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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67195

Chapter 67195 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yu, S.J.; Terriere, L.C., 1977:
Esterase and oxidase activity of house fly microsomes against juvenile hormone analogs containing branched chain ester groups and its induction by phenobarbital

Hernandez-Lucas, C.; Fernandez de Caleya, R.; Carbonero, P.; Garcia-Olmedo, F., 1977:
Reconstitution of petroleum ether soluble wheat lipopurothionin by binding of digalactosyl diglyceride to the chloroform-soluble form

Koshy, K.T.; Van der Slik, A.L., 1977:
High-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in the bovine liver, kidney, and muscle

Garcia, W.J.; Hodgson, R.H.; Blessin, C.W.; Inglett, G.E., 1977:
Preparation of corn products endogenously labeled with zinc-65 for use in bioavailability studies

Barton, F.E.; Akin, D.E., 1977:
Digestibility of delignified forage cell walls

Hill, D.W.; Kim, H.L.; Martin, C.L.; Camp, B.J., 1977:
Identification of hymenoxone in Baileya multiradiata and Helenium hoopsii

Lawrence, J.F.; Lewis, D.; McLeod, H.A., 1977:
Confirmation of some nitro group-containing pesticides by chemical reduction and gas chromatography with electrolytic conductivity detection

Lawrence, J.F.; Leduc, R., 1977:
Direct analysis of carbofuran and two nonconjugated metabolites in crops by high-pressure liquid chromatography with Uv absorption detection

Hansen, T.; Iwaoka, W.; Green, L.; Tannenbaum, S.R., 1977:
Analysis of N-nitrosoproline in raw bacon. Further evidence that nitrosolproline is not a major precursor of nitrosopyrrolidine

Sekul, A.A.; Dollear, F.G.; Codifer, L.P., 1977:
Occurrence of aflatoxin B2a in cottonseed meal

Firestone, D., 1977:
Determination of polychlorodibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorodibenzofurans in commercial gelatins by gas-liquid chromatography

Golan, A.; Kahn, V.; Sadovski, A.Y., 1977:
Relationship between polyphenols and browning in avocado mesocarp. Comparison between the Fuerte and Lerman cultivars

West, L.G.; Badenhop, A.F.; McLaughlin, J.L., 1977:
Allyl isothiocyanate and allyl cyanide production in cell-free cabbage leaf extracts, shredded cabbage, and cole slaw

Gaeb, S.; Born, L.; Parlar, H.; Korte, F., 1977:
Structural elucidation of an octachloro component of technical chlordane (compound K) by spectroscopic and x-ray methods

Finley, J.W.; Snow, J.T., 1977:
An improved synthesis of lysinoalanine monohydrochloride

Marshall, W.D.; Singh, J., 1977:
Oxidative inactivation of ethylenethiourea by hypochlorite in alkaline medium

Vaidyanathaswamy, R.; Parmar, B.S.; Attri, B.S.; Singh, R.P.; Mukerjee, S.K., 1977:
.alpha.- And .beta.-alkyl substituted cinnamates as pyrethrum synergists

Butler, L.C.; Staiff, D.C., 1978 :
Trace analysis of thiram by microcoulometry

Quistad, G.B.; Staiger, L.E.; Schooley, D.A., 1978:
Environmental degradation of the miticide cycloprate (hexadecyl cyclopropanecarboxylate). 1. Rat metabolism

Stephenson, G.R.; Bunce, N.J.; Makowski, R.I.; Curry, J.C., 1978:
Structure-activity relationships for S-ethyl N,N-dipropylthiocarbamate (Eptc) antidotes in corn

Lansden, J.A.; Cole, R.J.; Dorner, J.W.; Cox, R.H.; Cutler, H.G.; Clark, J.D., 1978:
A new trichothecene mycotoxin isolated from Fusarium tricinctum

Rickard, R.W.; Dorough, H.W.; Pan, S.H., 1978:
Metabolic capabilities of the Salmonella mutagenicity test system

Schmeltz, I.; Wenger, A.; Hoffmann, D.; Tso, T.C., 1978:
Chemical studies on tobacco smoke. 53. Use of radioactive tobacco isolates for studying the formation of smoke components

Marshall, W.D., 1978:
Oxidation of ethylenebisdithiocarbamate fungicides and ethylenethiuram monosulfide to prevent their subsequent decomposition to ethylenethiourea

Guzik, F.F., 1978:
Photolysis of isopropyl 3-chlorocarbanilate in water

Johnson, W.O.; Kollman, G.E.; Swithenbank, C.; Yih, R.Y., 1978:
Rh-6201 (Blazer): a new broad spectrum herbicide for postemergence use in soybeans

Chen, S.-C.; Elofson, R.M., 1978:
Phytotoxicity of organic and inorganic iodides to Avena fatua

Hammock, B.D.; Kuwano, E.; Ketterman, A.; Scheffrahn, R.H.; Thompson, S.N.; Sallume, D., 1978:
Acute toxicity and developmental effects of analogs of ethyl .alpha.-(4-chlorophenoxy)-.alpha.-methylpropionate on two insects, Oncopeltus fasciatus and Tenebrio molitor

Wahid, P.A.; Sethunathan, N., 1978:
Sorption-desorption of parathion in soils

DeMilo, A.B.; Ostromecky, D.M.; Chang, S.C.; Redfern, R.E.; Fye, R.L., 1978:
Heterocyclic analogs of diflubenzuron as growth and reproduction inhibitors of the fall armyworm and house fly

McElfresh, P.M., 1978:
An ion-specific electrode analysis of fluoride in potato tops using an ion-exchange pretreatment

Neucere, N.J.; Jacks, T.J.; Sumrell, G., 1978:
Interactions of globular protein with simple polyphenols

Seifert, R.M.; Buttery, R.G., 1978:
Characterization of some previously unidentified sesquiterpenes in carrot roots

Priyadarshini, E.; Tulpule, P.G., 1978:
Relationship between fungal growth and aflatoxin production in varieties of maize and groundnut

Selim, S.; Cook, R.F., 1978:
Residue determination of a dioxane herbicide in soil and soybeans by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Wolfe, S.K.; Watts, D.A.; Brown, W.D., 1978:
Analysis of myoglobin derivatives in meat or fish samples using absorption spectrophotometry

Ripley, B.D.; Cox, D.F.; Wiebe, J.; Frank, R., 1978:
Residues of Dikar and ethylenethiourea in treated grapes and commercial grape products

Gee, D.L.; Brown, W.D., 1978:
Extension of shelf life in refrigerated ground beef stored under an atmosphere containing carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide

Gee, D.L.; Brown, W.D., 1978:
Stability of carboxymyoglobin in refrigerated ground beef

Shibamoto, T.; Bernhard, R.A., 1978:
Formation of heterocyclic compounds from the reaction of L-rhamnose with ammonia

Malaiyandi, M., 1978:
Isolation of an enzyme inhibitor, 2-sec-butoxy-6,6-dichloro-1,4-dioxolan-5-one, from a formulation of trichlorfon

McGahen, L.L.; Tiedje, J.M., 1978:
Metabolism of two new acylanilide herbicides, Antor herbicide (H-22234) and Dual (metolachlor) by the soil fungus Chaetomium globosum

Maitre, L.; Felner, A.; Waldmeier, P.; Kehr, W., 1978:
Monoamine oxidase inhibition in brain and liver of rats treated with chlordimeform

Ellington, J.J.; Schlotzhauer, P.F.; Schepartz, A.I., 1978:
Lipid distribution in flue-cured tobacco plants

Archer, T.E.; Stokes, J.D., 1978:
Residue analysis of .beta.-naphthoxyacetic acid and .beta.-naphthol by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Miles, J.W.; Dale, W.E., 1978:
Gas chromatographic determination of organophosphorus pesticides by in-block methylation

Mansour, M.; Parlar, H., 1978 :
Gas chromatographic determination of several cyclodiene insecticides in the presence of polychlorinated biphenyls by photoisomerization reactions

Gemrich, E.G.; Lee, B.L.; Nelson, S.J.; Rizzo, V.L., 1978:
Insecticidal aminothio derivatives of the pesticidal carbamate methomyl

Greenhalgh, R.; King, R.R.; Marshall, W.D., 1978:
Trifluoroacetylation of pesticides and metabolites containing a sulfoxide moiety for quantitation by gas chromatography and chemical confirmatory purposes

Solymosy, F.; Antoni, F.; Fedorcsak, I., 1978:
On the amounts of urethane formed in diethyl pyrocarbonate treated beverages

Dumont, J.P.; Adda, J., 1978:
Occurrence of sesquiterpenes in mountain cheese volatiles

Kawabata, T.; Ohshima, H.; Ino, M., 1978:
Occurrence of methylguanidine and agmatine, nitrosatable guanidino compounds, in foods

Sikka, K.C.; Gupta, A.K.; Singh, R.; Gupta, D.P., 1978:
Comparative nutritive value, amino acid content, chemical composition, and digestibility in vitro of vegetable- and grain-type soybeans

Riemer, J.; Karel, M., 1978:
The anaerobic degradation of ascorbic acid in dehydrated tomato juice

Rao, P.U.; Belavady, B., 1978:
Oligosaccharides in pulses: varietal differences and effects of cooking and germination

Stalling, D.L.; Huckins, J.N., 1978:
Metabolism of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) in blue gills and water

Odanaka, Y.; Matano, O.; Goto, S., 1978:
Identification of dimethylated arsenic by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in blood, urine, and feces of rats treated with ferric methanearsonate

Furr, A.K.; Parkinson, T.F.; Gutenmann, W.H.; Pakkala, I.S.; Lisk, D.J., 1978:
Elemental content of vegetables, grains, and forages field-grown on fly ash amended soil

Amos, H.E.; Evans, J.J., 1978:
In vitro rumen microbial stability and in vivo availability of polymerized L-lysine hydrochloride

Muir, D.C.G.; Baker, B.E., 1978:
A method for the routine semiquantitative determination of hydroxy-s-triazines in soils

Kan, C.A.; Jonker-Den Rooyen, J.C.; Tuinstra, L.G.M.T.; Roos, A.H.; Traag, W., 1978:
Possible influence of sex and embryonic content on accumulation of some organochlorine pesticides in broilers

Walter-Echols, G.; Lichtenstein, E.P., 1978:
Movement and metabolism of [14C]phorate in a flooded soil system

Gaughan, L.C.; Casida, J.E., 1978:
Degradation of trans- and cis-permethrin on cotton and bean plants

Goettfert, J.; Parlar, H.; Korte, F., 1978:
Microbial transformation of [14C]methabenzthiazuron by the soil fungus Hypocrea pilulifera Webster St. Con: isolation, identification, and characterization of some metabolites from the chloroform extract

Fuhremann, T.W.; Lichtenstein, E.P., 1978:
Release of soil-bound methyl [14C]parathion residues and their uptake by earthworms and oat plants

Chiba, M.; Cherniak, E.A., 1978:
Kinetic study of reversible conversion of methyl 1-(butylcarbamoyl)-2-benzimidazolecarbamate (benomyl) to methyl 2-benzimidazolecarbamate (Mbc) and butyl isocyanate (Bic) in organic solvents

Cutler, H.G.; LeFiles, J.H.; Crumley, F.G.; Cox, R.H., 1978:
Hydroxyterphenyllin: a novel fungal metabolite with plant growth inhibiting properties

Olson, B.A.; Sneath, T.C.; Jain, N.C., 1978:
Rapid, simple procedures for the simultaneous gas chromatographic analysis of four chlorophenoxy herbicides in water and soil samples

Henrick, C.A.; Anderson, R.J.; Staal, G.B.; Ludvik, G.F., 1978:
Insect juvenile hormone activity of optically active alkyl (2E,4E)-3,7,11-trimethyl-2,4-dodecadienoates and of arylterpenoid analogs

Holmstead, R.L.; Casida, J.E.; Ruzo, L.O.; Fullmer, D.G., 1978:
Pyrethroid photodecomposition: permethrin

Nagendrappa, G.; Griesbaum, K., 1978:
Degradation of cyclodiene insecticide-like vinylic chloro compounds by ozone

Newsome, W.H.; Panopio, L.G., 1978:
A method for the determination of 2-imidazoline residues in food crops

Stout, V.F., 1978:
Fate of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane and its metabolites during the preparation of fish protein concentrate

Fiddler, W.; Pensabene, J.W.; Piotrowski, E.G.; Phillips, J.G.; Keating, J.; Mergens, W.J.; Newmark, H.L., 1978:
Inhibition of formation of volatile nitrosamines in fried bacon by the use of cure-solubilized .alpha.-tocopherol

Edwards, R.H.; DeFremery, D.; Kohler, G.O., 1978:
Use of recycled dilute alfalfa solubles to increase the yield of leaf protein concentrate from alfalfa

Brown, D.; Keeler, R.F., 1978:
Structure-activity relation of steroid teratogens. 1. Jervine ring system

Saleh, M.A.; Casida, J.E., 1978:
Reductive dechlorination of the toxaphene component 2,2,5-endo,6-exo,8,9,10-heptachlorobornane in various chemical, photochemical, and metabolic systems

Hwang, Y.-S.; Navvab-Gojrati, H.A.; Mulla, M.S., 1978:
Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae. 10. Structure-activity relationship of 3-methylalkanoic acids and their esters against mosquito larvae

Chaney, R.L.; Stoewsand, G.S.; Bache, C.A.; Lisk, D.J., 1978:
Cadmium deposition and hepatic microsomal induction in mice fed lettuce grown on municipal sludge-amended soil

Chaney, R.L.; Stoewsand, G.S.; Furr, A.K.; Bache, C.A.; Lisk, D.J., 1978:
Elemental content of tissues of guinea pigs fed Swiss chard grown on municipal sewage sludge-amended soil

Mendoza, C.E.; Collins, B.T.; Shields, J.B.; Laver, G.W., 1978:
Effects of hexachlorobenzene or hexabromobenzene on body and organ weights of preweanling rats after a reciprocal transfer between the treated and control dams

Kan, C.A.; Jonker-Den Rooyen, J.C., 1978:
Accumulation and depletion of some organochlorine pesticides in high-producing laying hens

Doyle, R.C.; Kaufman, D.D.; Burt, G.W., 1978:
Effect of dairy manure and sewage sludge on 14C-pesticide degradation in soil

Shimizu, Y.; Fallon, W.E.; Wekell, J.C.; Gerber, D.; Gauglitz, E.J., 1978:
Analysis of toxic mussels (Mytilus species) from the Alaskan Inside Passage

DiPrima, S.J.; Cannizzaro, R.D.; Roger, J.C.; Ferrell, C.D., 1978:
Analysis of diflubenzuron residues in environmental samples by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Miyazaki, A.; Hotta, T.; Marumo, S.; Sakai, M., 1978:
Synthesis, absolute stereochemistry, and biological activity of optically active cyclodiene insecticides

Carter, F.L.; Garlo, A.M.; Stanley, J.B., 1978:
Termiticidal components of wood extracts: 7-methyljuglone from Diospyros virginiana

Buttery, R.G.; Ling, L.C.; Chan, B.G., 1978:
Volatiles of corn kernels and husks: possible corn ear worm attractants

Brockwell, C.A., 1978:
Determination of phosphine in wheat by headspace gas-liquid chromatography

Vincent, K.R.; Scholz, R.G., 1978:
Separation and quantification of red beet betacyanins and betaxanthins by high-performance liquid chromatography

Saetre, R.; Rabenstein, D.L., 1978:
Determination of cysteine and glutathione in fruit by high-performance liquid chromatography

Cerbulis, J., 1978:
Precipitation of proteins from whey with bentonite and lignosulfonate

Hernandez-Lucas, C.; Carbonero, P.; Garcia-Olmedo, F., 1978:
Identification and purification of a purothionin homolog from rye (Secale cereale L.)

Romero, J.; Ryan, D.S., 1978:
Susceptibility of the major storage protein of the bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., to in vitro enzymic hydrolysis

Kramer, K.J.; Hendricks, L.H.; Liang, Y.T.; Seib, P.A., 1978:
Effect of ascorbic acid and related compounds on the tobacco hornworm, Manduca sexta Johannson (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae)

Bedford, C.T.; Smith, E.H., 1978:
Synthesis of dieldrin metabolites. 3. Two-step conversion of syn-12-hydroxydieldrin into Klein's metabolite (3,5,6,6,7-pentachloro-11,12-exo-epoxypentacyclo[,10.03,7.05,9]dodecan-4-one)

Mills, F.D., 1978:
Ring contraction products from 2,3-dihydro-3,5-dihydroxy-6-methyl-4(H)-pyran-4-one: 4-hydroxy-5-hydroxymethyl-2-methyl-3(2H)-furanone and 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-furanone

Gronowitz, S.; Svensson, L.; Ohlson, R., 1978:
Studies of some nonenzymic reactions of progoitrin

Mizutani, T.; Yamamoto, K.; Tajima, K., 1978:
Sulfur-containing metabolites of chlorobiphenyl isomers, a comparative study

Akhtar, M.H., 1978:
In vitro metabolism of desmethyl tetrachlorvinphos by soluble fraction (105 000g) from chicken liver homogenates

Holmstead, R.L.; Fullmer, D.G.; Ruzo, L.O., 1978:
Pyrethroid photodecomposition: Pydrin

Akram, M.; Ahmad, S.; Forgash, A.J., 1978:
Metabolism of phosphorothioic acid, O,O-dimethyl-O-(6-ethoxy-2-ethyl-4-pyrimidinyl) ester (etrimfos), in bean and corn plants

Kan, C.A., 1978:
Accumulation of organochlorine pesticides in poultry: a review

DeBaun, J.R.; Bova, D.L.; Tseng, C.K.; Menn, J.J., 1978:
Metabolism of [ring-14C]Ordram (molinate) in the rat. 2. Urinary metabolite identification

Yang, R.S.H.; Pittman, K.A.; Rourke, D.R.; Stein, V.B., 1978:
Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of hexachlorobenzene in the rat and the rhesus monkey

Feung, C.S.; Loerch, S.L.; Hamilton, R.H.; Mumma, R.O., 1978:
Comparative metabolic fate of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in plants and plant tissue culture

Helling, C.S.; Krivonak, A.E., 1978:
Biological characteristics of bound dinitroaniline herbicides in soils

Schultz, D.P.; Harman, P.D., 1978:
Uptake, distribution, and elimination of the lampricide 2',5-dichloro-4'-nitro[14C]salicylanilide (Bayer 2353) and its 2-aminoethanol salt (Bayer 73) by largemouth bass

Churchill, F.C.; Ku, D.N.; Miles, J.W., 1978:
Gas-liquid chromatographic inlet block derivatization of organophosphorus pesticides and related dialkyl phosphorothioates

Chow, P.N.P.; LaBerge, D.E., 1978:
Wild oat herbicide studies. 2. Physiological and chemical changes in barley and wild oats treated with diclofop-methyl herbicide in relation to plant tolerance

Kami, T., 1978:
Aromatic constituents of forage crops. 3. Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the essential oils of red and ladino white clovers

Kanner, J.; Elmaleh, H.; Reuveni, O.; Ben-Gera, I., 1978:
Invertase (.beta.-fructofuranosidase) activity in three date cultivars

Bennett, G.A.; Anderson, R.A., 1978:
Distribution of aflatoxin and/or zearalenone in wet-milled corn products: a review

Lamparski, L.L.; Mahle, N.H.; Shadoff, L.A., 1978:
Determination of pentachlorophenol, hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, and octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in bovine milk

Brooks, R.I.; Csallany, A.S., 1978:
Effects of air, ozone, and nitrogen dioxide exposure on the oxidation of corn and soybean lipids

Brown, A.; Kolattukudy, P.E., 1978:
Mammalian utilization of cutin, the cuticular polyester of plants

Sakaguchi, M.; Shibamoto, T., 1978:
Formation of heterocyclic compounds from the reaction of cysteamine and D-glucose, acetaldehyde, or glyoxal

Helling, C.S.; Krivonak, A.E., 1978:
Physicochemical characteristics of bound dinitroaniline herbicides in soils

Mod, R.R.; Conkerton, E.J.; Ory, R.L.; Normand, F.L., 1978:
Hemicellulose Composition of Dietary Fiber of Milled Rice and Rice Bran

Zerba, E.; Fukuto, T.R., 1978:
Hydrolytic and toxicological properties of ethyl .alpha.-cyanobenzaldoxime phosphoramidates

Miller, G.C.; Crosby, D.G., 1978:
Photodecomposition of Sustar in water

Parlar, H.; Mansour, M.; Baumann, R., 1978:
Photoreactions of hydroxychlordene in solution, as solids, and on the surface of leaves

Hansen, L.G.; Dorn, S.B.; Sundlof, S.M.; Vogel, R.S., 1978:
Toxicity, accumulation, and depletion of hexachlorobenzene in laying chickens

Hwang, Y.-S.; Navvab-Gojrati, H.A.; Mulla, M.S., 1978:
Overcrowding factors of mosquito larvae. 11. Biological activity of 2-halooctadecanoic acids and alkyl 2-halooctadecanoates against mosquito larvae

Ku, C.C.; Kapoor, I.P.; Rosen, J.D., 1978:
Metabolism of Cytrolane (mephosfolan) systemic insecticide [(diethoxyphosphinyl)dithioimidocarbonic acid, cyclic propylene ester] in a simulated rice paddy

Bollag, J.M.; Blattmann, P.; Laanio, T., 1978:
Adsorption and transformation of four substituted anilines in soil

Newsome, W.H., 1978:
A method for the determination of ethyleneurea in foods as the pentafluorobenzamide

Lee, T.Y.R.; Albright, L.F., 1978:
Production of potassium monobasic phosphate using a molten salt technique

Schlotzhauer, W.S.; Walters, D.B.; Snook, M.E.; Higman, H.C., 1978:
Characterization of catechols, resorcinols, and hydroquinones in an acidic fraction of cigarette smoke condensate

Fan, T.Y.; Fine, D.H., 1978:
Formation of N-nitrosodimethylamine in the injection port of a gas chromatograph: an artifact in nitrosamine analysis

Engstrom, G.W., 1978:
Amino acid sequence of roseotoxin B

Cadle, L.S.; Stelzig, D.A.; Harper, K.L.; Young, R.J., 1978:
Thin-layer chromatographic system for identification and quantitation of potato tuber glycoalkaloids

Mladenova, Y.I., 1978:
Effect of L-glutamic acid and Siapton leaf organic fertilizer on oxidized nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide dependent glutamate dehydrogenase of different maize genotypes

Fisher, J.F., 1978:
A high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the quantitation of hesperidin in orange juice

Deubert, K.H., 1978:
A rapid method for the extraction and quantitation of total anthocyanin of cranberry fruit

Wulf, L.W.; Nagel, C.W.; Branen, A.L., 1978:
Analysis of myristicin and falcarinol in carrots by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Archer, T.E.; Stokes, J.D., 1978:
Levels of .beta.-naphthoxyacetic acid and .beta.-naphthol on field sprayed strawberries as analyzed by high-pressure liquid chromatography

Brekke, O.L.; Stringfellow, A.C.; Peplinski, A.J., 1978:
Aflatoxin inactivation in corn by ammonia gas: laboratory trials

Lipton, S.H., 1978:
Peroxide oxidation products of homocystine and lanthionine

Tyler, L.D.; Acree, T.E.; Butts, R.M., 1978:
Odor Characterization of the Synthetic Stereoisomers of 2-Methylborneol

Edgerton, T.R.; Moseman, R.F., 1979:
Determination of pentachlorophenol in urine: the importance of hydrolysis

Hirvi, T.; Pyysalo, H.; Savolainen, K., 1979:
A glass capillary gas-liquid chromatography method for determining ethylenethiourea without derivatization

Gardner, A.M.; Warren, V.L.; Chen, J.-Y.T.; Mazzola, E.P., 1979:
A metabolite of polybrominated biphenyls: its identification and decomposition to a brominated dibenzofuran in the gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer

Cessna, A.J., 1979:
Determination of the herbicide dinoseb in fababeans

McGovern, T.P.; Redfern, R.E., 1979:
1-[(5,9-Dimethyl-3,8-decadienyl)oxy]benzene and derivatives: vinylogs of aryl citronellyl ethers highly effective as juvenile hormone mimics

Fuhremann, T.W.; Lichtenstein, E.P., 1979:
Insecticide toxicity and degradation in houseflies as affected by naturally occurring food plant components

Miller, G.J.; Riley, M.L.; Field, R.A., 1979:
A convenient microfiltration procedure for purification of bovine and ovine subcutaneous tissue lipid extracts

Drawert, F.; Bednar, J., 1979:
The electrophoretical differentiation and classification of proteins. 10. Comparative investigation of yeast proteins of various genera by means of isoelectric focusing in polyacrylamide gels

Maduagwu, E.N.; Bassir, O., 1979:
Appearance and disappearance of dimethylnitrosamine during the fermentation of palmsap enriched with some nitrogen compounds

Tanner, R.D.; Hussain, S.S., 1979:
Kudzu (Pueraria lobata) root starch as a substrate for the lysine-enriched baker's yeast and ethanol fermentation process

Koshy, K.T.; Van Der Slik, A.L., 1979:
High-performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol in chicken egg yolks

Beyers, M.; Thomas, A.C.; Van Tonder, A.J., 1979:
.gamma. Irradiation of subtropical fruits. 1. Compostional tables of mango, papaya, strawberry, and litchi fruits at the edible-ripe stage

Sessa, D.J.; Plattner, R.D., 1979:
Novel furaldehydes from oxidized soy phospholipids

Yamashita, M.; Arai, S.; Imaizumi, Y.; Amano, Y.; Fujimaki, M., 1979:
A one-step process for incorporation of L-methionine into soy protein by treatment with papain

Rotruck, J.T.; Luhrsen, K.R., 1979:
A comparative study in rats of iron bioavailability from cooked beef and soybean protein

Babish, J.G.; Stoewsand, G.S.; Furr, A.K.; Parkinson, T.F.; Bache, C.A.; Gutenmann, W.H.; Wszolek, P.C.; Lisk, D.J., 1979:
Elemental and polychlorinated biphenyl content of tissues and intestinal aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity of guinea pigs fed cabbage grown on municipal sewage sludge

Foster, T.S.; Khan, S.U.; Akhtar, M.H., 1979:
Metabolism of atrazine by the soluble fraction (105000g) from chicken liver homogenates

Shaver, T.N.; Bull, D.L.; Ivie, G.W., 1979:
Fate of potassium 3,4-dichloro-5-isothiazolecarboxylate in cotton plants and white rats

Mallipudi, N.M.; Fukuto, T.R., 1979:
Toxicity of N-sulfenylated derivatives of insecticidal methylcarbamate esters to the honeybee

Rott, B.; Nitz, S.; Korte, F., 1979:
Microbial decomposition of sodium pentachlorophenolate

Maduagwu, E.N.; Bassir, O., 1979:
Comparative embryotoxicity of dimethylnitrosamine in the chick embryo

Walker, E.A.; Pignatelli, B.; Castegnaro, M., 1979:
Catalytic effect of p-nitrosophenol on the nitrosation of diethylamine

Tanaka, F.S.; Wien, R.G., 1979:
Radical oxidation of 3-(4-chlorophenyl)-1,1-dimethylurea in aqueous media

Moretain, J.P.; Boisseau, J.; Gayot, G., 1979:
Thin-layer chromatographic analysis of nitrofurans in feed premixes

Benns, G.; L'Abbe, M.R.; Lawrence, J.F., 1979:
High-pressure liquid chromatography detection of the antithyroid compound 5-vinyloxazolidine-2-thione in milk

Carnevale, J.; Cole, E.R.; Crank, G., 1979:
Fluorescent light catalyzed autoxidation of .beta.-carotene

Lichtenwalner, R.E.; Glover, G.I.; Shaw, C.C., 1979:
Protease activity of water- and acid-reconstituted grain sorghum

Wszolek, P.C.; Alexander, M., 1979:
Effect of desorption rate on the biodegradation of n-alkylamines bound to clay

Peiser, G.D.; Yang, S.F., 1979:
Sulfite-mediated destruction of .beta.-carotene

Faas, L.F.; Moore, J.C., 1979:
Determination of pentachlorophenol in marine biota and sea water by gas-liquid chromatography and high-pressure liquid chromatography

Corke, C.T.; Bunce, N.J.; Beaumont, A.L.; Merrick, R.L., 1979:
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Methods for the determination of diphenylamine residues in apples

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Determination of daminozide residues on foods and its degradation to 1,1-dimethylhydrazine by cooking

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Lysine content of protein increased by germination of normal and high-lysine sorghums

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Protein and amino acid composition of select freshwater fish

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Oleoresins of pinyons

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Fate of potassium 3,4-dichloro-5-isothiazolecarboxylate in soil

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Polyphenol oxidase of dates

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Analysis of neutral carbohydrates in agricultural residues by gas-liquid chromatography

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Some antifungal components of diseased Blue Ribbon iris bulbs

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Rapid N-methylimidazole-catalyzed acetylation of plant cell wall sugars

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Determination of the triglyceride composition of olive oil by a multistep procedure

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Residues of maleic hydrazide in field-treated potatoes

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Change in the properties of myofibrillar proteins during post-mortem storage of muscle at high temperature

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Effects of temperature and storage on the iron and tin contents of commercially canned single-strength orange juice

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2-Oxopropanal, Hydroxy-2-propanone, and 1-PyrrolineImportant Intermediates in the Generation of the Roast-Smelling Food Flavor Compounds 2-Acetyl-1-pyrroline and 2-Acetyltetrahydropyridine

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Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide on the Physiology of Bifidobacterium t hermophilum

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Binding of Cu 2+ , Zn 2+ , and Cd 2+ to Inositol Tri-, Tetra-, Penta-, and Hexaphosphates

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Effect of Breathing and Saliva Flow on Flavor Release from Liquid Foods

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Antimutagens in the Brazilian Folk Medicinal Plant Carqueja ( Baccharis t rimera Less.)

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Plasticized Starch-Based Coatings To Improve Strawberry ( Fragaria Ananassa ) Quality and Stability

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Gas Chromatography/Olfactory Analysis of Lychee ( Litchi chinesis Sonn.)

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Occurrence of the Tobacco Alkaloid Myosmine in Nuts and Nut Products of Arachus h ypogaea and Corylus a vellana

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Transformation of a Monoterpene Ketone, ( R )-(+)-Pulegone, a Potent Hepatotoxin, in Mucor piriformis

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4-Alkylidene-2-imino-5-[4-alkylidene-5-oxo-1,3-imidazol-2-inyl]aza- methylidene-1,3-imidazolidineA Novel Colored Substructure in Melanoidins Formed by Maillard Reactions of Bound Arginine with Glyoxal and Furan-2-carboxaldehyde

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Bay Laurel Contains Antimutagenic Kaempferyl Coumarate Acting against the Dietary Carcinogen 3-Amino-1-methyl-5 H -pyrido[4,3- b ]indole (Trp-P-2)

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C 13 -Norisoprenoid Glucoconjugates from Lulo ( Solanum q uitoense L.) Leaves

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Characteristics of the Salt-Soluble Fraction of Hake ( Merluccius merluccius ) Fillets Stored at 20 and 30 C

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Influence of Incubation Temperature on the Behavior of Triethylamine-Extractable Glyphosate ( N -Phosphonomethylglycine) in Four Soils

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Transfer of Aroma Compounds in WaterLipid Systems: Binding Tendency of -Lactoglobulin

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Antioxidant Effects of Extracts from Cassia t ora L. Prepared under Different Degrees of Roasting on the Oxidative Damage to Biomolecules

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Variation in the Degree of d -Xylose Substitution in Water-Extractable European Durum Wheat ( Triticum durum Desf.) Semolina Arabinoxylans

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Detection and Determination of p -Coumaroylated Units in Lignins

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Functional Properties and Enzymatic Digestibility of Cationic and Cross-Linked Cationic a e, wx , and Normal Maize Starch

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Effect of Heat Treatment on the Circular Dichroism Spectra of Bovine -Lactoglobulin A, B, and C

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Modification of Structure and Digestibility of Chestnut Starch upon Cooking: A Solid State 13 C Cp Mas Nmr and Enzymatic Degradation Study

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Isomerization of trans -Astaxanthin to cis -Isomers in Organic Solvents

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Enrichment of Poultry Products with 3 Fatty Acids by Dietary Supplementation with the Alga Nannochloropsis and Mantur Oil

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Solid-State Bioconversion of Phenolics from Cranberry Pomace and Role of Lentinus edodes -Glucosidase

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Formation of Volatile Compounds during Heating of Spice Paprika ( Capsicum a nnuum ) Powder

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Synthesis and in Vitro Activity of 17.beta.-(N-Alkyl/arylformamido and N-alkyl/arylalkyl/arylamido)-4-methyl-4-aza-3-oxo-5.alpha.-androstan-3-ones as Inhibitors of Human 5.alpha.-Reductases and Antagonists of the Androgen Receptor

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