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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 66995

Chapter 66995 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Seabrooke, T.; Hollins, T.J.; Kent, C.; Wills, A.J.; Mitchell, C.J., 2019:
Learning from failure: Errorful generation improves memory for items, not associations

Wilson, B.M.; Donnelly, K.; Christenfeld, N.; Wixted, J.T., 2019:
Making sense of sequential lineups: An experimental and theoretical analysis of position effects

Gathercole, S.E.; Dunning, D.L.; Holmes, J.; Norris, D., 2019:
Working memory training involves learning new skills

Gerrig, R.; Rastle, K., 2019:
New initiatives to promote open science at the Journal of Memory and Language

Thalmann, M.; Souza, A.S.; Oberauer, K., 2019:
Revisiting the attentional demands of rehearsal in working-memory tasks

Do, M.L.; Kaiser, E., 2019:
Subjecthood and linear order in linguistic encoding: Evidence from the real-time production of wh-questions in English and Mandarin Chinese

Nooteboom, S.; Quené, H., 2019:
Temporal aspects of self-monitoring for speech errors

Paap, K.R.; Anders-Jefferson, R.; Mikulinsky, R.; Masuda, S.; Mason, L., 2019:
On the encapsulation of bilingual language control

van Tiel, B.; Pankratz, E.; Sun, C., 2019:
Scales and scalarity: Processing scalar inferences

Stamenković, D.šan; Ichien, N.; Holyoak, K.J., 2019:
Metaphor comprehension: An individual-differences approach

Hay, J.F.; Cannistraci, R.A.; Zhao, Q., 2019:
Mapping non-native pitch contours to meaning: Perceptual and experiential factors

Amit, E.; Rim, S.; Halbeisen, G.; Cohen Priva, U.; Stephan, E.; Trope, Y., 2019:
Distance-dependent memory for pictures and words

Rawson, K.A.; Zamary, A., 2019:
Why is free recall practice more effective than recognition practice for enhancing memory? Evaluating the relational processing hypothesis

Sobczak, J.M.; Gaskell, M.G., 2019:
Implicit versus explicit mechanisms of vocabulary learning and consolidation

Hennessee, J.P.; Patterson, T.K.; Castel, A.D.; Knowlton, B.J., 2019:
Forget me not: Encoding processes in value-directed remembering

Maddox, G.B.; Balota, D.A.; Kumar, A.A.; Millar, P.R.; Churchill, L., 2019:
The immediate benefits and long-term consequences of briefly presented masked primes on episodic recollection

Fadlon, J.; Morgan, A.M.; Meltzer-Asscher, A.; Ferreira, V.S., 2019:
It depends: Optionality in the production of filler-gap dependencies

Naveh-Benjamin, M.; Brubaker, M.S., 2019:
Are the effects of divided attention on memory encoding processes due to the disruption of deep-level elaborative processes? Evidence from cued- and free-recall tasks

Dieuleveut, A.; Chemla, E.; Spector, B., 2019:
Distinctions between primary and secondary scalar implicatures

Ferguson, H.J.; Black, J.; Williams, D., 2019:
Distinguishing reality from fantasy in adults with autism spectrum disorder: Evidence from eye movements and reading

Anderson, N.D.; Holmes, E.W.; Dell, G.S.; Middleton, E.L., 2019:
Reversal shift in phonotactic learning during language production: Evidence for incremental learning

Hepner, C.R.; Nozari, N., 2019:
Resource allocation in phonological working memory: Same or different principles from vision?

Soemer, A., 2019:
Task-unrelated thoughts and forgetting in working memory

Chakravarty, S.; Fujiwara, E.; Madan, C.R.; Tomlinson, S.E.; Ober, I.; Caplan, J.B., 2019:
Value bias of verbal memory

Bein, O.; Trzewik, M.; Maril, A., 2019:
The role of prior knowledge in incremental associative learning: An empirical and computational approach

Vorwerg, C.C.; Suntharam, S.; Morand, M.-A., 2019:
Language control and lexical access in diglossic speech production: Evidence from variety switching in speakers of Swiss German

Li, M.Y.C.; Braze, D.; Kukona, A.; Johns, C.L.; Tabor, W.; Van Dyke, J.A.; Mencl, W.E.; Shankweiler, D.P.; Pugh, K.R.; Magnuson, J.S., 2019:
Individual differences in subphonemic sensitivity and phonological skills

Schaper, M.L.; Kuhlmann, B.G.; Bayen, U.J., 2019:
Metacognitive expectancy effects in source monitoring: Beliefs, in-the-moment experiences, or both?

Hellenthal, M.V.; Knott, L.M.; Howe, M.L.; Wilkinson, S.; Shah, D., 2019:
The effects of arousal and attention on emotional false memory formation

Pozniak, C.; Hemforth, B.; Haendler, Y.; Santi, A.; Grillo, N., 2019:
Seeing events vs. entities: The processing advantage of Pseudo Relatives over Relative Clauses

DeCaro, R.; Thomas, A.K., 2019:
How attributes and cues made accessible through monitoring affect self-regulated learning in older and younger adults

Omaki, A.; Ovans, Z.; Yacovone, A.; Dillon, B., 2019:
Rebels without a clause: Processing reflexives in fronted wh-predicates

Granlund, S.; Kolak, J.; Vihman, V.; Engelmann, F.; Lieven, E.V.M.; Pine, J.M.; Theakston, A.L.; Ambridge, B., 2019:
Language-general and language-specific phenomena in the acquisition of inflectional noun morphology: A cross-linguistic elicited-production study of Polish, Finnish and Estonian

Gruberg, N.; Ostrand, R.; Momma, S.; Ferreira, V.S., 2019:
Syntactic entrainment: The repetition of syntactic structures in event descriptions

Kapnoula, E.C.; Samuel, A.G., 2019:
Voices in the mental lexicon: Words carry indexical information that can affect access to their meaning

Coane, J.H.; Umanath, S., 2019:
I dont remember vs. I dont know: Phenomenological states associated with retrieval failures

Carter, A.B.; Zehnbauer, B., 2019:
Expanding the Scope of The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics to the Informatics Subdivision of the Association for Molecular Pathology

Pérot, P.; Biton, A.; Marchetta, J.; Pourcelot, A.-G.; Nazac, A.; Marret, H.; Hébert, T.; Chrétien, D.; Demazoin, M.-C.; Falguières, M.; Arowas, L.; Laude, H.; Heard, I.; Eloit, M., 2019:
Broad-Range Papillomavirus Transcriptome as a Biomarker of Papillomavirus-Associated Cervical High-Grade Cytology

Townsend, J.T.; Houpt, J.W.; Silbert, N.H., 2012:
General recognition theory extended to include response times: Predictions for a class of parallel systems

Morey, R.D., 2013:
The consistency test does notand cannotdeliver what is advertised: A comment on Francis (2013)

Gelman, A., 2013:
Interrogating p -values

Simonsohn, U., 2013:
It really just does not follow, comments on Francis (2013)

Ihlen, E.A.F., 2013:
The influence of power law distributions on long-range trial dependency of response times

Laming, D., 2014:
Signal-detection with d 0 : A dynamic model for binary prediction

Silbert, N.H.; Thomas, R.D., 2014:
Optimal response selection and decisional separability in Gaussian general recognition theory

Anders, R.; Oravecz, Z.; Batchelder, W.H., 2014:
Cultural consensus theory for continuous responses: A latent appraisal model for information pooling

Donkin, C.; Van Maanen, L., 2014:
Pirons Law is not just an artifact of the response mechanism

Smith, P.L., 2015:
The Poisson shot noise model of visual short-term memory and choice response time: Normalized coding by neural population size

Cantone, D.; Giarlotta, A.; Greco, S.; Watson, S., 2016:
( m , n ) -rationalizable choices

Cooper, R.P., 2016:
Executive functions and the generation of random sequential responses: A computational account

Giarlotta, A.; Watson, S., 2017:
Necessary and possible indifferences

Lu, J.; Zhang, J.; Tao, J., 2018:
SliceGibbs sampling algorithm for estimating the parameters of a multilevel item response model

Giarlotta, A.; Watson, S., 2018:
-Ferrers properties

Klauer, K.C.; Kellen, D., 2018:
Rt-Mpts: Process models for response-time distributions based on multinomial processing trees with applications to recognition memory

Schulz, E.; Speekenbrink, M.; Krause, A., 2018:
A tutorial on Gaussian process regression: Modelling, exploring, and exploiting functions

Fitousi, D.; Algom, D., 2018:
A system factorial technology analysis of the size congruity effect: Implications for numerical cognition and stochastic modeling

Ryan, M., 2018:
Strict scalability of choice probabilities

Dzhafarov, E.N.; Kon, M., 2018:
On universality of classical probability with contextually labeled random variables

Oliveira, I.F.D.; Zehavi, S.; Davidov, O., 2018:
Stochastic transitivity: Axioms and models

Schweickert, R.; Zheng, X., 2018:
Tree inference: Selective influence in multinomial processing trees with supplementary measures such as response time

Dunn, J.C.; Anderson, L., 2018:
Signed difference analysis: Testing for structure under monotonicity

Ghirlanda, S., 2018:
Studying associative learning without solving learning equations

Grace, R.C.; Morton, N.J.; Ward, M.D.; Wilson, A.J.; Kemp, S., 2018:
Ratios and differences in perceptual comparison: A reexamination of Torgersons conjecture

Nathoo, F.S.; Kilshaw, R.E.; Masson, M.E.J., 2018:
A better (Bayesian) interval estimate for within-subject designs

Dalkıran, N.A.ün; Dokumacı, O.E.; Kara, T.ık, 2018:
Expected ScottSuppes utility representation

Chen, Z.; John, R.S., 2018:
Foresight, risk attitude, and utility maximization in naturalistic sequential high-stakes decision making

Aßfalg, A., 2018:
Consensus theory for mixed response formats

Ben-Haim, Y.; Smithson, M., 2018:
Data-based prediction under uncertainty: Cdf-quantile distributions and info-gap robustness

Burigana, L.; Vicovaro, M., 2019:
Desirable properties of Bayesian models in perceptual psychology. A discussion of distribution families closed under multiplication

Katahira, K., 2018:
The statistical structures of reinforcement learning with asymmetric value updates

Mistry, P.K.; Pothos, E.M.; Vandekerckhove, J.; Trueblood, J.S., 2018:
A quantum probability account of individual differences in causal reasoning

Boehm, U.; Annis, J.; Frank, M.J.; Hawkins, G.E.; Heathcote, A.; Kellen, D.; Krypotos, A.-M.; Lerche, V.; Logan, G.D.; Palmeri, T.J.; van Ravenzwaaij, D.; Servant, M.; Singmann, H.; Starns, J.J.; Voss, A., 2018:
Estimating across-trial variability parameters of the Diffusion Decision Model: Expert advice and recommendations

Sawada, T.; Zaidi, Q., 2018:
Rotational-symmetry in a 3D scene and its 2D image

Heathcote, A.; Holloway, E.; Sauer, J., 2019:
Confidence and varieties of bias

Suck, R., 2018:
The structure of rating scales

Zhang, J., 2019 :
Characterizing projective geometry of binocular visual space by Mbius transformation

Nguyen, K.P.; Josić, K.šimir; Kilpatrick, Z.P., 2019:
Optimizing sequential decisions in the driftdiffusion model

Heck, D.W., 2019:
Accounting for estimation uncertainty and shrinkage in Bayesian within-subject intervals: A comment on Nathoo, Kilshaw, and Masson (2018)

Bhatia, S.; Golman, R., 2019:
Bidirectional constraint satisfaction in rational strategic decision making

Schweickert, R.; Zheng, X., 2019:
Tree inference: Uniqueness of multinomial processing trees representing response time when two factors selectively influence processes

Dzhafarov, E.N.; Kon, M., 2019:
On universality of classical probability with contextually labeled random variables: Response to A. Khrennikov

van Erp, S.; Oberski, D.L.; Mulder, J., 2019:
Shrinkage priors for Bayesian penalized regression

Thorn, P.D.; Schurz, G., 2019:
Meta-inductive prediction based on Attractivity Weighting: Mathematical and empirical performance evaluation

Rébillé, Y., 2019:
Representations of preferences with pseudolinear utility functions

Pouzet, M.; Zaguia, I., 2019:
Interval orders, semiorders and ordered groups

Sadil, P.; Cowell, R.A.; Huber, D.E., 2019 :
A hierarchical Bayesian state trace analysis for assessing monotonicity while factoring out subject, item, and trial level dependencies

Heller, J., 2019:
Assessment structures in psychological testing

Schweickert, R.; Zheng, X., 2019:
Tree Inference: Response time in Multinomial Processing Trees, representation and uniqueness of parameters

Kvam, P.D., 2019:
A geometric framework for modeling dynamic decisions among arbitrarily many alternatives

beim Graben, P.; Blutner, R., 2019:
Quantum approaches to music cognition

Toyama, A.; Katahira, K.; Ohira, H., 2019:
Biases in estimating the balance between model-free and model-based learning systems due to model misspecification

Segert, S.; Davis-Stober, C.P., 2019:
A general approach to prior transformation

Li, Y.; Schofield, E.; Gönen, M., 2019:
A tutorial on Dirichlet process mixture modeling

Cervantes, V.H.; Dzhafarov, E.N., 2019:
True contextuality in a psychophysical experiment

Chandrasekaran, C.; Blurton, S.P.; Gondan, M., 2019:
Audiovisual detection at different intensities and delays

Zwilling, C.E.; Cavagnaro, D.R.; Regenwetter, M.; Lim, S.H.; Fields, B.; Zhang, Y., 2019:
Qtest2.1: Quantitative testing of theories of binary choice using Bayesian inference

Smith, P.L., 2019:
Linking the diffusion model and general recognition theory: Circular diffusion with bivariate-normally distributed drift rates

Lopez-Pamies, O.; Goudarzi, T.; Nakamura, T., 2013:
The nonlinear elastic response of suspensions of rigid inclusions in rubber: IAn exact result for dilute suspensions

Lopez-Pamies, O.; Goudarzi, T.; Danas, K., 2013:
The nonlinear elastic response of suspensions of rigid inclusions in rubber: IiA simple explicit approximation for finite-concentration suspensions

Heinrich, C.; Aldridge, M.; Wineman, A.S.; Kieffer, J.; Waas, A.M.; Shahwan, K.W., 2013:
The role of curing stresses in subsequent response, damage and failure of textile polymer composites

Zhu, Y.; Chapman, S.J.; Acharya, A., 2013:
Dislocation motion and instability

Luscher, D.J.; Bronkhorst, C.A.; Alleman, C.N.; Addessio, F.L., 2013:
A model for finite-deformation nonlinear thermomechanical response of single crystal copper under shock conditions

Lin, Y.; Wei, X.; Qian, J.; Sze, K.Y.; Shenoy, V.B., 2014:
A combined finite element-Langevin dynamics (Fem-Ld) approach for analyzing the mechanical response of bio-polymer networks

Bucci, G.; Nadimpalli, S.P.V.; Sethuraman, V.A.; Bower, A.F.; Guduru, P.R., 2014:
Measurement and modeling of the mechanical and electrochemical response of amorphous Si thin film electrodes during cyclic lithiation

Overvelde, J.T.B.; Bertoldi, K., 2014:
Relating pore shape to the non-linear response of periodic elastomeric structures

Albrecht, A.B.; Ravi-Chandar, K., 2014:
High strain rate response of rubber membranes

Siboni, M.H.; Ponte Castañeda, P., 2014:
Fiber-constrained, dielectric-elastomer composites: Finite-strain response and stability analysis

Attwood, J.P.; Khaderi, S.N.; Karthikeyan, K.; Fleck, N.A.; O׳Masta, M.R.; Wadley, H.N.G.; Deshpande, V.S., 2014:
The out-of-plane compressive response of Dyneema composites

Lin, E.; Li, Y.; Ortiz, C.; Boyce, M.C., 2014:
3D printed, bio-inspired prototypes and analytical models for structured suture interfaces with geometrically-tuned deformation and failure behavior

Fraternali, F.; Carpentieri, G.; Amendola, A., 2015:
On the mechanical modeling of the extreme softening/stiffening response of axially loaded tensegrity prisms

Li, X.-Y.; Wu, F.; Jin, X.; Chen, W.-Q., 2015:
3D coupled field in a transversely isotropic magneto-electro-elastic half space punched by an elliptic indenter

Wetzel, E.D.; Balu, R.; Beaudet, T.D., 2015:
A theoretical consideration of the ballistic response of continuous graphene membranes

Bouquet, J.-B.; Rimoli, J.J., 2015:
A length-dependent model for the thermomechanical response of ceramics

Krop, S.; Meijer, H.E.H.; van Breemen, L.C.A., 2016:
Global and local large-deformation response of sub-micron, soft- and hard-particle filled polycarbonate

Le, H.H.; Garnier, D.; Colas, A.-S.; Terrade, B.; Morel, J.-C., 2016:
3D homogenised strength criterion for masonry: Application to drystone retaining walls

Ragione, L.L., 2016:
The incremental response of a stressed, anisotropic granular material: loading and unloading

Luscher, D.J.; Addessio, F.L.; Cawkwell, M.J.; Ramos, K.J., 2017:
A dislocation density-based continuum model of the anisotropic shock response of single crystal -cyclotrimethylene trinitramine

Xia, M.; Sun, Q., 2017:
Thermomechanical responses of nonlinear torsional vibration with NiTi shape memory alloy Alternative stable states and their jumps

Paranjape, H.M.; Paul, P.P.; Sharma, H.; Kenesei, P.; Park, J.-S.; Duerig, T.W.; Brinson, L.C.; Stebner, A.P., 2017:
Influences of granular constraints and surface effects on the heterogeneity of elastic, superelastic, and plastic responses of polycrystalline shape memory alloys

Gao, S.; Fivel, M.; Ma, A.; Hartmaier, A., 2017:
3D discrete dislocation dynamics study of creep behavior in Ni-base single crystal superalloys by a combined dislocation climb and vacancy diffusion model

Lefèvre, V.; Danas, K.; Lopez-Pamies, O., 2017:
A general result for the magnetoelastic response of isotropic suspensions of iron and ferrofluid particles in rubber, with applications to spherical and cylindrical specimens

Liu, L.; Kamm, P.; García-Moreno, F.; Banhart, J.; Pasini, D., 2017:
Elastic and failure response of imperfect three-dimensional metallic lattices: the role of geometric defects induced by Selective Laser Melting

Ayyagari, R.S.; Daphalapurkar, N.P.; Ramesh, K.T., 2018:
The effective compliance of spatially evolving planar wing-cracks

Cox, B.S.; Groh, R.M.J.; Avitabile, D.; Pirrera, A., 2018:
Modal nudging in nonlinear elasticity: Tailoring the elastic post-buckling behaviour of engineering structures

Wang, L.; Abeyaratne, R., 2018:
A one-dimensional peridynamic model of defect propagation and its relation to certain other continuum models

Lustig, B.; Shmuel, G., 2018:
On the band gap universality of multiphase laminates and its applications

Zhang, L.; Xiang, Y., 2018:
Motion of grain boundaries incorporating dislocation structure

Guo, T.F.; Wong, W.H., 2018:
Void-sheet analysis on macroscopic strain localization and void coalescence

Hodapp, M.; Anciaux, G.; Molinari, J.-F.; Curtin, W.A., 2018:
Coupled atomistic/discrete dislocation method in 3D Part Ii: Validation of the method

Anciaux, G.; Junge, T.; Hodapp, M.; Cho, J.; Molinari, J.-F.; Curtin, W.A., 2018:
The Coupled Atomistic/Discrete-Dislocation method in 3d part I: Concept and algorithms

Vigliotti, A.; Csányi, G.; Deshpande, V.S., 2018:
Bayesian inference of the spatial distributions of material properties

Yu, Y.; Landis, C.M.; Huang, R., 2018:
Steady-state crack growth in polymer gels: A linear poroelastic analysis

Zhang, Q.; Yin, J., 2018:
Spontaneous buckling-driven periodic delamination of thin films on soft substrates under large compression

Petersen, T.; Valdenaire, P.-L.; Pellenq, R.; Ulm, F.-J., 2018:
A reaction model for cement solidification: Evolving the CSH packing density at the micrometer-scale

Mehrabian, A.; Abousleiman, Y.N., 2018:
Theory and analytical solution to Cryer's problem of N -porosity and N -permeability poroelasticity

Pratapa, P.P.; Suryanarayana, P.; Paulino, G.H., 2018:
Bloch wave framework for structures with nonlocal interactions: Application to the design of origami acoustic metamaterials

Hasanyan, A.D.; Waas, A.M., 2018:
Localization in anisotropic elastoplastic micropolar media: Application to fiber reinforced composites

Du, Y.; Lü, C.; Chen, W.; Destrade, M., 2018:
Modified multiplicative decomposition model for tissue growth: Beyond the initial stress-free state

Santos-Güemes, R.; Esteban-Manzanares, G.; Papadimitriou, I.; Segurado, J.; Capolungo, L.; LLorca, J., 2018:
Discrete dislocation dynamics simulations of dislocation- precipitate interaction in Al-Cu alloys

Ostanin, I.; Ovchinnikov, G.; Tozoni, D.C.; Zorin, D., 2018:
A parametric class of composites with a large achievable range of effective elastic properties

Morini, L.; Gei, M., 2018:
Waves in one-dimensional quasicrystalline structures: dynamical trace mapping, scaling and self-similarity of the spectrum

Müser, M.H., 2018:
Internal, elastic stresses below randomly rough contacts

Reina, C.; Fokoua Djodom, L.; Ortiz, M.; Conti, S., 2018:
For general three-dimensional deformations

Palkovic, S.D.; Kupwade-Patil, K.; Yip, S.; Büyüköztürk, O., 2018:
Random field finite element models with cohesive-frictional interactions of a hardened cement paste microstructure

Fehér, E.; J.Healey, T.; A.Sipos, A., 2018:
The Mullins effect in the wrinkling behavior of highly stretched thin films

Salahshoor, H.; Pal, R.K.; Rimoli, J.J., 2018:
Material symmetry phase transitions in three-dimensional tensegrity metamaterials

Zhou, J.; Jiang, L., 2018:
Development of a predictor for fatigue crack nucleation of dielectric viscoelastomers under electromechanical loads

Li, L.; Tang, H.; Wang, J.; Lin, J.; Yao, H., 2018:
Rolling adhesion of cell in shear flow: A theoretical model

Duan, S.; Wen, W.; Fang, D., 2018:
A predictive micropolar continuum model for a novel three-dimensional chiral lattice with size effect and tension-twist coupling behavior

Luo, W.; Bažant, Z.ěkP., 2018:
Fishnet model with order statistics for tail probability of failure of nacreous biomimetic materials with softening interlaminar links

Roychowdhury, S.; DasGupta, A., 2018:
Symmetry breaking during inflation of a toroidal membrane

Morvaridi, M.; Carta, G.; Brun, M., 2018:
Platonic crystal with low-frequency locally-resonant spiral structures: wave trapping, transmission amplification, shielding and edge waves

Patel, D.K.; Waas, A.M.; Yen, C.-F., 2019:
Compressive response of hybrid 3D woven textile composites (H3Dwtcs): An experimentally validated computational model

Deffo, A.; Ariza, M.P.; Ortiz, M., 2019:
A line-free method of monopoles for 3D dislocation dynamics

Anand, L.; Mao, Y.; Talamini, B., 2019:
On modeling fracture of ferritic steels due to hydrogen embrittlement

Sajadi, B.; Wahls, S.; Hemert, S.van; Belardinelli, P.; Steeneken, P.G.; Alijani, F., 2019:
Nonlinear dynamic identification of graphenes elastic modulus via reduced order modeling of atomistic simulations

Zhang, P., 2019:
Symmetry and degeneracy of phonon modes for periodic structures with glide symmetry

Nowruzpour, M.; Sarkar, S.; Reddy, J.N.; Roy, D., 2019:
A derivative-free upscaled theory for analysis of defects

Pan, F.; Wang, G.; Liu, L.; Chen, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Shi, X., 2019:
Bending induced interlayer shearing, rippling and kink buckling of multilayered graphene sheets

Husser, E.; Bargmann, S., 2019:
Modeling twinning-induced lattice reorientation and slip-in-twin deformation

Malito, L.G.; Sov, J.V.; Gludovatz, B.; Ritchie, R.O.; Pruitt, L.A., 2019:
Fracture toughness of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene: A basis for defining the crack-initiation toughness in polymers

Shrimali, B.; Lefèvre, V.; Lopez-Pamies, O., 2019:
A simple explicit homogenization solution for the macroscopic elastic response of isotropic porous elastomers

Negi, V.; Picu, R.C., 2019:
Mechanical behavior of cross-linked random fiber networks with inter-fiber adhesion

Chevalier, J.; Morelle, X.P.; Camanho, P.P.; Lani, F.; Pardoen, T., 2019:
On a unique fracture micromechanism for highly cross-linked epoxy resins

Tang, H.; Dong, Y.; Wang, T.; Dong, Y., 2019:
Simulation of strain localization with discrete element-Cosserat continuum finite element two scale method for granular materials

Artoni, R.; Neveu, A.; Descantes, Y.; Richard, P., 2019:
Effect of contact location on the crushing strength of aggregates

Wang, M.; Zhao, L.; Fourmeau, M.; Nelias, D., 2019:
Crack plane deflection and shear wave effects in the dynamic fracture of silicon single crystal

Lev, Y.; Faye, A.; Volokh, K.Y., 2019:
Thermoelastic deformation and failure of rubberlike materials

Shui, L.; Liu, Y.; Li, B.; Zou, C.; Tang, C.; Zhu, L.; Chen, X., 2019:
Mechanisms of electromechanical wrinkling for highly stretched substrate-free dielectric elastic membrane

Upadhyay, K.; Subhash, G.; Spearot, D., 2019:
Thermodynamics-based stability criteria for constitutive equations of isotropic hyperelastic solids

Liu, H.; Dong, S.; Tang, L.; Krishnan, N.M.A.; Sant, G.; Bauchy, M., 2019 :
Effects of polydispersity and disorder on the mechanical properties of hydrated silicate gels

Zeng, Z.; Zhang, C.; Du, S.; Chen, X., 2019:
Quantitative surface topography of martensitic microstructure by differential interference contrast microscopy

Mirzajanzadeh, M.; Deshpande, V.S.; Fleck, N.A., 2019:
Water rise in a cellulose foam: By capillary or diffusional flow?

Weickenmeier, J.; Jucker, M.; Goriely, A.; Kuhl, E., 2019:
A physics-based model explains the prion-like features of neurodegeneration in Alzheimers disease, Parkinsons disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Baek, C.; Reis, P.M., 2019:
Rigidity of hemispherical elastic gridshells under point load indentation

Zheng, Y.; Hu, Y.; Cai, S., 2019:
Contact mechanics of a gel under constrained swelling

Coupeau, C.; Boijoux, R.; Ni, Y.; Parry, G., 2019:
Interacting straight-sided buckles: An enhanced attraction by substrate elasticity

Xie, X.; Lo, Y.-C.; Tong, Y.; Qiao, J.; Wang, G.; Ogata, S.; Qi, H.; Dahmen, K.A.; Gao, Y.; Liaw, P.K., 2019:
Origin of serrated flow in bulk metallic glasses

Lopez-Menendez, H.; D’Alessandro, J., 2019:
Unjamming and nematic flocks in endothelial monolayers during angiogenesis : Theoretical and experimental analysis

Wilson, D.; Dunne, F.P.E., 2019:
A mechanistic modelling methodology for microstructure-sensitive fatigue crack growth

Fressengeas, C., 2019:
Curvature effects on boundary migration

Bucsek, A.N.; Pagan, D.C.; Casalena, L.; Chumlyakov, Y.; Mills, M.J.; Stebner, A.P., 2019:
Ferroelastic twin reorientation mechanisms in shape memory alloys elucidated with 3D X-ray microscopy

Xin, A.; Zhang, R.; Yu, K.; Wang, Q., 2019:
Mechanics of electrophoresis-induced reversible hydrogel adhesion

Häsä, R.; Pinho, S.T., 2019:
Failure mechanisms of biological crossed-lamellar microstructures applied to synthetic high-performance fibre-reinforced composites

Dortdivanlioglu, B.; Linder, C., 2019:
Diffusion-driven swelling-induced instabilities of hydrogels

Kuroda, M.; Needleman, A., 2019:
Nonuniform and localized deformation in single crystals under dynamic tensile loading

Qi, Y.; Zou, Z.; Xiao, J.; Long, R., 2019:
Mapping the nonlinear crack tip deformation field in soft elastomer with a particle tracking method

Greenfeld, I.; Rodricks, C.W.; Sui, X.; Wagner, H.D., 2019:
Beaded fiber compositesStiffness and strength modeling

Hsieh, M.-T.; Endo, B.; Zhang, Y.; Bauer, J.; Valdevit, L., 2019:
The mechanical response of cellular materials with spinodal topologies

Sun, X.; Ariza, M.P.; Ortiz, M.; Wang, K.G., 2019:
Atomistic modeling and analysis of hydride phase transformation in palladium nanoparticles

Salvati, E.; Romano-Brandt, L.; Mughal, M.Z.; Sebastiani, M.; Korsunsky, A.M., 2019:
Generalised residual stress depth profiling at the nanoscale using focused ion beam milling

Xiao, R.; Tian, C., 2019:
A constitutive model for strain hardening behavior of predeformed amorphous polymers: Incorporating dissipative dynamics of molecular orientation

Li, B.; Maurini, C., 2019:
Crack kinking in a variational phase-field model of brittle fracture with strongly anisotropic surface energy

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