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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66961

Chapter 66961 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ballester-Sánchez, J.; Gil, J.V.; Fernández-Espinar, M.T.; Haros, C.M., 2019:
Quinoa wet-milling: Effect of steeping conditions on starch recovery and quality

Apolinar-Valiente, R.; Williams, P.; Nigen, M.; Tamayo, V.M.; Doco, T.; Sanchez, C., 2019:
Recovery, structure and physicochemical properties of an aggregate-rich fraction from Acacia senegal gum

Nilsuwan, K.; Benjakul, S.; Prodpran, T.; de la Caba, K., 2019:
Fish gelatin monolayer and bilayer films incorporated with epigallocatechin gallate: Properties and their use as pouches for storage of chicken skin oil

Oliveira, C.M.; Xavier-Jr, F.H.; Morais, A.R.doV.; Lima, I.L.; Silva, R.A.; Nascimento, A.E.G.; Araújo, N.K.; Nogueira, M.C.deB.L.; Silva-Jr., A.A.; Pedrosa, M.deF.F.; Egito, E.S.T., 2019:
Hydrophobin-stabilized nanoemulsion produced by a low-energy emulsification process: A promising carrier for nutraceuticals

Guo, K.; Liu, T.; Xu, A.; Zhang, L.; Bian, X.; Wei, C., 2019:
Structural and functional properties of starches from root tubers of white, yellow, and purple sweet potatoes

Pi, F.; Liu, Z.; Guo, X.; Guo, X.; Meng, H., 2019:
Chicory root pulp pectin as an emulsifier as compared to sugar beet pectin. Part 1: Influence of structure, concentration, counterion concentration

Hamdi, M.; Nasri, R.; Li, S.; Nasri, M., 2019:
Bioactive composite films with chitosan and carotenoproteins extract from blue crab shells: Biological potential and structural, thermal, and mechanical characterization

Dapčević-Hadnađev, T.; Dizdar, M.; Pojić, M.; Krstonošić, V.; Zychowski, L.M.; Hadnađev, M., 2019:
Emulsifying properties of hemp proteins: Effect of isolation technique

Sow, L.C.; Tan, S.J.; Yang, H., 2019:
Rheological properties and structure modification in liquid and gel of tilapia skin gelatin by the addition of low acyl gellan

Wang, H.; Kong, L.; Ziegler, G.R., 2019:
Aligned wet-electrospun starch fiber mats

Li, X.-M.; Zhu, J.; Pan, Y.; Meng, R.; Zhang, B.; Chen, H.-Q., 2019:
Fabrication and characterization of pickering emulsions stabilized by octenyl succinic anhydride -modified gliadin nanoparticle

Yong, H.; Wang, X.; Bai, R.; Miao, Z.; Zhang, X.; Liu, J., 2019:
Development of antioxidant and intelligent pH-sensing packaging films by incorporating purple-fleshed sweet potato extract into chitosan matrix

Wu, H.; Lei, Y.; Zhu, R.; Zhao, M.; Lu, J.; Xiao, D.; Jiao, C.; Zhang, Z.; Shen, G.; Li, S., 2019:
Preparation and characterization of bioactive edible packaging films based on pomelo peel flours incorporating tea polyphenol

Moczkowska, M.; Karp, S.; Niu, Y.; Kurek, M.A., 2019:
Enzymatic, enzymatic-ultrasonic and alkaline extraction of soluble dietary fibre from flaxseed A physicochemical approach

Rousseau, S.; Kyomugasho, C.; Celus, M.; Yeasmen, N.; Hendrickx, M.E.; Grauwet, T., 2019:
Zinc bioaccessibility is affected by the presence of calcium ions and degree of methylesterification in pectin-based model systems

Zhu, F.; Hao, C., 2019:
Physicochemical properties of Maori potato starch affected by molecular structure

Sun, X.; Xiao, J.-X.; Huang, G.-Q., 2019:
Recovery of lysozyme from aqueous solution by polyelectrolyte precipitation with sodium alginate

Oliveira, D.R.B.; Furtado, G.deF.; Cunha, R.L., 2019:
Solid lipid nanoparticles stabilized by sodium caseinate and lactoferrin

Jia, R.; Jiang, Q.; Kanda, M.; Tokiwa, J.; Nakazawa, N.; Osako, K.; Okazaki, E., 2019:
Effects of heating processes on changes in ice crystal formation, water holding capacity, and physical properties of surimi gels during frozen storage

Wang, Y.; Yuan, C.; Liu, Y.; Xu, D.; Cui, B., 2019:
The influence of a hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin composite on the gelation of kappa-carrageenan

Esfahani, R.; Jafari, S.M.; Jafarpour, A.; Dehnad, D., 2019:
Loading of fish oil into nanocarriers prepared through gelatin-gum Arabic complexation

Martínez, O.; Vicente, M.S.; DeVega, M.C.; Salmerón, J., 2019:
Sensory perception and flow properties of dysphagia thickening formulas with different composition

Villanueva, M.; Harasym, J.; Muñoz, J.M.; Ronda, F., 2019:
Rice flour physically modified by microwave radiation improves viscoelastic behavior of doughs and its bread-making performance

Mu, B.; Xu, H.; Li, W.; Xu, L.; Yang, Y., 2019:
Spinnability and rheological properties of globular soy protein solution

Yan, J.-N.; Zhang, M.; Zhao, J.; Tang, Y.; Han, J.-R.; Du, Y.-N.; Jiang, H.; Jin, W.-G.; Wu, H.-T.; Zhu, B.-W., 2019:
Gel properties of protein hydrolysates from trypsin-treated male gonad of scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis)

Li, M.-F.; He, Z.-Y.; Li, G.-Y.; Zeng, Q.-Z.; Su, D.-X.; Zhang, J.-L.; Wang, Q.; Yuan, Y.; He, S., 2019:
The formation and characterization of antioxidant pickering emulsions: Effect of the interactions between gliadin and chitosan

Okolie, C.L.; Mason, B.; Mohan, A.; Pitts, N.; Udenigwe, C.C., 2019:
The comparative influence of novel extraction technologies on in vitro prebiotic-inducing chemical properties of fucoidan extracts from Ascophyllum nodosum

Wang, S.; Zhao, L.; Li, Q.; Liu, C.; Han, J.; Zhu, L.; Zhu, D.; He, Y.; Liu, H., 2019:
Rheological properties and chain conformation of soy hull water-soluble polysaccharide fractions obtained by gradient alcohol precipitation

Alvarez-Ramirez, J.; Carrera-Tarela, Y.; Carrillo-Navas, H.; Vernon-Carter, E.J.; Garcia-Diaz, S., 2019:
Effect of leavening time on Laos properties of yeasted wheat dough

Roy, S.; Rhim, J.-W., 2019:
Carrageenan-based antimicrobial bionanocomposite films incorporated with ZnO nanoparticles stabilized by melanin

Li, J.; Zhao, H.; Hu, X.; Shi, J.; Shao, D.; Jin, M., 2019:
Antidiabetic effects of different polysaccharide fractions from Artemisia sphaerocephala Krasch seeds in db/db mice

Wang, X.; Kristo, E.; LaPointe, G., 2019:
The effect of apple pomace on the texture, rheology and microstructure of set type yogurt

Swiatek, S.; Komorek, P.; Jachimska, B., 2019:
Adsorption of -lactoglobulin A on gold surface determined in situ by Qcm-D measurements

Assad-Bustillos, M.; Tournier, C.; Feron, G.; Guessasma, S.; Reguerre, A.L.; Della Valle, G., 2019:
Fragmentation of two soft cereal products during oral processing in the elderly: Impact of product properties and oral health status

Qi, P.X.; Chau, H.K.; Hotchkiss, A.T., 2019:
Molecular characterization of interacting complexes and conjugates induced by the dry-state heating of -lactoglobulin and sugar beet pectin

Tang, C.-H., 2019:
Nanostructured soy proteins: Fabrication and applications as delivery systems for bioactives (a review)

Nguyen Doan, H.X.; Song, Y.; Lee, S.; Lee, B.-H.; Yoo, S.-H., 2019:
Characterization of rice starch gels reinforced with enzymatically-produced resistant starch

Zhang, Y.; Chen, C.; Chen, Y.; Chen, Y., 2019:
Effect of rice protein on the water mobility, water migration and microstructure of rice starch during retrogradation

Zou, Y.; Thijssen, P.-P.; Yang, X.; Scholten, E., 2019:
The effect of oil type and solvent quality on the rheological behavior of zein stabilized oil-in-glycerol emulsion gels

Mishyna, M.; Martinez, J.-J.I.; Chen, J.; Davidovich-Pinhas, M.; Benjamin, O., 2019:
Heat-induced aggregation and gelation of proteins from edible honey bee brood (Apis mellifera) as a function of temperature and pH

Silveira Coelho, M.; de Araujo Aquino, S.; Machado Latorres, J.; de las Mercedes Salas-Mellado, M., 2019:
In vitro and in vivo antioxidant capacity of chia protein hydrolysates and peptides

Jiang, M.; Hong, Y.; Gu, Z.; Cheng, L.; Li, Z.; Li, C., 2019:
Preparation of a starch-based carrier for oral delivery of Vitamin E to the small intestine

Sucheta, ; Rai, S.K.; Chaturvedi, K.; Yadav, S.K., 2019:
Evaluation of structural integrity and functionality of commercial pectin based edible films incorporated with corn flour, beetroot, orange peel, muesli and rice flour

Sheng, L.; Ye, S.; Han, K.; Zhu, G.; Ma, M.; Cai, Z., 2019:
Consequences of phosphorylation on the structural and foaming properties of ovalbumin under wet-heating conditions

Yan, J.-N.; Shang, W.-H.; Zhao, J.; Han, J.-R.; Jin, W.-G.; Wang, H.-T.; Du, Y.-N.; Wu, H.-T.; Janaswamy, S.; Xiong, Y.L.; Zhu, B.-W., 2019:
Gelation and microstructural properties of protein hydrolysates from trypsin-treated male gonad of scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) modified by -Carrageenan/K+

Xiong, W.; Ren, C.; Xu, X.; Li, J.; Wang, L.; Li, B., 2019:
Thermally induced gelation behavior and fractal analysis of ovalbumin-carboxymethylcellulose electrostatic complexes

Delahaije, R.J.B.M.; Lech, F.J.; Wierenga, P.A., 2019:
Investigating the effect of temperature on the formation and stabilization of ovalbumin foams

Razzak, M..A.; Lee, J.E.; Choi, S.S., 2019:
Structural insights into the binding behavior of isoflavonoid glabridin with human serum albumin

Falcó, I.; Randazzo, W.; Sánchez, G.; López-Rubio, A.; Fabra, M.J., 2019:
On the use of carrageenan matrices for the development of antiviral edible coatings of interest in berries

Gu, M.; Zhang, Z.; Pan, C.; Goulette, T.R.; Zhang, R.; Hendricks, G.; McClements, D.J.; Xiao, H., 2019:
Encapsulation of Bifidobacterium pseudocatenulatum G7 in gastroprotective microgels: Improvement of the bacterial viability under simulated gastrointestinal conditions

Abbate, R.A.; Raak, N.; Boye, S.; Janke, A.; Rohm, H.; Jaros, D.; Lederer, A., 2019:
Asymmetric flow field flow fractionation for the investigation of caseins cross-linked by microbial transglutaminase

Gałkowska, D.; Juszczak, L., 2019:
Effects of amino acids on gelatinization, pasting and rheological properties of modified potato starches

Zi, Y.; Shen, H.; Dai, S.; Ma, X.; Ju, W.; Wang, C.; Guo, J.; Liu, A.; Cheng, D.; Li, H.; Liu, J.; Zhao, Z.; Zhao, S.; Song, J., 2019:
Comparison of starch physicochemical properties of wheat cultivars differing in bread- and noodle-making quality

Wan, L.; Chen, Q.; Huang, M.; Liu, F.; Pan, S., 2019:
Physiochemical, rheological and emulsifying properties of low methoxyl pectin prepared by high hydrostatic pressure-assisted enzymatic, conventional enzymatic, and alkaline de-esterification: A comparison study

Shi, C.; Bi, C.; Ding, M.; Xie, J.; Xu, C.; Qiao, R.; Wang, X.; Zhong, J., 2019:
Polymorphism and stability of nanostructures of three types of collagens from bovine flexor tendon, rat tail, and tilapia skin

Hung, P.-Y.; Lai, L.-S., 2019:
Structural characterization and rheological properties of the water extracted mucilage of Basella alba and the starch/aqueous mucilage blends

Huang, X.; Liu, Y.; Zou, Y.; Liang, X.; Peng, Y.; McClements, D.J.; Hu, K., 2019:
Encapsulation of resveratrol in zein/pectin core-shell nanoparticles: Stability, bioaccessibility, and antioxidant capacity after simulated gastrointestinal digestion

Maldonado, L.; Chough, S.; Bonilla, J.; Kim, K.H.; Kokini, J., 2019:
Mechanism of fabrication and nano-mechanical properties of -lactalbumin/chitosan and Bsa/-carrageenan nanotubes through layer-by-layer assembly for curcumin encapsulation and determination of in vitro cytotoxicity

Dai, L.; Zhou, H.; Wei, Y.; Gao, Y.; McClements, D.J., 2019:
Curcumin encapsulation in zein-rhamnolipid composite nanoparticles using a pH-driven method

Liu, S.; Jia, M.; Chen, J.; Wan, H.; Dong, R.; Nie, S.; Xie, M.; Yu, Q., 2019:
Removal of bound polyphenols and its effect on antioxidant and prebiotics properties of carrot dietary fiber

Antonov, Y.A.; Celus, M.; Kyomugasho, C.; Hendrickx, M.; Moldenaers, P.; Cardinaels, R., 2019:
Complexation of pectins varying in overall charge with lysozyme in aqueous buffered solutions

Chen, L.; Ettelaie, R.; Akhtar, M., 2019:
Improved enzymatic accessibility of peanut protein isolate pre-treated using thermosonication

Luna-Valdez, J.G.; Balandrán-Quintana, R.R.; Azamar-Barrios, J.A.; Ramos Clamont-Montfort, G.; Mendoza-Wilson, A.M.; Madera-Santana, T.J.; Rascón-Chu, A.; Chaquilla-Quilca, G., 2019:
Assembly of biopolymer particles after thermal conditioning of wheat bran proteins contained in a 2143kDa size exclusion chromatography fraction

Jukkola, A.; Partanen, R.; Xiang, W.; Heino, A.; Rojas, O.J., 2019:
Food emulsifiers based on milk fat globule membranes and their interactions with calcium and casein phosphoproteins

Liu, J.; Wang, H.; Guo, M.; Li, L.; Chen, M.; Jiang, S.; Li, X.; Jiang, S., 2019:
Extract from Lycium ruthenicum Murr. Incorporating -carrageenan colorimetric film with a wide pHsensing range for food freshness monitoring

Zhang, X.; Liu, Y.; Yong, H.; Qin, Y.; Liu, J.; Liu, J., 2019:
Development of multifunctional food packaging films based on chitosan, TiO2 nanoparticles and anthocyanin-rich black plum peel extract

Wagoner, T.B.; Çakır-Fuller, E.; Drake, M.; Foegeding, E.A., 2019:
Sweetness perception in protein-polysaccharide beverages is not explained by viscosity or critical overlap concentration

Lei, Y.; Wu, H.; Jiao, C.; Jiang, Y.; Liu, R.; Xiao, D.; Lu, J.; Zhang, Z.; Shen, G.; Li, S., 2019:
Investigation of the structural and physical properties, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of pectin-konjac glucomannan composite edible films incorporated with tea polyphenol

Zhang, C.; Li, Y.; Wang, P.; Zhang, A.; Feng, F.; Zhang, H., 2019:
Electrospinning of bilayer emulsions: The role of gum Arabic as a coating layer in the gelatin-stabilized emulsions

Wang, W.; Shen, M.; Jiang, L.; Song, Q.; Liu, S.; Xie, M.; Xie, J., 2019:
Rheological behavior, microstructure characterization and formation mechanism of Mesona blumes polysaccharide gels induced by calcium ions

Liu, S.; Yuan, T.Z.; Wang, X.; Reimer, M.; Isaak, C.; Ai, Y., 2019:
Behaviors of starches evaluated at high heating temperatures using a new model of Rapid Visco Analyzer Rva 4800

Yu, W.; Xu, D.; Li, D.; Guo, L.; Su, X.; Zhang, Y.; Wu, F.; Xu, X., 2019:
Effect of pigskin-originated gelatin on properties of wheat flour dough and bread

Jiao, X.; Cao, H.; Fan, D.; Huang, J.; Zhao, J.; Yan, B.; Zhou, W.; Zhang, W.; Ye, W.; Zhang, H., 2019:
Effects of fish oil incorporation on the gelling properties of silver carp surimi gel subjected to microwave heating combined with conduction heating treatment

Wei, X.; Li, J.; Li, B., 2019:
Multiple steps and critical behaviors of the binding of tannic acid to wheat starch: Effect of the concentration of wheat starch and the mass ratio of tannic acid to wheat starch

Neira, L.M.; Martucci, J.F.; Stejskal, N.; Ruseckaite, R.A., 2019:
Time-dependent evolution of properties of fish gelatin edible films enriched with carvacrol during storage

Romani, V.P.; Olsen, B.; Pinto Collares, M.; Meireles Oliveira, J.R.; Prentice, C.; Guimarães Martins, V., 2019:
Plasma technology as a tool to decrease the sensitivity to water of fish protein films for food packaging

Ai, C.; Guo, X.; Lin, J.; Zhang, T.; Meng, H., 2019:
Characterization of the properties of amphiphilic, alkaline soluble polysaccharides from sugar beet pulp

Both, E.M.; Siemons, I.; Boom, R.M.; Schutyser, M.A.I., 2019:
The role of viscosity in morphology development during single droplet drying

Colodel, C.; Vriesmann, L.C.; Lucia de Oliveira Petkowicz, C., 2019:
Rheological characterization of a pectin extracted from ponkan (Citrus reticulata blanco cv. ponkan) peel

Hsieh, C.-F.; Liu, W.; Whaley, J.K.; Shi, Y.-C., 2019:
Structure and functional properties of waxy starches

Wang, Y.; Zhao, J.; Liu, C.; Li, W., 2019:
Influence of -aminobutyric acid on gelling properties of heat-induced whey protein gels

Yang, T.; Liu, T.-X.; Li, X.-T.; Tang, C.-H., 2019:
Novel nanoparticles from insoluble soybean polysaccharides of Okara as unique Pickering stabilizers for oil-in-water emulsions

Németh, R.; Bender, D.; Jaksics, E.; Calicchio, M.; Langó, B.; D'Amico, S.; Török, K.; Schoenlechner, R.; Tömösközi, S., 2019:
Investigation of the effect of pentosan addition and enzyme treatment on the rheological properties of millet flour based model dough systems

Roy, S.; Rhim, J.-W., 2019:
Agar-based antioxidant composite films incorporated with melanin nanoparticles

Kuo, C.-H.; Shieh, C.-J.; Huang, S.-M.; David Wang, H.-M.; Huang, C.-Y., 2019:
The effect of extrusion puffing on the physicochemical properties of brown rice used for saccharification and Chinese rice wine fermentation

Yang, R.; Zuo, P.; Zhang, M.; Meng, D.; Wang, B.; Zhen, T., 2019:
Transglutaminase induced oligochitosan glycosylation of ferritin as a novel nanocarrier for food bioactive molecules

Yuan, B.; Ritzoulis, C.; Wang, X.; Pan, W.; Chen, J., 2019:
Interactions between mucin and okra gum during pH cycling

Mu, M.; Farshchi, A.; Holmes, M.; Chen, J.; Ettelaie, R., 2019:
Effect of storage temperature and relative humidity on long-term colloidal stability of reconstitutable emulsions stabilised by hydrophobically modified starch

Deng, L.; Li, Y.; Feng, F.; Wu, D.; Zhang, H., 2019:
Encapsulation of allopurinol by glucose cross-linked gelatin/zein nanofibers: Characterization and release behavior

Wei, Z.; Cheng, J.; Huang, Q., 2019:
Food-grade Pickering emulsions stabilized by ovotransferrin fibrils

Chang, R.; Xiong, L.; Li, M.; Chen, H.; Xiao, J.; Wang, S.; Qiu, L.; Bian, X.; Sun, C.; Sun, Q., 2019:
Preparation of octenyl succinic anhydride-modified debranched starch vesicles for loading of hydrophilic functional ingredients

Marín-Peñalver, D.; Alemán, A.; Gómez-Guillén, M.C.; Montero, P., 2019:
Carboxymethyl cellulose films containing nanoliposomes loaded with an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitory collagen hydrolysate

Park, H.R.; Rho, S.-J.; Kim, Y.-R., 2019:
Solubility, stability, and bioaccessibility improvement of curcumin encapsulated using 4--glucanotransferase-modified rice starch with reversible pH-induced aggregation property

Luo, S.-Z.; Hu, X.-F.; Jia, Y.-J.; Pan, L.-H.; Zheng, Z.; Zhao, Y.-Y.; Mu, D.-D.; Zhong, X.-Y.; Jiang, S.-T., 2019:
Camellia oil-based oleogels structuring with tea polyphenol-palmitate particles and citrus pectin by emulsion-templated method: Preparation, characterization and potential application

Xia, W.; Chen, J.; He, D.; Wang, Y.; Wang, F.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, Y.; Cao, Y.; Fu, Y.; Li, J., 2019:
Changes in physicochemical and structural properties of tapioca starch after high speed jet degradation

Wei, Y.; Feng, K.; Zong, M.; Wu, H., 2019:
PH-responsive composite micro-capsule as an efficient intestinal-specific oral delivery system for lactoferrin

Li, R.; Cui, Q.; Wang, G.; Liu, J.; Chen, S.; Wang, X.; Wang, X.; Jiang, L., 2019:
Relationship between surface functional properties and flexibility of soy protein isolate-glucose conjugates

Zhang, B.; Gilbert, E.P.; Qiao, D.; Xie, F.; Wang, D.K.; Zhao, S.; Jiang, F., 2019:
A further study on supramolecular structure changes of waxy maize starch subjected to alkaline treatment by extended-q small-angle neutron scattering

Zhuang, H.; Feng, T.; BeMiller, J.N., 2019:
Effects of hydrocolloids on normal maize starch and its distarch phosphates

Zhang, H.; Wang, R.; Chen, Z.; Zhong, Q., 2019:
Enzymatically modified starch with low digestibility produced from amylopectin by sequential amylosucrase and pullulanase treatments

Belbekhouche, S.; Bousserrhine, N.; Alphonse, V.; Carbonnier, B., 2019:
From beta-cyclodextrin polyelectrolyte to layer-by-layer self-assembly microcapsules: From inhibition of bacterial growth to bactericidal effect

Xue, J.; Inzero, J.; Hu, Q.; Wang, T.; Wusigale, ; Luo, Y., 2019:
Development of easy, simple and low-cost preparation of highly purified phytoglycogen nanoparticles from corn

Liu, X.-X.; Liu, H.-M.; Li, J.; Yan, Y.-Y.; Wang, X.-D.; Ma, Y.-X.; Qin, G.-Y., 2019:
Effects of various oil extraction methods on the structural and functional properties of starches isolated from tigernut (Cyperus esculentus) tuber meals

Ganje, M.; Jafari, S.M.; Tamadon, A.M.; Niakosari, M.; Maghsoudlou, Y., 2019:
Mathematical and fuzzy modeling of limonene release from amylose nanostructures and evaluation of its release kinetics

Chen, G.; Chen, X.; Yang, B.; Yu, Q.; Wei, X.; Ding, Y.; Kan, J., 2019:
New insight into bamboo shoot (Chimonobambusa quadrangularis) polysaccharides: Impact of extraction processes on its prebiotic activity

Wu, C.; Sun, J.; Chen, M.; Ge, Y.; Ma, J.; Hu, Y.; Pang, J.; Yan, Z., 2019:
Effect of oxidized chitin nanocrystals and curcumin into chitosan films for seafood freshness monitoring

Wei, Y.; Yu, Z.; Lin, K.; Sun, C.; Dai, L.; Yang, S.; Mao, L.; Yuan, F.; Gao, Y., 2019:
Fabrication and characterization of resveratrol loaded zein-propylene glycol alginate-rhamnolipid composite nanoparticles: Physicochemical stability, formation mechanism and in vitro digestion

Poletto, G.; Raddatz, G.C.; Cichoski, A.J.; Zepka, L.Q.; Lopes, E.J.; Barin, J.S.; Wagner, R.; de Menezes, C.R., 2019:
Study of viability and storage stability of Lactobacillus acidophillus when encapsulated with the prebiotics rice bran, inulin and Hi-maize

Nardin, T.; Ferrari, G.; Romàn, T.; Malacarne, M.; Larcher, R., 2019:
Botanical and commercial characterisation of gum arabic and its detection in wine using non-targeted high resolution mass spectrometry

Do, D.T.; Singh, J.; Oey, I.; Singh, H., 2019:
Modulating effect of cotyledon cell microstructure on in vitro digestion of starch in legumes

Li, X.; Dong, Y.; Guo, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Jia, L.; Gao, H.; Xing, Z.; Duan, F., 2019:
Okra polysaccharides reduced the gelling-required sucrose content in its synergistic gel with high-methoxyl pectin by microphase separation effect

Zheng, J.; Han, Y.; Ge, G.; Zhao, M.; Sun, W., 2019:
Partial substitution of NaCl with chloride salt mixtures: Impact on oxidative characteristics of meat myofibrillar protein and their rheological properties

Wurm, F.; Nussbaumer, F.; Pham, T.; Bechtold, T., 2019:
Structural elucidation of mixed carrageenan gels using rheometry

Aschemann-Witzel, J.; Peschel, A.O., 2019:
Consumer perception of plant-based proteins: The value of source transparency for alternative protein ingredients

Abdollahi, M.; Axelsson, J.; Carlsson, N.-G.; Nylund, G.M.; Albers, E.; Undeland, I., 2019:
Effect of stabilization method and freeze/thaw-aided precipitation on structural and functional properties of proteins recovered from brown seaweed (Saccharina latissima)

Plazzotta, S.; Calligaris, S.; Manzocco, L., 2019:
Structure of oleogels from -carrageenan templates as affected by supercritical-Co2-drying, freeze-drying and lettuce-filler addition

Sabbah, M.; DiPierro, P.; Dell’Olmo, E.; Arciello, A.; Porta, R., 2019:
Improved shelf-life of Nabulsi cheese wrapped with hydrocolloid films

Hu, X.; Zhang, X.; Chen, D.; Li, N.; Hemar, Y.; Yu, B.; Tang, S.; Sun, Y., 2019:
How much can we trust polysorbates as food protein stabilizers - The case of bovine casein

Stevenson, M.; Long, J.; Guerrero, P.; Caba, K.dela; Seyfoddin, A.; Etxabide, A., 2019:
Development and characterization of ribose-crosslinked gelatin products prepared by indirect 3D printing

Moula Ali, A.M.; Prodpran, T.; Benjakul, S., 2019:
Effect of squalene rich fraction from shark liver on mechanical, barrier and thermal properties of fish (Probarbus Jullieni) skin gelatin film

Fabra, M.J.; Pérez-Bassart, Z.; Talens-Perales, D.; Martínez-Sanz, M.; López-Rubio, A.; Marín-Navarro, J.; Polaina, J., 2019:
Matryoshka enzyme encapsulation: Development of zymoactive hydrogel particles with efficient lactose hydrolysis capability

Pérez-Huertas, S.; Terpiłowski, K.; Tomczyńska-Mleko, M.; Nishinari, K.; Mleko, S., 2019:
Surface and rheological properties of egg white albumin/gelatin dispersions gelled on cold plasma-activated glass

Konstantakos, S.; Marinopoulou, A.; Papaemmanouil, S.; Emmanouilidou, M.; Karamalaki, M.; Kolothas, E.; Saridou, E.; Papastergiadis, E.; Karageorgiou, V., 2019:
Preparation of model starch complex hydrogels

Kim, Y.; Cameron, R.G.; Williams, M.A.K.; Lee, C.J., 2019:
Charged functional domains introduced into a modified pectic homogalacturonan by a mixture of pectin methylesterases isozymes from sweet orange (Citrus sinensis L. Osbeck var. Pineapple)

Seok, J.-Y.; Lee, D.-J.; Lim, S.-T.; Reddy, C.K., 2019:
Preparation and characterization of inclusion complexes between debranched maize starches and conjugated linoleic acid

Chavoshpour-Natanzi, Z.; Sahihi, M., 2019:
Encapsulation of quercetin-loaded -lactoglobulin for drug delivery using modified anti-solvent method

Li, M.; Fokkink, R.; Ni, Y.; Kleijn, J.M., 2019:
Bovine beta-casein micelles as delivery systems for hydrophobic flavonoids

Primacella, M.; Wang, T.; Acevedo, N.C., 2019:
Characterization of mayonnaise properties prepared using frozen-thawed egg yolk treated with hydrolyzed egg yolk proteins as anti-gelator

Ma, S.; Zhu, P.; Wang, M.; Wang, F.; Wang, N., 2019:
Effect of konjac glucomannan with different molecular weights on physicochemical properties of corn starch

Benson, T.; Minot, N.; Pender, J.; Robles, M.; von Braun, J., 2013 :
Information to guide policy responses to higher global food prices: The data and analyses required

Peake, W.O.; Detre, J.D.; Carlson, C.C., 2014:
One bad apple spoils the bunch? An exploration of broad consumption changes in response to food recalls

Jones, K.E.; Davidson, D.J., 2014:
Adapting to food safety crises: Interpreting success and failure in the Canadian response to Bse

Boztuğ, Y.; Juhl, H.J.; Elshiewy, O.; Jensen, M.B., 2015:
Consumer response to monochrome Guideline Daily Amount nutrition labels

Taylor, M.; Klaiber, H.A.; Kuchler, F., 2016:
Changes in U.S. consumer response to food safety recalls in the shadow of a Bse scare

Friedman, J.; Beegle, K.; DeWeerdt, J.; Gibson, J., 2017:
Decomposing response error in food consumption measurement: Implications for survey design from a randomized survey experiment in Tanzania

Haysom, G.; Tawodzera, G., 2018:
Measurement drives diagnosis and response: Gaps in transferring food security assessment to the urban scale

Ramirez, M.; Bernal, P.; Clarke, I.; Hernandez, I., 2018:
The role of social networks in the inclusion of small-scale producers in agri-food developing clusters

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Colours In Cleveland

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Surfex comes to coventry

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145 papers in 25 sessions cater for 800 attendees at this year's Vincentz conference in Nuremberg

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