycle bike-sharing system A pilot study in Colorado, Us
, Applied Energy 247: 1-12 (2019)

Security-constrained optimal utility-scale solar Pv investment planning for weak grids: Short reviews and techno-economic analysis
, Applied Energy 245: 16-30 (2019)

Investigating the thermal runaway mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries based on thermal analysis database
, Applied Energy 246: 53-64 (2019)

Hydrogen production in liquid water by femtosecond laser-induced plasma
, Applied Energy 247: 24-31 (2019)

Natural convection during melting in vertical finned tube latent thermal energy storage systems
, Applied Energy 246: 38-52 (2019)

A sorbent-focused techno-economic analysis of direct air capture
, Applied Energy 250: 959-975 (2019)

Syngas production from co-pyrolysis and co-gasification of polystyrene and paper with Co2
, Applied Energy 246: 1-10 (2019)

Municipal solid waste incineration in a packed bed: A comprehensive modeling study with experimental validation
, Applied Energy 247: 127-139 (2019)

Quantification of interlinked environmental footprints on a sustainable university campus: A nexus analysis perspective
, Applied Energy 246: 65-76 (2019)

A comprehensive dynamic efficiency-enhanced energy management strategy for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles
, Applied Energy 247: 657-669 (2019)

Strategic control and cost optimization of thermal energy storage in buildings using Energy Plus
, Applied Energy 246: 77-90 (2019)

Unequal age-based household emission and its monthly variation embodied in energy consumption A cases study of Tokyo, Japan
, Applied Energy 247: 350-362 (2019)

Adaptive measures for mitigating urban heat islands: The potential of thermochromic materials to control roofing energy balance
, Applied Energy 247: 155-170 (2019)

Bioenergy production to improve value-creation potential of strategic forest management plans in mixed-wood forests of Eastern Canada
, Applied Energy 247: 171-181 (2019)

Water withdrawal and consumption reduction for electrical energy generation systems
, Applied Energy 248: 196-206 (2019)

Impacts of export restructuring on national economy and Co2 emissions: A general equilibrium analysis for China
, Applied Energy 248: 64-78 (2019)

An integrated technical-economic model for evaluating Co2 enhanced oil recovery development
, Applied Energy 247: 190-211 (2019)

The environment and energy consumption of a subway tunnel by the influence of piston wind
, Applied Energy 246: 11-23 (2019)

Non-isothermal Ragone plots of Li-ion cells from datasheet and galvanostatic discharge tests
, Applied Energy 247: 703-715 (2019)

Experimental and numerical analysis of a reciprocating piston expander with variable valve timing for small-scale organic Rankine cycle power systems
, Applied Energy 247: 403-416 (2019)

Design of low-carbon utility systems: Exploiting time-dependent grid emissions for climate-friendly demand-side management
, Applied Energy 247: 755-765 (2019)

Representative days selection for district energy system optimisation: a solar district heating system with seasonal storage
, Applied Energy 248: 79-94 (2019)

Investigation on the thermal performance of a high temperature packed bed thermal energy storage system containing carbonate salt based composite phase change materials
, Applied Energy 247: 374-388 (2019)

Thermal performance analysis of a new refrigerant-heated radiator coupled with air-source heat pump heating system
, Applied Energy 247: 78-88 (2019)

A methodology to improve the performance of Pv integrated shading devices using multi-objective optimization
, Applied Energy 247: 731-744 (2019)

Numerical modelling and in-depth analysis of multi-stack vanadium flow battery module incorporating transport delay
, Applied Energy 247: 13-23 (2019)

Aggregator-mediated demand response: Minimizing imbalances caused by uncertainty of solar generation
, Applied Energy 247: 426-437 (2019)

Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical analysis of stimulation and production for fractured geothermal reservoirs
, Applied Energy 247: 40-59 (2019)

Bioethanol from corn stover Global warming footprint of alternative biotechnologies
, Applied Energy 247: 237-253 (2019)

A bifacial photovoltaic thermal system design with parameter optimization and performance beneficial validation
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Wind speed prediction method using Shared Weight Long Short-Term Memory Network and Gaussian Process Regression
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Thermal-hydraulic performance of printed circuit heat exchanger with supercritical carbon dioxide airfoil fin passage and molten salt straight passage
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Integrated demand response in district electricity-heating network considering double auction retail energy market based on demand-side energy stations
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Investigating the need for real time measurements in industrial wind power systems combined with battery storage
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Powdered biochar doubled microbial growth in anaerobic digestion of oil
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Health state prediction and analysis of Sofc system based on the data-driven entire stage experiment
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Dynamic error testing method of electricity meters by a pseudo random distorted test signal
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Trade-off designs of power-to-methane systems via solid-oxide electrolyzer and the application to biogas upgrading
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Day-ahead spatiotemporal solar irradiation forecasting using frequency-based hybrid principal component analysis and neural network
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Co2 regenerative battery for energy harvesting from ammonia-based post-combustion Co2 capture
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Simultaneous biomethanisation of endogenous and imported Co2 in organically loaded anaerobic digesters
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Optimal use of electric energy oriented water-electricity combined supply system for the building-integrated-photovoltaics community
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Cloud forecasting system for monitoring and alerting of energy use by home appliances
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Shape-remodeled macrocapsule of phase change materials for thermal energy storage and thermal management
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Sliding mode extremum seeking control based on improved invasive weed optimization for Mppt in wind energy conversion system
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Active harvesting enhances energy recovery and function of electroactive microbiomes in microbial fuel cells
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Time-of-use pricing model based on power supply chain for user-side microgrid
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Data compression approach for the home energy management system
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Energy-saving opportunities of direct-Dc loads in buildings
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Empowering end-use consumers of electricity to aggregate for demand-side participation
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Gas-fired chemical looping combustion with supercritical Co2 cycle
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High energy-density and power-density thermal storage prototype with hydrated salt for hot water and space heating
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Agent-based restoration approach for reliability with load balancing on smart grids
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Optimal sizing and placement of energy storage systems and on-load tap changer transformers in distribution networks
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Bi-level multi-time scale scheduling method based on bidding for multi-operator virtual power plant
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Evaluation of the passive pre-chamber ignition concept for future high compression ratio turbocharged spark-ignition engines
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Design and management of a distributed hybrid energy system through smart contract and blockchain
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Characteristic analysis in lowering current density based on pressure drop for avoiding flooding in proton exchange membrane fuel cell
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Comprehensive analysis of dynamics and hazards associated with cascading failure in 18650 lithium ion cell arrays
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Optimizing mixing strategy to improve the performance of an anaerobic digestion waste-to-energy system for energy recovery from food waste
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Field demonstration of a first constant-temperature thermal response test with both heat injection and extraction for ground source heat pump systems
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Industrial energy use and carbon emissions reduction in the iron and steel sector: A Uk perspective
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Non-catalytic in-situ (trans) esterification of lipids in wet microalgae Chlorella vulgaris under subcritical conditions for the synthesis of fatty acid methyl esters
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Potassium speciation and distribution for the K2Co3 additive-induced activation/deactivation of olivine during gasification of woody biomass
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A qualitative prediction method of new crack-initiation direction during hydraulic fracturing of pre-cracks based on hyperbolic failure envelope
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Multi-objective optimization of a dual-layer granular filter for hot gas clean-up by using genetic algorithm
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A curved panel energy harvester for aeroelastic vibration
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Process intensification of biomass fast pyrolysis through autothermal operation of a fluidized bed reactor
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The impact of various carbon reduction policies on green flowshop scheduling
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Acceptability, energy consumption, and costs of electric vehicle for ride-hailing drivers in Beijing
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Resources value mapping: A method to assess the resource efficiency of manufacturing systems
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Saturated pool boiling heat transfer of acetone and Hfe-7200 on modified surfaces by electrophoretic and electrochemical deposition
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New parametric performance maps for a novel sizing and selection methodology of a Liquid Air Energy Storage system
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Carbon-neutral hybrid energy systems with deep water source cooling, biomass heating, and geothermal heat and power
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Human health impact and economic effect for Pm2.5 exposure in typical cities
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An improved two-stage optimization for network and load recovery during power system restoration
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Game theory based interactive demand side management responding to dynamic pricing in price-based demand response of smart grids
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Strategic planning for utility-scale solar photovoltaic development Historical peak events revisited
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Three-dimensional numerical study on a novel parabolic trough solar receiver-reactor of a locally-installed Kenics static mixer for efficient hydrogen production
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Numerical study on a water cooling system for prismatic LiFePo4 batteries at abused operating conditions
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Numerical analysis of the effects of particle radius and porosity on hydrogen absorption performances in metal hydride tank
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Modeling and onboard test of an electromagnetic energy harvester for railway cars
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Data processing strategies in wind energy forecasting models and applications: A comprehensive review
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Estimation of renewable-based steam costs
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Modeling and control of flexible loads for frequency regulation services considering compensation of communication latency and detection error
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Modeling building resilience against extreme weather by integrated CityFfd and CityBem simulations
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Process development for integrated coal gasification solid oxide fuel cells hybrid power plants Investigations on solid oxide fuel cells/gas turbine hybrid power plants run on clean coal gas
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Setting cost targets for zero-emission electricity generation technologies
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Co-gasification reactivity and synergy of banana residue hydrochar and anthracite coal blends
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Modeling of energy transformation pathways under current policies, Ndcs and enhanced Ndcs to achieve 2-degree target
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Combustion improvement and emission reduction through control of ethanol ratio and intake air temperature in reactivity controlled compression ignition combustion engine
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Identification of electrical parameters for three-diode photovoltaic model using analytical and sunflower optimization algorithm
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Influence of rectifiers on the energy demand and gas quality of alkaline electrolysis systems in dynamic operation
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Overcharge behaviors and failure mechanism of lithium-ion batteries under different test conditions
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Hybrid forecasting system based on an optimal model selection strategy for different wind speed forecasting problems
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Investigation of the consequence of high-pressure Co2 pipeline failure through experimental and numerical studies
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Novel voltage-to-power sensitivity estimation for phasor measurement unit-unobservable distribution networks based on network equivalent
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Graphene/SiO2/n-octadecane nanoencapsulated phase change material with flower like morphology, high thermal conductivity, and suppressed supercooling
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Investigation into effects of non-uniform irradiance and photovoltaic temperature on performances of photovoltaic/thermal systems coupled with truncated compound parabolic concentrators
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Daily natural gas consumption forecasting via the application of a novel hybrid model
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Thermal performance assessment of cryogenic transfer line with support and multilayer insulation for cryogenic fluid
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Gis-based techno-economic optimisation of a regional supply chain for large-scale deployment of bio-Sng in a natural gas network
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A multi-objective robust scheduling model and solution algorithm for a novel virtual power plant connected with power-to-gas and gas storage tank considering uncertainty and demand response
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A decision support system for waste heat recovery and energy efficiency improvement in data centres
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Biomethane addition to California transmission pipelines: Regional simulation of the impact of regulations
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State of charge and online model parameters co-estimation for liquid metal batteries
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Achieving grid parity of wind power in China Present levelized cost of electricity and future evolution
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Liquid air energy storage flexibly coupled with Lng regasification for improving air liquefaction
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Hydrothermal treatment of municipal solid waste into coal in a commercial Plant: Numerical assessment of process parameters
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Performance of microbial fuel cells operated under anoxic conditions
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A hybrid deep learning-based neural network for 24-h ahead wind power forecasting
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Multi-products co-production improves the economic feasibility of cellulosic ethanol: A case of Formiline pretreatment-based biorefining
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Impact of coal power production on sustainable water resources management in the coal-fired power energy bases of Northern China
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Performance of seawater-filling type planting system based on solar distillation process: Numerical and experimental investigation
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Production data analysis of shale gas using fractal model and fuzzy theory: Evaluating fracturing heterogeneity
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Spillover as a cause of bias in baseline evaluation methods for demand response programs
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Installation of an axial Pump-as-Turbine (PaT) in a wastewater sewer of an oil refinery: A case study
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Dynamic modelling of a direct internal reforming solid oxide fuel cell stack based on single cell experiments
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Optimal placement of phasor measurement unit in distribution networks considering the changes in topology
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Hydrogen storage in a two-liter adsorbent prototype tank for fuel cell driven vehicles
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Graphical analysis of photovoltaic generation and load matching in buildings: A novel way of studying self-consumption and self-sufficiency
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Electromagnetic energy harvester based on a finger trigger rotational gear module and an array of disc Halbach magnets
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Harvesting kinetic energy from roadway pavement through an electromagnetic speed bump
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Single cell induced starvation in a high temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cell stack
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Ensemble of relevance vector machines and boosted trees for electricity price forecasting
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The impacts of demand response participation in capacity markets
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Thermochemical storage performance of methane reforming with carbon dioxide using high temperature slag
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Design and demonstration of Knudsen heat pump without moving parts free from electricity
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Assessing new transmission and energy storage in achieving increasing renewable generation targets in a regional grid
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Bayesian deep learning based method for probabilistic forecast of day-ahead electricity prices
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Computational fluid dynamics of sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide capture using mixed feeding of calcium carbonate/calcium oxide in an industrial scale circulating fluidized bed boiler
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Heat transfer pattern judgment and thermal performance enhancement of insulation air layers in building envelopes
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A comparative assessment of electrification strategies for industrial sites: Case of milk powder production
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Performance characteristics of a passive direct ethylene glycol fuel cell with hydrogen peroxide as oxidant
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On the in-depth scaling and dimensional analysis of a cross-flow membrane liquid desiccant dehumidifier
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Outdoor performance evaluation of a holographic solar concentrator optimized for building integration
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How sustainable is electric mobility? A comprehensive sustainability assessment approach for the case of Qatar
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Effectiveness of multi-stage cooling processes in improving the Ch4-hydrate saturation uniformity in sandy laboratory samples
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Evaluation of a novel multibed heat-integrated vacuum and temperature swing adsorption post-combustion Co2 capture process
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Performance analysis on novel thermodynamic cycle under the guidance of 3D construction method
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Potential of carbon dioxide transcritical power cycle waste-heat recovery systems for heavy-duty truck engines
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Thermal and electrical performance of the dense-array concentrating photovoltaic (Da-Cpv) system under non-uniform illumination
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Dynamic, multi-objective optimal design and operation of water-energy systems for small, off-grid islands
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Off-grid power-to-fuel systems for a market launch scenario A techno-economic assessment
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Experimental and computational study on stability characteristics of hydrogen-enriched oxy-methane premixed flames
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Catalytic co-pyrolysis of yellow poplar wood and polyethylene terephthalate over two stage calcium oxide-Zsm-5
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Endorsing domestic energy saving behavior using micro-moment classification
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Experimental investigation of a cementitious heat storage medium incorporating a solar salt/diatomite composite phase change material
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Structural transition range of methane-ethane gas hydrates during decomposition below ice point
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Modeling framework for planning and operation of multi-modal energy systems in the case of Germany
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Thermal performance of a thermal-storage unit by using a multichannel flat tube and rectangular fins
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Thermal response of annuli filled with metal foam for thermal energy storage: An experimental study
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Carbon dioxide capture from pulp mill using 2-amino-2-methyl-1-propanol and monoethanolamine blend: Techno-economic assessment of advanced process configuration
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Power-to-methane via co-electrolysis of H2O and Co2: The effects of pressurized operation and internal methanation
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Integrated optimization with building information modeling and life cycle assessment for generating energy efficient buildings
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A Kalman filter-based bottom-up approach for household short-term load forecast
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Worldwide energy use across global supply chains: Decoupled from economic growth?
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Free vibration analysis of dowelled rectangular isotropic thin plate on a Modified Vlasov soil type by using discrete singular convolution method
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Impact of interlayer on the anisotropic multi-layered medium overlaying viscoelastic layer under axisymmetric loading
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Modeling of three dimensional thermocapillary flows with evaporation at the interface based on the solutions of aspecial type of the convection equations
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Simulation of 2D linear crack growth under constant load using Gfvm and two-point displacement extrapolation method
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Sequential sensitivity analysis of expensive black-box simulators with metamodelling
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Numerical and experimental study of oscillatory behavior of liquid surface agitated by high-speed gas jet
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A moving thermal dielectric crack in piezoelectric ceramics with a shearing force applied on its surface
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A new point estimation method for statistical moments based on dimension-reduction method and direct numerical integration
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Vibrations of inhomogeneous piezoelectric bodies in conditions of residual stressstrain state
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Three-dimensional complex variable element-free Galerkin method
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Development of a high-order compact finite-difference total Lagrangian method for nonlinear structural dynamic analysis
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A fast and robust numerical scheme for solving models of charge carrier transport and ion vacancy motion in perovskite solar cells
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A coupled model for train-track-bridge stochastic analysis with consideration of spatial variation and temporal evolution
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A dual-level method of fundamental solutions for three-dimensional exterior high frequency acoustic problems
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Integrated certainty and uncertainty evaluation approach for seepage control effectiveness of a gravity dam
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Static stability analysis of a thin plate with a fixed trailing edge in axial subsonic flow: Possio integral equation approach
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Low-dose spectral Ct reconstruction using image gradient 0 norm and tensor dictionary
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New evolutionary game model of the regional governance of haze pollution in China
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An interval inverse method based on high dimensional model representation and affine arithmetic
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Modeling and analyzing the dynamic spreading of epidemic malware by a network eigenvalue method
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The effects of bed form roughness on total suspended load via the Lattice Boltzmann Method
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On the non-linear dynamics of a forced plate with boundary conditions correction in subsonic flow
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Global dynamics of an age-structured cholera model with both human-to-human and environment-to-human transmissions and saturation incidence
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The role of transverse stretching in the delamination fracture of softcore sandwich plates
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A nonlinear surface-stress-dependent model for vibration analysis of cylindrical nanoscale shells conveying fluid
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A new measurement for structural uncertainty propagation based on pseudo-probability distribution
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Pricing of general European options on discrete dividend-paying assets with jump-diffusion dynamics
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A one dimensional model of blood flow through a curvilinear artery
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Modelling the view factor of a grain-like observer near a tilted pool fire via planar approximation approach
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Robust additive Gaussian process models using reference priors and cut-off-designs
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Drag coefficient and averaged Nusselt number of a scalene prolate ellipsoid
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A novel characterization method of piezoelectric composite material based on particle swarm optimization algorithm
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Behavior characterization of visco-hyperelastic models for rubber-like materials using genetic algorithms
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Modeling of progressive failures in quasi-brittle media based on a temporal stress-redistribution mechanism
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A 3D model for static and dynamic analysis of an offshore knuckle boom crane
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Sliding mode control of inventory management systems with bounded batch size
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Critical damping in nonviscously damped linear systems
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Nonlinear secondary resonance of nanobeams under subharmonic and superharmonic excitations including surface free energy effects
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N-sided polygonal hybrid finite elements with unified fundamental solution kernels for topology optimization
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A unified three-dimensional method for vibration analysis of the frequency-dependent sandwich shallow shells with general boundary conditions
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A vector-borne contamination model to assess food-borne outbreak intervention strategies
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Analytical solution for heat conduction due to a moving Gaussian heat flux with piecewise constant parameters
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New maximum entropy-based algorithm for structural design optimization
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Vibration and stability analysis of a simply-supported Rayleigh beam with spinning and axial motions
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A variational model with hybrid Hyper-Laplacian priors for Retinex
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Deflagration-to-detonation transition in pipes: The analytical theory
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Anisotropic transient thermoelasticity analysis in a two-dimensional decagonal quasicrystal using meshless local Petrov Galerkin (Mlpg) method
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Normalized fractional adaptive methods for nonlinear control autoregressive systems
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A spectral numerical model and an experimental investigation on radial microwave irradiation of water and ethanol in a cylindrical vessel
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A variational proximal alternating linearized minimization in a given metric for limited-angle Ct image reconstruction
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The coupling vibration characteristics of a flexible shaft-disk-blades system with mistuned features
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Assessing the mechanical responses for anisotropic multi-layered medium under harmonic moving load by Spectral Element Method (Sem)
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Natural frequency analysis of functionally graded material beams with axially varying stochastic properties
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Python framework for hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for two-phase flow in porous media
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Complicated endemics of an Sirs model with a generalized incidence under preventive vaccination and treatment controls
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Free vibration of transmission lines with multiple insulator strings using refined models
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On sliding interface contact in layered smart structures
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Analytical solution for one-dimensional radial flow caused by line source in porous medium with threshold pressure gradient
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Improving multi-block sigma-coordinate for 3D simulation of sediment transport and steep slope bed evolution
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Interfacial stress analysis of a Cfrr-metal adhesively bonded joint with/without defect under hygrothermal environment
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Laser scanners with oscillatory elements: Design and optimization of 1D and 2D scanning functions
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Interaction between internal and external friction in rotation of vane with viscous filling
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Revisiting the single-phase flow model for liquid steel ladle stirred by gas
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Stabilizer control design for nonlinear systems based on the hyperbolic modelling
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On dynamics of an aeroelastic system with two degrees of freedom
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An efficient linear second order unconditionally stable direct discretization method for the phase-field crystal equation on surfaces
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Local defect modelling and nonlinear dynamic analysis for the inter-shaft bearing in a dual-rotor system
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Establishment of non-negative constraint method as a robust and efficient first-order reliability method
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An elastoplastic energy model for predicting the deformation behaviors of various structural components
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Two-compartment modeling and dynamics of top-sprayed fluidized bed granulator
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The reliability of solar energy generating system with inverters in series under common cause failure
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On the analysis of cracking under a combined quadratic thermal flux and a quadratic mechanical loading
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A new Nash optimization method based on alternate elitist information exchange for multi-objective aerodynamic shape design
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Finite and infinite block Petrov Galerkin method for cracks in functionally graded materials
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Free vibration of rotating cantilever pre-twisted panel with initial exponential function type geometric imperfection
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Bayesian cylindrical data modeling using AbeLey mixtures
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Multi-physical field coupling numerical investigation of alumina dissolution
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Passivity-based control and stability analysis for hydro-turbine governing systems
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Valuating fire suppression risk data
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Effect of temperature-dependent properties on electroosmotic mobility at arbitrary zeta potentials
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Influence of the polymer degradation on enhanced oil recovery processes
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A detail preserving variational model for image Retinex
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A non-local damage approach for the boundary element method
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Two-dimensional adhesion mechanics of a graded coated substrate under a rigid cylindrical punch based on a Pweml model
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Extended multiscale Fem for design of beams and frames with complex topology
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Periodic switching strategies for an isoperimetric control problem with application to nonlinear chemical reactions
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Taylor-series approximations for queues with arrival correlation
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A time-space Kriging-based sequential metamodeling approach for multi-objective crashworthiness optimization
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A modified discrete-vortex method algorithm with shedding criterion for aerodynamic coefficients prediction at high angle of attack
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Matrix completion for cost reduction in finite element simulations under hybrid uncertainties
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A lagrangian flight simulator for airborne wind energy systems
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Interval uncertainty analysis for static response of structures using radial basis functions
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Structural design optimization based on hybrid time-variant reliability measure under non-probabilistic convex uncertainties
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A novel multivariate grey model for forecasting the sequence of ternary interval numbers
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A coupled discrete droplet and Sph model for predicting spray impingement onto surfaces and into fluid pools
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Interval differential evolution with dimension-reduction interval analysis method for uncertain optimization problems
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Multistable remote synchronization in a star-like network of non-identical oscillators
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Geometrically nonlinear analysis of Timoshenko piezoelectric nanobeams with flexoelectricity effect based on Eringen's differential model
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Adaptive type-2 fuzzy backstepping control and of uncertain fractional-order nonlinear systems with unknown dead-zone
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Numerical simulation of nonlinear consolidation problems by models based on the network method
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Multi-parametric optimizations for power dissipation characteristics of Stockbridge dampers based on probability distribution of wind speed
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Multiscale Mdfem for modeling mechanical behavior of carbon nanotubes
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Stabilization of the motion of a spherical robot using feedbacks
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Variational approach for settlement analysis of circular plate on multilayered soil
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Mri denoising via sparse tensors with reweighted regularization
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H2 optimal model order reduction of the discrete system on the product manifold
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Modeling of cutting force prediction in machining high-volume SiCp/Al composites
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An implicit finite element framework considering damage and healing effects with application to cyclic moving load on asphalt pavement
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An open space based heuristic for the 2D strip packing problem with unloading constraints
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Bayesian C-optimal life testing plans under progressive type-I interval censoring scheme
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Transient thermoelastic response in a cracked strip of functionally graded materials via generalized fractional heat conduction
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A new multipoint flux approximation method with a quasi-local stencil (Mpfa-Ql) for the simulation of diffusion problems in anisotropic and heterogeneous media
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A generally weighted moving average control chart for monitoring the coefficient of variation
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Flexible-link robots with combined trajectory tracking and vibration control
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Repairing force for deformed casing shaping with spinning casing swage and damage behaviour of cement sheath
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Potential flow of fluid from an elevated, two-dimensional source
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Nonlinear static and dynamic responses of graphene platelets reinforced composite beam with dielectric permittivity
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Support Vector Representation Machine for superalloy investment casting optimization
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Adaptive higher-order space-time discontinuous Galerkin method for the computer simulation of variably-saturated porous media flows
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Asymmetric Green's functions for a functionally graded transversely isotropic tri-material
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Novel algorithm for reconstruction of a distribution by fitting its first-four statistical moments
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Transmission dynamics of a two-strain pairwise model with infection age
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Hybrid design of Pid controller for four DoF lower limb exoskeleton
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Direct numerical simulation of turbulent non-Newtonian flow using Open Foam
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