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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67038

Chapter 67038 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Meisner, A.; Bååth, E.; Rousk, J., 2013:
Microbial growth responses upon rewetting soil dried for four days or one year

Li, J.; Ziegler, S.E.; Lane, C.S.; Billings, S.A., 2013:
Legacies of native climate regime govern responses of boreal soil microbes to litter stoichiometry and temperature

Fissore, C.; Giardina, C.P.; Kolka, R.K., 2013:
Reduced substrate supply limits the temperature response of soil organic carbon decomposition

Qin, H.; Wang, H.; Strong, P.J.; Li, Y.; Xu, Q.; Wu, Q., 2014:
Rapid soil fungal community response to intensive management in a bamboo forest developed from rice paddies

Strauss, S.L.; Reardon, C.L.; Mazzola, M., 2014:
The response of ammonia-oxidizer activity and community structure to fertilizer amendment of orchard soils

Wei, W.; Isobe, K.; Shiratori, Y.; Nishizawa, T.; Ohte, N.; Otsuka, S.; Senoo, K., 2014:
N2O emission from cropland field soil through fungal denitrification after surface applications of organic fertilizer

Pailler, A.; Vennetier, M.; Torre, F.; Ripert, C.; Guiral, D., 2014:
Forest soil microbial functional patterns and response to a drought and warming event: Key role of climateplantsoil interactions at a regional scale

Warren, C.R., 2014:
Response of osmolytes in soil to drying and rewetting

Kotroczó, Z.; Veres, Z.; Fekete, I.; Krakomperger, Z.; Tóth, J.A.; Lajtha, K.; Tóthmérész, B., 2014:
Soil enzyme activity in response to long-term organic matter manipulation

Boudiaf, I.; LeRoux, C.; Baudoin, E.; Galiana, A.; Beddiar, A.; Prin, Y.; Duponnois, R., 2014:
Soil Bradyrhizobium population response to invasion of a natural Quercus suber forest by the introduced nitrogen-fixing tree Acacia mearnsii in El Kala National Park, Algeria

Lessard, I.; Sauvé, S.; Deschênes, L., 2014:
Toxicity response of a new enzyme-based functional diversity methodology for Zn-contaminated field-collected soils

Wang, Q.; Wang, S.; He, T.; Liu, L.; Wu, J., 2014:
Response of organic carbon mineralization and microbial community to leaf litter and nutrient additions in subtropical forest soils

Xi, N.; Carrère, P.; Bloor, J.M.G., 2014:
Nitrogen form and spatial pattern promote asynchrony in plant and soil responses to nitrogen inputs in a temperate grassland

Makoto, K.; Arai, M.; Kaneko, N., 2014:
Change the menu? Species-dependent feeding responses of millipedes to climate warming and the consequences for plantsoil nitrogen dynamics

Harrison-Kirk, T.; Beare, M.H.; Meenken, E.D.; Condron, L.M., 2014:
Soil organic matter and texture affect responses to dry/wet cycles: Changes in soil organic matter fractions and relationships with C and N mineralisation

Gao, Q.; Hasselquist, N.J.; Palmroth, S.; Zheng, Z.; You, W., 2014:
Short-term response of soil respiration to nitrogen fertilization in a subtropical evergreen forest

Hopkins, F.M.; Filley, T.R.; Gleixner, G.; Lange, M.; Top, S.M.; Trumbore, S.E., 2014:
Increased belowground carbon inputs and warming promote loss ofsoil organic carbon through complementary microbial responses

Yun, S.-I.; Ro, H.-M., 2014:
Can nitrogen isotope fractionation reveal ammonia oxidation responses to varying soil moisture?

Xie, Z.; LeRoux, X.; Wang, C.; Gu, Z.; An, M.; Nan, H.; Chen, B.; Li, F.; Liu, Y.; Du, G.; Feng, H.; Ma, X., 2014:
Identifying response groups of soil nitrifiers and denitrifiers to grazing and associated soil environmental drivers in Tibetan alpine meadows

Warren, C.R., 2014:
Response of organic N monomers in a sub-alpine soil to a drywet cycle

Barrett, G.; Campbell, C.D.; Hodge, A., 2014:
The direct response of the external mycelium of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to temperature and the implications for nutrient transfer

Kakumanu, M.L.; Williams, M.A., 2014:
Osmolyte dynamics and microbial communities vary in response to osmotic more than matric water deficit gradients in two soils

López-Poma, R.; Bautista, S., 2014:
Plant regeneration functional groups modulate the response to fire of soil enzyme activities in a Mediterranean shrubland

Souza-Alonso, P.; Novoa, A.; González, L., 2014:
Soil biochemical alterations and microbial community responses under Acacia dealbata Link invasion

Yao, M.; Rui, J.; Li, J.; Dai, Y.; Bai, Y.; Heděnec, P.; Wang, J.; Zhang, S.; Pei, K.; Liu, C.; Wang, Y.; Zhili He, ; Frouz, J.; Li, X., 2014:
Rate-specific responses of prokaryotic diversity and structure to nitrogen deposition in the Leymus chinensis steppe

Creamer, C.A.; de Menezes, A.B.; Krull, E.S.; Sanderman, J.; Newton-Walters, R.; Farrell, M., 2015:
Microbial community structure mediates response of soil C decomposition to litter addition and warming

Wang, R.; Dorodnikov, M.; Yang, S.; Zhang, Y.; Filley, T.R.; Turco, R.F.; Zhang, Y.; Xu, Z.; Li, H.; Jiang, Y., 2015:
Responses of enzymatic activities within soil aggregates to 9-year nitrogen and water addition in a semi-arid grassland

Chagnon, P.-L.; Bradley, R.L., 2015:
The relative importance of host vigor and hormonal response to pathogens in controlling the development of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Procter, A.C.; Gill, R.A.; Fay, P.A.; Polley, H.W.; Jackson, R.B., 2015:
Soil carbon responses to past and future Co2 in three Texas prairie soils

Zhang, J.; Tang, X.; He, X.; Liu, J., 2015:
Glomalin-related soil protein responses to elevated Co2 and nitrogen addition in a subtropical forest: Potential consequences for soil carbon accumulation

Crowther, T.W.; Sokol, N.W.; Oldfield, E.E.; Maynard, D.S.; Thomas, S.M.; Bradford, M.A., 2015:
Environmental stress response limits microbial necromass contributions to soil organic carbon

Joly, F.-X.; Coulis, M.; Gérard, A.; Fromin, N.; Hättenschwiler, S., 2015:
Litter-type specific microbial responses to the transformation of leaf litter into millipede feces

Eberwein, J.R.; Oikawa, P.Y.; Allsman, L.A.; Jenerette, G.D., 2015:
Carbon availability regulates soil respiration response to nitrogen and temperature

Moni, C.; Lerch, T.Z.; Knoth de Zarruk, K.; Strand, L.T.; Forte, C.; Certini, G.; Rasse, D.P., 2015:
Temperature response of soil organic matter mineralisation in arctic soil profiles

Mayor, J.R.; Mack, M.C.; Schuur, E.A.G., 2015:
Decoupled stoichiometric, isotopic, and fungal responses of an ectomycorrhizal black spruce forest to nitrogen and phosphorus additions

Meisner, A.; Rousk, J.; Bååth, E., 2015:
Prolonged drought changes the bacterial growth response to rewetting

Ma, Q.; Wu, Z.; Shen, S.; Zhou, H.; Jiang, C.; Xu, Y.; Liu, R.; Yu, W., 2015:
Responses of biotic and abiotic effects on conservation and supply of fertilizer N to inhibitors and glucose inputs

Nazaries, L.; Tottey, W.; Robinson, L.; Khachane, A.; Al-Soud, W.A.; Sørenson, S.; Singh, B.K., 2015:
Shifts in the microbial community structure explain the response of soil respiration to land-use change but not to climate warming

Wagner, D.; Eisenhauer, N.; Cesarz, S., 2015:
Plant species richness does not attenuate responses of soil microbial and nematode communities to a flood event

Liu, Y.; Johnson, N.C.; Mao, L.; Shi, G.; Jiang, S.; Ma, X.; Du, G.; An, L.; Feng, H., 2015:
Phylogenetic structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal community shifts in response to increasing soil fertility

Ji, Y.; Fernandez Scavino, A.; Klose, M.; Claus, P.; Conrad, R., 2015:
Functional and structural responses of methanogenic microbial communities in Uruguayan soils to intermittent drainage

Chen, D.; Wang, Y.; Lan, Z.; Li, J.; Xing, W.; Hu, S.; Bai, Y., 2015:
Biotic community shifts explain the contrasting responses of microbial and root respiration to experimental soil acidification

Hu, X.; Liu, L.; Zhu, B.; Du, E.; Hu, X.; Li, P.; Zhou, Z.; Ji, C.; Zhu, J.; Shen, H.; Fang, J., 2016:
Asynchronous responses of soil carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide emissions and net nitrogen mineralization to enhanced fine root input

Podrebarac, F.A.; Laganière, J.; Billings, S.A.; Edwards, K.A.; Ziegler, S.E., 2016:
Soils isolated during incubation underestimate temperature sensitivity of respiration and its response to climate history

Liu, Y.-R.; Delgado-Baquerizo, M.; Trivedi, P.; He, J.-Z.; Singh, B.K., 2016:
Species identity of biocrust-forming lichens drives the response of soil nitrogen cycle to altered precipitation frequency and nitrogen amendment

Männistö, M.; Ganzert, L.; Tiirola, M.; Häggblom, M.M.; Stark, S., 2016:
Do shifts in life strategies explain microbial community responses to increasing nitrogen in tundra soil?

Peltoniemi, K.; Laiho, R.; Juottonen, H.; Bodrossy, L.; Kell, D.K.; Minkkinen, K.; Mäkiranta, P.; Mehtätalo, L.; Penttilä, T.; Siljanen, H.M.P.; Tuittila, E.-S.; Tuomivirta, T.; Fritze, H., 2016:
Responses of methanogenic and methanotrophic communities to warming in varying moisture regimes of two boreal fens

Zhang, F.-G.; Zhang, Q.-G., 2016:
Microbial diversity limits soil heterotrophic respiration and mitigates the respiration response to moisture increase

Riggs, C.E.; Hobbie, S.E., 2016:
Mechanisms driving the soil organic matter decomposition response to nitrogen enrichment in grassland soils

Martins, C.S.C.; Macdonald, C.A.; Anderson, I.C.; Singh, B.K., 2016:
Feedback responses of soil greenhouse gas emissions to climate change are modulated by soil characteristics in dryland ecosystems

Hansen, M.; Saarsalmi, A.; Peltre, C., 2016:
Changes in Som composition and stability to microbial degradation over time in response to wood chip ash fertilisation

Li, W.; Wu, J.; Bai, E.; Guan, D.; Wang, A.; Yuan, F.; Wang, S.; Jin, C., 2016:
Response of terrestrial nitrogen dynamics to snow cover change: A meta-analysis of experimental manipulation

Semenova, T.A.; Morgado, L.N.; Welker, J.M.; Walker, M.D.; Smets, E.; Geml, J., 2016:
Compositional and functional shifts in arctic fungal communities in response to experimentally increased snow depth

Muema, E.K.; Cadisch, G.; Rasche, F., 2016:
Soil texture modulates the response of ammonia-oxidizing prokaryotes to biochemical quality of organic inputs in tropical agricultural soils

Ma, W.; Jiang, S.; Assemien, F.; Qin, M.; Ma, B.; Xie, Z.; Liu, Y.; Feng, H.; Du, G.; Ma, X.; LeRoux, X., 2016:
Response of microbial functional groups involved in soil N cycle to N, P and Np fertilization in Tibetan alpine meadows

Li, W.; Wu, J.; Bai, E.; Jin, C.; Wang, A.; Yuan, F.; Guan, D., 2016:
Response of terrestrial carbon dynamics to snow cover change: A meta-analysis of experimental manipulation (Ii)

Li, H.; Yang, S.; Xu, Z.; Yan, Q.; Li, X.; van Nostrand, J.D.; He, Z.; Yao, F.; Han, X.; Zhou, J.; Deng, Y.; Jiang, Y., 2017:
Responses of soil microbial functional genes to global changes are indirectly influenced by aboveground plant biomass variation

Zhang, Q.; Liang, G.; Myrold, D.D.; Zhou, W., 2017:
Variable responses of ammonia oxidizers across soil particle-size fractions affect nitrification in a long-term fertilizer experiment

Jing, Z.; Chen, R.; Wei, S.; Feng, Y.; Zhang, J.; Lin, X., 2017:
Response and feedback of C mineralization to P availability driven by soil microorganisms

Preusser, S.; Marhan, S.; Poll, C.; Kandeler, E., 2017:
Microbial community response to changes in substrate availability and habitat conditions in a reciprocal subsoil transfer experiment

Su, J.-Q.; Xia, Y.; Yao, H.-Y.; Li, Y.-Y.; An, X.-L.; Singh, B.K.; Zhang, T.; Zhu, Y.-G., 2017:
Metagenomic assembly unravel microbial response to redox fluctuation in acid sulfate soil

Li, J.; He, N.; Xu, L.; Chai, H.; Liu, Y.; Wang, D.; Wang, L.; Wei, X.; Xue, J.; Wen, X.; Sun, X., 2017:
Asymmetric responses of soil heterotrophic respiration to rising and decreasing temperatures

Liu, Y.-R.; Delgado-Baquerizo, M.; Trivedi, P.; He, J.-Z.; Wang, J.-T.; Singh, B.K., 2017:
Identity of biocrust species and microbial communities drive the response of soil multifunctionality to simulated global change

Gubry-Rangin, C.; Novotnik, B.; Mandič-Mulec, I.; Nicol, G.W.; Prosser, J.I., 2017:
Temperature responses of soil ammonia-oxidising archaea depend on pH

Bokhorst, S.; Kardol, P.; Bellingham, P.J.; Kooyman, R.M.; Richardson, S.J.; Schmidt, S.; Wardle, D.A., 2017:
Responses of communities of soil organisms and plants to soil aging at two contrasting long-term chronosequences

Ying, J.; Li, X.; Wang, N.; Lan, Z.; He, J.; Bai, Y., 2017:
Contrasting effects of nitrogen forms and soil pH on ammonia oxidizing microorganisms and their responses to long-term nitrogen fertilization in a typical steppe ecosystem

Romero-Olivares, A.L.; Allison, S.D.; Treseder, K.K., 2017:
Soil microbes and their response to experimental warming over time: A meta-analysis of field studies

Rath, K.M.; Maheshwari, A.; Rousk, J., 2017:
The impact of salinity on the microbial response to drying and rewetting in soil

Qin, S.; Pang, Y.; Clough, T.; Wrage-Mönnig, N.; Hu, C.; Zhang, Y.; Zhou, S.; Fang, Y., 2017:
N2 production via aerobic pathways may play a significant role in nitrogen cycling in upland soils

Yin, C.; Fan, F.; Song, A.; Fan, X.; Ding, H.; Ran, W.; Qiu, H.; Liang, Y., 2017 :
The response patterns of community traits of N2O emission-related functional guilds to temperature across different arable soils under inorganic fertilization

Chen, Y.; Ma, S.; Sun, J.; Wang, X.; Cheng, G.; Lu, X., 2017:
Chemical diversity and incubation time affect non-additive responses of soil carbon and nitrogen cycling to litter mixtures from an alpine steppe soil

Wang, X.; Siciliano, S.; Helgason, B.; Bedard-Haughn, A., 2017:
Responses of a mountain peatland to increasing temperature: A microcosm study of greenhouse gas emissions and microbial community dynamics

Pold, G.; Grandy, A.S.; Melillo, J.M.; DeAngelis, K.M., 2017:
Changes in substrate availability drive carbon cycle response to chronic warming

Coyle, D.R.; Nagendra, U.J.; Taylor, M.K.; Campbell, J.H.; Cunard, C.E.; Joslin, A.H.; Mundepi, A.; Phillips, C.A.; Callaham, M.A., 2017:
Soil fauna responses to natural disturbances, invasive species, and global climate change: Current state of the science and a call to action

Bokhorst, S.; Berg, M.P.; Wardle, D.A., 2017:
Micro-arthropod community responses to ecosystem retrogression in boreal forest

Cruz-Paredes, C.; Wallander, H.; Kjøller, R.; Rousk, J., 2017:
Using community trait-distributions to assign microbial responses to pH changes and Cd in forest soils treated with wood ash

Brouillard, B.M.; Mikkelson, K.M.; Bokman, C.M.; Berryman, E.M.; Sharp, J.O., 2017:
Extent of localized tree mortality influences soil biogeochemical response in a beetle-infested coniferous forest

Andrés, P.; Moore, J.C.; Cotrufo, F.; Denef, K.; Haddix, M.L.; Molowny-Horas, R.; Riba, M.; Wall, D.H., 2017:
Grazing and edaphic properties mediate soil biotic response to altered precipitation patterns in a semiarid prairie

Tao, R.; Wakelin, S.A.; Liang, Y.; Chu, G., 2017:
Response of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria in calcareous soil to mineral and organic fertilizer application and their relative contribution to nitrification

Hu, Z.; Zhu, C.; Chen, X.; Bonkowski, M.; Griffiths, B.; Chen, F.; Zhu, J.; Hu, S.; Hu, F.; Liu, M., 2017:
Responses of rice paddy micro-food webs to elevated Co 2 are modulated by nitrogen fertilization and crop cultivars

Rasheed, M.U.; Kasurinen, A.; Kivimäenpää, M.; Ghimire, R.; Häikiö, E.; Mpmah, P.; Holopainen, J.K.; Holopainen, T., 2017:
The responses of shoot-root-rhizosphere continuum to simultaneous fertilizer addition, warming, ozone and herbivory in young Scots pine seedlings in a high latitude field experiment

Ren, C.; Zhao, F.; Shi, Z.; Chen, J.; Han, X.; Yang, G.; Feng, Y.; Ren, G., 2017:
Differential responses of soil microbial biomass and carbon-degrading enzyme activities to altered precipitation

Behrendt, T.; Braker, G.; Song, G.; Pommerenke, B.; Dörsch, P., 2017:
Nitric oxide emission response to soil moisture is linked to transcriptional activity of functional microbial groups

Xu, W.; Yuan, W., 2017:
Responses of microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen to experimental warming: A meta-analysis

Nuutinen, V.; Butt, K.R.; Hyväluoma, J.; Ketoja, E.; Mikola, J., 2017:
Soil faunal and structural responses to the settlement of a semi-sedentary earthworm Lumbricus terrestris in an arable clay field

Zhou, Z.; Wang, C.; Zheng, M.; Jiang, L.; Luo, Y., 2017:
Patterns and mechanisms of responses by soil microbial communities to nitrogen addition

Ren, C.; Chen, J.; Lu, X.; Doughty, R.; Zhao, F.; Zhong, Z.; Han, X.; Yang, G.; Feng, Y.; Ren, G., 2018:
Responses of soil total microbial biomass and community compositions to rainfall reductions

Kou, D.; Peng, Y.; Wang, G.; Ding, J.; Chen, Y.; Yang, G.; Fang, K.; Liu, L.; Zhang, B.; Müller, C.; Zhang, J.; Yang, Y., 2018:
Diverse responses of belowground internal nitrogen cycling to increasing aridity

Congreves, K.A.; Wagner-Riddle, C.; Si, B.C.; Clough, T.J., 2018:
Nitrous oxide emissions and biogeochemical responses to soil freezing-thawing and drying-wetting

Ahmed, M.A.; Sanaullah, M.; Blagodatskaya, E.; Mason-Jones, K.; Jawad, H.; Kuzyakov, Y.; Dippold, M.A., 2018:
Soil microorganisms exhibit enzymatic and priming response to root mucilage under drought

Francini, G.; Hui, N.; Jumpponen, A.; Kotze, D.J.; Romantschuk, M.; Allen, J.A.; Setälä, H., 2018:
Soil biota in boreal urban greenspace: Responses to plant type and age

Song, A.; Liang, Y.; Zeng, X.; Yin, H.; Xu, D.; Wang, B.; Wen, S.; Li, D.; Fan, F., 2018:
Substrate-driven microbial response: A novel mechanism contributes significantly to temperature sensitivity of N 2 O emissions in upland arable soil

Pascual, J.; Blanco, S.; Ramos, J.L.; van Dillewijn, P., 2018:
Responses of bulk and rhizosphere soil microbial communities to thermoclimatic changes in a Mediterranean ecosystem

Nguyen, L.T.T.; Osanai, Y.; Lai, K.; Anderson, I.C.; Bange, M.P.; Tissue, D.T.; Singh, B.K., 2018:
Responses of the soil microbial community to nitrogen fertilizer regimes and historical exposure to extreme weather events: Flooding or prolonged-drought

Duan, P.; Wu, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Fan, C.; Xiong, Z., 2018:
Thermodynamic responses of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria explain N 2 O production from greenhouse vegetable soils

Lynch, L.M.; Machmuller, M.B.; Cotrufo, M.F.; Paul, E.A.; Wallenstein, M.D., 2018:
Tracking the fate of fresh carbon in the Arctic tundra: Will shrub expansion alter responses of soil organic matter to warming?

Fernández-Alonso, M.J.; Curiel Yuste, J.; Kitzler, B.; Ortiz, C.; Rubio, A., 2018:
Changes in litter chemistry associated with global change-driven forest succession resulted in time-decoupled responses of soil carbon and nitrogen cycles

Li, G.; Kim, S.; Han, S.H.; Chang, H.; Du, D.; Son, Y., 2018:
Precipitation affects soil microbial and extracellular enzymatic responses to warming

Zhang, L.; He, N.; Chang, D.; Liu, X.; Zhang, X.; Xu, Y.; Zhao, C.; Sun, J.; Li, W.; Li, H.; Hu, F.; Xu, L., 2018:
Does ecotype matter? The influence of ecophysiology on benzo[a]pyrene and cadmium accumulation and distribution in earthworms

Wang, C.; Lu, X.; Mori, T.; Mao, Q.; Zhou, K.; Zhou, G.; Nie, Y.; Mo, J., 2018:
Responses of soil microbial community to continuous experimental nitrogen additions for 13 years in a nitrogen-rich tropical forest

Ball, B.A.; Adams, B.J.; Barrett, J.E.; Wall, D.H.; Virginia, R.A., 2018:
Soil biological responses to C, N and P fertilization in a polar desert of Antarctica

Sánchez-de León, Y.; Wise, D.H.; Lugo-Pérez, J.; Norby, R.J.; James, S.W.; Gonzalez-Meler, M.A., 2018:
Endogeic earthworm densities increase in response to higher fine-root production in a forest exposed to elevated Co 2

Cressey, E.L.; Dungait, J.A.J.; Jones, D.L.; Nicholas, A.P.; Quine, T.A., 2018:
Soil microbial populations in deep floodplain soils are adapted to infrequent but regular carbon substrate addition

Soong, J.L.; Marañon-Jimenez, S.; Cotrufo, M.F.; Boeckx, P.; Bodé, S.; Guenet, B.; Peñuelas, J.; Richter, A.; Stahl, C.; Verbruggen, E.; Janssens, I.A., 2018:
Soil microbial Cnp and respiration responses to organic matter and nutrient additions: Evidence from a tropical soil incubation

Czaban, W.; Rasmussen, J.; Laursen, B.B.; Vidkjær, N.H.; Sapkota, R.; Nicolaisen, M.; Fomsgaard, I.S., 2018:
Multiple effects of secondary metabolites on amino acid cycling in white clover rhizosphere

Contreras-Cornejo, H.A.; del-Val, E.; Macías-Rodríguez, L.; Alarcón, A.; González-Esquivel, C.E.; Larsen, J., 2018:
Trichoderma atroviride, a maize root associated fungus, increases the parasitism rate of the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda by its natural enemy Campoletis sonorensis

Jones, D.L.; Hill, P.W.; Smith, A.R.; Farrell, M.; Ge, T.; Banning, N.C.; Murphy, D.V., 2018:
Role of substrate supply on microbial carbon use efficiency and its role in interpreting soil microbial community-level physiological profiles (Clpp)

Ma, L.; Liu, G.; Xu, X.; Xin, X.; Bai, W.; Zhang, L.; Chen, S.; Wang, R., 2018:
Nitrogen acquisition strategies during the winter-spring transitional period are divergent at the species level yet convergent at the ecosystem level in temperate grasslands

Novak, M.; Suarez, S.P.; Gebauer, G.; Thoma, M.; Buzek, F.; Cejkova, B.; Jackova, I.; Stepanova, M.; Prechova, E.; Curik, J.; Veselovsky, F.; Valkova, I.; Blaha, V.; Fottova, D.; Komarek, A., 2018:
Relationship between nitrogen isotope ratios of No 3 and N 2 O in vertical porewater profiles through a polluted rain-fed peat bog

Hu, Y.; Zheng, Q.; Zhang, S.; Noll, L.; Wanek, W., 2018:
Significant release and microbial utilization of amino sugars and d -amino acid enantiomers from microbial cell wall decomposition in soils

Sauvadet, M.; Lashermes, G.; Alavoine, G.; Recous, S.; Chauvat, M.; Maron, P.-A.; Bertrand, I., 2018:
High carbon use efficiency and low priming effect promote soil C stabilization under reduced tillage

Huang, S.; Ye, G.; Lin, J.; Chen, K.; Xu, X.; Ruan, H.; Tan, F.; Chen, H.Y.H., 2018:
Autotrophic and heterotrophic soil respiration responds asymmetrically to drought in a subtropical forest in the Southeast China

Xiao, W.; Chen, X.; Jing, X.; Zhu, B., 2018:
A meta-analysis of soil extracellular enzyme activities in response to global change

Rousk, K.; Vestergård, M.; Christensen, S., 2018:
Are nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen fixation linked in temperate bogs?

Ma, B.; Lv, X.; Cai, Y.; Chang, S.X.; Dyck, M.F., 2018:
Liming does not counteract the influence of long-term fertilization on soil bacterial community structure and its co-occurrence pattern

Papale, M.; Conte, A.; Mikkonen, A.; Michaud, L.; LaFerla, R.; Azzaro, M.; Caruso, G.; Paranhos, R.; Cabral Anderson, S.; Maimone, G.; Rappazzo, A.C.; Rizzo, C.; Spanò, N.; LoGiudice, A.; Guglielmin, M., 2018:
Prokaryotic assemblages within permafrost active layer at Edmonson Point (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)

Keidel, L.; Lenhart, K.; Moser, G.; Müller, C., 2018:
Depth-dependent response of soil aggregates and soil organic carbon content to long-term elevated Co 2 in a temperate grassland soil

Tian, J.; He, N.; Kong, W.; Deng, Y.; Feng, K.; Green, S.M.; Wang, X.; Zhou, J.; Kuzyakov, Y.; Yu, G., 2018:
Deforestation decreases spatial turnover and alters the network interactions in soil bacterial communities

Xiong, D.; Yang, Z.; Chen, G.; Liu, X.; Lin, W.; Huang, J.; Bowles, F.P.; Lin, C.; Xie, J.; Li, Y.; Yang, Y., 2018:
Interactive effects of warming and nitrogen addition on fine root dynamics of a young subtropical plantation

Faber, J.; Quadros, A.F.; Zimmer, M., 2018:
A Space-For-Time approach to study the effects of increasing temperature on leaf litter decomposition under natural conditions

Gong, X.; Chen, T.-W.; Zieger, S.L.; Bluhm, C.; Heidemann, K.; Schaefer, I.; Maraun, M.; Liu, M.; Scheu, S., 2018:
Phylogenetic and trophic determinants of gut microbiota in soil oribatid mites

Zheng, Y.; Wang, S.; Bonkowski, M.; Chen, X.; Griffiths, B.; Hu, F.; Liu, M., 2018:
Litter chemistry influences earthworm effects on soil carbon loss and microbial carbon acquisition

Feng, J.; Wu, J.; Zhang, Q.; Zhang, D.; Li, Q.; Long, C.; Yang, F.; Chen, Q.; Cheng, X., 2018:
Stimulation of nitrogen-hydrolyzing enzymes in soil aggregates mitigates nitrogen constraint for carbon sequestration following afforestation in subtropical China

Treseder, K.K.; Berlemont, R.; Allison, S.D.; Martiny, A.C., 2018:
Nitrogen enrichment shifts functional genes related to nitrogen and carbon acquisition in the fungal community

Zhang, Z.; Xiao, J.; Yuan, Y.; Zhao, C.; Liu, Q.; Yin, H., 2018:
Mycelium- and root-derived C inputs differ in their impacts on soil organic C pools and decomposition in forests

Delgado-Baquerizo, M.; Eldridge, D.J.; Hamonts, K.; Reich, P.B.; Singh, B.K., 2018:
Experimentally testing the species-habitat size relationship on soil bacteria: A proof of concept

Zhong, Y.; Yan, W.; Wang, R.; Wang, W.; Shangguan, Z., 2018:
Decreased occurrence of carbon cycle functions in microbial communities along with long-term secondary succession

Alfaro, F.D.; Manzano, M.; Abades, S.; Trefault, N.; Iglesia, R.dela; Gaxiola, A.; Marquet, P.A.; Gutierrez, J.R.; Meserve, P.L.; Kelt, D.A.; Belnap, J.; Armesto, J.J., 2018:
Exclusion of small mammals and lagomorphs invasion interact with human-trampling to drive changes in topsoil microbial community structure and function in semiarid Chile

Miralles, I.; Ladrón de Guevara, M.; Chamizo, S.; Rodríguez-Caballero, E.; Ortega, R.; van Wesemael, B.; Cantón, Y., 2018:
Soil Co 2 exchange controlled by the interaction of biocrust successional stage and environmental variables in two semiarid ecosystems

Zhang, C.; Niu, D.; Song, M.; Elser, J.J.; Okie, J.G.; Fu, H., 2018:
Effects of rainfall manipulations on carbon exchange of cyanobacteria and moss-dominated biological soil crusts

Warren, C.R., 2018:
Development of online microdialysis-mass spectrometry for continuous minimally invasive measurement of soil solution dynamics

Dobrić, S.; Bååth, E., 2018:
Temperature affects lag period and growth of bacteria in soil according to a Ratkowsky (square root) model after a drying/rewetting episode

Mason-Jones, K.; Schmücker, N.; Kuzyakov, Y., 2018:
Contrasting effects of organic and mineral nitrogen challenge the N-Mining Hypothesis for soil organic matter priming

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Finite element implementation of efficient absorbing layers for time harmonic elastodynamics of unbounded domains

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Cold-formed steel centre-sheathed (mid-ply) shear walls

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Performance based design in geotechnical earthquake engineering

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Appropriate measures to prevent the liquefaction-induced inclination of existing houses

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Effect of soil reinforcement on rocking isolation potential of high-rise bridge foundations

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Ductility demands and residual displacements of pinching hysteretic timber structures subjected to seismic sequences

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Derivation of Shukla's generalized expression of seismic passive earth pressure on retaining walls with cohesive-frictional backfill by the inclined slice element method

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Square block foundation resting on an unbounded soil layer: Long-term prediction of vertical displacement using a time homogenization technique for dynamic loading

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Analysis of seismic damage mitigation for a pile-supported wharf structure

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Vibration isolation using 3D cellular confinement system: A numerical investigation

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Displacement-based seismic design of bridge bents retrofitted with various bracing devices and their seismic fragility assessment under near-fault and far-field ground motions

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Responses of caisson-piles foundations to long-term cyclic lateral load and scouring

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Importance of sidewall friction on manhole uplift during soil liquefaction

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Damage-based optimal design of friction dampers in multistory chevron braced steel frames

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Liquefaction induced displacement and rotation of structures with wide basements

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