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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67060

Chapter 67060 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Docena, G.H.; Fanning, A.; Rovedatti, L.; DiSabatino, A.; Leakey, N.A.; Knowles, C.H.; Lee, K.; Shanahan, F.; Nally, K.; McLean, P.; MacDonald, T.T.; Kruidenier, L., 2008:
W1167 Activation and Modulation of the Map Kinase Pathway in Ibd

DiSabatino, A.; Battista, N.; Biancheri, P.; Cazzola, P.; Vanoli, A.; Rovedatti, L.; Astarita, G.; Piomelli, D.; MacDonald, T.T.; Maccarrone, M.; Corazza, G.R., 2008:
W1168 A Key Role for the Endocannabinoid System in Dampening T Helper Cell Type 1 Response in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Bourreille, A.; Bouchaud, G.; Mortier, E.; Plet, A.; Galmiche, J.P.; Jacques, Y., 2008:
W1169 Il-15 and Il-15 Soluble Receptor in Crohn's Disease Active Patients Before and After Infliximab Treatment

Witte, A.; Kuhne, M.R.; Preston, B.T.; Wallace, S.R.; Chen, S.; Vasudevan, G.; Yellin, M.; Das, K.M.; Cardarelli, P.M., 2008:
W1170 Cxcl10 Expression and Biological Activities in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Fossati, G.; Platt, A.; Doughty, S.; Nesbitt, A.M., 2008:
W1172 Effect of Certolizumab Pegol and Conventional Anti-Tnfs On Reverse Signaling of Membrane Tnf in Human Monocytes

Fedele, R.; Spagnuolo, R.; Cosimo, P.; Ruggiero, G.; Cosco, V.; Cosco, C.; Marasco, R.; Doldo, P., 2008:
W1173 An In Vivo Study to Evaluate Mlck Expression in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Ebert, E.C.; Das, K.M.; Mithani, S., 2008:
W1174 Innate Anti-Tnf Antibodies That Neutralize Tnf Are Found in Patients Who Are Subsequent Nonresponders to Infliximab

Beltran, B.; Nos, P.; Iborra, M.; Bastida, G.; Dasi, F.; Moret, I.; Ponce, J., 2008:
W1175 Quantitative Measurement of Cytokine mRna At Onset of Crohns Disease (Cd) and Differential Patterns in Activity, Clinical Remission and Mucosa Healing

Nakamichi, I.; Matsumoto, T.; Kobayashi, T.; Habtezion, A.; Yoshimura, A.; Omary, B.; Iida, M., 2008:
W1176 Heme Oxygenase-1 Suppresses Il-12 Secretion with Inhibition of Ifn-Stat Signaling: A Potential Therapeutic Target for Th1-Type Colitis

Stadnicki, A.; Frysz-Naglak, D.; Klimacka-Nawrot, E.; Kruszniewska, C.; Mazurek, U.; Maciej, K., 2008:
W1177 Expression, Localization and Systemic Concentration of Vascular Endothelial Grow Factor (Vegf) and Its Receptor in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Gonsky, R.; Deem, R.L.; Targan, S.R., 2008:
W1178 Unique Epigenetic Modification of Ifng in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Is Linked to Functional Expression in the Mucosa

Takedatsu, H.; Michelsen, K.S.; Landers, C.J.; Thomas, L.S.; Targan, S.R., 2008:
W1179 Tl1A (Tnfsf15) Enhances the Activation of Th17 Cells During Chronic Intestinal Inflammation

Flynn, R.S.; Bowers, J.G.; Kuemmerle, J.F., 2008:
W1180 Endogenous Igfbp-3 Activates Tgf- Receptors and Regulates Type I Collagen Expression and Production in Human Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells in Crohn's Disease

Wang, C.; McDonald, K.; Huang, C.C.; Newberry, R.D., 2008:
W1181 The Effect of 4 Integrin Blockade On the Development of Isolated Lymphoid Follicles

Halfvarson, J.; Dicksved, J.; Rosenquist, M.; Järnerot, G.; Tysk, C.; Engstrand, L.; Jansson, J.K., 2008:
W1182 Molecular Fingerprinting of the Gut Microbiota of Twins Reveals Differences According to Crohn's Disease

Liu, B.; Hansen, J.J.; Holt, L.C.; Kim, S.C.; Dogan, B.; Simpson, K.W.; Sartor, R.B., 2008 :
W1183 Differential In Vitro Epithelial Translocation and Resistance to Phagocyte Uptake and Killing By Escherichia coli Strains Correlate with Their Ability to Induce Colitis in Monoassociated Il-10/ Mice

Shiomi, H.; Yoshida, M.; Kutsumi, H.; Azuma, T., 2008:
W1184 Bacterial Localization and Antigen-Specific Immune Response in Citrobacter rodentium Infection

Metwali, A.; Winckler, S.; Ince, M.N.; Elliott, D.E., 2008:
W1185 CpG Oligonucleotide Stimulation of Tlr9 Inhibits Il17 Production from Mesenteric Lymph Node Cells

Meinzer, U.; E., S.; B., F.; B., D.; D., M.; B., S.; C., F.; N., M.; A., C.; S., G., 2008:
W1186 Card15/Nod2 Mediates Susceptibility to Yersinia Pseudotuberculosis

Rabizadeh, S.; Wu, S.; Albesiano, E.; Wu, X.; Mirviss, L.; Rhee, K.-J.; Yen, H.-R.; Pardoll, D.M.; Sears, C., 2008:
W1187 Stat3 Is Activated Throughout the Gastrointestinal Tract in Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides Fragilis Induced Colitis

Iebba, V.; Conte, M.P.; Schippa, S.; Aleandri, M.; Longhi, C.; Osborn, J.; Borrelli, O.; Falconieri, P.; Cucchiara, S., 2008:
W1188 Dominant Genotypes in Mucosa-Associated Escherichia coli Strains from Pediatric Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Carvalho, F.; Barnich, N.; Sauvanet, P.; Darcha, C.; Gelot, A.; Darfeuille-Michaud, A., 2008:
W1189 Crohn's Disease-Associated Escherichia coli Lf82 Aggravates Colitis in Injured Mouse Colon Via Signalling By Flagellin

Stroh, T.; Batra, A.; Glauben, R.; Fedke, I.; Siegmund, B.; Zeitz, M., 2008:
W1190 Expression of Functional Tlr and Nod Proteins in Human Mesenteric Preadipocytes

Werth, S.; Brockmeyer, J.; Luegering, A.; Karch, H.; Domschke, W.W.; Bruewer, M.; Heidemann, J., 2008:
W1191 Effects of Ehec-Derived Autotransporter Serine Protease Espp On Human Endothelial Cells

Weng, M.; Wang, L.; Li, S.; Walker, W.A.; Cherayil, B.J.; Shi, H.N., 2008:
W1192 Helminth-Induced Alternatively Activated Macrophages in Bacterial Colitis: Impaired Autophagy As a Mechanism of Exacerbated Intestinal Inflammation in Citrobacter Infection

Zella, G.C.; Hait, E.J.; Glavan, T.; Kitts, C.L.; Korzenik, J.R., 2008:
W1193 Mucosal and Luminal Flora Are Distinct in Ulcerative Colitis (Uc) Inflamed Pouches Compared to Healthy Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (Fap) Pouches

Dimmitt, R.A.; Seay, A.; Lorenz, R.G., 2008:
W1194 P-Glycoprotein Deficient Dendritic Cells Have Greater Activation Following Treatment with Tlr4 and Tlr9 Ligands

Joossens, M.; DePreter, V.; Van Steen, K.; Vermeulen, N.; Huys, G.; Verbeke, K.; Vandamme, P.; Rutgeerts, P.; Vermeire, S., 2008:
W1196 Stability of Gut Microbiota Over Time in Crohn's Disease Patients Compared to Healthy Relatives

Yajima, M.; Terahara, M.; Shibata, T.; Yamaguchi, M.; Nagafuchi, S.; Hoshiba, J.; Itoh, K.; Yajima, T., 2008:
W1197 Oral Administration of Bifidobacterium Attenuates Inflammatory Responses of Spleen Cells to Escherichia coli in Neonatal Germ Free and Caesarian Delivered Mice

Sasaki, M.; Klapproth, J.-M.A., 2008:
W1198 Genetic and Biologic Characterization of Invasive E. coli in Crohn's Disease

Danon, S.J.; Moghaddam, M.J.; Stebbings, V., 2008:
W1200 An Oral Prophylactic Vaccine Comprised of Helicobacter bilis Antigens Encapsulated in a Self Assembled Tris Cationic Lipid Prevents Ibd-Like Disease in Il-10 Deficient Mice

Ng, S.C.; Koutsoumpas, A.; Hedin, C.R.; McCarthy, N.E.; Plamondon, S.; Kamm, M.A.; Knight, S.C.; Forbes, A.; Lindsay, J.O.; Whelan, K.; Stagg, A.J., 2008:
W1201 Production of Il-10 By Colonic Dendritic Cells Is Associated with Higher Concentrations of Faecal Microbiota in Patients with Active Crohn's Disease

Jergens, A.; Atherly, T.A.; Doyle, R.T.; Henderson, A.; Clausen, K.M.; Ziemer, C.; Wannemuehler, M.J., 2008:
W1202 Helicobacter bilis Infection Alters the Spatial Distribution of Commensal Bacteria in Colitic C3h/Hen Mice

Lee, T.C.; Mehandru, S.; Kamalu, O.; Malter, L.; Markowitz, M.; Poles, M.A., 2008:
W1203 Despite Mucosal Cd4+ T Cell Depletion, the Prevalence of Gi Symptoms Is Low During Acute and Early Hiv-1 Infection

Schoepfer, A.; Schaffer, T.; Mueller, S.; Seibold-Schmid, B.; Seibold, F., 2008:
W1204 Association of Serum Levels of Ficolin-2 and Ficolin-3 with Bacterial and Yeast Antigens and Distinct Crohn's Disease Phenotypes

Piazuelo, M.B.; Camargo, M.C.; Mera, R.M.; Delgado, A.; Peek, R.M.; Correa, H.; Schneider, B.G.; Sicinschi, L.A.; Mora, Y.; Bravo, L.E.; Correa, P., 2008:
W1205 Eosinophils in Chronic Gastritis: Possible Implications in Carcinogenesis

DePreter, V.; Arijs, I.; Houben, E.; Rutgeerts, P.J.; Verbeke, K., 2008:
W1206 Impaired Sulphide Detoxification in Ulcerative Colitis Is Related to Inflammation

Sim, H.W.; Boniface, K.; Wagner, J.; Cameron, D.; Catto-Smith, A.G.; Bishop, R.F.; Kirkwood, C.D., 2008:
W1207 Novel Burkholderia-Like 23s Ribosomal Dna Detected in Ileal Biopsies of Paediatric Crohn's Disease

Thomson, J.M.; Hold, G.; Berry, S.H.; El-Sakka, N.E.; Mowat, N.A.; Shen, Z.; Taylor, N.S.; Fox, J.G.; El-Omar, E., 2008:
W1208 Variable Detection of Entero-Hepatic Helicobacter Species in Colonic Mucosal Pinch Biopsies By Different Molecular Techniques

Masuda, A.; Yoshida, M.; Ishida, T.; Chinzei, R.; Tanaka, H.; Shiomi, H.; Mizuno, S.; Blumberg, R.S.; Azuma, T., 2008:
W1210 Fc Gamma Receptors On Antigen Presenting Cells Can Regulate the Mucosal Defense Against Enteric Bacteria

Sydora, B.C.; MacFarlane, S.M.; Fedorak, R., 2008:
W1210a Neonatal Exposure to Bacterial Antigens Reduces Intestinal Inflammation in Il-10 Gene-Deficient Mice

Sydora, B.C.; MacFarlane, S.M.; Lupicki, M.E.; Dieleman, L.A.; Fedorak, R., 2008:
W1210b An Imbalance in Cytokine Production Mediates Transient Intestinal Inflammation in Germfree Mice Following Bacterial Colonization

Yoshioka, K.; Ueno, Y.; Tanaka, S.; Hatakeyama, T.; Hanaoka, R.; Hatakeyama, T.; Shimamoto, M.; Kanno, M.; Watanabe, H.; Chayama, K., 2008:
W1211 Invariant Natural Killer T Cell Deficiency Exaggerates Both Inflammation and Tumorigenesis On a Mouse Colitis-Associated Colon Cancer Model

Arnaboldi, P.M.; Mayer, L., 2008:
W1212 The Role of Cd8+ T Cells in Oral Tolerance

Correale, C.; Vetrano, S.; Tognoli, F.; Stefanelli, T.; Ligorio, C.; Omodei, P.; Repici, A.; Malesci, A.; Dejana, E.; Danese, S., 2008:
W1213 Lymphoneogenesis: A New Component in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pathogenesis

Dotan, I.; Werner, L.; Kopylov, U.; Tulchinsky, H.; Brazowski, E.; Elad, H.; Guzner-Gur, H.; Halpern, Z., 2008:
W1214 The Chemokine Cxcl12 Has Constitutive and Inflammation-Induced Expression By Intestinal Epithelial Cells In Vivo, and Attracts Cxcr4+ Interferon-Gamma (Ifn-Gamma) Secreting Mucosal Lymphocytes In Vitro

Frey, I.; Weber, A.; Zeitler, C.; Menzel, K.; Fried, M.; Rogler, G.; Hausmann, M., 2008:
W1215 Mdp Stimulates Memory T-Cell Recruitment Via Nod2 Connecting Bacterial Sensing and Adaptive Immunity

Choi, S.C.; Kim, T.H.; Kim, Y.S.; Choi, C.S.; Kim, K.H.; Yun, K.J.; Oh, H.M.; Jun, C.D., 2008:
W1216 Positive Regulation of T Cell Activation By Lipid Raft Protein Swiprosin-1

Angelberger, S.; Reinisch, W.; Messerschmidt, A.; Miehsler, W.; Novacek, G.; Vogelsang, H.; Dejaco, C., 2008:
W1217 Breastfeeding During Maintenance Azathioprine Treatment (Aza) in Patients with Crohn's Disease (Cd)

Russo, E.; Harris, A.; Campbell, S.; Lindsay, J.O.; Hart, A.L.; Arebi, N.; Milestone, A.; Tsai, H.H.; Walters, J.; Westaby, D.; Thillainayagam, A.; Carpani, M.; Bansi, D.; Ghosh, S., 2008:
W1218 Experience of Maintenance Infliximab Therapy for Refractory Ulcerative Colitis in England

Rosh, J.R.; Lerer, T.; Markowitz, J.; Goli, S.R.; Mamula, P.; Noe, J.D.; Pfefferkorn, M.D.; Kelleher, K.T.; Griffiths, A.M.; Kugathasan, S.; Keljo, D.; Oliva-Hemker, M.; Crandall, W.; Carvalho, R.S.; Mack, D.R., 2008:
W1219 Retrospective Evaluation of the Safety and Effect of Adalimumab Therapy (Reseat) in Pediatric Crohn's Disease

Schnitzler, F.; Fidder, H.; Ferrante, M.; Noman, M.; Van Assche, G.A.; Hoffman, I.; Vermeire, S.; Rutgeerts, P.J., 2008:
W1220 Flexibility in Interval and Dosing of Infliximab Enables Maintained Response of Patients with Crohn's Disease

Karmiris, K.; Noman, M.; Schnitzler, F.; Fidder, H.; Koutroubakis, I.E.; Kouroumalis, E.; Vermeire, S.; Van Assche, G.A.; Rutgeerts, P., 2008:
W1221 Long-Term Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab Treatment in a Single-Center Cohort of Crohn's Disease Patients Who Failed to Infliximab Treatment

Branche, J.; Cortot, A.; Bourreille, A.; Coffin, B.; DeVos, M.; Seksik, P.; Marteau, P.R.; Lemann, M.; Colombel, J.-F., 2008:
W1222 Cyclosporine a Treatment of Severe Steroid-Refractory Ulcerative Colitis During Pregnancy

Yamamoto, S.; Nakase, H.; Inoue, S.; Mikami, S.; Uza, N.; Ueno, S.; Chiba, T., 2008:
W1223 Long-Term Outcome of Treatment with Tacrolimus Therapy in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Tanaka, T.; Okanobu, H.; Saniabadi, A.; Oya, T., 2008:
W1224 In Patients with Ulcerative Colitis, Adsorptive Depletion of Peripheral Myelocytic Leukocytes Impacts Mucosal Levels of Inflammatory Cells and Clinically Is Most Effective in Steroid NaVe Patients: Colonoscopic and Histologic Investigations

Otley, A.R.; Markowitz, J.; LeLeiko, N.S.; Griffiths, A.M.; Crandall, W.; Kugathasan, S.; Oliva-Hemker, M.; Bousvaros, A.; Pfefferkorn, M.D.; Mack, D.R.; Evans, J.; Rosh, J.R.; Keljo, D.; Mamula, P.; Moyer, M.S., 2008:
W1225 Budesonide Is An Effective But Underutilized Therapy in Pediatric Crohn Disease

Seow, C.H.; Silverberg, M.S.; Newman, A.; Steinhart, A.H.; Greenberg, G.R., 2008:
W1226 Trough Serum Infliximab Predicts Outcome for Ulcerative Colitis Treatment with Infliximab

Lees, C.W.; Ho, G.-T.; Ali, A.I.; Thompson, A.I.; Shand, A.G.; Penman, I.D.; Palmer, K.R.; Gillett, P.M.; Wilson, D.C.; Arnott, I.D.; Satsangi, J., 2008:
W1227 Analysis of the Safety Profile of Anti-Tnf Therapy in Over 200 Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Edinburgh Identifies a Potential Causal Link with Lung Cancer in Smokers

Ng, S.C.; Plamondon, S.; Swatton, A.; Gupta, A.; Kamm, M.A., 2008:
W1228 Prospective Scheduled Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) to Guide Perineal Crohn's Fistula Treatment with Infliximab, Adalimumab and Thalidomide

Nourani, S.; Huo, D.; Strum, W.; Rubin, D.T., 2008:
W1229 5-Asa Therapy and a Lower Inflammatory Score in Chronic Ulcerative Colitis Are Associated with a Decreased Risk of Dysplasia and Colorectal Cancer

DiSabatino, A.; Rosado, M.; Biancheri, P.; Cazzola, P.; Rovedatti, L.; Carsetti, R.; MacDonald, T.T.; Corazza, G.R., 2008:
W1230 Cd4+Cd25highfoxp3+ T-Regulatory Cells in Crohn's Disease Patients Treated with Infliximab

Mannon, P.; Fuss, I.J.; Groden, C.; Yang, Z.; Dickensheets, H.; Yi, C.; Friend, J.; Hornung, R.L.; Donnelly, R.; Yao, M.D.; Strober, W., 2008:
W1231 Interferon-Beta for Ulcerative Colitis: Clinical Remission Is Associated with Interleukin-13 Inhibition

Cheifetz, A.S.; Stern, J.E.; Garud, S.; Malter, L.; Goldstein, E.S.; Moss, A.C.; Present, D.H., 2008:
W1232 Bridging Therapy with Cyclosporine and 6mp Significantly Reduces Long-Term Colectomy Rates in Patients with Severe Ulcerative Colitis

Okamoto, S.; Inoue, N.; Hisamatsu, T.; Ogata, H.; Suzuki, Y.; Matsumoto, T.; Hibi, T., 2008:
W1233 A Lecithinized Superoxide Dismutase (Pc-Sod) Improves Ulcerative Colitis

Fukunaga, K.; Ohnishi, K.; Hida, N.; Ohda, Y.; Tozawa, K.; Kamikozuru, K.; Nagase, K.; Nakamura, S.; Miwa, H.; Matsumoto, T., 2008:
W1234 A Prospective Follow-Up Study to Assess the Long-Term Efficacy of Leukocytapheresis in Patients with Steroid Refractory Ulcerative Colitis

Wahed, M.; Louis-Auguste, J.R.; Baxter, L.M.; Limdi, J.K.; Lindsay, J.O.; McCartney, S.; Bloom, S.L., 2008:
W1235 Efficacy of Methotrexate in Crohns Disease Patients Previously On Thiopurine Therapy

Sommer, C.; Feldstein, R.; Raju, S.; Mastrine, L.R.; Katz, S., 2008:
W1236 Safety of Chronic 5-Asa Use in the Elderly Inflammatory Bowel Disease Population

Onken, J.; Jaffe, T.; Custer, L., 2008:
W1237 Long-Term Safety of Prochymal Adult Mesenchymal Stem Cells in Crohn's Disease

Faraawi, R.; Khraishi, M.; Choquette, D.; Bensen, W.; Nantel, F., 2008:
W1238 The Remitrac Infusion Registry: Safety and Management of Infliximab Infusions in a Real-Life Setting

Wahed, M.; Louis-Auguste, J.R.; Baxter, L.M.; Limdi, J.K.; McCartney, S.; Bloom, S.L.; Lindsay, J.O., 2008:
W1239 Efficacy of Methotrexate in Ulcerative Colitis

Swoger, J.M.; Loftus, E.V.; Pardi, D.S.; Kane, S.V.; Tremaine, W.J.; Xiong, Y.; Hanson, K.A.; Harmsen, W.S.; Zinsmeister, A.R.; Sandborn, W.J., 2008:
W1240 Adalimumab for Crohn's Disease in Clinical Practice At An Academic Medical Center: the First 118 Patients

West, R.L.; Zelinkova, Z.; Wolbink, G.; Kuipers, E.J.; Stokkers, P.C.; van der Woude, C.J., 2008:
W1241 Does Immunogenicity Play a Role in Adalimumab Treatment for Crohn's Disease?

Pitchumoni, S.; Scherl, E.J.; Bosworth, B.P.; Lee, T.C.; Poles, M.A., 2008:
W1242 Patient Preferences for Subcutaneous Versus Intravenous Formulations of Anti-Tnf Agents for Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Teshima, C.W.; Thompson, A.F.; Dhanoa, L.S.; Fedorak, R., 2008:
W1243 Concomitant Use of Immunosuppressive Therapy in An Outpatient Ibd Subspecialty Clinic Results in Rates of Response Higher Than Those Seen in the Infliximab Randomized Controlled Trials

Mozziconacci, N.; Vermeire, S.; Laharie, D.; Louis, E.; Bigard, M.-A.; Hebuterne, X.; Bouhnik, Y.; Van Assche, G.A.; Lemann, M.; Rutgeerts, P.J.; Colombel, J.-F.; Allez, M., 2008:
W1244 Efficacy of a Third Anti-Tnf Monoclonal Antibody in Crohn's Disease After Failure of Two Other Anti-Tnf

Danese, S.; Mocciaro, F.; Guidi, L.; Scribano, M.L.; Comberlato, M.; Vangeli, M.; Pulitanò, R.; Manca, A.; Armuzzi, A.; Malesci, A.; Prantera, C.; Cottone, M., 2008:
W1245 Successful Induction of Clinical Response and Remission with Certolizumab Pegol in Crohn's Disease Patients Who Are Primary Non-Responders or Intolerant to Infliximab: A Real Life Multi-Center Experience of Compassionate Use

Liu, J.; Metz, D.C.; Stern, J.E.; Rhim, A.D.; Aberra, F.; Lewis, J.D.; Lichtenstein, G.R., 2008:
W1246 Are We Able to Predict Antimicrobial Response in Patients Who Have Undergone Ileocecal Resection and Have Documented Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth Via Hydrogen Breath Testing ? : Evaluation of Antibiotic Response and Characteristics of the Hydrogen Breath Test

Viola, F.; Civitelli, F.; Romeo, E.; Maiella, G.; Nuti, F.; Aloi, M.; Borrelli, O.; Cucchiara, S., 2008:
W1247 Short-Term Efficacy and Safety of Adalimumab in Children with Active Crohn's Disease: A Prospective, Open Label, Single Center Trial

Managlia, E.; Bhat, I.; Muneer, B.; Barrett, T.A., 2008:
W1248 Microarray Analyses of Uc Biopsies Suggests 5asa Reduces Pi3 Kinase Signaling and Beta Catenin Activation

Chaparro, M.; Martínez-Montiel, P.; Van Domselaar, M.; Bermejo, F.; Perez-Calle, J.; Casis, B.; López-San Román, A.; Algaba, A.; Maté-Jiménez, J.; Gisbert, J.P., 2008 :
W1249 Intensification of Infliximab (Ifx) Therapy in Crohn's Disease: Efficacy and Safety

Swaminath, A.C.; Rosen, M.H.; Mayer, L.; Ullman, T.A.; Lichtiger, S.; Abreu, M.T., 2008:
W1250 Early Experience with Adalimumab for the Treatment of Ibd in An Academic Medical Center

Sanges, M.; Rea, M.; Valente, G.; Caruso, F.; Della Gatta, R.; Lozio, L.; D'Arienzo, A., 2008:
W1251 Association of Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Lactobacillus Salivarius Improves Seronegative Spondyloarthropathy in Patients with Inactive Ulcerative Colitis: Preliminary Data

Chandra, N.; Rajoriya, N.; Gorard, D.; McIntyre, A.; Simmons, J.; Ellis, A., 2008:
W1252 Ciclosporin Use in Acute Ulcerative Colitis: the Oxford Regional Dgh Experience

Hatemi, I.; Hatemi, G.; Senates, E.; Baysal, B.; Erzin, Y.; Celik, A.F., 2008:
W1253 Low Dose Thalidomide in Immunosupressive Unresponsive Ibd; Effectiviness and Side Effects

Suzuki, Y.; Yamada, A.; Aoki, H.; Osamura, A.; Nakamura, K.; Yoshimatsu, Y.; Hosoe, N.; Takada, N.; Tsuda, Y.; Shirai, K., 2008:
W1254 The Decreased Tlr2 Expression and Elevated Il-8 Production On Peripheral Leukocytes in Patients with Active Ulcerative Colitis: the Modulation of the Leukocyte Sensitivity to Pgn By Granulocyte and Monocyte Apheresis

Gonzaga, J.E.; Issa, M.; Skaros, S.; Knox, J.F.; Emmons, J.; Beaulieu, D.B.; Lemke, K.; Ananthakrishnan, A.N.; Binion, D.G., 2008:
W1255 Durability of Infliximab in Crohn's Disease Patients Treated with Maintenance Infusions Beyond One Year

Stein, D.; Issa, M.; Skaros, S.; Knox, J.F.; Lemke, K.; Emmons, J.; Otterson, M.F.; Ananthakrishnan, A.N.; Binion, D.G., 2008:
W1256 History of Interrupted Infliximab Dosing Significantly Diminishes Efficacy During Long-Term Maintenance Therapy in Crohn's Disease

Baburajan, B.; Prescott, N.; Tremelling, M.; Cummings, F.; Parkes, M.; Jewell, D.P.; Mathew, C.G.; Marinaki, A.M.; Sanderson, J.D., 2008:
W1257 The Arg381gln Snp in Il 23 R Does Not Influence Response to Immunomodulators in Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn's Disease

Baburajan, B.; Prescott, N.; Arenas-Hernandez, M.; Tremelling, M.; Cummings, F.; Parkes, M.; Jewell, D.P.; Ansari, A.; Mathew, C.G.; Marinaki, A.M.; Sanderson, J.D., 2008:
W1258 The Combined Effect of the Aicartase C347g and the Aldehyde Oxidase A3505g Snps Predict Efficacy of Methotrexate Therapy in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Baburajan, B.; Prescott, N.; Smith, M.; Ansari, A.; Mathew, C.G.; Marinaki, A.M.; Sanderson, J.D., 2008:
W1259 A 14 bp Ins/Del Polymorphism in Hla-G Influences Response to Azathioprine in Crohn's Disease But Not in Ulcerative Colitis

Chokshi, R.; Pascua, M.F.; Burkart, A.; Aberra, F.; Levinson, A.I.; Metz, D.C., 2008:
W1260 Is There An Association Between Common Variable Immunodeficiency and Microscopic Colitis?

Grip, O.; Janciauskiene, S.; Bredberg, A., 2008:
W1261 Use of Atorvastatin As An Anti-Inflammatory Treatment for Crohn's Disease

Barreiro, M.; Lorenzo, A.; Mera, J.; Dominguez-Munoz, E., 2008:
W1262 Prospective, Open Pilot Study for Evaluating the Clinical Efficacy and Mucosal Healing Rate of Infliximab in Steroid-Dependent Ulcerative Colitis

Sung, E.Z.; da Silva, N.F.; Goodyear, S.J.; Tan, L.C.; McTernan, P.G.; Kumar, S.; Nwokolo, C.U., 2008:
W1263 Increased Plasma Ghrelin Following Infliximab in Crohn's Disease

Wahed, M.; Corser, M.; Rampton, D.S., 2008:
W1264 Does Psychological Counselling Alter the Natural History of Inflammatory Bowel Disease?

Veereman, G.; Prytula, A.; Mahler, T.; Alliet, P.; Paquot, I., 2008:
W1265 Infliximab in Combination with Immunomodulators in the Treatment of Children with Crohn's Disease: Advantages and Risks

Jørgensen, S.P.G.; Hvas, C.L.; Agnholt, J.; Christensen, L.A.; Heickendorff, L.; Dahlerup, J.F., 2008:
W1266 Vitamin D Deficiency in Active Crohn's Disease

Thymann, T.; Buddington, R.K.; Bering, S.B.; Burrin, D.; Moeller, H.K.; Sangild, P.T., 2008:
W1267 Feeding Lactose Compared to a Polycose-Based Formula Improves Hexose Absorption and Reduces Nec in Preterm Pigs

Nighot, P.K.; Koci, M.D.; Moeser, A.J.; Ali, R.; Blikslager, A.T., 2008:
W1268 Mechanism of Astrovirus Induced Diarrhea

Wu, X.; Gurley, E.C.; Studer, E.; Chen, L.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Wang, J.-Y.; Hylemon, P.; Pandak, W.M.; Sanyal, A.J.; Zhang, L.; Zhou, H., 2008:
W1269 Hiv Protease Inhibitors Induce Er Stress and Disrupt Barrier Function in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

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W1273 Lack of Correlation Between Gastrointestinal Symptoms and Helicobacter pylori Infection in Children

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W1274 Macropinocytosis Is Involved in Shiga Toxin 1 Uptake and Transcytosis By Gb3-Negative Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

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W1276 The Effect of Acid, Pepsin and Gastric Juice On the In Vitro Growth and Sporulation of Clostridium difficile

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W1277 Recurrences of Clostridium difficile Associated Diarrhea- Same Strain or Different Strain?

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W1278 Clostridium difficile NaP-1 Strain Is Not Associated with Severe Disease in a Non-Epidemic Setting

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W1279 Race and Ethnicity As Risk Factors for Post-Surgical C. difficile Infection and Its Mortality

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W1280 Orthograde Intestinal Lavage Reduces Pain Intensity in Acute Uncomplicated Diverticulitis

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W1281 Fecal Transplantation Via Colonoscopy for C. difficile-Associated Diarrhea; a Case Series of 6 Patients

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W1282 Transplantation and Proton Pump Inhibitors: Risk Factors for C. difficile Associated Disease in Hospitalized Patients

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W1283 Antibiotics and Cdt Expression in Campylobacter Jejuni Contribute to Duration of Colonization in Rats

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W1284 Altered Blood B Cell Responses to Bacterial Stimulation in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs)

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W1285 Treatment of Post-Infectious Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Non Infective Irritable Bowel Syndrome with mesalazine

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W1286 Usefulness of Quantiferon-Tb Gold Test in the Differential Diagnosis of Intestinal Tuberculosis

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W1287 A Novel Magnetic Device to Prevent Fecal Incontinence

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W1288 Anti-Epidermal Transglutaminase (Tge) IgA in Dermatitis Herpetiformis and Pediatric Celiac Disease

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W1289 Partial Mesenteric Ischemia Alters Biomagnetic Slow Wave

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W1290 A New Concept in Targeting the Colon: A Combined pH and Bacterial Triggered Drug Delivery Technology for Improving the Treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

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W1291 Plasma Citrulline Acts As a Biological Marker of Intestinal Adaptation in a Monkey Model of Short Bowel Syndrome

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W1292 A Novel Non Invasive Genetic Test to Diagnose Hypolactasia in Adult Patients

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W1293 Eosinophilia Is Overlooked in Routine Duodenal Biopsy Practice and Is Linked to a History of Atopy or Medication

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W1294 The Role of Faecal Lactoferrin in the Evaluation of Hospitalised Patients with Diarrhoea

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W1295 Defining the Soluble Proteome of Human Stool

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W1296 Correlation of Biomagnetic and Bioelectric Recordings in a Patient with Ischemic Bowel

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W1297 The Utility of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Diagnosis of Colonic Tuberculosis Among Patients with Typical and Atypical Endoscopic Presentations

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W1298 Antitumor Effect of a Statistic Magnetic Field-Assisted, Immunodelivery System Using Magnetized T Lymphocytes and Cytokines

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W1299 Prevention of Gi Absorption of Bacterial Toxins: An In Vitro Evaluation of the Potential for Prophylactic Use of a Novel Oral Adsorbent (Ast-120)

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W1300 Ast-120: A Novel, Engineered Carbon Microsphere Product for Use in Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Liver Dysfunction

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W1301 Sensitivity and Specificity of a Rapid Fecal Calprotectin Test in Patients with Chronic Non Bloody Diarrhea

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W1302 Hydrogen Breath Test for Bacterial Overgrowth and Ibs

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W1303 Spectral Analysis of Contractile Frequency in the Ileum and Proximal Colon: Characterization of Motility Patterns Using An Ambulatory Capsule, Smartpill

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W1304 Are Patients with Chronic Iron-Deficiency Anaemia Different from Those with Occult Gastrointestinal Bleeding? Clinical Characteristics and Diagnostic Yield of Capsule Endoscopy

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W1305 Utility and Characteristics of Duodenal Aspirate to Detect Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (Sibo)

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W1306 The Involvement of Cytomegalovirus in Patients with Intestinal BehEt's Disease

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W1307 The Role of Argon Plasma Coagulation (Apc) in the Treatment of Chronic Radiation Proctitis

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W1309 Ct Angiography and 24 Hours Tonometry: A Novel and Usefull Approach in the Diagnosis of Chronic Gastrointestinal Ischemia

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W1310 Relationship Between Colonic Motor Functions and Transit in Constipation

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W1313 Wireless Capsule Quantification of Region-Specific Gastrocolonic Response and Sleep Inhibition of Colon Motor Activity in Unprepared Colons of Humans with Normal Colon Transit

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W1314 Antegrade Enemas for Defecation Disorders: Does It Improve the Colonic Motility?

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W1315 Evaluation of the Bristol Stool Form Scale As a Marker for Gi Transit in Patients with Chronic Constipation

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W1316 Non-Invasive Evaluation of Colonic Motility By Electrocolonography (EcoG)

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W1317 The Effect of the Express Procedure On Rectal Biomechanics

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W1318 Automated Detection and Analysis of Human Rectal Motor Complex Activity Based On Consensus Expert Opinion

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W1319 Long-Term Ambulatory Jejunal Manometry for Evaluation of Chronic Constipation

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W1321 Famine in Early Life Is Associated with An Increased Risk of Developing Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a Population Based Cohort Study

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W1322 Do Patients with Chronic Intractable Constipation and Rectal Hyposensitivity Also Have Evidence of Rectal Motor Dysfunction?

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W1324 The Development of Ibs, Abdominal Pain and Constipation Following Elective Hysterectomy

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W1325 Postprandial Rectosigmoid Tone Modification: A New Diagnostic Test for Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

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W1326 Prevalence of Breath Methane Excretion Is Not Correlated to Clinical Presentation in Ibs. the Role of Different Patterns of Breath Methane Excretion

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W1327 Exaggerated Rectal Tone Response After Meal Intake in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Fecal Incontinence

Houghton, L.A.; Perry, H.; Morris, J.; Whorwell, P.J.; Keevil, B., 2008:
W1328 Plasma 5-Hydroxytryptamine Concentration Varies with Gender and Menstrual Status in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients with Diarrhoea (Ibs-D) But Not Healthy Volunteers

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W1329 Characterization of the Fecal Microbiota in Patients with Diarrhea Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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W1330 Meal Induced Symptoms in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Clinical and Physiological Characteristics

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W1331 Evidence for An Increased Expression of Serotonin Receptor Type 3 Genes in Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea

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W1332 Opiate Induced Constipation Is Not Associated with Changes in Serotonin Signaling in the Rectal Mucosa As Observed in Ibs and Colitis

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W1333 Candidate Adrenergic, Gn3 and Serotonergic Polymorphisms, Endophenotype, Pharmacogenetics of Clonidine in Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Health

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W1335 5httlpr Polymorphism of Serotonin Transporter: Clinical Variants and Symptom Severity in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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W1336 Dysbiosis in Diarrhoea-Predominant Ibs: Significant Increase in Mucosa-Associated Bacteroides

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W1337 Abdominal Symptoms in Patients with Long Qt Syndrome and a Gain of Function Mutation in the Nav1.5 Sodium Channel

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W1338 Preliminary Observations of Simultaneous Lactulose Breath Testing (Lbt) and Scintigraphy in Controls: Sibo Is Not Sibo

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W1339 Use of Colonic and Anorectal Manometry Testing to Evaluate Patients with Constipation Refractory to Medical Therapy

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W1340 Habitual Constipation in Children: It's All in the Family!!

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W1341 Hyperglycemia-Induced Enteric Neuronal Apoptosis Is Mediated Through Enhanced Oxidative Stress and Tlr4 Signaling

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W1342 Expression of Gdnf, P-Akt and Enteric Neurons in Colon of Diabetic Rats

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W1343 Bone Marrow Stromal Cells Survive Transplantation and Rescue Neurons in Gastrointestinal Tract Denervation

Smith, T.K.; Hennig, G.W.; Bayguinov, P.; Dickson, E.J.; Heredia, D., 2008 :
W1344 Localized Release of 5-Ht Around Fecal Pellets Initiates Migrating Motor Complexes That Drive Propulsion in Murine Colon

Gwynne, R.; Bornstein, J.C., 2008:
W1345 Cholera Toxin Induces Long-Term Increases in Excitability in Vip and Npy Secretomotor Neurons in Guinea-Pig Jejunum Via a Mechanism Involving 5-Ht3 and Nk1 Receptors

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W1346 Patterns of Activation of Myenteric Neurons During the Murine Migrating Motor Complex

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W1347 Strain-Specific Expression of Tph2 Polymorphism in Murine Enteric Neurons

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W1348 Function of R-Type Calcium Channels in Subsets of Myenteric Neurons in the Guinea-Pig Ileum

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W1349 Physiological Levels of Colonic Elongation Activate Polarized Reflex Pathways That Underlie Slow Transit and Accommodation in the Guinea-Pig Distal Colon

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W1350 the Distribution and Function of Monoacylglycerol Lipase, An Endogenous Cannabinoid Inactivation Enzyme, in the Enteric Nervous System

Swain, G.M.; Patel, B.A.; Bian, X.; Galligan, J., 2008:
W1351 In Vitro Electrochemical Detection of Nitric Oxide Produced By Inhibitory Motor Neurons in the Myenteric Plexus of the Guinea Pig Ileum

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W1352 Comparison of Inhibitory Motor Innervation in the Primate and Mouse Internal Anal Sphincter

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W1353 Gastroduodenal Interdigestive Phase Iii-Like Contractions Are Mediated Via Ghrelin, While Intestinal Interdigestive Phase Iii-Like Contractions Are Mediated Via 5-Ht in Conscious Rats

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W1354 Evidence for Functional Trpc Channels Underlying Non Selective Cation Currents in Mouse Nodose Ganglion Neurons

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W1355 Enteric Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Action for Bradykinin-Evoked Mucosal Chloride Secretion in Guinea Pig Small Intestine

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W1356 Functional Neuroplasticity in Acute Diverticulitis: Differential Regulation of Colonic Excitatory Nerve Pathways By Cyclooxygenase Isoforms

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W1357 Cross-Sectional Study On the Correlation Between Pre-Operative Azathioprine and Myenteric Plexitis in the Proximal Resection Margins and Affected Crohn's Disease Segment

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W1358 Colonic Motility, Myenteric Neuron Density and Nitric Oxide Synthase Neuron Density in Mice with Mutations in Hirschsprung's Disease Susceptibility Genes

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W1359 Effects of Genetic Background On Neural Crest Stem Cells in the Sox10dom Model of Hirschsprung Disease

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W1360 Glp-2 Activates and Stimulates the Growth of Enteric Neurons In Vitro

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W1361 Intrinsic Inhibitory Postsynaptic Potentials in Vip Neurons of the Guinea-Pig Submucous Plexus Involve the Activation of 5-Ht1A and Sst2 Receptors

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W1362 The Clinicopathologic Comparison and Novel Classification of Hypoganglionosis and Adult-Onset Hirschsprung's Disease

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W1363 Real Time Detection and Function of Melatonin Release from the Mucosa of Guinea Pig Ileum

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W1364 Protein Extracts from Hsd Smooth Muscle Allow Enteric Nerve Cell Growth and Survival In Vitro

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W1365 Axial Stretch Activated Lower Esophageal Sphincter Relaxation Is Caused By the Direct Activation of Inhibitory Motor Neuron in the Myenteric Plexus

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W1366 Interdigestive Migrating Motor Complex Is Regulated By the Interaction Between Motilin and 5-Ht of the Duodenal Mucosa in Conscious Dogs

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W1367 Impaired Steroid Sensitivity of Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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W1368 Immune Activation and Clinical Manifestation of Peptic Ulcer Disease

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W1369 Small Bowel Homing T Lymphocytes and Symptom Severity in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia

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W1370 Mucosal Immune Activation in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Is Gender-Dependent and Associated with Digestive Symptoms

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W1371 Duodenal Mast Cell Hyperplasia and Nerve Proximity in Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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W1372 Colitis Reduces N-Type Ca2+ Current in Neurons from Superior Mesenteric Ganglia

Dizdar, V.; Spiller, R.C.; Hanevik, K.; Gilja, O.H.; Hausken, T., 2008:
W1373 Importance of Cck (Cholecystokinin) and 5-Ht (Serotonin) in Giardia-Induced Post-Infectious Ibs

Wang, G.-D.; Wang, X.; Zou, F.; Xia, Y.; Liu, S.; Qu, M.-H.; Sun, X.; Ren, W.; Wood, J.D., 2008:
W1374 Excitation of Neurons in the Enteric Nervous System (Ens), Degranulation of Enteric Mast Cells and Direct Action On Enterocytes Underlie Stimulatory Action of Bradykinin (Bk) On Mucosal Secretion in Guinea-Pig Small Intestine

van der Zanden, E.P.; Boeckxstaens, G.E.; de Jonge, W., 2008:
W1375 Nicotine Reduces Tlr2 and Nod2, But Not Tlr4- Induced Nf-KappaB Activation in Mouse Spleen Macrophages

Hartmann, C.; Degenkolb, N.; Steinkamp, M.; Adler, G.; von Boyen, G.B., 2008:
W1376 Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha and Interferon Gamma Induce Apoptosis in Enteric Glia: Protective Role of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor

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W1377 Altered Intestinal Paracellular Permeability in H. pylori Infected Mice Is Restored By Bacterial Eradication and Probiotic Treatment

Leng, Y.; Kadowaki, M., 2008 :
W1378 Alteration of Cholinergic and Purinergic Neurotransmission in the Inflamed Colon of the Mouse with Food-Induced Allergic Diarrhea

Xie, M.; Maurer, K.J.; Yu, B.; Fox, J.G.; Carey, M.C., 2008:
W1379 A Cholesterol-Rich Diet But Not Enterohepatic Helicobacter Infection Prolongs Small Intestinal Transit in Mice

Preuss, F.; Tang, Y.; Turek, F.W.; Keshavarzian, A., 2008:
W1380 Robust Adverse Effects of Chronic Circadian Desynchronization Seen When Animal Is Challenged with Induced Colitis

Verbeke, K.; Ferchaud-Roucher, V.; Preston, T.; Small, A.C.; Henckaerts, L.; Priebe, M.; Vonk, R.J., 2008:
W1381 Short Chain Fatty Acid Profiles in Plasma and Urine of Healthy Volunteers Depend On the Type of Indigestible Carbohydrate

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W1382 The Bifidogenic Potential of Arabinoxylo-Oligosaccharides in Healthy Volunteers Depends On the Degree of Polymerisation

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W1384 A Randomized Controlled Trial of Lactobacillus Gg in Infantile Diarrhea

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W1387 Efficacy of Probiotics in Treatment of Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized, Controlled Trials

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W1388 Effects of Butyrate On the Colonic Mucus Layer in Healthy Humans

Rose, D.; Keshavarzian, A.; Venema, K.; Hamaker, B.R., 2008:
W1390 Dynamic, Computer-Controlled In Vitro Fermentation of Alginate-Entrapped Starch Microspheres Using Microflora Obtained from Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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W1391 Overexpression of Lmo2 in Pancreatic Cancer and Its Clinical Implication As a Therapeutic Target

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W1392 Ascorbate-Induced Cytotoxicity in Pancreatic Cancer

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W1393 Is Tumor M2-Pyruvate Kinase (Pk) a Potential Marker for the Discrimination Between Chronic Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer?

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W1394 Hepatoma-Derived Growth Factor Is a Novel Prognostic Factor for Patients with Pancreatic Cancer

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W1395 Serum Tumor Antigen Reg4 As a Diagnostic Biomarker in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma

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W1396 Adiponectin (Adp): A New Tracer for the Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. (Pc)

Roblin, X.; Baconnier, M.; Durand, A.; Benhamou, P.Y.; Phelip, J.M., 2008:
W1397 Characteristics of the Non Insulino-Dependent Diabetes (Nidd) in Pancreatic Cancer (Pc) : Insulinopenia and Not Insulino-Resistance (Ir)

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W1398 Description of Incidental Pancreatic Cysts On Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Relationship to Pancreatic Cancer

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W1399 Pancreatic Cyst, Not New-Onset Diabetes, Is the Clue to Early Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

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W1400 Diabetes in Pancreatic Cancer Is Not Mediated By Resistin

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W1402 Differential Proteomic Analysis of Human Pancreatic Juice from Pancreatic Cancer, Chronic Pancreatitis and Choledocholithiasis

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W1405 Heterogeneity in the Expression of Prognostic Markers in Liver Metastases of Pancreatic Endocrine Tumours

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W1408 Senescence in Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas

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W1409 The Incidence of Other Malignancies in Patients with Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasms of the Pancreas: Emphasis On Whole-Body Surveillance

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W1411 In Situ Detection of Vhl/Hif Pathway Proteins Identifies a Pancreatic Endocrine Microadenomatosis in Patients with a Von Hippel-Lindau Disease (Vhl)

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W1416 Can Eus-Fna Reliably Predict Continuity Between the Pancreatic Duct and Cystic Lesions?

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W1417 Extrapancreatic Malignancies in Patients with Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of the Pancreas - Incidence, Risk Factors, and Comparison with Patients with Other Pancreatic Cystic Neoplasms

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W1418 Are We Performing Fewer Resections of Low Risk Pancreatic Cysts? Time Trends and Analysis from a Large Cohort

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W1419 Mucinous Cyst Adenocarcinoma (Mca) Has Better Prognosis Compared to Malignant Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Tumor (Ipmt) of the Pancreas: Analysis of a Population Based Cancer Registry

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W1715 Effect of Carbon Monoxide/Heme Oxygenase On Duodenal Hco3- Secretion in Rats

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W1716 Stimulation By Bradykinin of Hco3- Secretion in Rat Gastroduodenal Mucosa

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W1717 Phosphodiesterase Isozymes Involved in Regulation of Hco3- Secretion in Isolated Mouse Stomach In Vitro: Interactive Relation to Nitric Oxide (No) and Prostaglandins (Pgs)

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W1718 Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase Regulates Translocation of Cftr in Murine Duodenal Epithelial Cells

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W1719 Proton Pump Inhibitor Enhanced Aquaporin-4 Expression with a Reduction of Sonic Hedgehog Expression in Gastric Fundic Parietal Cells

Padol, I.; Wang, C.C.; Hunt, R.H., 2008:
W1720 Gastric Hypersecretion Related to Cholinergic Hypersensitivity in the Flinders Rat Model of Depression Contributes to Stress Induced Ulceration of the Stomach

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W1721 The Relationship Between Circulating Concentration of Ghrelin, Igf-1, Leptin and the Extent of Atrophic Change of Gastric Mucosa

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W1722 Control of Parietal and Ecl Cells: Known and Unknown Pathways Revealed in a Series of Knockout Mouse Strains

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W1723 Protective Effect of Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Pathway Against Acute Esophagitis in Rats

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W1724 Hydrogen Sulfide Stimulates Hco3- Secretion in Rat Stomach and Duodenum

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W1725 Importance of Epi-Lipoxin A4 and Nitric Oxide (No) in the Mechanism of Adaptation of Gastric Mucosa to Continuous Aspirin Administration

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W1726 Lansoprazole, a Proton Pump Inhibitor, Mediated Anti-Inflammatory Effect in Gastric Mucosal Cells Through the Induction of Heme Oxygenase-1 Via the Activation of Nrf2 and the Oxidation of Keap1

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W1727 Expression of Dcamkl1 in Putative Stem Cells Juxtaposed to Isthmal Parietal Cells in the Stomach

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W1728 Lubiprostone Stimulates Cftr-Dependent Duodenal Bicarbonate Secretion in Rats

Mizumori, M.; Akiba, Y.; Guth, P.H.; Kaunitz, J.D., 2008:
W1729 Brush Border Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase Inversely Regulates Luminal Atp Signaling Via P2y Receptor in Rat Duodenum

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W1730 Acid pH Primes the Innate Epithelial Response to Lps in the Esophageal Epithelium

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W1731 Effects of Heat- and Cold-Sensitive Trp Channel Agonists On Tight Junction Barrier in Primary Cultured Rat Gastric Epithelial Cells

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W1732 Rebamipide, a Cytoprotective Drug, Increases Gastric Mucus Secretion in Human - Evaluations with the Endoscopic Gastrin Test

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W1733 Oral Bacteria Regulate Gastric Mucus Thickness Via Bioactivation of Dietary Nitrate

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W1734 A New Role of Alpha 1-Antitrypsin/Alpha-1 Peptidase Inhibitor (A1-Pi) in Gastroduodenal Diseases

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W1735 Sulforaphane Stimulates Histamine-Mediated Gastric Acid Secretion and Ameliorates Monochloramine-Induced Gastric Mucosal Injury

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W1736 Gastroprotective Effect of E. Coli Nissle (Mutaflor): Evidence from In Vivo and In Vitro Studies

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W1737 Involvement of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in Recovery of Wound Induced in Gastric Epithelial Cells

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W1738 Gastroprotective Properties of Cobiprostone Against Acid and Nsaid-Induced Mucosal Injury in Porcine Gastric Mucosa

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W1739 Isoflavones in Soy-Germ Pasta Modulate the Expression of Human Gastric Genes Involved in Mucosal Defense

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W1740 Loss-of-Function Variants of the Epithelial Barrier Protein Filaggrin Predispose to Marked Atopic Co-Morbidity in Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Zhou, Y.; Wang, Q.; Jackson, L.N.; Chow, C.-W.; Evers, B.M., 2008:
W1741 Activation of Nfat Increases Pten Expression in Human Intestinal Cells

Ratcliffe, E.; D'Autreaux, F.; Gershon, M.D., 2008:
W1742 Guidance of Vagal Sensory Axons in the Fetal Gut: Long-Range Netrin-Mediated Attraction Terminated By Laminin in the Target Microenvironment

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W1743 Postnatal Maturation of Neuromuscular Transmission in the Guinea Pig Ileum

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W1744 Developmental Changes in Cck-Induced Ca2+-Dependent and Ca2+-Independent Contractility in Gallbladder Smooth Muscle

Forder, R.E.; Robbe-Masselot, C.; Howarth, G.S.; Hughes, R.J., 2008:
W1745 Influence of Bacterial Colonisation On Glycosylation of Intestinal Mucin Oligosaccharides During Early Development

Swenson, E.S.; Nottoli, T.P.; McGrath, J.; Theise, N.D.; Krause, D., 2008:
W1746 Embryonic Stem Cell Chimeric Mice Reveal Clonal Development of Pancreatic Acini, But Not Islets

Gutierrez, L.; Deheragoda, M.G.; Preston, S.; Jankowski, J.A.; Wright, N.A.; McDonald, S.A., 2008:
W1747 Human Small Intestinal Crypts Are Clonal, Contain Multiple Stem Cells and Mutated Crypts Divide By Fission

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W1748 Esophageal Stem Cells Have the Capacity for Self-Renewal and Lineage Specification

Nozaki, K.; Takaishi, S.; Wang, T.C.; Goldenring, J.R., 2008:
W1749 Altered Gastric Cell Lineage Differentiation and Emergence of Spasmolytic Polypeptide Expressing Metaplasia (Spem) After Acute Oxyntic Atrophy in Histidine Decarboxylase Deficient (Hdc-Ko) Mice

Hu, W.; Li, F.; Mahavadi, S.; Murthy, K.S., 2008:
W1750 Binding of HuR to Au-Rich Elements Within Rgs4 3'-Untranslated Region Is a Critical Determinant of Rgs4 mRna Stability in Smooth Muscle Cells

McRoberts, J.A.; Ennes, H.S.; Ameen, V.Z.; Sanger, G.J.; Mayer, E.A., 2008 :
W1751 Effects of Alosetron On Cgrp Release from Colonic Tissue in Rats

Millonig, G.; Guo, H.; Seitz, H._K.; Mueller, S., 2008:
W1752 Efficient Disruption of the Hif1-Phd Feedback Loop By the Central Reactive Oxygen Species Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)

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W1753 Substance P Decreases Insulin-Induced Glucose Uptake in Adipocytes

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W1754 Expression of 5-Ht4 Receptor Splice Variants By Drg Neurons

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W1755 Blockade of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I Receptor Is a Useful Anticancer Therapeutic for Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Murthy, K.S.; Mahavadi, S., 2008:
W1756 Association of Soluble Guanylyl Cyclase with 90-Kda Heat Shock Protein (Hsp90) Regulates sGc Expression and Activity and Nitric Oxide-Mediated Smooth Muscle Relaxation

Gonzalez, N.; Mantey, S.A.; Pradhan, T.K.; Sancho, V.; Moody, T.W.; Coy, D.H.; Jensen, R.T., 2008:
W1758 Selectivity and Potency of Putative Neuromedin B Receptor (Nmbr) Antagonists for Human Bombesin Receptors (Bnr)

Sinnett-Smith, J.; Young, S.H.; Rozengurt, E., 2008:
W1759 Rapid Activation of Protein Kinase D in Response to Wounding of Iec-18 and Iec-6 Monolayers

Jiang, X.; Sinnett-Smith, J.; Rozengurt, E., 2008:
W1760 Rapid Fak Phosphorylation On Ser-910 and Ser-843 in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Yoo, J.; Chung, C.; Slice, L.W.; Sinnett-Smith, J.; Rozengurt, E., 2008:
W1761 Pkd Regulates the Synergistic Expression of Cox-2 By Bradykinin and Tnf- in Colonic Myofibroblasts

Pham, H.; Wu, S.S.; Vincenti, R.; Rozengurt, E.; Slice, L.W., 2008:
W1762 Basal Prostaglandin Levels Are Required for Pyk2 Expression and Ang Ii-Dependent Mapk Phosphorylation in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Matsuura, B.; Ueda, T.; Dong, M.; Miller, L.J.; Miyake, T.; Furukawa, S.; Onji, M., 2008:
W1763 New Critical Residues in the Predicted Intracellular Loop Domains of the Human Motilin Receptor

Ehmer, U.; Erichsen, T.J.; Lankisch, T.O.; Kalthoff, S.; Freiberg, N.; Manns, M.P.; Strassburg, C.P., 2008:
W1764 Relevance of Functional Promoter Variant for the Regulation of the Extrahepatic Udp-Glucuronosyltransferase Ugt1a7 By the Hepatocyte Nuclear Factors Hnf1alpha and Hnf4 Alpha

Wu, S.S.; Vong, S.K.; Rozengurt, E., 2008:
W1765 Protein Kinase C Mediates Feedback Inhibition of Erk Through Egfr Transactivation in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Ueda, T.; Matsuura, B.; Miyake, T.; Furukawa, S.; Hiasa, Y.; Murakami, H.; Onji, M., 2008:
W1766 Identification of Peptide-Ligand Binding Domains of the Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor

McLaughlin, S.D.; Johnson, M.W.; Clark, S.K.; Tekkis, P.P.; Ciclitira, P.J.; Nicholls, R..J., 2008:
W1767 Vsl#3 for Chronic Pouchitis; Experience in Uk Clinical Practice

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W1768 Oxalobacter Formigenes and the Risk of Calcium Oxalate Renal Calculi: An Endogenous Probiotic?

Rychter, J.; van Minnen, P.L.; Verheem, A.; Timmerman, H.M.; Rijkers, G.T.; Schipper, M.; Gooszen, H.G.; Akkermans, L.M.; Kroese, A.B., 2008:
W1769 Pretreatment But Not Treatment with Probiotics Abolishes Mouse Intestinal Barrier Dysfunction in Acute Pancreatitis

Straub, S.; Andraczek, K.; Wolff, C.; Henker, J., 2008:
W1770 Reduction of Gut-Caused Halitosis with Probiotic E. coli Nissle 1917 - First Findings

Sondergaard, B.; Ekesbo, R.W.; Olsson, J.; Ohlson, K.; Svensson, U.K.; Bytzer, P., 2008:
W1771 Effect of Eight Weeks of Treatment with Probiotic Yoghurt On Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms - a Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Dubey, A.P.; Krishnan, R.; Chakravarti, A.; Aggarwal, A.; Atal, B.K.; DeSimone, C.; Pandey, V.; Sahu, A.R., 2008:
W1772 Use of Vsl#3 (a New High Concentration Probiotic Mixture) in the Treatment of Childhood Diarrhea with Specific Reference to Rotavirus Diarrhea

Rohatgi, S.; Ahuja, V.; Makharia, G.K.; DeSimone, C.; Sahu, A.R., 2008:
W1773 A Randomized Trial Evaluating Probiotic Preparation Vsl#3 Versus Oral mesalamine in Patients with Active Microscopic Colitis

Khailova, L.; Maynard, A.; Dvorak, K.; Arganbright, K.M.; Halpern, M.; Kinouchi, T.; Yajima, M.; Dvorak, B., 2008:
W1774 Bifidobacterium Bifidum Improves Intestinal Barrier Function in Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Balasubramaniem, A.; Said, H.M., 2008:
W1775 Enteropathogenic Escherichia coli Inhibits Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) Transport in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Kehrl, J.H.; Patel, K.B.; Kahng, L.S., 2008:
W1776 Dam Methylation Is Essential in Vibrio Vulnificus and Influences Its Interactions with Host Cells

Saint-Dic, D.; Kehrl, J.H.; Frushour, B.P.; Kahng, L.S., 2008:
W1777 Excess Seqa Causes a Dna Replication Arrest in Vibrio Cholerae, and Heterologous Overexpression Experiments Show That Lethality Is Specific to V. Cholerae

Cazzato, A.; Lauritano, C.; Scarpellini, E.; Gigante, G.; Gargovich, M.; Cammarota, G.; DeLorenzo, A.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2008:
W1778 Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (Sibo) Can Affect Intestinal Permeability

Cazzato, A.; Lauritano, C.; Sparano, L.; Vitale, G.; Roccarina, D.; Cammarota, G.; DeLorenzo, A.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2008:
W1779 Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (Sibo) in Patients with Duodenogastric (Dgr) Post-Cholecystectomy

Serna, A.; Zhu, C.; Nugent, A.J.; Okeefe, E.K.; Boedeker, E., 2008:
W1780 Ciprofloxacin in Rabbits Infected with a Shiga-Toxin (Stx)-Producing E. coli (Stec) Srain Leads to Worse Clinical Outcome and Increased Toxin Release

Eaton, K.A.; Friedman, D.I.; Francis, G.J.; Young, V.B.; Haeger, J.; Whittam, T.S.; Tyler, J.S.; Abu-Ali, G., 2008:
W1781 The Pathogenesis of Renal Disease Due to Enterohemorrhagic E. coli in Germ Free Mice

Ge, Z.; Lee, A.; Whary, M.T.; Rogers, A.B.; Maurer, K.J.; Taylor, N.S.; Schauer, D.B.; Fox, J.G., 2008:
W1782 Helicobacter Hepaticus Urease Is Not Required for Intestinal Colonization But Promotes Hepatic Inflammation in Male a/Jcr Mice

Wcislo-Zwolinska, M.; Brzozowski, T.; Konturek, P.C.; Drozdowicz, D.; Targosz, A.; Stachura, J.; Mach, T.; Konturek, S.; Pawlik, W.W., 2008:
W1783 Effect of Combined Antifungeal and Probiotic Therapy On Candida Colonization of Human Ulcerative Colitis and the Healing of Colonic Injury in Experimental Animal Model of Colitis Ulcerosa

Cilieborg, M.S.; Weber, N.; Schmidt, M.; Sangild, P.T., 2008:
W1784 Prenatal Exposure to Bacterial Toxin Reduces Gut Sensitivity to Necrotising Enterocolitis in Preterm Neonates

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W1785 Enteropathogenic E. coli Non-Lee Encoded Effectors Nleh1/2 Fail to Suppress Inflammatory Response, in Contrast to Shigella Homolog Ospg

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W1799 Distension of the Esophago-Gastric Junction Augments Meal-Induced Triggering of Tlesr

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W1803 High Resolution Manometry with Large Volume Multiple Repeated Swallows Aids the Detection of Oesophageal Pathology

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W1806 The Frequency of Functional Heartburn (Fh) and Other Gastroesophageal Reflux (Ger)-Related Symptoms in Subjects with Ibs in the Community Is Higher Than That of the Controls, and More Likely Among Those with An Abnormal Body Mass Index (Bmi)

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W1900 Value of Spatiotemporal Representation of Manometric Data

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Liver Stiffness Assessment By Transient Elastography in Patients After Living Donor Liver Transplantation

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Deficiency of Tissue Transglutaminase Promotes Fibrogenesis and Does Not Facilitate Hepatic Fibrosis Reversal

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Natural Killer T Cell Activation Promotes a Fibrinolytic Phenotype Within the Cholestatic Liver

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Phagocytic and Non-Phagocytic Nadph-Oxidase Isoforms Differentially Regulate Fibrosis But Not Steatosis in the Liver

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Selective Targeting of Ctgf Sirna to Activated Stellate Cells Reduces Carbon Tetrachloride (Ccl4) Induced Hepatic Fibrosis In Vivo

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High Molecular Weight Adiponectin Inhibits Proliferation of Hepatic Stellate Cells Via Activation of Amp-Activated Protein Kinase (Ampk)

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The Bh3-Only Protein Noxa Mediates Hepatic Stellate Cell Apoptosis By Proteasome Inhibition

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Randomized, Double-Blinded, Placebo Controlled Multi-Center Trial of Etanercept in the Treatment of Alcoholic Hepatitis

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Il-2 Receptor Antagonist (Il2-Ra), Basiliximab, Is Associated with Rapid Fibrosis Progression in Patients with Recurrent Hepatitis C Virus (Hcv) After Liver Transplantation (Lt) Using Serial Biopsy Specimens

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The 13c Methacetin Breath Test Accurately Identifies Liver Fibrosis in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Validation Study

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Combination Antiviral Therapy Differentially Affects Dendritic Cell Chemokine Receptor and Maturation Marker Expression in Chronic Hepatitis C Infection

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Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (Nafld) Occurring Post-Transplant - Risk Factors and Outcome

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Dobutamine Stress Echocardiography (Dse) Is a Poor Predictor of Coronary Artery Disease in Patients Undergoing Liver Transplant Evaluation

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Role of Jnk Translocation to Mitochondria Leading to Inhibition of Mitochondria Bioenergetics in Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury

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Deletion of Apoptosis Signal-Regulating Kinase 1 (Ask1) Attenuates Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury By Inhibiting Prolonged Jnk Activation

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Anti-Apoptotic Effect of Jnk1 Through Mcl-1 Stabilization in Tnf-Induced Hepatocyte Apoptosis

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Aspirin Blocks Acetaminophen Induced Hepatotoxicity and Mortality in Mice - Dependent On the Asc/Caspase-1 Inflammasome

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Cts-1027, a Broad-Spectrum Matrix Metalloprotease Inhibitor, Attenuates Liver Injury and Fibrosis in the Bile Duct-Ligated Mouse

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In Vivo Confocal Imaging of Apoptosis of the Liver

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Down-Regulation of Sulf1 By Hypermethylation Mediates Resistance of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells to Chemotherapy-Induced Apoptosis

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Hcv-Induced Oxidative Stress Suppresses Basal and Il6-Stimulated Hepcidin Expression in Human Hepatoma Cell Lines

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Human Serum Amyloid P (Hsap) Inhibits Bile Duct Ligation Induced Liver Fibrosis in Mice

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Hepatocyte Priming and Proliferation in Response to Partial Hepatectomy Is Impaired in the eNos Knockout Mice

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C133+ Liver Cancer Stem Cells from Methionine Adenosyl Transferase 1A Deficient Mice Demonstrate Resistance to Tgf- Induced Apoptosis

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Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein(+) Progenitors Regenerate Adult Livers

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Extracellular Atp and Activation of P2y2-Purinergic Receptors Play Key Roles in the Induction of Early Growth Response-1 (Egr-1) in Regenerating Liver

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Hepatic Stellate Cells Modulate the Differentiation of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Into Hepatocyte-Like Cells

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Highly Efficient Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells to Metabolically Active Hepatocytes In Vitro and In Vivo

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Utilization of Screening for Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the United States

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Fluorine-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography Predicts Vegf Expression and Malignant Potential in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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Evaluation of Hepatic Reserve Capacity and Volume Loss After Radiofrequency Ablation in Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients Using Volumetry Analysis

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Is There a Role for Advanced Cytologic Techniques in the Evaluation of Biliary Strictures When Conventional Cytology Is Indeterminate?

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S-Adenosylmethionine Regulates Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1 Expression and Contributes to Increased Genomic Instability in Livers of Methionine Adenosyltransferase 1A Deficient Mice

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Development of a New Mouse Model of Fatal Autoimmune Hepatitis

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Levels of Fgl2/Fibroleukin An Effector of Cd4+Cd25+Treg Cells Predicts Course of Chronic Hepatitis C Disease

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Ifn--Producing T Cells Promote Liver Inflammation and Injury in Virus Infected Liver Via a Cytokine-Chemokine Cascade

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Competitive Inhibition of Leptin Signaling By a Mutagenic Peptide Results in Amelioration of Acute Autoimmune Concanavalin a and Pseudomonas Exotoxin a Hepatitis

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Mechanism of Bilirubin Inhibition of iNos Up-Regulation By Lipopolysaccharide

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S1013 Drug Users with Chronic Hepatitis C Who Are Adherent to Antiviral Treatment Will Finally Benefit from Therapy

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S1014 The Use of Specialty Care Pharmacies for the Treatment of Hepatitis C

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S1583 Bile Acids Regulate Hepatic Stellate Cell Migration

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S1584 Curcumin Suppresses Ldl Receptor Gene Expression, Leading to the Inhibition of Cholesterol/Ldl-Induced Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation

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S1585 Myofibroblast-Derived Soluble Factors Upregulate Chemokine Gene Expression in Neighboring Cholangiocytes

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S1586 Activation of Erk1/2 By Nicotine Stimulates Cholangiocarcinoma Proliferation

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S1587 Compensatory Role of Inducible Annexin A2 for Impaired Biliary Epithelial Anion Exchange Activity of Inflammatory Cholangiopathy

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S1588 Bone Marrow-Derived Cells Contribute to Extrahepatic Bile Duct Regeneration.- a Study Using a Model for Artificial Bile Duct Implantation -

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S1893 Comparison of Plasma Insulin and Leptin Concentrations with Long Chain Fatty Acid Uptake in Hepatocytes and Adipocytes from Mice with Hepatic Steatosis Clarifies the Hormonal Regulation of Fatty Acid Disposition

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S1896 Curcumin Inhibits Ox-Ldl-Activated Hepatic Stellate Cells In Vitro By Suppressing Gene Expression of Lectin-Like Oxidized-Ldl Receptor Via Activation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-Gamma

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S1899 Genetic Ablation of Bach1 Followed By Upregulation of Heme Oxygenase-1 Improved Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis in Rodent Model

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S1902 Oxidative Stress Facilitates Apoptosis of Hepatocyte Via Tnf-Ask1 Pathway in Murine Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Model

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S1919 Family History and Familial Aggregation in Patients with Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis

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T1761 Hrp12, the Murine Member of the Highly Conserved But Enigmatic Yer057c/Yjgf/Uk114 Family, Interacts with Mitochondrial and Secreted Liver Proteins in the Yeast-Based Two-Hybrid System

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T1762 Numb Is Involved in Regulation of Hepatic Self-Repair By Antagonizing Notch, Wnt and Hedgehog Pathway

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T1764 The Genetic Background Plays An Important Role in Mouse Hepatocyte Mallory-Denk Body Formation

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T1768 Ifn Down-Regulates Endothelin-1 Expression Via a Stat1 Independent Pathway

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T1769 Fip200, a Novel Tumor Suppressor Protein, Suppresses Cell Cycle Progression Through p53 in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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T1770 Mitochondrial Dna Mutations May Shed Light On Clonal Expansion in Human Liver Tissue

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T1783 The Functional Udp-Glucoronosyltransferase (Ugt) 1a1 Promoter Polymorphism May Increase the Risk of Anti-Tuberculosis Drug-Induced Hyperbilirubinemia

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T1784 Variability in the Upper Limit of Alt Among Different Clinical Laboratories in Indiana: A State-Wide Survey

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W1006 The Cognitive Impairment By Interferon Treatment in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C

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W1706 An Imbalance in Plasma Amino Acids Impairs the Maturation of Bdca1 Positive Circulating Myeloid Dendritic Cells, and Raising the Extracellular Concentration of Valine Improved the Function of Dendritic Cells in Advanced Cirrhotic Patients

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Video: Totally Laparoscopic Extended Right Hepatectomy

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Standardization of Laparoscopic Distal Pancreatic Resection (LapDpr) with Regional Lymphadenectomy in Malignant Pancreatic Neoplasms (Mpn)

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Laparoscopic Celiac Artery Decompression

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Pneumatosis Coli: Resection of the Splenic Flexure with Intracorporeal Anastomosis

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Two-Hundred Consecutive Laparoscopic Liver Resections

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