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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67062

Chapter 67062 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Spiller, R.C.; Humes, D.J.; Richards, M.G.; Hastings, M.; Neal, K.R.; Whorwell, P.J., 2009:
M1245 Somatisation Predicts Symptom Severity and Consulting Behaviour in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients and Those with Symptomatic Diverticular Disease: Cause or Effect?

Carruthers, H.R.; Tarrier, N.; Whorwell, P.J., 2009:
M1246 Reactivity to Imagery in Health and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Halpert, A.; Singh, T., 2009:
M1247 Physicians' Attitudes Towards the Use of Patients' Expressive Writings About Irritable Bowel Syndrome in the Outpatient Setting

Halpert, A.; Verma, A.; Cline, L., 2009:
M1248 Understanding Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs) Through Patients' Expressive Writings

Farrall, E.; Collins, J.; Turnbull, D.A.; Holtmann, G.; Hetzel, D.J.; Andrews, J.M., 2009:
M1249 Do We Know What Patients Want? the Communication/Understanding Gap Between Patients with Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (Fgids) and Gastroenterologists

Ortiz, V.; Garrigues, V.; Casanova, C.; Bujanda, L.; Moreno, E.; Montserrat, A.; Serra, J.; Suárez, B.G.; Gisbert, J.P.; Rodriguez-Tellez, M.; Montoro, M.A.; Ponce, J., 2009:
M1250 Development and Validation of a Disease-Specific Health-Related Quality of Life (Hrql) Questionnaire for Esophageal Achalasia (Ea)

Bonarius, S.; Witteman, B.J.; de Wit, N.J., 2009:
M1251 Evaluation of a Multidisciplinary Consultation Service for the Management of Functional Bowel Disorders

Doerfler, B.; Keefer, L.; Bratten, J.R.; Zinke, J.L.; Jones, M.P., 2009:
M1252 Eating Habits and Dietary Composition of Patients with Fbd: Preliminary Data from the Bingeing and Eating in Digestive Diseases Study (Bedds)

Knott, V.E.; Holtmann, G.; Turnbull, D.A.; Andrews, J.M., 2009:
M1253 Patients' Satisfaction with Specialist Gastroenterologist Consultation for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs)and Health Care Utilisation: Exploring the Role of Patient Expectations

Gerson, M.-J.; Gerson, M.-J., 2009:
M1254 Effectiveness of a Group Hypnotherapy Program for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, A One Year Follow-Up Study

Van Oudenhove, L.; Holvoet, L.; Vos, R.; Bisschops, R.; Arts, J.; Caenepeel, P.; DeWulf, D.; Demyttenaere, K.; Tack, J.F., 2009:
M1255 the Role of Gastrointestinal Symptom-Speficic Anxiety in Functional Dyspepsia

Konopko-Zubrzycka, M.; Baniukiewicz, A.; Wroblewski, E.; Kowalska, I.; Zarzycki, W.; Gorska, M.; Dabrowski, A., 2009:
M1256 Treatment of Morbid Obesity with Intragastric Balloon Blocks the Increase of Serum Adiponectin Level

Andriulli, A.; Forlano, R.; Ippolito, A.M.; Iacobellis, A.; Merla, A.; Valvano, M.R.; Niro, G.A.; D'Amico, G.; Annese, V., 2009:
M1257 Effect of the Bioenterics Intragastric Balloon On Weight, Insulin Resistance, and Liver Steatosis in Obese Patients

Bouchoucha, M.; Potier, M.; Airinei, G.; Raynaud, J.-J.; Bejou, B.; Bon, C.; Catheline, J.; Benamouzig, R., 2009:
M1258 Change in Colonic Transit in Morbidly Obese Patients After Placement of An Intragastric Balloon

Thompson, C.C.; Brethauer, S.A.; Chand, B.; Lautz, D.B.; Kaplan, L.M.; Schauer, P.R., 2009:
M1259 Transoral Gastric Volume Reduction As An Intervention for Weight Management (Trim) Multicenter Feasibility Study: A Report of Early Outcomes

de Jong, K.; Mathus-Vliegen, E.; Eshuis, J.H.; Fockens, P., 2009:
M1260 Safety and Efficacy of the Trans-Oral Endoscopic Restrictive System (Teris) for the Treatment of Obesity

Fogel, R.; Rams, H.; Greer, P.; Jacobs, M.; Plasencia, G.; Gomez, E.; DeFogel, J.F., 2009:
M1261 Endoluminal Vertical Gastroplasty for Weight Reduction - a U.S. Study of 30 Patients with Up to 18 Months Follow-Up

McKenna, T.; Zubair, M.; Parepally, M.; Cherian, D.; Vanar, V.; Friedenberg, F.K., 2009:
M1262 Obesity and the Incidence of Post-Operative Complications

Chen, C.-Y.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, S.-D., 2009:
M1263 A Randomized Trial of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in Patients with Obesity-Related Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Preliminary One-Year Results

Lalazar, G.; Keidar, A.; Adar, T.; Mizrahi, M.; Zigmond, E.; Hemed, N.; Ilan, Y., 2009:
M1264 The Non-Invasive 13C Octanoate Breath Test Accurately Assesses Hepatic Mitochondrial Beta Oxidation Before and After Bariatric Surgery

Garone, M.; Kallman, J.; Aquino, R.D.; Fang, Y.; Lee, P.; Elariny, H.A.; Younossi, Z.M., 2009:
M1265 Activity Level in Patients Undergoing Bariatric Surgery

Pournaras, D.; LeRoux, C.W.; Osborne, A.; Hawkins, S.C.; Bloom, S.R.; Ghatei, M.A.; Mahon, D.; Welbourn, R., 2009:
M1266 Mechanisms Causing Normoglycaemia Following Metabolic Surgery

Preissler, C.; Krieger-Grübel, C.; Schultes, B.; Thurnheer, M.; Pohl, D.; Borovicka, J.; Tutuian, R., 2009:
M1267 The Contribution of Intrabolus Pressure to Symptoms Induced By Gastric Banding

Herrera, M.F.; Burton, D.D.; Pantoja, J.P.; Sanchez-Leenheer, S.; Bachmann, B.; Valdovinos, M.A.; Bhole, D.; Prindle, S.; Tweden, K.S.; Vollmer, M.C.; Wilson, R.R.; Camilleri, M., 2009:
M1268 Intermittent Vagal Blocking with An Implantable Device Reduces Maximum Tolerated Volume (Mtv) During a Standardized Nutrient Drink Test in Obese Subjects

Björklund, P.; Laurenius, A.; Olbers, T.; Lönroth, H.; Fandriks, L., 2009:
M1269 Distension-Induced Roux-Limb Sensations and Intraluminal Pressure Correlate to Meal Size Following Gastric Bypass Surgery

Billington, C.J.; Kow, L.; Collins, J.; Wray, N.H.; Tweden, K.S.; Vollmer, M.C.; Wilson, R.R.; Yurik, T.M.; Freston, J.W.; Toouli, J., 2009:
M1270 Correlations Between Enhanced Satiety and Reduced Calorie Intake During Intermittent Vagal Block (Vbloc Therapy) to Treat Obesity

Johnson, A.C.; Tyler, K.R.; Harris, J.L.; Meerveld, B.G.-V., 2009:
M1271 a Novel Gastric Invagination Procedure Produces Weight Loss in Rats

Jurkov, A.; Mintchev, M.P., 2009:
M1272 Feedback Control of Retrograde Peristalsis Using Neural Gastric Electrical Stimulation

Kudva, Y.C.; Vege, S.S.; Grandison, G.A.; Wright, K.; Clemens, M.A.; Chari, S.T., 2009:
M1273 Long Term Follow Up of Mortality and Diabetes Related Clinical End Points After Partial Pancreatectomy for Pancreatitis: Mayo Clinic Experience from 1990 to 2005

Ramesh, H., 2009:
M1274 Persistent Pain in Chronic Pancreatitis After Pancreatic Endotherapy Is Relieved By the Frey Procedure

Xiao, Z.; Stevens, T.; Dodig, M., 2009:
M1275 Bicarbonate Analysis of Pancreatic Fluid: Back Titration (Bt) Versus Autoanalyzer (Aa)

Tignor, A.S.; Wu, B.; Whitlock, T.L.; Repas, K.A.; Banks, P.A.; Conwell, D., 2009:
M1276 Low-Trauma Fracture in Chronic Pancreatitis (Cp)

Regunath, H.; Pai, G., 2009:
M1277 Under-Nutrition in Tropical Pancreatitis: Cause or Effect?

Andriulli, A.; Botteri, E.; Almasio, P.; Uomo, G.; Vantini, I.; Maisonneuve, P., 2009:
M1279 Smoking As a Co-Factor for Causation of Chronic Pancreatitis: A Meta-Analysis

Chopra, A.; Alkaade, S.; Burton, F.R.; Balci, N.C., 2009:
M1280 Prior Endoscopic Sphincterotomy Can Affect the Interpretation of Secretin-Stimulated Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (S-Mrcp) in Patients with Chronic Pancreatitis

Law, R.; Stevens, T.; Parsi, M.A., 2009:
M1281 Evaluation of a New Endoscopic Pancreatic Function Test (ePft) Technique Using Combined Secretin and Cholecystokinin (Cck) Stimulation

Costamagna, G.; Iacopini, F.; Perri, V.; Salerno, R.; Familiari, P.; Tringali, A.; Mutignani, M., 2009:
M1282 Long-Term Follow-Up of Chronic Pancreatitis in a Pediatric Population Undergoing Endotherapy

Lieb, J.G.; Toskes, P.P.; Coston, R.J.; Curington, C.L.; Caminis, J.; Lee, C.E.; Straforini, C.; Wekselman, K.; Carriere, F., 2009:
M1283 Enzyme Delivery Into the Duodenum from a Novel Pancreatic Enzyme Product (Eur-1008) in Chronic Pancreatitis Patients with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Sofuni, A.; Itoi, T.; Itokawa, F.; Tsuchiya, T.; Kurihara, T.; Tsuji, S.; Ishii, K.; Ikeuchi, N.; Moriyasu, F., 2009:
M1284 Usefulness of Differential Diagnosis of Mass-Forming Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Carcinoma Using Contrast-Enhansed Ultrasonography Using New Ultrasonography Techniques and 2nd Generation Contrast Agent

Uradomo, L.T.; Zhan, M.; Yang, J.; McNally, D., 2009:
M1285 Who Undergoes Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer? The Role of Provider and Patient Characteristics

Kim, Y.J.; Park, J.K.; Yang, K.Y.; Seo, J.K.; Kim, Y.-T.; Yoon, Y.B., 2009:
M1286 Role of Ca 19-9 As a Prognosis Factor Before and After Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Mizuno, S.; Nakai, Y.; Yamamoto, K.; Yagioka, H.; Yashima, Y.; Kawakubo, K.; Kogure, H.; Sasaki, T.; Sasahira, N.; Hirano, K.; Tsujino, T.; Isayama, H.; Tada, M.; Kawabe, T.; Omata, M., 2009:
M1287 New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus Is Not Associated with the Prognosis of Pancreatic Cancer

Hong, S.G.; Kim, J.S.; Jung, S.J.; Joo, M.K.; Lee, B.J.; Yeon, J.E.; Park, J.-J.; Byun, K.S.; Bak, Y.-T., 2009:
M1288 Prevalence of Pancreatic Cancer in Diabetics and Clinical Characteristics of Diabetes Associated with Pancreatic Cancer in Korea

Ludwig, E.; Reiner, A.S.; Chung, N.; Simon, J.; Bayuga, S.; O'Reilly, E.M.; Allen, P.J.; Kurtz, R.C.; Olson, S.H., 2009:
M1289 Family History of Certain Cancers Is Not Associated with Younger Age At Diagnosis of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma

Sasahira, N.; Tada, M.; Mizuno, S.; Yamamoto, K.; Yagioka, H.; Yashima, Y.; Kawakubo, K.; Kogure, H.; Sasaki, T.; Nakai, Y.; Hirano, K.; Tsujino, T.; Isayama, H.; Yoshida, H.; Kawabe, T., 2009:
M1290 Calcification Is a Factor of Cancer Incidence in Chronic Pancreatitis

Hammel, P.; Levy, P.; Soufir, N.; Colas, C.; Coulet, F.; Guého, A.; Riffaut, A.; Maire, F.; Rebours, V.; Hentic, O.; Aubert, A.; Soubrier, F.; Grandchamp, B.; Vidaud, D.; Ruszniewski, P.B., 2009:
M1291 Familial Pancreatic Cancer: Brca2, Cdkn2A and Cdk 4 Gene Alterations and Screening of Relatives

Tetreault, M.-P.; Travis, J.; Katz, J.P., 2009:
M1594 The Zinc Finger Transcription Factor Klf4 Regulates Migration, Adhesion, and Stratification of Esophageal Keratinocytes

Patel, V.; Yu, Y.; Patel, B.B.; Majumdar, A.N., 2009:
M1595 Schlafen-3, a Novel Gene Regulates Intestinal Differentiation

Udager, A.M.; Li, X.; Qiao, X.; Lim, K.-C.; Engel, J.D.; Gumucio, D.L., 2009:
M1596 Gata3 and Nephrocan Are Expressed in Highly Restricted Patterns At the Developing Pylorus

Marshall, K.; Mayer, A.N., 2009:
M1597 The Peutz-Jegher Gene Product Lkb1 Regulates the Timing of the Endoderm-Intestine Transition

Roy, S.A.; Auclair, B.A.; Langlois, M.-J.; Carrier, J.; Boudreau, F.; Rivard, N.; Perreault, N., 2009:
M1598 Role of Pten Phosphatase in Intestinal Epithelial Cytodifferentiation

Tsuchiya, K.; Okamoto, R.; Nakamura, T.; Watanabe, M., 2009:
M1599 Gsk3 Inhibitor Induces the Intestinal Differentiation By the Protein Stabilization of Atoh1

Lunn, J.A.; Rozengurt, E., 2009:
M1600 Focal Adhesion Kinase (Fak) Plays a Critical Role in Early Cell Migration By Affecting the Microtubular Cytoskeleton

Ye, D.; Kaestner, K.H., 2009:
M1601 Foxa1 and Foxa2 Control the Differentiation of Goblet and Enteroendocrine L- and D-Cells in Mice

Xu, C.; Li, X.; Gray, P.D.; Kuwada, S.K., 2009:
M1602 Hedgehogs Are Major Effectors of 1 Integrin Signaling in the Intestinal Epithelium

Cheung, R.; MacLeod, R.J., 2009:
M1603 Non-Canonical Wnt Signaling in the Intestine: Regulation of Villin Expression By Wnt5a Interaction with Intestinal Ror2

Sinnett-Smith, J.; Kui, R.K.; Young, S.H.; Rozengurt, N.; Rozengurt, E., 2009:
M1604 Transgenic Expression of Pkd Stimulates Intestinal Epithelial Cell Proliferation

Wang, Q.; Zhou, Y.; Evers, B.M., 2009:
M1605 Selective Regulation of Intestinal Cell Differentiation By the mTor Complex 2 Protein Rictor

Liu, Y.; Zhu, L.; Liu, X.; Pacheco, S.E.; Rhoads, M., 2009:
M1606 Upregulation of Intestinal Toll-Like Receptors and Tlr-Mediated Signals Trigger Production of Th1 and Th2 Cytokines in Rat Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Fu, Z.; Kim, J.; Vidrich, A.; Sturgill, T.; Cohn, S.M., 2009:
M1607 Intestinal Cell Kinase Targets the mTor and Cdx2 Pathways to Regulate Proliferation and Differentiation of Intestinal Epithelial Cells

EauClaire, S.F.; Ma, L.; Matthews, R.P., 2009:
M1608 Zebrafish Pekin Mutants Demonstrate the Importance of Intracellular Trafficking in Hepatobiliary Development

Cherbuy, C.; Honvo-Houeto, E.; Noordine, M.-L.; Mayeur, C.; Bruneau, A.; Bridonneau, C.; Langella, P.; Thomas, M., 2009:
M1609 Intestinal Microbiota Matures the Colonic Epithelium Through a Well Synchronized Induction of Cell-Cycle Related Proteins

Lemieux, E.; Boudreau, F.; Rivard, N., 2009:
M1610 Constitutive Activation of Mek/Erk Pathway Inhibits Intestinal Epithelial Cell Differentiation

Gierut, J.; Perekatt, A.O.; Tyner, A.L., 2009:
M1611 The Intracellular Tyrosine Kinase Ptk6 Regulates Protein Phosphatase 2a in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Gao, N.; Kaestner, K.H., 2009:
M1612 Cdx2 Establishes Intestinal Identity and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Interaction

Chen, C.; Sibley, E., 2009:
M1613 Transcription Profiling Analysis of the Effects of Intestine-Specific Pdx1Inactivation in Mouse Proximal Small Intestine

Akiyama, J.; Okamoto, R.; Tsuchiya, K.; Nakamura, T.; Watanabe, M., 2009:
M1614 Expression of Delta Ligands Is Regulated By Notch-Hes1 Signaling Pathway in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Groulx, J.-F.; Martel, D.; Herring, E.; Beaulieu, J.-F., 2009:
M1615 Collagen Vi in the Basement Membrane of the Human Intestine and Its Involvement with Cell Adhesion

Seltana, A.; Basora, N.; Beaulieu, J.-F., 2009:
M1617 Intestinal Epithelial Wound Healing Assay in An Epithelial-Mesenchymal Co-Culture System

Hutson, A.M.; Gunaratne, P.H.; Shaw, C.A.; Henning, S.J., 2009:
M1618 MicroRnas in Villus and Crypt Epithelium of the Mouse Small Intestine

Saqui-Salces, M.; Merchant, J.L., 2009:
M1619 Gastric Epithelial Cells Express Primary Cilia

Nicholson, A.M.; Harrison, L.-A.; Barr, H.; Burkert, J.; Wilson, G.; McDonald, S.A.; Wright, N.A.; Harrison, R.F.; Jankowski, J.A., 2009:
M1620 The Saint Trial (Stem Cell Analysis and Identification By Iudr Labelling of Neoplastic Tissue); Identification of Barrett's Stem Cells

Rezza, A.; Plateroti, M., 2009:
M1621 Study of the Rna Binding Protein Musashi1, An Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cell Marker

Gândara, R.; Potten, C.; Mahida, Y.R., 2009:
M1622 Investigation of Intestinal Epithelial Stem Cell Function Under Basal Conditions and Following Irradiation

Saccani, F.; Anselmi, L.; Jaramillo, I.; Bertoni, S.; Barocelli, E.; Sternini, C., 2009:
M1623 Effect of Opioid Receptor Activation On Intestinal Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Mice

Ghia, J.-E.; Li, N.; Wang, H.; Côté, F.; El-Sharkawy, R.T.; Mallet, J.J.; Khan, W.I., 2009:
M1624 Role of Serotonin in Immune Activation and Inflammation in Experimental Colitis

D'Aldebert, E.; Cenac, N.; Balz-Hara, D.; Lapointe, T.K.; Ohland, C.L.; Buret, A.G.; MacNaughton, W.K.; Selves, J.; Vergnolle, N., 2009:
M1625 Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid 4 (Trpv4) Activation Induces Inflammation and Signals to Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Giroux, V.; Cyr, J.-P.; Lambert-Comeau, P.; Carrier, J., 2009:
M1626 Estrogen Receptor Beta Activation Reduces Intestinal Inflammation in Dss-Induced Colitis Murine Model

Ghizzardi, P.; Gobbetti, T.; Bertoni, S.; Saccani, F.; Flammini, L.; Ballabeni, V.; Barocelli, E., 2009:
M1627 Histamine H4 Receptor Antagonism and Mesenteric Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Mice

Anselmi, L.; Jaramillo, I.; Saccani, F.; Sternini, C., 2009:
M1628 Opioid Receptor mRna Expression in Experimental Colitis in Rats

Ueda, K.; Ueyama, T.; Tamai, H.; Arii, K.; Yanaoka, K.; Ito, T.; Oka, M.; Tsuruo, Y.; Ichinose, M., 2009:
M1629 Polaprezinc As a Potent Inducer of Anti-Oxidative Stress Enzyme, Heme Oxygenase 1

Hotz, H.G.; Visekruna, A.; Hotz, B.; Schellhaas, E.; Buhr, H.J., 2009:
M1630 Beyond Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition: A Novel Role for the Transcription Factor Snail in Inflammation and Wound Healing

van der Zanden, E.P.; Boeckxstaens, G.E.; Lee, K.; de Jonge, W., 2009:
M1631 Acetylcholine Enhances Macrophage Phagocytosis and Induces Inflammatory Anergy via Distinct nAchR Subunits

Kim, S.O.; Chao, C.; Townsend, C.M.; Hellmich, M.R., 2009:
M1632 Interferon- Induces Cck2 Receptor Expression in Monocytes and Bone Marrow-Derived Cells

Shinohara, M.; Phaosawasdi, P.; Mao, M.Y.; Samuelson, L.C.; Eaton, K.A.; Todisco, A., 2009:
M1633 Regulation of Gastric Inflammation By Bone Morphogenetic Protein Signaling

Strickertsson, J.A.; Nilsson, H.-O.; Wadström, T.; Friis-Hansen, L., 2009:
M1634 Enterococcal Infection of Gastric Cells Induce Expression Cytokines and Suppress Dna Damage Repair Genes

Romero, W.; Álvarez, .; Ortiz, D.; Diez, I.; Velazquez, M.; Esplugues, J.V.; Calatayud, S., 2009:
M1635 Gastrin Induces the Interaction Between Human Mononuclear Leukocytes and Endothelial Cells Through the Endothelial Expression of P-Selectin and Vcam-1

Morini, G.; Grandi, D.; Solenghi, E.; Massi, M., 2009:
M1636 Gastrointestinal Damage By Repeated Exposure to Cold-Restraint Stress Is Counteracted By Subcutaneous Infusion of Nociceptin in Rats

Yamamoto, H.; Maeda, K.; Uji, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Tani, T., 2009:
M1637 Reduction of Plasma Adiponectin Levels and Risk of Bacterial Infection After Major Abdominal Surgery

Jeyarajah, S.; Akbar, N.; Moorhead, J.; Haji, A.; Papagrigoriadis, S., 2009:
M1638 Serotonin Is Not Abnormally Expressed in Uncomplicated Diverticulosis and Has No Association to Bowel Symptoms

Vanderlee, A.E.; MacLeod, R.J., 2009:
M1639 Reciprocal Regulation of E-Cadherin and Src Homology Phosphotyrosyl Phosphatase 2 (Shp2) By Colonic Extracellular Calcium Sensing Receptor (CaSr)

Zub, A.; Rembiasz, K.; Konturek, S.; Jenner, B.; Konturek, P.C., 2009:
M1640 Helicobacter pylori Infection and Plasma Ghrelin and Gastrin Levels in Gastric Cancer Patients Before and After Gastrectomy

Matkowskyj, K.A.; Rao, S.; Yang, G.Y., 2009:
M1641 Trefoil Factors: Useful Biomarkers to Differentiate Intestinal and Diffuse Types of Gastric Carcinoma

Sztefko, K.; Hodorowicz-Zaniewska, D.M.; Popiela, T.; Richter, P., 2009:
M1642 Igfi, Igfbp3 and Als Levels in Colon and Rectal Cancer Before Surgery: Relation to One Year Patients'Survival

Saqui-Salces, M.; Merchant, J.L., 2009:
M1643 Il-1 Induces Specific Gastric Mucous Cell Differentiation and Proliferation

Oshima, T.; Koseki, J.; Sakurai, J.; Matsumoto, T.; Miwa, H., 2009:
M1644 Nk-1 Receptor Is Involved in the Development of Chronic Dyspeptic Symptom in a Rat Chronic Acid Reflux Esophagitis Model

Tanida, S.; Kataoka, H.; Sasaki, M.; Kubota, E.; Wada, T.; Mizoshita, T.; Murakami, K.; Hirata, Y.; Mizushima, T.; Ebi, M.; Mabuchi, M.; Tanaka, M.; Kamiya, T.; Joh, T., 2009:
M1645 Il-8-Induced Colon Cancer Proliferation Through Trafficking of C-Terminal Hb-Egf Into Nucleus As a New Mechanism

Greer, K.B.; Brenner, L.; Olowe, K.; Bednarchik, B.; Dawson, D.; Li, L.; Chak, A.; Willis, J., 2009:
M1646 Insulin Like Growth Factor-1 Pathway Activation in Barrett's Esophagus

Sugiura, T.; Kageyama, S.; Kuribayashi, K.; Suzuki, M., 2009:
M1647 An Orally Active Alpha4 Integrin Antagonist Ajm300 Prevents the Development of Experimental Colitis Induced By Adoptive Transfer of Il-10 Deficient Cd4+ T Cells in Mice

Higashiyama, M.; Hokari, R.; Matsunaga, H.; Ueda, T.; Watanabe, C.; Nakamura, M.; Komoto, S.; Okada, Y.; Kurihara, C.; Kawaguchi, A.; Nagao, S.; Miura, S., 2009:
M1648 Cilostazol, a Specific Pde-3 Inhibitor, Ameliorates Chronic Ileitis via Suppression of Monocytes Recruitment to Small Intestine

Bettenworth, D.; Brzoska, T.; Böhm, M.; Heidemann, J.; Maaser, C.; Nowacki, T.M.; Domschke, W.W.; Luegering, A., 2009:
M1649 The Melanocortin-Derived Tripeptide K(D)Pt Ameliorates the Course of Murine Colitis

Lopez-Posadas, R.; Gonzalez, R.; Mascaraque, C.; Suarez, M.D.; Zarzuelo, A.; Martinez-Augustin, O.; de Medina, F.S., 2009:
M1650 Pamidronate Has Intestinal Antiinflammatory Effects in Experimental Colitis

Fitzpatrick, L.R.; Small, J.S.; Zhang, G., 2009:
M1651 Melanin-Concentrating Hormone Receptor 1 Antagonists Attenuate Tnbs-Induced Colitis in Mice

Metwali, A.; Ince, M.N.; Winckler, S.; Elliott, D.E., 2009:
M1652 Heligmosomoides Polygyrus Exposure Improves Established Inflammation in Nsaid-Synchronized Cd25-Depleted Transfer Colitis

Brueckner, M.G.; Lehr, M.; Bettenworth, D.; Luegering, A.; Heidemann, J., 2009:
M1653 Study On a Novel Orally Active Inhibitor of Cytoplasmatic Phospholipase A2 Alpha That Inhibits Experimental Colitis in Mice

Inoue, T.; Murano, M.; Kakimoto, K.; Ishida, K.; Kawakami, K.; Abe, Y.; Murano, N.; Morita, E.; Umegaki, E.; Higuchi, K., 2009:
M1654 Geranylgeranylacetone Suppresses Colitis-Related Mouse Colon Carcinogenesis

Nowacki, T.M.; Nofer, J.-R.; Bettenworth, D.; Remaley, A.T.; Domschke, W.W.; Luegering, A., 2009:
M1655 Apolipoprotein A1 Mimetic 5a-Peptide Inhibits Experimental Dss Colitis By Regulating Monocyte Adhesive Interactions

Funakoshi, T.; Yamashita, K.; Suzuki, T.; Fukai, M.; Ichikawa, N.; Katsurada, T.; Goto, R.; Oura, T.; Ozaki, M.; Umezawa, K.; Todo, S., 2009:
M1656 Effect of a Novel Nf-B Inhibitor, Dhmeq, On Dextran Sulfate Sodium-Induced Colitis in Mice

Albert, E.J.; Backer, J.L.; Churchill, T.A.; Madsen, K., 2009:
M1657 Cis-Urocanic Acid Attenuates Colitis Through An Il-10 Mediated Mechanism

Fitzpatrick, L.R.; Small, J.S.; Zhang, G.; Jankowsky, R., 2009:
M1658 A Novel Immunosuppressive Drug (4Sc-101) Improves Tnbs-Induced Colitis in Mice

Hofmann, C.; Dunger, N.; Grunwald, N.; Scholmerich, J.; Falk, W.; Locardi, E.; Dinkel, K.; Obermeier, F., 2009:
M1659 Bradykinin 1 Receptor Inhibition Has Strong Anti-Inflammatory Effects in Chronic Experimental Colitis

Oancea, I.; Eri, R.D.; McGuckin, M.A.; Duley, J.A.; Florin, T.H., 2009:
M1660 The Effect of Thiopurine On Leukocytes in a C57Bl/6 Mouse Model

Flöckner, K.; Wiechmann, S.; Gulich, K.; Ringe, J.; Zeitz, M.; Uharek, L.; Rieger, K.; Maul, J., 2009:
M1661 Therapy of Murine Dss Colitis By Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Wang, C.; McDonald, K.; Hanly, E.; Newberry, R.D., 2009:
M1662 The Effect of 47 Blockade On Lymphocyte Trafficking in the Acute Injury Colitis Model

Requena, P.; Lopez-Posadas, R.; Abadia-Molina, A.; Suarez, M.D.; Zarzuelo, A.; de Medina, F.S.; Martinez-Augustin, O., 2009:
M1663 The Intestinal Antiinflammatory Agent Glycomacropeptide Has Immunomodulatory Effects On Rat Splenocytes

Yoshino, T.; Nakase, H.; Matsumura, K.; Yamamoto, S.; Takeda, Y.; Ueno, S.; Uza, N.; Chiba, T., 2009:
M1664 Regulation of Activated Macrophages By Fk506 Attenuates Immune-Mediated Colitis

Atreya, I.; Diall, A.; Ostrau, C.; Fritz, G.; Dvorsky, R.; Gruen, M.; Becker, C.; Neurath, M.F., 2009:
M1665 Development and In Vivo Analysis of a New Generation of Optimized Thio-Gtp Analogues for Therapy of Ibd

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M1666 Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Hmpl-004 Are Mediated By the Inhibition of Multiple Targets

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M1667 Evolution of Markers of Colitis in Mdr1a-/- Mice Housed in Spf and Conventional Conditions

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M1668 Defective Cd8+ Cd28- Regulatory T Cells in the Intestine of Patients with Crohn's Disease

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M1669 Human Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation Ameliorates Inflammation in a Mouse Model of Colitis

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M1670 Decreased Production of Il-10 and Tgf- in Tlr-Activated Intestinal B Cells in Samp1/Yit Mice

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M1671 All-Trans Retinoic Acid Downregulates Inflammatory Responses By Shifting the Treg/Th17 Profile in Human Ulcerative and Murine Colitis

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M1672 In Vitro Blockade of Gsk3- Selectively Reduces the Proinflammatory Phenotype of Lymphocytes from Chronic Inflamed Intestinal Tissue

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M1673 Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein (Wasp) Is Critical for the Inducible Generation of Foxp3+ Regulatory T Cells

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M1674 Gender-Specific Differences in Cd4+Cd25+Foxp3+ Natural T Regulatory Cells Modulate Chronic Intestinal Inflammation in Experimental Crohn's Disease

Bleich, A.; Janus, L.M.; Smoczek, A.; Hedrich, H.J.; Fichtner-Feigl, S.; Falk, W.; Hofmann, C.; Obermeier, F., 2009:
M1675 Tgf and Ifn/ Play Major Roles in Induction of Antigen-Independet Regulatory T-Cells Mediated By CpG Motifs of Bacterial Dna

Yamamoto, T.; Yoshida, M.; Fujiwara, K.; Kadowaki, M., 2009:
M1676 Cholinergic Anti-Inflammatory Effect Through Activation of Alpha7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptor On Cd11c+ Lamina Propria Dendritic Cells in Oxazolone-Induced Colitis

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M1677 Imprinting of Lymphocyte Homing to Skin and Gut By Human Tissue Dc

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M1677a The Ubiquitin-Editing Enzyme A20 Restricts Tcr Induced NfkB and T Cell Activation

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M1678 Epec Decreases Surface Nhe3 Levels Through Ezrin Dephosphorylation

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M1679 Cyclic Treatment with Mesalazine in Preventing Recurrence of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth After Antibiotic Treatment

Packey, C.D.; Rubinas, T.C.; Jobin, C.; Sartor, R.B., 2009:
M1680 Commensal Microbiota Protects Jejunal and Cecal Epithelium in the Putative Stem Cell Regions Against Acute Radiation Injury in Mice

Joly, F.; Mayeur, C.; Bruneau, A.; Noordine, M.-L.; Bridonneau, C.; Langella, P.; Messing, B.; Duee, P.H.; Cherbuy, C.; Thomas, M., 2009:
M1681 Loss of Gut Microbial Biodiversity with Predominance of Lactobacillus Mucosae in Adult Patients with a Short Bowel Syndrome

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M1682 Intestinal Inflammation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome: An Unexpected Role of the Gut Microbiota

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M1683 Persistent Effect of Antibiotics On the Intestinal Microbiota

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M1684 Clostridium difficile and Extended Spectrum Beta-Lactamase Resistant Bacteria in Uk Chronic Pouchitis Patients

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M1685 Diversity of Colonic Archaea and Sulfate Reducing Bacteria Populations in Native Africans Differs from Those in Caucasian and African Americans

Wu, L.-L.; Huang, C.-Y.; Lu, Y.-Z.; Yu, L.C., 2009:
M1686 Epithelial Mlck and iNos Are Involved in Mucosal Barrier Defects and Bacterial Translocation Induced By Ileal Obstruction

Samak, G.; Rao, R.(R.K.), 2009:
M1687 Ethanol Synergizes Acetaldehyde-Induced Tight Junction (Tj) Disruption in Caco-2 Cell Monolayers By Src Kinase and Myosin Light Chain Kinase (Mlck)-Dependent Mechanism

Jaladanki, R.N.; Zou, T.; Liu, L.; Wang, P.; Timmons, J.A.; Wang, J.-Y., 2009:
M1688 Stromal Interaction Molecule 1 (Stim1) Regulates Intestinal Epithelial Restitution By Modulating Store-Operated Ca2+ Influx After Wounding

Braniste, V.; Leveque, M.; Buisson-Brenac, C.; Bueno, L.; Fioramonti, J.; Houdeau, E., 2009:
M1689 The Endocrine Disruptor Bisphenol a (Bpa) Decreases Paracellular Permeability in the Female Rat Colon At Environmentally Relevant Doses and Increases Tight Junction Protein Expression in Caco-2 Cells

Chaturvedi, L.S.; Marsh, H.M.; Basson, M.D., 2009:
M1690 Repetitive Deformation Activates Rho Gtpase-Independent Rho Kinase (Rock)-Dependent Erk Motogenic Signals in Human Caco-2 Intestinal Epithelial Cells

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M1691 Tumor Suppressor Foxo3A Participates in the Regulation of Egf-Dependent Healing of Intestinal Monolayers

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M1692 The Effect of Interleukin-6 On Intestinal Permeability

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M1693 Bifidobacterium Infantis Protects the Intestinal Barrier in a Neonatal Mouse Model of Necrotizing Enterocolitis

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M1694 Matriptase Mediates Epithelial Barrier Formation in the Intestine

Samak, G.; Jain, S.; Aggarwal, S.; Seth, A.; Rao, R.(R.K.), 2009:
M1695 Acute Ethanol Administration in Isolated Loops of Mouse Colon, But Not Ileum, Disrupts Tight Junctions (Tj) and Adherens Junctions (Aj) and Increases Paracellular Permeability

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M1696 Novel Role of Guanylyl Cyclase C (Gcc) in Maintenance of Intestinal Barrier Function

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M1697 The Membrane Bound Muc17 Mucin Protects Cell Integrity in Response to Short Term Infection with Enteroinvasive E. coli

Nighot, P.K.; Moeser, A.J.; Blikslager, A.T., 2009:
M1698 Clc-2 Regulates Mucosal Barrier Function Associated with Structural Changes to the Villus and Early Co-Localization with Occludin

Scharl, M.; Barrett, K.E.; McCole, D.F., 2009:
M1699 Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase N2 (Ptpn2) Knock-Down Aggravates Interferon Gamma (Ifn) -Induced Intestinal Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction via Upregulation of Claudin-2

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M1700 Gluten Sensitivity Is Associated to Activation of the Innate But Not Adaptive Immune Response to Gluten Exposure

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M1701 Rac1 Mediates Milk Fat Globule-Egf Factor 8-Induced Intestinal Epithelial Cell Migration

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M1702 the Role of Connexin-43 in Intestinal Epithelial Cell Migration

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M1703 Intestinal Permeability and Bacterial Translocation Are Modulated By the Genetic Background of the Host

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M1704 Changes in the Expression of Claudins in Active Ulcerative Colitis

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M1705 Bifidobacterium Treatment Improves Intestinal Adherens Junction Structure in Experimental Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Gustafsson, J.; Lindén, S.K.; Sjovall, H., 2009:
M1706 Basolateral Potassium Channels Play a Key Role in the Forskolin-Induced But Not in the Carbachol-Induced Reduction in Colonic Epithelial Resistance

Ferreira, C.N.; Rodrigues, T.; Cortez-Pinto, H.; Serejo, F.; Ramalho, F.; Velosa, J., 2009:
M1707 Infections At First Decompensation of Liver Cirrhosis Predict Higher Mortality At Hospital Admission and At Long Term

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M1708 Liver Transplantation for Hepatic Sarcoidosis: Long Term Follow-Up and Recurrence After Liver Transplantation, a Single Center Experience

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M1709 Low Total Cholesterol Levels At First Decompensation of Liver Cirrhosis Are Associated with Advanced Liver Disease and Predict Higher Mortality At Hospital Admission and At 1 Year

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M1710 Predictors of Short and Long Term Mortality At First Decompensation of Liver Cirrhosis. Total Cholesterol Levels and Infections Influence Mortality

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M1711 Are the Characteristics of Patients with Cirrhosis and Decompensation Changing? a Study Comparing Two Time Periods

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M1712 High Hepatotoxic Overdose of Paracetamol Produces Generalized Convulsions and Brain Damage in Rats. a Counteraction with the Stable Gastric Pentadecapeptide Bpc 157 (Pl 14736)

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M1713 Transient Elastography Discloses Identical Distribution of Liver Fibrosis in Chronic Hepatitis C Between Hiv-Negative and Hiv-Positive Patients On Haart

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M1714 Emergency Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Acute Liver Failure

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M1715 Increased Serum Levels of Apelin in Patients with Cirrhosis

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M1717 Serum Cystatin-C and Creatinine Compared with Standard Gfr in Cirrhotic Patients

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M1718 Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy Does Not Impair Quality of Life in Patients with Liver Cirrhosis: A Single Centre, Prospective Study

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M1720 Outcome in Cystic Fibrosis Liver Disease

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M1721 Clinical Features of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Developed After Pancreaticoduodenectomy

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M1722 Attenuation of Toll-Like Receptor 2 Activation in Alcoholic Chronic Liver Disease: A Mechanism for Acquired Immunodeficiency?

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M1723 Highly Sensitive Metabolome Analysis of Cholesterol and Bile Acid Biosynthetic Pathways By Lc-Esi-Ms/Ms

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M1724 Chronic Ethanol Administration Disrupts Tight Junctions and Adherens Junctions in Mouse Distal Colon, But Not in Proximal Colon or Ileum

Lin, J.; Chen, A., 2009:
M1725 Glucose Induces Hepatic Stellate Cell Activation In Vitro, Which Is Eliminated By Curcumin By Suppressing Gene Expression of Glucose Transporter-2

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M1726 The Role of Osteopontin in D-Galactosamine-Induced Liver Injury in Genetically Obese Mice

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M1727 Homozygote Mutations Profiles and the Risk of Diabetes Mellitus in Patients with Hereditary Hameochromatosis

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M1728 Evaluation of Small Bowel Bacterial Overgrowth, Fecal Microbiota and Bacteria-Associated Volatile Organic Compounds in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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M1729 Tryptophan Supplementation Protects Against the Development of Fructose-Induced Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease (Nafld)

Tang, Y.; Chen, A., 2009:
M1730 Curcumin Eliminates the Stimulatory Impact of Leptin On the Activation of Hsc By Interrupting Leptin Signaling and Attenuating Leptin-Induced Oxidative Stress

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M1731 Wilson Disease and Outcomes After Liver Transplantation

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M1732 Alcoholic Steatohepatitis Increases Liver Stiffness Independent of Fibrosis Stage: Criteria for Noninvasive Fibrosis Assessment

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M1733 A Randomised Open Label Clinical Trial with Oral Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin E in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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M1734 Increased Plasma Ghrelin in Alcoholic Cirrhosis: Effect of An Oral Glucose Challenge On Post-Prandial Mechanisms

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M1735 Fxr Activation Reverses Insulin Resistance and Protects Against Nash Development,

Kanno, K.; Ikuta, T.; Matsuda, S.; Kishikawa, N.; Tazuma, S., 2009 :
M1736 Blockade of Angiotensin Ii Type 1 Receptor Reduces Hepatocellular Lipid Accumulation in An In Vitro Model of Steatosis: A Potential Implication for the Treatment of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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M1737 Acetaldehyde May Induce Hepatic Fibrosis via the Expression of Cannabinoid Receptor

Grider, J.R.; Mahavadi, S.; Ross, G.R.; Akbarali, H.I.; Murthy, K.S., 2009:
M1738 Caveolin-1 Regulates Colonic Propulsion By Inhibiting cGmp-Specific Pde5 Activity and Enhancing cGmp/Pkg-Mediated Muscle Relaxation

Yajima, T., 2009:
M1739 Luminal Propionate Sensing via G-Protein in Lipid Rafts in Colonic Secretory Response

Huang, S.-C., 2009:
M1740 Natriuretic Peptides Cause Relaxation of Lower Esophageal Sphincter Through a Novel Brain Natriuretic Peptide-Preferring Natriuretic Peptide Receptor

Grider, J.R.; Zhang, Q.L.; Qiao, L.-Y., 2009:
M1741 Trinitrobenzene Sulfonic Acid (Tnbs) Colitis Increases P75 Neurotrophin Receptor (p75Ntr) and Decreases Sortilin Receptor Expression in the Distal Colon

Qiao, L.-Y.; Grider, J.R., 2009:
M1742 Colitis Induces Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide (Cgrp) Expression and Akt Activation in Rat Primary Afferent Pathways

Edderkaoui, M.; Nitsche, C.J.; Eibl, G.; Gukovskaya, A.S., 2009:
M1743 Akt and Pkc Mediate Nadph Oxidase Activation, a Major Prosurvival Pathway in Pancreatic Cancer Cells, Through Transcriptional Up-Regulation of p22phox

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M1744 The Use of Cationic Nanoliposomes Laden with siRnas to Gastrin As a Target for Pancreatic Cancer

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M1745 Lumican, a Small Leucine-Rich Proteoglycan Family Member Has a Potential to Develop New Medicine for the Pancreatic Cancer Patients

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M1746 Identification of the Cck-C Spliced Receptor in Human Pancreatic Cancer Cells

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M1747 Knockout of Klf11, a Tumor Suppressor for Pancreatic Cancer, Displays An Abnormal Glucose Metabolism

Vegesna, A.K.; Patel, S.; Rishikesh, R.; Rhazouani, S.; Heather, W.; Miller, E.S.; Tiwana, M.I.; Kalra, A.; Korimilli, A.; Chung, C.Y.; Miller, L.S., 2009:
M1813 Vector Volume Manometry of the Intrinsic Components of the Gastro-Esophageal Junction High-Pressure Zone (Gejhpz)

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M1814 Specific Pre-Induction of a 72-kDa Heat Shock Protein Protects Esophageal Mucosa from Reflux Esophagitis

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M1815 A Microscopic Esophagitis Is the Basic Underlying Condition in Non-Erosive Reflux Disease (Nerd)

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M1816 Alterations in Esophageal Acid Sensitivity in Older Adults with Gerd

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M1817 Intresophageal Perfusion of Hcl (0.1n) Stimulates Expression of Canonical Wnt Ligand Wnt-3a in the Esophageal Mucosa of Healthy Volunteers

Kishimoto, E.; Handa, O.; Naito, Y.; Hirata, I.; Omatsu, T.; Takagi, T.; Kokura, S.; Ichikawa, H.; Yoshida, N.; Yoshikawa, T., 2009:
M1818 Oxidative Stress Modulates Trpv1 Activity On Esophageal Epithelium

Huo, X.; Zhang, H.Y.; Zhang, X.; Hormi-Carver, K.; Spechler, S.J.; Souza, R.F., 2009:
M1819 Exposure to Acid and Bile Salts Causes Esophageal Squamous Cells to Secrete Chemokines That Stimulate Immune Cell Migration

Wex, T.; Stahr, A.; Mönkemüller, K.; Kuester, D.; Fry, L.C.; Völkel, S.; Roessner, A.; Malfertheiner, P., 2009:
M1820 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Is Associated with Molecular Changes in the Architecture of Desmosomes in the Esophageal Mucosa

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M1822 Evidence for Neurotrophic Factors Mediating Trpv1 Gene Expression in the Inflamed Human Esophagus

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M1823 Can Esophageal Mucosal & Sub-Mucosal Nerves Sense Acid in Healthy Subjects?

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M1824 The Vagus Nerve Modulates Experimental Esophagitis Severity in Rats

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M1825 Esophageal Acid Perception Is Not Influenced By Acute Psychological Stress

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M1826 The Role of Body Mass Index and Waist Circumference in Determining Reflux Pattern and Proximal Extent of Reflux Events

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M1827 Ues Response to Tlesr-Associated Reflux Events During Sleep in Healthy Subjects and Gerd Patients

Vela, M.F.; Craft, B.M.; Sharma, N.; Freeman, J.; Hazen-Martin, D., 2009:
M1828 Intercellular Space Distance Is Increased in Refractory Heartburn Patients with Positive Symptom Index Regardless of Whether Symptoms Are Caused By Acid or Nonacid Reflux: A Study Using Impedance-pH and Electron Microscopy

Kandulski, A.; Wex, T.; Kuester, D.; Mönkemüller, K.; Fry, L.C.; Malfertheiner, P., 2009:
M1829 Chronic Inflammation of the Cardia in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gerd) Is Not Regulated By Foxp3 Expressing Regulatory T Cells

Dutta, S.K.; Agrawal, K.; Mah'moud, M., 2009:
M1830 Modulation of Salivation and Heartburn in Response to the Site of Acid Infusion in Human Esophagus

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M1831 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Is Inversely Related with Glycemic Control in Morbidly Obese Patients

Cammarota, G.; Masala, G.; Cianci, R.; Palli, D.; Bendinelli, B.; Ianiro, G.; Landolfi, R.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2009:
M1832 Reflux Symptoms in Orchestral Wind Instrument Players

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M1833 Strong Correlation Between Squamocolumnar Junction Position and Age in Healthy Volunteers

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M1834 E-Cadherin Cleavage in Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (Gerd)

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M1836 Increased Serum Levels of Il-15 in Celiac Disease: A Role in the Loss of Peripheral Immune Homeostasis?

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M1838 Heartburn and Regurgitation During Third Trimester of Pregnancy: the Effect of Fatty Acids Ingestion

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M1839 Association Between Body Mass-Index and Increased Number of Reflux Episodes Is Present in Females But Not Males

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M1840 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Gastroesophageal Reflux Symptoms in a Chinese Retiree Cohort

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M1842 Prevalence and Management of Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux (Gor) in Children and Adolescents in France: Results of a Cross-Sectional Study

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M1843 Obesity As Risk Factor for Gastroesophageal Disease: Prospective Study

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T1253 Sumatriptan Inhibits the Colonic Response to Intragastric, But Not Intraduodenal, Nutrient Administration

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T1254 Chronic Psychological Stress Induces Abnormal Colonic Motility and Wood Creosote Prevents Its Abnormality in Unrestrained Conscious Rats

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T1260 Ghrelin Stimulates Gastric Motility Through Activation of the Vago-Vagal Reflex Pathway in the Anesthetized Guinea-Pig

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T1287 Up-Regulation of Bone Morphogenic Protein (Bmp) Signaling Pathway Contributes to Intestinal Mucosa Atrophy in a Mouse Model of Total Parenteral Nutrition (Tpn)

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T1297 Role of Percutaneous Catheter Drainage in the Management of Severe Acute Pancreatitis

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T1302 Moderately Severe Acute Pancreatitis: A Prospective Validation Study of This New Subgroup of Acute Pancreatitis

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T1628 Genome-Wide Hypomethylation Associated with Regional Hypermethylation in H. pylori-Related Enlarged Fold Gastritis

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T1629 Helicobacter pylori Inhibits Rkip Function via Stat3 Activation and Snail Induction in Human Gastric Cancer Cells

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T1630 Clinical Significance of miRna Profiling in Gastric Mucosa Infected with Helicobacter pylori Infection

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T1632 Toxoplasma Gondii Infection Does Not Alter Serologic Responses to Helicobacter pylori in Colombian Children and Thus Appears to Not Contribute to Gastric Cancer Risk

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T1634 Nod1 Gene Polymorphism Affects Nod1 Protein Expression, Leading to Higher Susceptibility to Gerd

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T1635 Helicobacter Promote Gastric Epithelial Cells to Produce Tslp and Induce Dcmediated Inflammatory Th2 Respo

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T1637 Gastric Carcinoma Patients Have a Specific Cytokine Profile Characterized By Strongly Increased Levels of Treg Cytokines, Il-1, Il-6, Il-8 and Il-23 and Decreased Levels of Il-1, Il-12p70, Ifn- and Tnf-

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T1642 Is the dupA Gene One of the Gene Cluster for New Type Iv Secretion System?

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T1645 The Number of Helicobacter pylori cagA Epiya C Tyrosine Phosphorylation Motifs Is Associated with Histopathological Features of Chronic Gastritis

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T1646 Autoimmunity Susceptibility Genotype Hla-Drb1 Occurs in Patients with Atrophic Body Gastritis Irrespective of Helicobacter pylori Infection

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T1647 Association of Helicobacter pylori Gastritis with Anemia: A Nation-Wide Study of 77,000 Adults

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T1648 Ethnic Differences in the Acquisition of Helicobacter pylori Infection Among Children in North Vietnam

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T1657 Detection of Helicobacter pylori from Ready to Eat Raw Seafood By a Novel Multiplex Pcr Assay

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T1658 Association Between Helicobacter pylori Seropositivity and Coronary Artery Calcium Score in the Asymptomatic Population

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T1661 Peripheral Injection of Cck-8s Activates Cart Positive Neurons in the Paraventricular Nucleus of the Hypothalamus

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T1662 Importance of Corticosteroid Receptors Within the Amygdala On Post-Inflammatory Colonic Hyperalgesia

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T1663 Impaired Gastric Motor Function Induced By Acute Restraint Stress Is No More Observed Following Repeated Chronic Stress in Mice

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T1664 Group-Iii Metabotropic Glutamate Receptors Are Expressed in Rodent Colon: A Role in Cholinergically Induced Electrolyte Secretion

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T1665 5-Ht4-Stimulated Neuroprotection and Neurogenesis in the Enteric Nervous System (Ens): Significance in Dextran Sulfate Sodium (Dss)-Induced Colitis in Mice

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T1667 Canonical Transient Receptor Potential Channels (Trpc Channels) in Regulation of Mucosal Chloride Secretion in Guinea Pig Ileum

Wang, X.; Wang, G.-D.; Liu, S.; Qu, M.-H.; Ren, W.; Baldassano, S.; Xia, Y.; Wood, J.D., 2009:
T1668 Mast Cell Proteases Stimulate Neurogenic and Non-Neurogenic Mucosal Chloride Secretion in Guinea Pig Distal Ileum

Goetze, O.; Fox, M.; Kaufman, E.; Forras-Kaufman, Z.; Treier, R.; Fried, M.; Boesiger, P.; Schwizer, W., 2009:
T1669 Confirmation That Endogenous Glp-1 Is An Enterogastrone in Humans

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T1670 The Connection Between Dietary Iron and Iron Homeostasis Is Modulated By Gastrins

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T1671 Acute Muscarinic M3 Receptor Stimulation Chronically Downregulates Chloride Secretion Across Colonic Epithelial Cells In Vitro

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T1672 The Effects of Endogenous Glp-1 On Antro-Duodenal Contractility in the Fasted and Fed State: A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mri) Study

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T1673 Acute Effects of Pancreatic Enzyme Replacement On Gastric Emptying and Postprandial Glycaemia in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

Ameloot, K.; Vos, R.; Scarpellini, E.; Berghe, P.V.; Depoortere, I.; Tack, J.F., 2009:
T1674 Rimonabant-Induced Early Satiety Is Associated with Decreased Gastric Compliance and Inhibition of Gastric Accommodation

Mroz, M.S.; Toumi, F.; O'Mahony, F.; Keely, S.J., 2009:
T1675 Egf Chronically Upregulates Colonic Epithelial Cl Secretion By Mechanisms Involving Pi3-K, Erk and p38 Mapk and Increases in Transport Protein Expression

da Rocha, J.R.; Ribeiro, U.; Nasi, A.; Szachnowicz, S.; Seguro, F.C.; Sallum, R.; Cecconello, I., 2009:
T1676 Gastric Secretory and Hormonal Patterns in End-Stage Chagasic Achalasia

Takeda, H.; Muto, S.; Katsurada, T.; Inagaki, Y.; Tsuchiya, K.; Hattori, T.; Asaka, M., 2009:
T1677 Changes in Ghrelin or Upper Gastrointestinal-Associated Factor Gene Expression in Mice That Are Under Social Isolation Stress or Restricted Stress

Scarpellini, E.; Vos, R.; Depoortere, I.; DeSmet, B.; Berghe, P.V.; Tack, J.F., 2009:
T1678 Relationship Between Migrating Motor Complex and Plasma Levels of Gastrointestinal Hormones in Man

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T1679 Negative Effects of Somatostatin On Cholecystokinin Octapeptide Induced Bile Regurgitation Under Stress: Ionic and Molecular Mechanisms

Flynn, R.S.; Kuemmerle, J.F., 2009:
T1680 Endogenous Igfbp-3 Activates Tgf-Ri/Ii Receptors and Smad3-Dependent Collagen I Expression and Production in Human Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells

Rieder, F.; Kessler, S.; Scaldaferri, F.; Schirbel, A.; West, G.; de LaMotte, C.; Fiocchi, C., 2009:
T1681 Inflammation-Induced Mucosal Endothelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition (EndoMt): A Novel Mechanism Contributing to the Development of Intestinal Fibrosis

Grillo, A.R.; Scarpa, M.; Nai, L.; Brun, P.; Scarpa, M.; Angriman, I.; Buda, A.; D'Incà, R.; Sturniolo, G.C.; Martines, D.; Castagliuolo, I., 2009:
T1682 Tak1 Expression in Ileal Mucosa and Sub-Epithelial Myofibroblasts Is Correlated to a Pro-Fibrogenic Phenotype in Patients with Crohn's Disease

Managlia, E.; Katzman, R.B.; Barret, T.A., 2009:
T1683 5-Asa Impacts Pi3 Kinase-Mediated -Catenin Signaling

Netzel-Arnett, S.; Shea-Donohue, T.; Buzza, M.S.; Notari, L.; Zhao, A.; Sun, R.; Fasano, A.; Antalis, T., 2009 :
T1684 Protective Role for Matriptase During Dss-Induced Colitis

Rahier, J.-F.; de Beauce, S.; Dubuquoy, L.; Jouret-Mourin, A.H.; Colombel, J.-F.; Geboes, K.; Desreumaux, P., 2009:
T1685 Mucosal Lymphangiogenesis: An Integral Component of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Pathogenesis

Bhattacharyya, S.; Tyagi, S.; Dudeja, P.K.; Tobacman, J.K., 2009:
T1686 Carrageenan-Mediated Increases in NfB Involve the Ikk, , and Components of the Ikk Signalosome

Danese, S.; Fiorino, G.; Vetrano, S.; Rando, G.; Pagano, N.; Romeo, F.; Omodei, P.; Repici, A.; Rutella, S.; Malesci, A., 2009:
T1687 Infliximab Inhibits Mucosal Pathological Angiogenesis in Crohn's Disease

Majewski, P.; Thurston, R.D.; Kiela, P.R.; Ghishan, F.K., 2009:
T1688 Nf-B Signaling Mediates Tnf-Induced Inhibition of Phex Expression

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T1689 Expression of Wnt Family of Genes in Primary Human Intestinal Myofibroblasts

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T1690 Visceroperception in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis; Role of Colorectal Mast Cells

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T1691 Lack of Tolerization and Cross-Tolerization of Intestinal Mesenchymal and Endothelial Cells to Bacterial Products and Tnf-: A Novel Mechanism to Sustain and Amplify Gut Inflammation

Uehara, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Katsuno, T.; Sato, T.; Isono, A.; Noguchi, Y.; Saito, Y., 2009:
T1692 Emergence of Fibrocytes Showing Morphological Changes in a Murine Model of Colitis

Hindryckx, P.; Serry, G.; Laukens, D.; Peeters, H.; DeVos, M., 2009:
T1693 Increased Intestinal Vegf Expression and Mucosal Vascularization in Patients with Spondylarthropathy

Hughes, K.; Mahida, Y.R., 2009:
T1694 Sulfasalazine, But Not Sulfapyridine or 5-Aminosalicylic Acid, Induces Apoptosis in Human Intestinal Myofibroblasts

Wolfkamp, S.C.; Stokkers, P.; Vogels, E.W.; Bekkali, N.L.; Ten Kate, F.J.; TeVelde, A.A., 2009:
T1695 Aquaporine 8: A New Histological Marker for Colonic Inflammation in Crohn's Disease?

Beltran, B.; Iborra, M.; Moret, I.; Gimenez, J.L.G.; Bastida, G.; Rausell, F.; Pallardo, F.; Ponce, J.; Nos, P., 2009:
T1696 Permanent Impairment of Catalase Activity Due to a Minor Expression of Catalase Protein in Peripheral White Mononuclear Cells (Pwmc)of Patients with Nave and Treated Crohns Disease (Cd)

Schmiedlin-Ren, P.; Zimmermann, E.M., 2009:
T1697 Resveratrol-Induced Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Rat Intestinal Smooth Muscle Cells

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T1698 Tissue Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase Is Induced in Enterocytes in Response to Inflammation/Oxidative Stress

Möller, N.; Rehmann, A.; Schreiber, S.; Nicklas, W.; Gebert, A.; Tafazzoli, K.; Fellermann, K.; Büning, J., 2009:
T1698a The Bacterial Flora of the Gut Mediates Trafficking of Luminal Antigens Into Mhc Class Ii-Enriched Compartments in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Im, E.; Choi, Y.J.; Pothoulakis, C.; Rhee, S.H., 2009:
T1699 Src-Family Tyrosine Kinase Lyn Regulates the Tyrosine Phosphorylation of Toll-Like Receptor 4

Roda, G.; Nanni, P.; Mezzanotte, L.; Caponi, A.; Rosati, G.; Ugolini, G.; Belluzzi, A.; Roda, E.; Roda, A., 2009:
T1700 Protein Expression Profiling Using Lc Esi/Qtof Mass Spectrometry in a Colon Carcinoma Cell Line (Ht29 Cl.16E) and in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Colonic Epithelial Cells

Zeissig, S.; Kaser, A.; Dougan, S.K.; Scapa, E.F.; Cohen, D.E.; Blumberg, R.S., 2009:
T1701 Microsomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein Regulates Cd1D-Restricted Antigen Presentation of Hepatocytes and Controls Nkt Cell Homeostasis via Cd1D-Mediated Apoptosis

Witta, J.; de Villiers, W.J.; Eckhardt, E., 2009:
T1702 Intestinal-Epithelial Serum Amyloid a As a Novel Antibiotic Protein

Ueno, S.; Nakase, H.; Chiba, T., 2009:
T1703 Activation of Innate Immune Response By Osteopontin Prevents Onset of Spontaneous Colitis

Burger van Paassen, N.; Bouma, J.; de Bruijn, A.C.; van der Sluis, M.; Vanseuningen, I.; van Goudoever, H.; Renes, I.B., 2009:
T1704 The Role of Goblet Cells in Innate Defense Responses in Muc2 Deficient Mice

Krishna, S.; Zhao, W.; Chepyala, P.; Barlogie, B.; Anaissie, E.; Olden, K.W., 2009:
T1705 Neutropenic Enterocolitis and Clostridium difficile-Associated Disease in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy: Lessons from a Homogeneous Population of Patients with Multiple Myeloma

Larsson, J.H.; Karlsson, H.; Johansson, M.E.; Eklund, L.M.; Sjovall, H.; Hansson, G.C., 2009:
T1706 A Subgroup of Ulcerative Colitis Patients with Active Disease Has An Altered Muc2 O-Glycosylation Pattern in Sigmoid Colon

Yan, Y.; Dalmasso, G.; Nguyen, H.T.T.; Obertone, T.S.; Sitaraman, S.V.; Merlin, D., 2009:
T1707 Ste20-Related Proline/Alanine-Rich Kinase (Spak) Regulated Transcriptionally By Hyperosmolarity Is Involved in Intestinal Barrier Function

Takayama, T.; Chinen, H.; Kamada, N.; Hisamatsu, T.; Takada, Y.; Okamoto, S.; Kanai, T.; Hibi, T., 2009:
T1708 Intestinal Natural Killer Cells Participate in the Pathogenesis of Crohn's Disease By Producing Large Amount of Proinflammatory Cytokines via Cross-Talk with Intestinal Macrophages Through Il-23 and Cd48

Cotoner, C.A.; Guleng, B.; Arihiro, S.; Gardet, A.; Gupta, S.; Podolsky, D.K.; Reinecker, H.-C., 2009:
T1709 The Rho/Rac Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor Gef-H1 (Arhgef2) Controls Innate Immune Activation By Nod- and Toll-Like Receptors

Harrison, D.A.; Ahmedi, S.; Panja, A., 2009:
T1710 Differential Tlr Expression Profile in Both Epithelial Stem Cells (Epi-Sc) Isolated from Each Segment of the Human Intestinal Tract and Primary Non-Transformed Epithelial Cell Lineages Derived from the Cultured Epi-Scs

Ivison, S.M.; HImmel, M.; Delano, J.; Yao, N.Y.; Steiner, T.S., 2009:
T1711 Atp Augments Intestinal Epithelial Inflammatory Responses to Flagellin

Koon, H.W.; Zhao, D.; Kumar, A.; Xu, H.; Moyer, M.P.; Pothoulakis, C., 2009:
T1712 Toll-Like Receptor 9 (Tlr9) Mediated Cathelicidin Secretion from Colonocytes During Colonic Inflammation

Gulati, A.S.; Patel, K.; Jobin, C.; Sartor, R.B., 2009:
T1713 Genetic Factors Affecting Murine Intestinal Antimicrobial Peptide Expression

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T1714 Expression and Function of Nod2 in Mast Cells

Tanabe, H.; Ishikawa, C.; Maemoto, A.; Moriichi, K.; Okamoto, K.; Ashida, T.; Ayabe, T.; Kohgo, Y., 2009:
T1715 Precursor Processing of Human Defensin-5 Is Essential for the Treatment of Mouse Colitis

Shear, W.S.; Ravichandran, K., 2009:
T1716 Apoptotic Cell Engulfment By Intestinal Epithelial Cells and Its Relevance to Crohn's Disease

Looijer-van Langen, M.A.; Dieleman, L.A.; Madsen, K., 2009:
T1717 Gender Influences Intestinal Toll-Like Receptor Expression Under Normal and Inflammatory Conditions

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T1718 Natural Killer Cell Responses in Both Acute and Chronic Phases of a Murine Model of Experimental Colitis

Lubbers, T.; DeHaan, J.-J.; Luyer, M.; Hadfoune, M.'hamed; Dejong, C.; Buurman, W.; Greve, J.W., 2009:
T1719 Nutritional Activation of the Afferent Vagus Modulates Inflammation and Preserves Intestinal Integrity in Rats

Vong, L.; Ferraz, J.G.; Rabbani, I.; Panaccione, R.; Beck, P.L.; Wallace, J.L., 2009:
T1720 Regulation of the Pro-Resolution Mediators Prostaglandin D2 and Lipoxin A4 in Quiescent Human Colitis

Liu, B.; Holt, L.C.; Sartor, R.B., 2009:
T1721 Nod2 Contributes to Intracellular Bacterial Killing By Phagocytes

Papp, M.; Lakatos, P.L.; Palatka, K.; Harsfalvi, J.; Szamosi, T.; Lakatos, L.; Kovacs, A.; Molnar, T.; Farkas, K.; Papp, J.; Veres, G.; Altorjay, I., 2009:
T1722 Mbl Level and Deficiency Is Not Associated with Either Crohn'sDisease or Ulcerative Colitis, Disease Phenotype, Crp, Serology Profile and Nod2/Card15 Genotype in a Large Hungarian Ibd Cohort, But Was Associated to the Lack of Tlr4 Variants in Cd

Saito, R.; Hisamatsu, T.; Takayama, T.; Kamada, N.; Wada, Y.; Okamoto, S.; Inoue, N.; Hibi, T., 2009:
T1723 Bile Acids Contribute to the Differentiation Into Anti-Inflammatory Dcs via Tgr5 and cAmp Pathway

Prescott, D.; McKay, D.M., 2009:
T1724 Modulation of the Macrophage Response to Bacterial Infection By Lipoxin A4

Weber, C.R.; Raleigh, D.R.; Wang, Y.; Turner, J.R., 2009:
T1725 Interleukin 13 (Il-13) and Tumor Necrosis Factor (Tnf) Affect Distinct Components of the Tight Junction Barrier By Differing Mechanisms

Esmaili, A.; Nazir, S.; Singla, A.; Dudeja, A.K.; Saksena, S.; Raheja, G.; Alrefai, W.A.; Gill, R.K., 2009:
T1726 Epidermal Growth Factor (Egf) Stimulates Serotonin Transporter Function and Expression via Transcriptional Mechanisms in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Chen, T.; Murtazina, R.; Tse, M.; Sarker, R.; Kovbasnjuk, O.; Zachos, N.C.; Donowitz, M.; Li, X., 2009:
T1727 Myosin Vi Is Necessary for Setting Brush Border Nhe3 Activity: An Effect On Nhe3 Trafficking/Endocytosis

Yeruva, S.; Farkas, K.; Rode, K.; Hubricht, J.; Riederer, B.; Bachmann, O.; Zoltán, R.; Molnár, T.; Nagy, F.; Wedemeyer, J.; Raddatz, D.; Hegyi, P.; Seidler, U.E., 2009:
T1728 Downregulation of Na+/H+ Exchanger Isoform 3 (Nhe3) Function, But Not Expression, in Colonic Mucosa of Patients with Moderately Active Ulcerative Colitis May Be Related to Loss of Pdzk1 Adaptor Protein Expression

Manoharan, P.; Kekuda, R.; Saha, P.; Sundaram, U., 2009:
T1729 Mechanism of Regulation of Na/H Exchange (Nhe3) By Cno in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Kumar, P.; Singla, A.; Hedroug, O.; Liu, H.; Annaba, F.; Saksena, S.; Dudeja, P.K.; Gill, R.K.; Alrefai, W.A., 2009:
T1730 Curcumin Down-Regulates Niemann-Pick C1-Like 1 Expression in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Shanmugam, N.K.N.; Rajendran, V.M., 2009:
T1731 Apical Membrane Intermediate Conductance K+ (Kcnn4) Channels Provide Driving Force for Ca2+-Activated ClSecretion in Rat Distal Colon

Yu, H.; Riederer, B.; Manns, M.P.; Seidler, U.E.; Bachmann, O., 2009:
T1732 Secretagogue Stimulation Enhances Nbce1-B (Electrogenic Intestinal/Pancreatic Na+/Hco3 Cotransporter) Membrane Expression in Murine Colonic Crypts

Lissner, S.; Graeve, L.; Turner, J.R.; Gregor, M.; Lamprecht, G., 2009:
T1733 The Intestinal Anion Exchanger Dra (Down Regulated in Adenoma) Is Partially Localised Within Lipid Rafts

Yin, L.; Zhang, K.; Zhang, L.; Okunieff, P.; Vidyasagar, S., 2009:
T1734 Ep1 Mediated Electrogenic Anion Secretion Occurs in Low Dose Gmma-Irradiation of Small Intestine

Kelly, O.B.; Keating, N.; Scharl, M.; Keaveney, K.; Murray, F.E.; Hofmann, A.F.; Keely, S.J., 2009:
T1735 Ursodeoxycholic Acid Exerts Antisecretory Actions On Colonic Epithelial Cells

Talukder, J.R.; Kekuda, R.; Sundaram, U., 2009:
T1736 Mechanism of Inhibition of Na-Alanine Co-Transport By Leukotriene D4 in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Arthur, S.; Sundaram, U., 2009:
T1737 Inducible Nitric Oxide Uniquely Regulates Na-Glutamine Co-Transporters B0At1 in Villus Cells and Sn2 in Crypt Cells During Chronic Enteritis

Saha, P.; Kekuda, R.; Sundaram, U., 2009:
T1738 The Mechanism of Inhibition of Na-K-Atpase On the Basolateral Membrane of Villus Cells in the Chronically Inflamed Small Intestine

Tang, J.; Bouyer, P.; Mykoniatis, A.; Buschmann, M.M.; Tang, X.; Matlin, K.S.; Matthews, J.B., 2009:
T1739 Selective Regulation of Na+-K+-2cl Cotransporter Surface Expression and Epithelial Cl Secretion By Novel Protein Kinase C (Pkc) Isoforms and

Anderson, C.; Jevons, M.; Thwaites, D.T., 2009:
T1740 Luminal Uptake of the Photodynamic Therapy Agent 5-Aminolevulinic Acid via the Proton-Coupled Amino Acid Transporter Pat1 (Slc36a1) in Human Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Hoover, E.E.; Brazill, J.M.; Walker, N.M.; Clarke, L.L., 2009:
T1741 Oxygenation of Gallbladder Mucosa Prevents Loss of cAmp Stimulated Anion Secretion in Organ Culture

Singla, A.; Boumendjel, R.; Nazir, T.M.; Saksena, S.; Gill, R.K.; Alrefai, W.A.; Dudeja, P.K., 2009:
T1742 Expression and Membrane Localization of Lpa Receptor Isoforms Along the Length of Mouse and Human Intestine

Nylander, O.; Sedin, J., 2009:
T1743 Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase-2 Improves the Ability of the Duodenum to Regulate Luminal Hypertonicity in Anesthetized Rats In Vivo

Jakab, R.L.; Collaco, A.; Ameen, N., 2009:
T1744 Cell-Specific Functional Expression and Regulation of cAmp, Calcium and Acid-Stimulated Chloride and Bicarbonate Secretion in the Proximal Small Intestine

Turner, D.; Mack, D.R.; Uusoue, K.; Hyams, J.S.; Leleiko, N.; Leach, S.; Walters, T.D.; Day, A.S.; Crandall, W.; Markowitz, J.; Silverberg, M.S.; Otley, A.R.; Mamula, P.; Griffiths, A.M., 2009:
T1745 A Prospective Multicenter Study of Outcomes and Predictors of Response in Severe Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis

Hu, S.; Zhu, X.; Wang, Y.; Lichtenstein, L.; Musch, M.W.; Chang, E.B., 2009:
T1746 Forced Intestinal Epithelial Hsp70 Expression In Vivo Protects Against Dss-Induced Experimental Colitis

McConnell, B.B.; Kolachala, V.L.; Sitaraman, S.V.; Yang, V.W., 2009:
T1747 Haploinsufficiency of Krppel-Like Factor 5 Sensitizes Mice to Dextran Sodium Sulfate-Induced Colitis

Suer, S.; Ampasala, D.R.; Walsh, M.F.; Basson, M.D., 2009:
T1748 Role of Erk/mTor Signaling in Tgf-Modulated Focal Adhesion Kinase Protein Synthesis and Migration in Intestinal Epithelial Cells

Lai, X.Y.; Egan, L.J., 2009:
T1749 Radiation-Induced Colonic Epithelial Cell Apoptosis and Crypt Killing Is Promoted By Intestinal Microbes and MyD88

Engel, M.A.; Rau, T.T.; Hahn, E.G.; Konturek, P.C., 2009:
T1750 Mice Lacking Cb1-, Cb2-Receptors or Both Receptors Show Aggravation of Tnbs Colitis

Deng, X.; Khomenko, T.; Tolstanova, G.; Chen, L.; Xiong, X.; Tarnawski, A.S.; Szabo, S.; Sandor, Z., 2009:
T1751 Differential Expression of Placental Growth Factor (Plgf) and Its Receptor Flt-1 in Duodenal Ulcer and Ulcerative Colitis: A New Player in Angiogenesis Involved in These Two Diseases

Thomas, M.A.; Khailova, L.; Johnson, C.; Dvorak, B.; Halpern, M., 2009:
T1752 Incidence and Severity of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Is Increased in Mice That Over Express the Hepatic Bile Salt Export Pump

Okamoto, K.; Fujiya, M.; Nata, T.; Nomura, Y.; Ueno, N.; Ishikawa, C.; Inaba, Y.; Ito, T.; Moriichi, K.; Tanabe, H.; Maemoto, A.; Mizukami, Y.; Ashida, T.; Kono, T.; Kohgo, Y., 2009:
T1753 Infliximab May Prevent Post-Operative Recurrences in Crohn's Disease

Glover, S.C.; Nekrasov, V.; Vishnubhotla, R.V.; Bharadwaj, S.; Foster, C.L., 2009:
T1754 Commensal E. coli Strains Have the Ability to Alter the Ecm Topography Independtant of Colonic Epithelial Cells

Panja, A., 2009:
T1755 Mechanism of Anti-Inflammatory Action of 5-Asa On Intestinal Epithelium

Tong, W.; Xu, H.; Li, J.; Ghishan, F.K., 2009:
T1756 The Effect of Interleukin-1 On Intestinal Nhe8 Expression

Biesiada, G.; Ptak-Belowska, A.; Czepiel, J.; Targosz, A.; Brzozowski, T.; Mach, T.H., 2009:
T1757 Role of Leptin and Ghrelin, Key Appetite-Controlling Hormones in Patients with Ulcerative Colitis

Riaño, A.; Ortiz, D.; Velazquez, M.; Barrachina, D.; Esplugues, J.V., 2009:
T1758 Inos-Derived Nitric Oxide Induces Itf Expression in the Damaged Jejunum of Indomethacin-Treated Rats

Johnson, C.; Thomas, M.A.; Dvorak, B.; Halpern, M., 2009:
T1759 Bile Acids Decrease Mucin 2 and Trefoil Factor 3 in Neonatal Rat Ileal Explants

Kurita, N.; Shimada, M.; Iwata, T.; Nishioka, M.; Yoshikawa, K.; Chikakiyo, M., 2009:
T1760 Lower Electrical Potential Difference in the Rectum Is Easy and Good Measurement Marker to Assess Early Stage of Bacterial Translocation

Komatsu, Y.; Amagase, K.; Nakamori, Y.; Kotani, T.; Takeuchi, K., 2009:
T1761 Roles of Prostaglandins, Nitric Oxide and Enterobacteria in Pathogenesis of Ischemic Enteritis in Rats

Kreisel, W.; Dahlberg, M.; Harder, J.; Schmitt-Gräff, A.; Finke, J., 2009:
T1762 Diagnosis and Grading of Intestinal Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease Following Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplantation By Colonoscopy

Zimmerman, N.P.; Vongsa, R.A.; Johanesen, P.A.; Wendt, M.K.; Salzman, N.H.; Dwinell, M.B., 2009:
T1763 Targeted Deletion of Intestinal Epithelial Cxcr4 Modulates Epithelial Barrier Repair Through Altered Erk1/2 Signaling

Suemasu, S.; Ishihara, T.; Asano, T.; Tanaka, K.; Mizushima, T., 2009:
T1764 A Protective Role of Hsps Against Various Gastrointestinal Diseases and Application of Hsp-Inducing Drugs for These Disease

Shichijo, K.; Ihara, M.; Miura, S.; Matsuu, M.; Nakashima, M.; Nakayama, T.; Sekine, I., 2009:
T1765 Interluekin 11 Ameliorates Radiation Colitis By Enhanced Bone Marrow Contribution to Repair of Colonic Tissue in Rats

DeLisle, R.C.; Meldi, L.; Roach, E., 2009:
T1766 Effects of Lubiprostone On the Cystic Fibrosis Mouse Small Intestine Phenotype

Park, A.J.; Blennerhassett, P.; Denou, E.; Bercik, P.; Collins, S.M., 2009:
T1767 Examination of the Depressed Gut Reveals Changes in Microbiota and Serotonin Levels

Roth, S.; Franken, P.; van Veelen, W.; Blonden, L.; Raghoebir, L.; van Drunen, E.; Beverloo, H.B.; Kuipers, E.J.; Rottier, R.; Fodde, R.; Smits, R., 2009:
T1768 Generation of a Tightly Regulated Doxycycline-Inducible Model for Studying Mouse Intestinal Biology

Polyak, S.; Dixon, L.R.; Wasserfall, C.; Mach, A.; Mah, C.; Kevil, C.G.; Valentine, J.F., 2009 :
T1769 Mucosal Cytokine Levels Normalize Despite Continued Clinical and Histopathologic Evidence of Chronic Colitis in a Murine Dss Model of Colitis

Ho, W.-H.S.; Aguero, R.; Boivin, M.; Patel, Y.; Lin, H.C., 2009:
T1770 Effect of Red Kidney Beans On Intestinal Permeability May Be Due to Direct Toxicity

Oz, H.S.; Ebersole, J.L., 2009:
T1771 A Novel Model for Chronic Mucosal Inflammation in Ibd and Periodontitis

Antonioli, L.; Fornai, M.; Colucci, R.; Ghisu, N.; Tuccori, M.; Giron, M.C.; Bin, A.; Zoppellaro, C.; Castagliuolo, I.; Gaion, R.M.; Del Tacca, M.; Blandizzi, C., 2009:
T1772 Control of Colonic Neuromuscular Functions By A3 Purinergic Receptors in Normal Colon and in Experimental Colitis

Nelson, T.A.; Spormann, A.M.; Shenoy, M.; Hirschberg, D.L.; Sonnenburg, J.; Pasricha, P.J., 2009:
T1773 Phylochip Analysis of Enteric Microbiota in An Experimental Model of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Reveals Profound Alterations in Community Composition

Suzuki, S.; Suzuki, H.; Tsugawa, H.; Nakagawa, I.; Iwasaki, E.; Takagi, T.; Hattori, T.; Kase, Y.; Hibi, T., 2009:
T1774 Delayed Gastric Emptying and Reduced Ghrelin, nNos and c-Kit Expression After Gastric Ischemia and Reperfusion

Hyland, N.P.; Bongiovanni, C.; O'Mahony, C.M.; Fitzgerald, P.; Dinan, T.G.; Cryan, J.F., 2009:
T1775 The Combined Effects of Neonatal Psychological Stress and An Anxious Phenotype On Visceral Hypersensitivity and Colonic Function in Rats

Holmes, G.M.; Tong, M.; Creekmore, E.Q., 2009:
T1776 Decreased Feeding and Gastric Motility in Spinal Cord Injured Rats Despite Elevated Plasma Ghrelin

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T1777 Decreased Ghrelin Response Mediates Upper Gastrointestinal Motility Disorder in Experimental Gerd Rats

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T1780 A New Animal Model for the Measurement of Gastric Accommodation

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T1790 Effect of Otilonium Bromide On T-Type Ca2+ Channels

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T1791 Effect of NaHs On Circular Muscle Tone and Spontaneous Inhibitory Junction Potentials (Ijps) in the Mouse Colon

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T1794 Slow Wave Origin and Pattern of Propagation in the Canine Stomach In Vivo

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T1795 Involvement of Bkca Channel in the Inhibitory Effect of Magnolol On Rat Colonic Spontaneous Contractility

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T1796 Stretch Activated Inhibitory and Excitatory Responses of the Lower Esophageal Sphincter: Lack of Evidence for the Role of Interstitial Cells of Cajal in the Neuromuscular Transmission

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T1799 Specific Pkc Phosphorylation Sites On Tropomyosin Provide Crucial Conformational and Structural Stability to Tropomyosin Necessary for Contraction of Colonic Smooth Muscle

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T1800 A Virtual Model for Optimizing Gastric Electrical Stimulation Protocols

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T1821 Therapeutic, But Not Prophylactic Depletion of Regulatory T-Cells Decreases Severity and Improves Survival in Acute Experimental Pancreatitis

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T1822 Involvement of Src Family Kinases in Substance P-Induced Chemokine Production in Mouse Pancreatic Acinar Cells, and Its Significance in Acute Pancreatitis

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T1826 Vitamin K3 Attenuates Cerulein-Induced Pancreatitis via Inhibition Autophagy Pathway

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T1827 Geranylgeranylacetone Induces Heat Shock Protein 70 in Pancreas and It Ameliorates Cerulein-Induced Pancreatitis in Mice

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T1833 Chronic Pancreatitis Causes Up-Regulation of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (Bdnf) in Sensory Neurons and Spinal Cord

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T1834 Role of Xbp1 in the Protective Unfolded Protein Response to Limit Chronic Ethanol-Induced Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Damage in the Pancreas

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T1836 Do Pancreatic Stellate Cells Have Features of Antigen-Presenting Cells?

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T1837 Cck-a and Cck-B Receptors Are Expressed in Rat Pancreatic Stellate Cells and Activate Diverse Signalling Pathways

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T1838 A Potent 5-Ht2A Receptor Antagonist, Risperidone, Ameliorates Experimental Chronic Pancreatitis

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T1840 Initial Course of Pancreatic Fibrosis and Fibrotic Inhibitory Effects of An Oral Protease Inhibitor

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T1841 Genistein Deactivates Immortal Pancreatic Stellate Cells

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T1842 Nd-07 As Novel Rescuing Therapeutics from Acute and Chronic Fibrosing Pancreatitis

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T1877 A Pilot Feasibility Study of Screening for Barrett's Esophagus with a Novel Non-Endoscopic Capsule Sponge Device in a Primary Care Setting Device in a Primary Care Setting

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T1878 Esophageal Hypomotility On High Resolution Manometry Is An Independent Predictor of Barrett's Esophagus

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T1880 Esophageal Multilayered Epithelium Is a Dynamic Epithelium with Bidirectional (Squamous and Columnar) Differentiation Capability

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T1882 Buried Barrett After Radiofrequency Ablation for Neoplastic Barrett Esophagus: Undetectable Due to Mucosal Scarring or Truly a Rare Occurrence?

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T1903 Atoh1/Math1 Is Ectopically Expressed in Human Barrett's Epithelium and Its Expression in Immortalized Human Esophageal Keratinocytes Alters Cellular Morphology

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T1904 Smoking and the Risk of Barrett's Esophagus in Women

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T1914 Distinguishing Biologically Relevant Phenotypes in Barrett's Esophagus: A Microarray Analysis

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T1915 15-Hydroxyprostaglandin Dehydrogenase (15-Pgdh) Is a Tumor Suppressor Gene in Barrett's Associated Neoplasia

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T1916 The Expression of the Nf-kB Inhibitor; Ikb By Bile Acids and the Influence of Acidity

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T1917 Shh and Cdx2 Expression in the Barrett's Epithelium

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