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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 68

Section 68 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Torremade, J.; Kagacan, C.; Narus, J.; Mulhall, J.P., 2018:
The impact of androgen deprivation therapy on compliance with intracavernous injections

Pircher, T.; Rimm, D.; Arnold, L.; Singh, V., 2017:
P3.02c-067 Validation of Pd-L1 Expression on Circulating Tumor Cells in Lung Cancer

Paz-Ares, L.; Yang, J.C.; Zielinski, C.; Novello, S.; Schwartsmann, G.; Spigel, D.; Griesinger, F.; Dowlati, A.; Small, T.; DeJong, F.; Zhang, B.; Nazarenko, N.; Bunn, P., 2018:
P2.12-04 Liposomal Irinotecan vs Topotecan in Patients with Small Cell Lung Cancer Who Have Progressed On/After Platinum-Based Therapy

Yoon, C.Y.; Park, M.J.; Doo, S.W.; Park, H.Z.; Kim, D.S.; Lee, W.K.; Jeong, S.J.; Hong, S.K.; Byun, S.S.; Lee, E.S.; Lee, S.E., 2010:
Trichostatin A Mediated Resensitization Of Chemo-Resistant T24R2 Human Bladder Cancer Cell Line To Cisplatin

Elliott, S.; Yu, X.; Strope, S.; McBean, A., 2012:
Comparative Effectiveness Of Surgical Therapies For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Chai, T.; Richter, H.; Moalli, P.; Keay, S.; Biggio, J.; Zong, W.; Curto, T.; Kim, H.-Y.; Stoddard, A.; Kusek, J., 2013:
Urinary Markers After Continence Surgery (Umacs) Study Potential Utility Of Biomarkers In Surgery For Stress Urinary Incontinence

Ali, S.N.; Kim, D.; Tailly, T.; Razvi, H.; Leong, H., 2015:
Mp34-07 Intravital Imaging Of The Drosophila Melanogaster Model Of Human Nephrolithiasis

Ojha, R.; Singh, S.; Mandal, A.K.; Jha, V., 2016:
Mp83-15 Effect Of Gemcitabine And Mitomycin On Cancer Stem Cells In Urothelial Carcinoma Cells

Kachroo, N.; Pucheril, D.; Kim, T.; Qi, J.; Johnson, A.; Schervish, E.; Menon, M.; Dupree, J.; Peabody, J., 2017:
Mp92-07 Take Notes: Identifying Drivers Of 30 Day Readmission After Radical Prostatectomy

Nabhan, C.; S., Y.; K., A.; K., J.; F., B., 2018:
Value-Based Care In Oncology: Challenges And Barriers Amongst Community Oncologists

Liem, T.K.; Kaufman, J.; Moneta, G.L.; Mitchell, E.L.; Jung, E.; Abraham, C.Z.; Landry, G.J., 2018:
Pc208. Surgery for Inferior Vena Cava Filter Perforations

Baretella, O.; Chung, S.K.; Xu, A.; Vanhoutte, P.M., 2013:
Heterozygous overexpression of preproendothelin-1 in endothelial cells enhances thromboxane/Ins;prostanoid receptor-induced contractions in the renal artery of obese mice

Kubo, M.T.K.; Rojas, M.L.; Curet, S.; Boillereaux, L.; Augusto, P.E.D., 2017:
Peroxidase inactivation kinetics is affected by the addition of calcium chloride in fruit beverages

Wu, J.; Fan, T.; Gomez-Rivas, E.; Gao, Z.; Yao, S.; Li, W.; Zhang, C.; Sun, Q.; Gu, Y.; Xiang, M., 2019:
Impact of pore structure and fractal characteristics on the sealing capacity of Ordovician carbonate cap rock in the Tarim Basin, China

Li, J.; Wang, Y.; Chen, X.; Yan, X.; Lu, X., 2019:
Microstructure evolution in stress relaxation behavior of austenite Aisi 304 stainless steel spring

Péaud-padinha, C.; Binder, A.; de Gentile, L.; Rabier, V., 2018:
Migrant, quel bilan et comment? Un exemple dorganisation sur une population de mineurs non accompagns

Thanassi, J.A.; Galvan, M.; Luu, A.; Patel, D.; Yang, G.; Zhao, Y.; Yang, W.; Huang, M.; Podos, S.D., 2018:
Effect of factor D inhibition on fluid-phase C3 processing in human serum depleted of factor H

Ghanavatkar, C.W.; Mishra, V.R.; Mali, S.N.; Chaudhari, H.K.; Sekar, N., 2019:
Synthesis, bioactivities, Dft and in-silico appraisal of azo clubbed benzothiazole derivatives

Dammak-Oueslati, I.; Fernandez, V.; Trousson, C.; Lopez, E.; Biran, V.; Nasser, H.; Alison, M.; LeMorvan, N.; Husson, I.; DeSalins, M.; Delanoé, C., 2018:
Quels sont les critres Eeg pronostiques pertinents dans lencphalopathie anoxo-ischmique du nouveau-n terme, lre de lhypothermie thrapeutique?

Thibaud, J.L.; Wary, C.; Moullec, S.; Azzabou, N.; LeGuiner, C.; Garcia, L.; Montus, M.; Cherel, Y.; Fromes, Y.; Servais, L.; Roques, S.; Moullier, P.; Voit, T.; Carlier, P.G., 2012:
T.P.23 Quantitative evaluation of locoregional high venous pressure rAav8-U7- Ese6-Ese8 exon-skipping therapy in the Grmd dog using Nmr 1H imaging and 31P spectroscopy

Brami, C.; Trivalle, C.; Maillot, P., 2018:
Faisabilit et intrt de lentranement en exergames pour des patients Alzheimer en Sld

Ramachandran, S.; Ramadas, K.; Radhakrishna Pillai, M., 2009:
P2.119. Dna repair genes in oral carcinogenesis and treatment response to radiation therapy

Parstorfer, M.; Weiberg, N.; Streich, N.; Barié, A.; Friedmann-Bette, B., 2018:
Muskulre Adaptation an Ruhigstellung und Teilentlastung nach vorderer Kreuzbandplastik

Treglia, G.; Bongiovanni, M.; Giovanella, L., 2014:
Pancreatic small cell carcinoma incidentally detected by 18F-Fdg-Pet/Ct

Zhu, X.; Li, B., 2019:
Numerical simulation of dynamic buckling response considering lateral vibration behaviors in drillstring

Zheng, H.; Hu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Wang, M.; Du, X.; Dong, G., 2019:
Meta-analyses of the functional neural alterations in subjects with Internet gaming disorder: Similarities and differences across different paradigms

Yan, J.; Lin, Q.; Zhao, S.; Chen, L., 2018:
Effect of seed nuclei combined with acoustic field on fine particles removal

Horvat, A., 2018:
Cfd methodology for simulation of Lng spills and rapid phase transition (Rpt)

Avnaim-Katav, S.; Almogi-Labin, A.; Schneider-Mor, A.; Crouvi, O.; Burke, A.A.; Kremenetski, K.V.; MacDonald, G.M., 2019:
A multi-proxy shallow marine record for Mid-to-Late Holocene climate variability, Thera eruptions and cultural change in the Eastern Mediterranean

Shen, M.; Hu, Z.; Liu, G., 2016:
Dynamic response and viscous effect analysis of a Tlp-type floating wind turbine using a coupled aero-hydro-mooring dynamic code

Valero, A.; Valero, A.; Calvo, G., 2015:
Using thermodynamics to improve the resource efficiency indicator Gdp/Dmc

Li, X.; Ren, Q.; You, X.; Yang, Y.; Shan, M.; Wang, M., 2019:
Material flow analysis of discarded refrigerators from households in urban and rural areas of China

Badri, I.; Feki, W.; Feki, I.; Kotti, A.; Moussa, N.; Msaed, S.; Bahloul, N.; Ayadi, H.; Yangui, I.; Ketata, W.; Kammoun, S., 2018:
Valeur pronostique du dosage de la protine C ractive dans les pneumopathies aigus infectieuses: corrlation avec le score de Fine

Hamama, L.; Voisine, L.; Pierre, S.; Cesbron, D.; Ogé, L.; Lecerf, M.; Cailleux, S.; Bosselut, J.; Foucrier, S.; Foucher, F.; Berruyer, R.; Sakr, S.; Hibrand-Saint Oyant, L., 2019:
Improvement of in vitro donor plant competence to increase de novo shoot organogenesis in rose genotypes

Faber, A.-H.; Annevelink, M.P.J.A.; Schot, P.P.; Baken, K.A.; Schriks, M.; Emke, E.; de Voogt, P.; van Wezel, A.P., 2019 :
Chemical and bioassay assessment of waters related to hydraulic fracturing at a tight gas production site

Hawari, A.H.; Larbi, B.; Alkhatib, A.; Du, F.; Baune, M.; Thöming, J., 2019:
Insulator-based dielectrophoresis for fouling suppression in submerged membranes bioreactors: Impact of insulators shape and dimensions

Tripathi, N.; Singh, P.; Luxami, V.; Mahajan, D.; Kumar, S., 2018:
Spermine detection from urine and blood serum using ionic self-assembly of benzimidazolium based dipod and dodecylsulfate

Meisner, A.; Bååth, E.; Rousk, J., 2013:
Microbial growth responses upon rewetting soil dried for four days or one year

Orduña-Bustamante, F.; Padilla-Ortiz, A.L.; Torres-Gallegos, E.A., 2018:
Binaural speech intelligibility through personal and non-personal Hrtf via headphones, with added artificial noise and reverberation

Pratap, T.; Patra, K., 2018:
Direction dependent dynamic wetting of semi-hemispherical end micro-groove textured Ti-6Al-4V surface

Ulrich-Merzenich, G.; Hausen, A.; Zeitler, H.; Goldmann, G.; Oldenburg, J.; Pavlova, A., 2019:
The role of variant alleles of the mannose-binding lectin in the inhibitor development in severe hemophilia A

Mou, L., 2007:
On Buzyakova's example; quotients of the Cantor trees

Llibre, J.; Neumärker, N., 2015:
Period sets of linear toral endomorphisms on T 2

Aurichi, L.F.; Dias, R.R., 2019:
A minicourse on topological games

Delavaud, E.; Martenot, B.; Colin, B.; Py, J.Y.; Dehaut, F., 2014:
Ralisation dexercices de mise en situation en cas dvnement indsirable grave donneur sur les sites de prlvement de lEfs Centre Atlantique

Tovar, B.; Tichavska, M., 2019:
Environmental cost and eco-efficiency from vessel emissions under diverse Sox regulatory frameworks: A special focus on passenger port hubs

Stein, A.; Dekel, Y., 2013:
A Simple Method To Inject Dense Plaques of Peyronie's Disease

Shinbrot, X.A.; Wilkins, K.; Gretzel, U.; Bowser, G., 2019:
Unlocking womens sustainability leadership potential: Perceptions of contributions and challenges for women in sustainable development

Ross, M.E.; Wheeler, L.J.; Flink, D.M.; Lefkowits, C., 2018:
Outpatient opioid prescribing after gynecologic oncology surgery: Need for individualization

Mccombs, M.; B., G.; N., M.; W., J., 2005:
Incorporation of a Hepatocyte-Specific Compound in Polycationic Liposomes Enhances Gene Transfection in Hep G2 Cells

Sergott, R.C., 2011:
Optic Disc Evaluation in Optic Neuropathies: The Optic Disc Assessment Project

Shindel, A., 2011:
Hypercholesterolemia-Induced Erectile Dysfunction: Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase (eNos) Uncoupling in the Mouse Penis by Nad(P)H Oxidase

Jackson, R.W.; Anderson, G.D.; Held, B., 1975:
Amniotic fluid phospholipids and fetal lung maturity

M.U.T.,, 1925:
Slit Lamp Microscopy (Biomicroscopy) in Ophthalmology

Farina, F., 2004:
Alterations of O-glycosylation, cell wall, and mitochondrial metabolism in Kluyveromyces lactis cells defective in KlPmr1p, the Golgi Ca2+-Atpase

Tang, A., 1998:
Observation and basis of improved blood flow to the distal latissimus dorsi muscle: a case for electrical stimulation prior to grafting

Gillam, J.s., 1955:
Study of the Inadequate Secretion Phase Endometrium

Ojetti, V.; Sanchez, J.A.; Guerriero, C.; Fossati, B.; Tridente, A.; Capizzi, R.; Migneco, A.; Amerio, P.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2003:
High prevalence of coeliac disease in psoriasis

Nakamura, H.; Asaumi, H.; Nomiyama, Y.; Watanabe, S.; Otsuki, M., 2008:
M1833 Increased Expression of Smad6 Deteriorates Murine Acute Pancreatitis

Docena, G.H.; Fanning, A.; Rovedatti, L.; DiSabatino, A.; Leakey, N.A.; Knowles, C.H.; Lee, K.; Shanahan, F.; Nally, K.; McLean, P.; MacDonald, T.T.; Kruidenier, L., 2008:
W1167 Activation and Modulation of the Map Kinase Pathway in Ibd

Albrink, M.; Morton, C.; Villadolid, D.; Ross, S.B.; Cowgill, S.; Tapper, D.; Rosemurgy, A.S., 2008:
M1506 Single Incision Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Spiller, R.C.; Humes, D.J.; Richards, M.G.; Hastings, M.; Neal, K.R.; Whorwell, P.J., 2009:
M1245 Somatisation Predicts Symptom Severity and Consulting Behaviour in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients and Those with Symptomatic Diverticular Disease: Cause or Effect?

Chak, A.; Falk, G.W.; Grady, W.M.; Kinnard, M.F.; Barnholtz-Sloan, J.; Mittal, S.K.; King, J.F.; Willis, J.; Kondru, A.; Brock, W.E.; Elston, R., 2009:
T1924 Familiality, Obesity, and Other Risk Factors for Early Age of Cancer Diagnosis in Adenocarcinomas of the Esophagus and Gastro-Esophageal Junction

Seeger, M.; Günther, R.; Both, M.; Foelsch, U.R.; Hampe, J., 2009:
S1828 High Prevalence and Bleeding Risk of Unusual Transcapsular Portal Vein (Pv) Collaterals in Chronic Pv Thrombosis After Liver Transplantation, Pancreaticobiliary Surgery or Severe Pancreatitis

Kiebles, J.L.; Keefer, L., 2010:
M1056 Assessing Disease Acceptance in a Sample of Patients With Ibd: Preliminary Psychometrics of the Digestive Disease Acceptance Questionnaire (Ddaq)

Ragupathi, M.; Patel, C.B.; Gandhi, D.P.; Ramos-Valadez, D.I.; Haas, E.M., 2010:
T1354 Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation for Fecal Incontinence: Quantitative Assessment of Physiologic Outcomes

Oshima, T.; Koseki, J.; Hattori, T.; Kase, Y.; Tomita, T.; Tanaka, J.; Kim, Y.; Matsumoto, T.; Miwa, H., 2010:
W1925 Transient Receptor Potential A1 Suppresses Gastric Accommodation in a New Conscious Guinea Pig Model

Aljudaibi, B.; Schwarz, U.I.; Kim, R.B.; Dresser, G.K.; Ponich, T.P.; Chande, N.; Gregor, J.C.; Huda, N., 2012:
Sa2026 Thiopurine Methyltransferase, Inosine Triphosphate Pyrophosphohydrolase and Glutathione S Transferases Genotypes Among Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated With Azathioprine

Castro, J.; Harrington, A.M.; Page, A.J.; Brierley, S.M., 2012:
Mo1842 Downstream Signaling Pathways of Nitric Oxide Induced Modulation of Colonic Afferent Mechanosensitivity

Taha, H.; Bassendine, M.F.; Hudson, M.; Record, C.; Mardini, H.; Baxter, K.; Miller, C.; McPherson, S., 2012:
Tu1025 Validation of Transient Elastography in Predicting Advanced Fibrosis and Cirrhosis-a Local Perspective

Kobayashi, N.; Konishi, J.; Hirahara, Y.; Matsuda, T.; Saito, Y.; Sekiguchi, R., 2013:
Sa1084 Positive Fecal Immunochemical Test Before Scheduled Surveillance Colonoscopy Was Valuable for the Detection of Interval Cancers - A Pilot Study

Abu-Abed, S.; Kirsch, R.; Chien-Hung Chen, J.; Riddell, R.H.; Manley, P., 2013:
Su1979 Multiple, Recurrent Inflammatory Polyps Associated With an Exon 18 Pdgfra Germline Mutation

Hacour, L.; Vicario, M.; Sevillano, C.; Pardon, N.A.; Vanheel, H.; Vanuytsel, T.; Vanormelingen, C.; Sancho, F.J.; Tack, J.F.; Farré, R., 2013:
Tu1848 Distribution of the Acid Sensing Channels Asic-1, Asic-2, 5Enac and Par-2 Receptors in the Human Esophageal Mucosa

Hreinsson, J.P.; Palsdottir, S.; Bjornsson, E., 2014:
The Association of Drugs and Specific Causes of Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: a Prospective Study

Cho, K.H.; Lee, M.J.; Park, H.M.; Im, W.; Choi, S., 2014:
Sa2037 Effect of Da-6886 on Gastrointestinal Transit and Defecation in Mice

Grattagliano, I.; Ubaldi, E.; Wang, D.Q.; Portincasa, P., 2014:
Mo1989 A Multicenter Study for Noninvasive Characterization of Metabolic Liver Steatosis/Steatohepatitis

Pescarus, R.; Cassera, M.A.; Shlomovitz, E.; Sharata, A.; Reavis, K.M.; Dunst, C.M.; Swanstro, L.L., 2014:
Su1802 Endoscopic Suturing Versus Endoclip Closure of Mucosotomy in Poem: A Case-Control Study

de la Paz Temprano, M.; Vázquez, H.; Smecuol, E.; Longarini, G.I.; Costa, A.F.; Jer, H.H.; Sugai, E.; Moreno, M.L.; Niveloni, S.I.; Mazure, R.M.; Bai, J.C.; Gonzalez, A.F.; Mauriño, E., 2015:
Sa1303 The Gluten-Free Diet Produces an Increased Body Mass Index and an Abnormal Waist Circumference Which Is Not Related to the Composition of Food Intake

Govani, S.M.; Prabhu, A.; Rubenfire, M.; Walden, P.S.; Rubenstein, J.H., 2015:
Mo1314 Resolution of Gerd Symptoms in a Structured Weight Loss Program

Moole, H.; Cashman, M.D.; Volmar, F.-H.; Dhillon, S.; Bechtold, M.L.; Puli, S.R., 2015:
Sa1869 Is There a Morbidity and Survival Benefit for Metal Over Plastic Stents in Managing Malignant Distal Biliary Strictures? A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Shi, M.; Shen, S.; Nie, S.; Yu, Y.; Qian, X.; Kong, B.; Zou, X., 2018:
Fgfr Signaling Pathway Plays an Important Role in Regulating Pancreatic Acinar-to-Ductal Metaplasia

Lee, R.; Dienhart, M.; Gniadek, M.; Lubago, S.; Jacobs, S.; Balint, J.; Mezoff, E., 2018:
Sa2021 - Vitamin D Deficiency and Supplementation in Pediatric Intestinal Failure

Ramos, G.P.; Al-Bawardy, B.; Willrich, M.A.V.; Papadakis, K.A.; Kane, S.V.; Raffals, L.H.; Faubion, W.; Tremaine, W.J.; Loftus, E.V., 2018:
Mo1855 - Certolizumab Trough Levels and Antibodies in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Single-Center Experience

Sy, A.M.; Westerfield, K.; Malet, P.F., 2018:
Su1543 - Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Do they Lose Weight?

Bandres, D.J.; Prada, C.E.; Soto, J.R.; Davila, M.; Muñoz, G.; Bandres, M.V.; Peña, A.; Gonzalez, M.A.; Louis, C.; Gamboa, F.E., 2019:
Tu1690 Per Rectal Endoscopic Myotomy for Hirshprung's Disease in Rescue of Unsuccessfull Previous Surgical Myomectomy

Ventolini, G.; Bolivar, B., 2012:
W251 Gestational Trophoblastic Disease In Africa. A Case Report And A Brief Review

Bewley, C., 2004:
New Carbohydrate Specificity and Hiv-1 Fusion Blocking Activity of the Cyanobacterial Protein Mvl: Nmr, Itc and Sedimentation Equilibrium Studies

Atala, A., 2002:
Urethral Mobilization and Advancement For Midshaft to Distal Hypospadias

Al-Abadi, H.; Nagel, R., 1992:
Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Renal Pelvis and Ureter: Prognostic Relevance of Nuclear Deoxyribonucleic Acid Ploidy Studied by Slide Cytometry: An 8-Year Survival Time Study

Tremann, J.A.; Norris, H.T.; McRoberts, J.W., 1971:
Lymphoproliferative Disease oif the Bladder

Schmermund, A.; Lerman, L.O.; Ritman, E.L.; Rumberger, J.A., 1999:
Cardiac Production of Angiotensin Ii and Its Pharmacologic Inhibition: Effects on the Coronary Circulation

Breitbart, W.; Mermelstein, H., 1992:
An Alternative Psychostimulant for the Management of Depressive Disorders in Cancer Patients

Curtright, T.L.; Zachos, C.K., 2015:
Elementary Results for the Fundamental Representation of Su(3)

Krizek, T.J.; Robson, M.C., 1975:
Biology of Surgical Infection

Ludlam, W.H., 2009:
Octreotide Lar vs. surgery in newly diagnosed patients with acromegaly: a randomized, open-label, multicentre study

Yokoe, T., 2000:
Expression of interleukin 12 receptor ?2 chain in patients with atopic asthma and atopic dermatitis

Takatsuji, K.; Tohyama, M., 1928:
The Treatment Of Crime

Reichard, K.K., 1920:
The Metric System In The Balance

Almansa, C.; Wang, B.; Achem, S.R., 1943:
Hospital Service For Middle-Class Londoners

Rochigneux, J.-C., 1933:
Goitre In Derbyshire

Porter, C., 1923:
The Principles And Practice Of Health Legislation

Martindale, W.H., 1926:
Basic Quinine And Other Alkaloidal Injections

Harries, E.H.R.; Macfarlane, W.M.; Brayshaw Gilhespy, F., 1927:
The Carrier Of Virulent Diphtheria Bacilli

Pringle, S., 1907:
Sacro-Coccygeal Teratoid Tumour With Formation Of Metastases In The Groin

LeGros Clark,, 1909:
Disinfection After Cancer

Rauch, J.N., 1906:
The Examination Of Food In The Borough Of Stepney

Lombaerts, M., 1896:

Lawrie, E., 1881:
Two Cases Of Angioma

Gairdner, W.T., 1875:
Note On Dr. Harvey'S Communication "On The Physical Cause Of The Presystolic Murmur."

Philpot Brookes, W., 1849:
Report Of A Case Of Abscess Of The Spermatic Cord

Englund, M., 1842:
Branding Deserters

McCall, C., 2014:
Tobacco advertising still rife in southeast Asia

Yang, Y., 1952:
Proposed Register Of Opticians

Laurance, B..; Matthews, W.B.; Shephard, R.H., 1960:
Raised Intracranial Pressure Associated With Triamcinolone

Cooper, A.; Ashcroft, G., 1966:
Potentiation Of Insulin HypoglycMia By M.A.0.1. Antidepressant Drugs

Brock, D.J.H.; Hughes-Davies, T.H., 1974:
Changing Pattern Of Antenatal Diagnosis

Modan, B.; Tirosh, M.; Weissenberg, E.; Acker, C.; Swartz, T.A.; Costin, C.; Donagi, A.; Revach, M.; Vettorazzi, G., 1983:
The Arjenyattah Epidemic

Nirmalan, P.; K., J.; T., J.; R., A.; T., R.; K., R.; R., R., 2004:
Ocular trauma in a rural south Indian population*1The Aravind Comprehensive Eye Survey

Holz, F.G.; Wolfensberger, T.J.; Piguet, B.; Gross-Jendroska, M.; Wells, J.A.; Minassian, D.C.; Chisholm, I.H.; Bird, A.C., 1994:
Bilateral Macular Drusen in Age-related Macular Degeneration

Tkachenko, M., 2002:
Provisional solution to a Comfortvan Mill problem

Kenderov, P.S.; Kortezov, I.S.; Moors, W.B., 2001:
Continuity points of quasi-continuous mappings

Perez Romasanta, L.A.; Velasco-Jimenez, J.; Bellón-Guardia, M.; Lozano, E.; Sanz Martin, M.; Mendicote Leon, F.E.; Soriano-Castrejón, A., 2010:
84 poster: 18F-Fdg-Pet-Ct Automatic Tumor Contouring for Head and Neck Cancer Radiotherapy: Signal to Background Ratio Method

Clausen, M.; Khachonkham, S.; Kuess, P.; Knäusl, B.; Georg, D.; Dörr, W.; Gruber, S., 2018:
Ep-1729: Dosimetric characterization of a novel phantom for cell irradiation in active proton beam scanning

Grady, B.P.X.; Krol, A.; van den Berg, C.; van der Helm, J.; Schinkel, J.; Coutinho, R.; Prins, M., 2010:
No Evidence For An Impact On Mortality In Chronically Hcv Infected Drug Users

Ganne, N.; Bourcier, V.; Chaffaut, C.; Archambaud, I.; Oberti, F.; Perarnau, J.-M.; Roulot, D.; Louvet, A.; Moreno, C.; Dao, T.; Moirand, R.; Goria, O.; Nguyen-Khac, E.; Henrion, J.; Pol, S., 2015:
G08 : Incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (Hcc) and complications in alcoholic compensated cirrhosis. Preliminary results of a multicenter prospective French and belgian cohort (Inca Cirral)

Alexopoulou, A.; Pouriki, S.; Vasilieva, L.; Alexopoulos, T.; Diamantea, F.; Gioka, M.; Nakou, A.; Zampetas, D.; Mani, I.; Ntourakis, S., 2018:
Evaluation of the new criteria in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis liver disease

Vasiljević-Krusšedolac, D.; Stanisic, G.; Vasic, N.; Jovanovic, D.; Takac-Kostic, M., 1997:
Herpes infections in patients with lung cancer in premalignant period

Jolicoeur, F.B.; Barbeau, A.; Rioux, F.; Quirion, R.; St-Pierre, S., 1981:
Differential neurobehavioral effects of neurotensin and structural analogues

González Enríquez, J.; Salvador Llivina, T., 1996:
Profesionales de la salud y tabaco: n avances en espana

Lei, L.; Guang, C.; Baixin, W.; Liping, C.; Shuqiu, W.; Zhixin, L.; Xiaoru, M.; Fangfang, W.; Yanfeng, L.; Jiamei, W.; Zhiwei, Y., 2016:
Effect of Fanbaicao (Herba Potentillae Discoloris) oil on the expression of p21 and Cdk4 in HepG2 cells

Dreyfus, H.; Urban, P.F.; Neskovic, N.; Mandel, P., 1971:
Distribution des phosphatides et marquage du phosphore lipidique et du phosphate minral de rtines de rat et de veau

Kalach, N., 2004:
IgE totales et IgE spcifiques des aliments de l'enfant (Rast F$times;5S) au cours de la croissance de l'enfant*1

Newsome, P.; Palmer, M.; Freilich, B.; Sheikh, M.; Sheikh, A.; Sarles, H.; Herring, R.; Mantry, P.; Kayali, Z.; Hassanein, T.; Chen, Y.; Aithal, G., 2019:
Lbp-24-Safety, tolerability and efficacy of volixibat, an apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter inhibitor, in adults with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: 24-week interim analysis results from a phase 2 study

Caudle, A.B.; Pugh, D.G., 1986:

Steele, V.E.; Boone, C.W.; Lubet, R.A.; Crowell, J.A.; Holmes, C.A.; Sigman, C.C.; Kelloff, G.J., 1998:
Preclinical Drug Development Paradigms For Chemopreventives

DeJuliàn, R.; Ruiz, J.; Lago, M.; Puente, S.; Baquero, M.; Gascón, J.; Gónzalez-Lahoz, J., 2007:
P1510 Traveller diarrhoea. Aetiological study in a tropical medicine unit

King, M.V.; Shortall, S.E.; Green, A.R.; Fone, K.C.F., 2014:
P.1.g.026 Contribution of 5-Ht and dopamine to the physiological and behavioural effects of mephedrone following binge dosing in the rat

DaCunha-Bang, S.; Hjordt, L.; Perfalk, E.; Beliveau, V.; Bock, C.; Sestoft, D.; Lehel, S.; Svarer, C.; Knudsen, G.M., 2016:
P.3.026 Serotonin 1B receptor binding is associated with trait anger and psychopathy in personality disordered violent offenders

Beckman, R.A.; Schemmann, G.S.; Yeang, C.H., 2012:
Next Generation Personalized Medicine Strategies Incorporating Genetic Dynamics and Single Cell Heterogeneity May Lead to Improved Outcomes

Arlotto, M.D.; Michael, M.D.; Kilgore, M.W.; Simpson, E.R., 1996:
17-Hydroxylase gene expression in the bovine ovary: Mechanisms regulating expression differ from those in adrenal cells

D., Y.-M., 2015:
Siemens: le parc des nouveaux analyseurs

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