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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 67675

Chapter 67675 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Magg, J.; C., L.; P., E.; P., G.; K., A.; S., M.; M., R.; R., O.; N., H., 2012:
B12The influence of kalirin-7 deficiency on the phenotype of Yac128 mice

Zala, D.; H., V.; L., G.; P., P.; H., S.; S., F., 2012:
B13axonal transport, energy supply and huntingtin

Quarrell, O., 2012:
A03Juvenile Huntington's disease

Ben M'Barek, K.; O., S.; P., P.; B., C.; G., J.; G., A.; S., F.; D., D.; H., S., 2012:
B14Huntingtin mediates anxiety/depression-related behaviours in mouse through Bdnf transport and hippocampal neurogenesis

Pepers, B.; Mastrokolias, A.; van Ommen, G.J.B.; den Dunnen, J.; Hoen, P.; van Roon-Mom, W., 2012:
B15Ctcf in Huntington's disease

Priller, J.; N., C.; B., Y.; G., M.; F., R.; B., J.; Z., C.; L., M.; W., E., 2012:
B16Collapsin response mediator protein 4 downregulates aggregation and toxicity of mutant huntingtin

van der Goot, A.; Zhu, W.; Seinstra, R.; Krijnen, J.; Ruiz Silva, M.; Thijssen, K.; Oefner, P.; Kema, I.; Nollen, E., 2012:
B17 Delaying ageing and the ageing-associated decline in protein homeostasis by inhibition of tryptophan degradation

Squitieri, F.; D.Pardo, A.; A., S.; M., V.; C., A., 2012:
B18Glucose metabolism is reduced in Huntington disease: in-vivo and in-vitro evidence

Nielsen, S.; Josefsen, K.; F., L.; Køhler, L.; N., A.; H., L., 2012:
B19Lactate metabolism in the Huntington's disease mouse model R6/2

Schneider, N.; T., D.; L., G.; Orth, M.; F.-Posovszky, P.; L., K., 2012:
B20Increased glucose uptake in white adipose tissue of R6/2 mice due to changes in expression and translocation of glucose transporter 4 (Glut4)

Wackler, P.; L., T.; H., T.; O., M.; L., G.; Lindenberg, K., 2012:
B21Decreased expression and reduced translocation to the sarcolemma of the insulin-sensitive glucose transporter Glut4 in skeletal muscle of R6/2 Mice

Magnusson-Lind, A.; D., M.; S.ć, E.; Hansen, C.; T., S.; Björkqvist, M., 2012:
B22Does a peripheral immune response influence muscle pathology in Huntington's disease?

Träger, U.; A., R.; L., N.; M., A.; P., E.; W., A.; G., S.; A., M.; B., G.; M., P.; B., M.; O., G.; A., N.; T., S., 2012:
B23Immune dysfunction in Hd human myeloid cells is caused by NfB pathway dysregulation and is reversed by lowering Htt levels

Wolf, R.; Sambataro, F.; V., N.; W., N.; Thomann, P.; Saft, C.; L., G.; Orth, M., 2012:
A04Default-mode network changes in preclinical Huntington's disease

Murphy, K.; Dallerac, G.; Milnerwood, A.; Cummings, D.; Vatsavayai, S.; Stramek, A.; E., K.; Walters, S.; Hirst, M., 2012:
B24Dysfunctional dopaminergic neurones and biphasic activity-dependent dopamine release in mouse models of Huntington's disease

Jahanshahi, A.; V., R.; Z., D.; S., H.; T., Y., 2012:
B25Hyperdopaminergic status in Huntington's disease

Kantor, S.; C., M.; M., A., 2012:
B26Sleep and Eeg abnormalities in Huntington's disease mice

Kalliolia, E.; K., R.; S., E.; N., R.; H., N.; H., P.; B., M.; W., T., 2012:
B27Disruption of melatonin circadian rhythmicity in Huntington's disease (Hd)

Ouk, K.; A., J.; Cuesta, M.; M., A., 2012:
B28Neural mechanisms underlying the dysfunction of the methamphetamine-sensitive circadian oscillator (Masco) in a mouse model of Huntington's disease

Aungier, J.; C., M.; M., A., 2012:
B29Voluntary exercise improves circadian function in a mouse model of Huntington's disease

Hult, S.; S., R.; P., ., 2012:
B30Expression of mutant huntingtin in leptin receptor-expressing neurons does not influence the metabolic phenotype and psychiatric-like features in Huntington's disease

Soylu, R.; P., ., 2012:
B31Deletion of mutant huntingtin expression in sim1 neurons in the Bachd mouse model of Huntington's disease

Hölzner, E.; B., M.; N., N.; M., M.; W., N.; B., S.; F., C.; M., J.; R., R., 2012:
C01Track-Tghd Minipigintroduction of a longitudinal tgHd minipig phenotyping study using Mri, motor and cognitive endpoints

Zizkova, M.; H., R.; J., J.; J., S.; H., P.; K., H.; M., J., 2012:
C02-catenin expression in minipigs transgenic for human mutated huntingtin

Georgiou-Karistianis, N.; S., J.; P., G.; G., M.; D., J.; C., A.; C., P.; E., G., 2012:
A05Longitudinal functional and connectivity changes during working memory performance in Huntington's disease: the image-Hd study

Benova, I.; K. Skalnikova, H.; K., J.; J., S.; M., J., 2012:
C03Activation of cytokine production in F1 and F2 generation of miniature pigs transgenic for N-terminal part of mutated human huntingtin

Mačáková, M.; H., H.; A., P.; H., Z.; S., J.; J., S.; J., J.; B., M.; Z., J.; M., J., 2012:
C04Reproductive parameters and mitochondrial function in spermatozoa of F1 and F2 minipig boars transgenic for n-terminal part of the human mutated huntingtin

Yu, L.; P., E.; Osmand, A.; Redensek, A.; M., S.; C., L.; Park, L.; H., D.; C., C.; G., X.; P., B.; Y., X.; Riess, O.; N., H., 2012:
C05A novel Bachd transgenic rat exhibits characteristic neuropathological features of Huntington disease

Portal, E.; N., H., 2012:
C06Phenor: data exploration for automated homecage system

Jansson, E.; M., N.; Doyère, V.; Y., L.; R., O.; N., H., 2012:
C07Skinner box test for strategy shifting impairments in Bachd rats

Abada, Y.; N., H.; Schreiber, R.; E., B., 2012:
C08Motor, cognitive and emotional investigation in a novel rat model of Huntington's disease

Gabery, S.; S., M.; Hult, S.; S., R.; K., D.; P., ., 2012:
C09Characterisation of a rat model of Huntington's disease based on targeted expression of a mutant huntingtin fragment in the forebrain using an adeno-associated viral vector

Kelp, A.; K., A.; Petrasch-Parwetz, E.; C., C.; B., C.; B., P.; R., O.; N., H., 2012:
C10Generation and characterisation of a transgenic rat model of huntington's disease-like 4 (Hdl4), also called spinocerebellar ataxia type 17 (Sca17)

Paucar, M.; W., E.; W., R.; Svenningsson, P., 2012:
D02A case of Huntington disease-like 1 (Hdl1) with long disease duration

't Hart, E.; M., H.; B., J.; Bentivoglio, A.; Craufurd, D.; R., R.; S., C.; R., R., 2012:
A06Better global and cognitive functioning for choreatic compared to hypokinetic-rigid huntington's disease

Brauner, H.; M., S.; R., O.; N., H., 2012:
E01Analysis of mitochondrial genes as potential genetic modifiers of the age-at-onset in Huntington disease

Kloster, E.; S., C.; A., L., 2012:
E03Association study of cannabinoid receptor gene (Cnr1) polymorphisms and age at onset in Hd

Futter, C.; M., S.; S., M.; T., L.; R., O.; N., H., 2012:
E04Autophagy-related gene Atg7 is a genetic modifier of Aao specific in the Italian population

Tunali, N., 2012:
E05Age of onset of Huntington's disease is not modulated by Hcad R196K polymorphism

Hughes, A.; Rosser, A.; J., L., 2012:
E06Family history curation in Huntington's disease: a survey of the data so far

Sajjad, M.; Pinard, G.; F., C.; I., C.; P., .; Kirik, D., 2012:
F01Establishment of novel assays for quantification of full-length wild-type and mutant huntingtin by using the alphalisa technology

Westerberg, G.; Massai, L.; Magnoni, L.; Pollio, G.; Tripepi, G.; Diodato, E.; Caricasole, A.; Bernocco, S.; Tabrizi, S.; Landwehrmeyer, B., 2012:
F02 Selisistat: soluble Htt protein levels as a potential pharmacodynamic readout

Westerberg, G.; D., D.; P., G.; M., E.; F., C.; M., E.; M., L.; T., A.; M., F.; T., S.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; C., A., 2012:
F04Selisistat: potential pharmacodynamic readouts based on transcriptomics

Long, J.; Paulsen, J.; Zhang, Y.; K., J.; Mills, J.; Liu, W., 2012:
A07Critical consideration of the criteria for the motor diagnosis of huntington disease

Andre, R.; W., A.; T., U.; G., S.; F., R.; L., C.; S., R.; L., N.; H., S.; M., D.; F., C.; B., G.; B., G.; K., R.; W., E., 2012:
F05Mutant huntingtin fragmentation in immune cells tracks Huntington's disease progression

Silajdžić, E.; Lahiri, N.; W., E.; Tabrizi, S.; Björkqvist, M., 2012:
F06A critical evaluation of inflammatory markers in Huntington's disease plasma

Bouwens, J.; H., M.; van der Mast, R.; R., R.; van Duijn, E.; G., E., 2012:
F07Cross-sectional and longitudinal associations between Crp and neuropsychiatric symptoms in Hd

Goehler, H.; K., A.; T., M.; S., C.; M., H.; Lueking, A.; S., V.; W., D.; H., R.; G., R.; S., C., 2012:
F08The autoimmune profile of Huntington's disease patients: a pilot study

Krzyszton-Russjan, J.; Zielonka, D.; Jackiewicz, J.; Kusmirek, S.; Bubko, I.; Klimberg, A.; Marcinkowski, J.; Anuszewska, E., 2012:
F09 The study on molecular changes related to energy metabolism in Huntington's disease subjects: looking for biomarkers

Valerio, L.; D.Donato, S.; L., J.; J., A.; P., J., 2012:
F13Progressive reduction of plasma 24S-hydroxycholestrol in prodromal Hd subjects according with clinical and Mri features in the Predict-Hd study

Borowsky, B.; W., J.; M., W.; J., H.; D., A.; R., R.; T., S.; Leavitt, B.; B., C.; T., A.; S., H., 2012:
F148OhdG is not a biomarker for Huntington's disease; lessons for future biomarker studies

Nance, M., 2012:
A08Clinical management of Huntington's disease

Kopishinskaya, S.; Antonova, V.; Gustov, A.; Prodonets, N., 2012:
F15A new biomarker in Huntington's disease

Hobbs, N.; Cole, J.; F., R.; Rees, E.; Scahill, R.; Crawford, H.; Roos, R.; Sprengelmeyer, R.; D., A.; L., B.; T., S.; Frost, C., 2012:
G01Evaluation of multi-modal, multi-site imaging measures in Huntington's disease: baseline results from the Paddington study

Wolf, R.; Thomann, P.; Thomann, A.; Vasic, N.; W., N.; Landwehrmeyer, G.; Orth, M., 2012:
G02Brain structure in preclinical Huntington's disease: a multi-method approach

Crawford, H.; Hobbs, N.; Cole, J.; R., E.; Owen, G.; L., D.; Frost, C.; L., B.; R., R.; C., D.; S., J.; Durr, A.; L., B.; R., R.; Tabrizi, S., 2012:
G03Corpus callosal atrophy in Huntington's disease

Nopoulos, P.; E., E.; C., A.; M., K.; P., J.; S., B.; P., J.; B., J.; M., V., 2012:
G04Brain structure in children at risk for Huntington's disease

Sánchez-Castañeda, C.; di Paola, M.; E., F.; M., V.; di Pardo, A.; S., U.; S., F., 2012:
G05Alterations in iron content in the brain of Huntington disease mutation carriers in comparison with healthy control subjects

Novak, M.; S., K.; G., C.; C., C.; T., S., 2012:
G09Structural connectivity-based topography of the basal ganglia is altered in premanifest and early manifest Huntington's disease

Walker, R., 2012:
A09The differential diagnosis of chorea

Syka, M.; K., J.; K., J.; Rulseh, A.; Roth, J.; J., R.; V., I.; V., J., 2012:
G10Correlation between relaxometry and diffusion tensor imaging in the globus pallidus of Huntington disease patients

Phillips, O.; Sanchez-Castaneda, C.; C., C.; D.Pardo, A.; M., V.; S., F.; S., U.; D.Paola, M., 2012:
G11Tractography of the corpus callosum in Huntington disease

Mochel, F.; N., T.M.; Deelchand, D.; R., D.; V., R.; W., C.; C., P.; D., A.; H., P.G., 2012:
G13Abnormal responses to visual cortex activation in early stage Huntington disease patients using 31P-Nmr spectroscopy

Wolf, R.; Groen, G.; S., F.; V., N.; W., N.; Thomann, P.; Saft, C.; L., G.; Orth, M., 2012:
G14Brain activation and functional connectivity in premanifest Huntington's disease during states of intrinsic and phasic alertness

Matusch, A.; S., C.; E., D.; K., P.; Gold, R.; H., H.P.; Bauer, A., 2012:
G15Switch of cerebral A1 adenosine receptor radioligand binding during phenoconversion of Huntington disease: a Pet study

Paulsen, J.; Long, J.; Kim, J.; Mills, J., 2012:
H01Prospective diagnosis of huntington disease: prognostic indicators and directions for future study

Warner, J., 2012:
H02Progress report for the model-Hd project (follow-up on Ehdn announcement)

Paulsen, J.; Long, J., 2012:
H03Rate of progression is associated with age of disease onset for all Hd

Gaus, W.; E., B., 2012:
H04Prognostic factors for the speed of progression of Hd results of a re-evaluation of the riluzole study

Cavanna, A.E.; Pilcher, F., 2012:
P5 Initial treatment retention to habit reversal training in Tourette syndrome

Clempson, A.; Dobson, S.; Stern, J.S., 2012:
P7 Dentists treating Tourette syndrome

Ali, K.; J., Y.; H., S.; W., M., 2012 :
Reversible Cerebral Vasoconstriction Syndrome As A Cause Of Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

Seemungal, B.; G.-Lopez, J.; A., Q.; S., S.; Walsh, V.; Y., N., 2012:
Vestibular Activation Differentially Modulates Human Early Visual Cortex And V5/Mt Excitability And Response Entropy

Shakespeare, T.; C., S., 2012:
Eye Tracking In Posterior Cortical Atrophy: A New Insight Into The Visual Syndrome

Wong, S.; Silva, F.; H., M.; A., J.; Plant, G., 2012:
An Old Friend Revisits: Chloramphenicol Optic Neuropathy

Wong, S.; C., G.; G., E.; Plant, G., 2012:
Blindness Cured!: Response To Late Steroids In Crion

Anderson, J.; R., N.; Smith, P., 2012:
Promoting Feedback In Clinical Neuroscience Teaching

Hinze, S.; Loo, S., 2012:
Perceptions Of Learning And Teaching In Postgraduate Neurology Training

Sharaf, N.; S., S., 2012:
A 9-Year Retrospective Study On Cavernous Sinus Syndrome

Maw, K.; J., J.; Llewelyn, J., 2012:
Acute Neurology Service Provision At A District General Hospital

Maxwell, G.; J., J.; A., N.; B., D., 2012:
Acute Neurology In The District General Hospital: The Role Of The Acute Neurologist

Panicker, J.; L., A., 2012:
Two-Week Wait Referrals For Cns Cancer-Are They Working?

Phizacklea, J.; K., S.; K., K.; D., G.; C., M., 2012:
Student Led Development And Evaluation Of Undergraduate Neurology Virtual Patient E-Learning Modules

Arthur-Farraj, P.; M., S.; L., M.; L., M.; Manji, H.; B., J.; R., G.; F., Z.; R., M., 2012:
Hand Weakness In Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease 1X

Crawley, F.; S., I.; B., S., 2012:
Death In Mnd, Experience In The East Of England

Michael, B.; M.-McNulty, P.; M., N.; F., N.; Crooks, D., 2012:
Improving The Diagnosis Of Leptomeningeal Malignancy Through An Intervention To Optimise Cerebrospinal Fluid Collection

Rafiq, M.; P., A.; McDermott, C.; Shaw, P., 2012:
Clinical Evaluation Of Transcutaneous Carbon Dioxide Monitor (Tosca) In Patients With Motor Neurone Disease

Winston, J.; R., R.; Davie, C.; L., N.; S., R., 2012:
Changes In Workload And Case Mix In A London Hyperacute Stroke Unit Over Time

Scotton, W.; Scott, K.; Almedom, L.; W., L.; Janssen, A.; N., C.; S., M.; L., P.; Shaw, C.; A.-Chalabi, A., 2012:
Prognostic Categories For Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Brown, J.; R., S.; C., K.; D., H.; I., F.; C., P.; W., J., 2012:
Test Your Memory (Tym) Testing In Non-Alzheimer Dementias

Crutch, S.; L., M.; W., E.; Warren, J.; Rohrer, J., 2012:
Parietal Contributions To Language Processing: Progressive Aphasia In Posterior Cortical Atrophy

Haider, S.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; Sissumuth, S.; Frost, C.; F., R.; A., R.; C., A.; C., D.; Westerberg, G.; T., S.J., 2012:
From Biology To The Bedside-Sirtuins As Targets For Disease Modification In Huntington'S Disease: Selisistat Preclinical Data And Preliminary Phase I Results

Webb, A.; S., M.; R., P., 2012:
Increased Middle Cerebral Artery Pulsatility In Patients With Leukoaraiosis: Enhanced Transmission Of Aortic Pulse Waves Due To Increased Arterial Stiffness

Dobson, R.; R., R.; Giovannoni, G., 2012:
Can We Reliably Use Mri To Monitor Treatment Response In Patients On Interferon : A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

Zhang, L.; B., P.; M., A., 2012:
Mri Findings In Acute Wernicke'S Encephalopathy

Honarbakhsh, S.; O., C.; T., J.; G., C., 2012:
Ultrasound-Guided Lumbar Puncture As A Diagnostic Aid To Improve Patient Safety And Satisfaction: Desirable Or Necessary?

Hughes, S.; Spelman, T.; G., O.; Boz, C.; T., M.; M.Donnell, G.; Hawkins, S.; Kee, F.; B., H., 2012:
Predictors Of Postpartum Relapses In Women With Multiple Sclerosis: Results From The Msbase Registry

Zajicek, J.; H., J.; W., D.; B., S.; N., A.; V., J., 2012:
Results From The Cannabinnoid Use In Progressive Inflammatory Brain Disease (Cupid) Trial

Lilleker, J.; M., R., 2012:
Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel (Vgkc) Antibodies In Epilepsy: Diagnostic Yield And Therapeutic Implications

Saha, R.; H., S.; C., A., 2012:
A Prospective Case Control Study Of The Use Of A Virtual Neurology Clinic In An Urban Uk Setting

Mougin, O.; Mistry, N.; P., M.; Gowland, P.; E., N.; S., K., 2012:
Multi-Modal Mri At 7T To Detect And Quantify Multiple Sclerosis Cortical Grey Matter Pathology

Lacey, A.; Smith, P.; Rees, M.; Thomas, R., 2012:
Sudep (Sudden Unexpected Death In Epilepsy) Following Status Epilepticus

Flores, L.; O., K.; Hanna, J.; Nashef, L., 2012:
Development And Pilot Of A Questionnaire For Reporting Epilepsy-Related Deaths

Paul, N.; R., P., 2012:
Why Do Motor Symptoms Predict A High Early Risk Of Stroke After Tia?

Paul, N.; Li, L.; R., P., 2012:
Potential Utility Of Face Arm Speech Test (Fast) In Public Education About Tia And Minor Stroke

Simoni, M.; L., L.; M., Z.; R., P., 2012:
Ten-Year Premorbid Blood Pressure Control And White Matter Changes In A Population-Based Cohort Of Tia And Stroke Patients

Mantoan, L.; M., M.; W.-Jones, M.; A.-Memar, A., 2012:
The Dangers Waiting To Pounce On Holiday

Jacob, P.; W., K.; W., B., 2012:
Educating Patients About Hypersensitivity Drug Reactions In The Epilepsy Clinic: Are We Doing Enough?

Moor, M.C.C., 2012:
T Nover Mutation In Hmbs Gene Presenting With Bathing Suit Sensory Impairment And Recurrent Neurological Deficit

Natalie, S.; W., D.; I., J., 2012:
Getting That Sinking Feeling. An Unusual Cause Of Dementia

Belessiotis, C.; F., A.; C., A., 2012:
Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy Presenting As Corticobasal Degeneration Syndrome In A Heart Transplant Recipient

Wieshmann, U.; Andrew, T.; Milinis, K.; Baker, G., 2012:
Self-Reported Adverse Effects Of Mono- And Polytherapy For Epilepsy

Abela, C.; Mclellan, L.; T., K.; J., O.; D., D.; B., J.; H., R.; J., B.; D., Z., 2012:
A 10Year Experience Of Over 100 Frontofacial Procedures In Syndromic Children And Their Complications

Fois, A.; Anderson, J.; Lennox, G., 2012:
Giant Cell Arteritis In Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalgia

McLauchlan, D.; R., M.; D., N., 2012:
Sunct: A Novel Therapeutic Approach

Hall, M.; B., J.; P., O.; B., P.; R., R., 2012:
The Role Of The Inferior Colliculus In Auditory Temporal Resolution And Categorical Speech Perception

Ellul, M.; S., S.; C., A.; Zandi, M., 2012:
Two Interesting Cases Of Nmdar Encephalitis And A Typical But Seronegative Case With Ovarian Teratoma

Burns, H.; R., P.; A., A.Y., 2012:
An Unpleasant Hit From Cocaine: A Case Of Cocaine-Induced Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis

McColgan, P.; McCarthy, C.; Martin, P., 2012:
A Case Of Acute Cerebellar Ataxia Due To Epstein-Barr Virus And Review Of The Literature

Wickremaratchi, M.; C., R.; Stern, W.; H., R.; W., M.; Vincent, A., 2012:
Glycine Receptor Antibody Mediated Progressive Encephalomyelitis With Rigidity And Myoclonus (Perm) Presenting With Respiratory Compromise In A 40-Year-Old Male

Cheripelli, B.; H., G., 2012:
A Case Of Delayed Diagnosis Of Severe B. Burgdorferi Meningo-Encephalitis

Kousin-Ezewu, O.; Y., M.; Macdonald, B.; O'Connell, ,S.O.C., 2012:
Lyme Disease Masquerading As An Optic Neuritis

Nightingale, S.; S., T., 2012:
Penetration Of Antiretroviral Therapy Into The Nervous System; Cognitive Impairment In Hiv And The Role Of The Cns As A Sanctuary Site. A Progress Report On The Partition Study

Turnbull, H.; P., A., 2012:
A Study In Yellow: The Case Of The Hidden Hyphae

Sharma, K.; W., D.; B., L., 2012:
Confusion In The Returned Traveller A Rare Cause Of Encephalitis

Burke, A.; M., E.; B., K.; Veneziano, L.; G., P., 2012:
Novel De Novo Mutation Causing Benign Hereditary Chorea With Hypothryoidism And A Pituitary Mass

Cameron Smail, R.; M.Colgan, P.; P., R., 2012:
Parkinson'S Disease Get It On Time Audit

Galtrey, C.; K., J.; C., A.; M., M., 2012:
Changing Phenotype Of Familial Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dystonia Related To Oxcarbazepine Treatment

Hicks, S.; Scahill, R.; Dumas, E.; Durr, A.; Blair, R.; Levitt, B.; Roos, R.; Tabrizi, S.; Kennard, C., 2012:
Oculomotor Deficits In Premanifest And Early Huntington'S Disease And Their Structural Brain Correlates: The Longitudinal Track-Hd Study

Marion, M.; Kyei, G., 2012:
A Case Series Of Craniofacial Hyperhydrosis: Clinical Characteristics And Treatment With Botulinum Toxin

McAuley, J.; G., S., 2012:
Olfactory Hallucinations In Idiopathic Parkinson'S Disease

O'Brien, M.; K., K.; R., M.; S., B.; W., C.; H., M., 2012:
Wilson'S Disease In Ireland: Increasing Prevalence Over 40Years

George, J.; D., C.; H., S.; K., C.; E., J., 2012:
Opt Without Pt?

Rajakulendran, S.; S., H.; K., M.; H., M., 2012:
Deletion Of The Potassium Channel Gene Kcnc2 In A Family With Neurodevelopmental Delay And Ataxia

Salter, E.; Z., M.; Alexander, S.; Hanemann, C.; Zajicek, J.; Carroll, C., 2012:
Endocannabinoid Toxicity In A Cell Culture Model Of Parkinson'S Disease

Papachatzaki, M.; Ali, N.; P., Y.; C., S.; E., C.; S., K., 2012:
A New Phenotype Of Papt: Progressive Ataxia, Palatal Tremor And Optic Atrophy

Sleeman, K.; H., Y.; Verne, J.; G., M.; S., E.; G., W.; H., I., 2012:
Trends In Place Of Death, And The Effect Of Death Certificate Classification And Coding Changes, In Parkinsons Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, And Multiple Sclerosis In England: 19932010

Smith, M.; Hofereiter, J.; S., J.; P., J., 2012:
Nocturnal Polyuria In Parkinson'S Disease Patients Presenting With Nocturia

Williamson, J.; F., B.; C., J.; M., S.; D., A.; B., B.; E., M.; P., S.; R., A., 2012 :
A Patient With Chorea-Acanthocytosis And Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Alexander, S.; Acosta-Cabronero, J.; P., G.; D.-Grenu, L.; N., P., 2012:
Beyond The Hippocampus: Memory Impairment In Ad Might Also Relate To Retrosplenial Damage

Blackburn, D.; A., J.; Bandmann, O., 2012:
A Night To Remember: All White Then, All Right Now?

Cameron Smail, R.; T., H.; M. Siddiqi, S.; S., S.; M.Colgan, P., 2012:
A Case Of Toxic Cystic Leukoencephalopathy After Anti-Psychotic Overdose

Elsone, L.; M., K.; T., T.; B., M.; N., T.; J., A., 2012:
Neurogenic Pruritus In Neuromyelitis Optica

George, J.; K., J.; L., M.; Elston, J.; Matthews, B.; Cortes, N.; D., M.; J., N.; P., J., 2012:
Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder And Cmv Retinitis: A Case Report

Murdoch, M.; Kirrane, K.; Shivane, A.; Fewings, P.; Perriss, R.; Salih, I.; Imam, I., 2012:
Primary Angiitis Of The Central Nervous System: Deceptive Presentation Of A Rare Disease

Iqbal, A.; B., D.; R., M.; S., B., 2012:
Multiple Cranial Nerve Palsies In A Young Singer

Kelly, S.; D., M.; B., L.; K., K.; M.Guigan, C.; H., M.; T., N., 2012:
The Cost Of A Multiple Sclerosis Relapse

Osman, C.; W., F.; Dangri, P.; H., O., 2012:
Mistaken Tetany: Hypoparathyroidism In The Tia Clinic

Kitley, J.; E., L.; G., J.; J., A.; L., M.; Palace, J., 2012:
Methotrexate May Be An Alternative To Azathioprine In Neuromyelitis Optica With Aquaporin-4 Antibodies

Raffel, J.; H., D.; T., J.; B., J.; G., G., 2012:
Classification Of Jc Virus Serostatus Depends Upon Assay Selection: A Comparison Of Biogen And Hpa Assays

Lonergan, R.; K., K.; F., P.; D., M.; J., S.; B., D.; H., M.; T., N., 2012:
Factors Relating To Unmet Needs Of Irish Ms Patients

Sharma, K.; C., D.; Inglis, K.; R., S., 2012:
Does Natalizumab Treatment Increase The Risk Of Herpes Simplex Encephalitis In Multiple Sclerosis? Case And Discussion

Turnbull, H.; K., N.; H., F.; P., A., 2012:
A Case Of Relapsing-Remitting Tumefactive Multiple Sclerosis

Warner, G.; Benjamin, J.; M.Kinnon, A., 2012:
Mri Brain Appearances In Anaphylaxis: Novel Observations To Differentiate From Global Hypoxic Insult

Pickrell, O.; W., B.; Walters, R., 2012:
Thoracic Spinal Cord Herniation Following Spontaneous Intracranial Hypotension And Subdural Haematoma: A Case Report

Zhang, L.; P., D.; Khan, U., 2012:
Cerebrovascular Events Unmasking A Rare But Treatable Disease

Akhtar, N.; S., L.; S., N., 2012:
Diagnostic Yield Of Sural Nerve Biopsy, A Retrospective Analysis Of 10Years Data

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