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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66951

Chapter 66951 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Scientific truth and public policies
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The planform mobility of river channel confluences: Insights from analysis of remotely sensed imagery
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Solonker Suture in East Asia and its bearing on the final closure of the eastern segment of the Palaeo-Asian Ocean
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Interpreting drivers of change in fluvial archives of the Western Mediterranean - A critical view
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Final amalgamation of the Tianshan and Junggar orogenic collage in the southwestern Central Asian Orogenic Belt: Constraints on the closure of the Paleo-Asian Ocean
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Closure of the East Paleotethyan Ocean and amalgamation of the Eastern Cimmerian and Southeast Asia continental fragments
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

A conceptual model for climatic teleconnection signal control on groundwater variability in the Uk and Europe
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Pliocene stratigraphic paleobiology in Tuscany and the fossil record of marine megafauna
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Late Paleozoic to early Triassic multiple roll-back and oroclinal bending of the Mongolia collage in Central Asia
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Late Permian (Lopingian) terrestrial ecosystems: A global comparison with new data from the low latitude Bletterbach Biota
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Geoarchaeology of the Roman port-city of Ostia: Fluvio-coastal mobility, urban development and resilience
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Mount Etna volcano (Italy). Just a giant hot spring!
, Earth-Science Reviews 177: 14-23 (2018)

Sedimentogenesis and hydrobiogeochemistry of high arsenic Late Pleistocene-Holocene aquifer systems
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Recent evolution of the Mekong Delta and the impacts of dams
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

River temperature modelling: A review of process-based approaches and future directions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Hydrogeomorphic processes and scaling issues in the continuum from soil pedons to catchments
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Reconstruction of northeast Asian deformation integrated with western Pacific plate subduction since 200 Ma
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Relating collisional kinematics to exhumation processes in the Eastern Alps
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Triangle zones Geometry, kinematics, mechanics, and the need for appreciation of uncertainties
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Grain-size characterization of reworked fine-grained aeolian deposits
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Evaluating the relationship between climate change and volcanism
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Slab breakoff: A critical appraisal of a geological theory as applied in space and time
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

A synthesis and review of historical eruptions at Taal Volcano, Southern Luzon, Philippines
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Environmental impacts and causes of conflict in the Horn of Africa: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Post-cratonization deformation processes and tectonic evolution of the North China Craton
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The relationship between Neogene dinoflagellate cysts and global climate dynamics
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Environmental disturbance, resource availability, and biologic turnover at the dawn of animal life
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The accuracy of mid-Pliocene 18 O-based ice volume and sea level reconstructions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The ichnogenus Teichichnus Seilacher, 1955
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Sedimentary record of Andean mountain building
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Controls on shelf-margin architecture and sediment partitioning during a syn-rift to post-rift transition: Insights from the Barrow Group (Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia)
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The Cryogenian Ghaub Formation of Namibia New insights into Neoproterozoic glaciations
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

The Late Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway as a model for oxygenation change in epicontinental restricted basins
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Magma plumbing beneath collapse caldera volcanic systems
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

A review on pore structure characterization in tight sandstones
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Copse reloaded: An improved model of biogeochemical cycling over Phanerozoic time
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Astronomical forcing of Carboniferous paralic sedimentary cycles in the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic (Serpukhovian, latest Mississippian): New radiometric ages afford an astronomical age model for European biozonations and substages
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Subduction and accretionary tectonics of the East Kunlun orogen, western segment of the Central China Orogenic System
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Late Palaeozoic palaeomagnetic and tectonic constraints for amalgamation of Pangea supercontinent in the European Variscan belt
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Incorporating the effects of photorespiration into terrestrial paleoclimate reconstruction
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Rias: Global distribution and causes
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction in mountains
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Evolution of Holocene ebb-tidal clinoform off the Shandong Peninsula on East China Sea shelf
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Terrestrial influence as a key driver of spatial variability in large benthic foraminiferal assemblage composition in the Central Indo-Pacific
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Extraordinary boulder transport by storm waves (West of Ireland, Winter 20132014), and criteria for analysing coastal boulder deposits
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Tillage intensity affects total Soc stocks in boreo-temperate regions only in the topsoilA systematic review using an Esm approach
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

A new assessment of modern climate change, ChinaAn approach based on paleo-climate
, Earth-Science Reviews (2017)

Integrated global stratigraphy and geologic timescales, with some future directions for stratigraphy in China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Infragravity waves: from driving mechanisms to impacts
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Calibrating denudation chronology through 40 Ar/ 39 Ar weathering geochronology
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A new Rhaetian 13 C org record: Carbon cycle disturbances, volcanism, End-Triassic mass Extinction (Ete)
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Comprehensive atlas of stress trajectory patterns and stress magnitudes around cylindrical holes in rock bodies for geoscientific and geotechnical applications
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Tectonometamorphic architecture of the Hp belt of New Caledonia
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Soil creep: The driving factors, evidence and significance for biogeomorphic and pedogenic domains and systems A critical literature review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Assessing structural, functional and effective hydrologic connectivity with brain neuroscience methods: State-of-the-art and research directions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Nile's journey through space and time: A geological perspective
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The early Paleozoic development of bioturbation Evolutionary and geobiological consequences
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Alatoconchids: Giant Permian bivalves from South China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Juxtaposed sequence stratigraphy, temporal-spatial variations of sedimentation and development of modern-forming forearc Lichi Mlange in North Luzon Trough forearc basin onshore and offshore eastern Taiwan: An overview
, Earth-Science Reviews 182: 102-140 (2018)

Between Scylla and Charybdis (part 2): The sedimentary dynamics of the ancient, Early Pleistocene Messina Strait (central Mediterranean) based on its modern analogue
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Messinian diatomite deposition in the Mediterranean region and its relationships to the global silica cycle
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Continental crust of China: A brief guide for the perplexed
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Natural vs anthropogenic streams in Europe: History, ecology and implications for restoration, river-rewilding and riverine ecosystem services
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Paleozoic reactivation structures in the Appalachian-Ouachita-Marathon foreland: Far-field deformation across Pangea
, Earth-Science Reviews 181: 153-157 (2018)

Paleomagnetic constraints on the paleogeography of the East Asian blocks during Late Paleozoic and Early Mesozoic times
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Early to Mid-Miocene syn-extensional massive silicic volcanism in the Pannonian Basin (East-Central Europe): Eruption chronology, correlation potential and geodynamic implications
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Reverse time migration: A prospect of seismic imaging methodology
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

West African lateritic pediments: Landform-regolith evolution processes and mineral exploration pitfalls
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Low-latitudinal standard Permian radiolarian biostratigraphy for multiple purposes with Unitary Association, Graphic Correlation, and Bayesian inference methods
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

South Pacific evidence for the long-term climate impact of the Cretaceous/Paleogene boundary event
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Understanding biomineralization in the fossil record
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Productivity changes across the mid-Pleistocene climate transition
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Palaeogeographic evolution of the late Miocene Rifian Corridor (Morocco): Reconstructions from surface and subsurface data
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A review of experimental research on Enhanced Coal Bed Methane (Ecbm) recovery via Co 2 sequestration
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Origin of postcollisional magmas and formation of porphyry Cu deposits in southern Tibet
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A review of statistically-based landslide susceptibility models
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains: Age and composition from morainal clasts and UPb and Hf-isotopic analysis of detrital zircons in the Lambert Rift, and potential provenance of East Gondwanaland sediments
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Silurian-Devonian terrestrial revolution in South China: Taxonomy, diversity, and character evolution of vascular plants in a palaeogeographically isolated, low-latitude region
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Lipid biomarkers for the reconstruction of deep-time environmental conditions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Bedrock mega-grooves in glaciated terrain: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

On the rise and fall of oceanic islands: Towards a global theory following the pioneering studies of Charles Darwin and James Dwight Dana
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Bajocian (Middle Jurassic): A key interval in the early Mesozoic phytoplankton radiation
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Episodic concentration of gold to ore grade through Earth's history
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Arcades: Products of stress-controlled and discontinuity-related weathering
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Formation of Archean (36002500Ma) continental crust in the Dharwar Craton, southern India
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Successive sedimentary recycling regimes in southwestern Gondwana: Evidence from detrital zircons in Neoproterozoic to Cambrian sedimentary rocks in southern Africa
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Current understanding of shale wettability: A review on contact angle measurements
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

China paleogeography: Current status and future challenges
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Volcanic impacts on modern glaciers: A global synthesis
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Global distribution of the Himu end member: Formation through Archean plume-lid tectonics
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Geochemical fingerprints of glacially eroded bedrock from West Antarctica: Detrital thermochronology, radiogenic isotope systematics and trace element geochemistry in Late Holocene glacial-marine sediments
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Crustal architecture and metallogenesis in the south-eastern North China Craton
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A data-based landslide susceptibility map of Africa
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 102-121 (2018)

Heterozoan carbonates: When, where and why? A synthesis on parameters controlling carbonate production and occurrences
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Late Mesozoic granitoids in the Qinling Orogen, Central China, and tectonic significance
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Dynamics of exhumation and deformation of Hp-Uhp orogens in double subduction-collision systems: Numerical modeling and implications for the Western Dabie Orogen
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Differentiated climate-driven Holocene biome migration in western and eastern China as mediated by topography
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Large and active Co 2 uptake by coupled carbonate weathering
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Ichnological analysis of contourites: Past, present and future
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Skolithos linearis Haldeman, 1840 at its early Cambrian type locality, Chickies Rock, Pennsylvania: Analysis and designation of a neotype
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 15-31 (2018)

Diagenetic control on mineralogical suites in sand, silt, and mud (Cenozoic Nile Delta): Implications for provenance reconstructions
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 122-139 (2018)

Age and structure of the Levant basin, Eastern Mediterranean
, Earth-Science Reviews 182: 233-250 (2018)

The origin and crustal evolution of microcontinents in the Beishan orogen of the southern Central Asian Orogenic Belt
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 1-14 (2018)

Comparing the current and early 20th century warm periods in China
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 80-101 (2018)

An integrated P - T -H 2 O-lattice strain model to quantify the role of clinopyroxene fractionation on Ree+Y and Hfse patterns of mafic alkaline magmas: Application to eruptions at Mt. Etna
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 32-56 (2018)

Clinoform systems: Review and dynamic classification scheme for shorelines, subaqueous deltas, shelf edges and continental margins
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Advances in the determination of humification degree in peat since Achard (1786) : Applications in geochemical and paleoenvironmental studies
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Constructional caves in freshwater limestone: A review of their origin, classification, significance and global occurrence
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Foraminiferal growth and test development
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Tectonic Systems of Mexico: Origin and Evolution
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Magmatic evolution of the Campi Flegrei and Procida volcanic fields, Italy, based on interpretation of data from well-constrained melt inclusions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Small-scale ductile shear zones: Neither extending, nor thickening, nor narrowing
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Early Cambrian chronostratigraphy and geochronology of South Australia
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Structural analyses and fracture network characterisation: Seven pillars of wisdom
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The oxygen isotope composition of mantle eclogites as a proxy of their origin and evolution: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Between Scylla and Charybdis (part 1): the sedimentary dynamics of the modern Messina Strait (central Mediterranean) as analogue to interpret the past
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Major perturbations in the Earth's forest ecosystems. Possible implications for global warming
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The petrological control on the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (Lab) beneath ocean basins
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Linkages of the dynamics of glaciers and lakes with the climate elements over the Tibetan Plateau
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Climatic and hydrologic controls on upper Paleozoic bauxite deposits in South China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Predicting, explaining and exploring with computer simulations in fluvial geomorphology
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A geodynamic model linking Cretaceous orogeny, arc migration, foreland dynamic subsidence and marine ingression in southern South America
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Morphometry and elevation of the last interglacial tidal notches in tectonically stable coasts of the Mediterranean Sea
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Permafrost conditions in the Mediterranean region since the Last Glaciation
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Multiple sulfur isotope signals associated with the late Smithian event and the Smithian/Spathian boundary
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Silicon regulation of soil organic carbon stabilization and its potential to mitigate climate change
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Post-Variscan Verrucano-like deposits in Italy, and the onset of the alpine tectono-sedimentary cycle
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 476-497 (2018)

Provenance of Mesozoic to Cenozoic circum-Mediterranean sandstones in relation to tectonic setting
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 624-648 (2018)

The Tuareg shield terranes revisited and extended towards the northern Gondwana margin: Magnetic and gravimetric constraints
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Constraints on the frequency and dispersal of explosive eruptions at Sambe and Daisen volcanoes (South-West Japan Arc) from the distal Lake Suigetsu record (Sg06 core)
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 1004-1028 (2018)

Multiple negative carbon-isotope excursions during the Carnian Pluvial Episode (Late Triassic)
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Dedolomitization: Review and case study of uncommon mesogenetic formation conditions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Geospatial sensor web: A cyber-physical infrastructure for geoscience research and application
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 684-703 (2018)

Geochronology of shear zones A review
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 665-683 (2018)

The challenges of channel heads
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 649-664 (2018)

Multiple alternating forearc- and backarc-ward migration of magmatism in the Indo-Myanmar Orogenic Belt since the Jurassic: Documentation of the orogenic architecture of eastern Neotethys in Se Asia
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 704-731 (2018)

The intraplate Changbaishan volcanic field (China/North Korea) and its active Tianchi (Paektu, Baekdu) caldera: a review on eruptive history, magma origin and evolution, geodynamic significance, recent dynamics and potential hazards
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Unusual shallow marine matground-adapted benthic biofacies from the lower Triassic of the northern Paleotethys: Implications for biotic recovery following the end-Permian mass extinction
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Deep-seated lithospheric geometry in revealing collapse of the Tibetan Plateau
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Physiographic influences on dense shelf-water cascading down the Antarctic continental slope
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Glacial geomorphological mapping: A review of approaches and frameworks for best practice
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Sub-magmatic arc underplating by trench and forearc materials in shallow subduction systems; A geologic perspective and implications
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Identifying oxygen minimum zone-type biogeochemical cycling in Earth history using inorganic geochemical proxies
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Understanding Palaeozoic stromatoporoid growth
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Indices of sediment connectivity: opportunities, challenges and limitations
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Erosion in peatlands: Recent research progress and future directions
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 870-886 (2018)

Subsurface erosion by soil piping: significance and research needs
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Holocene climate variations in the Altai Mountains and the surrounding areas: A synthesis of pollen records
, Earth-Science Reviews 185: 847-869 (2018)

Assessment and mapping of groundwater vulnerability to pollution: Current status and challenges
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Sulfur-isotope evidence for recovery of seawater sulfate concentrations from a Ptb minimum by the Smithian-Spathian transition
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Distinguishing brackish lacustrine from brackish marine deposits in the stratigraphic record: A case study from the late Miocene and early Pliocene Bouse Formation, Arizona and California, Usa
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Three-dimensional evolution of the Yangtze River mouth, China during the Holocene: impacts of sea level, climate and human activity
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

How autochthonous dissolved organic matter responds to eutrophication and climate warming: Evidence from a cross-continental data analysis and experiments
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Towards quantitative environmental reconstructions from ancient non-analogue microfossil assemblages: Ecological preferences of Paleocene Eocene dinoflagellates
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

On the role of hydrologic processes in soil and landscape evolution modeling: Concepts, complications and partial solutions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The adaptation of dunes to changes in river flow
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The evolution of hydroclimate in Asia over the Cenozoic: A stable-isotope perspective
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Geothermal reservoir modeling in coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical approach: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Microplate tectonics: new insights from micro-blocks in the global oceans, continental margins and deep mantle
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Pyeongan Supergroup (upper Paleozoic Lower Triassic) in the Okcheon Belt, Korea: A review of stratigraphy and detrital zircon provenance, and its implications for the tectonic setting of the eastern Sino-Korean Block
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Marine sulfur cycle evidence for upwelling and eutrophic stresses during early triassic cooling events
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Systematic review of geochemical data from thermal springs, gas vents and fumaroles of Southern Italy for geothermal favourability mapping
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Extensional crustal tectonics and crust-mantle coupling, a view from the geological record
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Geology of the onshore Makran accretionary wedge: Synthesis and tectonic interpretation
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Petroleum systems and hydrocarbon potential of the North-West Himalaya of India and Pakistan
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Late Cretaceous tectonic evolution of the South China Sea area: An overview, and new perspectives from 3D seismic reflection data
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A review of seismic hazard assessment of Gujarat: A highly active intra-plate region
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Model-independent Sequence Stratigraphy
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Early paleozoic accretionary orogenies in Nw Argentina: Growth of West Gondwana
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Geological reconstructions of the East Asian blocks: From the breakup of Rodinia to the assembly of Pangea
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Neoproterozoic magmatism in the western and northern margins of the Yangtze Block (South China) controlled by slab subduction and subduction-transform-edge-propagator
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Coupling soil water processes and nitrogen cycle across spatial scales: Potentials, bottlenecks and solutions
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A review of the Famatinian Ordovician magmatism in southern South America: Evidence of lithosphere reworking and continental subduction in the early proto-Andean margin of Gondwana
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Jurassic paleogeography of the Tian Shan: An evolution driven by far-field tectonics and climate
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Iberia-Eurasia plate boundary east of the Pyrenees
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Remote sensing of coal fires in India: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Preservation of last interglacial and holocene transgressive systems tracts in the Netherlands and its applicability as a North Sea basin reservoir analogue
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Australian-Antarctic break up and seafloor spreading: Balancing geological and geophysical constraints
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Global-ocean redox variations across the Smithian-Spathian boundary linked to concurrent climatic and biotic changes
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018 )

Quaternary time scales for the Pontocaspian domain: Interbasinal connectivity and faunal evolution
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Ecological persistence, incumbency and reorganization in the Karoo Basin during the Permian-Triassic transition
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Lithosphere thermal thickness and geothermal heat flux in Greenland from a new thermal isostasy method
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Reduced braiding of rivers in human-modified landscapes: Converging trajectories and diversity of causes
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Groundwater in catchments headed by temperate glaciers: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The enigmatic trace fossil Tisoa Serres, 1840
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Integrative timescale for the Lopingian (Late Permian): A review and update from Shangsi, South China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Clade-dependent size response of conodonts to environmental changes during the late Smithian extinction
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Lithosphere structure in Europe from thermal isostasy
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Oxygen isotopes in bioarchaeology: Principles and applications, challenges and opportunities
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Karren and Karren formation of bare slopes
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The Campi Flegrei caldera unrest: Discriminating magma intrusions from hydrothermal effects and implications for possible evolution
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

New lithostratigraphy for the Cantabrian Mountains: A common tectono-stratigraphic evolution for the onset of the Alpine cycle in the W Pyrenean realm, N Spain
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Archean fluvial deposits: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Sequence stratigraphic expression of greenhouse, transitional and icehouse conditions in siliciclastic successions: Paleozoic examples from the central appalachian basin, Usa
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Wave-ravinement surfaces: Classification and key characteristics
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Emissions from dry inland waters are a blind spot in the global carbon cycle
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Archean-Paleoproterozoic transition: The Indian perspective
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Evolution of ca. 2.5Ga Dongargarh volcano-sedimentary Supergroup, Bastar craton, Central India: Constraints from zircon U-Pb geochronology, bulk-rock geochemistry and Hf-Nd isotope systematics
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Cyclostratigraphy and the problem of astrochronologic testing
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Insights into geological processes with Co2 remote sensing A review of technology and applications
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Carbon and hydrogen isotopes of methane, ethane, and propane: A review of genetic identification of natural gas
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

A conceptual framework for understanding the biogeochemistry of dry riverbeds through the lens of soil science
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Organic-matter-rich shales of China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Tectonic evolution of early Mesozoic sedimentary basins in the North China block
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Climate background, fact and hydrological effect of multiphase water transformation in cold regions of the Western China: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews 190: 33-57 (2019)

A new upper Paleogene to Neogene stratigraphy for Sarawak and Labuan in northwestern Borneo: Paleogeography of the eastern Sundaland margin
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Facies dependence of the mineralogy and geochemistry of altered volcanic ash beds: An example from Permian-Triassic transition strata in southwestern China
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Long and short-term magma differentiation at Mt. Etna as revealed by Sr Nd isotopes and geochemical data
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

The formation and evolution of the East China Sea Shelf Basin: A new view
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Cycling of biogenic elements drives biogeochemical gold cycling
, Earth-Science Reviews 190: 131-147 (2019)

Tetrapod ichnotaxonomy in eolian paleoenvironments (Coconino and De Chelly formations, Arizona) and late Cisuralian (Permian) sauropsid radiation
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Iron cycling and isotope fractionation in terrestrial ecosystems
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Aspects of the Archean-Proterozoic transition: How the great Huronian Glacial Event was initiated by rift-related uplift and terminated at the rift-drift transition during break-up of Lauroscandia
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Petrographic classification of sand and sandstone
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Provenance of sediments in western Foothills and Hsuehshan Range (Taiwan): A new view based on the Emp monazite versus La-Icpms zircon geochronology of detrital grains
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Decoding the mechanism of formation in marineooids: A review
, Earth-Science Reviews (2018)

Holocene climate records from lake sediments in India: Assessment of coherence across climate zones
, Earth-Science Reviews 190: 370-397 (2019)

The Tibetan Plateau cryosphere: Observations and model simulations for current status and recent changes
, Earth-Science Reviews 190: 353-369 (2019)

Spatially explicit simulation of land use/land cover changes: Current coverage and future prospects
, Earth-Science Reviews (2019)

Establishing tephrostratigraphic frameworks to aid the study of abrupt climatic and glacial transitions: a case study of the Last Glacial-Interglacial Transition in the British Isles (c. 16-8 ka Bp)
, Earth-Science Reviews (2019)

A review and reinterpretation of the architecture of the South and South-Central Scandinavian CaledonidesA magma-poor to magma-rich transition and the significance of the reactivation of rift inherited structures
, Earth-Science Reviews (2019)

Present-day uplift of the European Alps: Evaluating mechanisms and models of their relative contributions
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A Tale of Two Diversities
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Something inside me has been set in motion: Exploring the psychological wellbeing of people engaged in sustainability initiatives
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Climate justice, commons, and degrowth
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Technology driven inequality leads to poverty and resource depletion
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Recreational beach use values with multiple activities
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Is improving Nile water quality fruitful?
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The importance of selecting the right messenger: A framed field experiment on recycled water products
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What do Canadians think about economic growth, prosperity and the environment?
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Environment or food: Modeling future land use patterns of miscanthus for bioenergy using fine scale data
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Impact of green control techniques on family farms' welfare
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Optimality Versus Viability in Groundwater Management with Environmental Flows
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From supply to demand factors: What are the determinants of attractiveness for outdoor recreation?
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The New Rural Reconstruction Movement: A Chinese degrowth style movement?
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