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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67395

Chapter 67395 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Heery, K.; Gormley, A.; McAweeny, E.; Gilliland, F.; Cunningham, I.; McDonald, M.; Wilson, M.; McDonald, T., 2018:
282Cavan & Monaghan Primary Care Division Home Health & Social Care Information Folder Multidisciplinary(Cho1)

Donoghue, A.O.; Bambrick, P.; Bourke, R.; Bwalialsharabi, W.; Stoneman, S.; Bolger, M.; Roche, S.; O’Shea, A.; Shannon, C.; Phelan, N.; Ryan, S.; Brennan, J.; Masombo, R.; Mulcahy, R.; Pope, G., 2018:
284Quality of Sleep in Patients Attending a Geriatric Outpatient Service

Cadogan, C.; Rankin, A.; Lewin, S.; Hughes, C., 2018:
33Assessing Complexity in Interventions to Improve Appropriate Polypharmacy in Older People using the Intervention Complexity Assessment Tool for Systematic Reviews

Finnegan, J.; Brien, H.O.; Khan, W.; Harkins, P.; Askin, D.; Kennelly, S.; Coughlan, T., 2018:
289Bone Health in OrthoRehab - Room to Improve or a Bone of Contention?

Keyes, M.; Gabr, A.; Gumani, D.; Zulkifli, D.; O’Connor, M.; Lyons, D.; Peters, C., 2018:
293An Observational Study of Relationship Between Body Mass Index and Bone Mass Density Over 15 Year Period

Ghafar, M.Z.A.A.; Walsh, T., 2018:
297Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis: A Case Report with Review of Common Presentations and Diagnostic Strategies

Beirne, A.; D’Alton, M.; O’Connor, M.; Dolan, E., 2018:
298Appropriate Anticoagulant Prescribing: An Observational Study

Jusmanova, K.; Ahern, E.; McFeely, A.; Corcoran, R.; Arif, S.; O’Dwyer, O.; Kearns, R.; Ward, L.; O’Brien, S.; Nolan, J.; Reddy, D.; Brennan, M.H.; Fitzgerald, H.; O’Callaghan, M.; Nugent, M., 2018:
304Geriatric Giants on the Acute Floor Geriatric Emergency Services (Gems) Team: An Acute Floor Frailty Model

Lynch, J.; McSorley, A.; McNally, R., 2018:
306A Happy Ending to a Sad Case - An Example of Teams Working Well Together

Hogan, F.H.; Anderson, M.; Ahern, A.; Yazbeck, J., 2018:
39To Sleep Perchance to Dream; A Nurseled Quality Improvement Project to Promote Non Pharmacological Management of Older Person Insomnia

Zafeiridi, P.; McMichael, A.; McGuinness, B., 2018:
42Transition to Care and Nursing homes for People with Dementia: Exploring Rates and Associated Factors

O’Donnell, D.; Shé, .N.; McCarthy, M.; Doran, T.; Donnellan, A.; Ruane, P.; Savin, B.; Smith, F.; Milton, J.; O’Brien, B.; Callan, E.; Thornton, S.; McAuliffe, E.; Gray, S.; O’Shea, D., 2018:
44The Three Ps of Co-Designing Person-Centred Care for Frail Older People in Acute Care Settings: Public, Patient and Practitioner Involvement

Ward, P.; Timmons, S.; Dolan, B., 2018:
46Staff Members Perceptions of the End Pj Paralysis Initiative

Gallagher, R.; Dunleavy, C.; McNulty, M.; O’Hara, R.; Fan, C.W.; Kennelly, S., 2018:
54Falls in Nursing Homes: Where, When and How Many

Newell, E.; Nolan, M.; O’Reilly, L.; Waldron, D., 2018:
55Mirror Therapy and Lower Limb Phantom Limb Pain - A Case Study

Hopper, L.; Diaz-Orueta, U.; Konstantinidis, E.; Bamidis, P., 2018:
56Coach Assistant via Projected and Tangible Interface (Captain): Co-production of a Radically New Human Computer Interface with Older Adults

Soh, J.; Jennings, C.; Tsering, L.; Collins, O., 2018:
58Think Delirium: Prevalence and Clinical Outcomes of Delirium in an Acute Medical Unit

Kennelly, B.; Whyte, R.; Daly, L.; Brady, A.-M.; Bracken-Scally, M.; Keogh, B.; Hynes, G., 2018:
62Inpatient Costs of Patients with Dementia in an Acute Hospital in Ireland: An Empirical Analysis

O'Driscoll, I.; Setti, A., 2018:
65A Mixed-Method Investigation of the Factors Influencing Leisurely Activity Choice in Older Adults

Cassarino, M.; Kenny, R.A.; Setti, A., 2018:
68The Geographies of Cognitive Ageing: Neighbourhood Distance from Cities and Cognitive Variations in The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing

McCullagh, R.; O’Connell, E.; O’Meara, S.; Dahly, D.; Horgan, N.F.; Timmons, S., 2018:
72An Augmented Prescribed Exercise Programme (Apep) for Frail Medical Inpatients: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Allen, A.P.; Buckley, M.; Chorcoráin, A.N.; Cryan, J.F.; Dinan, T.G.; Kearney, P.; Clarke, G.; William Molloy, D., 2018:
75Informal Caregiving for Dementia Patients: The Contribution of Patient Age, Cognitive and Functional Impairment and Challenging Behaviours to Caregiver Burden

Foley, T.; Sheehan, C.; O’Sullivan, T.; Jennings, A.A., 2018:
78What do Physiotherapists Need to Know about Dementia Care? A Focus Group Study

Costello, M.; Mulkerrin, P.; Reyes, J.D.; Keefe, S.O.; Mulkerrin, E., 2018:
81Shared Perspectives on Sedative Prescriptions in Acute Hospitals

Rourke, B.O.; Brophy, R.; Vallely, S.; Murphy, N.; Conroy, B.; Stout, C.; Cunningham, C.; Walsh, M.; Horgan, F., 2018:
83Does the Shoe Really Fit? Characterising Ill-Fitting Footwear among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Cahill, J.; Power, D.; Mackey, G.; O’Loughlin, S., 2018:
87New Technologies Supporting Patient Reablement, Wellness Monitoring and Staff Professionalism

Yi, L.; Xu, Y.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Z.; Caoimh, R.O.; Molloy, D.W., 2018:
89Comparison Study of The Montreal Cognitive Assessment(MoCa-Cn) and The Quick Mild Cognitive Impairment Screen (Qmci-Cn) in Post-Stroke Patients

Naughton, C.; O'Reilly, C.; O’Shaughnessy, I.; O’Callaghan, D.; McNamara, R.; Robinson, S.; Ó.Caoimh, R., 2018:
92Frailty Team Models in Ireland: Core Principles and Active Ingredients

Donnelly, N.A.; Merriman, N.; Sexton, E.; Bennett, K.; Williams, D.; Horgan, F.; Hickey, A.; Wren, M.-A., 2018:
93The StrokeCog Study: National Survey of Nursing Homes

Fox, S.; Drennan, J.; Guerin, S.; Kernohan, G.; Murphy, A.; Robins, A.; Timmons, S., 2018:
94A Scoping Review of the Evidence to Inform the Development of a Model for Dementia Palliative Care

Wahid, H.; Costello, M.; Leahy, A.; Gallagher, C.; Thavarajah, K.; Canavan, M.; Quinn, C.; Peters, C.; Connor, M.O.; Lyons, D., 2018:
97Generic Prescribing Rates in an Irish University Hospital

Gorman, M.O.; Wall, T.; Murphy, C.; Gantly, T.; Hearne, A.; Kehoe, T.; Montgomery, C.; Geoghagan, S.; Whyte, C.; Lyng, A.; Murphy, B.; Cooke, J.; Mulcahy, R.; Pope, G., 2018:
98Rehabilitation Dashboard: Integration and Streamlining of Services and Pathways for Older People

Leahy, A.; Costello, M.; Wahid, H.; Gallagher, C.; Thavarajah, K.; Canavan, M.; Quinn, C.; Peters, C.; Connor, M.O.; Lyons, D., 2018:
99Medication Errors: A Weighty Issue?

Rohde, D.; Gaynor, E.; Large, M.; Conwat, O.; Williams, D.; Bennett, K.; Callaly, E.; Dolan, E.; Hickey, A., 2018 :
100Cognitive Impairment in Stroke Patients Five Years Post-Stroke is Associated with Anxious and Depressive Symptoms in Family Members

McNicholas, T.; Tobin, K.; Carey, D.; Claffey, P.; Kenny, R.A., 2018:
103Atrial Fibrillation and Cognition at Four Year Follow Up Data from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (Tilda)

Hogan, P.C.P.; McGauran, J.; Rolston, A.; O’Brien, H.; O’Neill, D., 2018:
104Resistant Siadh Secondary to Atonic Bladder in an Older Woman

McGettigan, J.; Shanahan, E., 2018:
110An Audit of Adherence to Benzodiazepine Receptor Agonists (Bzra) Prescription Guidelines: Defeating Dependence in General Practice

Murphy, C.; Ali, S.; Traynor, B.; McKeown, R.; Basit, M.; Mulroy, M.; Bhuachalla, B.N.; Lynch, O., 2018:
116Medication Management in Acutely Hospitalised Patients with Parkinsons Disease: A Single Centre Audit

McLoughlin, A.; McSorley, A., 2018:
122Frailty in Older Adult Inpatients: A Comparison of Methods for Identification of Frailty

Fallon, A.; Jonsson, A.; Karpinski, S.; Hurson, C.; O’Hanlon, S.; Doyle, R., 2018:
123Characteristics Affecting One Year Mortality Rates in Older Hip Fracture Patients

Murphy, R.; Griffin, T.P.; Gorey, S.; Mannion, E.; O’Shea, P.; Mulkerrin, E.; Robinson, S., 2018:
124Understanding Vitamin D Levels in a Population of Frail Older Adults

Reilly, S.O.; Hartigan, D.; Jones, C.; Kennelly, S.; Ganley, N.; Hayes, S., 2018:
126Impact on Care Practices of Implementing a Multidisciplinary Dementia/Delirium Care Bundle on an Acute Medicine for Older Persons Ward

Condon, M.; Mannion, E.; Ghafar, Z.A.; Ali, B.; Small, M.; Collins, G.; Murphy, R.; Sharkey, A.; MacGearailt, C.; Hennebry, A.; Robinson, S.; Ó'Caoimh, R., 2018:
127Frailty as a Predictor of New Onset Urinary Incontinence Among Hospitalised Adults

Connor, E.O.; Dolan, E.; D’Alton, M.; Donohoe, J.; Connor, M.O.; Beirne, A., 2018:
1Do Cognitive Assessment Scores Post Stroke Correlate with the Mri?

Smith, E.; Fitzpatrick, P., 2018:
12A Change in the Age Profile of People Sustaining Spinal Cord Injury in Ireland

de Siún, A.; Cahalane, E., 2018:
51Establishing a Network of Community Based Memory Technology Resource Rooms

Carney, G., 2018:
73What are the Political Implications of Population Ageing? An Analysis of Media Representations of Older Voters Following the Brexit Referendum

D'Alton, M.; Malomo, K.; Beirne, A.; Uidhir, F.M.; Short, E.; O’Connor, M.; Dolan, E., 2018:
74The Patient Experience of Home Care Services

Jennings, A.A.; Linehan, M.; Foley, T., 2018:
77General Practitioners Knowledge of and Attitude Towards the Assessment and Management of Pain in People with Dementia

Brennan, M.; Noone, I.; Meagher, M.K.; Cassidy, T., 2018:
80Quality in Health Care Data: The Challenge?

Farooq, A.R.; Calacsan, F.; Hannan, M.; Scally, S.; Behan, R.; Walsh, D.; Bambrick, P.; Cooke, J.; Pope, G.; Horgan, A., 2018:
90Integrating Principles of Geriatric Care into Oncology A Collaborative Approach to Managing Older Patients with Cancer

Kilroy, S.; McKee, G.; Lynch, A., 2018:
157Role of Cardio-metabolic Risk Factors in the Relationship Between Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Disease: the Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing Tilda

Maxwell, K.; McGuinness, B., 2018:
120Demographics and Diagnoses of New Patients Seen at Memory Clinic: How Appropriate are Referrals?

Coleman, S.; Horgan, F.; Cunningham, C.; Murphy, N., 2018:
132Progressive Resistance Training in a Postacute, Older, Inpatient Population: A Randomised Controlled Feasibility Trial

Travers, J.; Romero-Ortuno, R.; Bailey, J.; Cooney, T., 2018:
134Delaying and Reversing Frailty: A Systematic Review of Primary Care Interventions

Doyle, R.; Marsden, P.; Kelly, P.; McCormack, J.; Clarke, S.; Barry, M.; Harbison, J., 2018:
144Analysis of National Prescribing Data and the Impact on the Rate of Stroke

Phelan, A.; McCarthy, S.; Forde, M.; Nicholson, E.; Lafferty, A.; McAuliffe, E.; O’Sullivan, L.; O’Shea, D.; Fealy, G., 2018:
146Feasibility of a Resilience-Enhancing Resource for Family Carers of People with Dementia

Reilly, P., 2018:
149Social Work: Key Facilitators in the Integrated Care Change Process

Lochlainn, M.N.; Frewen, J.; Bryant, C., 2018:
150Delirium is Highly Prevalent, Inadequately Screened for, Underdiagnosed, and Associated with Significant Mortality in a Large Urban Hospital

Usher, R.; Devine, M., 2018:
153Thriving Not Just Surviving: An Occupational Therapy Lifestyle Programme for Older Adults Living in Long-term Care

Irvine, J.; McDowell, V.; Kochithara, S., 2018:
155Improving Initial Screening, Investigation and Monitoring of Delirium in Medical Inpatients Over Age 65

Davey, N.; Doyle, M.; O’Donoghue, A.; Bolger, M.; Murphy, B.; O’Gorman, M.; Roche, S.; Phelan, N.; Ryan, S.; Brennan, J.; O’Shea, M.; Masombo, R.; Whelan, S.; O’Dwyer, N.; McCarthy, P., 2018:
156An Analysis of the Provision of Home Care Packages within a Specialist Community and Hospital Based Age Related Care Unit

Grey, T.; Xidous, D.; Kennelly, S.; Mahon, S.; Mannion, V.; DeFreine, P.; Murphy, N.; de Siún, A.; O’Neill, D., 2018:
166Dementia Friendly Hospitals from a Universal Design Approach: Research and Guidelines to Support People with Dementia, Accompanying Persons and Visitors

Zainal, T.; Healy, D.; Joyce, C.; Curran, C., 2018:
176New Proforma for Dnar and Treatment Escalation Plan (Tep) Improves Quality of Documentation in a Large Teaching Hospital

Gibney, S.; Moore, T.; Shannon, S., 2018:
177Investigating the Role of Age-Friendly Environments in Combating Social Loneliness among Older Adults in Ireland: Findings from a National Survey

O'Halloran, A.; Cruise, S.; Roe, L.; Scarlett, S.; O’Connell, M.; Kee, F.; Kenny, R.A., 2018:
180Frailty and Disability in Ireland North and South: Preliminary Evidence from Tilda and Nicola

Boland, M.; Keating, L.; Walsh, M., 2018:
182Prevalence of Frailty in Older Adults Referred to Primary Care Physiotherapy and the Influence of Frailty Screening on Physiotherapy Practice

Loughlin, E.; Gorey, S.; McCarthy, C.; Robinson, S.; Mulkerrin, E.; Mannion, E., 2018:
212How Older-Person-Friendly is our General Medical Ward? A Cross Sectional Study and Pre-Intervention analysis

Moore, K.; Hughes, C.; Porter, K.; Doherty, L.; Gaur, P.; Tracey, F.; O’Kane, M.; Jarret, H.; Ward, M.; Hoey, L.; Strain, J.J.; Pentieva, K.; Martínez, N.S.; Maestú, F.; Prasad, G., 2018:
214Effect of B-vitamin Supplementation on Cognitive Performance and Brain Function in The BrainHop Trial

Colgan, C.; Gallagher, S.; Heslin, C.; Fallon, C., 2018:
216The Implementation and Outcomes of a Swallow Screening Pathway for Stroke Patients in the Acute Setting

Daly, B.; Barry, P.; O’Connor, K.; Cronin, F.; Turvey, S.; Moriarty, E.; McHugh, S., 2018:
222Profile of Referrals for a Falls Risk Assessment Clinic

Murphy, R.; Murray, A.; Joyce, A.; O'Caoimh, R., 2018:
236Readmission Rates in Patients Discharged to Convalescence Type Transitional Care Beds after Acute Hospital Care

Gaffney, L.; Judge, C.; Morrison, L.; Costello, M.; Robinson, S.; Ó’Caoimh, R., 2018:
246Use of The Surprise Question in Predicting Adverse Outcomes Among Frail Older Patients after Hospital Admission

Gabr, A.; K., M.; T., K.; D., J.; C., N.; O.Hara, P.; Z., D.; G., D.; M., J.; C., M.; C., M.; L., A.; M.Manus, J.; L., D.; P., C., 2018:
250Improving Care for Patients with Intracerebral Haemorrhage

O'Donoghue, A.; Bambrick, P.; Bourke, R.; Bwalialsharabi, W.; Stoneman, S.; Bolger, M.; Roche, S.; O’Shea, A.; Shannon, C.; Phelan, N.; Ryan, S.; O’Gorman, M.; Doyle, M.; Masombo, R.; Brennan, J., 2018:
257So, You Want to Set up an Integrated Care Hub? A 10 month Review of Our Service

Wilson, M.; Doyle, J., 2018:
266User-Centered Design of a Mindfulness Application to Support Older Informal Carers

Stoneman, S.; Stam, S.; O’Donoghue, A.; Bolger, M.; Brennan, J.; McCarthy, M.; Bourke, R.; Bambrick, P.; Binalialsharabi, W.; Phelan, N.; Ryan, S.; Roche, S.; Shannon, C.; Masombo, R.; O’Shea, A., 2018:
270How an Integrated Care Project for Older People Reduces Crisis Presentations to the Emergency Department And Medical Admission

Kearns, R.; Cronin, C.; Jusmanova, K.; Arif, S.; McFeely, A.; Corcoran, R.; Ward, L.; O’Brien, S.; Nugent, M.; Reddy, D.; Fitzgerald, H.; O’Callaghan, M.; O’Dwyer, O.; Nolan, J.; Fagan, O., 2018:
295Outcomes of Older Surgical Patients with Frailty After Geriatric Emergency Service (Gems) Acute Floor Intervention

Claffey, P.; Briggs, R.; McNicholas, T.; Kenny, R.A., 2018:
302The Association of Diabetes and Cerebral Blood Flow in Community Dwelling Older Adults

Rogans-Watson, R.; M.-Miller, H.; B., C.; H., E., 2019:
76Community Geriatrics Training Is Invaluable: A Survey Of Geriatric Specialty Trainees

Tay, H.S.; Ablett, A.; E., L.A.; Browning, A.; G., J.; O., S.; M., P.K.; Hewitt, J., 2019:
77Older People Surgical Outcomes Collaboration: Academic Training And Development

Ralston, L.; O.Rourke, R., 2019:
78Poor Attitudes Towards Older Patients Amongst Junior Doctors: The Contribution Of Medical Uncertainty

Nayar, S.; X., K.; B., P., 2019:
80Postoperative Delirium Following Cardiothoracic Surgery: A Nursing Perspective

Kerss, H.; N., J.; C., P.; K., J., 2019:
87 Moving Medicine - A National Physical Activity Resource For Falls And Frailty

Sessa, M.E.; Silva, V.M.; Testa, D.; M., F.H.; Melo, R.C., 2019:
90Effects Of Active Video Game Training On Postural Control Of Older Adults

Borgstrom, E.; S., R.; K., S.A.; Hindley, E.; T., D.; S., E.; G., N.; H., R., 2019:
93Practices, Issues And Possibilities At The Interface Between Geriatrics And Palliative Care: An Exploratory Study (Ingap)

Parekh, N.; A., K.; S., J.M.; Davies, G.; S., R.; H., J.; V. der Cammen, T.; R., C., 2019 :
95Frailty Predicts Medication-Related Harm Requiring Healthcare: A Uk Multicentre Prospective Cohort Study

Blomaard, L.C.; Booijen, A.M.; Lucke, J.A.; de Gelder, J.; G., J.; de Groot, B.; M., S.P., 2019:
100Adherence To Geriatric Emergency Department Guidelines In Routine Care

Blomaard, L.C.; van Baarle, F.E.H.P.; Lucke, J.A.; de Gelder, J.; G., J.; de Groot, B.; M., S.P., 2019:
101Older Patients' Satisfaction With Emergency Department Care

Steel, N.; F., J.; L., L.; S., C.; S., A.; M., J.; C., A.; T., D., 2019:
104Goal Setting For Patients With Multimorbidity In Primary Care: A Cluster Randomised Feasibility Trial

Logan, G.; R., S.J.; Burton, J.K., 2019:
110One Chance To Get It Right: Exploring Different Perspectives On Decision Making For Care Home Discharge

Farid, A., 2019:
111Review Of Animal Assisted Therapy With Visiting Dogs In Dementia

Niechcial, M.A.; Vaportzis, E.; G., A.J., 2019:
112What Keeps You Sharp? PeopleS Views About Preserving Thinking Skills In Old Age

Rowley, M.; P., A.; K., H.; S., N.; F., J.; V.-Moraga, A., 2019:
114Frailty As A Predictor Of 12-Month Mortality In Older Patients Undergoing Emergency Laparotomy: A Prospective Study

Li, H.C.; Taylor, M., 2019:
116What Factors Known At The Time Of Admission Are Predictive Of Increased Mortality: A Retrospective Linear Multiple Regression Analysis Of Admission Data From 23,151 New Patient Episodes

Li, H.C.; Taylor, M., 2019:
117Advanced Age And The Presentation Of Frailty, Rather That Single System Diagnoses, Are The Main Predictors Of Inpatient Length Of Stay: A Retrospective Linear Multiple Regression Analysis Of 23,151 Admission Episodes

Everson, J.; G., P.; K., M.; J., J.; B., L., 2019:
118Urinalysis And Uti In Geriatric Patients - A Review Of Performance In A District General Hospital

King, P.; B., C.; T., D., 2019:
119Characteristics And Outcomes Following Emergency Admission Amongst Oldest Old In A District General Hospital

Crawford, A.; D., S.; M., C.; M.Millan, G.; W., L., 2019:
2Head Over Heels

Ghouri, B.; F., M., 2019:
6Think Gold Standard Framework, Improve End Of Life Care

Jefferson-Loveday, C.A., 2019:
7A New Virtual Ward; Assessing Its Impact On Elderly Patients In The Poole North Locality In Poole, Uk

Nelson, C.; A., L., 2019:
8The Effectiveness Of Delivering Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments In The Emergency Department

Rabiu, A.; M., A.; M., D.; K., M., 2019:
10The Effect Of Oral Anticoagulation On Meeting Best Practice Tariff Time-To-Surgery Target For Fragility Hip Fractures

Vale, J.; B., K.; M., C.; A., J.; R., P.; O.Toole, R.; W., E., 2019:
16Pop-Up Delirium Simulation Training

Ekwegh, U., 2019:
17Improving Collaboration In The Care Of The Frail Older Person Across The Primary-Secondary Interface

Ralston, L.; S., K.; F., H., 2019:
19An Innovative Multidisciplinary Medicines Review Clinic For Frail Older Patients With Problematic Polypharmacy

Kessler, M.; D., L.; B., D.; H., S.; C., E.; H., A., 2019:
22A Trial Of A Frailty In-Reach Team Into A General Medical Admissions Unit At Lincoln County Hospital

Navaneetharaja, N.; M., A.; H., K.; M.Millan, F.; A., C.; L., K.; W., M.; B., S.; M., H.; P., M., 2019:
23Evaluating The First Older PeopleS Emergency Department

Collins, P.; E., R.; P., H.P., 2019:
26Implementing The Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (Cga) At University Hospital Southampton

Dharamshi, R.; P., H.; S., K., 2019:
27The Weymouth And Portland Integrated Care Hub

Karlekar, R.; T., W.; L., E., 2019:
29Staying Steady: Impact Of 3 - Month Group Exercise Programs - A Survey

Chowienczyk, S.; R., A.; C., H.; W., T.; H., A., 2019:
32Improving The Care Of Patients Who Require Rapid Tranquilisation: A Clinical Audit

Walters, S.; C., R.; K., J.; Z., C.; K., T.; T., S., 2019:
33Best Practice Tariff For Fragility Hip Fractures - A Completed Audit Cycle In A District General Hospital

Singh, S.; A., T.; Q., P.; R., S.H.; Wilson, S.; T., A.; M., R., 2019:
34Assessment Of Pharmacological Approaches In Behavioural And Psychological Symptoms Of Dementia With Or Without Specialist Input

Jackson, E.G.; Stowe, S., 2019 :
37A Quality Improvement Project To Reduce Inappropriate Blood Testing For Hip Fracture Patients

McGinley, H.; C., P., 2019:
39Proactive Identification, Assessment And Treatment Of Moderately Frail Patients In North Islington

Pepper, O.; J., D., 2019:
40Identification And Referral Of Frail Elderly Surgical Patients To The Elderly Care Assessment Team (Ecat)

Robinson, P.N.; Steel, A.; H., H.; C., L.; A., C.; P., A.; G., T., 2019:
41Care Homes Learning Together Initiative: A Collaborative Approach To Care Home Medicine

Honney, K.; M., A.; N., H.; F., J., 2019:
48Is Advanced Care Planning Helping Older Community Dwellers Achieve Their Preferred Place Of Care?

Whyte, L.; Y., L., 2019:
50Do Not Attempt Resuscitation Decisions And Patient Capacity

Abbott, L.J., 2019:
51Proactive Frailty Management Within An Integrated Care System

Everett, R.; C., P.; P., H.P., 2019:
53Advanced Clinical Practitioners And Their Role In Delivering Cga To Streamline The Management Of Patients Living With Frailty

Sivagnanam, T.; G., V.; V., A.; S., S., 2019:
54Improve The Diagnosis And Management Of Delirium By Using 4At In Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

Gupta, S.; S., S.; A., F., 2019:
55Project For Vascular Geriatrician Input

Woods, S.; C., C., 2019:
57Identifying Care Home Patients In The Last Twelve Months Of Life

Sommerville, P.; R., J.; P., C.; M., G.; C., C.; H., A., 2019:
62Delirium 5: An Intervention To Improve Safety And Reliability In Delirium Care

Zamfirescu, A.; T., C.; A., S.M.; Dascalescu, R.; C., A., 2019:
65Prevalence Of Vitamin D Deficiency In Romanian Elderly Patients With Osteoporosis And Cardiovascular Diseases

Johansen, A.; L., M.; H., J.; W., R.; B., C.; D., R., 2019:
66Introducing A National Programme Of Screening With The 4A Test To Identify Delirium - The Commonest Complication Of Hip Fracture Surgery

Vilches-Moraga, A.; S., N.; R., M.; K., H.; P., A.; P., A.; P., A.; M.-Alhambra, L.; F., J., 2019:
67The Older Emergency General Surgery Patient. Factors Present At The Time Of Hospital Admission That Are Predictive Of Death At 12-Months: Salford Pops-Gs

Wilkinson, I.; G., S.; B., S.; T., P.; G.-Royal, T., 2019:
69Can P1Np Levels Aid Decision Making In Patients Who Sustain A Hip Fracture Whilst On Bisphosphonate Treatment?

Tannenbaum, C.; Fritel, X.; Halme, A.; van den Heuvel, E.; Jutai, J.; Wagg, A., 2019:
Long-term effect of community-based continence promotion on urinary symptoms, falls and healthy active life expectancy among older women: cluster randomised trial

Maung, T.; S., K., 2019:
1Regular Monitoring With Stool Chart Prevents Constipation, Urinary Retension And Delirium In Elderly Patients: An Audit Leading To Clinical Effectiveness, Efficiency And Patient Centredness

Hood, C.; C., O.J.; Swanston, E., 2019:
3Delirium Assessment: Are Health Professionals Confused?

Sharman, H.; Q., T.; W., Z., 2019:
13Introduction Of Older Persons Assessment And Liaison (Opal) Solihull And Its Impact On Discharge And Readmissions

Scaife, J.; B., P.; J., C.; W., V.; R., L.; M., A.; L., E.; R., O.; M., C.; W., N.; D., R.; S., E.; L., N.; H., W.; H., C., 2019:
20Integrated Care Of Older People (Icop): A New Service Delivering Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (Cga) On The Acute Assessment Unit At Singleton Hospital: Results Of 2 Pdsa Cycles

Owen, L.; P., J.; L., C.; B., J.; B., A.; L., A.; B., D.; M., S., 2019:
22The Frailty Journey From Early Recognition To End Of Life: An Innovative Multidisciplinary Learning Event

Smithard, D.G.; Morris, J.S.; Hollwey, F.; H., D.; P., R.A.; Griffith, R.; L., T.; D.-Reed, E.; W., D.J., 2019:
32A Patients Charter To Improve Medication Administration For Patients In Care Homes: Implementation And Pilot

Manning, R.; C., A.; W., L., 2019:
34After A Fall: The Use Of A Pro Forma To Improve Assessment

Lewis, G.; M., T.; M., M.; K., H.; K., R., 2019:
35Is Your Patient More Confused Than Normal? A Complete Audit Cycle On The Diagnosis And Management Of Delirium At Watford General Hospital

Downing, J.; O.Brien, A.; R., F.; W., H.; B., S.J.; Wildblood, B.; B., S.; S., M.; B., E., 2019:
39Mdtea Trolley: A Multidisciplinary Teaching To Improve Knowledge And Confidence In Recognising And Managing Delirium

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61A Junior Doctor Intervention To Improve Patient Experience On Geriatric Wards

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