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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67661

Chapter 67661 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tomerak, R.; Badawy, A.E.; Eskander, A.; Mahmoud, A., 2012:
Does Bloody Aspirate Reflect the State of Upper Gastrointestinal Mucosa in a Critically ill Newborn?

Chang, M.; Kang, H., 2012:
The Effect of a Fish-Oil-Based Lipid Emulsion on the Parenteral Nutrition-Associated Liver Disease in Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Hassan, T.; Quinn, S., 2012:
Review of Ttg Versus Small Intestinal Biopsy Results; Do We Still Need Duodenal Biopsy to Diagnose Coeliac Disease?

Mihai, C., 2012:
Wilson'S Disease: A Challenging Diagnosis. Clinical Manifestations and Diagnostic Procedures in 32 Patients

Cox, K.; Vles, H.; Zimmermann, L.; Gavilanes, D., 2012:
Brain Genomic Response after Perinatal Asphyxia and Fetal Asphyctic Preconditioning

Okada, T.; Honda, S.; Miyagi, H.; Taketomi, A., 2012:
Bacterial 16S R Rna Genetic Markers for Fecal Samples to Differentiate Choledochal Cyst from Biliary Atresia

Malek, I.; Khelifa, H.B.; Abdallah, I.B.; Hannen, H.; Mougou-Zerelli, S.; Seboui, H.; Ghezal, H.E.; Saad, A., 2012:
Molecular Cytogenetic and Comparative Genomic Hybridization Analysis in Newborns with Congenital Heart Diseases

Gucev, Z.; Riepe, F.; Gharavi, A.; Sanna-Cherchi, S.; Tasic, V., 2012:
Duplication of the Sox3 Gene in a Sry Negative 46, Xx Male

Pac-KoZuchowska, E.; Mroczkowska-Juchkiewicz, A.; Pawlowska-Kamieniak, A.; Kominek, K.; Golyska, D., 2012:
Cholesterol Ester Transfer Protein Gene Polymorphism and Selected Lipids Parameters in Children from Families with History of Cvs Diseases

Ghasemi, A.; Keikhaei, B.; Zandian, K.; Galedari, H., 2012:
Detection of Intron 22 Gene Inversion (Common Mutation) in Severe Hemophilia a in Khouzestan Province

Macastena-Maxhuni, R.; Grajqevci-Uka, V.; Abrashi, B.; Selimi, F., 2012:
The Effect of Chemotherapy of Nephroblastoma a Treatment

Neamtu, M.; Dobrota, L.; Neamtu, M.; Diac, F.; Simina, I., 2012:
The Effectiveness of Rdw-Cv in Differentiating Microcytic Anemia

Sharma, R.; Anand, R.; Chandra, J.; Seth, A.; Pemde, H.; Singh, V., 2012:
Distal Ulnar Changes in Thalassemic Children with Deferiprone Related Arthropathy

Aqrabawi, H., 2012:
The Use of Pentaglobulin in Neonatal Immune Hemolytic Anaemia

O'Hare, P.; Moody, A.; Zerb, T.; Lancaster, D., 2012:
A Review of Toleration of Pnuemocystis Carinii Pneumonitis (Pcp) Prophylaxis Treatment in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

Tarasova, I.; Chernov, V., 2012:
Excessive Menstrual Bleeding is a Risk Factor of Anemia in Adolescent Schoolgirls

Hamed, H.; Zahran, A., 2012:
Platelets Antibodies and Serum Leptin in Childhood Immunothrombocytopenic Purpura

Begun, I., 2012 :
Hemodynamic Supply of the Affected of Nephroblastoma Kidney

Krivitski, N.; Kislukhin, V.; Thuramalla, N.; Kriksunov, A., 2012:
New Dilution Method For Qp/Qs Measurement in Patients with Single Ventricle (Sv) Anatomy

Bravo, M.; Lopez-Ortego, P.; Sanchez, L.; Riera, J.; Cabanas, F.; Perez-Fernandez, E.; Quero, J.; Pellicer, A., 2012:
Seeking for Definitions of Poor Perfusion States (Pps) In Low Birth Weight Infants (Lbwi) (Part I)

Vijlbrief, D.; Benders, M.; Kemperman, H.; Bel, F.v.; Vries, W.d., 2012:
Fetal Hypoxia-Ischemia is Related to Circulatory Compromise in Preterm Infants

Urbano, J.; Gonzalez, R.; Solana, M.; Lopez, J.; Botran, M.; Garcia, A.; Lopez-Herce, J., 2012:
Predictors of Fluid Response in a Animal Model of Hemorrhagic Shock

Banieghbal, B., 2012:
Palmer's Point for Safe Insertion of Percutaneous Dialysis Catheter in Neonates

Takci, S.; Gharibzadeh, M.; Yurdakok, M.; Akcoren, Z.; Korkmaz, A.; Yigit, S., 2012:
Etiology and Outcome of Hydrops Fetalis: A Single Center Experience in Turkey

Ismail, S.; Dughiem, A.; Abusuliman, R.; Kabbani, M.; Najm, H., 2012:
Effect of Body Weight on the Outcome of Ventricular Septal Defect Repair

Kanthimathinathan, H.; Scholefield, B.; Raman, S.; Hussey, A.; Haigh, F.; Skellet, S.; Duncan, H.; Peters, M.; Morris, K., 2012:
Arterial Oxygen Tension and Outcome After Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Children

Stabouli, S.; Violaki, A.; Volakli, E.; Kalamitsou, S.; Kotsiou, M.; Sdougka, M., 2012:
Morbidity and Mortality in Critically ill Children with Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Berg, M.S..d.; Joosen, C.; Tibboel, D.; Ista, E.; Gischler, S., 2012:
Pallieterburght: Development of a High Dependence Transitional Care Unit

Odek, C.; Kendirli, T.; Vatansever, G.; Dogu, F.; Ikinciogullari, A., 2012:
Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Outcomes and Mortality-Associated Risk Factors

Shetty, S.; Kennea, N.; Giuliani, S.; Desai, P.; Richards, J., 2012:
Length of Hospital Stay (Los) of Neonates Undergoing Surgery at a Tertiary Neonatal Unit

Nosherwan, A.; Gill, I.; Walsh, H.; Knowles, S.; Twomey, A., 2012:
An Audit of the Use of Picc Lines in Preterm Infants (< 33Weeks) in a Tertiary Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Leite, H.; Iglesias, S.d.O.; Lima, L.; Oliveira, S.d., 2012:
Hypoalbuminemia is Independently Associated with Morbidity and Mortality in Critically ill Children

Bilge, Y.D.; Tasar, M.; Dogan, A.; Arikan, F., 2012:
Vitamin D Status is not Associated with the Recurrent Wheezy in Infancy

Erol, >I.; Kilicaslan, B.; Demir, S.; Gulcan, H.; Alehan, F., 2012:
Acute Transverse Myelitis in a Pediatric Case of Lyme Disease

Bin-Nakhi, H.; Bu-Hamrah, E.; Sadeq, S.; Moodambail, A., 2012:
The Value of a Positive Nitrate Test in Routine Urine Analysis for the Diagnosis of Childhood Uti

Ozkaya-Parlakay, A.; Kara, O.; Kara, A.; Ozyuncu, O., 2012:
View of Pregnant Women About Pandemic Influenza Vaccine Prior to Pandemia

Kousouri, M.; Roumbani, E.; Koutsaftiki, C.; Balaska, A.; Papantzimas, K.; Myriokefalitakis, N., 2012:
Refractory Case of Kawasaki Disease with Hemolytic Anemia: Correlation with Mycoplasmatic Infection

Steen, O.V.d.; Gunjaca, M.; Klepac, V.; Gross, B.; Notario, G.; Miri, F., 2012:
Respiratory Syncytial Virus as Cause of Lower Respiratory Tract Infection in Young Children in Central and Eastern Europe

Almatti, A., 2012:
Urinary Tract Infections in Children in Jordan: The Microbial Pattern and Resistance to Antibiotics

Damodaran, S.; Erumbala, G.; Abraham, D.; Doddamani, L., 2012:
A Rare, But Serious Side Effect of Methylphenidate

Adzhygafarova, E., 2012:
Analysis of the Incidence of Giardiasis in Children with Atopic Dermatitis

Chiaretti, A.; Valentini, P.; Pierri, F.; Fantacci, C.; Genovese, O.; Buonsenso, D., 2012:
Intranasal Midazolam and Ketamine for Gastric Aspirates in Children Evaluated for Suspected Tuberculosis

Terzic, D.; Dupanovic, B.; Andric, B.; Djecevic, J.; Terzic, Z., 2012:
Clinics Similarities and Differences of Acute Viral Infections Hepatitis A And E in Children in Montenegro

Aniszewska, M.; Kowalik-Mikolajewska, B.; Pokorska-Spiewak, M.; Pluta, M.; Marczynska, M., 2012:
Neonate Skin Laceration During Delivery as Iatrogenic Risk Factor of Mother-To-Child Hcv Infection

Pourshafie, M.; Talebi, M.; Saifi, M., 2012:
Characterization of Enterococci Causing Catheter- Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Children in Iran

Nazarchuk, O.; Nazarchuk, G.; Paliy, D.; Dmytriiev, D., 2012:
The Resistance of S. Aureus to Antibacterials in Children

Kowalik-Mikolajewska, B.; Aniszewska, M.; Marczynska, M., 2012:
The Variability in the Course of Hepatitis B in Children After Mother-To-Child Transmission as a Reason to Adjust Treatment

Kreymborg, K.g.; Stojkovic, M.; Junghanss, T.; Hirschburger, M.; Zimmer, K., 2012:
Two Cases of Gigantic Juvenile Cystic Echinococcosis

Stavileci, V.; Begolli, M.; Keka, A., 2012:
Acute Pyelonephritis and Diagnostic Parameters

Nangia, S.; Saili, A.; Madhesiya, S.; Dhingra, P.; Dhingra, U.; Dutta, A.; Menon, V.; Black, R.; Gupta, S.; Ahmed, A.; Sazawal, S., 2012:
Effect of 4% Chlorhexidine Cord Cleansing on Colonisation and Bacterial Count in Hospital Born Neonates

Barkat, A.; Benmiloud, L.; Kabiri, M., 2012:
Newborns and Infectious Risks:Experience of Maternity Hospital Souissi-Rabat

Hassan, M.; John, L.; Hassan, M., 2012:
Antimicrobial Utilization Pattern in Respiratory Tract Infections Among Pediatric Population in Ajman, Uae

Ho, D.; Collier, J.; Abdelaziz, M.; John, C., 2012:
Functional Antibody Assay: How Useful is it in Recurrent Respiratory Tract Infections?

Moliterno, F.; Veiga, E.; Moliterno, N.; Veiga, A.; Cordeiro, S.; Nogueira, S., 2012:
Pneumonia in Childhood: Use of Penicillin as Monotherapy Treatment

Mansour, M.; Deraz, T.; Bendary, S.; Aboelamayem, A., 2012 :
Detection of Rsv Types A & B and Influenza Virus Types A & B in Cap by Reverse Transcription-Multiplex Pcr

Horlenko, O.; Stoika, N.; Polyak, M., 2012:
Rotavirus Diarrhoea in the Children from Endemic Region

Navidinia, M.; Peerayeh, S.N.; Fallah, F.; Bakhshi, B.; Adabian, S.; Gholinejad, Z.; Alimehr, S.; Malekan, M., 2012:
Virulence Factors of Uropathogenic and Commensal Escherichia Coli Pathotypes in Patients with Urinary Tract Infection

Capretti, M.; Angelis, M.D.; Spinelli, M.; Marsico, C.; Tridapalli, E.; Moroni, A.; Marangoni, A.; Corvaglia, L.; Faldella, G., 2012:
Diagnosis and Prognosis of Congenital Toxoplasmosis

Groselj-Grenc, M.; Derganc, M.; Kopitar, A., 2012:
Neutrophil Cd64 Index (Cd64In) in Cerebrospinal Fluid in Diagnosing Bacterial Ventriculitis in Children with External Ventricular Drainage

Boiy, T.; Esbroeck, M.V.; Wojciechowski, M., 2012:
Intestinal Parasites in Internationally Adopted Children in Belgium

Bouanene, I.; Soltani, M.; Mhamdi, S.E.; Trabelsi, A.; Hamida, E.B.; Ghorbel, M.B., 2012:
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Paediatric Rotavirus Gastroenteritis in Tunisia

Liebrand, C.; Bouwman, M.; Ahout, I.; Kox, M.; Neeleman, C., 2012:
Autonomic Dysfunction in Infants with Rsv Infection

Nezgoda, I.; Bodnariuk, O., 2012:
Changes of Intestinal Secretory Immunoglobulin a in Children with Rotavirus Infection

Kage, A., 2012:
Management of Peri-Orbital/Orbital Cellulitis in Childrenacross Two District General Hospitals

Garcez, C.; Carvalho, S.; Martins, S.; Pontes, T.; Antunes, A.; Goncalves, A.; Moreira, C.; Antunes, H., 2012:
Miliary Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent Child

Abbasi, F.; Vahdani, P.; Korooni, S.; Naderi, A., 2012:
Multiple Huge Hydatid Cysts of Liver

Surmik, J.; Emich-Widera, E.; Wroblewska, J.; Maruniak-Chudek, I.; Kluczewska, E., 2012:
The Diagnostic Value of Neuroimaginig in Recognizing and Therapy Monitoring of Encephalitis and Meningitis in Children

Cerritelli, F.; Barlafante, G.; Renzetti, C.; Ricci, F.; Loprete, N.; Pizzolorusso, G.; Fusilli, P.; D'Incecco, C., 2012:
Is the Placebo Effect Revealable in Newborns? Results from an Rct in Osteopathy

Puppala, N.; Atanasov, K.; Ali, S.; Phatak, R.; Parkins, K., 2012:
Role of a Regional Retrieval Service in Providing Safe and Sustainable Cardiac Services for Children

Accorsi, A.; Lucci, C.; Pizzolorusso, G.; Tubaldi, L.; Cerritelli, F.; Perri, F., 2012:
Neonatology-Osteopathy (Ne-O) Study: Rct on the Effect of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment on Los

Lakin, B.; Parkins, K.; Walker, C.; Barber, R.; Santo, S.; Claydon-Smith, K., 2012:
Regional Paediatric Intensive Care (Pic) Transport Services: Benefits of 2 Becoming 1!

Qiu, W.; Shen, H., 2012:
The Clinical Characteristics and Microsurgery for Tumors in the Fourth Ventricle Tumors in Children

Cardoso, K.; Vieira, F.; Abecasis, F.; Baptista, P.; Boto, L.; Rios, J.; Camilo, C.; Vieira, M.; Correia, M., 2012:
Transcranial Doppler Monitoring in Traumatic Brain Injury in Children

Lange, A.; Spoo, R.; Thyrian, R.; Hoffmann, W.; Lode, H.; Heckmann, M., 2012:
Population-Based Study to Evaluate the Neonatal Morbidity and Mortality in Maternal Diabetes

Berglund, S.; Westrup, B.; Hagglof, B.; Hernell, O.; Domellof, M., 2012:
Effects Of Iron Supplementation Of Low Birth Weight Infants On Cognition And Behavior At 3 Years

Soler, P.G.; Martin, M.V.; Martinez, A.M.; Gomez, J.G.; Manso, G.M., 2012:
Noninvasive Ventilation in Children, Can we Predict its Failure?

Stabouli, S.; Violaki, A.; Volakli, E.; Vogiatzi, L.; Skoumis, K.; Sdougka, M., 2012:
Impact of Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia on Treatment and Length of Stay in Critically Pediatric Patients with Lower Respiratory System Infection

Kambhampati, S.; Kache, S.; Williamson, J.; Roberts, T.; Messing, S.; Arimura, J., 2012:
Evaluating the Effects of Airway Pressure Release Ventilation, a Novel Mode of Ventilation, in Children with Acute Respiratory Failure

Flechelles, O.; Hernert, P.; Cheriet, F.; Zaglam, N.; Emeriaud, G.; Jouvet, P., 2012:
Validation of Pediatric Cardiorespiratory Simulator: Simulresp

White, D.; Harvey, M., 2012:
Monitoring and Prevention of Unplanned Extubations

Mazela, J.; Chmura, K.; Kulza, M.; Florek, E.; Gregory, T.; Henderson, C.; Keszler, M., 2012:
Calculated Inhaled Albuterol Dose and Delivered Albuterol Dose During Simulated Infant Ventilation Using a Novel Ventilator Circuit Connector

Deasy, A.; Elbadry, M.; Loftus, A.; Nicholson, A.; O'Neill, M., 2012:
Clinical Uncertainty and the Paediatric Trainee

Kundasamy, P.; Blake, J., 2012:
Evaluation of Learning Opportunities During Paediatric Attachment: an Online Survey of Mbbs5 Students

Sinitsyn, P.; Shcherbakova, M.; Sherashov, A.; Petriaykina, E., 2012:
Influence of Blood Pressure Upon Regulation of Lipid Metabolism in Obese Children

Horlenko, O.; Rusyn, V.; Boldizhar, O.; Horlenko, F.; Kishko, N.; Yankovska, A.; Moskal, O.; Pushkarenko, O.; Tomey, A.; Kosssey, G., 2012:
Mineral Profile of Pneumococcal Diseases in the Children

Antolin, L.F.; Medinilla, E.M.; Alonso, J.B.; Lopez, V.N.; Nieto, J.S.; Cardona, A.U.; Ortiz, A.J.; Salinas, C.S., 2012:
Aminoacidopathies: Review and Data of 12 Years Experience from a Spanish Tertiary Care Center

Hanedar, Y.; Yalindag-Ozturk, N.; Hekim, N., 2012:
A Hypotonic Infant with Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase (Mthfr) Deficiency; Homozygous Mutation of C.1015T>G in Mtfhr Gene

Abed, S., 2012:
Urea Cycle Defects- Misdiagnoses and Wrong Diagnoses

Huseynova, S.; Alasgarova, S.; Mukhtarova, S.; Ali-Zade, S., 2012:
Increased Plasma and Urine Nitric Oxide Level in Intrauterine Growth Restricted Late Preterm Infants

Johner, S.; Remer, T., 2012:
Iodine Status in Preschool Children and Evaluation of Major Dietary Iodine Sources: A German Experience

Ahmed, S.; Arasu, A., 2012:
Ethical Dilemma in Neonatology

Smirk, C.; Bowman, E.; Doyle, L.; Kamlin, C., 2012 :
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: an Evaluation of an Infant Home-Based Withdrawal Program (Ihbw)

Yar, M.; Syed, R.; Al-Seoud, M.A., 2012:
Mega Cisterna Magna Diagnostic Dilemma

Walsh, S.F.; Kolind, S.; Nam, K.; Walshe, M.; O'Muircheartaigh, J.; Deoni, S.; Williams, S.; Murray, R.; Allin, M.; Nosarti, C., 2012:
Myelin is Differentially Associated with Resting State Functional Connectivity in Adults Who were Born Very Preterm and Controls

Looney, A.; Kelly, L.; Walsh, B.; Boylan, G.; Muttukrishna, S., 2012:
Is the Use of Placental Biopsy Feasible for Biomarker Analysis in Neonatal Encephalopathy?

Wroblewska, J.; Surmik, J.; Maruniak-Chudek, I.; Swietlinski, J., 2012:
Reference Values of Ultrasound Brain Measurements in Preterm Newborn Infants

Costa, P.; Sampaio, I.; Cardoso, K.; Moniz, C.; Graca, A., 2012:
Does Cerebral Oxygenation Aid in Outcome Prediction in Asphyxiated Newborns Submitted to Hypothermia?

Llewellyn, C.; Kapetanakis, A.; Goyal, S., 2012:
Early Eeg in Infants with Hypoxic Iscaemic Encephalopathy: Possible Influences of Therapeutic Hypothermia

Kulali, F.; Altuntas, N.; Kazanci, E.; Aktas, S.; Unal, S.; Hirfanoglu, I.; Onal, E.; Turkyilmaz, C.; Koc, E.; Atalay, Y.; Ergenekon, E.; Gucuyener, K., 2012:
Risk Factors for Posthemorrhagic Hydrocephalus in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Korotchikova, I.; Ryan, C.; Boylan, G., 2012:
Sleep-Wake Cycling in Healthy Term Newborn Infants in The Immediate Postnatal Period

Posod, A.; Krepp, Y.; Neubauer, V.; Wegleiter, K.; Urbanek, M.; Keller, M.; Kiechl-Kohlendorfer, U.; Griesmaier, E., 2012 :
The Highly Selective Sigma-1 Receptor Agonist Pre-084 Reduces Inflammation-Sensitized Hyperoxia-Induced Injury in the Developing Rat Brain

Feenstra, J.; Lee, P.; Xu, D.; Bonifacio, S.; Ferriero, D.; Barkovich, A.; Glass, H., 2012:
Seizures are Associated with Altered Hippocampal Diffusion in Neonates with Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Parkes, L.; Atkinson, J.; Miyan, J.; Hendrickson, A.; Victor, S., 2012:
Relationship Between Neurotrophins and Brain Structure in Preterm Growth Restricted Babies

Ghaddhab, C.; Lefevre, N.; Wayenberg, J.; Bottari, S., 2012:
Hypoglycemia Induces a Nitro-Oxidative Stress in Preterm Newborns

Eliwan, H.; O'Hare, F.; Sweetman, D.; Watson, W.; O'Neill, A.; Molloy, E., 2012:
Activated Protein C Decreases Endotoxin-Induced Inflammatory Responses in Infants with Neonatal Encephalopathy

Vasiljevic, B.; Maglajlic, S.; Gojnic, M.; Lutovac, D.; Bogicevic, D., 2012:
Are Lactat Dehydrogenase and Neuron Specific Enolase Analyses Good Diagnostic Tools for Assessing Extension of Perinatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury?

Avasiloaiei, A.; Dimitriu, C.; Bivoleanu, A.; Paduraru, L.; Stamatin, M., 2012:
Long-Term Outcome of Term Newborns with Perinatal Asphyxia - Predictive Factors

McKeering, C.; Gaydecki, P.; Hendrickson, A.; Jennings, C.; Victor, S., 2012:
Continuous Carbon Dioxide Monitoring Using Features Of Neonatal Electroencephalography

Povazai, K.; Molnar, E.; Chilton, M.; Kapetanakis, A., 2012:
Implementing a Therapeutic Hypothermia Program for the Treatment of Perinatal Hypoxic Encephalopathy: Experience from a Uk Tertiary Neonatal Centre

Solberg, R.; Pankratov, L.; Saugstad, O., 2012:
Resuscitation with Hydrogen Gas Mixed Into Synthetic Air Reduces Apoptosis in Neonatal Hypoxia-Ischemia Piglet Model

Eiby, Y.; Wright, L.; Lumbers, E.; Colditz, P.; Lingwood, B., 2012:
A Pig Model of the Preterm Neonate: Anthropometric and Physiological Characteristics

Oncel, M.; Yurttutan, S.; Uras, N.; Altug, N.; Ozdemir, R.; Ekmen, S.; Erdeve, O.; Dilmen, U., 2012:
An Alternative Drug (Paracetamol) in the Management of Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Ibuprofen Resistant or Contraindicated Preterm Infants

Tempera, A.; Piastra, M.; Luca, E.; Rosa, G.D.; Buffone, E.; Conti, G.; Carolis, M.D., 2012:
Levosimendan Rescue Therapy in Non-Cardiosurgical Neonates with Heart Failure: a Case Series

Annagur, A.; Altunhan, H.; Konak, M.; Karaaslan, S.; Ors, R., 2012:
Evaluation of Oral Prostaglandin E1 in Management of Ductus Dependent Congenital Heart Disease

Nath, P.; Avondo, M.; Roy, R., 2012:
The Effect of Platelet Count on Successful Medical Closure of Patent Ductus Arteriosus

Hadimujic-Konjalic, E.; Mesihovic-Dinarevic, S.; Terzic, S., 2012:
Morphohemodynamic Monitoring of Pulmonary Artery in Premature Infants

Mohlkert, L.; Halvorsen, C.; Sjoberg, G.; Hallberg, J.; Norman, M., 2012:
Right Heart Dimensions and Function at 6 Years-Of-Age Using 2D- and 3D-Echocardiography

Gupta, N.; Kamlin, C.; Stewart, M.; Cheung, M.; Patel, N., 2012:
Predictors of Duct Dependent Congenital Heart Disease in Infants Transferred by Newborn Emergency Transport Service (Nets) Victoria

Karadag, N.; Dilli, D.; Karagol, B.; Dursun, A.; Kundak, A.; Hakan, N.; Orun, U.A.; Beken, S.; Zenciroglu, A.; Okumus, N., 2012:
Perfusion Index Variability and N-Terminal Pro-Brain Natriuretic Peptide Levels Before and After Cardiac Interventions in Congenital Heart Disease

Popovici, B.; Mitrica, M., 2012:
The Incidence and Risk Factors of the Congenital Cardiac Malformations in Newborn

Ahmed, S.; Joseph, R.; Tzivinikos, C.; Ossuetta, I.; Housley, D., 2012:
Brain Natriuretic Peptide (Bnp) Measurement in the Prediction of Patent Ductus Arteriosus (Pda) Severity and Need for Ligation

Boyle, M.; Cotter, M.; Franklin, O.; Foran, A., 2012:
A Report of Two Cases of Glucocorticoid Associated Cardiac Dysfunction in Noonan Syndrome

Oncel, M.; Celen, S.; Demirel, G.; Canpolat, F.; Calisici, E.; Ozdemir, R.; Oguz, S.; Saygan, S.; Danisman, N.; Dilmen, U., 2012:
Effect of Cervical Colonization on Neonatal Outcome in High Risk Pregnancies: Results From a Tertiary Maternity Center in Turkey

Ihsan, M.; Yar, M.; Sabbagh, F.; Abu-ouf, M.; Al-Seoud, M.A., 2012:
Reduction in Fungal Systemic Infections in Preterm Neonates with Nystatin Prophylaxis

Patel, D.; Nimbalkar, A.; Sethi, A.; Kungwani, A.; Nimbalkar, S., 2012:
Microbial Profile by Bactec in a Level Three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Rural Western India

Lopez, M.G.; Maseri, S.L.; Robles, C.G.; Garcia, E.S., 2012:
Systemic Candidiasis: Impact of the Selective Prophylaxis with Fluconazole in Rn < 1500Gr

Kosim, M.; Rini, A.E.; Sarosa, G.I.; Radityo, A.N., 2012:
Pathogens Which Causing Neonatal Infection in Meconium Stained Amniotic Fluids

Sazawal, S.; Nangia, S.; Deb, S.; Madhesiya, S.; Dutta, A.; Dhingra, P.; Dhingra, U.; Ali, S.; Ame, S.; Gupta, S.; Ahmed, A.; Black, R., 2012:
Evaluating Optimal Quantity of Chlorhexidine Solution Needed for Application to Umbilical Cord of Neonates in First 10 Days of Life

Annagur, A.; Altunhan, H.; Konak, M.; Kurban, S.; Ors, R., 2012:
Total Oxidative Status, Total Anti-Oxidative Status and Paraoxonase-1 Levels in Neonatal Sepsis

Babarao, S.; Miall, L., 2012:
Does Availability of Interleukin-6 Results Influence Clinical Decision Making in Neonatal Sepsis?

Eliwan, H.; Watson, W.; O'Neill, A.; O'Hare, F.; Molloy, E., 2012:
Activated Protein C Alters Neutrophil Reactive Oxygen Intermediates in Preterm Neonates

Rebelo, D.; Santos, T.; Albuquerque, M.; Oliveira, G.; Rodrigues, T., 2012:
How to Use C-Reactive Protein in Septic Screening of Term and Near Term Newborns?

Kolici, N., 2012:
Role of Laboratory Test in Neonatal Sepsis Diagnosis

Sanjad, S.; Lu, Y.; Khoury, C.; Habbal, Z.; Lifton, R., 2012:
Whole Exon Deletion in the Claudin 16 Gene, a Novel Mutation in Familial Hypomagnesemia/Hypercalciuria/Nephrocalcinosis (Fhhnc) and Sensorineural Deafness (Snd)

Orive, B.; Salado, C.; Len, J.; Montiano, J.; Sanchez, S., 2012:
Utility of Serum Procalcitonin to Predict Renal Scars in Infant with Febrile Urinary Tract Infection

Soliman, A.; Ali, A.; Fathy, M.; Elmeligy, N., 2012:
New Biomarkers in Screening and Diagnosis of Vesicoureteral Reflux

Orive, B.; Montiano, J.; Salado, C.; Torrents, A., 2012:
Gitelman Syndrome in a Spanish Gypsy Paediatric Patient Mutation Intron 9 +1G>T

Vedovato, S.; Visentin, S.; Cosmi, E.; Cavallin, F.; Mion, M.; Zaninotto, M.; Trevisanuto, D.; Zanardo, V., 2012:
Intrauterine Growth Restriction and Developmental Programming of Renal Disease

Wong, D.; Abdel-Latif, M.; Kent, A., 2012:
Differences in Mortality/Morbidity with a Complete Course of Antenatal Steroids Compared to an Incomplete/No Course in Extremely Premature Neonates

Stjernqvist, K.; Hallin, A., 2012:
The Effect of Extremely Preterm Birth on Adult Relationships

Karlsson, J.; Hagglof, B.; Farooqi, A., 2012:
Longterm Follow Up of Cognitive Function Children Born at the Limit of Viability After Active Perinatal Care, UmeA-Uppsala Study

Brandenbarg, N.; Roescher, A.; Braeckel, K.v.; Horst, H.t.; Bos, A., 2012:
The Predictive Value of Early aEeg Patterns for Functional Outcome at School Age in Preterm Infants

Guarini, A.; Sansavini, A.; Savini, S.; Alessandroni, R.; Faldella, G., 2012:
Predictors of Literacy in Very Preterm Infants: A Longitudinal Study

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Priamry care givers of Infants on home Oxygen

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Experiences of Parents of Children with Cancer: A Basis for the Training of Nurses

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Problems in the Process of Weaning in Breast-Fed Babies

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Intervention Project: Integration of Maternity Care into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Keeping Mother and Infant Together Directly after Birth

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A Study about Validity and Confidince of what Being the Parent of a Baby is Like Scale

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Fluid, Calorie and Protein Intake in Infants Born at < 32 Weeks Gestation - Are we Meeting the Standards?

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The Risk Fields of Malpractice and Strategies for Reducing the risk of Malpractice in Neonatal Nursing

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Disease Course and Self-Reported Daily Life Experiences of Young Adults with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis through Adolescence

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Effect of Lullaby Music on Pain in Pretem Infants During Venipuncture

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Pl.74Induction of Labour with Propess

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G32 Developing Principles For Delivering and Commissioning Better Health Outcomes and Experiences For Children and Young People So They Are Comparable with the Best in the World

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G34 Is There a Link Between Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Adhd) and Delayed Puberty?

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G38 Parental Decision-Making at the End of Life in Children Dying of Cancer

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G55(P) Audit on Optimal Positioning of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters in Neonates

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G75 'A Bolt from Blue - Be Aware!!'

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G83 Neonatal Echocardiography by Neonatologists: Experience So Far

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G86 Anapen, EpiPen and Jext Auto-Injectors; Assessment of Successful Use After Current Training Package

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G98 Multidisciplinary Assessment For Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents: A Pilot Project from a National Referral Service

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G101(P) The 0.12 Formula For the Management of Hypoglycaemia and Hyperglycaemia in Children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: Validation and Safety Data

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G104(P) Audit of Endocrine Late Effects in Survivors of Childhood Brain Tumours

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G106 Non-Therapeutic Circumcision in 'High-Risk' Children in a Children's Hospital: Consent and Safety

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G108 Impact of Sleep Systems (Ss) on Posture and Quality of Life (Qol) in Children with Neurological Disabilities

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G111(P) The Role of Modafinil in Improving Motor Function in Cerebral Palsy: A Case Study

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G114(P) Children with Exceptional Healthcare Needs: "Personhood" and Moral Standing in Community

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G116 Profile of Dengue Viral Infection Among Children Treated in a Community Hospital Over One Year and Comparison of Efficacy of Ns1 Antigen Assay with Mac-Elisa For Diagnosis of Dengue

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G118 Essential Etat: Feasibility of Short Duration Paediatric Resuscitation Training in a Resource-Limited Setting

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G120 Knowledge and Attitudes; Essential Ingredients For Developing Co Produced Tailored Interventions For Asthma Management (Mia) in South Asian and White British Children

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G121 Are We Overinvestigating Hypoglycaemia in Children Presenting with Gastroenteritis in a District General Hospital Setting?

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G123 Use of Non-Prescribed Medicines, Supplements and Therapies by Children with a Chronic Illness and Children with an Acute Injury - a Comparative Mixed-Methods Study in Uk

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G125 Primary and Secondary Care Multi-Site Audit of Nice Guidance on Urinary Tract Infections in Children

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G131(P) The Effect of Consultant Delivered Services on Patient Care in Paediatric Assessment Unit

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G134(P) Lumbar Punctures in Children: A Survey of Current Practise

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G137(P) How to Save a Smile!

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G139(P) Functional Abdominal Pain in Children: Diagnosis, Investigation and Management in a Secondary Care Outpatient Department

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G141(P) Non-Bacterial Meningitis Notifications to a Bpsu Study of Bacterial Meningitis in Babies 0-90 Days of Age in the Uk and the Roi

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G144(P) A Study of the Pattern of Attendance and Parent Satisfaction in a Paediatric Assessment Unit

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G147(P) Evaluating the Impact of Introducing Advanced Paediatric Life Support Training in a Teaching Hospital in Zambia

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G150(P) Is the Etat+ Course Effective in Reducing Mortality in Children with Malnutrition in a Tertiary and District Hospital, Rwanda?

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G155 Small For Gestational Age at Birth and Lung Function at School Age in Very Prematurely Born Children

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G159 The Use of Structured Light Plethysmography to Assess the Effect of Feeding on Tidal Breathing Patterns in Newborns

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G160 Association Between External and Internal Dose of Diesel Soot (Black Carbon) in Healthy Schoolchildren: A Pilot Study

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G164(P) Local Demographic of Paediatric Asthma Visitors at Accident and Emergency at a District General Hospital

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G166(P) Audit of Dental Care For Children with Cystic Fibrosis

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G169 Preventing Early Postnatal Head Growth Failure in Very Preterm Infants: The Randomised Controlled Scamp Nutrition Study

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G171 Survival of Preterm Infants Admitted to Neonatal Care in England: A Population-Based Study Using Nhs Electronic Clinical Records

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G174 Treatment-Related Myeloid Leukaemia After Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in a 12 Year-Old Girl with Bloom's Syndrome Due to Novel Blm Mutations

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G177 A Single-Centre Experience of Central Venous Lines in Paediatric Haematology/Oncology Patients Over Five Years

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G181(P) The Role of the Late Effects Clinic Following Treatment of Childhood Malignancies: A Service Evaluation

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G182(P) Audit of Efficiency of Blood Product Transfusion in Level 2 Poscu

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G185(P) Fever and Bacterial Infections in Children with Sickle Cell Disease

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G188 The Role of Screening Investigations in Childhood Arterial Ischaemic Stroke

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G191 The Mozart Effect In Children With Epileptic Eegs

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G194 A 15-Year Review of Open Versus Laparoscopic Boix-Ochoa Fundoplication

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G196(P) Residual Small Bowel Length Predicts Raised D-Lactate When Screening For Bacterial Overgrowth in Children with Intestinal Failure

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G199(P) Use of Fish-Oil Based Intravenous Lipid Emulsion as a Rescue in Infants with Intestinal Failure-Associated Liver Disease Who Develop Sepsis

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G201(P) Survey of Management of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Uk

Howarth, L.; Gaynor, E.; Rodrigues, A.; Sullivan, P., 2013:
G204(P) Can Taurolidine-Based Catheter Locks Reduce Central Venous Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections In Children On Long-Term Home Parenteral Nutrition?

Apperley, L.; Mittal, R., 2013:
G207 Is There a Link Between Adhd and Social Deprivation?

Beckmann, J., 2013:
G209 Managing Substance Misuse in Young People - What Works?

Sivakumaran, S.; Hope, S.; Bedford, H.; Ellis, J., 2013:
G211 Children's Television Viewing and Cognitive Outcome at Seven Years - Help or Hindrance?

Watson, R.; Maguire, S.; Kemp, A., 2013:
G213 How Does the Pattern of Bruising Relate to the Mechanism of Injury in Children?

Shute, R.; Runnacles, J., 2013:
G215 "Phone a Friend": Using Simulation to Practise Working Together in Safeguarding Children

Cutland, M.; Castle, K.; Thomas, A., 2013:
G218(P) A Review and Audit of Penetrative and Forensic Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Gopinathan, S., 2013:
G221(P) Audit of Csa (Child Sexual Abuse) Service

Khan, A.; Baheerathan, A.; Setty, G.; Hussain, N., 2013:
G223(P) A Community-Based Study on the Acceptability, Efficacy and Safety of Buccal Midzolam in Children with Epilepsy

Govindshenoy, M., 2013:
G225(P) Survey Of Mrsa Colonisation Among Children With Severe Disabilities Attending Community Child Development Centre Playgroup

Popli, G.; Ganesh, M., 2013:
G227(P) Audit of Rcr 2008 Standards For Radiological Investigations of Suspected Non Accidental Injury

Abusrewil, W.; Whiteley, A.; McMahon, A.; Al-Obaidi, M., 2013:
G229 A, B, C, Don't Ever Forget the Joints! - A Yorkshire Paediatric Rheumatology Network Audit

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G232 Use of Infliximab in Children with Refractory Kawasaki Disease

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G237 Why Do Children with Gastroenteritis Present to Emergency Departments?

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G240 The Romla Matrices as a Tool in Investigating Guideline Adherence and Clinical Outcome: Are They Useful in Children with Head Injuries?

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G241(P) Comparing Usability of Paediatric Weight Estimation Methods

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G243(P) A Qualitative Study of the Barriers to the Pre-Hospital Management of Acute Pain in Children

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G246(P) Children with Chest Pain - A Cause For Anxiety But is It an Emergency?

Puttha, R.; Nandakumar, N.; Langworth, S.; Thalava, R.; Yeung, L., 2013:
G248(P) Can a Combined Tool with Paediatric Illness Severity Assessment and Paediatric Early Warning Score Be Used as a Safety Tool For Discharge of Patients from Observation and Assessment Unit?

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G249(P) Journey to Health: Ambulance Use in Paediatric Ed Attenders

Williams, H., 2014:
On the edge of the film..

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Unusual chest radiographic findings in children

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P10 Stimulant medication affects growth but not bone age

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G100(P) Vitamin K Deficiency in Children with Cystic Fibrosis - Prevalence and Associations

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G105 Pregnancy and Premature Neonatal Outcomes in Vitamin D Deficiency

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G108(P) Active Parenting in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

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G110(P) Preventing accidental extubations in Nicu - a quality improvement project

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G112(P) Factors affecting Nicu admission temperatures in preterm infants

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G114(P) Maternal Levels of Endosulphan in relation to Small-for-Gestational-Age Birth

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G117(P) Neonatal abdominal radiograph interpretation: a clinical survey

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G124(P) Vitamin D deficiency in Neonates - An under recognised and under treated problem

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G127(P) Apnea and Thrombocytopenia as important markers for fungal sepsis in the Neonatal Unit and the role of selective fluconazole prophylxis

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G533(P) Neonatal Readmission Audit

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G535(P) Vancomycin use in preterm neonates - time for a national consensus

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G129 'When things get on top of me....'A retrospective study of deliberate self - harm in children aged below 14 years

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G131 Identifying Neglect or Emotional Abuse in school aged children: A Systematic Review

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G14 Are Healthcare Professionals able to Estimate the Surface Area of a Burn in a Child?

Garstang, J.; Griffiths, F.; Sidebotham, P., 2014:
G133(P) Improving Professional Practice After Unexpected Infant Death

Aspinall, N., 2014:
G136(P) A qualitative study, using focus group methodology, to gather the views of mothers and health visitors to the concept of predicting obesity risk in babies

Barnes, M.P., 2014:
G138(P) What actions/pathway do parents take when their child has a health problem and they think they should be seen by a doctor/nurse/or other. What dictates their views and choices?

Rattue, H.; Hadjikoumi, I.; McGowan, M.; Bickerton, S.; Ross, T., 2014:
G143(P) Innovative approach to screening devlopmental referrals

Abbas, E.; Valli, S., 2014:
G146(P) Parent satisfaction survey of Adhd service

Irvine, R.; Moule, P.; Cleugh, F., 2014:
G148(P) Breastfeeding Service Evaluation: The parental perspective

Forbes, K.; Barnes, A., 2014:
G150(P) Determining effective practices of referring Hiv positive teenagers to a third sector support service

Mudalige, G.; Keembiyehetty, P.; Alexander, S.; Vivekanantham, S.; Mudalige, N., 2014:
G152(P) Cross-Cultural Adaptability of 'Schedule of Growing Skills 2' in Sri Lanka - A Pilot Study

Aung, T., 2014:
G158(P) Audit on diagnostic assessment of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Webb, N.; Mair, J.; Cook, E., 2014:
G161(P) Creating a mental health workshop for secondary school children

Hyde, P.; Sykes, K.; Pryde, K.; Smoult, H.; Eddie, M.; Barling, J.; Halford, S.; Crouch, R.; Battrick, C.; Hammett, O.; Bennett, T.; Hamilton, C.; Clarkson, G.; Kathie, C.; Grainger-Allen, E., 2014:
G17 Transforming the design of a children's emergency department - simulation as a powerful service development tool

Thomas, L., 2014:
G164 Unmet health needs identified during child protection medical assessments and their follow-up: A one year retrospective review of medical reports

Cutland, M.; Abbey, I.; Downes, A.; Fonfe, G., 2014:
G166(P) The Infant with a pulled elbow: a missed safeguarding opportunity?

Abbas, E.; Kearney, A.; Gopal, S.; Sukri, N.; Kattakayam, C.; Krishnamoorthy, S.; Chronopoulo, E.; Onel, F., 2014:
G169(P) Systematic Review of a series of Child Protection audits

Gite, A.; Kelsall, W., 2014:
G172(P) Safeguarding training - Are we doing enough? What do paediatric trainees want?

Saunders, J.; Blyth, F.; Thomas, A.; Kelly, A., 2014:
G173(P) Child Abuse: A Family Issue - Are we adequately assessing siblings of index child abuse cases?

Adodra, A.; Costa-Fernandes, N.; Mat-Ali, E.; Kalia, P., 2014:
G182 Implementation of a neonatal Transitional Care Ward

Howsam, F.; Bevan, C.; Ellis, R.; Green, A.; Solan, K.; Fidler, K., 2014:
G184 Don't forget your lines - A service improvement project

Van de Vijver, M.; Bertaud, S.; Nailor, S.; Marais, G., 2014:
G187 Baby diaries: a tool to improve parental communication in the neonatal unit

Hobbs, E.; Man, K., 2014:
G189 One Click Wonder: Improving access to guidelines in the paediatric A&E department

Taylor, F.; Fine-Goulden, M.; Bond, E.; Hunt, K.; Karim, S.; Katugampola, H.; Macaulay, C.; Minson, S.; Broughton, S., 2014:
G191(P) Paediatric trainee attitudes towards 'Facing the Future'

Braha, N.; Raine, J.; Bennett, L.; Abrol, E.; Chambers, W.; Gabrel, M.; Collins, L., 2014:
G195(P) Adverse Events and Datix Incident Reporting in Paediatrics

Norrish, G.; Wedderburn, C.; Wickham, T.; Shah, R., 2014:
G197(P) Overcoming the challenges of managing Hiv exposed infants in a District General Hospital

Zhu, H.; Ponnusamy, V.; Broster, S.; Ogilvy-Stuart, A., 2014:
G198(P) A New Nicu Bedside Procedures Safety Checklist

Ocholi, T.; Downing, E.; Rzeskiewicz, A.; Pang, R.; Broughton, S., 2014:
G204(P) Impact of the Bedside Pews on early detection of deteriorating patients

Mawson, I.; Babu, P.; Phang, C.; Bayreuther, J., 2014 :
G207(P) Fp10 prescribing in a Children's Emergency Department

MacLeod, R.; Christian, W., 2014:
G21(P) An audit of handover from the Children's Emergency Department (Ced) to the ward

Wilson, C.; Poulton, R.; Lopes Vieira, F.; Williams, A.; Williams, B., 2014:
G212(P) Tracing Paediatric contacts of Tuberculosis index cases

Patel, T.; Alexander, S., 2014:
G213(P) A retrospective analysis of patients presenting to a paediatric burns unit

Pitchforth, J.; Lemer, C., 2014:
G219(P) Improving the use of Phlebotomy Services in A Paediatric Inpatient setting

Parasuraman, J., 2014:
G220(P) Neonatal Resuscitation - A survey on training of junior doctors

Ranasinghe, D., 2014:
G231(P) A multi-faceted triage system in a remote rural setting: A prospective interventional study in Ethiopia

Whitehouse, A.; Griffiths, B.; Prince, N.; Round, J.; Kelly, C.; Lee, H., 2014:
G233(P) The Smartphone Generation

Ali, M.; Chakravorty, S., 2014:
G235 Prevalence Of Nocturnal Enuresis and Proteinuria In Children With Sickle Cell Disease and Its Relation To Severity Of Painful Crises

Fallaha, J.; Millership, C.; Jayatunga, R.; Wandroo, F., 2014:
G238 A Local Guideline Improves Care for Children with Neutropenia

Martins, A.; Aldiss, S.; Taylor, R.; Gibson, F., 2014:
G240 Coordinating care: the multifaceted role of the key worker in children's cancer care

Taylor, F., 2014:
G24(P) Exploring the relationship between infectious disease and acute health seeking behaviour in the paediatric population

Nazir, S.; Baker, J.; Thattakkat, K.; Moppett, J., 2014:
G244(P) "Blessing in Disguise": Noonan Syndrome with Jmml

Lall, R.; Jayatunga, R., 2014:
G246(P) Not all those soft tissue bruises are non accidental injuries

Aye, M.; Sastry, S.; Derbyshire, P., 2014:
G248(P) Growth pattern in Sickle Cell Disease (Scd) children

Ahmad, A.; Asghar, N.; Qayyum, S.; Zahid, M., 2014:
G250(P) To save eye or to save life: Can we improve survival of children with Retinoblastoma in Developing Countries?Expirience from Children's Hospital Lahore

Hayden, J.; Ewins, A., 2014:
G252(P) A review of consecutive directed cord blood harvests

Ritzmann, T.; Parsons, T.; Majani, Y.; Srinivasan, J.; Wilne, S., 2014:
G254(P) Line infections in paediatric oncology patients: Our experience of biopatch

Cullen, H.; King, W.; Mackinnon, H., 2014:
G257(P) Vitamin D Status in Paediatric Oncology Patients at a Dgh

Kundagrami, S.; Kamhieh, Y.; Mukherjee, K.; Datta, M., 2014:
G259(P) Hypercalcaemia- a herald sign of leukaemia in children

Ferguson, E.; Bryan, J.; Ellis, J.; McMahon, A., 2014:
G263 Mrcpch Clinical Success Initiative (Csi)

Nayak, P.; Morris, K.; Mahoney, S.; Brierley, J.; McDougall, M.; Rowlands, H., 2014:
G270(P) Videoconferencing as an educational tool for Uk Paediatric Intensive Care training

Wilkinson, D.; Heinz, P., 2014:
G27(P) Paediatric emergency ambulance transport: who calls 999 and why

James, D.; Fawbert, K., 2014:
G273(P) Reflections of Paediatric Trainees on Academic Training

Bearpark, N.; Landon, G.; Goldring, S., 2014:
G280(P) Consultant delivered care in the paediatric emergency department: Impact on trainees' views of their training - a prospective study

Glenday, E.; Mathew, A.; Roddham, M., 2014:
G282(P) Snippets: Paediatric Blogging as an educational tool

Southwood, T.; Rainger, P.; Couperthwaite, J.; Hussain, D.; Perryer, D., 2014:
G284(P) Final year medical student use and acceptability of an e-learning module in a paediatric subspecialty

Devakumar, D.; Brotherton, H.; Halbert, J.; Clarke, A.; Prost, A.; Hall, J., 2014:
G303 Taking ethical photos of children for medical and research purposes in low-resource settings: an exploratory qualitative study

Lagunju, I.; Brown, B.; Sodeinde, O., 2014:
G306 Hydroxyurea lowers transcranial Doppler flow velocities in Nigerian children with sickle cell anaemia

Bugembe, T., 2014 :
G309 Epilepsy in Cameroon: A review of published literature for the development of a healthcare worker training tool

Himabindusingh, T.; Saiprasad, K.; Sureshbabu, M.; Fatima, H., 2014:
G310(P) Impact Of New Prevention of Parent to Child Hiv Transmission Regimen (Tenofovir+Lamivudine+Efavirenz) vs Old Regimen (Nevirapine)

Cryer, J.; Cornish, A., 2014:
G313(P) Establishing a Neonatal Unit in Arba Minch Hospital, Ethiopia

Newsom-Davis, I.; Keren, N.; Aylett, S., 2014:
G318 Experiences of transition from paediatric to adult services for young people with Sturge-Weber syndrome (Sws)

Jmor, F.; Ho, V.; Farrell, S.; Rudduck, G.; Gashut, A.; Rowlands, A., 2014:
G320 Transfer of Ophthalmic services from a Hospital based Eye clinic to Special School Eye clinic for children with special needs

Ghosh, P.; Sivaramakrishnan, S.; Seal, A., 2014:
G325(P) Prevalence of high lead levels in children with global developmental delay and moderate to severe learning difficulty in Leeds and Wakefield: A cohort study

Murphy, A.; Riordan, A.; Appleton, R., 2014:
G327(P) Neurological outcomes of pneumococcal meningitis before and after the introduction of the pneumococcal vaccination

Kehinde, O.; McLellan, A.; Urquhart, D., 2014:
G329(P) Prevalence of symptoms of disordered sleep in children with epilepsy

Mehta, V.; Gayatri, N.; Hart, T., 2014:
G332(P) Glucose transporter-1 deficiency syndrome (Glut1Ds): Survey of clinical presentation in the Uk and Ireland

Oketah, O.; Okafor, I.; Deiratany, S.; McNamara, R., 2014:
G32(P) Benign Acute Childhood Myositis: Clinical Presentation in an Emergency Department

Singh, J.; Hill, C., 2014:
G337(P) Rhythmic Movement Disorders of Sleep: Single centre experience of treatment modalities

Jain, S.; Agrawal, S., 2014:
G339(P) Seizure and Developmental Outcome of Infantile (epileptic) Spasms Starting as Fe in Early Infancy

Rao, S.; Patel, J., 2014:
G342(P) Weak at the knees with laughter

Palanisami, B.; Rakhecha, A.; Gottstein, R., 2014:
G345 Impact of a Neonatal Echocardiography clinic service in a Level 3 Nicu centre

Khushu, A.; Kelsall, A.; Yates, R.; Singh, Y., 2014:
G350 Outcome of narrow complex arrhythmias in infants: a six-year retrospective study

Yap, N.; Lewis, C.; Yates, R.; Kelsall, A., 2014:
G352 Reviewof Success Transitioning Surviving Adolescents with Congenital Heart Disease to Adult Service- A Single-Centre Observational Study

Finlay, F.; Furnell, C., 2014:
G355 Internet Addiction Disorder/Problematic Internet Use and Adhd

Dare, J.; Finlay, F., 2014:
G357 Attention deficient hyperactivity disorder and adolescent smoking: How can we intervene?

Long, M.; Al-Obaidi, M.; Hawley, D.; Shackley, F.; Waruiru, C.; Tattersall, R.; McMahon, A., 2014:
G360 A cytokine storm is brewing

Burgess, J.; Woodward, C.; Nash, C.; McCann, L.; Pain, C.; Khawaja, K.; Haslam, K.; Barretto, D.; Armon, K.; Clarke, V.; Hawley, D., 2014:
G362 Survey and pilot audit of the use of etanercept in children and young people with juvenile idiopathic arthritis against Nice guidance (Ta35)

Verma, P.; Milford, D., 2014:
G363 Case reports on serious respiratory complications after renal transplant in obese children: Can these be avoided?

Hawcutt, D.; Whitby, T.; Cleary, G., 2014:
G365 Medical management of neuropathic pain in complex regional pain syndromes

Birahinduka, D.; Stewart, C., 2014:
G35(P) The impact of an urgent care centre on patient flow with musculoskeletal (Msk) injuries in a paediatric emergency department

Singh, V.; Dialsingh, I., 2014:
G369(P) Phase Contrast Microscopy of Urine: Meeting the Gold/Beating the Gold

Stojanovic, J.; Mamode, N.; Knapp, K.; Wright, E.; Hothi, D.; Rees, L.; Waters, A.; Sebire, N.; Marks, S., 2014:
G372(P) Early relapse of atypical Hus following Abo incompatible living related paediatric renal re-transplant successfully treated with eculizumab

Platt, C.; Hamilton-Ayers, M.; Dudley, J.; Woodward, M., 2014:
G374(P) An elusive case of hypertension in a child with a single kidney: support for the role of magnetic resonance imaging

Abeyagunawardena, A.; Thalgahagoda, S.; Illangasekera, Y.; Trompeter, R., 2014:
G376(P) Short course of daily prednisolone during upper respiratory tract infection reduces the risk of relapse in childhood nephrotic syndrome

Davies, R.; Fielding, P.; Rogers, V.; Camilleri, J., 2014:
G381(P) Bilateral Pulmonary Consolidation Associated with Chronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis

Sutton, N.; Davies, S.; Levin, M., 2014:
G384 Predictive value of the Kobayashi Score for Ivig resistance in Kawasaki Disease in the Uk

Hemal, A.; Singh, P.; Agrawal, S.; Yadav, D., 2014:
G387 Spectrum of Cardiac manifestations in Hiv infected children in India

Batchelor, H.; Marriott, J.; Venables, R.; Hodson, J.; Stirling, H., 2014:
G392 Tablets or liquids for children: who decides and why?

Nosherwan, A.; Mahony, M.; Floyd, M.; Twomey, J., 2014:
G38(P) The challenge of change

Campbell, G., 2014:
G399(P) Safe use of adrenaline auto-injector devices

Bharmappanavara, G.; Vykuntaraju, K.; Sanjeeva, G.; Sanjay, K.; Pragalathakumar, S.; Benakappa, N.; Govindaraju, M.; Shivananda, S., 2014:
G402(P)Clinical Profile of Tuberculosis in Pediatric Hiv/Aids

Moore, E.; Wright, A.; Clothier, J., 2014:
G404(P) Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for the treatment for bladder overactivity in Paediatric patients resistant or intolerant to anti-cholinergic medication

Venables, R.; Stirling, H.; Marriott, J., 2014:
G406(P) Oral formulation-related barriers to medicines administration in children with chronic conditions: views of parents and young people

Mann, A.; Rai, B.; Sharif, F.; Vavasseur, C., 2014:
G408(P) Shaken Baby Syndrome: What Do Irish Parents Know?

Verma, S.; Jiyalal, H.; Singhi, S.; Sankhyan, N.; Sachdeva, N.; Bharti, B., 2014 :
P411(P) A comparative study of 300,000 Iu & 600,000 Iu vitamin-D for treatment of vitamin-D deficiency in young children: A Double Blind Randomized Trial

Venables, R.; Stirling, H.; Marriott, J., 2014:
G413(P) Problems with the administration of oral formulations to children: Perspectives of medical practitioners, pharmacists and nurses

Crowley, E.; Cunney, R.; Nicholson, A., 2014:
G416(P) Is Meningococcal B vaccination worth implementing in the Irish population?

Ryan, J.; Kagalwala, F.; Shankar, A.; Brain, C., 2014:
G419(P) Blood levels of vitamin D in children and adolescents with cancer

Emedo, M.; Wright, A.; Hepburn, K.; Clothier, J., 2014:
G421(P) Single centre experience of the use of Entonox for urethral and rectal catheter insertion for video-urodynamic investigation

Burke, K.; Christian, W., 2014:
G41(P) Is ultrasound scanning as sensitive as computerised tomography in detecting clinically relevant skull fractures in children presenting following head injury?

Steward, M.; Brown, J.; Doughty, I.; Ingleby, S.; Marks, J.; Steggall, M., 2014:
G431(P) Inpatient Speech and Language Services for Medically Complex Children- A Completed Audit Cycle

Venables, R.; Stirling, H.; Marriott, J., 2014:
G434(P) Improving prescribing for children: Healthcare professionals' understanding of children's medicines

Mukherjee, A.; Welch, S., 2014:
G437(P) To review the need for end-treatment Chest X-rays in Latent Tuberculosis

Ladhani, A.; Farooq, M.; Bandi, S., 2014:
G439(P) An audit of abbreviations used in paediatric medical and surgical notes

McManus, K.; Smillie, I.; Cohen, W.; Lawson, E.; Wynne, D., 2014:
G442(P) The Paediatric Voice Clinic

Jefferies, K.; Bezant, M.; Bond, D., 2014:
G445(P) Procedural sedation: How effective is it?

Hale, A.; Chua, E.; Alexander, S., 2014:
G448(P) A 5 year audit of typical and atypical Kawasaki Disease

Gangadhara, M.; Ali, T., 2014:
G453 High flow nasal prong therapy for infants <24 months of age with bronchiolitis:experiences from a tertiary paediatric intensive care unit

James, D.; Emedo, M.; Hargreaves, D., 2014:
G44 What are we doing with young people in hospital? A national adolescent inpatient survey

Green, P.; Keene, D.; Melville, S.; Minford, J., 2014:
G458(P) Uk Paediatric Intensive Care units overestimate central venous catheter fill volumes. Fill volumes are proportional to trimmed central venous catheter length

Wood, D.; Pierce, C., 2014:
G462(P) When guidelines are not enough - reasons for poor adherence to a protocol for investigation of abusive head trauma

Trays, G.; Venkataramakrishnan, R.; Surana, P., 2014:
G466 Lessons Learnt: a re-audit on the management of neonatal hyperglycaemia

Ng, S.; Finnigan, L.; Connellan, L.; Coward, S., 2014:
G469 Use of electronic diabetes information management system and routine uploading of glucometers and pumps in improving outpatient paediatric diabetes care

Nayak, P.; Farley, M.; Chakrapani, A.; Hendricz, C., 2014:
G472 Use of Continuous Venovenous haemofiltration (Cvvh) in patients with congenital metabolic disorders - A recent single-centre experience

Uday, S.; Campbell, F.; Yong, J.; Ajjan, R., 2014:
G474(P) Review of glycaemic control, complications and outcome following transfer to adult services in adolescents and young adults with childhood onset type 1 diabetes mellitus

Sikorski, C.; Lakhanpaul, M.; Costello, A.; Heys, M., 2014:
G477(P) A systematic review: "Can participatory action learning methods improve health outcomes in high-income countries?"

Chanchlani, N.; McGee, M.; McDonagh, J., 2014:
G46 Arrived safely? Audit of documentation of successful transfer into adult care of young people attending adolescent rheumatology clinics

Rao, V.; Kumpavat, J.; Khan, M.; Aminu, K.; Alexander, S., 2014:
G480 Paediatric consultant review of admissions within 12 h- an audit of a quality standard

Suththanantha, J.; Hoh, Y.; Hadoura, A.; Eisenhurt, M.; Alford, C.; Shanmugalingam, S., 2014:
G214(P) Reducing transfusion donor exposure in preterm babies: good communication is vital

MacKenzie, A.; Sinclair, C.; Schofield, O., 2014:
G49 Acne fulminans induced by oral isotretinoin

van Wijk, R.; Boere-Boonekamp, M.; Groothuis-Oudshoorn, C.; van der Ploeg, C.; van Vlimmeren, L.; IJzerman, M., 2014:
P05 No effect of helmet therapy can be shown in infants with positional skull deformation: a randomised controlled trial

Khan, M.; Ben-Zvi, G.; Shaw, L.; Glover, M.; Bewley, A., 2014:
G51(P) Dermatitis artefacta: A difficult clinical problem

Prince, J.; Alexander, S., 2014:
G54(P) Perceptions and general knowledge of Type 1 Diabetes in 11-18 year olds - a school based questionnaire survey

Freiberger, D.; Fertleman, C.; Afseh, M.; Sharpe, L.; Goldman, D.; Haems, Y.; Haems, A., 2014:
G57(P) The United Nations Rights of a Child; what is the adolescent perspective?

Dimitri, P.; King, D.; Paggiosi, M.; Walsh, J.; Bishop, N.; Eastell, R., 2014:
G59 Bone microarchitecture and strength in obese children - a new insight into fracture risk

Tighe, M.; Afzal, N.; Bevan, A.; Hayen, A.; Munro, A.; Beattie, M., 2014:
G61 Pharmacological treatment for gastro-oesophageal reflux in children

Atherton, R.; Zilbauer, M.; Heuschkel, R., 2014:
G62 A questionnaire survey of adherence to European guidelines for the diagnosis of coeliac disease in asymptomatic children with type 1 diabetes mellitus

Jackson, R.; Parikh, D.; Plunkett, A.; Turner, J., 2014:
G65 Long-term Gastro-intestinal morbidities in children with abdominal wall defects

Kutty, J.; McDermott, M.; O'Sullivan, M.; Quinn, S.; Broderick, A.; Bourke, B.; Hussey, S., 2014:
P07 Coeliac serology testing in Irish children - a substitute for biopsy?

Saha, A.; Bhaduri, M.; Bhaduri, B., 2014:
G70(P) Emergency endoscopy in accidental corrosive poisoning in children... to do or not to do?

Cameron, F.; Henderson, P.; Wilson, D., 2014:
G73(P) The Prevalence of Paediatric-onset Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Systematic Review

Cameron, F.; Henderson, P.; Wilson, D., 2014:
G76(P) The Incidence and natural history of Paediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease Unclassified in Scotland

Lee, H.; Hickey, A.; Callaby, H.; O'Meara, M.; Thompson, L.; Hind, J., 2014:
G83(P) Fish-oil based intravenous lipid emulsion as a rescue in septic infants with intestinal failure and with or at risk of developing liver disease

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G86(P) Clinical Phenotype associated with recessive mutations in Lars gene

Sze, W.; Habibi, P.; Brooks, H., 2014:
G88 History and Clinical assessment versus Polysomnography for diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea?

Zhu, H.; Das, P.; Roberson, D.; Skinner, M.; Paine, M.; Yuan, J.; Berry, J., 2014:
G91 Us National Perspective on Hospitalisations of Children with Pre-existing Tracheostomy

Abraham, S.; Brugha, R.; Grigg, J., 2014:
G95 Particulate air pollution exposure using modes of urban transport

Prudon, S.; Hanafin, A.; Harnett, N.; Spencer, D.; Moss, S., 2014:
G97(P) 5 Year Follow up of Post-Infectious Obliterative Bronchiolitis

O’Connor, H.; Kevane, B.; C., S.; E., K.; F., K.; N.Ainle, F., 2014:
5.2The effect of morbid obesity on thrombin generation and sensitivity to the anticoagulant activated protein C in pregnant women

Mudalige, N.; Thornhill, L.; S., S.; C., C.; D., A., 2014:
5.3Postnatal Testing for persistence of abnormal glucose metabolism after Gestational Diabetes: Fasting Plasma Glucose or Oral Glucose Tolerance Test?

Breslin, E.; S., S.; A., R.; N., K.; S., J.; Q., S., 2014:
5.4First trimester Angiotensinogen: Kallikrein ratio is raised in women who develop severe early-onset pre-eclampsia

Karanam, V.; Anim-Nyame, N.; P., N., 2014:
5.5Successful insilico discovery of novel hypoxia regulated genes in pre-eclampsia

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The Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy Study (Chips) randomised controlled trial

Green, J.; McGowan, P., 2014:
Hyperalimentation and electrolyte requirements in very preterm infants: a randomised controlled parenteral nutrition study

Smith-Collins, A.; Heep, A.; K., R.; Váradi, A.; R., S.; M., E.; L., K., 2014:
5.8Clinical and Genetic Influences on Functional Brain Networks in Preterm Infants

Johnson, S.; D., E.; Evans, T.; Field, D.; Guy, A.; M., N.; S., L.; Smith, E.; Boyle, E., 2014:
5.9Behavioural, social and emotional outcomes following late and moderately preterm birth

Johnson, M.; Pond, J.; Pearson, F.; E., A.; L., A., 2014:
5.10Using detailed clinical nutritional data to predict optimal energy and protein intakes for preterm infants

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Abnormal cerebroplacental ratio predicts adverse outcomes in dichorionic twins

Tydeman, G.; Briley, A.; S., A.; S., P., 2014:
6.1Experimental evaluation of a new device and estimation of forces applied to the impacted head at Cs

Kim, S.; Blanks, A.; T., S.; B., P.; Terzidou, V., 2014:
6.2Atosiban activates Nf-B and pro-inflammatory pathways in human amnion via Gi signalling

Singh, N.; Y., A.; T., V.; S., S.; Johnson, M., 2014:
6.3The Commonalities and Differences in the Molecular Expression of Different Phenotype-specific Causes of Preterm Labour in Comparison to Term Labour

Green, L.; Knight, M.; Seeney, F.; Collins, P.; Collis, R.; Hopkinson, C.; Stanworth, S., 2014:
Transfusion management and haemostatic changes in major obstetric haemorrhage in the Uk

Mone, F.; H., C.; T., B.; M., A.; C., A.; M.Cormick, T.; M.Auliffe, F., 2014:
6.6Vaginal Birth after Caesarean Section (Vbac) Predictor Models: which is the best model and can it save money?

Williams, F.; Velten, E.; D., C.; S., A.; S., S., 2014:
6.7Neonatal thyroid function and the use of povidone-iodine and iodinated contrast media during labour and the postnatal period: a pilot study

Carr, D.; Milne, J.; Aitken, R.; Wallace, J., 2014:
Hepatic Igf1 Dna methylation and mRna expression are influenced by gender but not by prenatal growth restriction in the young lamb

Vieten, D.; C., A.; Spicer, R., 2014:
6.9Up-regulation and shift in cellular and tissue localisation of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor in Acute Necrotising Enterocolitis

Smith, C.; Becher, J.; Orme, J.; F., Y.; A.-Smith, C.; J., E.; S., B.; Boardman, J., 2014:
6.10A Quality Improvement Initiative for Reducing Late Onset Infection among Very Low Birth Weight Infants

Hillman, S.; Carss, K.; M.Mullan, D.; P., V.; M., E.; K., M.; H., M., 2014:
2.3Exome sequencing improves genetic diagnosis of structural fetal abnormalities revealed by ultrasound

Horan, M.; McGowan, C.; Donnelly, J.; G., E.; M.Auliffe, F., 2014:
8.1The association of maternal characteristics and macronutrient intake in pregnancy with neonatal body composition

Addison, S.; Munroe, P.; Mein, C.; Cohen, M.; Fowler, D.; Sebire, N.; Peebles, D.; Taylor, A.; Abrams, D.; Thayyil, S., 2014:
Cardiac Ion Channelopathies in Unexplained Stillbirths

Griffin, M.; Seed, P.; Webster, L.; Tarft, H.; Chappell, L.; Shennan, A., 2014:
Placental growth factor (Plgf) and ultrasound parameters for predicting the small for gestational age infant (Sga) in suspected small for gestational age: pelican Fgr study

Carter, J.; Hezelgrave, N.; Seed, P.; Tribe, R.; David, A.; Lachelin, G.; Shennan, A.; Poston, L., 2014:
Combined Fetal Fibronectin and Saliva Progesterone Measurement for Prediction of Spontaneous Preterm Birth

Chandiramani, M.; Lee, Y.; Kindinger, L.; Arulkumaran, S.; Marchesi, J.; Holmes, E.; Nicholson, J.; Teoh, T.; MacIntyre, D.; Bennett, P., 2014:
The evolution of the vaginal microbiome throughout uncomplicated pregnancy in a Uk population

Jennings, C.; M.Keering, C.; B., A.; G., P.; V., S., 2014:
8.7Continuous Eeg derived carbon dioxide monitor for newborn preterm babies levels of agreement with partial pressure of arterial blood carbon dioxide

Pauliah, S.; Lally, P.; Bainbridge, A.; P., D.; Addison, S.; C., F.; Satodia, P.; W., S.; Soe, A.; P., S.; H., S.; A., L.; Turner, M.; Clarke, P.; C., J., 2014:
8.8Neonatal Encephalopathy in the Cooling Therapy era Preliminary Cerebral Magnetic Resonance results from the Marble Consortium

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Whole exome sequencing of growth restricted offspring identifies gene variants implicated in maturity onset diabetes of the young

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Can essential fatty acids prevent early preterm delivery? A meta-analysis of evidence

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Ppo.50Evaluation of non-response in the Womens Health Cohort Study

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Direct Fetal Dna Fraction Enrichment Using Microfluidic Sample Preparation of Maternal Blood for Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing

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4.2Infant neurodevelopmental outcomes following late and moderately preterm birth

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Pa.34Innovative use of information technology to improve patient experience questionnaire returns and analyse responses

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Evaluation Of The Impact Of A Paediatric Pharmacist Attending The Paediatric Post Take Ward Round

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Single And Double Checking In Paediatric Drug Administration-Which Is Most Effective In Reducing Errors?

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Po-0510Inhibition Of Pentose Phosphate Pathway And Nadph Oxidase Impaired The Response Of Chicken Ductus Arteriosus To Oxygen

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Po-0570Zymosan But Not Lps, Pam3csk4, Or Flagellin Induces Immune Responses In Monocytes, Dcs, And Monocyte-derived Dcs Of Neonates Comparable To Those Of Adults

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Po-0755 in Vivo Mir-200b As A Potential Therapy For Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia

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Po-0863 aPuberty Period And Epilepsy Onset

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O-093 Energy Expenditure In White Adipose Tissue Is Activated In Response To Brain Tumour Growth

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Po-1003Characteristics Of The Immune Response To Influenza Vaccine In Children With Allergic Diseases

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Po-1024The Importance Of Proinflamatory Cytokines In Immune Response In Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Infection In Children With Bronhopulmonary Affection

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Ps-195Sucrose Versus Breastfeeding For Venipuncture In Term Infants. A Randomised, Prospective, Controlled Study With Analysis Of The Specific Cortical Response

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Ps-216 multicentre Prospective Study In The Management Of Presumed Or Confirmed Early Onset Sepsis And Initiation Of Treatment In The Term And Preterm Neonatal Admissions

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Po-0072A Boy With Decelerated Linear Growth With Normal Growth Hormone (gh) Insulin-like Growth Factori (igf-i) Axis Had An Exceptional Response To Gh Therapy

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Po-0303Traumatic Brain Injury In Picu

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G10Planning and implementing service change in childrens community nursing

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G101(P)Time for better normal ranges? the impact of discontinuities in normal ranges for heart and respiratory rate in paediatric a&e

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G102(P)The characteristics of drug and alcohol-related presentations to the emergency department amongst adolescents

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G104(P)Resuscitation experience of professionals at a district general hospital (dgh)

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G105(P)Youth violence: an educational solution?

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G106(P)Inappropriate ambulance use in paediatrics

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G107(P)The development of a consultant paediatrician phone-line for general practitioners

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G108(P) In paediatric cardiopulmonary arrest are supraglottic airway devices (sad) adequate for oxygenating and ventilating?

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G109Restricting visitors to the nicu significantly reduces nosocomial viral respiratory tract infections in babies

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G110The validity of standardised two-year neurodevelopmental status assessed during routine nhs follow-up of children born <30 weeks gestation

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G11Transition from hospital to home: psychosocial adaptation and adjustment in parents of infants with single ventricle heart conditions

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G111Impact of transcutaneous billirubinometer testing on babies with visible jaundice by community midwives on hospital referrals

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G112 Chorioamnionitis in preterm infants is not associated with brain size and maturation at term equivalent age

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G116(P)The human gut is probably sterile at birth

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G117(P)Impact of an early warning system for nursing observations in at-risk neonates in the post natal wards

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G118(P)Living with chronic lung disease (cld); children and parents perspectives

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G119(P)Patientsafety incident reporting data trends of a regional neonatal transfer service

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G12Delivering effective nursing care to children and young people outside of a hospital setting

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G121(P)Service evaluation of management of term neonates with major perinatal blood loss

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G127(P)Is the neonatal life support course really that stressful? an observational study

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G130(P)What is the efficacy of nitric oxide in neonates with preterm prolonged rupture of membranes?

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G133(P) Persistent pulmonary hypertension in newborns following preterm rupture of membranes- a case series

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G135(P)Chasing the welsh dragon: a review of the outcome of infants with neonatal abstinence syndrome over a 10 year period

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G136(P)A 4 years review of conjugated hyperbilirubinaemia in a tertiary neonatal referral centre

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G138(P)The rapid debrief: a tool that transforms learning and system change

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G139(P)Advanced neonatal emergencies: confidence and experience levels of new registrars

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G141(P)Monitoring respiratory function parameters in ventilated infants during inter-hospital emergency neonatal transport

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G142(P)Are antibiotics administered within one hour in suspected neonatal sepsis as per nice guidelines?:

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G14(P)A collaborative educative approach to invest in enablement of transition: closing the gap between childrens and adult services

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G143(P)Cerebral function monitoring (cfm) as a prognostic bedside tool:

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G144(P)Hypoxic ischaemic encepahlopathy in transport: how has the introduction of cooling and end tidal co 2 monitoring affected our patients?

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G145(P)Indomethacin vs ibuprofen to treat patent ductus arteriosus (pda) in neonates <31 weeks gestation reduced the incidence of necrotizing enterocolitis (nec):

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G146A systematic review of mental health outcomes in young people following sexual assault

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G147Experiences and perspectives of adolescents presenting to sexual assault referral centres

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G148The relationship between pubertal status and neural activity during risky decision-making in male adolescents using fmri

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G149The management of eating disorders on childrens wards: trials, tribulations and training

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G151(P)Identifying the missing cohort: young people with complex neuro-disability who are difficult to transition to adult services

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G152(P)Adolescent females with abdominal pain: what influences sexual history taking and pregnancy testing in a&e?

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G153(P)Development of a feedback tool for child and parent satisfaction with paediatric anaesthesia

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G154(P)Transition of patients with sickle cell disease how can we help? results of a survey of adolescents recently transferred to adult services

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G155(P)Changing hearts and minds? gp practices and young people making change happen together

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G156(P)Moving from child to adult health care: development of benchmarks for transition

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G157(P)Location of care for teenagers in hospital: a staff perspective

Yeadon, A.; S., A., 2015:
G158(P)From being looked after to looking after themselves: do young people feel prepared?

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G159A review of the availability of pec (paediatrician with expertise in cardiology) services in the united kingdom

Hulbert, R.; Singh, Y., 2015:
G160 Neonatal pulse oximetry screening: an evaluation of current clinical practice

Nittur, S.; W., A.; S., M.; U., O., 2015:
G161Transposition of great arteries, a 15 year experience of 74 patients in wales: incorporation of outflow tract view in the antenatal scans leading to better antenatal detection and clinical outcomes

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G163A review of the clinical practice of pecs (paediatricians with expertise in cardiology) in the uk

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G165Signs of deterioration in infants discharged home following congenital heart surgery in the first year of life: a qualitative study

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G166Risk of death or emergency readmission following discharge after infant cardiac intervention for congenital heart disease

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G167(P)Chest pain in children is rarely cardiac. does ecg help?

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G168(P)Antenatal management of fetal cardiac diseases, a single centre experience in egypt

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G169(P)Exploring ethnic variation in infants with congenital heart defects undergoing paediatric cardiac surgery

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G170(P)Improving antenatal detection rates of significant congenital cardiac lesions in a district general hospital

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G171(P)Providing psychology support in a district paediatric cardiology service

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G172(P)Case report:cytomegalovirus and kawasaki disease is there a link?

Siddhi, P.; Babu, M.; A., M., 2015:
G173(P)How significant are ecgs and 24 h holter recordings in children presenting with palpitations and chest pain?:

Abumehdi, M.; Srirambhatia, U.; J., K.; C., C.; W., T., 2015:
G174(P)Introducing pulse oximetry as a screen for critical congenital heart defects in the district general hospital setting

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G17Childhood multiple sclerosis: an examination of families experiences, support needs and current service models in the uk

Macaulay, C.; Sherwood, E.; R., W.; L., M.; S., J., 2015:
G175learning together: do integrated child health clinics educate and improve outcomes?

Jacob, H.; Fertleman, C., 2015:
G176A national undergraduate child health curriculum: what are the core components?

Race, H.; J., D.; F., C., 2015 :
G177Do the new formative work based placed assessments improve educational impact?

Menzies, L.; Smith, S.; Moreiras, J.; F., C., 2015:
G179Improving leadership and management skills in junior doctors approaching registrar level through a transition to leadership course

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G180Evaluation of a novel mentorship programme for medical students in paediatrics

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G181(P)Reflections on safeguarding training: what new skills do paediatric trainees value?

Omar, S.; D., M.; S., A., 2015:
G182(P)Survey to investigate neonatal knowledge and experience amongst newly qualified general practitioners

James, D.; Race, H.; S., C.; F., K., 2015:
G183(P)Learning together study days: cross specialty education to improve children and young peoples health

Sepahzad, A.; A., A.; A., S.; K., B., 2015:
G184(P)The case exchange integrating patients as educators as part of a new regional paediatric teaching programme

Vernon, S.; R., S.; N., A.; M., B., 2015:
G185(P)Innovative e-learning: a uk initiative to advance undergraduate paediatric medical education

Bray, L.; C., B.; S., C.; K., K., 2015:
G18Evaluation of a peer parenting support scheme for parents of disabled children

Amin, N.; Uka, S., 2015:
G186(P)Multi-source feedback does it really encourage change? a qualitative study exploring paediatric trainees perceptions of multisource feedback

Reece, A.; F., C., 2015:
G187(P)Aiming for the apex real-time assessment of teaching using medical students in a compulsory, multi-station postgraduate assessment to assess the does at the top of millers pyramid

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G188(P) Aiding transition from st3 st4 in paediatric trainees . the results of a survey of both trainees and trainers

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G189(P)The use of simulation to teach medical students how to recognise and manage a sick child a cluster randomised trial

Wylam, D.; K., S.; F., D., 2015:
G190(P)What do paediatricians and general practitioners think should be included in the undergraduate paediatric curriculum?

Anpananthar, A.; W., N.; K., C.; K., R., 2015:
G191(P)So you want to be a paediatrician?

Budd, L.; Pawley, S., 2015:
G192(P) the day the simulator died a pilot

Govindshenoy, M.; H., S.; A., R., 2015:
G193Magnetic resonance imaging (mri) scans in children with neurodevelopmental disabilities: should a paediatric neuroradiologists opinion be sought?

Carr, R.; M., D.; M.Evoy, A., 2015:
G194Vitamin d and vitamin d deficiency: how much do parents know?

Pal, S.; F., H.; S., A., 2015:
G195What are the long term clinical outcomes of spinal dysraphias in children?

Nathan, K.; C., J.; S., S.; H., A.; W., S.; G., J., 2015:
G19Improving out of hours paediatric services: the role of a clinical nurse coordinator at a tertiary childrens hospital

Oulton, K.; S., D.; K., S.; G., F., 2015:
G196What do children and young people with learning disabilities want from hospital services?

Mithyantha, R.; R., H.; A., J.; B., Z., 2015:
G197(P)Neuroimaging in neurofibromatosis type 1: outcomes from a targeted approach- experience of a single tertiary centre

Mundada, V., 2015:
G198(P)Child and adolescent psychiatry training during neurodisability grid: an experience by the trainees in the uk

Ghazavi, M., 2015:
G199(P)Audit of information provided to parents of children with epilepsy

Oberink, E.G.; Gale, S.; G., A., 2015:
G201(P)Do baseline blood pressure and heart rate in children with a spinal cord injury vary depending on their level of injury?

Jmor, S.; A., E., 2015:
G202(P)Sleep management in autistic spectrum disorder

Jaleel, S.; Balfe, J.; C., E.; M.Donald, D., 2015:
G203(P)Status dystonicus presenting in an acute setting in association with viral illnesses

Nisar, S.; B., M.; R., K., 2015:
G204(P)Osteosarcoma cell culture on collagen surfaces and in hypoxia alters mmp expression

Keen, R.; J., B., 2015:
G205(P)Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (fop) an unfamiliar disease that is now important to diagnose

Sharples, P.; H., L.; E., A., 2015:
P02Outcome of mild traumatic brain injury (tbi) in children- results from a prospective uk cohort study

Gaskin, K.; Hutchinson, S., 2015:
G20Parents experiences of going home with their infant following first stage cardiac surgery for single ventricle heart condition

Hutchings, F.; Oliver, N.; T.-Pelham, A.; B., C., 2015:
G206(P)Recognising the risk factors: missed opportunities to prevent rickets

Jain, P.; A., M., 2015:
G207(P)To review the outcome of hip screening ultrasound scan (uss) for developmental dysplasia of hip (ddh) in high risk babies

Coad, J.; Ashley, N.; C., C.; C., C.; W., D., 2015:
G208Reflections and new directions in children and young peoples palliative care

Blackburn, M.; E., S.; K., C., 2015:
G209Relationships and sexuality in young adults with life-limiting conditions in england

Sanderson, L.; H., R., 2015:
G210 Closer to home: meeting the educational needs of nurses working with children with cancer

Corkin, D.; Hollis, R., 2015:
G211Breaking bad news: difficult undertaking for healthcare professionals

Spry, J., 2015:
G212(P)The experiences of nurses caring for children on paediatric intensive care (pic) who transition from curative to end of life care: a literature review

Brown, S., 2015:
G214(P)Blended food for enteral feeding via a gastrostomy

Bolland, R.; R., L., 2015:
G215Setting and maintaining professional boundaries in paeditric clinical perspectives from an interprofessional perspective

Gelder, C.; C., J.; C., D.; F., I.; F., J.; H., R.; H., A.; J., H.; K., K.; S., F.; T., R., 2015:
G218The contribution and impact of specialist and advanced childrens nursing practice to contemporary health care

Graham-Ray, L., 2015:
G219Looked after childrens experiences of nursing in a social care context

Hill, C., 2015:
G222Does the implementation of a ventilator associated pneumonia (vap) care bundle reduce incidence of vap in picu?

Smith, J.; F., G.; C., I.; S., V., 2015:
G223Implementing and evaluating models of family centred care or children with long term conditions where next?

Hill, R.; P., S.; D., M.; Hurley, M.; Carter, B., 2015:
G224A systematic review to determine if undernutrition is prognostic of infection complications in children following surgery

Spry, J.; H., N., 2015:
G225(P)Does wearing a uniform matter? the impact of research nurses wearing a uniform whist seeking parental consent to research trials

Carter, B.; F., K.; D., A.; B., L.; W., T.; A., J., 2015:
G226(P)Circle: one way of developing international research practice

Milnes, L.; Kirk, S., 2015:
G22Supporting and sharing: young peoples engagement in an online support forum in the context of living with cystic fibrosis

Lea, S.; T., R.; G., F., 2015 :
G227(P)Starting out on a clinical academic pathway: the experience of a newly qualified nurse

Thomas, S., 2015:
G228Does integration make a difference to the lives of children with a disability?

Watt, O.; Barr, O.; O.Neill, S., 2015:
G229What mothers do when there is a child with autism and younger siblings in the family: the implementation of the findings of a doctoral study, into a heuristic for the continuous improvement of service user family experience

Simons, J.; Carter, B.; B., L.; A., J., 2015:
G230 Supporting parents of children who have complex needs to assess and manage their childrens pain: health care practitioners perspectives

Stuart, C., 2015:
G231A study to determine whether changes in the system of caring for children and young people in a same day admission unit could improve quality of care without adversely effecting theatre utilisation

White, A., 2015:
G232What are parents and staff members perceptions and experiences of the craniofacial multidisciplinary team clinic as a provider of comprehensive and co-ordinated care?

Bray, E.; Kliem, L., 2015:
G233(P)Family support provision by the nursing team in neurorehabilitation following acquired brain injury (abi) in children and young people

Carter, B.; D., A.; F., K.; B., L.; W., T.; A., J., 2015:
G234(P)How children and young people self-manage their chronic illness: giving children a voice through photo-elicitation

Bray, L.; C., B.; S., J., 2015:
G235Holding children for clinical procedures; an ethical consideration of the evidence

Curtis, P.; N., A.; R., J., 2015 :
G236Bridging the gap; from family centred care to family enabled care?

Northcott, A.; C., P.; R., J., 2015:
G237Family-centred cubicles? issues associated with delivering and receiving care in cubicles

Adams, J.; C., R.; G., R., 2015:
G238safety huddles: multidisciplinary views regarding the purpose and effectiveness of a novel paediatric situational awareness tool

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G239Understanding the spiritual and religious needs of young people with cancer and their families to enhance holistic care

Scaife, C.; K., V.; O., M., 2015:
G240(P)Competent ward co-ordinators-meeting training needs through simulation

Ranaweera, M.; V., P., 2015:
G241(P)Echocardiograms in children a parental perspective

Williams, A., 2015:
G242The first day a film recreating 18th-century voluntary hospital child health care

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G243Dr isaac henry gosset (19071965) founder of northamptonshire paediatrics

Wilson, R.; O’Donnell, I., 2015:
G244Paediatricians and the development of health play specialists

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G245Advocating for quality low-cost management of children with diarrhoea in rural bangladesh:

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G246Management of acute malnutrition in infants aged <6 months (mami) in malawi: prevalence and risk factors in an observational study

Higson, J., 2015:
G24Patient experience: capturing the childs perspective

Bogie, J.; E., B.; M., D., 2015:
G247Non-invasive haemoglobin measurements for assessing anaemia in kenyan school children as part of an integrated school health and nutrition programme

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G248Long term survival of children from a cluster randomised controlled trial of womens participatory groups in makwanpur district, nepal

Clemans, L., 2015:
G249Are cities good for child health? the case of the urban poor in mumbai, india and lagos, nigeria

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G250Does an emergency triage assessment and treatment plus admission (etat+) course followed by repeat visits of uk consultant paediatricians to district hospitals in a low income country improve childrens care?:

Lester, M.; F., L.; G., H., 2015:
G251Childhood pneumonia lessons learned from an audit of three kenyan hospitals

Spiers, H.; A., S., 2015:
G252Improving neonatal care in the first 24 h of admission: a completed audit cycle

Hemming, V., 2015:
G253Training local staff in northern ethiopia in newborn resuscitation and care

Menakaya, J., 2015:
G254(P)The impact of an obstetric birth and neonatal emergency life support education project on staff competences, organisational capacity and patient outcomes in a resource poor setting

Rhodes, R.; C., M.; I., H.; S., S.; C., A.; D., L., 2015:
G255(P)Where there is no specialist advocating for children with nephrotic syndrome in rural bangladesh

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G256(P)Understanding parents and professionals knowledge and awareness of autism in nepal

Arnott, J.; N., A.; Mannix, H.; P., M.; P., M.; S., R.; Turner, M.; Young, B., 2015:
G25Communicating with parents following a suspected adverse drug reaction in a child: who says what and when?

Mathew, A.; V., P.; C., D., 2015:
G257(P)An overseas diploma in child health (dch) clinical training course and assessment programme-lessons learned

Halbert, J.; M., L.; Z., T.; R., R.V., 2015:
G258(P)A twelve month review of paediatric intensive care in myanmar to guide service development

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G259(P) A systematic review of health worker-led interventions to reduce mortality in low birth weight neonates in low and middle-income institutional settings

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G260(P)Effect of solar panels on in-patient paediatric mortality in a district hospital in sierra leone

Costello, H.; T.-Ponsonby, J.; D., S.; B., B.; A., D.; C., T.; S., N., 2015:
G261(P)Energy expenditure in the third trimester in rural pregnant women in jumla nepal: a pilot study using the actiheart accelerometer

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G262(P)Paediatric disability in malawi: exploring information and advice needs at community level

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G264(P)Cerebrovascular accident among children with sickle cell anaemia in mulago hospital, uganda

Jyothi, S.; K., A.; G., H., 2015:
G280Clinical management for senior paediatric trainees putting theory into practice:

Rich, J.; B., R.; C., S., 2015:
G281Making a case for consultant delivered care in paediatrics

Bale, P.; Easton, V.; B., H.; J., E.; A., K.; M.Gregor, A., 2015:
G282The efficacy of a multidisciplinary intervention strategy for the treatment of benign joint hypermobility syndrome (bjhs) in childhood. a randomised, single centre parallel group trial (the bendy study)

Arnott, J.; R., R.; P., M.; N., A.; Turner, M., 2015:
G26Parents experiences of administering and manipulating medicines for children with long term chronic conditions

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G283Epilepsy12 united kingdom collaborative clinical audit of health care for children and young people with suspected epileptic seizures

Tulloh, R.; Mayon-White, R.; C., P.; Shingadia, D.; M., C.; H., A.; F., O.; R., A.; T., E.; Connolly, G.; Gargh, K.; D., S.; L., R.; Levin, M.; B., P., 2015:
G284Kawasaki disease bpsu survey in great britain and ireland

Stephenson, T.; S., D.; M., N.; D., V.; B., L.; S., S.; C., S.; S., H., 2015:
G285Paediatric preparation day: smoothing the transition for yorkshire and the humber foundation and gp trainees

Williams, T.; Mistray, S., 2015:
G286Early experience with electronic growth chart use throughout a local health board

Chinnappan, S.; G., E.; M., B.; A., M., 2015:
G287Impact of telephone reminders on attendance rate at paediatric clinics

Gauntlett-Gilbert, J.; C., J.; C., H.; R., V., 2015:
G289Increasing parent resilience in chronic paediatric conditions: the case of chronic pain

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G290The development of a paediatric healthcare at home service

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G291The friends and family test for children and young people: key recommendations

Payne, E.; M., E.; N., J., 2015:
G292Are we doing it right? counselling for radiological imaging in non-accidental injury

Neill, S., 2015:
G27Social influences on parents health service use when their child is sick: barriers to timely treatment?

Williamson, S.; K., A.; D., N.; M., R., 2015:
G293(P)Does every child referred to paediatric out patients need to be seen?

Denaxa, D.; C., A.; B., G.; M., A., 2015:
G294(P)Only a quarter of children under 5 years have ever taken vitamin d supplements

Lamb, L.; L., G.; S., M., 2015:
G296(P)Supporting quality improvement in paediatrics across an entire healthcare system

Montgomery-Taylor, S.; C., R.; M., N.; W., M.; K., R., 2015:
G297(P)Use of email advice line to improve management of children in the community

Beh, A.; R., A.; R., P.; B., C., 2015:
G298(P)Sacral dimples in the newborn doing less (and saving money) safely

Almuzaini, T.; Choonara, I.; Sammons, H., 2015:
G299(P)Awareness levels of the public in derbyshire about the quality of medicines

Al-Harthy, Z.; Cowling, J.; Mann, G.; Salama, M., 2015:
G301(P)Medical intervention for children with medical complexity (micmac)

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G302(P)Obesity why do clinicians still turn a blind eye

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G28Effective safety netting: an important contribution to avoiding preventable deaths

Almuzaini, T.; C., I.; S., H., 2015:
G303(P)Awareness of healthcare professionals about the possibility of substandard medicines

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G304(P)Rcpch best practice guideline to newborn examination to reduce the prevalence of delayed detection of cleft palate (cp)

Tomlinson, N., 2015:
G305(P)Referral and investigation of paediatric urinary tract infections in a general practice setting are we getting it right?

Manikam, L.; R., K.; S., G.; S., R.; L., M., 2015 :
G306(P)Researchand public awareness priorities for south asian children, young people and their families: a collaborative participatory approach to prioritisation

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G307(P)Evaluating and reducing paediatrics medication errors based on two audits. a multidisciplinary approach:

Thomas, M.; T., D., 2015:
G308(P)Parents think that medicines for children reaches nice places:

Conn, R.; A., J.; G., R., 2015:
G309(P)safety huddles: multidisciplinary views regarding the purpose and effectiveness of a novel paediatric situational awareness tool

Liew, S.; B., S., 2015:
G310(P)Audit of discharge letter diagnosis and its effect on clinical coding

Wensley, C.; Stephenson, T.; M., G., 2015:
G312(P)Single centre, multi-location, interprofessional real time outreach simulation

Rogers, S.; Hughes, J., 2015:
G29An education programme to enhance undergraduate pre-registration nursing students skills in recognising and responding to acutely ill/injured children and young people: an evaluation

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G313(P)Impact of maternal and fetal inflammatory markers on neonatal and infant adiposity

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G314(P)Can multidisciplinary simulation in a paediatric department improve clinical governance?

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G315(P)Doctors, death and diversity: are we aware of the cultural needs of parents during bereavement care?

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G316(P)Chronic and complex care a model for general paediatric leadership in a tertiary centre

Spiers, H.; D., R.; P., C., 2015:
G317(P)Paediatric standards in a consultant-delivered service

Greenwood, A.; V., P., 2015:
G318(P)Doc i dont want to take my medicine!

Williams, J.; M.Cully, E., 2015:
G320(P)Septic baby; have you considered parechovirus meningitis?

Cleugh, F.; L., A.; C., C.; S., M., 2015:
G321(P)Fix freddie!

Mitchell, R.; Watt, L.; B., S.; H., S.; B.-Rust, M.; A., O., 2015:
G322(P)The development of a paediatric short stay unit

Clarke, V.; A., A.; Kramer, T.; W., K.; G., A.; W., J.; Viner, R.; Khadr, S., 2015:
P03Baseline characteristics and early mental health sequelae in adolescents presenting after sexual assault

Gregory, P., 2015:
G30(P)Enhancing the preparedness of paramedic students for managing children presenting with congenital cardiac conditions in the pre-hospital setting through an online multimedia educational package

Fisher, B.; Lakshman, R., 2015:
G323(P) Transcutaneous bilirubin measurement in neonates with jaundice requiring phototherapy

Li, S.; S., H.; S., J., 2015:
G325(P)To err is human: thematic characterisation of paediatric clinical incidents within a large district general hospital

Tsyben, A.; Kelsall, W.; Gooding, N., 2015:
G327(P)Using regular audit to demonstrate improvements in paediatric and neonatal prescribing

Davison, G.; O.Donoghue, D.; H., L.; Dornan, T.; S., M.; T., A., 2015:
G328(P)Evaluation of medical student perception of performance of a task versus the actual performance

Strehle, E.; Kaura, S., 2015:
G329(P)Trial of a handheld vein illuminator in an acute paediatric department

Ghazal, S.; B., E.; S., B.; N., G., 2015:
G330(P)The introduction of a regular prescribing audit and training session for paediatric doctors

Bradley, G.; M., A.; W., A., 2015:
G331(P)Haemophilia: a lot to learn from a near miss event

Kallappa, C.; N., T., 2015:
G332(P)Excessive daytime sleepiness in teenagers could it be due to iron deficiency?

Selvarajan, L.; J., H., 2015:
G353Has the rising incidence of paediatric inflammatory bowel disease in our region stabilised?

Baldwin, L., 2015:
G31Process and outcomes of the camhs ministerial taskforce report and reflections on the ways in which clinicians can be involved in developing evidence-based policy

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G354The ongoing rapid and significant rise of incident paediatric-onset inflammatory bowel disease in scotland

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G356Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and other autoimmune diseases in a nationwide paediatric inflammatory bowel disease cohort

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G357Chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (crmo): the value of whole body mri demonstrated by a series of 13 adult and 34 paediatric patients

Moore, Y.; A., N.; Crawley, E., 2015:
G358A systematic review to identify the definitions of recovery for paediatric patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) or myalgic encephalomyelitis (me) used in studies since 1994

Goddard, M.; F., D.; Penman, D.; B., A.; Duncan, H.; R., R.; Hansen, R., 2015:
G359The diagnosis, management and outcomes of paediatric eosinophilic oesophagitis: a five-year retrospective analysis of the west of scotland population

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G360The epidemiology and outcome of biliary atresia in scotland 20022013

MacDougall, C.; S., L.; B., A.; B., K.; C., P.; B., G., 2015:
G361Parental photographic monitoring of ascites

Bali, S.; J., H.; F., C., 2015:
G362(P)Child nutrition: a need to feed future doctors

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G363(P)Infectious complications in biliary atresia; a single centre experience

Clarke, D.; D., J.; N., M., 2015:
G32An evaluation of a complex simulated clinical shift scenario with final year undergraduate childrens nursing students

Belitsi, S.; Mathew, A.V.; James, M., 2015:
G364(P)Management of gastroesophageal reflux in infants: current practice of diagnosis and treatment in a uk district general hospital

Morrissey, B.; Hennessy, E.; Naik, S.; Meadows, N.; Millar, M., 2015:
G365(P) The use of antibiotic line locks to prevent central venous catheter-associated sepsis in children with intestinal failure on long-term parenteral nutrition

Crook, P.; R., A.; H., R.; Z., M., 2015:
G366(P)Impedance monitoring in paediatric gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: an evaluation of its use and clinical value

Ajmal, F.; C., A., 2015:
G367(P)A chubby child: is this a sign of health or malnutrition?

Volynets, G.; Evlyukhina, N.; Filin, A.; Pakhomovskaya, N., 2015:
G368(P)Dynamics of degree breach structure of liver and degree portal hypertension in children with autoimmune hepatitis and wilsons desease

Ruth, N.; Van Mourik, I., 2015:
G369(P)Portal cavernoma and the challenges faced in early infancy

Atukorale, D.; Jayatunga, R., 2015:
G370(P)Fictitious illness due to chronic laxative poisoning: a case report

Akinkugbe, O.; D.Munter, C.; A., H., 2015:
G373Difficulties with limitation of treatment in paediatric intensive care improving communication in multi-professional teams

Crathern, L.; C., S., 2015:
G33Trainee advanced neonatal nurse practitioners can use the same curriculum as paediatric specialty registrars: evaluation of the rcpch pilot study

Fraser, L.; Van Laar, M.; M., M.; Parslow, R., 2015:
G375Children with life-limiting or complex chronic conditions in picu; prevalence, within picu and long term outcomes

Weir, E.; B., P.; Y., D.; P., J.; Devenny, A., 2015:
G377The role of cardiopulmonary exercise testing in children with cystic fibrosis

Petrunin, Y.; J., L.; T., K.; U., D., 2015:
G378Demographics and selected clinical features of paediatric human metapneumovirus infection

Vincent, M.; Davies, P.; G., N.; M., A., 2015:
G379Descriptive analysis of adherence with non-invasive ventilation in children

Anantharaman, R., 2015:
G380(P)Hyponatremia cerebral salt wasting

Puhtinskaya, M.; E., V., 2015:
G381(P)Immunoprotective effects of inchaled nitric oxide in newborns with respiratory diseases on mechanically ventilation

Russell, M.; A., J.; H., L., 2015:
G384(P)A quality improvement (qi) project to increase the number of ventilated days between unplanned extubations within paediatric intensive care using real time statistical monitoring

Bell, A.; C., D.; M., C.; D., A., 2015:
G34Integrating elements of undergraduate curriculum learning

Robinson, N.; Campbell, J.; D., P., 2015:
G386(P)Bronchiolitis: 10 year experience of infants ventilated in a regional paediatric intensive care unit

McDougall, C.; McPherson, H.; C., P.; M.Fadzean, J., 2015:
G388(P)Earlier extubation is associated with a reduction in early post-operative complications in children undergoing surgery for non-idiopathic spinal deformity

Kanaris, C.; G., A.; P., C., 2015:
G389(P)A case for early ammonia testing in all encephalopathic patients: female patients with x-linked ornithine transcarbamylase deficiency

Blakemore, L.; L., J., 2015:
G392(P)Preparing for paediatric intensive care the development of a paediatric intensive care unit simulation induction course for trainee doctors

Fordham, T.; G., H.; B., Q.; I., H.; S., N., 2015:
G393(P)Reduction in prescription errors in a neonatal intensive care unit: a completed audit cycle

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G394(P)Infection and wheeze in the first 6 months of life an interim analysis of the go-child birth cohort

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G395(P)Experiences of patients on long term ventilation transferring to adult services

Twycross, A.; P., R.; W., A.; B., R.; S., R., 2015:
G35Health care professonals knowledge and attitudes towards paediatric pain in one uk hospital

Murphy, L.; Tan, S.; Wickham, M.; C., A.; K., H., 2015:
G396(P)Is infantile laryngomalacia associated with early onset adenotonsillar hypertrophy: a retrospective pilot study

Osvald, E.C.; Midgley-Hunt, A.; C., J., 2015:
G397(P)Hypoxic challenge testing which children are we assessing?

Rowbotham, N.; Dove, H.; Y., M., 2015:
G398(P)Use of video, sound and pulse transit time to improve accuracy of screening for obstructive sleep apnoea in children

Rowbotham, N.; Yanney, M., 2015:
G399(P)Usefulness of pulse transit time in the assessment of children with obstructive sleep apnoea

Brook, L., 2015:
G400(P)How useful is recording preferred place of end of life care and place of death as outcome measure in paediatric palliative care?

Lunt, A.; M.Ghee, E.; S., K.; R., G.; Dick, M.; R., D.; H., S.; T., S.; Greenough, A., 2015:
G401Longitudinal assessment of lung function in children with sickle cell disease

Dandapani, M.; H., D., 2015:
G403Assessing the value of bone marrow aspirate and trephine in identifying metastatic involvement in children with ewings sarcoma: a retrospective single centre experience

Martins, A.; A., S.; G., F., 2015:
G404Models of key working in childrens cancer care: professionals and parents views

Taylor, R.; Aslam, N.; F., R.; R., R.; W., J.; Gibson, F., 2015:
G405Defining healthcare professional competence for working with teenagers and young adults with cancer a brightlight study

Nsasra, D.; K., S.; L., M.; S., D., 2015:
G36Using referrals for psychosocial support as a quality indicator for an educational intervention

Gravestock, H.; Malik, S., 2015:
G406Coping with cancer supporting young peoples resilience

Mani, P.; S., S.; W., J., 2015:
G407(P)Macrocytosis a rare but serious problem!

Kanaris, C.; W., R.; Konstantinidis, A., 2015:
G408(P)Cytokine storm associated multi-organ failure with poor neurological outcome, during rituximab administration in a child with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and ebv related lymphoproliferative disease

Sivaguru, H.; K., S.M.; Crowley, R.; H., G.; Y., D.; Roberts-Harewood, M.; W., O., 2015:
G409(P)An evaluation of the transition to adult care for young patients with sickle cell disease

Kemp, S.M.; Sivaguru, H.; C., R.; Y., D.; Roberts-Harewood, M.; W., O.; H., G., 2015:
G410(P)Are adolescents with sickle cell disease satisfied with their out-patient clinic experience?

Onita, R.; R., C.; J., A., 2015:
G411(P)A rare case of primary antiphospholipid syndrome

Almossawi, O.; W., O., 2015:
G412(P)To evaluate the management of acute painful crisis, outcomes of safety and efficacy of codeine in children with sickle cell disease

Hemming, V.; P., B., 2015:
G413(P)Prospective study of procalcitonin levels in children with cancer presenting with febrile neutropenia

Macdonald, K.; C., M.; G., S., 2015:
G415(P)Cytomegalovirus infection presenting as recurrent fever in a child receiving standard chemotherapy for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Roe, L.; Neuling, K.; Dunlop, A., 2015:
G416(P) Hypoglycaemia secondary to 6-mercaptopurine in leukaemia treatment

Jyothish, M.; A., S., 2015:
G417(P)Droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddpcr) assessment of deep molecular response in chronic myeloid leukaemia (cml)

Parfitt, C., 2015:
G418(P)Paediatric oncology junior doctor confidence survey

Shortall, C.; Bedford, H., 2015:
G419 "we can't change anything that's happened in their past, but what we can do is help them with some of the internal mess they've been left with to deal with": healthcare professionals' experiences of the initial healthcare assessments for unaccompanied asylum seeking children and young people

Strange, E.; B., K.; R., H.; S., P.; M., A.; P., C.; T., R.; I., S.; Q., M.; M., S., 2015:
G420An interim analysis of the go-child birth cohort shows a high prevalence of nasal symptoms in 12 month old children

Garstang, J.; E., C.; S., P.; G., F., 2015:
G421The current causes and risk factors for sudi

Olive, S.; Tuthill, D.; Maguire, S.; C., B.; Hingston, E., 2015:
G422Dentists, doctors, nurses and neglect: do you see what i see?

Sharma, R.; G., H., 2015:
G424Prematurity and the burden of assessment on autistic spectrum disorder diagnostic services: a pragmatic approach

Owusu, S.K.; Ansong, D.; P., C.; Owusu, R.; Owusu, M.; Addo-Yobo, E.; A., G.; A., K., 2015:
G425Rotavirus viremia and genotype characterisation among children with rotavirus diarrhoea presenting to a teaching hospital

Wolstenholme, S., 2015:
G38(P)Evaluating a service to support mentors and mentoring in student health visitor education

Wilson, I.; Kaushik, N.; F., T., 2015:
G427Improving documentation and clinical practice in the 68 week baby check in uk general practices

Ozer, S., 2015:
G428(P)Exposure to artificial bright lights from modern electronic media before bedtime may contribute to sleep difficulties in children/young people with / without special needs 3 patient/ carer sleep hygiene surveys

Herberholz, N.; Ozer, S., 2015:
G429(P)Melatonin use in children with sleep difficulties: an audit of prescription practices amongst east of england community paediatricians

Tarhini, A., 2015:
G430(P)Is it possible to have high standards practical pathway for autism spectrum disorder?

Mikrou, P.; C., G.; S., V., 2015:
G431(P)Audit on looked after children at risk of bloodborne infections

Willis, E.; Bell, C.; C., F.; M., C.; F., I.; F., S.; M., A.; M.Master, P.; S., K.; M.Cann, R.; P., M., 2015:
G432(P)Investigation into an increase in paediatric tuberculosis incidence in greater manchester

Sahu, V., 2015:
G433(P) Kikuchi disease with multisystem involvement: a case report

Haves, S.; K., A.; L., S.; B., E., 2015:
G434(P)Prescribing practices for buccal midazolam and its use in the community

Jainer, R.; S., V., 2015:
G435(P)Evolution of looked after childrens (lac) regional network joint medical and nursing input a novel concept

McNaughten, B.; C., D.; C., P.; O.Donoghue, D., 2015:
G39(P)The role of simbaby in advancing undergraduate nursing and medical education

Bajaj, N.; O., S., 2015 :
G436(P)A Retrospective Audit of Melatonin Prescribing Amongst the Community Paediatricians in a Hertfordshire Child Development Centre and Cost Implications

Gilmour-White, J.; Govindshenoy, M., 2015:
G437(P)A case of congenital glaucoma in mosaic downs syndrome (trisomy 21)

Bilal, S.; W., E.; B., L.; S., A., 2015:
G439(P)Tale of allergy testing: implementing rcpch allergy care pathways in a district general hospital

Atterby, R.; B., S., 2015:
G440(P)To audit the management of clostridium difficile (c. difficile) infection in children

Mack, J.; Lewis, M.; Tuthill, D.; S., E., 2015:
G441(P)Please sir, which is the best school allergy care plan?

Sunderland, E.; W., K.; B., S., 2015:
G442(P)What do looked after young people think about the specialist health services they use?

Bhusari, G.; B., K.; T., S., 2015:
G443(P)Evaluating user experience in community paediatrics using the friends and family test (fft)

Mclaughlin, C.; C., J.; A., A., 2015:
G444(P)An audit of the management of anaphylaxis in children in a district general hospital

Kravchenko, L.; Levkovich, M.; Krukier, ; Pyatikova, M.; Zaurova, L.; Afonin, A., 2015:
G445(P)Diagnosis of an infectious process in newborns born by mothers with chronic inflammatory gynaecological diseases

Christie, D.; H., L.; C., S.; M., A.; H., R.; K., S.; K., A.; W., I.; Cole, T.; Morris, S.; N., I.; V., R., 2015:
P04Rct of a motivational lifestyle intervention (the healthy eating and lifestyle programme (help)) for obese young people

Carson, E.; Stronge, S., 2015:
G40(P)Overseas electives, expensive holidays or valuable learning experiences, a reflective evaluation

Brightwell, A.; W., C.; C., J., 2015:
G446(P)Promoting engagement of children and young people in allergy clinic via real time feedback tools and social media

Levkovich, A.; Afonin, A.; Levkovich, M.; Kravchenko, L., 2015:
G447(P)The innate immunity factors in case of intrauterine herpetic infection

Onita, R.; K., J.; E., M., 2015:
G449(P)Factors associated with early application of oseltamivir in children with influenza virus infection and outcome

El-Salheen, H.; B., A.; M., I., 2015:
G450(P)Hyperimmunoglobuline e syndrome case presentation

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