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Trypanosoma rangeli (Tejera, 1920) isolated from a sylvatic rodent (Echimys dasythrix) in Santa Catarina island, Santa Catarina state: first report of this trypanosome in southern Brazil

Steindel, M.; Pinto, J.C.C.; Toma, H.K.; Mangia, R.H.R.; Ribeiro-Rodrigues, R.; Romanha, A.J.

Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz 86(1): 73-79


ISSN/ISBN: 0074-0276
DOI: 10.1590/s0074-02761991000100012
Accession: 067972018

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A trypanosome strain isolated from a sylvatic rodent (Echimys dasythrix) from Santa Catarina Island (Santa Catarina State, Brazil) was characterized by the following methods: experimental transmission and development in invertebrate and vertebrate hosts, morphometry, cross protection, complement sensitivity, lectin agglutination and isoenzyme profiles. Comparisons were made with standard Trypanosoma cruzi and T. rangeli strains. All methods except isoenzyme analysis led to the identification of the isolate as T. rangeli. The isoenzyme differences found could be explained on the basis of polymorphism. Therefore this is the first report of T. rangeli in southern Brazil, increasing the geographical distribution of this parasite.

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