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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67152

Chapter 67152 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Berg, S.; Pucheril, D.T.; Sahraoui, A.; Tan, W.S.; Krimphove, M.J.; Marchese, M.; Lipsitz, S.R.; Noldus, J.; Kibel, A.S.; Trinh, Q.D., 2019:
Barriers to selective referral of genitourinary cancers to high- vs. low-volume hospitals

Tseng, S.; Shiao-Jin, S.; Wen-Jeng, W.; Ching-Chia, C.; Jhen-Hao, J., 2019:
Hormone therapy for prostate cancer increases the risk of new-onset hypertension: A nationwide propensity score-matched four-year longitudinal cohort study

Suzuki, Y.; Hatakeyama, S.; Yamamoto, H.; Imai, A.; Yoneyama, T.; Hashimoto, Y.; Koie, T.; Ohyama, C., 2019:
The impact of initial Psa <100 ng/mL on prognosis in patients with metastatic hormone nave prostate cancer (mHnpc)

Grilo, N.; Chartier-Kastler, E.; Grande, P.; Rouprêt, M.; Parra, J.; Phé, V., 2019:
Robot-assisted supratrigonal cystectomy and augmentation cystoplasty (Rascac) with total intracorporeal reconstruction in neuro-urological patients: Technique description and preliminary results

Proietti, S.; Rodrìguez Socarras, M.E.; Eisner, B.; Saitta, G.; DeConinck, V.; Mantica, G.; DeMarchi, D.; Bellinzoni, P.; Gaboardi, F.; Giusti, G., 2019:
Simultaneous bilateral endoscopic surgery (Sbes): A new technique for the treatment of bilateral renal stones

Srivathsan, R., 2019:
Robot-assisted laparoscopic adrenalectomy utility and feasibility in a tertiary setup

Rodríguez Socarrás, M.E.; Proietti, S.; Saitta, G.; DeConinck, V.; Mantica, G.; DeMarchi, D.; Bellinzoni, P.; Gaboardi, F.; Giusti, G., 2019:
Miniperc: Yes, please!

Mallya, A.; Zafar, F.A.; Nataraj, S.A.; Wadhwa, P.; Ahlawat, R.K., 2019:
Needle in a haystack: Prevention and management of needle loss during robotic surgery

Komai, Y.; Ishikawa, Y.; Yasuoka, S.; Inatsu, H.; Fujiwara, R.; Ogawa, M.; Numao, N.; Yuasa, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Yonese, J., 2019:
The crush carving technique using a soft coagulation device - a simple method for successful laparoscopic hemi-nephrectomy without hilar clamping

Paliksa, S.; Gagilas, J.; Lopeta, M.; Ukanis, M.; Kasiliauskiene, L.; Jurgeleviciute, L.; Zutautaite, I.; Barisiene, M.; Bakavicius, A.; Mickevicius, R.; Zilys, S.; Zykus, A.; Ulys, A.; Juodele, L.; Jankevicius, F., 2019:
Diagnostic performance of Pca3 and Tmprss2:Erg biomarkers in prostate cancer patients urine collected with and without prostate massage

Paddubny, K.V.; Shimanets, S.V.; Minich, A.A.; Demeshko, P.D.; Hota, S.I., 2019:
Predictive factors of 18F-fluorocholine Pet/Ct diagnostic effectiveness in patients with biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer

Toprak, T.; Ramazanoglu, M.A.; Danacıoglu, Y.O.; Sahin, A.; Kutluhan, M.A.; Sulukaya, M.; Sahan, A.; Sekerci, C.A., 2019:
The effects of intradetrusor BoNt-A injection on vesicoureteric reflux in children with myelodysplasia

Toprak, T.; Danacıoglu, Y.O., 2019:
The success of the Guy stone score to predict percutaneous nephrolithotomy results

Toprak, T.; Danacıoglu, Y.O., 2019:
Re-admission reasons and results of extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in renal and upper ureteral stones

Toprak, T.; Sahin, A.; Danacıoglu, Y.O., 2019:
What is the clinical significance of ureteral catheter culture?

Doroshevich, R.; Dosta, N.; Bosiakov, S., 2019:
The easy and effective preoperative method for determination of the difference between the lengths of the convex and concave penile surfaces for patients with simple erectile deformity

Gimelli, A., 2002:
Beneficial effects of coronary revascularization in patients with ischaemic left ventricular dysfunction with and without anginal symptoms

Hsu, C., 2002:
Subxiphoid approach for video-assisted thoracoscopic extended thymectomy in treating myasthenia gravis

Kunze, S., 2002:
Endothelial function after prolonged coronary artery oxygen persufflation in a rabbit model of heart preservation

Manasse, E., 2002:
How to determine the correct placement of the retrograde cardioplegia catheter

Mueller, X., 2002:
Optimized venous return with a self-expanding cannula: from computational fluid dynamics to clinical application

Vonsegesser, L., 2002:
?Surgical technique versus technology for surgery?: a plea for an open mind towards new technology

Louagie, Y., 2002:
Radiofrequency ablation of atrial flutter combined with closure of atrial septal defect

Beholz, S., 2002:
Biventricular assist device in extreme anorexia nervosa

Suematsu, Y., 2002:
Real-time three-dimensional echocardiography evaluation of graft anastomoses during coronary artery bypass grafting: preliminary experience

Sachithanandan, A., 2002:
Simple method for monitoring hand perfusion following radial artery harvest for coronary artery bypass grafting

Ruchat, P., 2002:
Off-pump epicardial compartmentalization for ablation of atrial fibrillation

Corno, A., 2002:
A new implantable device for telemetric control of pulmonary blood flow

Fraund, S., 2002:
Immediate postoperative extubation after minimally invasive direct coronary artery surgery (Midcab)

Hofer, C., 2002:
Profound drug-induced thrombocytopenia before urgent cardiopulmonary bypass

Kan, C., 2002:
Native-valve endocarditis due to Candida parapsilosis

Patanè, F., 2002:
Simultaneous operation for cardiac disease and lung cancer

Nishizawa, T., 2002:
PH-stat blood gas management provides better cerebral perfusion during deep hypothermic retrograde cerebral perfusion

Bini, A., 2002:
Multiple chondromatous hamartomas of the lung

Sachithanandan, A., 2002:
An absent carotid pulse may indicate critical aortic stenosis

Eskola, M., 2002:
Coronary artery dissection, combined aortic valve replacement and coronary bypass grafting in osteogenesis imperfecta

Sleilaty, G., 2002:
Primary isolated chronic chylopericardium

Paz, Y., 2002:
Right coronary artery revascularization in patients undergoing bilateral internal thoracic artery grafting: comparison of the free internal thoracic artery with saphenous vein grafts

Reuthebuch, O., 2002:
Total robotic-enhanced pericardiectomy for effusive pericarditis

Rathinam, S., 2002:
Tension gastrothorax causing cardiac arrest in a child

Igarashi, K., 2004:
Application of liquid chromatography?tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of opioidmimetics in the brain dialysates from rats treated with opioidmimetics intraperitoneally

Shinka, T., 2004:
Quantification of urinary 5-aminolevulinic acid by gas chromatography?mass spectrometry

Iwai, M., 2004:
Simultaneous determination of barbiturates in human biological fluids by direct immersion solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography?mass spectrometry

Inoue, Y., 2004:
Rapid and sensitive screening for and chemical diagnosis of Canavan disease by gas chromatography?mass spectrometry

Guo, P.; W., X.; Z., F.; G., J., 2004:
Determination of vincristine in mouse plasma and brain tissues by liquid chromatographyelectrospray mass spectrometry

Jinga, W.; S., S.; Z., H.; F., Z.; Y., L., 2004:
Ion-exchange chromatography method for the purification of genomic Dna fraction from Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Gurin

Ramakrishna, N.; V., K.; P., S.; K., M.; M., S.; S., M.; C., J.; W., S.; S., B., 2004:
Quantitation of tadalafil in human plasma by liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization

Hatsis, P.; V., D., 2004:
Evaluation of a cyano stationary phase for the determination of tacrolimus, sirolimus and cyclosporin A in whole blood by high-performance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry

Wu, W.; E., N., 2004:
Determination of thiocyl in biological samples by liquid chromatography with ThioGlo3 derivatization

Jensen, B.; S., C.; B., C.; R., C.; W., I.; N., J., 2004:
Application of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and high-performance liquid chromatographywith parallel electrospray mass spectrometry to the investigation of the disposition and metabolic fate of 2-, 3- and 4-iodobenzoic acids in the rat

Huang, J.; A., K.; R., E.; S., R.; F., K.; S., H.; S., J., 2004:
Evaluation of Dna adduction of Azt in peripheral blood leukocytes of Hiv-infected individuals by 32P-post-labeling thin-layer chromatography: a feasibility study

Whittington, D.; S., P.; K., E., 2004:
Stereoselective determination of methadone and the primary metabolite Eddp in human plasma by automated on-line extraction and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

Ohtake, N.; N., Y.; Y., M.; S., I.; T., S.; A., S.; A., M., 2004:
Separation and isolation methods for analysis of the active principles of Sho-saiko-to (Sst) oriental medicine

Malavolta, M.; B., F.; B., E.; F., N., 2004:
Normal phase liquid chromatographyelectrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry analysis of phospholipid molecular species in blood mononuclear cells: application to cystic fibrosis

Burns, S.; H., Y.; M., A., 2004:
Direct liquid chromatographymass spectrometry method for the detection of glutathione S-transferase isozymes and investigation of their expression in response to dietary flavone

Paek, I.; M., Y.; J., H.; K., H.; L., H.; L., Y.; L., H., 2004:
Hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry for the determination of levosulpiride in human plasma

Yi, L.; X., X., 2004:
Study on the precipitation reaction between baicalin and berberine by Hplc

Colombo, S.; G., N.; M., C.; T., A.; B., J.; D., L., 2004:
Determination of the new Hiv-protease inhibitor atazanavir by liquid chromatography after solid-phase extraction

Blancoprieto, M.; C., M.; M., F., 2004:
Quantitative determination of the antitumor alkyl ether phospholipid edelfosine by reversed-phase liquid chromatographyelectrospray mass spectrometry: application to cell uptake studies and characterization of drug delivery systems

Inoue, K.; O., F.; I., R.; K., M.; O., N.; N., H., 2004:
Determination of perfluorooctane sulfonate, perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonylamide in human plasma by column-switching liquid chromatographyelectrospray mass spectrometry coupled with solid-phase extraction

Maynard, D.; M., J.; Y., X.; K., J.; M., S., 2004:
Characterizing complex peptide mixtures using a multi-dimensional liquid chromatographymass spectrometry system: Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a model system

Kankaanpaa, A.; G., T.; A., K.; L., P.; M., S.; S., T., 2004:
Single-step procedure for gas chromatographymass spectrometry screening and quantitative determination of amphetamine-type stimulants and related drugs in blood, serum, oral fluid and urine samples

Peterson, Z.; L., M.; G., S., 2004 :
Determination of serotonin and its precursors in human plasma by capillary electrophoresiselectrospray ionizationtime-of-flight mass spectrometry

Celli, N.; M., B.; D., L.; M., S.; R., C.; R., D., 2004:
Development and validation of a liquid chromatographictandem mass spectrometric method for the determination of caffeic acid phenethyl ester in rat plasma and urine

Kamberi, M.; C., P.; D., R.; L., L.; L., Z.; S., X.; F., S.; R., C., 2004:
Analysis of non-covalent aggregation of synthetic hPth (134) by size-exclusion chromatography and the importance of suppression of non-specific interactions for a precise quantitation

Zeng, J.; P., H.; S., N.; A., M., 2004:
Determination of a neuroprotective agent (S)-(+)-Bms-204352 in human, rat and dog plasma by enantioselective liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry

Pistos, C.; P., I.; A., J., 2004:
Liquid chromatographypositive ion electrospray mass spectrometry method for the quantification of citalopram in human plasma

Wu, C.; N., V.; B., A.; B., M.; N., I., 2004:
Quantification of a novel retinoic acid metabolism inhibitor, 4-(1H-imidazol-1-yl)retinoic acid (Vn/14-1Ra) and other retinoids in rat plasma by liquid chromatography with diode-array detection

Saudan, C.; B., N.; M., P.; S., M., 2004:
Urinary analysis of 16(5)-androsten-3-ol by gas chromatography/combustion/isotope ratio mass spectrometry: implications in anti-doping analysis

Aresta, A.; P., F.; Z., C.; S., P.; G., G., 2004:
Simultaneous determination of free mycophenolic acid and its glucuronide in serum of patients under mycophenolate mophetil therapy by ion-pair reversed-phase liquid chromatography with diode array Uv detection

Dacosta, J.; C., A., 2004:
Determination of Mdma, Mdea and Mda in urine by high performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection

Mckinney, A.; S., C.; D., A.; M., S.; R., D.; S., A., 2004:
Detection of stanozolol and its metabolites in equine urine by liquid chromatographyelectrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometry

Kintz, P.; V., M.; L., B., 2004:
Testing for zolpidem in oral fluid by liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry

Johansen, S.; J., J., 2004:
Liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry determination of loperamide and its main metabolite desmethylloperamide in biological specimens and application to forensic cases

Smink, B.; B., J.; D., A.; L., K.; G., J.; E., A.; U., D., 2004:
Quantitative analysis of 33 benzodiazepines, metabolites and benzodiazepine-like substances in whole blood by liquid chromatography(tandem) mass spectrometry

Ho, E.; Y., K.; W., T.; S., B.; W., K., 2004:
Detection of anti-diabetics in equine plasma and urine by liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry

Maralikova, B.; W., W., 2004:
Confirmatory analysis for drugs of abuse in plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatographytandem mass spectrometry with respect to criteria for compound identification

Zhao, H.; H., K.; M., A.; Q., Z.; Z., K., 2004:
Determination of D- and L-enantiomers of threonine and allo-threonine in mammals using two-step high-performance liquid chromatography

Jamali, B.; A., S.; B., H.; W., L.; B., V., 2004:
Development and validation of a method for the purity determination of (3,20R)-4,4-dimethylcholesta-8,14,24-trien-3-ol(Ff-Mas) in pharmaceutical products containing recombinant human albumin

Deng, C.; Z., J.; Y., X.; Z., W.; Z., X., 2004:
Determination of acetone in human breath by gas chromatographymass spectrometry and solid-phase microextraction with on-fiber derivatization

Bajpai, L.; V., M.; S., C.; D., D., 2004:
A new method for the quantitation of propofol in human plasma: efficient solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography/Apci-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry detection

Mateo, R.; C., G.; G., A.; G., C.; C., C., 2004:
Determination of porphyrins and biliverdin in bile and excreta of birds by a single liquid chromatographyultraviolet detection analysis

Tohnya, T.; H., K.; L., E.; F., H.; D., W.; V., J.; S., A.; F., W., 2004:
Determination of Cc-5013, an analogue of thalidomide, in human plasma by liquid chromatographymass spectrometry

Yasuifurukori, N.; I., Y.; T., T., 2004:
Sensitive determination of midazolam and 1-hydroxymidazolam in plasma by liquidliquid extraction and column-switching liquid chromatography with ultraviolet absorbance detection and its application for measuring Cyp3A activity

Ding, Y.; W., L.; W., C.; B., M., 2004:
Determination of 2,3-dideoxycytidine in maternal plasma, amniotic fluid, placental and fetal tissues by high-performance liquid chromatography

Perbellini, L.; G., R.; C., A.; B., F.; M., S.; T., F., 2004:
Determination of alpha-bisabolol in human blood by micro-Hplcion trap Ms and head space-GcMs methods

Singh, S.; S., H.; G., S.; J., M.; S., K.; T., P.; S., R., 2004:
Liquid chromatographyelectrospray ionisation mass spectrometry method for the determination of escitalopram in human plasma and its application in bioequivalence study

Nyiredy, S., 2004:
Separation strategies of plant constituentscurrent status

Busmann, A.; W., M.; W., M.; K., C.; F., W.; J., H., 2004:
A three-step purification strategy for isolation of hamster Tig2 from Cho cells: characterization of two processed endogenous forms

Hagelin, G.; O., I.; R., A.; U., K.; C., O., 2004:
Preparative high-performance liquid chromatographic separation and analysis of the Maltacine complex a family of cyclic peptide antibiotics from Bacillus subtilis

Belda, E.; S., V.; S., F., 2004:
Identification and separation of Pcr products based on their Gc content by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatography

Li, C.; S., C.; N., C.; N., D., 2004:
Quantitation of tigecycline, a novel glycyclcycline, by liquid chromatography

Ghafouri, B., 2004:
Plunc in human nasal lavage fluid: multiple isoforms that bind to lipopolysaccharide

Porumb, H., 2004:
Circular dichroism and fluorescence of a tyrosine side-chain residue monitors the concentration-dependent equilibrium between U-shaped and coiled-coil conformations of a peptide derived from the catalytic core of Hiv-1 integrase

Takeda, A., 2004:
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of an acidic phospholipase A2 complexed with p-bromophenacyl bromide and $alpha;-tocopherol inhibitors at 1.9- and 1.45-p resolution

Kajiwara, K., 2004:
Synthetic peptides corresponding to ligand-binding region of death receptors, Dr5, Fas, and Tnfr, specifically inhibit cell death mediated by the death ligands, respectively

Smith, C., 2004:
Lack of evidence for phosphorylation of Arabidopsis thaliana Pii: implications for plastid carbon and nitrogen signaling

Pliszka, B., 2004 :
Inhibitory effect of Atp analogs and actin on the modification of myosin subfragment 1 with 9-anthroylnitrile

Macdonnell, J., 2004:
Inhibition of E. coli Ctp synthase by the ?positive? allosteric effector Gtp

Okuda, K., 2004:
Identification and characterization of NuhA, a novel Nudix hydrolase specific for Adp-ribose in the cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. Pcc 7002

Reiter, G., 2004:
In situ Ftir Atr spectroscopic study of the interaction of immobilized human tumor necrosis factor-$alpha; with a monoclonal antibody in aqueous environment

Humer, F., 2004:
The Future Of Healthcare And The Pharmaceutical Industry ? A Ceo View

Buravlev, E.A.; Zhidkova, T.V.; Vladimirov, Y..A.; Osipov, A.N., 2012:
Effects of blue and green low power laser irradiation on the mitochondrial respiration in experimental endotoxic shock

Karu, T.I., 2012:
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of photobiomodulation via activation of mitochondrial respiratory chain

Moskvin, S.V., 2012:
Therapeutic action mechanisms of low intensity laser radiation

Wilden, L., 2012:
The absorption behaviour of oxygen and the mitochondrial energy transfer the importance of electromagnetic radiation (light)

Borgul, O.; Kaplan, M.A., 2012:
Photodynamic therapy of dermal metastases of disseminated melanoma

Goranskaya, E.V.; Kaplan, M.A.; Kapinus, V.N.; Ragulin, Y.A.; Yaroslavceva-Isaeva, E.V.; Spichenkova, I.S.; Shubina, A.M.; Taibova, M.V., 2012:
Photodynamic therapy in treatment of breast cancer

Kashirtseva, I.V.; Kaplan, M.A.; Ponomarev, G.V.; Malygina, A.I.; Mikhailovskaya, A.A., 2012:
Comparative evaluation of antitumoral efficiency of various photosensitizers at photodynamic therapy of sarcoma M-1

Salomon, Y.; Scherz, A., 2012:
Photo-generated oxygen and nitroxide radicals drive tumor ablation in vascular targeted photodynamic therapy with Tookad-Soluble: from the laboratory bench to the patient's bedside

Mozgovaya, L.A.; Zadorina, l.l.; Bykova, L.P.; Godovalov, A.P., 2012:
Effect of magnetic and laser irradiation on biofilm formation by microorganisms obtained from patients with chronic apical periodontitis

Efimova, L.; Nikiforova, E.; Kozhevnikov, P., 2012:
New generation red and infrared therapeutic lasers in antiage treatments of face and neck

Krylov, A.V.; Krylova, E.V., 2012:
The comparison of autofluorescent dermoscopy (Afd) diagnostic efficiency. Possible uses of Afd in dermatocosmetology

Sadykov, R.R.; Kasimova, K.R., 2012:
Hemangioma treatment with photodynamic therapy

Ivanov, H.; Pysarenko, E.; Mazhak, K.; Rudnytska, N.; Bondar, V., 2012:
Intravascular laser blood irradiation of different spectral and frequency range in the correction of hormonal imbalance of patients with bronchial asthma

Likhacheva, E.V.; Alexeev, Y..V.; Ponomarev, G.V., 2012:
Photodynamic therapy for non-tumoral diseases

Butaev, A.K..; Pulatov, D.; Baybekov, I.M., 2012:
Laser irradiation of blood for correction of the Rbc forms in ulcer bleeding

Samoilova, K.A.; Vasina, E.Y..; Vlasov, T.D.; Chefu, S.G., 2012:
Antitrombotic effect of polychromatic visible and infrared light in experimental model of thrombosis of main artery

Geynits, A.V.; Mustafajev, R.D.; Tikhov, G.V.; Kizevadze, R.I., 2012:
Photodynamic therapy in treating peritonitis (experimental study)

Simonova-Pushkar, L.I.; Kulinich, G.V.; Gertman, V.Z.; Belogurova, L.V., 2012:
Prevention and treatment of post-radiation skin reactions after radiation therapy of breast cancer with photo-magnetic therapy

Mäkelä, A., 2012:
Use of laser and light on the regulation of growth factors and inflammatory mediators involved in oligodendrocyte maturation and function and myelin repair

Weber, M., 2012:
Interstitial and intraarticular laser therapy a new option for difficult pain syndromes

Lubimov, V.V.; Godovalov, A.P., 2012:
Usage of low-intensive laser radiation in the treatment of patients with urological and proctologic diseases

Grin, M.A.; Pantjushenko, I.V.; Reshetnikov, R.I.; Meerovich, G.A.; Mironov, A.F.; Geynits, A.V., 2012:
New highly effective nanostructured Ir-photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy of deeply located and pigmented tumors

Mironov, A.F.; Rumyantseva, V.D.; Ivanov, A.V.; Hlebtzeov, N.G.; Shilov, I.P.; Geynits, A.V., 2012:
Ytterbium porphyrin complexes and their conjugates with nanoparticles for fluorescent tumour diagnostics

Shilov, I.P.; Ivanov, A.V.; Panas, A.; Khlebtsov, N.; Rumyantseva, V.D.; Mironov, A.F.; Shchamkhalov, K.; Ryabov, A.; Khlebtsov, B.; Rjabova, A.; Terentyuk, G.; Panfilova, E., 2012:
Nanoscale composites with ytterbium porphyrin metallocomlexes for luminescence diagnostics and photothermal therapy of tumours

Tryfonyuk, L.; Ushenko, O., 2012:
Diagnostics of insufficiency of connective tissue component of vaginal wall at pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence in women by the technique of stokes polarimetry of orientation fibrillar structure of the connective tissue component of vaginal wall

Isidro, M.L.; Ruano, B.; Álvarez, P.; Cordido, F., 2001:
Tirotoxicosis por amiodarona. Est todo dicho?

Fernández-Real, J.M., 2003:
El adipocito como biocomunicador

Becerra, A., 2003:

Enríquez, L.; GonzáLez-Quijano, A.; Ollero, R.; Iglesias, M.; Rodríguez Criado, M.A.; Matas, P., 2003:
cidos grasos trans y nutricin

Martínez, M.A.; Arbones, M.J.; Bellido, D., 2004:
Nutricin artificial domiciliaria

Sanz, A.; Celaya, S.; Gracia, P.; Gracia, M.L.; Albero, R., 2004:

Lucas, A.M., 2004:
Tiroiditis posparto

García, L.; Anglada, J.; Del Pozo, C.; Salas, A.; DeMarcos, J.A.; Veloso, E., 2004:

Andrés Cerrillo Cruz, A., 2012:
7. Congreso Nacional de la Asociacin Espaola de Vacunologa

Salleras, L.; Carrillo de Albornoz, J.; Prat, A.; Garrido, P., 2014:
Vacunacin antidiftrica

Forcada, J.A., 2014:
El acto vacunal

Deboer, W.; K., E.; K., J., 2004:
Sequential therapy; a new treatment for Helicobacter pylori infectionBut is it ready for general use?

Dejong, D., 2004:
Absence of an association of the Ibd2 locus gene keratin 8 and inflammatory bowel disease in a large genetic association study

Rossetti, S., 2004:
The use of the anti-tumour necrosis factor monoclonal antibody?infliximab?to treat ulcerative colitis: implications and trends beyond the available data

Magalotti, D., 2004:
Splanchnic haemodynamics in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: effect of a dietary/pharmacological treatmentA pilot study

Andreana, L.; Isgro, G.; Garcovich, M.; Hall, A.; Grillo, F.; Dhillon, A.P.; Burroughs, A.K.; Luong, T.V., 2010:
T.N.14 Collagen Proportionate Area In Assessing The Amount Of Fibrosis In Chronic Liver Disease: Does High Resolution Compared To Conventional Image Capturing And Analysis Alters Its Results?

Civitelli, F.; DiNardo, G.; Oliva, S.; Nuti, F.; Aloi, M.; Ferrari, F.; Viola, F.; Cucchiara, S., 2012:
Co2 Ultrasonographic Assessment Of Colonic Wall In Pediatric Ulcerative Colitis: Comparative Study With Ileo-Colonoscopy

Oliva, S.; DiNardo, G.; Ferrari, F.; Rossi, P.; Pagliaro, G.; Isoldi, S.; Pierantoni, L.; Ziparo, C.; Barberini, E.; Colli, C.D.; Cucchiara, S., 2012:
Co5 Pneumatic Balloon Dilation In Pediatric Achalasia: Efficacy, Safety And Factors Predicting Outcome

Terrin, G.; Passariello, A.; Caoci, S.; Cardi, V.; DeCurtis, M.; Messina, F.; Canani, R.B., 2012:
Co7 S100 A8/A9 Protein As A Marker For Early Diagnosis Of Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Neonates

Bramuzzo, M.; Lazzerini, M.; Martelossi, S.; Pellegrin, M.C.; Maschio, M.; Marchetti, F.; Magazzù, G.; Pellegrino, S.; Ruggeri, C.; Scibilia, G.; Barabino, A.; Calvi, A.; Arrigo, S.; Fontana, M.; Lionetti, P., 2012:
Co10 Thalidomide After Infliximab Failure In Children And Young Adults With Crohn'S Disease And Ulcerative Colitis

Aloi, M.; Lionetti, P.; Barabino, A.; Guariso, G.; Costa, S.; Fontana, M.; Romano, C.; Lombardi, G.; Staiano, A.; Alvisi, P.; Diaferia, P.; Baldi, M.; Romagnoli, V.; Gasparetto, M.; DiPaola, M., 2012:
Co12 Phenotype And Clinical Characteristics Of Early Compared To Late-Onset Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Pensabene, L.; Talarico, V.; Graziano, F.; Palermo, B.V.; Cozza, E.; Campanozzi, A.; Marseglia, A.; Gentile, T.; Gatta, E.; Rutigliano, V.; DeVenuto, D.; Ripepi, A.; Salvatore, S.; Turco, R.; Staiano, A., 2012:
Co14 Post-Infectious Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders In Children: A Multicenter Prospective Study

Rossi, G.; Sciveres, M.; Maruzzelli, L.; Curcio, G.; Riva, S.; Traina, M.; Luca, A.; Gridelli, B.; Maggiore, G., 2012:
Co19 Blinded Comparative Study Of Magnetic Resonance Cholangiography (Mrc) Versus Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiography (Erc) In The Diagnosis Of Sclerosing Cholangitis (Sc) In Children

Gasparetto, M.; Pillon, M.; Cananzi, M.; Messina, C.; Guariso, G., 2012:
Co22 Inside And Outside The Liver: Hepatitis-Associated Aplastic Anaemia (Haaa) In Three Paediatric Cases

Nastasio, S.; Sciveres, M.; Ghione, S.; Cirillo, F.; Riva, S.; Rossi, G.; Maggiore, G., 2012:
Co24 Autoimmune Hepatitis Type 2 (Aih2): Long-Term Prognosis From Childhood To Adulthood

Sangermano, M.; D'Aniello, R.; Paolella, G.; Veropalumbo, C.; Maddaluno, S.; Vajro, P., 2012:
Co29 A Comparison Of Toddlers Milk: Are All The Same?

Ponticelli, D.; Tosco, A.; Aitoro, R.; Miele, E.; Auricchio, R.; Troncone, R.; Maglio, M., 2012:
Co34 Intestinal Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase2 In Potential Celiac Disease

Romagnoli, V.; Gatti, S.; Rossi, M.; Giorgetti, C.; Albano, V.; Mandolesi, A.; Catassi, C., 2012:
Co36 Intestinal IgA Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Deposits In Pediatric Celiac Disease

Bracci, F.; Papadatou, B.; Knafelz, D.; Papa, R.E.; Diamanti, A.; Ferretti, F.; Panetta, F.; Torre, G., 2012:
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Oc.07.6 Gelenterum Ameliorates Severity Of Colitis In Dss Murine Model, While Modulating Gut Microbiota And Intestinal Mucus Layer

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Oc.08.3 Effectiveness Of Real-Time Sonoelastography For Characterisation Of Strictures In Crohn'S Disease (Cd): A Comparison With Surgical Histopathology Analysis

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Oc.09.3 Feasibility, Safety, And Diagnostic Yield Of A 22-Gauge Needle With Side Fenestration In Pancreatic Cystic Lesions: A Prospective Study

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Oc.09.6 Role Of Eus Fna In Diagnosis And Staging Of Lung Cancer

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Oc.10.3 Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy (Sbce) In The Elderly. A Multicenter Prospective Study

Stolfi, C.; Franzè, E.; Sarra, M.; DeMare, V.; Pallone, F.; Monteleone, G., 2013:
Oc.10.5 In Vitro And In Vivo Knock-Down Of Smad7 Inhibits Growth And Promotes Apoptosis Of Colon Cancer Cells

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Oc.11.2 A Prospective Study On Clostridium Difficile Infection, Toxino Type And Antibiotic Sensitivity In Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Oc.12.2 Refractory Celiac Disease-Related Immune Response Is Associated With High Tnf-Alpha But Not Th1-Type Cytokines

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Oc.12.5 Role Of Nitrogen Species In Colon Cancer Stem Cells

Mutignani, M.; Tringali, A.; Pugliese, F.; Forti, E.; Gambitta, P., 2013:
V.01.4 Endoscopic Sems Treatment Of Duodenal Second Portion High Output Fistula After Duodenal Surgery

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V.02.2 Eus-Guided Pancreatic Pseudocyst Drainage Using The New Link Nitilon Metallic Stent

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V.02.5 Diagnosis And Evaluation Of A Case Of Common Bile Duct Papillary Adenoma By Ercp, Idus (Intraductal Ultrasound) And Spy Glass System

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P.01.10 Proposal Of A Modified Phenotype-Based Radiological Classification: The Magnetic Resonance Crohn'S Disease Severity Index (Mr-Csi)

Inserra, G.; Mendolaro, M.; Scalia, G.; Siringo, S.; Samperi, L.; Bellocchi, M.C.C.; Catanzaro, R., 2013:
P.01.13 Clinical Significance Of Cytomegalovirus (Cmv) Infection In Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Savarino, E.; Bodini, G.; Dulbecco, P.; Assandri, L.; Bruzzone, L.; Mazza, F.; Sammito, G.; Fazio, V.; Giambruno, E.; Gemignani, L.; Savarino, V., 2013:
P.01.16 Adalimumab Is More Effective Than Azathioprine And Mesalamine At Preventing Postoperative Recurrence Of Crohn'S Disease A Randomized Trial

Graziani, M.G.; Gualdi, G.F.; Masselli, G.; Lukic, I.K., 2013:
P.01.18 Computered Tomography Colonoscopy (Ctc) In Crohn'S Disease

Alessandroni, L.; Papparella, L.G.; Addarii, M.C.; Guadagni, I.; Papi, C.; Kohn, A., 2013:
P.01.21 Clinical Course Of Perianal Fistulas In Crohn'S Disease: A Retrospective Study

Indriolo, A.; Fagiuoli, S.; Pasulo, L.; Fiorino, G.; Danese, S.; Ravelli, P., 2013:
P.02.2 Infliximab Therapy For Inflammatory Bowel Disease In Patients Post Liver Transplantation

Sinagra, E.; Mocciaro, F.; Scalisi, A.; Criscuoli, V.; Orlando, A.; Olivo, M.; Giunta, M.; Rizzo, A.G.; Cottone, M., 2013:
P.02.5 Clinical Course Of Severe Colitis; A Comparison Between Crohn'S Colitis And Ulcerative Colitis

Martinato, M.; Slongo, T.; Piovanello, M.; Rigato, M.; Ugoni, A.; Krankovic, I.; Caccaro, R.; Sturniolo, G.C.; D'Incà, R., 2013:
P.02.8 Early Predictors Of Long Term Clinical Response To Adalimumab In Crohn'S Disease

Luppino, I.; Spagnuolo, R.; Marasco, R.; Cosco, C.; Ruggiero, G.; Cosco, V.; Doldo, P., 2013:
P.02.11 Withdrawal Of Infliximab (Ifx) After Achieving Remission: Outcome In A Cohort Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) Patients

Emerenziani, S.; Biancone, L.; Rescio, M.P.; Sedda, S.; Pallone, F.; Cicala, M., 2013:
P.02.16 Assessment Of Bioelectrical Impedance Phase Angle In Crohn'S Disease Patients

Indriolo, A.; Senni, M.; Signorelli, S.; Greco, S.; Ravelli, P., 2013:
P.02.19 Anti-Tnfalpha Therapy In Patients With Coronary Syndrome And Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Efficacy And Safety

Pantaleoni, S.; Touscoz, G.A.; Caviglia, G.P.; Adriani, A.; Sguazzini, C.; Sapone, N.; Reggiani, S.; Rizzetto, M.; Astegiano, M., 2013:
P.02.22 Fecal Calprotectin Is An Effective Diagnostic Tool That Differentiates Pathological From Functional Intestinal Disorders

Franzè, E.; Caruso, R.; Stolfi, C.; Sarra, M.; Cupi, M.L.; Caprioli, F.; Zorzi, F.; Ronchetti, G.; Pallone, F.; Monteleone, G., 2013:
P.03.6 Cd163-Expressing Macrophages With Inflammatory Properties Infiltrate Heavily The Gut Mucosa Of Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Papadia, C.; Louwagie, J.; Del Rio, P.; Bordi, C.; Novelli, M.; Atkin, W.; DeAngelis, G.L.; The Late Warren, B.; Forbes, A., 2013:
P.03.11 Foxe1 And Syne1 Genes Hypermethylation Panel As Promising Biomarker In Colitis Associated Neoplasia

Caccaro, R.; Rahbar, A.; Taher, C.; Yaiw, K.; Mohammad, A.; Martinato, M.; D'Incà, R.; Sturniolo, G.C.; Söderberg-Nauclér, C., 2013:
P.03.14 Evidence Of Hcmv-Dna And Mi-Rna-Ul112 In The Intestinal Mucosa Of Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Zentilin, P.; Savarino, E.; Furnari, M.; Marabotto, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Moscatelli, A.; Bruzzone, L.; Gemignani, L.; Sammito, G.; Savarino, V., 2013:
P.04.2 Relationship Between Postprandial Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Pattern And Severity Of Mucosal Damage

Furnari, M.; Marabotto, E.; Moscatelli, A.; DeBortoli, N.; Bruzzone, L.; Gemignani, L.; Zentilin, P.; Savarino, V.; Savarino, E., 2013:
P.04.7 Postprandial Reflux Patterns Are Helpful In Categorizing Nerd Patients And Can Be Used To Distinguish These Patients From Thosewith Functional Heartburn And Healthy Volunteers

Santonicola, A.; Angrisani, L.; Gallotta, S.; Capone, P.; Morra, I.; Ciacci, C.; Iovino, P., 2013:
P.04.12 The Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy With Or Without Hiatal Hernia Repair In Obese Patients

Zito, F.P.; Vozzella, L.; Pesce, M.; D'Aniello, R.; Genovese, D.; Coletta, M.D.; Andreozzi, P.; Verlezza, V.; Sarnelli, G.; Cuomo, R., 2013:
P.04.15 Does Standardized Diet Improve Proton Pump Inhibitor Response In Gerd Patients?

Verlezza, V.; Andreozzi, P.; Vozzella, L.; Zito, F.P.; Pesce, M.; D'Alessandro, A.; D'Aniello, R.; Sarnelli, G.; Cuomo, R., 2013:
P.04.19 Taste Alterations In Patients With Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Manzali, E.; Fugazza, A.; Iuliano, S.; Lapetina, I.; Nervi, G.; Bizzarri, B.; DeAngelis, G.L., 2013:
P.04.22 Endoscopic Management Of Achalasia In Pediatric Patients: Personal Experience

Franceschi, M.; Seripa, D.; Giulia, P.; Bazzano, S.; Gravina, C.; Urbano, M.; Baldassarre, G.; DiMario, F.; Pilotto, A., 2013:
P.04.25 Role Of Cyp2C19*17 And Cyp2C19*2 In The Response To Proton Pump Inhibitors Treatment In Patients With Esophagitis

Roncoroni, L.; Elli, L.; Bardella, M.T.; Perrucci, G.; Ciulla, M.; Lombardo, V.; Conte, D.; Doneda, L., 2013:
P.05.3 Evaluation Of Extracellular Matrix Proteins And Displacement Of Fibroblasts From Endoscopic Duodenal Biopsies Of Celiac Patients

DiStefano, M.; Mengoli, C.; Tomarchio, O.; Bergonzi, M.; DeAmici, M.; Ilardo, D.; Vattiato, C.; Biagi, F.; Zanaboni, A.M.; Miceli, E.; Corazza, G.R., 2013:
P.05.6 High Levels Of Osteoprotegerin And Low Levels Of Cooh-Terminal Propeptide Of Type I Procollagen Characterize The Persisting Bone Derangement In Celiac Disease Patients On Long-Term Gluten-Free Diet

Paroni, M.; Nizzoli, G.; Magarotto, A.; Gianelli, U.; Ciafardini, C.; Conte, D.; Abrignani, S.; Geginat, J.; Caprioli, F., 2013:
P.05.9 Phenotypic And Functional Characterization Of Intraepithelial And Lamina Propria Inflammatory Cell Infiltrate In Autoimmune Enteropathy

Picarelli, A.; Borghini, R.; Isonne, C.; DiTola, M.; Marino, M.C.; Casale, R.; Puzzono, M.; Ventura, F.; Urciuoli, C.; Tiberti, A.; Pica, R.; Frieri, G., 2013:
P.05.12 Colonic Mucosal Organ Culture: Its Opportunistic Use To Detect Celiac Disease

Borghini, R.; Urciuoli, C.; DiTola, M.; Marino, M.C.; Casale, R.; Isonne, C.; Puzzono, M.; Ventura, F.; Rizzo, C.; Picarelli, A., 2013:
P.05.15 A New Test For Gluten Sensitivity Is Born?

Pozzi, R.; Fraquelli, M.; Della Valle, S.; Massironi, S.; Russo, M.; Conti, B.; Giunta, M.; Conte, D.; Corti, F.; Colombo, C., 2013:
P.05.18 Bowel Ultrasound (B-Us) In The Assessment Of Gastrointestinal Disorders In Cystic Fibrosis (Cf)

Federico, A.; Iadevaia, M.D.; Mozzillo, A.L.; Amoroso, V.; Tolone, S.; Meucci, R.; Rossetti, G.; Docimo, L.; Loguercio, C., 2013:
P.06.2 Effect Of Bariatric Surgery On Serum Levels Of Gastrointestinal Hormones In Obese Nafld Patients

Cesario, V.; DiRienzo, T.A.; Pitocco, D.; Campanale, M.; Barbaro, F.; D'Angelo, G.; Pecere, S.; D'Aversa, F.; Caracciolo, G.; Gasbarrini, A.; Ojetti, V., 2013:
P.06.5 Diabetes And Gastrointestinal Disorders: The Effect Of Intestinal Methane Production On Glycemic Control

DiMario, F.; Ferrara, F.; Slongo, T.; Guarnieri, G.; Dal Bò, N.; Marcello, R.; Salvat, H.H.; Groppo, M.; Caroli, A.; Scarpignato, C., 2013:
P.06.13 Prucalopride For Severe Costipation, How To Reach The Symptom Resolution And Have To Maintain It: A Six-Months Experience

Gigante, G.; Caracciolo, G.; Ianiro, G.; Tortora, A.; Campanale, M.; Cesario, V.; Valenza, V.; Cammarota, G.; Ojetti, V.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2013:
P.06.16 Efficacy Of Amytriptiline In Improving Intestinal Permeability And Quality Of Life In Patients With Ibs

Catanzaro, R.; Milazzo, M.; Samperi, L.; Sapienza, C.; Italia, A.; Accolla, G.; Ferracane, C.; Mangiameli, A.; Inserra, G., 2013:
P.06.19 Overlapping Of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease And Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Bruno, G.; Rendeli, C.; Paolucci, V.; Triarico, S.; Ausili, E.; D'Aversa, F.; Laterza, L.; Gasbarrini, A.; Ojetti, V., 2013:
P.06.25 The Prevalence Of Small Bacterial Overgrowth And Gas Production In Patients With Spina Bifida

Soncini, M.; Rondonotti, E.; Girelli, C.M.; Russo, A.; Ballardini, G.; Bianchi, G.; Bonfante, F.; Cantù, P.; Centenara, L.; Cesari, P.; Cortelezzi, C.C.; Elli, L.; Gasparini, P.; Gozzini, C.; Gullotta, R., 2013:
P.07.2 Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy (Sbce) Complications: Frequency, Management And Policy To Prevent Them. Prospective Data Froma Regional Registry (Registro Lombardo Delle Complicanze)

Cesarini, M.; Pentassuglio, I.; Fiorino, G.; Ridola, L.; Riggio, O.; Vernia, P., 2013:
P.07.4 Small Intestine Lesion In Portal Hypertension: Pre And Post Tips

Moneghini, D.; Missale, G.; Parrinello, G.; Minelli, L.; Cengia, G.; Cestari, R., 2013:
P.07.7 Capsule Endoscopy In Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding: Analysis Of Diagnostic Yield Related Factors

Grassi, A.; Assisi, D.; Lapenta, R.; Donà, M.G.; Latini, A.; Benevolo, M., 2013:
P.07.13 New Technique In Endoscopic Treatment Of Anorectal Condylomas

Zecchin, P.; Pincini, F.; Fregonese, D., 2013:
P.07.16 Endoscopic Therapy Of Benign Colorectal Anastomotic Strictures: Not Only Balloon Dilatation

Cannizzaro, R.; Fornasarig, M.; Maiero, S.; Tabuso, M.; Orzes, E., 2013:
P.07.19 The Prototype Longer Miniature Ultrasound Miniprobe Um-3Y2 Is Useful For Diagnosing Submucosal Lesion Of Small Bowel During Single-Balloon Enteroscopy (Sbe)

Togni, M.; Fasoli, R.; Polla, E.; Tasini, E.; Piscioli, F.; Dallapalma, P.; DePretis, G., 2013:
P.07.21 From Biopsy To Patient: Proposal Of A Multi-Center Integrated Diagnostic Pathway In Digestive Endoscopy

Calafiore, A.; Calabrese, C.; Rizzello, F.; Gionchetti, P.; Laureti, S.; Poggioli, G.; Praticò, C.; Campieri, M., 2013:
P.08.2 The Long-Term Clinical Course Of Refractory Chronic Pouchitis After Infliximab Therapy

Spagnuolo, R.; Luppino, I.M.; Marasco, R.; Cosco, C.; Cosco, V.; Ruggiero, G.; Doldo, P., 2013:
P.08.5 Outcome Of Arthralgia In A Subgroup Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients With Anti-Tnf-Alpha. A Single Centre Study

Cappello, M.; Nastri, L.; Bravatà, I.; Massihnia, E.; Rumeo, M.V.; LaBarbera, D.; Craxì, A., 2013:
P.08.8 Personality Factors And Perception Of Quality Of Life (Hrqol) In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) And Matched Controls

DiGirolamo, M.; Bertani, A.; Scarcelli, A.; Longobardi, P.; Sartini, A.; Boarino, V.; Primerano, A.M.; Merighi, A.; Villa, E., 2013:
P.08.11 Hyperbaric Oxigen (Hbo) Therapy In Crohn'S Cutaneous Disease (Ccd): Our Experience In Patients Non Responder At Biological Therapy

Bravatà, I.; Cappello, M.; Calvaruso, V.; Attardo, S.; Peralta, S., 2013:
P.08.17 Mucosal Healing In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treated With Anti-Tnf Alpha

Cassieri, C.; DeCarolis, A.; Pica, R.; Avallone, E.V.; Zippi, M.; Corrado, C.; Corazziari, E.S.; Vernia, P.; Paoluzi, P., 2013:
P.08.19 Prevalence Of Steroid Dependence And Resistance In Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients: Treatment Options As Steroid-Sparing Agents In A Single Centre

DiMario, F.; Dal Bò, N.; Ferrara, F.; Slongo, T.; Salvat, H.H.; Caroli, A.; Loperfido, S.; Marcello, R.; Schiavinato, A.; Scarpignato, C., 2013:
P.09.2 Is H. Pylori Eradication Useful In The Improvement Of Dyspepsia? A 15 Years Study

Porowska, B.; Oliva, A.; Mascellino, M.T.; Severi, C.; Carabotti, M.; Trentino, P.; Flati, E.M., 2013:
P.09.5 The Incidence Of H. Pylori Hetero-Resistance And Its Impact On Therapeutic Outcome In Pangastritis Patients Who Failed Several Eradication Schedules

Fiorini, G.; Vakil, N.; Zullo, A.; Saracino, I.M.; Castelli, V.; Ricci, C.; Zaccaro, C.; Ridola, L.; Hassan, C.; Gatta, L.; Vaira, D., 2013:
P.09.8 High Eradication Rates Of Multi-Drug Resistant H. Pylori Using Culture-Directed Anti-Microbial Therapy

Segato, S.; Parravicini, M.; Montanari, M.; Testa, J.; Bisso, G.; Capella, C., 2013:
P.09.10 Endoscopic Surveillance In Autoimmune Gastritis: A Follow-Up Study

Pesce, M.; D'Aniello, R.; Santonicola, A.; Efficie, E.; D'Alessandro, A.; Cuomo, R.; Sarnelli, G., 2013:
P.09.13 Comorbidities In Idiopathic Achalasia: A Phenotypic Approach To Drive Genetic Association Studies?

Padula, D.; Lenti, M.V.; DiStefano, M.; Miceli, E.; Corazza, G.R., 2013 :
P.09.16 A Young Woman With Dysphagia

Ferrara, F.; Dal Bò, N.; Furlanetto, A.; Dei Tos, A.P.; Slongo, T.; Loperfido, S.; Salvat, H.H.; Scarpignato, C.; Rugge, M., 2013:
P.09.19 Gastropanel And Olga: Two Innovative Tools For The Detection Of Atrophic Gastritis. A Prospective Study In Primary Care

Pezzilli, R.; Serra, C.; Calculli, L.; Ferroni, F.; Paccapelo, A.; Casadei, R., 2013:
P.10.8 Three Dimensional Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography Vs. Magnetic Resonance Imaging In The Diagnosis Of Ipmn Of The Pancreas

Piciucchi, M.; Valente, R.; Larghi, A.; Stigliano, S.; Archibugi, L.; Signoretti, M.; Cavallini, M.; Costamagna, G.; Ziparo, V.; Fave, G.D.; Capurso, G., 2013:
P.10.11 Clinical Features And Outcome Of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Patients Presenting With Cachexia

Ventriglia, M.; Funaro, A.; Vitale, L.; Niosi, M.; Scalera, R.; Sgambato, D.; Colucci, A.; DeSio, C.; Romano, L.; Loguercio, C.; Romano, M.; DeSio, I., 2013:
P.10.14 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography (Ceus) In The Evaluation Of Pancreatic Masses Compared With Histology Of Ultrasound (Us)-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy

Polvani, S.; Tarocchi, M.; Tempesti, S.; Mello, T.; Buccoliero, F.; Ceni, E.; Nieri, V.; D'Amico, M.; Farsi, M.; Nesi, S.; Milani, S.; Galli, A., 2013:
P.10.21 Coup-Tfii Downregulation Inhibits Pancreatic Cancer Growth

Abenavoli, L.; Nazionale, I.; Greco, M.; Larussa, T.; Suraci, E.; Imeneo, M.; Foti, D.; Gulletta, E.; Luzza, F., 2013:
P.11.3 Metabolic Effects Of Diet Vs Diet And Silybin Combined With Phosphatidylcholine And Vitamin E In Overweight Patients With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Calvaruso, V.; Bronte, F.; Simone, F.; Bavetta, M.G.; Conte, E.; Craxì, A.; DiMarco, V., 2013:
P.11.9 Liver Stiffness At Baseline Predicts Decompensation And Hepatocellular Carcinoma In Patients With Compensated Hcv Cirrhosis

Borzio, M.; Sacco, R.; Fanigliulo, L.; Parisi, G.; Dionigi, E.; Salvagnini, M.; Difonzo, M.; Vicari, S.; Salmi, A.; Desio, I.; Francica, G., 2013 :
P.11.12 Improving Prognosis Of Hcc On The Real-World Clinical Practice In Italy

Ponziani, F.R.; Zocco, M.A.; Garcovich, M.; Cesario, V.; D'Aversa, F.; DiRienzo, T.A.; DeGaetano, A.M.; Rinninella, E.; Roccarina, D.; Campanale, M.; Barbaro, F.; Tortora, A.; Caracciolo, G.; Gigante, G.; Ianiro, G., 2013:
P.11.15 Impact Of Portal Vein Thrombosis On Hepatocellular Carcinoma Treatment Outcome. The Hepatocat Group Experience

Scarpellini, E.; Ponziani, F.R.; Tortora, A.; Gabrielli, M.; Ainora, M.E.; Zocco, M.A.; Garcovich, M.; Gasbarrini, G.; Valenza, V.; Balsano, C.; Gasbarrini, A., 2013:
P.11.18 Gut Microbiota Alteration: The Link Between Leaky Gut And Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis In Liver Cirrhotic Patients?

Federico, A.; Cotticelli, G.; DeSio, I.; Gaeta, L.; Chirico, M.; Meucci, R.; Orditura, M.; Fabozzi, A.; Ciardiello, F.; Loguercio, C.; DeVita, F., 2013:
P.11.21 Sorafenib In Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Child-Pugh A Or B Cirrhosis

Passoforte, P.; Frappampina, R.; DeVenuto, C.; DeVenuto, D.; Francavilla, R., 2013:
P.12.6 An Important And Unusual Cause Of Hypoalbuminaemia

Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; Elisei, W.; Giorgetti, G.; Forti, G.; Rodinò, S.; Saccà, N.; Portincasa, P.; Capezzuto, E.; Spadaccini, A.; Fiorella, S.; D'Amico, T.; Polimeni, N.; Picchio, M.; Danese, S., 2013:
P.12.9 Mesalazine And/Or Lactobacillus Casei In Maintaining Remission Of Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease Of The Colon: A Randomised, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study

Tursi, A.; DiMario, F.; Brandimarte, G.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; Loperfido, S.; Dal Bò, N.; Ferrara, F.; Marcello, R.; Salvat, H.H.; Scarpignato, C., 2013:
P.12.12 Intermittent Versus Every-Day Mesalazine Therapy In Preventing Complications Of Diverticular Disease Of The Colon: A Long-Term Follow-Up Study

Costanzo, F.; Biviano, I.; Corazziari, E.S.; Badiali, D., 2013:
P.12.15 Relationship Between Findings At Ano-Rectal Manometry And Clinical Presentation Of Fecal Incontinence

Tsagkarousianos, C.; Kapros, E.; Papadatou, A.; Konidis, G., 2013:
P.12.18 Non Surgical Management Of Perforation Due To Colonoscopic Polypectomy: Report Of A Case

Repici, A.; Pagano, N.; Ferrara, E.C.; Ciscato, C.; Strangio, G.; Vitetta, E.; Rando, G.; Elmore, U.; Fumagalli, U.; Rosati, R.; Spinelli, A.; Bona, S.; Montorsi, M.; Malesci, A., 2013:
P.12.20 Endosponge For Endoscopic Management Of Anastomotic Leakage After Colorectal Surgery: Results From A Single Centre Experience

Campanale, M.; Barbaro, F.; Cesario, V.; LaTorre, M.; Guerra, A.; DiRienzo, T.A.; D'Aversa, F.; Gigante, G.; Rinninella, E.; Ponziani, F.R.; Siciliano, M.; Annicchiarico, B.E.; Zocco, M.A.; Riccardi, L.; Pompili, M., 2013:
P.13.7 Comparison Between Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization (Tace) And Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization Combined With Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation (Tace-Rfa) For Treatment Of Intermediate Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Hcc)

Rizzo, A.; Rocchi, C.; Stolfi, C.; Pallone, F.; Monteleone, G.; Fantini, M.C., 2013:
P.13.10 Smad7-Mediated Suppression Of Il-17A In Cd4+ T Cells Prevents Early But Not Late Stage Colorectal Cancer Development

Funaro, A.; Vitale, L.; Niosi, M.; Sgambato, D.; Scalera, R.; Colucci, A.; DeSio, C.; Romano, L.; Loguercio, C.; Romano, M.; DeSio, I., 2013:
P.13.17 Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy For The Diagnosis Of Gastrointestinal Masses

Labianca, O.; Maurano, A., 2013:
P.13.20 Endoscopic Treatment Of Esophageal Granular Cell Tumor: A Case Report

Manta, R.; Cellini, C.; Frazzoni, M.; Conigliaro, R.; Maccio, L.; Melotti, G.; Dabizzi, E.; Bertani, H.; Manno, M.; Castellani, D.; Villanacci, V.; Bassotti, G., 2013:
P.14.3 Spyglass Single Operator Per-Oral Cholangioscopy In The Evaluation Of Indeterminate Biliary Lesions A Single-Center, Prospective Cohort Study

Mangiavillano, B.; Luigiano, C.; Tarantino, I.; Barresi, L.; Dinelli, M.; Frego, R.; Bassi, M.; Fabbri, C.; Cennamo, V.; Viaggi, P.; Traina, M.; Morandi, E.; Arena, M.; Santoro, T.; Masci, E., 2013:
P.14.15 Fully-Covered Removable Self Expandable Metal Stents As First-Step Therapy For The Treatment Of Biliary Leaks

Manes, G.; Repici, A.; Hassan, C.; Battaglia, G.; Virgilio, C.; Muscatiello, N.; Recchia, S.; Ferrini, G.; Gemme, C.; Paolo, R.; Dinelli, M.E.; DiGiorgio, P.; Spotti, D.; Baroncini, D.; Occhigrossi, G., 2013:
P.15.5 Split Dosage And Other Predictors Of Quality Of Bowel Cleansing In Patients Assuming A Very Low Volume Preparation For Colonoscopy: An Italian Multicenter Study Using The Association Of Sodium Picosulphate And Magnesium Citrate

Martinato, M.; Krankovic, I.; Caccaro, R.; Scacchi, M.; Cesaro, R.; Marzari, F.; Colombara, F.; Compagno, D.; Judet, S.; Sturniolo, G.C.; D'Incà, R., 2013:
P.15.8 Assessment Of Bowel Preparation For Colonoscopy: Comparison Between Different Tools And Different Healthcare Professionals

Pontone, S.; Brighi, M.; Pontone, P., 2013:
P.15.10 New Parameters To Assess The Quality During Colonoscopy. Is The Pdr Fairly Representative?

Quaglia, A.; Comelli, F.; Michelizza, T.; Brosolo, P., 2013:
P.15.13 Bowel Preparation Non-Split Regimen With Highvolume Solution Versus Non-Split Regimen With Low-Volume Solution In Outpatients Who Were Scheduled For Colonoscopy

Mannisi, E.; Caruso, A.; Coppola, M.; Formica, V.; Portarena, I.; Sileri, P.; Pallone, F.; Del Vecchio Blanco, G., 2013:
P.16.3 Learning Curve For Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration (Eus-Fna) In Diagnosis Of Abdominal And Mediastinal Mass

DiMaso, M.; Muscatiello, N.; Del Prete, V.; Antonino, M., 2013:
P.16.16 Rehydration Before And After Cpn Eus-Guided: Is It Necessary?

Marmo, R.; Del Piano, M.; Cipolletta, L.; Koch, M.; Grossi, E.; Bianco, M.A.; Rea, M.; Bucci, C.; Sansone, S.; Rotondano, G., 2013:
P.17.3 Mortality From Non Variceal Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding In Patients With Liver Cirrhosis: An Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis

Tomba, F.; Baldassarre, G.; Bencivenni, S.; Ferronato, A.; Sella, D.; Vanzetto, E.; DiMario, F.; Franceschi, M., 2013 :
P.17.5 Upper Gi Bleeding: Clinical And Demographic Features In An Endoscopic Population Study Of North-East Italy

Elli, L.; Tenca, A.; Soncini, M.; Spinzi, G.; Buscarini, E.; Conte, D., 2013:
P.17.11 Defensive Medicine Practices Among Gastroenterologists In Lombardy: Between Lawsuits And Economic Crisis

Simone, A.; Casadei, A.; Pazzi, P.; Ricci, E., 2013:
P.17.17 The Learning Curve To Perform Adequate En Bloc Dissection Of Neoplastic Gastric Lesions In An Italian Setting

Graziani, M.G.; Lukic, I.K., 2013:
P.17.20 Palliative Treatment With Self-Expanding Metal Stent For Oesophageal And Gastric Carcinoma

Federico, A.; Del Prete, A.; Iadevaia, M.D.; Ferrante, E.; Dallio, M.; DeSimini, G.; Tuccillo, C.; Loguercio, C., 2013:
P.18.6 Food Intake, Gastrointestinal Hormones And Intestinal Permeability In Patients With Hcv-Related Chronic Liver Disease

Andreoli, A.; Cantoro, L.; Telesca, C.; Monterubbianesi, R.; Pellicelli, A.; Kohn, A., 2013:
P.18.9 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis In Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Experience Of A Single Italian Centre

Castelli, G.; Cardin, R.; Picciocchi, M.; Iurilli, V.; Vanin, V.; Giacomin, A.; Pozzan, C.; Farinati, F., 2013:
P.18.12 Angiogenesis Following Conventional And Dc Beads-Mediated Transcatheter Arterial Embolization: Any Difference?

Roccarina, D.; Zocco, M.A.; Ainora, M.E.; Garcovich, M.; Lupascu, A.; Caracciolo, G.; Annicchiarico, B.E.; Ponziani, F.R.; Riccardi, L.; Siciliano, M.; Pompili, M.; Rapaccini, G.L.; Gasbarrini, A., 2013:
P.18.15 Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Evaluation Of Tumor Response To Anti Angiogenetic Treatment In Patients With Advanced Hepatocellular Carinoma

Ferrari, F.; Civitelli, F.; DiNardo, G.; DeMicco, I.; Aloi, M.; Isoldi, S.; Iorio, R., 2013:
P.18.18 Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis In Children: A Retrospective Review Of Two Italian Centers

Gemignani, L.; Marabotto, E.; Basso, M.; Ghio, M.; Savarino, V.; Picciotto, A.; Savarino, E., 2013:
P.18.20 Non-Invasive Evaluation Of Hepatic Fibrosis And Correlation With Serum Levels Of Hepatocyte Growth Factor And Tumor Necrosis Factor-Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand In Patients Affected By Systemic Sclerosis

Morisco, F.; DiCostanzo, G.G.; Guarino, M.; Tortora, R.; Loperto, I.; Auriemma, F.; Ferraiuoli, C.; Tuccillo, C.; Beneduce, L.; Caporaso, N., 2013:
P.18.23 Scca-IgM: A Biomarker To Monitor The Outcome Of Therapy With Sorafenib In Advanced Hcc

Dede, K.; Salamon, F.; Farkas, A.; Szász, A.M.; Mersich, T.; Besznyák, I.; Bursics, A., 2013:
Op-19 Evaluation and importance of pathological response of colorectal liver metastases

Attili, F.; Riccardo, R.; Hassan, C.; Abdulkader, I.; Monges, G.; Correale, L.; Iglesias-Garcia, J.; Giovannini, M.; Costamagna, G.; Rindi, G.; Vitale, G.; Larghi, A., 2014:
Pc.01.5 Inter-Rater Variability Among Pathologists On Evaluation Of Pre-Operative Grading Of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma On Eus-Guided Fine Needle Biopsy: A Multicenter Study

Mauro, A.; Sweis, R.; Domingues, G.; Sifrim, D.; Penagini, R., 2014:
Oc.02.6 Functional Heartburn Revisited With Prolonged Wireless Ph Monitoring

Girardin, G.; Spagnol, L.; Brun, P.; D'Incà, R.; Martinato, M.; Sturniolo, G.C.; Castagliuolo, I.; Galeazzi, F., 2014:
Oc.03.3 Modulatory Effect Of Nicotine On Macrophages Inflammatory Response In Ibd

Settesoldi, A.; Billiet, T.; Hoefkens, E.; Ballet, V.; Rutgeerts, P.; Vermeire, S.; Cleynen, I.; Annese, V., 2014:
Oc.03.6 Genetic And Clinical Characterization Of 43 Multiple-Affected Inflammatory Bowel Disease Families

Rinninella, E.; Montagna, M.; DiRienzo, T.A.; Cesario, V.; D'Aversa, F.; Campanale, M.C.; Siciliano, M.; Annicchiarico, B.E.; Pompili, M.; Grieco, A.; Rapaccini, G.L.; Gasbarrini, G.B.; Gasbarrini, A.; Hepatocatt, S.G., 2014:
Oc.04.3 Patient-Targeted And Multidisciplinary Management Improves Survival In Patients With Hcc: The Hepatocatt Experience

Rendina, M.; Tucci, A.; Castellaneta, A.; Castellaneta, N.M.; Chiala', C.; Leandro, G.; Gesualdo, L.; DiLeo, A., 2014:
Oc.04.6 Early Virological Response Is The Main Predictor Of Viral Eradication In Hcv Haemodialysis Patients Treated With Pegylated Interferon Plus Ribavirin

Stigliano, V.; Sanchez Mete, L.; Anti, M., 2014:
Oc.05.3 Interval Colorectal Cancer In Individuals With Lynch Syndrome

Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; DiMario, F.; Andreoli, A.; Annunziata, M.L.; Astegiano, M.; Bianco, M.A.; Buri, L.; Cammarota, G.; Capezzuto, E.; Chilovi, F.; Cianci, M.; Conigliaro, R.; Del Favero, G.; DiCesare, L., 2014:
Oc.05.5 Development And Validation Of An Endoscopic Classification Of Diverticular Disease Of The Colon: The Dica Classification

Rocco, A.; Sgamato, C.; Guarracino, M.; Martino, A.; Costagliola, N.; Occhipinti, V.; Varriale, V.; Iannuzzi, M.G.; Nardone, G., 2014:
Oc.06.2 Helicobacter Pylori Infection And Obesity: Is There A Link?

Pisani, L.F.; Munizio, N.; Creo, P.; Pastorelli, L.; Vecchi, M., 2014:
Oc.10.3 Dichotomous Effects Of Interleukin-33 On Gastric And Intestinal Epithelial Cell Proliferation

Laterza, L.; Scoleri, I.; Bibbò, S.; Arena, V.; Cammarota, G.; Gaetani, E.; Gerardi, V.; Bruno, G.; Scaldaferri, F.; Gasbarrini, A., 2014:
Oc.11.3 Mucosal Healing Does Not Correspond To Histological Healing In Ulcerative Colitis

Pastorelli, L.; Caneparo, V.; Bawadekar, M.; Pisani, L.F.; Spina, L.; Tontini, G.E.; Vecchi, M.; Landolfo, S.; Gariglio, M., 2014:
Oc.13.2 Prevalence And Clinical Significance Of Antibodies Anti-Ifi 16 In Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Rizzi, M.; Mazzuoli, S.; Regano, N.; Fregnan, S.; Leogrande, G.; Addante, I.; Bianco, M.; Inguaggiato, R.; Leandro, G.; Guglielmi, F.W.; Aigo, N.G.A., 2014:
Oc.14.1 Obesity, Malnutrition And Nutritional Risk In Italian Gastroenterology Units: A Multicenter Study

Carabotti, M.; Scirocco, A.; Rizzello, M.; Silecchia, G.; Corazziari, E.; Severi, C., 2014:
Oc.14.4 Upper Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (Fgid) In Obesity: An In Vivo And In Vitro Study

Moneghini, D.; Lipari, A.; Missale, G.; Bozzi, R.; Minelli, L.; Cengia, G.; Bontempi, L.; Curnis, A.; Cestari, R., 2014:
Oc.15.3 Safety Of Omom Capsule Endoscopy In Patients With Pacemakers And Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: An In Vivo Electrophysiological Study

DeAngelis, C.G.; Gaia, S.; Manfrè, S.F.; Andrealli, A.; Bruno, M.; Carucci, P.; Pacchioni, D.; Cassenti, A.; Senetta, R.; Molinaro, L.; Gatti, G.; Sapino, A.; Rizzetto, M., 2014:
Oc.17.4 Feasibility And Diagnostic Yield Of A New Eus Cito-Histologic Needle In Comparison With Standard Eus-Fine Needle Aspiration: A 2-Year Single-Centre Experience

DiMario, F.; Farkas, H.P.; Dal Bò, N.; Ferrara, F.; Slongo, T.; Marcello, R.; Liatopoulou, S.; Gnocchi, A.; Corrente, V.; Bertelè, A.; Rugge, M.; Scarpignato, C., 2014:
Oc.18.1 Are All Patients With Histological Diagnosis Of Atrophic Gastritis Really At Risk Of Developing Gastric Cancer? Assessment Of Gastric Acid Production By Correlation Between Maximal Acid Output And Pepsinogen I

Savarino, E.; Galeazzi, F.; Nicoletti, L.; Caccaro, R.; Morbin, T.; Zanatta, L.; Costantini, M., 2014:
Oc.18.4 Clinical And Endoscopic Characteristics Of Patients With Eosinophilic Esophagitis Data From A Single Tertiary Italian Center

Iacopini, F.; Costamagna, G.; Saito, Y.; Takuji, G.; Grossi, C.; Elisei, W.; Montagnese, F.; Scozzarro, A., 2014:
Oc.21.1 Definition Of Easy And Difficult Colorectal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (Esd) In The Western Setting

Bianco, M.A.; Rotondano, G.; Spinosa, G.; Sansone, S.; Cipolletta, L.; Marmo, R., 2014:
Oc.21.4 Prevalence Of Serrated Lesions Of The Colorectum In Italy: A Multicenter Observational Study

Staiano, T.; Bianchi, G.; Iiritano, E.; Buffoli, F., 2014:
V.01.3 Radiosurgical Endoscopy: Percutaneous Fluoro Endoscopic Guided/Assisted Catheter Drainage Placement For Complicated Intrathoracic Anastomotic Septic Collection (Video)

Sassatelli, R.; Azzolini, F.; Camellini, L.; Iori, V.; Sereni, G.; Tioli, C.; Decembrino, F.; Cavina, M.; Cecinato, P., 2014:
V.02.1 Use Of A Novel Endoscopic Suturing Device To Close A Large Mucosal Defect And A Perforation After Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection

Ceni, E.; Mello, T.; Tarocchi, M.; Polvani, S.; Buccoliero, F.; Tempesti, S.; Marroncini, G.; Galli, A., 2014:
P.01.4 Adam-9 Expression Mediates Coup-Tfii-Dependent Invasiveness Of Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Tesori, V.; Puglisi, M.A.; Chiatamone Ranieri, S.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A., 2014:
P.01.7 Ampk Activation In Colon Cancer Cells Inhibits The Malignant Phenotype Inducing Differentiation: Potential Use Of Metformin In The Treatment Of Colorectal Cancer

Repetto, O.; DeRe, V.; Canzonieri, V.; Mongiat, M.; Spessotto, P.; Tabuso, M.; Orzes, E.; DePaoli, P.; Cannizzaro, R., 2014:
P.01.10 Differential Proteomics Of Colorectal Cancer: Searching For Sentinel Cancer And Angiogenic Proteins

Iafrancesco, G.; Filippetti, R., 2014:
P.02.3 Clinical Benefits Of Gluten Free Diet In Parkinson'S Disease. A Case Report

Tortora, R.; Imperatore, N.; DeStefano, G.; Capone, P.; DePalma, G.D.; Gerbino, N.; Leo, M.; Caporaso, N.; Rispo, A., 2014:
P.02.6 Predictive Value Of Marsh 1 Type Histology In Subjects With Suspected Celiac Disease

Mannisi, E.; Bevivino, G.; Coppola, M.; Romeo, S.; Paoluzi, O.A.; Formica, V.; Portarena, I.; Sileri, P.; Pallone, F.; Del Vecchio Blanco, G., 2014:
P.03.8 Clinical Impact Of EusFna On Diagnostic Work Up And Therapeutic Decision In Patients With Suspicion Of Malignant Lesions

Biasutto, D.; Cacciò, S.M.; Tosini, F.; Biviano, I.; Corazziari, E.S.; Badiali, D., 2014:
P.03.11 Molecular Diagnosis Of Intestinal Protozoa In Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome (Ibs)

Biviano, I.; Candeloro, L.; Costanzo, F.; Clarizia, G.; Biasutto, D.; Corazziari, E.S.; Badiali, D., 2014:
P.03.14 Relationship Between Rectal Emptyng, Rectocele And Rectal Manometric Aspects In Functional Constipation

Rispo, A.; Mainenti, P.P.; D'Armiento, F.P.; Testa, A.; Rea, M.; Musto, D.; Diaferia, M.; Bucci, L.; Pesce, G.; Caporaso, N.; Castiglione, F., 2014:
P.04.3 Assessment Of Wall Inflammation And Fibrosis In Crohn'S Disease And Its Correlation With Bowel Sonography And Mri-Enterography

Gabbani, T.; Manetti, N.; Coppola, M.; Giannotta, M.; Bagnoli, S.; Milla, M.; Annese, V., 2014:
P.04.9 Prevalence Of Anemia And Iron Deficiency In Ibd Outpatients

Peruzzi, E.; Piersimoni, F.; Giacchetti, A.; Ricotti, G.; Lucioni, M.; Giangiacomi, M., 2014:
P.05.4 Metachronous Metastatic Cutaneous Crohn'S Disease (Mcd) Of The Face Treated With Infliximab (Ifx): Case Report And Follow Up

Renna, S.; Garufi, S.; Giangreco, E.; Alberghina, N.; Bonanno, G.; Magnano, A., 2014:
P.06.4 The Role Of Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy In The Diagnosis Of Crohn'S Disease: A Single Centre Experience

Pastorelli, L.; Pisani, L.F.; Caneparo, V.; Bawadekar, M.; Munizio, N.; Bruni, B.; Clemente, C.; Landolfo, S.; Gariglio, M.; Vecchi, M., 2014:
P.06.7 Aberrant Expression Of Ifi16 In The Intestinal Epithelia From Inflammatory Bowel Disease Is Induced By Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines

Sanges, M.; Miniero, M.; Mattera, D.; Sollazzo, R.; Luongo, G.; Romano, A.; D'Arienzo, A., 2014:
P.06.10 Effects Of Anti-Tnf-Alfa Vs. Azathioprine On Fatigue In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Sartini, A.; DiGirolamo, M.; Scarcelli, A.; Bertani, A.; Marzi, L.; Maccio, L.; Lasagni, C.; Merighi, A.; Villa, E., 2014:
P.06.17 Anti-Tnf-Alpha-Induced Psoriasis In Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) Patients: Is It A Paradox Or A Side Effect To Be Expected?

Tursi, A.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; Penna, A.; Lecca, P.G.; Giorgetti, G.; Forti, G.; Brandimarte, G., 2014:
P.06.25 Infliximab And Adalimumab For Crohn'S Disease In Real Life: Effectiveness, Safety And Ability In Obtaining Mucosal And Histological Healing

Cortelezzi, C.C.; Parravicini, M.; Segato, S.; Giavarini, L.; Boni, L., 2014:
P.08.3 Laparo-Endoscopic Assisted Caecal Wedge Resection For Caecal Large Polyps Not Endoscopically Removable

Noris, R.; Casini, V.; Pace, F., 2014:
P.09.1 Botulinum Toxin Injection In Jackhammer Esophagus Is A Safe And Effective Therapy: A Case Report

Lombardi, G.; Riccio, E.; Orsini, L.; Picascia, S.; Cipolletta, F.; Cipolletta, L., 2014:
P.09.8 Endoscopic Management Of Foreign Bodies Ingestion In Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: A Comparison Of Two Different Periods

Albertoni, L.; Stefanizzi, L.; Ruol, A.; Castoro, C.; Giacomelli, L.; Mescoli, C.; Zaninotto, G.; Rugge, M., 2014:
P.10.2 The Prognostic Impact Of Isolated Tumor Cells (Itc) In Lymph Nodes Of Pn0 Esophageal Cancer

Miceli, E.; Padula, D.; Lenti, M.V.; DiStefano, M.; Corazza, G.R., 2014:
P.10.5 Long-Term Follow-Up Study Of Autoimmune Atrophic Gastritis Patients

Branchi, F.; Fregoni, F.; Somalvico, F.; Bardella, M.T.; Conte, D.; Tomba, C.; Locatelli, M.; Elli, L., 2014:
P.10.8 Association Between Upper And Lower Gastrointestinal Tract Lesions

Cavalcoli, F.; Massironi, S.; Galeazzi, M.; Conte, D., 2014:
P.10.18 Megaduodenum Secondary To Severe Vitamin Deficiency: A Case Report

DeBortoli, N.; Martinucci, I.; Savarino, E.; Frazzoni, M.; Bertani, L.; Franchi, R.; Russo, S.; Urbano, M.T.; Furnari, M.; Bellini, M.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S., 2014:
P.10.21 Patients With Negative Impedance And Ph Who Respond To Acid Suppression: Are They Hypersensitive Patients? A Study With Baseline Impedance Values And Pspw Index

Torresan, F.; Ioannou, A.; Milazzo, M.; Schiavon, P.; Mancini, M.; Cimatti, M.C.; Mazzella, G.; Zagari, R.M.; Bazzoli, F., 2014:
P.10.27 Ph-Impedance Study On Patients With Extraesophageal Symptoms

Biancheri, P.; DiSabatino, A.; Giuffrida, P.; Papadia, C.; Fornasa, G.; Pasini, A.; Macdonald, T.T.; Rescigno, M.; Corazza, G.R., 2014:
P.11.1 Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin Is Primarily Reduced In Refractory Coeliac Disease Duodenal Mucosa

Tursi, A.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; DiCesare, L.; DiFonzo, M.; Lecca, P.G.; Brandimarte, G., 2014:
P.11.7 Fecal Calprotectin In Predicting Recurrence After Attack Of Colonic Diverticulitis

Limido, E.; Golia, M.; Azzola Guicciardi, M.; DeMarco, A.; Misitano, P.; Sala, D., 2014:
P.11.10 Ischemic Colitis Induced By Colonoscopy Preparation. Report Of A Case

DiStefano, M.; Mengoli, C.; Bergonzi, M.; Bartoli, A.; Zanaboni, A.; Miceli, E.; Pagani, E.; Regazzi Bonora, M.; Corazza, G.R., 2014:
P.12.2 The Effect Of Gluten On Colonic Bacterial Fermentation In Healthy Volunteers

Fucili, A.; Cogliandro, R.; Gabusi, V.; Frisoni, C.; Dolci, M.; Stanghellini, V., 2014:
P.12.5 Does Deep Infiltrating Endometriosis Alter Anorectal Motility And Digestive Symptoms?

Rotondano, G.; Garofano, M.L.; Meucci, C.; Prisco, A.; Sansone, S.; Bianco, M.A., 2014:
P.12.8 Colorectal Cancer (Crc) Screening In Southern Italy: Results Of The First 1,000 Colonoscopies Of A Structured Program

Senore, C.; Prunelli, A.; Santarelli, A.; Silvani, M.; Giordanino, C.; Segnan, N.; Risio, M.; Cassoni, P.; Arrigoni, A.; Rizzetto, M.; Saracco, G.M., 2014:
P.13.3 Management Of Pt1 Tumors Found During Colorectal Screening: Outcome And Treatment Quality Indicators

Tonda, M.; Pontone, S.; Antypas, P.; Brighi, M.; Pontone, P.; Filippini, A., 2014:
P.13.6 Waiting Time At Waiting Room: The Impact On Tolerance During Upper Endoscopy

Rossi, G.; Fanti, L.; Gemma, M.; Agostoni, M.; Ruggeri, L.; Azzolini, M.L.; Dabizzi, E.; Beretta, L.; Testoni, P.A., 2014:
P.13.12 Target Controlled Infusion (Tci) For Non-Anesthesiologist Propofol Sedation During Gi Endoscopy: A Randomized Double Blind Controlled Study

Maimone, A.; Bersani, G.; Amella, C.; Guida, A.; Arena, R.; Frascari, A.; Ricci, G.; Rossi, A.; Alvisi, V., 2014:
P.13.15 The Increase Of The Agreement Among Young Endoscopists For Diminutive Colorectal Polyps Visualized With I-Scan Technology

Condino, G.; Ascolani, M.; Bevivino, G.; Lolli, E.; Sedda, S.; Stasi, E.; Alvino, A.; Biancone, L.; Caruso, R.; Cretella, M.; Del Vecchio Blanco, G.; Fantini, M.C.; Giannelli, M.; Grasso, E.; Paoluzi, O.A., 2014:
P.13.18 The Endoscopic Performance Of Gastroenterology Trainees In A Tertiary Gastrointestinal Unit

Mutignani, M.; Forti, E.; Pugliese, F.; Tringali, A.; Gambitta, P.; Bini, M., 2014:
P.13.21 Guide Wire Assisted Cannulation Of Minor Papilla In Pancreas Divisum: Our Experience

Bianchi, M.; Larghi, A.; Castellani, D.; Camellini, L.; Fabbri, C.; Tarantino, I.; DeAngelis, C.; Berretti, D.; Bruno, M.; Togliani, T.; Petrone, M.C.; Pisani, A.; Arcidiacono, P.G.; Zilli, M.; Bocus, P., 2014:
P.13.25 Iec-Sied Survey On Endoscopic Ultrasonography Practice In Italy

Franceschi, M.; Panozzo, M.P.; Baldassarre, G.; Ferronato, A.; Bencivenni, S.; Tomba, F.; Sella, D.; Vanzetto, E.; DiMario, F.; Lovison, F.; Antico, A., 2014:
P.14.3 A Non-Invasive Monitoring Of The Functionality Of Gastric Mucosa (Gastropanel Test) In Dyspeptic Patients: A Preliminary Study

Cannizzaro, S.; Maccioni, F.; Buonocore, V.; Vernia, P., 2014:
P.15.7 Crohn'S Disease Activity And Magnetic Resonance Findings

Onali, S.; Calabrese, E.; Petruzziello, C.; Condino, G.; Ascolani, M.; Lolli, E.; Pallone, F.; Biancone, L., 2014:
P.15.10 Correlation Between Severity Of Endoscopic Lesions And Clinical Activity In A Cohort Of Crohn'S Disease Patients Followed Up For 5 Years After Ileo-Colonic Resection

Franceschet, I.; Motta, R.; Mantovan, A.; Cazzagon, N.; Baldo, V.; Buja, A.; Floreani, A., 2014:
P.16.3 The Prognostic Role Of Magnetic Resonance Cholangiography In Psc

D'Angelo, G.; Annicchiarico, B.E.; Passalacqua, S.; D'Aversa, F.; DiRienzo, T.A.; Cesario, V.; Campanale, M.C.; Ferraro, P.M.; Siciliano, M.; Avolio, A.W.; Addolorato, G.; Pompili, M.; Grieco, A.; Rapaccini, G.L.; Agnes, S., 2014:
P.16.5 Safety And Effectiveness Of Plasma Exchange In Severe Liver Failure

Caracciolo, G.; Zocco, M.A.; Lupascu, A.; Annicchiarico, B.E.; Garcovich, M.; Ainora, M.E.; Roccarina, D.; D'Aversa, F.; Ferrarese, D.; Siciliano, M.; Tondi, P.; Gasbarrini, A., 2014:
P.16.8 Role Of Transcranial Doppler (Tcd) In The Evaluation Of Cerebral Hemodynamic In Cirrhotic Patients: Correlation With Severity Of The Disease And Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy (Mhe) Development

Cocciolillo, S.; DiTullio, A.M.; Pagliaro, M.; Tavani, R.; DiBerardino, M.; Sepe, A.; Ladisa, A.; Grossi, L.; Ciccaglione, A.F.; Parruti, G.; Marzio, L., 2014:
P.16.11 Observational Trial Through Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (Ceus) And Fibroscan Of Patients With Non Alcoholic Steato-Hepatitis (Nash) And Dyslipidemia (Type 2A Or 2B) Undergoing Simvastatin Treatment

Spampatti, M.P.; Massironi, S.; Ciafardini, C.; Fanetti, I.; Conte, D.; Peracchi, M., 2014:
P.16.16 Hepatic Metastases Of Gastroenteropancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: A 17-Year Single Center Prospective Study

Francica, G.; Meloni, F.; DeSio, I., 2014:
P.17.1 Thermal Ablation By Direct Puncture Of Subcapsular/Exophytic Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Hcc) Nodules Up To 4 Cm: A Safe And Effective Procedure

Morisco, F.; Pugliese, N.; Guarino, M.; Rea, M.; Vitiello, A.; Clery, E.; Ferraiuoli, C.; Donnarumma, L.; Raimondo, M.; Loperto, I.; Cossiga, V.; Caporaso, N.; Pane, F.; Picardi, M., 2014 :
P.17.7 Reactivation Of Hbv Infection In Patients With Lymphoma Treated With Chemotherapy Containing Or Not Rituximab

Morisco, F.; DiCostanzo, G.G.; Camera, S.; Guarino, M.; Clery, E.; Ferraiuoli, C.; Granata, R.; Loperto, I.; Cossiga, V.; Lampasi, F.; Tartaglione, M.T.; Caporaso, N., 2014:
P.17.10 Adherence To Triple Therapy In Hcv

Noè, D.; Lanzi, P.; Spiti, R.; Nicolai, E.; Tagliabue, V.; Merelli, E.; Ferrari, E.G.; Albrecht, M.; Cursano, R., 2014:
P.17.16 Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition As A Means To Improve The Nutritional Status Of Malnourished Uremic Patients

Messina, O.; Fantin, A.; Bernardoni, L.; Castagnini, A.; Benini, L.; Gabbrielli, A., 2014:
P.17.19 Cystic Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: Report Of Two Cases

DePretis, N.; Amodio, A.; Granato, A.; DeMarchi, G.; DePretis, N.; Messina, O.; Benini, L.; Frulloni, L., 2014:
P.18.2 Paraduodenal Pancreatitis: Verona Experience On 112 Patients

Piciucchi, M.; Valente, R.; Romanello, D.; Stigliano, S.; Archibugi, L.; LaTorre, M.; Cavallini, M.; Ziparo, V.; Falconi, M.; Delle Fave, G.; Capurso, G., 2014:
P.18.5 Inflammatory And Nutritional Status At Diagnosis Affect The Prognosis Of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Regardless The Stage Of Disease

Moneghini, D.; Missale, G.; Cestari, R., 2014:
P.18.8 Is Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy Indicated In Patients With Sporadic Non-Ampullary Duodenal Adenoma?

Sepe, A.; DiTullio, A.M.; Pagliaro, M.; Tavani, R.; Cocciolillo, S.; DiBerardino, M.; Ciccaglione, A.F.; Grossi, L.; Marzio, L., 2014:
P.19.3 Role Of Prucalopride (Resolor) In The Setting-Up Of Pillcam Colon-Capsule Endoscopy (Cce). Experience From A Single Centre

Soncini, M.; Rondonotti, E.; Girelli, C.M.; Russo, A.; Ballardini, G.; Bianchi, G.; Bonfante, F.; Cantù, P.; Centenara, L.; Cesari, P.; Cortelezzi, C.C.; Elli, L.; Gasparini, P.; Gozzini, C.; Gullotta, R., 2014:
P.19.5 Small Bowel Capsule Endoscopy In Clinical Practice: Prospective Data From A Regional Registry 20112012 (Registro Lombardo Delle Complicanze)

Arolfo, S.; Allaix, M.E.; Migliore, M.; Cravero, F.; Arezzo, A.; Morino, M., 2014:
P.20.2 Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery After Endoscopic Resection Of Malignant Rectal Polyps: A Useful Technique For Indication To Radical Treatment

DiMitri, R.; Mocciaro, F.; Sferrazza, S., 2014:
P.20.9 Endoscopic Placement Of Self-Expanding Metal Stent For Gastric Outlet Obstruction Treatment: Data From A Large Series Of Patients Treated In A Tertiary Referral Center

Petruzziello, L.; Vitale, G.; Hassan, C.; Spada, C.; Greco, S.; Andrisani, G.; Cesaro, P.; Ricci, R.; Rindi, G.; Costamagna, G., 2014:
P.21.3 Endoscopic Piecemeal Mucosal Resection (Epmr) Of Large Granular Type Lateral Spreading Tumors (Lst) In The Rectum

Tringali, A.; Bove, V.; Gigante, G.; Illuminati, A.; Familiari, P.; Boškoski, I.; Perri, V.; Costamagna, G., 2014:
P.21.6 Endoscopic Re-Treatment Of Recurrent Common Bile Duct Stones

Manes, G.; Cortellezzi, C.; Frego, R.; Maffioli, A.; Bondurri, A.; Segato, S.; Dinelli, M.; Danelli, P.G., 2014:
P.21.8 Colonic Stenting In The Management Of Malignant Intestinal Obstruction: A Multicentre Study

Manfredi, G.; Buscarini, E.; DeGrazia, F.; Lupinacci, G.; Londoni, C.; Menozzi, F.; Alicante, S.; Brambilla, G.; Samperi, L.; Zambelli, A., 2014:
P.21.11 Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Of Early Gastric Cancers And Subepithelial Tumors: Effectiveness And Safety In A Monocentric Series

Amato, A.; Paggi, S.; Dinelli, M.; Crosta, C.; Cengia, G.; Beretta, P.; Devani, M.; Lochis, D.; Manes, G.; Fini, L.; Rubis Passoni, G.; Repici, A., 2014:
Lba.01.3 Prospective Study On Polypectomy Complications: Spoc

Ieluzzi, D.; Covolo, L.; Donato, F.; Fattovich, G., 2014:
Lba.01.6 Progression To Cirrhosis, Hepatocellular Carcinoma And Liver Related Mortality In Chronic Hepatitis B: Final Results Of A Cohort Study In Italy

Nifosi, J.; Balzano, G.; Bassi, C.; DeLio, N.; Capretti, G.; Minni, F.; Angiolini, M.R.; Partelli, S.; Zanini, N.; Russolillo, N.; Borzomati, D.; Francioni, G.; Vinci, A.; Risaliti, A.; Mandalà, L., 2014:
Lba.02.3 Perioperative Outcome Of Minimally Invasive Spleen-Preserving Distal Pancreatectomy: Results Of A Multicenter Survey In Italy

Sapone, A.; Lammers, K.; Serena, G.; Vastarella, A.; D'Urso, R.; Patturelli, M.; Esposito, P.; Russo, M.I.; Fasano, A.; DeMagistris, L.; Riegler, G., 2014:
Lba.02.6 Cxcr3 Splice Variants In Celiac Disease And Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Cantù, P.; Parzanese, I.; Balassone, V.; DiSario, A.; Soggiu, F.; Lombardi, G.; Barbaro, F.; Pisani, A.; Baldan, A.; Cariani, G.; Boarino, V.; Fasoli, A.; Bertani, H.; Forti, E.; Bulajic, M., 2016:
Pc.01.1 Management Of Biliary Anastomotic Stricture After Liver Transplantation (Basalt Study): Results Of A National Survey In Italy

Izzo, R.; Marafini, I.; Monteleone, I.; DeSimone, V.; Colantoni, A.; Ortenzi, A.; Bevivino, G.; Monteleone, G., 2016:
Pc.01.3 Knockdown Of Smad7 With Mongersen Attenuates Colitis And Colitis-Driven Fibrosis In Mice

Maddalo, G.; Marafatto, F.; Fassan, M.; Cardin, R.; Piciocchi, M.; Pozzan, C.; Zaninotto, G.; Ruol, A.; Castoro, C.; Rugge, M.; Farinati, F., 2016:
Pc.01.8 Serum Determination Of Squamous Cellular Carcinoma Antigen As A Biomarker Of Barrett'S Esophagus And Esophageal Cancer: A Phase Iii Study

Armellini, E.; Crinò, S.F.; Pizio, C.; Leutner, M.; Ballarè, M.; Boldorini, R.; Occhipinti, P., 2016:
Oc.01.3 Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration, Cell-Block Approach: Experience In A Single Center

Bucci, C.; Marmo, R., 2016:
Oc.01.8 Split Vs Same-Day Regimes For Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy: A Meta-Analysis Of Published Studies

Giuffrida, P.; Kok, K.; Curciarello, R.; Vanoli, A.; Mazza, G.; Biancheri, P.; Pasini, A.; Pinzani, M.; Corazza, G.R.; Macdonald, T.T.; DiSabatino, A., 2016:
Oc.02.2 Human Neutrophil Elastase Contributes To Loss Of Function Of Infliximab In Ulcerative Colitis

DiSabatino, A.; Santilli, F.; Guerci, M.; Giuffrida, P.; Aronico, N.; Simeone, P.; Caprotti, A.; Salvatore, C.; Tripaldi, R.; Liani, R.; Ardizzone, S.; Massari, A.; Balduini, A.; Malara, A.; Corazza, G.R., 2016:
Oc.02.4 Oxidative Stress And Thromboxane-Dependent Platelet Activation In Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd): Effects Of Anti-Tnf-Alfa Treatment

Pellegatta, G.; Moscatelli, A.; Savarino, V.; Savarino, E.; Bodini, G.; Baldissarro, I.; Giannini, E.G., 2016:
Oc.02.7 Adalimumab Trough Levels At Week Eight As Predictive Factor Of Long Term Clinical Remission

Rispo, A.; Mainenti, P.; Testa, A.; Imperatore, N.; DePalma, G.D.; Rea, M.; Maione, F.; Nardone, O.M.; Taranto, M.L.; Castiglione, F., 2016:
Oc.02.9 Cross-Sectional Evaluation Of Transmural Healing In Patients With Crohn'S Disease On Maintenance Treatment With Biologics

Guarino, M.; Portella, G.; Bonavolta, R.; Auriemma, F.; Cossiga, V.; Granata, R.; Caporaso, N.; Morisco, F., 2016:
Oc.03.1 Quantification Of Serum Hbsag Is A Useful Parameter To Optimize Antiviral Nuc Therapy In Chronic Hbv Infection

Tozzi, A.; DeFranco, M.; Giangrandi, I.; Novara, E.; Sofi, F.; Casini, A., 2016:
Oc.03.3 Nuna Nutritional Navigator Smartphone Free Application For Improving Adherence To Mediterranean Diet And Reducing Body Weight In Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients: A Pilot Study

Facciorusso, A.; DiMaso, M.; Muscatiello, N., 2016:
Oc.03.8 Drug-Eluting Beads Versus Conventional Chemoembolization For The Treatment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Meta-Analysis

DeRe, V.; Caggiari, L.; DeZorzi, M.; Buonadonna, A.; DePaoli, A.; Belluco, C.; Fornasarig, M.; Maiero, S.; Orzes, E.; Cannizzaro, R., 2016:
Oc.04.2 Genetic Diversity Of The Kir/Hla System And Outcome Of Patients With Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treated With Chemotherapy

Facciorusso, A.; DiMaso, M.; Serviddio, G.; Vendemiale, G.; Spada, C.; Costamagna, G.; Muscatiello, N., 2016 :
Oc.04.5 Recurrence After Endoscopic Resection Of Advanced Colorectal Adenoma: A Recursive Partitioning Analysis Of Predictive Factors

DeRe, V.; Repetto, O.; DePaoli, A.; Fornasarig, M.; Maiero, S.; Buonadonna, A.; Belluco, C.; Orzes, E.; Zucchi, E.; Canzonieri, V.; Cannizzaro, R., 2016:
Oc.04.7 Identification Of Proteomic Profiles Associated With Tumor Regression Grading In Rectal Cancer

Rossi, P.; Isoldi, S.; Mallardo, S.; Oliva, S.; Biscione, G.; Rossetti, D.; Lucarelli, S.; Cucchiara, S., 2016:
Oc.05.1 Prolonged Intra-Esophageal Ph Profile And Esophageal Motility In Children With Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Scarpulla, G.; Scalisi, G.; LaFerrera, G.; Garufi, S.; Manganaro, M.; Camilleri, S., 2016:
Oc.05.3 Nerd And Ph Cyclical Fluctuation: Proposed Of The Ideal Diagnostic Algorithm

Ribolsi, M.; Biasutto, D.; Balestrieri, P.; Cicala, M., 2016:
Oc.05.5 Role Of High Resolution Manometry Findings And Of Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease In Patients With Non Obstructive Dysphagia

Branchi, F.; Ferretti, F.; Roncoroni, L.; Bravo, M.; Bardella, M.T.; Conte, D.; Elli, L., 2016:
Oc.06.5 Assessing The Rate Of Incorrect Diagnosis Of Celiac Disease: Data From A Tertiary Referral Center

Pencek, R.; Lutz, K.; Marmon, T.; Macconell, L.; Picaro, L.A.; Adorini, L.; Shapiro, D., 2016:
Oc.06.8 Integrated Analysis Of Efficacy Of Phase Ii And Iii Data Of Obeticholic Acid In Pbc Subpopulations Based On Age And Sex

DeBortoli, N.; Frazzoni, L.; Savarino, E.V.; Martinucci, I.; Frazzoni, M.; Tolone, S.; Marabotto, E.; Furnari, M.; Bodini, G.; Fuccio, L.; Bellini, M.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S., 2016:
Oc.07.2 Functional Heartburn Overlaps With Irritable Bowel Syndrome More Often Than Gerd. Development Of Predictive Models With Nomograms

Santonicola, A.; Ciacci, C.; Angrisani, L.; Iovino, P., 2016:
Oc.07.4 Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Before And After Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy: Long Term Results

Arcidiacono, D.; Dedja, A.; Giacometti, C.; Antonello, A.; Fassan, M.; Dall'Olmo, L.; Cassaro, M.; Rugge, M.; Battaglia, G.; Alberti, A.; Realdon, S., 2016:
Oc.07.7 Insulin-Mediated Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Development Related To Chronic Duodenum-Esophageal Reflux In A Hyperinsulinemic And Non-Obese Murine Model

Anderloni, A.; DiLeo, M.; Carrara, S.; Loriga, A.; Repici, A., 2016:
Oc.08.2 A Single Center Experience Of Novel Lumen-Apposing Metal Stent For Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Drainage

Cecinato, P.; Zecchini, R.; Parmeggiani, F.; Azzolini, F.; Decembrino, F.; Iori, V.; Tioli, C.; Sereni, G.; Cavina, M.; Camellini, L.; Sassatelli, R., 2016:
Oc.08.4 Endoscopic Papillectomy: A Single Italian Centre Experience

DeBellis, M.; Rotondano, G.; DiGiulio, E.; Maxemiliano, G.; Grasso, E.; Hassan, C.; Labianca, O.; Scaffidi, M.; Tarantino, O.; Galloro, G., 2016:
Oc.08.9 Implementing Split Regimen Over Single Dose (Improves): A Quality Improvement (Qi) Project To Improving Bowel Preparation In Clinical Practice. Preliminary Results From Sied Campania Network

Andreuzzi, E.; Tarticchio, G.; DiCarlo, E.; Todaro, F.; Marastoni, S.; Paulitti, A.; Pellicani, R.; Colombatti, A.; Cannizzaro, R.; Mongiat, M., 2016:
Oc.09.2 The Extracellular Matrix Protein Emilin2 As A Regulator Of The Myeloid Response In A Model Of Inflammation-Induced Colon Carcinogenesis

Burrello, C.; Pellegrino, G.; Nizzoli, G.; Colombo, F.; Botti, F.; Conte, D.; Caprioli, F.; Rescigno, M.; Facciotti, F., 2016:
Oc.09.5 Generation And Functional Characterization Of Human Inkt Cell Lines And Clones From Healthy And Inflamed Intestine

Monteleone, I.; Franchi, L.; Marafini, I.; Zorzi, F.; DiFusco, D.; Laudisi, F.; Dinallo, V.; Pallone, F.; Opipari, A.; Glick, G.; Monteleone, G., 2016:
Oc.09.7 Inhibition Of The Mitochondrial Atp Synthase Promotes T Cell Apoptosis And Suppresses Intestinal Inflammation

DiMitri, R.; Mocciaro, F.; Pecoraro, G.M., 2016:
Oc.10.1 Dilation-Assisted Stone Extraction As Alternative, Effective And Safe Method For Removal Of Common Bile Duct Large Stones: Data From A Referral Center

Balassone, V.; Ikeda, H.; Inoue, H., 2016:
Oc.10.3 Mid Term Results Of Second Poem For Recurrent Achalasia: Data From A Large Cohort Of Patients

Tringali, A.; Landi, R.; Boskoški, I.; Familiari, P.; Perri, V.; Costamagna, G., 2016:
Oc.10.5 Fully Covered Self-Expandable Metal Stents To Dilate Pancreatic Duct Strictures Due To Chronic Pancreatitis: A Pilot Study

Iacopini, F.; Grossi, C.; Elisei, W.; Montagnese, F.; Saito, Y.; Andrei, F.; Gotoda, T.; Rigato, P.; Costamagna, G., 2016:
Oc.10.8 Prediction Of Technical Difficulty Of Colorectal Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (Esd): Prospective Study To Favor Its Practice In The West

Del Pinto, R.; Pietropaoli, D.; Corridoni, D.; Rodriguez-palacio, A.; Ferri, C.; Cominelli, F., 2016:
Oc.11.5 Vitamin D Deficiency In Experimental Cd-Like Ileitis: A Preliminary Study

Mocciaro, F.; DiMitri, R.; Bossa, F.; Scimeca, D.; Russo, G.; Pecoraro, G.M.; Biscaglia, G.; Martino, G., 2016:
Oc.11.7 Motivational Interviewing In Outpatients Counselling: Data From A Large Case-Control Study In Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

Ciccocioppo, R.; Gallia, A.; Avanzini, M.A.; Cangemi, G.C.; Racca, F.; Picone, C.; Vanoli, A.; Strada, E.; Biagi, F.; Bergamaschi, G.; Maccario, R.; Corazza, G.R., 2016:
Oc.12.3 Sustained Improvement Of A Case With Refractory Celiac Disease (Rcd) By Serial Infusions Of Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Ribolsi, M.; Balestrieri, P.; Biasutto, D.; Cicala, M., 2016:
Oc.12.5 Esophageal Shortening Is Associated To Swallow-Induced Les Relaxation And Incomplete Tles Relaxations In Nerd Patients And Healthy Controls

Peters, Y.; Hooshmand-rad, R.; Pencek, R.; Owens-grillo, J.; Marmon, T.; Macconell, L.; Picaro, L.A.; Adorini, L.; Shapiro, D., 2016:
Oc.12.8 Long-Term Safety Of Obeticholic Acid In Patients With Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

Parzanese, I.; Rosa, R.; Tenca, A.; Conte, D.; Penagini, R.; Cantù, P., 2016:
V.01.3 Endoscopic Banding For Ablation Of Duodenal Flat Lesions In High Risk Patients

Rossi, M.; Fasoli, R.; Franceschini, G.; Tasini, E.; Agugiaro, F.; DePretis, G., 2016:
V.01.6 Stone Impaction In The Papilla: Is An Urgent Ercp Indicated?

Antonini, F.; Belfiori, V.; DeMinicis, S.; LoCascio, M.; Marraccini, B.; Piergallini, S.; Rossetti, P.; Andrenacci, E.; Macarri, G., 2016:
V.01.13 Endoscopic Ligation And Resection Of A Large Symptomatic Subepithelial Tumor Of The Duodenum

Armellini, E.; Crinò, S.F.; Ballarè, M.; Leutner, M.; Occhipinti, P., 2016:
V.02.2 Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Radiofrequency Ablation Of A Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumour (With Video)

Mirante, V.G.; Bertani, H.; Grande, G.; Manno, M.; Caruso, A.; Mangiafico, S.; Conigliaro, R., 2016:
V.02.8 Effective Endoscopic Holmium Laser Lithotripsy In The Treatment Of A Large Impacted Gallstone In The Duodenum

Sica, M.; Manta, R.; Tringali, A.; Mutignani, M., 2016:
V.02.11 Eus Guided Cisto-Gastric Drainage After Eus-Guided Gastro-Gastric Anastomosis To Treat A Simptomatic Pancreatic Pseudocyst In Patient With RouxEn-Y Gastric By-Pass: The Dream Becames Reality!

Antonini, F.; Acito, L.; Sisti, S.; Angelelli, L.; Belfiori, V.; DeMinicis, S.; LoCascio, M.; Marraccini, B.; Piergallini, S.; Rossetti, P.; Andrenacci, E.; Macarri, G., 2016:
V.02.13 Metastatic Melanoma Of The Gallbladder Diagnosed By Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Biopsy

Abenavoli, L.; Milic, N.; Larussa, T.; Suraci, E.; Imeneo, M.; Medic, M.; Luzza, F., 2016:
P.01.3 Efficacy Of Mediterranean Diet And Antioxidants In Overweight Patients With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Nardelli, S.; Gioia, S.; Mullen, K.; Bajaj, J.; Riggio, O., 2016:
P.01.6 Hepatic Encephalopathy Is Associated With Persistent Cognitive Deficits Despite Adequate Medical Treatment: A Multi-Center, International Study

Ponzani, F.R.; Pecere, S.; Petito, V.; Paroni Sterbini, F.; Tortora, A.; Annichiarico, B.E.; Siciliano, M.; Palladini, A.; Graziani, C.; Masucci, L.; Pompili, M.; Sanguinetti, M.; Gasbarrini, A., 2016:
P.01.9 The Gut Microbiota Of Cirrhotic Patients With Poor Nutritional Status: Preliminary Evidences

Zerboni, G.; Capurso, G.; Signoretti, M.; Delle Fave, G., 2016:
P.02.2 Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis: Prevalence Of Incidentally Detected Pancreatic Cystic Lesions In Asymptomatic Individuals

Capurso, G.; Archibugi, L.; Bianco, M.; Cavallini, F.; Cremaschi, R.; Colantonio, P.; Filabozzi, A.; Giovannetti, P.; Lanna, G.; Mastrantoni, A.; Medori, C.; Balducci, P.; Merletti, E.; Nunnari, E.; Paris, F., 2016:
P.02.5 Prevalence Of Chronic Pancreatitis In The Primary Care Setting

Pezzilli, R.; Melzi D'Eril, G.; Barassi, A., 2016:
P.02.8 Can Serum Amylase And Lipase Levels Be Used As Diagnostic Markers To Distinguish Between Patients With Mucinous Cystic Lesions Of The Pancreas, Chronic Pancreatitis And Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma?

Gambaccini, D.; Bellini, M.; Luglio, G.; Russo, S.; Maltinti, S.; Battaglia, V.; Giannotti, S.; Albano, E.; Pianadei, S.; Ricchiuti, A.; Mumolo, M.G.; Costa, F.; Marchi, S., 2016:
P.02.11 Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency In Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm (Ipmn) With Widespread Glandular Involvement

Bruno, M.; Fasulo, R.; Gaia, S.; Marietti, M.; Ribaldone, D.G.; Risso, A.; Stradella, D.; Strona, S.; Rizzetto, M.; DeAngelis, C., 2016:
P.03.2 Is There A Link Between Periampullary Diverticula And Biliopancreatic Diseases? An Eus Approach To Answer The Question

Petrone, M.C.; Dabizzi, E.; Testoni, S.G.G.; Mariani, A.; Arcidiacono, P.G., 2016:
P.03.7 Eus-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Of Solid Pancreatic Tumors In Young Patients: Experience In A Tertiary Referral Center

Petruzziello, C.; Tesori, V.; Graziani, C.; Franceschi, F.; Gasbarrini, A.; Ojetti, V., 2016:
P.04.1 Correlation Between Seasonal Exacerbations Of Upper Gi Symptoms And Number Of 13C-Urea Breath Tests Performed In A Large University Hospital

Franceschi, M.; Panozzo, M.P.; Messina, O.; Ferronato, A.; Tomba, F.; Sella, D.; Antico, A.; DiMario, F.; Baldassarre, G., 2016:
P.04.3 Serum Pepsinogen Ii Levels And Igg Anti Helicobacter Pylori Antibodies May Represent A Non-Invasive Method For The Diagnosis And Monitoring Of H Pylori-Related Gastritis

Limido, E.; Bassino, C.; Tettamanzi, D.; Sala, D.; Golia, M.; Azzola, G.M.; Gerosa, P., 2016:
P.05.1 Endoscopic Removal Of A Large Symptomatic Impacted Bone In The Colon

Padula, D.; Lenti, M.V.; DeQuarti, A.; Biagi, F.; Carnevale, M.'G.; Alvisi, C.; Miceli, E.; Corazza, G.R., 2016:
P.05.3 A Rare Case Of Gastrointestinal Bleeding

DeFilippo, F.R.; DeCaro, V.; Borgheresi, P.; Romano, M.; Ciacci, C., 2016:
P.05.5 An Unusual Case Of Dysphagia

Morreale, G.C.; Sinagra, E.; Rizzo, A.; Amvriosadis, G.; Montalbano, L.M., 2016:
P.05.6 A Rare Case Of Celiac Disease In A Patient With Common Variable Immunodeficiency: When Villous Atrophy Is Not Enough

Fanetti, I.; Cavalcoli, F.; Zilli, A.; Conte, D.; Massironi, S., 2016:
P.05.9 Gastrointestinal Neuroendocrine Tumors Of Unknown Primary Site: Report From A Series At A Single Institute

Vigliardi, G.; Pastena, F.; Erra, P., 2016:
P.05.11 Unusual Onset Of Colonic Sarcoidosis: A Case Report

Labianca, O.; Zulli, C.; Maurano, A., 2016:
P.05.14 Mucosal Tears Occurred During Colonoscopy In Outpatient With Ulcerative Colitis: A Case Report

Bruno, M.; Marengo, A.; Bufis, M.; Sprujevnik, T.; Astegiano, M., 2016:
P.06.2 How Much Do Celiac Patients Know About Gluten Free Diet?

Sedda, S.; DeSimone, V.; Marafini, I.; Paoluzi, O.A.; Colantoni, A.; Ortenzi, A.; Giuffrida, P.; DiSabatino, A.; Pallone, F.; Monteleone, G., 2016:
P.06.5 High Smad7 In Refractory Celiac Disease Sustains Inflammatory Cytokine Response

Efthymakis, K.; Serio, M.; Sanelli, R.; Milano, A.; Laterza, F.; Bonitatibus, A.; Neri, M., 2016:
P.06.8 Serum 25-Hydroxycholecalciferol Levels At Celiac Disease Diagnosis Predict Bone Mineral Density Recovery After Gluten Exclusion

DeVitis, I.; Caruso, C.; Armuzzi, A.; Casale, C.; Ennas, S.; Guidi, L.; Papa, A.; Rapaccini, G.; Romano, A., 2016:
P.06.11 Severe Wheat Allergy And Celiac Disease In The Same Patient: A Dangerous Coexistence

Serio, M.; Efthymakis, K.; Milano, A.; Pierro, A.; Laterza, F.; Maselli, G.; Bonitatibus, A.; Sallustio, G.; Neri, M., 2016:
P.07.2 Beyond Mucosal Healing: Transmural And Extramural Healing After One-Year Anti-Tnfa Therapy In Crohn'S Disease

Mendolaro, M.; Cappello, M.; Viola, A.; Cilluffo, M.G.; Vita, G.; Peralta, S.; Calvaruso, V.; Craxi, A., 2016:
P.07.4 Hemoglobin And Ferritin Values Are Associated With Increased Rate Of Mucosal Healing In Patients With Crohn'S Disease Treated With Anti-Tnf Alpha

Tongiorgi, A.; Beretta, E.; Ceccarelli, L.; Bertani, L.; Caudai, C.; Laino, G.; Mumolo, M.G.; Marchi, S.; Costa, F., 2016:
P.07.9 Effectiveness Of Psychological Support On Quality Of Life In Ibd Patients

Bodini, G.; Giannini, E.; Savarino, V.; DeMaria, C.; Baldissarro, I.; Savarino, E., 2016:
P.07.14 Biological Therapy Is Able To Modify The Disease Progression Of Crohn'S Disease Preventing Its Long-Term Associated Disability A Study Performed Using The LMann Score

Pedaci, M.; Tontini, G.E.; Pescatori, L.; Spina, L.; Pastorelli, L.; Annunziata, M.L.; Filippi, E.; Ambrogi, F.; Sconfienza, L.; Vecchi, M., 2016:
P.07.16 Predictors Of Bowel Damage And Damage Progression As Assessed By The LMann Index In Every-Day Clinical Practice

Della, C.M.; Galeazzi, F.; Marabotto, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Marchi, S.; Tolone, S.; Savarino, V.; Savarino, E., 2016:
P.08.1 Abnormal Intra-Bolus Pressure Correlates With Esophago-Gastric Dysfunction And Its Age-Related Modification A Study Using High-Resolution Manometry

Bertani, L.; DeBortoli, N.; Russo, S.; Martinucci, I.; Furnari, M.; Tolone, S.; Frazzoni, M.; Frazzoni, L.; Ricco, G.; Fani, B.; Mumolo, M.G.; Costa, F.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S.; Savarino, E., 2016:
P.08.3 Baseline Impedance Values Can Represent A Marker Of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease And Are Strongly Related With The Duration Of The Disease

Furnari, M.; Tolone, S.; Savarino, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Frazzoni, M.; Martinucci, I.; Marchi, S.; Savarino, V.; Marabotto, E.; Zentilin, P., 2016:
P.08.5 Feasibility Of High Resolution Impedance Manometry In Assessing Barrett'S Esophagus Extension

Torresan, F.; Ioannou, A.; Schiavon, P.; Mancini, M.; Cimatti, M.C.; Pirodda, A.; Bazzoli, F., 2016:
P.08.8 Causal Effect Association Between Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease And Nonallergic Rhinitis With Neutrophils

Bibbò, S.; Ianiro, G.; Arciuolo, D.; Ricci, R.; Petruzziello, L.; Spada, C.; Riccioni, M.E.; Larghi, A.; Dibitetto, F.; Monelli, E.; Gasbarrini, A.; Costamagna, G.; Cammarota, G., 2016:
P.08.11 The Position Within The Oesophageal Circumference Predicts Dysplasia In Short Segment Barrett'S Esophagus: A 7-Year Retrospective Series Of 341 Lesions

DeBortoli, N.; Tolone, S.; Martinucci, I.; Frazzoni, M.; Furnari, M.; Russo, S.; Bertani, L.; Surace, L.; Giannotti, S.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S.; Savarino, E.V., 2016:
P.08.13 Which Is The Best Cut-Off To Define Ineffective Esophageal Motility?

Gambaccini, D.; Bellini, M.; DeBortoli, N.; Russo, S.; Zari, M.; Martinucci, I.; Ricchiuti, A.; Surace, L.; Costa, F.; Mumolo, M.G.; Marchi, S., 2016 :
P.09.4 Three-Dimensional High-Resolution Anorectal Manometry And Rectoanal Delta Contractile Integral For The Assessment Of Functional Defecatory Disorders: Toy Or Tool?

Fiori, G.; Genco, C.; Ravizza, D.; Bravi, I.; DeRoberto, G.; Trovato, C.; Crosta, C., 2016:
P.09.6 Long Term Follow-Up Of Recurrent/Residual Colorectal Adenomas After Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection: A Single Center Experience

Calcara, C.; Appiani, B.; Fornara, R.; Longoni, M.; Balzarini, M.; Natale, G.; Broglia, L.; Kozel, D., 2016:
P.09.9 An Approach To Chronic Constipation By Digital Examination + Balloon Expulsion Test Is Feasible In Daily Clinical Practice And Decreases Further Ano-Rectal Investigation

Tursi, A.; Mastromarino, P.; Capobianco, D.; Elisei, W.; Miccheli, A.; Capuani, G.; Picchio, M.; Giorgetti, G.; Fabiocchi, F.; DiFonzo, M.; Brandimarte, G., 2016:
P.09.12 Assessment Of Fecal Microbiota And Fecal Metabolome In Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease Of The Colon

Ponzani, F.R.; Scaldaferri, F.; Pecere, S.; Paroni Sterbini, F.; Petito, V.; Lopetuso, L.R.; Gerardi, V.; Palladini, A.; Graziani, C.; Masucci, L.; Pompili, M.; Sanguinetti, M.; Gasbarrini, A., 2016:
P.09.15 Increased Abundance Of Beneficial Bacteria Is Associated With Clinical Improvement After Rifaximin Treatment

Facciorusso, A.; DiMaso, M.; Muscatiello, N., 2016:
P.10.7 Microwave Ablation Versus Radiofrequency Ablation For The Treatment Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

Sica, M.; Manta, R.; Tringali, A.; Forti, E.; Dioscoridi, L.; Pugliese, F.; Mutignani, M., 2016:
P.11.1 Eus-Guided Pancreaticogastrostomy After Gastric Surgery With Roux-En-Y Reconstruction: A Brief Case Series

Togliani, T.; Mantovani, N.; Vitetta, E.; Savioli, A.; Troiano, L.; Pilati, S., 2016:
P.11.7 Pancreatic Fna: Can We Get Rid Of The Microscope?

Imperatore, N.; Tortora, R.; Capone, P.; Donetto, S.; DePalma, G.D.; Gerbino, N.; Rea, M.; Caporaso, N.; Rispo, A., 2016 :
P.12.1 Gluten-Free Diet Does Not Influence The Occurrence And The Th1/Th17-Th2 Nature Of Immune-Mediated Disease In Patients With Coeliac Disease

Iannone, A.; Losurdo, G.; Sorrentino, C.; Pricci, M.; Giorgio, F.; Girardi, B.; Principi, M.; Ierardi, E.; DiLeo, A., 2016:
P.12.4 Macronutrient Intakes In Obese Subjects With Or Without Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth: An Alimentary Survey

Leonello, R.; Noris, R.; Casini, V.; Pace, F., 2016:
P.12.7 Outcome Of Patients With Positive Breath Test For Sibo Six Months After Combined Treatment With Rifaximin And Probiotics

Noè, D.; Lanzi, P.; Nicolai, E.; Spiti, R.; Tagliabue, V.; Miola, F.; Miragoli, P.; Combi, S.; Marini, M.; Barsi, M.; Masi, F.; Soncini, M., 2016:
P.12.9 Intensive Combined Treatment In Refractory Morbid Obesity: Our Experience With A Group Of Patients Not Eligible For Bariatric Surgery

Saettone, S.; Reale, E.; Armellini, E.; Ballarè, M.; Crinò, S.; Montino, F.; Orsello, M.; Tari, R.; Occhipinti, P., 2016:
P.13.1 Split-Dosing Regimen For Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy: Low-Volume Peg (Polyethylene Glycol) Solutions Versus Large-Volume Peg Solution In Clinical Practice

Rossi, A.; Bellini, M.; Saviozzi, A.; Gambaccini, D.; Bertani, L.; Ricchiuti, A.; Urbano, M.T.; Mumolo, M.G.; Costa, F.; DeBortoli, N.; Bazzichi, L.; Mosca, M.; Marchi, S., 2016:
P.13.4 A Low Fodmap Diet In Irritable Bowel Syndrome Improves Symptoms Without Affecting Body Composition And Extracellular Body Water

Efrati, C.; Iafrate, F.; Cannaviello, C.; Finizio, R.; Piazza O Sed, N., 2016:
P.13.5 Colonic Flat Lesions Detection Using 64-Mdct Colonography, And A Computer Aided Detection (Cad) System. Radiological-Endoscopical Correlation

Gambarotto, P.; Scapolo, P.; Zulian, N.; D'Odorico, A.; Spinella, P.; Galeazzi, F., 2016:
P.13.8 Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Effect Of A Low Fodmap Diet On Symptoms And Nutrient Intake

Pontarolo, N.; Merlo, F.; Rosa-rizzotto, E.; Guido, E.; Caroli, D.; Lomele, M.; Cappellesso, R.; Rugge, M.; Mammano, E.; Pilati, P.; DeLazzari, F., 2016:
P.13.11 Kaplan-Meier Cumulative Survival Curves: A Six Year Experience Of A Large Volume Colonoscopy Colorectal Cancer Screening Center

Ricchiuti, A.; Gambaccini, D.; Bolognesi, V.; Costa, F.; Mumolo, M.G.; Ricco, G.; Bertani, L.; Giusti, P.; DeBortoli, N.; Marchi, S.; Bellini, M., 2016:
P.13.13 Dynamic Transperineal Ultrasound For The Evaluation Of Pelvic Floor Disorders: Which Is The Best Position?

Benazzato, L.; Ferronato, A.; Azzurro, M.; Accordi, C.; Zorzetto, V.; Marchiaro, G.; Carone, N.; Franceschi, M.; Tomba, F.; Messina, O.; Baldassarre, G., 2016:
P.14.2 Is Topical Therapy Underused In Patients With Ulcerative Colitis? Our Experience

Peruzzi, E.; Piersimoni, F.; Carella, A.; Giacchetti, A.; Ricotti, G.; Giangiacomi, M., 2016:
P.14.5 Metastatic Cutaneous Crohn'S Disease Of The Face Treated With Infliximab: Case Report And Follow Up

Bucci, C.; Cersosimo, G.; Tammaro, S.; Iovino, P.; Ciacci, C., 2016:
P.14.7 Drug Adherence In Ibd Patients

Ruffa, A.; Angelucci, E.; Petruzziello, C.; Rossi, A.; Onali, S.; Sica, G.; Calabrese, E.; Lolli, E.; Pallone, F.; Biancone, L., 2016:
P.14.9 Jejunal Crohn'S Disease: Characteristics, Outcome, Need Of Surgery And Immunomodulators In A Retrospective Single-Center Study

Vettorato, M.G.; Bartolo, O.; Girardin, G.; Rigo, A.; Bellia, S.; Lorenzon, G.; Simonetti, F.; Padovese, F.; Savarino, E.V.; Sturniolo, G.C.; D'Incà, R., 2016:
P.14.12 Adherence To Outpatient Follow-Up Visit In Ibd Patients

Desideri, F.; Pagnini, C.; Menasci, F.; Capasso, M.; Corleto, V.D.; Delle Fave, G., 2016:
P.14.15 Efficacy And Safety Of Infliximab And Adalimumab In Crohn'S Disease Patients In A Single Ibd Center: A Retrospective Real-Life Study

Fiori, G.; Ravizza, D.; Trovato, C.; DeRoberto, G.; Bravi, I.; Genco, C.; Bottiglieri, L.; Crosta, C., 2016 :
P.15.1 Endoscopic Resection Of Duodenal Neuroendocrine Tumors: A Case Series Of A Single Institution

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Cipolletta, L.; Parente, F.; Paterlini, A.; Bennato, R.; Cipolletta, F.; Amitrano, L.; Bargiggia, S.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Dell'Era, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; Riccioni, M.E., 2016:
P.15.3 Increased Performance Of An Updated Rockall Score In Acute Non Variceal Upper Gastro Intestinal Bleeding: A Prospective Multicentre Italian Study

Sica, M.; Mutignani, M.; Forti, E.; Pugliese, F.; Tringali, A.; Manta, R., 2016:
P.15.5 Guide Wire Assisted Cannulation Of Minor Papilla In Pancreas Divisum: Our Experience

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Cipolletta, L.; Parente, F.; Paterlini, A.; Orsini, L.; Guardascione, M.; Amitrano, L.; Bargiggia, S.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Dell'Era, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; Riccioni, M.E., 2016:
P.15.8 Poor Outcome From Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding In Patients With Liver Cirrhosis: A Prospective Multicenter Observational Study

Orlandi, S.; Variola, A.; Benini, M.; Rossini, R.; Barugola, G.; Geccherle, A.; Ruffo, G.; Bocus, P., 2016:
P.15.10 Endoscopic Treatment Of Anastomotic Stenosis After Intestinal Resection For Deep Endometriosis: A Single Center'S Experience

Anderloni, A.; DiLeo, M.; Mutignani, M.; Dabizzi, E.; Tarantino, I.; Maselli, R.; Repici, A., 2016:
P.16.1 First National Registry On A New Disposable Cholangioscope For Single Operator Cholangioscopy

Bucciero, F.; Fonte, G.; Manetti, R.; Talamucci, L.; Naspetti, R., 2016:
P.16.6 Endoscopic Treatment With Self Expandable Metal Stent Of Neoplastic Colonic Strictures

Riccioni, M.E.; Petruzziello, C.; Del Prete, A.; Tortora, A.; Sinatti, D.; Costamagna, G.; Gasbarrini, A.; Franceschi, F.; Ojetti, V., 2016:
P.16.8 Utilization Of Observation Unit In Emergency Department For The Finding Of Obscure Gastrointestinal Bleeding Through Capsule Endoscopy: A Pilot Study

Alvisi, C.; Rovedatti, L.; Viganò, J.; Broglia, F.; Bardone, M.; Strada, E.; Pozzi, L.; Centenara, L.; Antonietti, M.; Natoli, S.; Lenti, M.; Dionigi, P.; Corazza, G.R., 2016:
P.16.11 Simultaneous One-Piece Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection For Two Poorly Differentiated Early Gastric Cancer In Elderly Patient

Occhipinti, P.; Orsello, M.; Armellini, E.; Ballarè, M.; Crinò, S.F.; Montino, F.; Saettone, S.; Tari, R.; Colombo, M., 2016:
P.16.14 Biliary Fully Covered Self Expandable Metal Stents: Experience In A Single Center

Imperatrice, B.; Desideri, F.; Angeletti, S.; Ruggeri, M.; D'Ambra, G.; Corleto, V.D.; DiGiulio, E., 2016:
P.17.2 Usefulness Of Prophylactic Hemoclips Placement In Minimizing Delayed Post-Endoscopic Mucosal Resection Bleeding In Gastric Superficial Lesions: Retrospective Study

Marchesi, F.; Forlini, C.; DeSario, G.; Tartamella, F.; DeLorenzis, G.; Generali, I.; Ricco, M.; Dall'Aglio, E.; DePanfilis, C., 2016:
P.17.6 Quality Of Life After Gastric Banding And Gastric By-Pass For Morbid Obesity: A Prospective Comparison

Rosa-rizzotto, E.; Guido, E.; Caroli, D.; Dupuis, A.; Lomele, M.; Rugge, M.; Pilati, P.; DeLazzari, F., 2016:
P.17.8 Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Learning Curve: Experience Of A Large Volume Colonoscopy Crc Italian Screening Center

Moneghini, D.; Missale, G.; Minelli, L.; Cestari, R., 2016:
P.18.1 Small Bowel Tumors In Patients Undergoing Capsule Endoscopy: A Single Center Experience

Checchin, D.; Ntakirutimana, E.; Cristofori, C.; Viaro, T.; Rostello, A.; Inturri, P.; Costa, P.; Bulighin, G., 2016:
P.18.3 Early Wake Up, One Day Low Fiber Diet: Split Bowel Even For Patients Undergoing Colonoscopy Early In The Morning. A Real Life Experience

Mantovani, N.; Togliani, T.; Vitetta, E.M.; Savioli, A.; Troiano, L.; Pilati, S., 2016:
P.18.6 Ercp Outcomes In Presence Of A Periampullary Diverticulum

Gaiani, F.; Fugazza, A.; Bizzarri, B.; Nervi, G.; De' Angelis, N., 2016 :
P.18.8 Familial Adenomatous Polyposis And Extraintestinal Manifestations With Malignant Potential: Diagnostic And Therapeutic Approach

DiStefano, M.; Valvo, B.; Bergonzi, M.; Benedetti, I.; Pesatori, E.V.; Manfredi, G.F.; DeAmici, M.; Torre, C.; Testa, G.; Pagani, E.; Marseglia, G.L.; Corazza, G.R., 2017:
Oc.03.1: Postprandial Inflammatory and Antioxidant Response in Patients with Functional Dyspepsia

Mendolaro, M.; Cilluffo, M.G.; Calvaruso, V.; Scrivo, B.; Vitello, A.; Peralta, S.; Cappello, M., 2017:
Oc.06.3: Comparative Efficacy of Anti-Tnfs in Inducing Clinical Response and Remission in Ulcerative Colitis: A Single Center Real Life Study

Barbera, C.; Grande, G.; Alberghina, N.; Manno, M.; Zulli, C.; Conigliaro, R., 2017:
V.01.3: Single Step Eus-Guided Fluoroless Gallbladder Drainage Using the Axios System Lumen Apposing Metal Stent

Giorgetti, G.; Fabiocchi, F.; Tursi, A., 2017:
V.01.5: Transgastric Access: A New Technique for Percutaneous Endoscopic Jejunostomy

Tolone, S.; Savarino, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Frazzoni, M.; Frazzoni, L.; Furnari, M.; Parisi, S.; Bondanese, M.; Savarino, V.; Docimo, L., 2017:
P.01.2: Changes in Esophageal Chemical Clearance and Basal Impedance Values after Sleeve Gastrectomy

Martinucci, I.; Savarino, E.; Tolone, S.; Frazzoni, M.; Frazzoni, L.; Bertani, L.; Russo, S.; Ricchiuti, A.; Mumolo, G.; Santi, S.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S.; DeBortoli, N., 2017:
P.01.4: The Effect of Bile Reflux on Baseline Impedance and Chemical Clearance in Patients with Nerd

Fani, B.; Savarino, E.; Martinucci, I.; Tolone, S.; Frazzoni, M.; Frazzoni, L.; Ceccarelli, L.; Furnari, M.; Surace, L.; Ricco, G.; Laino, G.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S.; DeBortoli, N., 2017:
P.01.6: Vigor of Contraction is Directly Related to Esophageal Chemical Clearance (Pspw Index)

DiMario, F.; Panozzo, M.P.; Baldassarre, G.; Antico, A.; Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; Scarpignato, C.; Tomba, F.; Franceschi, M., 2017:
P.02.7: The Branded Proton Pump Inhibitors (Ppis) Increase Levels of Gastrin 17 (G-17) More than the Generic Ones in Dyspeptic Patients from an Italian Primary Care Population

Petruzziello, C.; Tesori, V.; Graziani, C.; Gabrielli, M.; Candelli, M.; Gasbarrini, G.; Gasbarrini, A.; Franceschi, F.; Ojetti, V., 2017:
P.02.13: Can Gender Affect Dob Values Obtained by 13-C Urea Breath Test?

Tavani, R.; Ciccaglione, A.F.; Cocciolillo, S.; Sepe, A.; DiBerardino, M.; DiGiacomo, C.; Vecchione, V.; Grossi, L.; Marzio, L., 2017:
P.02.16: Symptom Pattern in Functional Dyspepsia and Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: Role of H. Pylori Infection

Panozzo, M.P.; Franceschi, M.; Visonà, A.; Gasparri, L.R.; Baldassarre, G.; Antico, A., 2017:
P.02.17: Could Evaluation of Risk Factors for Autoimmune Gastritis Play a Role in Early Detection of Atrophy? A Three Years Study

Baldassarre, G.; Panozzo, M.P.; Santacatterina, M.; Tomba, F.; Sella, D.; Ferronato, A.; Antico, A.; DiMario, F.; Franceschi, M., 2017:
P.02.19: Prevalence of H. Pylori Infection, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis and Reflux Disease in a Primary Care Population of North-East Italy with Serum Biomarker Panel (Gastropanel)

Imperatore, N.; Tortora, R.; DePalma, G.D.; Capone, P.; Gerbino, N.; Donetto, S.; Testa, A.; Affinito, G.; Caporaso, N.; Rispo, A., 2017:
P.03.3: Potential Coeliac Disease of the Adult: To Treat or not to Treat, that is the Question

Elli, L.; Bardella, M.T.; Roncoroni, L.; Catania, A., 2017:
P.03.6: A Self Administered Blind Gluten Challenge Associated to a Dedicated Android/Ios Application (Test33) to Diagnose Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity

Carroccio, A.; D’Alcamo, A.; Soresi, M.; Iacobucci, R.; LaBlasca, F.; Geraci, G.; Cavataio, F.; Fayer, F.; Arini, A.; DiStefano, L.; Iacono, G.; Mansueto, P., 2017:
P.03.8: Nickel Allergy in Patients Suffering from Non-Celiac Wheat Sensitivity

Loiodice, A.; Losurdo, G.; Piscitelli, D.; Iannone, A.; Principi, M.; Albano, F.; Barone, M.; Ierardi, E.; DiLeo, A., 2017 :
P.03.10: The Conundrum of Arthritis and Chronic Diarrhea Could be Unveiled as Whipples Disease

DiStefano, M.; Valvo, B.; Bergonzi, M.; Benedetti, I.; Pesatori, E.V.; Manfredi, G.F.; DeAmici, M.; Torre, C.; Testa, G.; Pagani, E.; Marseglia, G.L.; Corazza, G.R., 2017:
P.03.13: A High Gluten Oral Load Induces an Inflammatory and Antioxidant Response in Healthy Volunteers: Preliminary Data

Amodio, A.; Capoferro, E.; DiStefano, S.; Campagnola, P.; DeMarchi, G.; Breoni, I.; Crinò, S.F.; Bernardoni, L.; Gabbrielli, A.; Frulloni, L., 2017:
P.04.2: Acute Pancreatitis in Patients with Ipmns: Retrospective Study of 346 Patients Observed from 2009 to 2016

Gatta, L.; Corti, F.; Giunta, S.; Ceccarelli, G.; Scarpignato, C., 2017:
P.04.7: Ethinylestradiol/Levonorgestrel Oral Contraceptive and Acute Pancreatitis: A Case Series

Ciccocioppo, R.; Betti, E.; Racca, F.; Comolli, G.; Passeri, M.; Cangemi, G.C.; Cassaniti, I.; Pozzi, L.; Baldanti, F.; Corazza, G.R., 2017:
P.05.5: Human Cytomegalovirus- and Epstein-Barr Virus-Specific T-Cell Immunity in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Scaldaferri, F.; Graziani, C.; Petito, V.; Lopetuso, L.; Quaranta, G.; Sanguinetti, M.; Masucci, L.; Franceschi, F.; Poscia, A.; Arena, V.; Scannone, D.; Ianiro, G.; Cammarota, G.; Sgambato, A.; Gasbarrini, A., 2017:
P.05.8: Clausii in Colitis: Role and Mechanisms of Action of Bacillus Clausii in Experimental Colitis

Iannone, A.; Losurdo, G.; Shahini, E.; Rizzi, F.; Albano, F.; Barone, M.; Ierardi, E.; Principi, M.; DiLeo, A., 2017:
P.05.12: Prevalence and Risk Factors for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Geccherle, E.; Variola, A.; Fortuna, M.; Deledda, G.; Geccherle, A., 2017:
P.05.13: Clinical Effectiveness of Group-Based Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy On Anxiety, Depression, Quality of Life in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mocciaro, F.; DiMitri, R.; Russo, G.; Pecoraro, G.M., 2017:
P.05.16: Ct-P13 (Inflectra and Remsima) Short Infusion (1-Hour Infusion) in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Data from a Tertiary Referral Center

VadalàDiPrampero, S.F.; Faleschini, G.; Bulajic, M.; Berretti, D.; Marino, M.; Pinese, E.; Zucchi, E.; Panic, N.; Zilli, M., 2017:
P.06.3: Pharmacological and Endoscopic Approach in Prevention of Post-Ercp Pancreatitis: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review

Tringali, A.; Cintolo, M.; Sica, M.; Manta, R.; Mutignani, M., 2017:
P.06.6: Are Self-Expandle Metal Stents Superior to Plastic Stents for Preoperative Biliary Drainage in Resectable Malignant Distal Biliary Stricture? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

DiMitri, R.; Carrara, S.; Fabbri, C.; Attili, F.; Mocciaro, F.; Repici, A.; Costamagna, G.; Larghi, A., 2017:
P.06.8: High Yield of Core Tissue for Histological Analysis with High Diagnostic Accuracy of Eus-Fine Needle Biopsy Using the 22G Acquire Needle: A Multicenter Prospective Study

Fantin, A.; Attili, F.; Rimbas, M.; Fabbri, C.; Carrara, S.; Barbuscio, I.; DiMaurizio, L.; Gibiino, G.; Repici, A.; Gasbarrini, A.; Costamagna, G.; Larghi, A., 2017:
P.06.10: Performance of a New Histology Needle for Eus-Guided Fine Needle Biopsy: A Retrospective Multicenter Study

Fabbri, C.; Giovanelli, S.; Gibiino, G.; Fornelli, A.; DeBiase, D.; Jovine, E.; Larghi, A.; Gasbarrini, A.; Cennamo, V., 2017:
P.06.13: Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration and Biopsy Using a 19-Gauge Flex Needle in Pancreatic Cystic Lesions

Scarpulla, G.; Camilleri, S.; LaFerrera, G.M.G.; Manganaro, M.; Maida, M.F.; Garufi, S.M.R., 2017:
P.06.16: The Role of Wireless Capsule Endoscopy in the Diagnosis of Small Bowel Tumors: A Single Centre Experience

Facciorusso, A.; DiMaso, M.; Serviddio, G.; Del Prete, V.; Muscatiello, N., 2017:
P.06.19: Diagnostic Accuracy of Endoscopic Ultrasound Elastography Targeted Fine Needle Aspiration for Solid Pancreatic Lesions

Calabrese, C.; Diegoli, M.; Gionchetti, P.; Cappelli, A.; Ricci, C.; Pagano, N.; Calafiore, A.; Campieri, M.; Rizzello, F., 2017 :
P.06.23: Capsule Endoscopy Accuracy and Prognostic Value of Small Bowel Lesions in Patients with Crohns Disease

DiMario, F.; Grillo, S.; Landi, L.; Scarpignato, C.; Franceschi, M.; Brandimarte, G.; Tursi, A., 2017:
P.07.2: Natural History of Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease: A 13-Year Prospective Study

Lamazza, A.; Picchetto, A.; Mazzuca Mari, L.; Trecca, A.; Panetta, C.; Palma, R.; Fiori, E.; Antoniozzi, A.; D’Ambrosio, G., 2017:
P.07.4: Transanal Endoscopic Microsurgery (Tem)-Endoscopy Assisted: An Original Treatment of Colorectal Complete Anastomotic Stenosis

Stigliano, V.; Sanchez Mete, L.; Mannisi, E.; Martayan, A.; Anti, M., 2017:
P.08.3: Multiple Colorectal Adenomas without Apc or Mutyh Germline Mutation: A Heterogeneous Subgroup of Patients whose Clinical Management has Still to be Defined

Massironi, S.; Partelli, S.; Petrone, M.C.; Conte, D.; Falconi, M.; Arcidiacono, P.G., 2017:
P.08.5: Endoscopic Ultrasound Appearance of Pancreatic Serotonin-Staining Neuroendocrine Neoplasms: A Case Series

Dallio, M.; Troiani, T.; DiSarno, R.; Belli, V.; Napolitano, S.; Gravina, A.G.; Sgambato, D.; Romano, M.; Ciardiello, F.; Loguercio, C.; Federico, A., 2017:
P.08.8: Silybin in Combination with Regorafenib as a Novel Potential Strategy for the Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients

DeRe, V.; Magris, R.; DeZorzi, M.; Maiero, S.; Caggiari, L.; Fornasarig, M.; Repetto, O.; Buscarini, E.; DiMario, F.; Cannizzaro, R., 2017:
P.08.10: Interference of Pg2 Tata Box Region with the Serum Pg2 Level in Gastric Cancer

Solimando, R.; Fusetti, N.; Zelante, A.; Simone, L.; Pezzoli, A.; Cifalà, V.; Matarese, V.G.; Boccia, S.; Trevisani, L.; Pazzi, P., 2017:
P.08.12: An Unusual Case of Acute Onset of Cholestatic Hepatitis in a Young Immunocompetent Man: Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma

Lapenta, R.; Lucidi, C.; Assisi, D.; DiEmidio, L.; Rendina, F.; Anti, M., 2017:
P.08.14: Efficacy and Safety of Self-Expanding Metal Stents for Colon Cancer: An Analysis of 10 Years Experience of a Third Referral Center

Eusebi, L.H.; Ceccarelli, C.; Artesiani, M.L.; Montanaro, L.; Derenzini, M.; Dall’Olio, F.; Ardizzoni, A.; Biasco, G.; Adua, D.; Bazzoli, F.; Ricciardiello, L., 2017:
P.08.16: Early Onset Colorectal Cancer vs Sporadic Colorectal Cancer: A Clinicopathological and Molecular Comparison

Lovero, R.; Losurdo, G.; Castellaneta, N.M.; Mongelli, A.; Iannone, A.; Barone, M.; Principi, M.; Ierardi, E.; DiLeo, A., 2017:
P.09.1: A Case Report of Ustekinumab-Induced Acute Liver Injury

Facciorusso, A.; Chandar, A.K.; Murad, H.; Prokop, L.J.; Singh, S.; Kamath, P.S.; Muscatiello, N., 2017:
P.09.3: Comparative Efficacy of Pharmacological Strategies for Management of Type 1 Hepatorenal Syndrome: A Network Meta-Analysis

Ponziani, F.R.; Siciliano, M.; Lionetti, R.; Pasquazzi, C.; Gianserra, L.; D’Offizi, G.; Gasbarrini, A.; Pompili, M., 2017:
P.09.4: Effectiveness of Hcv Antiviral Treatment in Patients with Cirrhosis or Advanced Fibrosis and end-Stage Kidney Disease on Dialysis

Ciancio, A.; Bosio, R.; Bo, S.; Pellegrini, M.; Sacco, M.; Vogliotti, E.; Fassio, G.; Bianco Mauthe Degerfeld, A.; Gallo, M.; Giordanino, C.; Terzi DiBergamo, L.; Smedile, A.; Rizzetto, M.; Saracco, G.M., 2017:
P.09.6: Significant Improvement of Glycaemic Control in Diabetic Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Achieving Sustained Virologic Response after Direct Acting Antiviral Therapy: Results of a Prospective Controlled Study

Marrone, G.; Vaccaro, F.G.; Biolato, M.; Liguori, A.; Araneo, C.; Volpe, M.; Racco, S.; Miele, L.; Gasbarrini, A.; Mores, N.; Grieco, A., 2017:
P.09.11: 10 Years Dili Experience in an Italian Tertiary Center

Facciorusso, A.; Singh, S.; Del Prete, V.; Bourliere, M.; Loomba, R.; Muscatiello, N., 2017:
P.09.14: Magnitude of Liver Stiffness Regression after Achieving Sustained Virologic Response in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: A Meta-Analysis

Rocco, A.; Sgamato, C.; Ventimiglia, A.; Angrisani, D.; Martino, A.; Coccoli, P.; Compare, D.; Nardone, G., 2017:
P.09.15: Virological Response Improves Liver Function Assessed by 13C-Aminopyrine Breath Test in Patients with Hcv-Related Advanced Liver Disease

Cocciolillo, S.; Ciccaglione, F.; Grossi, L.; Marzio, L., 2017:
P.09.17: Evaluation of Intraparenchymal and Portal Blood flow by Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (Ceus) and Liver Stiffness by Fibroscan in Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (Nafld) and Chronic Hepatitis C (Chc)

Nevi, L.; Cardinale, V.; Carpino, G.; Costantini, D.; DiMatteo, S.; Safarikia, S.; Melandro, F.; Berloco, P.B.; Reid, L.; Gaudio, E.; Alvaro, D., 2017:
P.10.2: Hyaluronic Acid Improves the Engraftment Efficiency of Human Biliary Tree Stem/Progenitor Cells (Hbtscs)

Costantini, D.; Cardinale, V.; Casadei, L.; Carpino, G.; Nevi, L.; DiMatteo, S.; Lustri, A.M.; Verdesca, L.; Melandro, F.; Berloco, P.B.; Manetti, C.; Alvaro, D., 2017:
P.10.4: The Differentiation and Metabolism of Human Hepatic and Biliary Tree Stem/Progenitor Cells can be Significantly Modulated by Microgravity

Cortelezzi, C.C.; Vezzoli, E.; Rota Bacchetta, L.; Piana, S.; Bonecco, S.; Grassi, E.; Segato, S., 2017:
P.10.6: Customer Satisfaction in an Endoscopic Unit: Evaluation of Outpatients

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Cipolletta, F.; Orsini, L.; Bennato, R.; Guardascione, M.; Parente, F.; Bargiggia, S.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; Dell’Era, A.; Costamagna, G.; Riccioni, M.E., 2017:
P.10.8: Mortality from Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (Ugib): The Role of the Organizational and Health Care Course: A Prospective Multicentre Observational Study in Italy

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Bennato, R.; Cipolletta, F.; Orsini, L.; Guardascione, M.; Parente, F.; Bargiggia, S.; Paterlini, A.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; DeFranchis, R.; Dell’Era, A., 2017:
P.10.10: Mortality Causes from Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Prospective Multicentre Observational Study

Losurdo, G.; Castellaneta, A.; Rendina, M.; Carparelli, S.; D’Errico, F.; Lovero, R.; Neve, V.; DiLeo, A., 2017:
P.10.12: De Novo Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Liver Transplanted Patients: A Systematic Review

Fini, L.; Bernasconi, G.; DiCaro, S., 2017:
P.10.14: Home Parenteral Nutrition in Palliative Cancer Patients: A Systematic Review

Mocci, G.; Orlando, A.; Scondotto, S.; Antonelli, A.; Fantaci, G.; Cabras, F.; Cottone, M., 2017:
P.11.7: Prevalence and Incidence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in two Italian Islands: A Study Based on Health Information Systems

Ceccarelli, L.; Bertani, L.; DeBortoli, N.; Albano, E.; Laino, G.; Tapete, G.; Ricchiuti, A.; Bellini, M.; Marchi, S.; Costa, F., 2017:
P.11.9: Mucosal and Transmural Healing During Anti-Tnf Therapy. Is Fecal Calprotectin a Marker of Therapeutic Response?

Biscaglia, G.; Mazzuoli, S.; Bozzi, M.R.; Melina, R.; Pranzo, G.; Guglielmi, F.W.; Andriulli, A., 2017:
P.11.11: Patients Acceptance of Injection Experience with Smartject Autoinjector in Ulcerative Colitis

Capoferro, E., 2017:
P.11.14: Golimumab in Ulcerative Colitis: A Real Life Observational Study

Francica, G.; Meloni, M.F.; DeSio, I.; Pompili, M.; Terracciano, F.; Caturelli, E., 2017:
P.12.2: Ablation Treatment of Primary and Secondary Liver Tumors Under Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (Ceus) Guidance. a Multicenter Italian Study

Manes, G.; Omazzi, B.; Andreozzi, P.; Bezzio, C.; Devani, M.; Morganti, D.; Mandelli, E.; Redaelli, D.; Arena, I.; Reati, R.; Saibeni, S.; DeNucci, G., 2017:
P.12.4: Optimizing Withdrawal Time and Use of Fuse Endoscope Achieve Similar Results in Terms of Increasing Adenoma Detection Rate. Results of a Preliminary Observational Study

Francica, G.; DeSio, I.; Terracciano, F.; Pompili, M.; Meloni, M.F.; Caturelli, E., 2017:
P.12.6: Biopsy of Abdominal Focal Lesions Under Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Guidance. A Multicenter Italian Study

Maselli, R.; Galtieri, P.A.; Fugazza, A.; Lollo, G.; Poliani, L.; Semeraro, R.; Auriemma, F.; Amvrosiadis, G.; DiLeo, M.; Ferrara, E.C.; Carrara, S.; Anderloni, A.; Repici, A., 2017:
P.12.9: Cost Analysis and Outcome of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Colorectal Lesions in Outpatients Versus Inpatients

Gallusi, G.; Donato, G.; Panetta, C.; Palma, R.; Pontone, P.; Borghini, R.; Lauriola, M.; Pontone, S., 2017:
P.12.10: Efficacy of Sedation and Analgesia by Midazolam in Association with Meperidine or Fentanyl for Elective Colonoscopy

Iiritano, E.; Cereatti, F.; Grassia, R.; Capone, P.; Vjero, K.; Ranieri, V.; Martinotti, M.; Buffoli, F., 2017:
P.12.12: Trans-Anal Vacuum-Assisted Therapy Combined with Ancillary Endoscopic Techniques for the Management of Anastomotic Leaks After Colorectal Surgery

DeRoberto, G.; Genco, C.; Bravi, I.; Ravizza, D.; Trovato, C.; Tamayo, D.; Bottiglieri, L.; Fiori, G.; Crosta, C., 2017:
P.12.14: Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection for Gastric Superficial Lesions: The Experience of a Single Center in Italy

Lamazza, A.; Panetta, C.; Antoniozzi, A.; Palma, R.; Fiori, E.; Mazzuca Mari, L.; Pontone, S., 2017:
P.12.16: Can Endoscopic Markers Predict the Gastroesophageal Variceal Eradication After Endoscopic Band Ligation?

Palma, R.; Panetta, C.; Eberspacher, C.; Pontone, P.; Angelini, R.; Pontone, S., 2017:
P.12.21: A Pilot Study Analyzing A 1L Peg Bowel Preparation Before Colonoscopy for Selected Inpatients

Del Prete, A.; Cipolletta, F.; Guardascione, M.A.; Amitrano, L.; Cipolletta, L., 2017:
P.12.22: Endoscopic and Histological Outcome Evaluation of Acute Ischemic Colitis: Preliminary Data

Alvisi, C.; Bardone, M.; Broglia, F.; Centenara, L.; Lenti, M.V.; Luinetti, O.; Pozzi, L.; Rovedatti, L.; Strada, E.; Corazza, G.R., 2017:
P.12.24: Giant Colonic Polyps (>4cm) in Very Elderly People: Three Years Experience in a Single Tertiary Academic Referral Center

DiSabatino, A.; Giuffrida, P.; Aronico, N.; Curti, M.; Bagordo, D.; Guerci, M.; Salvatore, C.; Bergamaschi, G.; Corazza, G.R., 2017:
P.11.16: Duration, but not Severity or Type, of Anaemia Predicts the Course of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Romeo, S.; Cossignani, M.; Neri, B.; Ruffa, A.; Onali, S.; Lolli, E.; Calabrese, E.; Biancone, L., 2017:
P.11.18: Finger Clubbing in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: High Frequency in Extensive Small Bowel Crohns Disease In A Prospective Study

Tursi, A.; Allegretta, L.; Della Valle, N.; Elisei, W.; Forti, G.; Faggiani, R.; Lorenzetti, R.; Mocci, G.; Penna, A.; Pranzo, G.; Paiano, P.; Ricciardelli, C.; Zampaletta, C.; Picchio, M., 2017:
P.11.20: Real-Life Prospective Experience with Adalimumab in Inducing Remission in Ulcerative Colitis in Primary Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Centres

Ravaioli, F.; Colecchia, A.; Marasco, G.; Colli, A.; Dajti, E.; Alemanni, V.L.; DiBiase, A.; Reggiani, M.L.B.; Berzigotti, A.; Pinzani, M.; Festi, D., 2018:
Pc.01.2 A Spleen Stiffness Measurement-Based Model For The Recognition Of High Risk Varices: Baveno Vi Criteria And Beyond

Esposito, G.; Pimentel-Nunes, P.; Angeletti, S.; Castro, R.; Libânio, D.; Galli, G.; Lahner, E.; DiGiulio, E.; Dinis-Ribeiro, M.; Annibale, B., 2018:
Pc.01.5 Endoscopic Grading For Gastric Intestinal Metaplasia (Eggim): A Multicentre Validation Study

Ianiro, G.; Masucci, L.; Quaranta, G.; Simonelli, C.; Rizzatti, G.; Lopetuso, L.; Mele, M.C.; Sanguinetti, M.; Gasbarrini, A.; Cammarota, G., 2018:
Pc.01.7 Randomized Clinical Trial: Single-Infusion Fmt Versus Multiple-Infusion Fmt For The Treatment Of Severe C. Difficile Infection

Spagnuolo, R.; Dattilo, V.; D'Antona, L.; Cosco, C.; Tallerico, R.; Ventura, V.; Conforti, F.; Camassa, C.; Mancina, R.M.; Catalogna, G.; Cosco, V.; Iuliano, R.; Carbone, E.; Perrotti, N.; Amato, R., 2018:
Oc.02.2 Deregulation Of Sgk1 In Ulcerative Colitis: A Paradoxical Relationship Between Immune Cells And Colonic Epithelial Cells

Orlando, A.; Macaluso, F.S.; Fries, W.; Privitera, A.C.; Cappello, M.; Siringo, S.; Inserra, G.; Magnano, A.; DiMitri, R.; Belluardo, N.; Scarpulla, G.; Magrì, G.; Trovatello, A.; Carroccio, A.; Genova, S., 2018:
Oc.02.4 The Sicilian Network For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Sn-Ibd): A Comparison Of The Efficacy Of Current Biologics In Crohn'S Disease

Cocca, S.; Gori, M.; Altomare, A.; Emerenziani, S.; Cicala, M.; Guarino, M., 2018:
Oc.03.2 Colonic Impairment Of Intestinal Barrier Integrity Correlates With Symptoms In Diarrhea-Predominant Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients

Tursi, A.; Mastromarino, P.; Capobianco, D.; Elisei, W.; Laghi, L.; Zhu, C.; Picchio, M.; Giorgetti, G.; Fabiocchi, F.; DiMario, F.; Brandimarte, G., 2018:
Oc.03.4 Impact Of Treatments On Fecal Microbiota And Fecal Metabolic Profiling In Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease Of The Colon

Segato, S.; Daverio, F.; Parravicini, M.; Cortelezzi, C.C.; Millefanti, L.; Ageno, W., 2018:
Oc.05.6 Proton Pump Inhibitors And Warfarin: Any Reason For Careful Monitoring?

Albano, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Savarino, E.; Guidi, G.; Nardi, K.; Tolone, S.; Frazzoni, M.; Fuccio, L.; Frazzoni, L.; Martinucci, I.; Bellini, M.; Savarino, V.; Marchi, S., 2018:
Oc.06.5 Low-Fodmap Diet Resulted Effective In Reducing Symptom Perception In Patients With Functional Heartburn: Randomized, Cross-Over Controlled Study

Bove, V.; Boškoski, I.; Landi, R.; Laterza, L.; Gibiino, G.; Familiari, P.; Mangiola, F.; Tringali, A.; Perri, V.; Costamagna, G., 2018:
Oc.07.1 Transoral Outlet Reduction For Weight Regain After Gastric Bypass: Does Only Suturing Matter?

Mangiafico, S.; Caruso, A.; Bertani, H.; Grande, G.; Zito, F.; Conigliaro, R.; Galloro, G.; Pasquale, L.; Pisani, A.; Germanà, B.; Bassotti, G.; Mangiavillano, B.; DeLuca, L.; Mutignani, M.; Monica, F., 2018:
Oc.07.3 High Efficacy Of Otsc As First-Line Endoscopic Treatment In Patients With Gastrointestinal Bleeding: An Italian Multicentric Experience In A Large Cohort Of Patients

Nevi, L.; DiMatteo, S.; Carpino, G.; Cardinale, V.; Ambrosino, V.; Costantini, D.; Safarikia, S.; Manzi, E.; DeRosa, A.M.; Melandro, F.; Bragazzi, M.C.; Grazi, G.; Berloco, P.B.; Giuliante, F.; Gaudio, E., 2018:
Oc.08.1 Doublecortin-Like Kinase 1 (Dclk1) Is A Marker Of Specific Subpopulations Of Cancer Stem Cells (Cscs) In Human Cholangiocarcinoma (Cca) And Its Inhibition Exerts Anti-Cancer Effects

Taraschi, A.L.; Ciccaglione, A.F.; Vecchione, V.; DiGiacomo, C.; Russo, N.; Grossi, L.; Marzio, L., 2018:
Oc.09.2 Esophageal Motility Assessment After Prucalopride Administration In Patients With Ineffective Esophageal Motility (Iem) And Systemic Sclerosis

Mauro, A.; Tolone, S.; Savarino, E.; DeBortoli, N.; Franchina, M.; Penagini, R., 2018:
Oc.09.4 Multiple Rapid Swallowing In Jackhammer Esophagus Patients: Evidence For Altered Neural Control

Fries, W.; Belvedere, A.; Alecci, U.; Alibrandi, A.; Bruno, L.M.; Crescenti, A.; DiGeronimo, L.; Inferrera, S.; Marino, S.; Scoglio, R., 2018:
Oc.10.5 Early Diagnosis In Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) A Pilot Study

Vanoli, A.; Giuffrida, P.; Martino, M.; Persichella, A.; Viglio, A.; Furlan, D.; Klersy, C.; Grillo, F.; Fiocca, R.; Mescoli, C.; Rugge, M.; Nesi, G.; Fociani, P.; Sampietro, G.; Ardizzone, S., 2018:
Oc.11.1 Programmed Cell Death Ligand-1 (Pd-L1) Expression Is Coupled With Microsatellite Instability In Non-Familial Small Bowel Carcinomas Associated Or Not With Coeliac Disease Or Crohn'S Disease: Results From The Small Bowel Cancer Italian Consortium

Biancone, L.; Armuzzi, A.; Scribano, M.L.; Castiglione, F.; D'Incà, R.; Papi, C.; Spina, L.; Petruzziello, C.; Guidi, L.; Mocciaro, F.; Alvisi, P.; Ruffa, A.; Riegler, G.; Fries, W.; Daperno, M., 2018:
Oc.12.3 Incident Cancer In Inflammatory Bowel Disease In A Prospective Multicenter Nested Case-Control Ig-Ibd Study

Guidi, L.; Pugliese, D.; Tonucci, T.P.; Tolusso, B.; Felice, C.; Papa, A.; Ennas, S.; DiMario, C.; Gasbarrini, A.; Rapaccini, G.L.; Armuzzi, A., 2018:
Oc.12.5 Vedolizumab Trough Levels And Clinical Outcomes In Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Mannucci, A.; Zuppardo, R.A.; Elmore, U.; Crippa, S.; Lemma, M.; Parise, P.; Reni, M.; Ronzoni, M.; Burgio, V.; Mazza, E.; Patricelli, M.G.; Raucci, A.R.; DiLeo, M.; Gianni, L.; Falconi, M., 2018:
Oc.13.1 Association Of Germline Gene Mutations In Early Onset Gastrointestinal Cancers With Negative Family History

LoSecco, G.; Passera, R.; Esposito, L.; Guerrieri, M.; Ortenzi, M.; Bujko, K.; Richter, P.; Perez, R.; Habr-Gama, A.; Stipa, F.; Picchio, M.; Restivo, A.; Zorcolo, L.; Coco, C.; Rizzo, G., 2018:
Oc.13.3 Analysis Of Risk Factors For Recurrence After Neoadjuvant Radiotherapy And Local Excision Of Rectal Cancer: The Parttle Study

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Bennato, R.; Cipolletta, F.; Orsini, L.; Amitrano, L.; Parente, F.; Bargiggia, S.; Paterlini, A.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; DeFranchis, R.; Dell'Eera, A., 2018:
Oc.14.2 Predictive Factors Of Mortality In Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding In Italy (Augib): A New Pre-Endoscopy Prognostic Model From A Multicenter Study

Neri, B.; Ruffa, A.; Romeo, S.; Zorzi, F.; Calabrese, E.; Grasso, E.; Palmieri, G.; Biancone, L., 2018:
Oc.16.4 Correlation Between Clinical, Endoscopic And Histological Activity In Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Prospective Study

Rossi, G.; Petrone, M.C.; Dabizzi, E.; Mariani, A.; Testoni, S.G.G.; Traini, M.; Magnoni, P.; Arcidiacono, P.G., 2018:
V.01.5 Jejuno-Jejunal Anastomotic Stenosis Post-Duodenopancreatectomy Conditioning Cholestasis Treated By Lumen-Apposing-Metal-Stent Placement: A Case Report

Auriemma, F.; Anderloni, A.; Fugazza, A.; Maselli, R.; Carrara, S.; Troncone, E.; Ferrara, E.C.; Attardo, S.; Galtieri, P.A.; Semeraro, R.; Repici, A., 2018:
V.01.8 Common Bile Duct And Residual Cystic Duct Clearance By Retrieval Device Roth-Net Under Direct Visualization By Direct Peroral Cholangioscopy

Maia, L.; Auriemma, F.; Fugazza, A.; Troncone, E.; Maselli, R.; Galtieri, P.A.; Ferrara, E.C.; Semeraro, R.; Carrara, S.; Attardo, S.; Anderloni, A.; Repici, A., 2018:
V.01.10 Single Balloon Enteroscopy For Stone And Phytobezoar Extraction In A Patient With Roux-En-Y Bilioenteric Anastomosis (With Video)

Esposito, D.; Calabrese, F.; Fanti, L.; Viale, E.; Testoni, P.A., 2018:
P.01.3 The Use Of Reabsorbable Ella Stent In The Treatment Of Benign Stenosis

Testoni, P.A.; Distefano, G.; Mazzoleni, G.; Testoni, S.G.G.; Fanti, L.; Antonelli, M.; Passaretti, S., 2018:
P.01.5 Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication With Esophyx (Tif 2.0) For Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease: Three- To Ten-Year Outcomes In A Prospective Observational Single-Center Study

Losurdo, G.; Cubisino, R.; Principi, M.B.; Barone, M.; Leandro, G.; Ierardi, E.; DiLeo, A., 2018:
P.01.8 Probiotics Monotherapy For Helicobacter Pylori: Systematic Review And Pooled Data Analysis

DeRe, V.; Corona, G.; DeZorzi, M.; Repetto, O.; Steffan, A.; Maiero, S.; Cannizzaro, R., 2018:
P.01.13 Metabolomics As Complementary Omic Approach To Implement Risk Criteria For First-Degree Relatives Of Gastric Cancer Patients

Gravina, A.G.; Nardone, G.; Miranda, A.; Sgambato, D.; Rocco, A.; Visciola, G.; Tuccillo, C.; Compare, D.; Dallio, M.; Granata, L.; Romano, L.; DeLuca, G.; Romito, R.; Martorano, M.; Mucherino, C., 2018:
P.01.18 A Real Life Observational Study On The Eradication Of H. Pylori Infection In Patients NaVe To Treatment Using Concomitant Therapy Or Bismuth Quadruple Therapy (Three-In-One Pill)

DeRe, V.; Caggiari, L.; Miolo, G.; Canzonieri, V.; Fornasarig, M.; Cannizzaro, R., 2018:
P.01.28 A New Mutation Of The Cdh1 Gene In A Patient With An Aggressive Signet-Ring Cell Carcinoma Of The Stomach

Belvedere, A.; Scoglio, R.; Alecci, U.; Crescenti, A.; DiGeronimo, L.; Inferrera, S.; Marino, S.; Fries, W., 2018:
P.02.2 Sicily Confirms A High Prevalence Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd) A Population-Based Study In The Province Of Messina

Macaluso, F.S.; Orlando, R.; Fries, W.; Scolaro, M.; Magnano, A.; Pluchino, D.; Cappello, M.; Morreale, G.C.; Siringo, S.; Privitera, A.C.; Ferracane, C.; Belluardo, N.; Alberghina, N.; Ventimiglia, M.; Rizzuto, G., 2018:
P.02.4 Effectiveness Of Vedolizumab On Intestinal And Articular Outcomes: Real-World Data From The Sicilian Network For Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Sn-Ibd)

Mocciaro, F.; DiMitri, R.; Pecoraro, G.M.; Cappello, M.; Siringo, S.; Scalisi, G.; Russo, G.; Conte, E.; Cilluffo, M.G.; Tonello, C.; Monica, F.; Virgilio, C., 2018:
P.02.9 Ct-P13 (Inflectra And Remsima ) Short Infusion (1-Hour Infusion) In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases: Data On Safety From A Multicenter Study

DiSabatino, A.; Mele, D.; Giuffrida, P.; Ubezio, C.; Aronico, N.; Pasini, A.; Cococcia, S.; Bracchitta, L.M.; Soriano, S.; Corazza, G.R.; Mondelli, M.U.; Varchetta, S., 2018:
P.02.16 Serum Sialic-Acid-Binding Immunoglobulin-Like Lectin (Siglec)-7 As A Fibrogenic Biomarker In Crohn'S Disease

Giuffrida, P.; Vanoli, A.; Martino, M.; Lenti, M.V.; Aronico, N.; Biletta, E.; Bergamaschi, G.; Sampietro, G.M.; Ardizzone, S.; Luinetti, O.; Curti, M.; Cococcia, S.; Bracchitta, L.M.; Klersy, C.; Soriano, S., 2018:
P.02.21 Increase In Chromogranin A- And Serotonin-Positive Cells In Ulcerative Colitis-Associated Backwash Ileitis And Crohn'S Disease Ileitis

Garufi, S.; Maida, M.; Fiorentini, T.; Speciale, A.; Taci, A.; Camilleri, S.; Manganaro, M.; Morreale, G.C.; Scarpulla, G., 2018:
P.02.27 Safety Profile Of Adalimumab Therapy In Pregnancy: A Single Center Experience

Antonelli, G.; Berardi, G.; Rampioni, G.L.; Ruggeri, M.; Pilozzi, E.; Corleto, V.D.; D'Ambra, G.; Angeletti, S.; DiGiulio, E., 2018:
P.03.5 Management Of Endoscopically Resected Pt1 Colorectal Cancer. Surgery Or Follow Up? Results From A Retrospective Study With Long Term Follow Up And Cost Analysis

DeNucci, G.; Andreozzi, P.; Redaelli, D.; Morganti, D.; Mandelli, E.D.; Omazzi, B.; Reati, R.; Arena, I.; Bezzio, C.; Saibeni, S.; Manes, G., 2018:
P.03.9 Comparison Between An Asymmetric (Small Dose In The Morning) And A Symmetric Split-Dose Regimen Of Polyethylene Glycol Plus Bisacodyl For Bowel Preparation For Screening Colonoscopy: A Randomized Non-Inferiority Clinical Trial

Mangiola, F.; Familiari, P.; Landi, R.; DeAndreis, F.B.; Calì, A.; D'Aversa, F.; Bove, V.; Costantini, A.; Boškoski, I.; Tringali, A.; Perri, V.; Costamagna, G., 2018:
P.03.17 Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy For The Treatment Of Achalasia In Children: Experience Of A Single Center With Long Term Follow-Up

Lisi, D.; Carlini, M.; DiGregorio, V.; Passaro, U.; Moser, S.; Patti, D.; D'Ovidio, V.; Pastorelli, A.; Miglioresi, L.; Bazuro, M.E., 2018:
P.03.27 Giant Gastric Trichobezoar: A Case Ultrasonographically Suspected, Endoscopically Confirmed And Laparoscopically Managed

Manno, M.; Barbera, C.; Mirante, V.G.; Miglioli, L.; Gabbani, T.; Soriani, P., 2018:
P.04.1 Long Term Follow-Up After Eus-Guided Gallbladder Drainage For Acute Cholecystitis, Using Using Hot Axios System

Archibugi, L.; Petrone, M.C.; Balzano, G.; Doglioni, C.; Arcidiacono, P.G., 2018:
P.04.13 Needle Tract Seeding Of Pancreatic Cancer After Eus-Fna: Systematic Review Of The Literature, Discussion Of Its Management And Report Of A Case

Massironi, S.; Pusceddu, S.; Cavalcoli, F.; Zilli, A.; Tamagno, G.; Femia, D.; Prinzi, N.; Ciafardini, C.; Conte, D., 2018:
P.04.17 Effects Of Low-Doses Aspirin On Clinical Outcome And Disease Progression In Patients With Gastro-Entero-Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors: Results Of A Multicentric Retrospective Study

Gesuale, C.M.; Varanese, M.; Paoluzi, O.A.; Monteleone, G.; Del Vecchio Blanco, G., 2018:
P.04.22 Acute Idiopathic Pancreatitis: Preliminary Results Of An Observational Study

Salvador, R.; Costantini, M.; Capovilla, G.; Pesenti, E.; Voltarel, G.; Perazzolo, A.; Nicoletti, L.; Merigliano, S., 2018:
P.05.2 Postoperative Gastroesophageal Reflux After Laparoscopic Heller-Dor For Achalasia: True Incidence With An Objective Evaluation

Prossomariti, A.; Piazzi, G.; D'Angelo, L.; Miccoli, S.; Turchetti, D.; Montagna, C.; Bazzoli, F.; Ricciardiello, L., 2018:
P.05.5 Microrna-155 Is Down-Regulated In Apc-Mutant Settings And Modulates Canonical Wnt Signaling In Colon Carcinogenesis

Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; DiMario, F.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; Annunziata, M.L.; Bafutto, M.; Bianco, M.A.; Costin, S.; Danese, S.; Dumitrascu, D.; Escalante, R.; Faggiani, R.; Franceschi, M.; Graziani, M.G., 2018:
P.05.7 Epidemiology Of Diverticular Disease Of The Colon: A Preliminary Analysis From The International Dica Prospective Study

Binda, G.A.; Carabotti, M.; Mataloni, F.; Cirocchi, R.; Bruzzone, M.; Annibale, B.; Nascimbeni, R.; Gambassi, G.; Amato, A.; Vettoretto, N.; Pinnarelli, L.; Cuomo, R., 2018:
P.05.8 Trends In Hospital Admission For Acute Diverticulitis In Italy From 2008 To 2015

Neri, M.C.; Antoniotti, N.; Tassi, A.P.; Bergamaschini, L., 2018 :
P.05.12 Management Of Chronic Constipation In Geriatric Patients: Five Years Prospective Study

Paduano, D.; Cingolani, A.; Usai, P., 2018:
P.05.15 Balanced Diet Is As Effective As Low Fodmaps And Gluten Free One In Improving Health Related Quality Of Life In Ibs Patients

D'Amico, F.; Fiorini, G.; Tursi, A.; Saracino, I.M.; Pavoni, M.; Danese, S.; Vaira, D., 2018:
P.05.17 Efficacy Of Diver-100 In Patients With Symptomatic Uncomplicated Diverticular Disease (Sudd): Preliminary Results From A Prospective Observational Cohort

Pigò, F.; Bertani, H.; Abate, F.; Conigliaro, R.L., 2018:
P.05.21 Polyp Detection Rate Cannot Be Recommended As A Surrogate For Adenoma Detection Rate: A Systematic Review

Coletta, M.D.; Zentilin, P.; Marabotto, E.; Tolone, S.; DeBortoli, N.; Bodini, G.; Frazzoni, M.; Savarino, V.; Savarino, E., 2018:
P.06.3 Proximal Esophageal Bi Levels Are Able To Discriminate Between Scleroderma Patients With And Without Esophageal Involvement

Coletta, M.D.; Tolone, S.; DeBortoli, N.; Bartolo, O.; Bodini, G.; Marabotto, E.; Zentilin, P.; Savarino, V.; Savarino, E., 2018:
P.06.5 Esomeprazole, Rabeprazole And Pantoprazole Are Equally Effective In Inducing Endoscopic And Histologic Remission In Patients With Proton Pump Inhibitor-Response Esophageal Eosinophilia

Miraglia, C.; Cavatorta, O.; Franzoni, L.; Crafa, P.; Dal Bo', N.; Cannizzaro, R.; Grande, G.; Brandimarte, G.; Tursi, A.; Rugge, M.; DiMario, F., 2018:
P.06.10 Natural History Of Gastric Ulcer In A 25 Years Follow-Up: Role Of Helicobacter Pylori Infection And Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Tursi, A.; Franceschi, M.; Allegretta, L.; Savarino, E.; DeBastiani, R.; Elisei, W.; Baldassarre, G.; Ferronato, A.; Penna, A.; Licci, C.; Rizzo, G.L.; Pranzo, G.; Cassieri, C.; Brandimarte, G.; Picchio, M., 2018:
P.06.14 Effectiveness And Safety Of Pylera In Patients Infected By Helicobacter Pylori: A Large, Prospective, Real Life Study

Ribolsi, M.; Biasutto, D.; Giordano, A.; Cicala, M., 2018 :
P.06.16 High Resolution Manometry Findings During Solid Swallows Correlate With Delayed Reflux Clearance And Acid Exposure Time In Nerd Patients

Franceschi, M.; Speroni, S.; Grillo, S.; Capasso, M.; Miraglia, C.; Corrente, V.; Crafa, P.; Franzoni, L.; Scarpignato, C.; Savarino, E.; DeBortoli, N.; DiMario, F., 2018:
P.06.23 Early Gerd Relapse: A Prospective One Year Study By Means Of A Non-Invasive Surrogate Test

Solito, S.; Marino, M.; Pevere, S.; Scardino, G.; Macchini, F.; DiPrampero, S.F.V.à; Zilli, M., 2018:
P.06.25 Gastroparesis And Pancytopenia Due To Cytomegalovirus Infection In An Immunocompetent Host

Girardin, G.; Savarino, E.V.; Zingone, F.; Marinelli, C.; Inferrera, M.; Lorenzon, G.; Rigo, A.; Caccaro, R.; Barberio, B.; D'Incà, R., 2018:
P.07.3 Effectiveness Of Golimumab In Real Life A Single Center Prospective Study

Grillo, S.; Zerboni, G.; Landi, S.; Mezzina, N.; Reiteri, D.; Dell'Era, A.; Carmagnola, S.; Massari, A.; Cassinotti, A.; Molteni, P.; DiMario, F.; Ardizzone, S.; Maconi, G., 2018:
P.07.5 Smoker And Ex-Smoker Patients Affected By Crohn'S Disease: Are They So Different?

Bodini, G.; Giannini, E.G.B.; Savarino, V.; Crespi, M.; LoPumo, S.; Zanella, C.; Baldissarro, I.; Savarino, E., 2018:
P.07.11 Low Fodmap Diet Improve Disease Activity And Quality Of Life In Patients With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Macaluso, F.S.; Orlando, R.; Sapienza, C.; Renna, S.; Ventimiglia, M.; Rizzuto, G.; Cottone, M.; Orlando, A., 2018:
P.07.13 The Addition Of Immunosuppressants In Patients With Unsatisfactory Response To Vedolizumab: A Novel Strategy Of Therapeutic Optimization

Magrì, S.; Paduano, D.; Chicco, F.; Cingolani, A.; Lai, M.; Melis, A.; Farris, C.; Delogu, G.; Usai, P., 2018:
P.07.15 Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease And Hepatic Fibrosis Are Not Related To Natural History Of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. An Observational Study

Tringali, A.; Bonato, G.; Cintolo, M.; Cristoferi, L.; Forti, E.; Dioscoridi, L.; Pugliese, F.; Mutignani, M., 2018:
P.08.3 Multiple Plastic Stent (Mps) Versus Fcsems For Managing Post Liver Transplantation Biliary Stricture: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Of Randomized Controlled Trial

Barbuscio, I.; Fantin, A., 2018:
P.08.8 Pancreatic Cystic Fluid Glucose And Cea Concordance In The Differentiation Between Non-Mucinous From Pre-Malignant Mucinous Pancreatic Cysts

Aceto, E.; Ciccaglione, A.F.; Vecchione, V.; Russo, N.; DiGiacomo, C.; D'Addetta, V.; Grossi, L.; Marzio, L., 2018:
P.08.15 Combined Video Capsule Endoscopy (Vce) And Lactulose Hydrogen Breath Test (Lhbt): A Comparative Study To Assess Oro-Cecal Transit Time (Octt)

Calabrese, C.; Calafiore, A.; Tontini, G.E.; Vecchi, M.; Gionchetti, P.; Mazza, M.; Campieri, M.; Rizzello, F., 2018:
P.08.18 A New Dedicated Capsule For Diagnosis And Monitoring Of Crohn'S Disease. Firs Patient Series

Antonini, F.; Fusaroli, P.; Frazzoni, L.; Belfiori, V.; Auriemma, F.; Rahal, D.; Serrani, M.; Lisotti, A.; Giorgini, S.; Fuccio, L.; Repici, A.; Macarri, G.; Carrara, S., 2018:
P.08.20 Eus Elastography Strain Ratio In The Differential Diagnosis Of Gastrointestinal Subepithelial Lesions: Preliminary Results Of A Multicenter Study

Macchiarelli, R.; Biviano, I.; Chieca, R.; Santini, A.; Gianni, E.; Ussia, V.; Fiorilli, G.; Rentini, S.; Marini, M., 2018:
P.08.28 Endoscopic Management Of Bile Leaks Post Cholecystectomy. What Is The Treatment Of Choice?

Macor, D.; Palmisano, S.; Giuricin, M.; Tinè, F.; Masutti, F.; Abazia, C.; Lanzilotti, V.; Patti, R.; Buonocore, M.R.; Padovani, D.; Fouraki, S.; Bonazza, D.; Tiribelli, C.; Crocè, S.L., 2018:
P.09.2 The Limits Of Point Share Wave Elastography (Pswe) In The Evaluation Of Liver Stiffness In A Population Of Bariatric Subjects And The Impact Of Steatosis

Simili, A.; Mazzella, G.; Ravaioli, F.; Festi, D.; Reggiani, M.L.B.; Porro, A.; Bazzoli, F.; Azzaroli, F., 2018:
P.09.6 Il28 Polymorphism And Hcc Development After Daas For Chronic Hepatitis C

Tarantino, L.; Nasto, A.; Busto, G.; Fristachi, R.; Cacace, L.; Bortone, S.; Tarantino, P.; Nasto, R.A.; Romano, R., 2018:
P.09.12 Percutaneous Electrochemotherapy Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma At Hepatic Hilum: A Feasibility Study

Mazzone, G.; Vitaglione, P.; Lembo, V.; D'Argenio, G.; Rossi, A.; Guido, M.; Savoia, M.; Caporaso, N.; Morisco, F., 2018:
P.09.20 Is The Gut The First Player In The Protective Effect Of Coffee On Liver Damage

Salvati, A.; DiLascio, N.; Avigo, C.; Martini, N.; Ragucci, M.; Monti, S.; Prinster, A.; Dante, C.; Mancini, M.; D'Elia, D.; Ghiadoni, L.; Bonino, F.; Brunetto, M.R.; Faita, F., 2018:
P.09.25 Machine Learning Approaches For Non-Invasive Ultrasound-Based Quantitative Assessment Of Liver Steatosis

Padovani, D.; Colla, S.; Patti, R.; Buonocore, M.R.; Macor, D.; Lanzilotti, V.; Abazia, C.; Masutti, F.; Parenzan, K.; Schincariol, P.; Crocè, S.L., 2018:
P.09.28 Adverse Reactions Of Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents (Daas) In Hcv+ Patients

Ferretti, F.; Branchi, F.; Moretti, S.; Mrakic-Sposta, S.; Roncoroni, L.; Vezzoli, A.; Orlando, S.; Lombardo, V.; Vecchi, M.; Elli, L., 2018:
P.10.3 Oxidative Stress As A Biomarker For Monitoring Treated Celiac Disease

Imperatore, N.; Tortora, R.; DeFalco, L.; Iolascon, A.; Gerbino, N.; Nudo, D.; Montesano, L.; Nastro, F.; Caporaso, N.; Rispo, A., 2018:
P.10.4 The Role Of Tmprss6 Variant Rs855791 In Iron-Refractory Iron Deficiency Anaemia (Irida) In Celiac Disease

Keane, N.; Fragkos, K.; Rahman, F.; Mehta, S.; DiCaro, S., 2018:
P.10.7 Parenteral Nutrition In Patients With Malignant Bowel Obstruction Secondary To Advanced Gynaecological Cancer

Conti, L.; Galli, G.; Lahner, E.; Annibale, B., 2018:
P.10.12 Autoimmune Diseases In Adult Coeliac Patients: Potential Risk Factors Associated With Their Occurrence

Orlando, S.; Branchi, F.; Ferretti, F.; Bravo, M.; Norsa, L.; Bardella, M.T.; Conte, D.; Vecchi, M.; Elli, L., 2018:
P.10.14 Adherence To The Gluten-Free Diet In Celiac Disease: A 30-Year Follow Up Study

Scricciolo, A.; Ferretti, F.; Roncoroni, L.; Branchi, F.; Bardella, M.T.; Vecchi, M.; Elli, L., 2018:
P.10.19 Effects Of A Dietary Approach To Iron Deficiency In Women Affected By Celiac Disease

Guercio Nuzio, S.; Vajro, P., 2018:
P025 A systematic review on transition of adolescents with paediatric-onset hepatobiliary diseases

Sapuppo, A.; Motta, M.; Amato, B.; Pustorino, E.; Smilari, P.; Fiumara, A., 2018:
P036 An unusual case of persistent hypertransaminasemia

Colantuono, R.; Lettieri, M.; Biffaro, N.; Siano, M.A.; Paglia, P.; Rocco, M.C.; Amico, M.; Smaldone, C.; Chiola, T.; Nazzaro, L.; Pacifico, R.; Vajro, P., 2018:
P050 Prolonged cholestatic hepatitis: an atypical presentation of Epstein-Barr virus (Ebv) infection

Oliva, S.; Cohen, S.; Aloi, M.; Mallardo, S.; Isoldi, S.; D'Arcangelo, G.; Viola, F.; Maccioni, F.; Papoff, P.; Cucchiara, S., 2018:
P064 A treat-to target strategy guided by pan-enteric valuation in paediatric Crohn's disease improves outcomes at 2 years

DeCarlo, C.; Bramuzzo, M.; Canaletti, C.; Cozzi, G.; Udina, C.; DiLeo, G.; Barbi, E., 2018:
P078 The role of anxiety, depression and catastrophizing in quality of life of children with inflammatory bowel disease: a prospective study

Brusaferro, A.; Cavalli, E.; Cozzali, R.; Farinelli, E.; Esposito, S., 2018:
P087 Differential diagnosis between ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease: a difficult case report

Franceschini, E.; Lionetti, M.E.; Gatti, S.; Galeazzi, T.; Monachesi, C.; Verma, A.K.; Vallorani, M.; Palpacelli, A.; Albano, V.; Catassi, C., 2018 :
P099 Screening of Celiac disease: adherence to the Espghan guidelines

Nocerino, R.; DiScala, C.; Cosenza, L.; Della Gatta, G.; Paparo, L.; Bedogni, G.; Berni Canani, R., 2018:
P102 Dietary treatment with extensively hydrolyzed casein formula with the probiotic L. rhamnosus Gg prevents the occurrence of functional gastrointestinal disorders in children with cow's milk allergy

Pustorino, E.; Venti, V.; Marino, L.; Marino, S.; Greco, F.; Brafa Musicoro, V.; Portale, A.; Mazzurco, M.; Pavone, P., 2018:
P137 Abdominal and neurologic pain in Harderoporphyria: a case report

Chiatto, F.; Spagnuolo, M.I.; LoVecchio, A.; Morlando, A.; Buccigrossi, V.; Forsythe, L.; Morabito, A.; Morabito, A.; Guarino, A., 2018:
P145 D-Lactic acidosis in children with short bowel syndrome: comparison between children who underwent or not lengthening surgery

Giaquinto, E.; Bassano, M.; DeAmicis, R.; Foppiani, A.; Leone, A.; Baranello, G.; Mastella, C.; Battezzati, A.; Bertoli, S., 2018:
P156 Gastrointestinal disorders in children with spinal muscular atrophy type 1 after percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy placement: comparison between homemade and commercial formula

Ticinesi, A.; Milani, C.; Guerra, A.; Allegri, F.; Lauretani, F.; Nouvenne, A.; Mancabelli, L.; Lugli, G.A.; Turroni, F.; Duranti, S.; Mangifesta, M.; Viappiani, A.; Ferrario, C.; Dodi, R.; Dall'Asta, M., 2019:
Oc.03.6 Understanding The Gut-Kidney Axis In Nephrolithiasis: An Analysis Of The Gut Microbiota Composition And Functionality Of Stone Formers

Segato, S.; Sagasta, M.; Cortelezzi, C.C.; Balzarini, M.; Parravicini, M.; Azzi, L.; Tagliabue, A., 2019:
Oc.06.4 Rate Of Gastric Infection In Patients With Oral H.Pylori: A Prospective Study

Pelizzaro, F.; Vieno, A.; Peserico, G.; Imondi, A.; Sartori, A.; Penzo, B.; Trevisani, F.; Farinati, F., 2019:
Oc.07.3 Characteristics Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients With Long-Term Survival: An Ita.Li.Ca Report

Tringali, A.; Kohoutova, D.; Papparella, G.; Perri, V.; Boškoski, I.; Landi, R.; Costamagna, G., 2019:
Oc.08.3 Endotherapy Of Chronic Pancreatitis In Children: Long-Term Results

Petruzziello, C.; Armuzzi, A.; Scribano, M.L.; Castiglione, F.; D'Incà, R.; Daperno, M.; Papi, C.; Vecchi, M.; Fries, W.; Riegler, G.; Alvisi, P.; Mocciaro, F.; Testa, A.; Festa, S.; Neri, B., 2019:
Oc.09.6 Perforating Crohn'S Disease And Extensive Colitis As Risk Factors For Incident Cancer: A Multicenter Nested Case-Control Ig-Ibd Study At 6 Years

Borghini, R.; Caronna, R.; Donato, G.; Corazziari, E.S.; Picarelli, A., 2019:
Oc.10.5 Treatment With Glp-2 Analog Teduglutide In Active Crohn'S Disease And Short Bowel Syndrome: State Of The Art And Case Report Of The First Italian Experience

Marmo, R.; Soncini, M.; Bennato, R.; Cipolletta, F.; Orsini, L.; Amitrano, L.; Parente, F.; Bargiggia, S.; Spada, C.; Cesaro, P.; Bizzotto, A.; Germanà, B.; Cavallaro, L.G.; DeFranchis, R.; Dell'era, A., 2019:
Oc.11.5 Trigger And Target Transfusion Strategy In Patients With Non-Variceal Acute Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding (Nv-Augib): A Prospective Multicentre Observational Study

Cilluffo, M.G.; Scrivo, B.; Tuttolomondo, A.; Torres, D.; Pinto, A.; Cammà, C.; Cappello, M., 2019:
Oc.12.6 Surrogate Markers Of Atherosclerosis In Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Prospective Cohort Of Sicilian Patients

Maselli, R.; Iacopini, F.; Azzolini, F.; Petruzziello, L.; Manno, M.; DeLuca, L.; Cecinato, P.; Fiori, G.; Staiano, T.; Rizzotto, E.R.; Angeletti, S.; Costamagna, G.; Caruso, A.; Coppola, F.; Andrisani, G., 2019:
Oc.13.4 Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection: National Survey On Current Practices, Training And Outcomes

Panaccio, P.; Petrocco, M.; Caldarella, M.P.; Marino, M., 2019:
Oc.16.4 Propofol-Induced Deep Sedation For Routine Digestive Endoscopy Is Safe And Feasible: 4-Year Experience In An Italian Centre

Familiari, P.; Landi, R.; Gibiino, G.; Mangiola, F.; D'Aversa, F.; Bove, V.; Boškoski, I.; Perri, V.; Tringali, A.; Costamagna, G., 2019:
V.02.1 Endoscopic Treatment Of A Diverticular Oesophageal Duplication

Mangiavillano, B.; Maselli, R.; Auriemma, F.; Bianchetti, M.; Semeraro, R.; Palma, R.; Repici, A., 2019:
V.02.9 Rectal Band Ligation For The Treatment Of Radiation Proctitis: A Multicentric Video-Case Series

DeBortoli, N.; DiChio, T.; Frazzoni, M.; Santi, S.; Sgherri, G.; Nasoni, S.; Frazzoni, L.; Fuccio, L.; Zari, M.; Albano, E.; Pallabazzer, G.; Bellini, M.; Peroni, D.; Marchi, S.; Savarino, E., 2019:
P.01.2 Esophago-Gastric Junction Contractile Integral (Egj-Ci) May Predict Response To Treatment In Patients With Esophageal Achalasia

Ingravalle, F.; Tosetti, C.; Benedetto, E.; Casella, G.; Zamparella, M.; Gambaro, P.; Savarino, E.; DeBastiani, R., 2019:
P.01.9 Effectiveness Of Pepsino, A Novel Medical Device Containing Hyaluronic Acid And Alginate, For The Treatment Of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Symptoms

Saracino, I.M.; Pavoni, M.; Fiorini, G.; Saccomanno, L.; Bibbs, D., 2019:
P.01.11 Evaluation Of The Curian HpSa Fluorometric Assay. A Novel, Rapid Immunoassay For The Detection Of Helicobacter Pylori Antigens In Human Stool

DiMario, F.; Speroni, S.; Franceschi, M.; Baldassarre, G.; Antico, A.; Panozzo, M.P.; Rodriguez-Castro, K.I.; Nouvenne, A.; Crafa, P.; Franzoni, L.; DiMario, F., 2019:
P.01.18 Prevalence Of Autoimmune Gastritis In Autoimmune Diseases: A Population Study Based On A Non-Invasive Test

DiMario, F.; Miraglia, C.; Crafa, P.; Franzoni, L.; Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; Nouvenne, A.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; Franceschi, M.; Savarino, E.; DeBortoli, N., 2019:
P.01.31 A Comparison Of Different Treatments For Symptomatic Reflux Esophagitis: A Real-Life Study

Tursi, A.; Brandimarte, G.; DiMario, F.; Elisei, W.; Picchio, M.; Allegretta, L.; Annunziata, M.L.; Astegiano, M.; Bafutto, M.; Baldi, F.; Bassotti, G.; Bianco, M.A.; Colucci, R.; Conigliaro, R.; Danese, S., 2019:
P.02.12 Predictive Value Of The Dica Endoscopic Classification On The Outcome Of Diverticular Disease Of The Colon: A 1-Year Analysis From The International, Multicenter, Prospective Study

Barresi, L.; Crinò, S.F.; Attili, F.; Petrone, M.C.; DeNucci, G.; DeAngelis, C.G.; Manfredi, G.; Dore, M.F.; Crocellà, L.; Fantin, A.; Capurso, G.; Carrara, S.; DiLeo, M.; Garribba, A.T.; Pezzilli, R., 2019:
P.03.3 Epidemiology Of Autoimmune Pancreatitis In Italy: Results Of Snapa Survey

Marasco, G.; Ricci, C.; Colecchia, A.; Alvisi, M.; Serra, C.; Grasso, V.; Ravaioli, F.; Minni, F.; Casadei, R.; Festi, D., 2019:
P.03.6 Pancreatic Ultrasound Elastography And Its Clinical Use In Predicting The Risk Of Pancreatic Fistulas After Pancreatic Resection

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