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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Section 69

Section 69 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rocca, C.C.A.; Lafer, B., 2006:
Alteraes neuropsicolgicas no transtorno bipolar

Moreira, L.M.; Behling, B.delS.; Rodrigues, R.daS.; Costa, J.A.V.; Soares, L.A.deS., 2013:
Spirulina as a protein source in the nutritional recovery of Wistar rats

Ribeiro, R.N.; Costa, L.O.P., 2006:
Anlise epidemiolgica de leses no futebol de salo durante o Xv Campeonato Brasileiro de Selees Sub 20

Gonçalves, J.R.; Faroni, L.R.D.'A.; Guedes, R.N.C.; Oliveira, C.R.F.de; Garcia, F.M., 2006:
Interao entre Acarophenax lacunatus (Cross & Krantz) (Prostigmata: Acarophenacidae) e Anisopteromalus calandrae (Howard) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) sobre Rhyzopertha dominica (Fabricius) (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae)

Torres, P..; Prado, P.., 2010:
Domestic dogs in a fragmented landscape in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest: abundance, habitat use and caring by owners

Ferreira, A.P., 2010:
Estimation of heavy metals in little blue heron (Egretta caerulea) collected from sepetiba bay, rio de janeiro, brazil

Rehemtulla, A., 2010:
Dinosaurs and Ancient Civilizations: Reflections on the Treatment of Cancer

Alexander, P.J.; Windham, M.D.; Govindarajulu, R.; Al-Shehbaz, I.A.; Bailey, C.D., 2010:
Molecular Phylogenetics and Taxonomy of the Genus Thysanocarpus (Brassicaceae)

Jacas, J.-A.; Peña, J.E.; Duncan, R.E., 2009:
Morphology and Development of the Immature Stages of Brachyufens osborni (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae), an Egg Parasitoid of Broad-Nosed Weevil Species (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Tharp, B.E.; Kells, J.J.; Bauman, T.T.; Gordon Harvey, R.; Johnson, W.G.; Loux, M.M.; Martin, A.R.; Maxwell, D.J.; Owen, M.D.K.; Regehr, D.L.; Warnke, J.E.; Wilson, R.G.; Wrage, L.J.; Young, B.G.; Dalley, C.D., 2004:
Assessment of Weed Control Strategies for Corn in the North-Central United States 1

Ogawa, S.; Abe, T.; Nako, K.; Okamura, M.; Senda, M.; Sakamoto, T.; Ito, S., 2013:
Eicosapentaenoic Acid Improves Glycemic Control in Elderly Bedridden Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Okada, T., 1963:
The Behaviors of Dissolved Sulfur in Various Organic Solvents

Murphy, C.G., 2002:
Anuran Communication

Knisley, C.B.; Drummond, M.; McCann, J., 2016:
Population Trends of the Northeastern Beach Tiger Beetle, Cicindela dorsalis dorsalis Say (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Cicindelinae) in Virginia and Maryland, 1980s Through 2014

Gonçalves, G.B.; Dos Santos, J.C.G.; DaSilva, C.E.; Dos Santos, E.S.; DoNascimento, R.R.; Santana, A.E.G.; Zucchi, R.A., 2006:
Occurrence Of Fruit Flies (Diptera: Tephritidae) In The State Of Alagoas, Brazil

Burreson, E.M.; Passarelli, J.K., 2015:
A New Species of Pontobdella (Hirudinida: Piscicolidae) from California with a Redescription of the Genus Pontobdella

Showers, K.B., 2006:
Lesotho Atlas of Sustainable Development

Kim, S.; Choe, J.H.; Lee, G.J.; Kim, Y.S.; Kim, S.Y.; Lee, H.-M.; Jin, H.S.; Kim, T.S.; Kim, J.-M.; Cho, M.-J.; Shin, E.-C.; Jo, E.-K.; Kim, J.-S., 2017:
Ionizing Radiation Induces Innate Immune Responses in Macrophages by Generation of Mitochondrial Reactive Oxygen Species

McGowan, P.C.; Reinstma, K.M.; Sullivan, J.D.; DeVoss, K.P.; Wall, J.L.; Zimnik, M.D.; Callahan, C.R.; Schultz, B.; Prosser, D.J., 2018:
Use of Bank Swallow ( Riparia riparia ) Burrows as Shelter by Common Tern ( Sterna hirundo ) Chicks

Wade, A.P.; Wilkinson, G.S.; Davis, J.C.; Jeffcoate, T.N.A., 1968:
The Metabolism Of Testosterone, Androstenedione And Oestrone By Testes From A Case Of Testicular Feminization

Reed, M.J., 1991:
Oestradiol-17 hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase: its family and function

Rigden, S.R.; Burley, E.; T., S.M.A.; Marriott, M.J., 1997:
Life Cycle Costing And The Design Of Structures With Particular Reference To Bridges. Discussion

Zielke, O., 2018:
Earthquake Recurrence and the Resolution Potential of TectonoGeomorphic Records

Jeffries, J.M.; Marquis, R.J.; Forkner, R.E., 2006:
Forest Age Influences Oak Insect Herbivore Community Structure, Richness, And Density

Soto-Huerta, K.A.; Clause, A.G., 2017:
Distribution and Range Extension of the Elegant Coralsnake, Micrurus elegans

Mandell, C., 1980:
Response strength in multiple periodic and aperiodic schedules

Ongerth, H.J., 1961:
Manual For Water And Sewage Works Operators

Frankel, L.K.; Dublin, L.I., 1919:
Influenza Mortality Among Wage Earners And Their Families

Pan, Y.; Chen, Y.; Yuan, J.; Liu, Y.; Xu, Z., 2018:
Error-Estimation Ensemble Method in the Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone Tracks

Azema, J., 1972:
Nouvelles donnees sur le Cretace prebetique entre Cieza et Salinas (Provinces d'Alicante et de Murcie, Espagne)

Shimamura, K.; Terazawa, K.; Terabayashi, M.; Watanabe, K.; Hasegawa, N.; Kuramoto, S.; Yokomoto, Y.; Otani, K.; Maruden, A., 1992:
Reproductive And Developmental Toxicity Study Of 6-Amidino-2-Naphthyl 4-[(4, 5-Dihydro-1H-Imidazol-2-Yl) Amino] Benzoate Dimethanesulfonate (Fut-187) (Ii) : Oral Administration to Rats During the Period of Fetal Organogenesis (Prenatal Examination)

Everett, S.M.; Rawn, C.J.; Chakoumakos, B.C.; Keffer, D.J.; Huq, A.; Phelps, T.J., 2015:
Insights into the structure of mixed Co 2 /Ch 4 in gas hydrates

Kaku, S.; Nakatani, K.; Ishikawa, H.; Mizutani, Y., 2013:
2P098 Heme binding site in Rhodnius prolixus -glucosidase promoting the heme crystallization(02. Heme proteins,Poster)

Cordoba, J.M.ía; Delcerro, M.delC., 2005:
Archologie de l'eau dans Al Madam (Sharjah, Emirats Arabes Unis)

van den Oord, E.J.C.G.; Jiang, Y.; Riley, B.P.; Kendler, K.S.; Chen, X., 2003:
Fp-Tdi Snp Scoring by Manual and Statistical Procedures: A Study of Error Rates and Types

Zeng, G., 1998:
Sticky-End Pcr: New Method for Subcloning

Lv, M.; Ou, R.; Zhang, Q.; Lin, F.; Li, X.; Wang, K.; Xu, Y., 2019 :
MicroRna-664 suppresses the growth of cervical cancer cells via targeting c-Kit

Liu, C.; Yu, H.; Shen, X.; Qiao, J.; Wu, X.; Chang, J.; Zhu, X.; Wang, J.; Shen, X., 2019:
Prognostic significance and biological function of Lamina-associated polypeptide 2 in non-small-cell lung cancer

Nakamura, S., 1916:
Observation Of A Horizontal Rainbow Of Three Bands

RenéJean Royer, P., 1990:

Johansson, D.C., 1992:
Knee Extensor Performance in Runners

Siebert, U.; Sroczynski, G.; Aidelsburger, P.; Rossol, S.; Wasem, J.; Manns, M.P.; McHutchison, J.G.; Wong, J.B., 2009:
Clinical Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness of Tailoring Chronic Hepatitis C Treatment with Peginterferon Alpha-2b Plus Ribavirin to Hcv Genotype and Early Viral Response

DrStephen R.Rapp, S.R.F.…, 2006:
The Acne Quality of Life Index (Acne-Qoli)

Bärlund, I.; Rankinen, K.; Järvinen, M.; Huitu, E.; Veijalainen, N.; Arvola, L., 2009:
Three approaches to estimate inorganic nitrogen loading under varying climatic conditions from a headwater catchment in Finland

Masuyama, Y., 1982:
Responses to Antihypertensive Agents in Relation to the Pathogenic Factors in Essential Hypertension

Watanabe, T., 2014:
Medical Disease Learned from the Great East Japan Earthquake-Feature, Treatment and Prevention-; 4) Status of Medical Care on Dialysis Patients and Patients with Chronic Life-style Related Diseases after Great East-Japan Earthquake: Lesson from Our Experiences in Fukushima and Future Perspectives

Matsumoto, H., 1971:
Studies On Zine Determination By Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy And Its Clinical Application

Ito, S., 2010:
How to Use Biologic Agents

Wen, Z.-Z.; Wang, Y.-H.; Yang, B.; Xie, M.-Q.; Chou, K.-C., 2011:
Roles of L5-7 Loop in the Structure and Chaperone Function of SsHsp14.1

Grunweller, A.; Hartmann, R., 2005:
Rna Interference as A Gene-Specific Approach for Molecular Medicine

Tarnok, A.; Pierzchalski, A.; Valet, G., 2010:
Potential of a Cytomics Top-Down Strategy for Drug Discovery

Zeng, L.; Wu, D.; Tian, Y.; Pan, Y.; Wu, A.; Zhang, J.; Lu, G., 2018:
Recent Progress in 808 nm Excited Upconversion Nanomaterials as Multifunctional Nanoprobes for Visualized Theranostics in Cancers

Laviola, L.; Natalicchio, A.; Giorgino, F., 2007:
The Igf-I Signaling Pathway

Zatovicova, M.; Jelenska, L.; Hulikova, A.; Csaderova, L.; Ditte, Z.; Ditte, P.; Goliasova, T.; Pastorek, J.; Pastorekova, S., 2010:
Carbonic Anhydrase Ix as an Anticancer Therapy Target: Preclinical Evaluation of Internalizing Monoclonal Antibody Directed to Catalytic Domain

F.Santarelli, M.; Positano, V.; Martini, N.; Valvano, G.; Landini, L., 2015:
Technological Innovations in Magnetic Resonance for Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases

Eggeling, C.; Jager, S.; Winkler, D.; Kask, P., 2005:
Comparison of Different Fluorescence Fluctuation Methods for their Use in Fret Assays: Monitoring a Protease Reaction

D’Alessio, C.; M.Dahms, N., 2015:
Glucosidase Ii and Mrh-Domain Containing Proteins in the Secretory Pathway

Ouyang, Y.-B.; M.Stary, C.; Yang, G.-Y.; Giffard, R., 2013:
MicroRnas: Innovative Targets for Cerebral Ischemia and Stroke

Hariram Nile, S.; Won Park, S., 2013:
Optimized Methods for In Vitro and In Vivo Anti-Inflammatory Assays and Its Applications in Herbal and Synthetic Drug Analysis

Petrausch, U.; Poehlein, C.; Jensen, S.; Twitty, C.; Thompson, J.; Assmann, I.; Puri, S.; LaCelle, M.; Moudgil, T.; Maston, L.; Friedman, K.; Church, S.; Cardenas, E.; Haley, D.; Walker, E., 2009:
Cancer Immunotherapy: The Role Regulatory T Cells Play and What Can be Done to Overcome their Inhibitory Effects

Macdonald, I.R.; DeBay, D.R.; Reid, G.A.; O’Leary, T.P.; Jollymore, C.T.; Mawko, G.; Burrell, S.; Martin, E.; Bowen, C.V.; Brown, R.E.; Darvesh, S., 2014:
Early Detection of Cerebral Glucose Uptake Changes in the 5Xfad Mouse

Singh, R.; Agarwal, R., 2003:
Tumor Angiogenesis: A Potential Target In Cancer Control by Phytochemicals

Shockcor, J.; Holmes, E., 2002:
Metabonomic Applications in Toxicity Screening and Disease Diagnosis

Kiomy Osako, M.; Nakagami, H.; Morishita, R., 2012:
Modification of Decoy Oligodeoxynucleotides to Achieve the Stability and Therapeutic Efficacy

Vermeire, K.; Brouwers, J.; Herrewege, Y.; Grand, R.; Vanham, G.; Augustijns, P.; Bell, T.; Schols, D., 2008:
Cada, a Potential Anti-Hiv Microbicide that Specifically Targets the Cellular Cd4 Receptor

Wang, H.-, 2013:
Supramolecular Polymerizations via Complementary Hydrogen-Bonding Arrays

Pizzorni Ferrarese, F.; Menegaz, G., 2013:
Performance Evaluation in Medical Image Segmentation

Narita, H.; Ozawa, T.; Nishiyama, T.; Matsumoto, S.; Watanabe, S.; Isshiki, A., 2009:
An Atypical Case of Fulminant Interstitial Pneumonitis Induced by Carbamazepine

Mehndiratta, S.; Sapra, S.; singh, G.; Singh, M.; Nepali, K., 2016:
Quinazolines as Apoptosis Inducers and Inhibitors: A Review of Patent Literature

Brunetti, G.A.; Palumbo, G.; Annechini, G.; Santopietro, M.; Tendas, A.; Niscola, P.; Cartoni, C., 2018:
Pegylated Naloxone in the Treatment of Persistent Opioid-Induced Constipation in Patients with Hematological Malignancies

Paul, I.; Singh Bhadoria, P.; Mitra, A., 2016:
Plant Volatile Genomics: Recent Developments and Putative Applications in Agriculture

Prezerakos, P.E., 2018:
Nurse Managers Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership: A Review of the Current Evidence

Fukai, H.; Umeda, A.; Makauo, S.; Fujino, S.; Sato, K., 1971:
Successful Removal of Pontine-Medullary Haematoma

Uchino, A.; Hasuo, K.; Fukui, M.; Matsushima, T.; Tamura, S.; Yasumori, K., 1987:
Computed Tomography of Jugular Foramen Neurinomas -

Inoue, T.; Kaneko, Y.; Mannoji, H.; Fukui, M., 1997:
Giant Cell Granulomatous Hypophysitis Manifesting as an Intrasellar Mass with Unilateral Ophthalmoplegia Case Report

Nishimoto, A.; Ogata, T.; Kawashima, T.; Mori, O., 1963:
S16. Experimental study on the Surgical Treatment of Brain Haemorrhage

Kuramoto, S.; Watanabe, M.; Oonaka, R.; Tachibana, T., 1965:
Basic Researches for Stereotaxic Surgery

Takéuchi, Y.; Takagi, J., 1974:
The Role of Twinning on Composition in the PbS-Bi 2 S 3 Series

Klopfer, F.J.; Price, W.F., 1979:
Euthanasia Acceptance as Related to Afterlife Belief and Other Attitudes

Irie, Y.; Kodama, T., 2019:
Risk and Safety Measures in the Intra-hospital Transportation of Critically Ill Patients; ;

Boutrup, P.V.; Moestrup, .; Tillmann, U.; Daugbjerg, N., 2016:
Katodinium glaucum (Dinophyceae) revisited: proposal of new genus, family and order based on ultrastructure and phylogeny

Rassy, E.; Bakouny, Z.; Assi, T.; Karak, F.E.; Pavlidis, N., 2019:
The interaction of immune checkpoint inhibitor plus chemotherapy in non-small-cell lung cancer: subadditivity, additivity or synergism?

Spieker, C.J.; Hinsz, V.B., 2004:
Repeated Success And Failure Influences On Self-Efficacy And Personal Goals

Antic, A.; Stanojkovic, Z., 2011:
Red blood cells transfusions in oncological patients treated with radio- and chemoterapy

Morgan, S.D.andV., 1999:
Political Education || 'A Fraught Path': Education as a Basis for Developing Improved Community Relations in Northern Ireland

Howard, L., 1843:
On the Barometrical Variation as Affected by the Moon's Declination. [Abstract]

Bacharach, M.T.andV.R., 1981:
The Development of Drawing Rules: Metaknowledge about Drawing Influences Performance on Nondrawing Tasks

Coons, R.by:A.E., 1960:
The Income of Nationsby Paul Studenski

Morrison, A.R., 1993:
Violence or Economics: What Drives Internal Migration in Guatemala?

Rauschert, S., 1968:
Vorschlag zur Konservierung von 8485. Asperula L. mit dem Typus A. arvensis L. (Rubiaceae)

Paul C.Silva, C.A.M.andL.M.I., 1995:
1162) Proposal to Change the Listed Type of Ptilota C. Agardh, nom. cons. (Rhodophyceae

Oates, D., 1990:
Architectural Innovation || Innovations in Mud-Brick: Decorative and Structural Techniques in Ancient Mesopotamia

Motani, R., 1999:
The Skull and Taxonomy of Mixosaurus (Ichthyopterygia)

Wade Brorsen, B., 1987:
Observations on the Journal Publication Process

Bartow Muller and Charles Bache, E., 1934:
The Prehistoric Temple of Stratum Ix at Tepe Gawra

Kletter, R., 1991:
The Rujm El-Malfuf Buildings and the Assyrian Vassal State of Ammon

Quay, R.by:W.B., 1966:
The Giant Panda a Morphological Study of Evolutionary Mechanismsby D. Dwight Davis

Fichter, R.by:J.H., 1977:
Continuities in the Sociology of Religion: Creed, Congregation, and Communityby J. Alan Winter

Moore, R.by:R.M., 1902:
Outlines of Metaphysicsby J. S. MacKenzie

Super, R.by:D.E., 1945:
Large Scale Rorschach Techniques; A Manual for the Group Rorschach and Multiple Choice Testby M. R. Harrower-Erickson; M. E. Steiner

Pfaffmann, R.by:C., 1983:
The Perception of Odorsby Trygg Engen

Engelhardt, G.P., 1917:
Hunting Lizards with a "Bean-Shooter"

Mitchell, R.by:J., 2000:
Geographies of Developmentby Robert B. Potter; Tony Binns; Jennifer A. Elliott; David Smith

Fox, R., 1992:
Prejudice and the Unfinished Mind: A New Look at an Old Failing

Douwe Van Dam, E.V.andN.V.B., 1997:
Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics: Variability with Depth in Forested and Deforested Soils under Pasture in Costa Rica

Miller, S.G., 1984:
Excavations at Nemea, 1983

A.F.S.Taylor, G.G.andD.J.R., 2004:
Uptake of Nitrogen and Carbon from Double-Labelled (15N and13C) Glycine by Mycorrhizal Pine Seedlings

Garfinkel, S., 1987:
Of Thistles and Thorns: A New Approach to Ezekiel Ii 6

Dell, R.by:K.J., 1997:
Leviticusby L. L. Grabbe

Jesus Ramirez, R.C.V.andJ.L.V.B., 1998:
Population Biology of a Neotropical Frog (Rana vaillanti)

de Jonge, R.by:H.J., 1979:
Targum du Pentateuqueby R. Le Daut; J. Robert

Gordon, R.by:R.P., 2001:
Studien zur hebrischen Grammatikby A. Wagner

Fingerhut and Katherine Kaufer Christoffel, L.A., 2002:
Children, Youth, and Gun Violence || Firearm-Related Death and Injury among Children and Adolescents

Patrizia Castellani, A.S.,C.R.,E.I.,L.B.andL.Z., 1986:
Part 1 || Transformed Human Cells Release Different Fibronectin Variants Than Do Normal Cells

Suzanne Eaton, R.W.andK.S., 1996:
Roles for Rac1 and Cdc42 in Planar Polarization and Hair Outgrowth in the Wing of Drosophila

Yamato Kikkawa, I.V.andJ.H.M., 2003:
Mesangial Cells Organize the Glomerular Capillaries by Adhering to the G Domain of Laminin 5 in the Glomerular Basement Membrane

, R.by:E.H.H., 1909:
The Survey of Africa

, R.by:L.C.-M., 1929:
Through the Apennines and the Lands of the Abruzziby Estella Canziani

, R.by:M.L., 1936:
A Wayfarer in Norwayby Samuel J. Beckett

, R.by:L.E.J., 1944:
Razas y lenguas indigenas de Mexico; su distribucion geograficaby Jorge A. Viv

Coppock, R.by:J.T., 1965:
Britische Agrarlandschaften im Rhythmus des Landwirt-Schaftlichen Arbeitsjahresby Sigrid-Elizabeth Hiersemenzel

Davis, R.by:D.J., 1971:
Die Wirtschaftsformation der Schwerindustrie im Luxemburger Minettby Heinz Quasten

Monk, R.by:J., 1999:
Three Generations, Two Genders, One World: Women and Men in a Changing Centuryby Sylvia Chant; Cathy McIlwaine

Phillips, J.D., 1986:
Measuring Complexity of Environmental Gradients

A.M.C.Oudejans, A.N.,J.S.H.andJ.R., 2001:
Responses of Plants to Uv-B Radiation || The Reduction of Aboveground Calamagrostis epigeios Mass and Tiller Number by Enhanced Uv-B in a Dune-Grassland Ecosystem

J.K.Bush, F.A.R.andO.W.V.A., 2006:
Two Decades of Vegetation Change on Terraces of a South Texas River

Mudakikwa, J.M.S.andA.B., 1998:
Analysis of Urine from Free-Ranging Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla gorilla beringei) for Normal Physiologic Values

Rocha-Ramírez, S.C.ázaro-O.andA., 2007:
Morphology of the Pachygrapsus gracilis (De Saussure, 1858) Megalopa (Brachyura, Grapsidae) Reared in the Laboratory

Gauthier, R.by:D., 1992:
The Roots and Roles of Normative Governance

Walter H.Piper, C.W.,J.N.M.andF.J.S., 2008:
Nestsite Selection by Male Loons Leads to Sex-Biased Site Familiarity

Natalia Ruiz, D.S.andD.W., 2006:
The Effects of Herbivory and Resource Variability on the Production of a Second Inflorescence by the Desert Lily, Pancratium sickenbergeri

Micah G.Bennett, B.R.K.andJ.H.H., 2008:
Status of the Imperiled Frecklebelly Madtom, Noturus munitus (Siluriformes: Ictaluridae): A Review of Data from Field Surveys, Museum Records, and the Literature

Jenkins and Daniel King, G.P., 2006:
Variation in Larval Growth Can Predict the Recruitment of a Temperate, Seagrass-Associated Fish

Meyer McAleese, R.by:M.K., 2008:
Gender, Development, and Leadership || Global Governance: Feminist Perspectivesby Shirin M. Rai; Georgina Waylen

Christian A.Sidor, M.F.M.andJ.L.I., 2008:
Tetrapod Burrows from the Triassic of Antarctica

Sarah K.Berke, V.C.andR.W.O., 2009:
Sublethal Predation and Regeneration in Two Onuphid Polychaetes: Patterns and Implications

Oleson, R.by:J.P., 2009:
The Petra Siq: Nabataean Hydrology Uncoveredby Isabelle Ruben; Ueli Bellwald; Ma'an al-Huneidi; Adnan Salihi; Daniel Keller; Rajah Naser; Dawud al-Eisawi

H K Jensen, J.W.,T.M.-H.,A.M.T.andJ.P.B., 2010:
Does dissatisfaction with psychosocial work climate predict depressive, anxiety and substance abuse disorders? A prospective study of Danish public service employees

Marmer, R.by:H.A., 1933:
The Problems of Water Waves

Temin, P., 1966:
Steam and Waterpower in the Early Nineteenth Century

Kish, R.by:G., 1966:
History of Cartographyby Leo Bagrow

Kenzer, R.by:M.S., 1998:
Homo Geographicus: A Framework for Action, Awareness, and Moral Concernby Robert David Sack

Shinnie, R.by:P.L., 1982:
Axumby Yuri M. Kobishchanov; Joseph W. Michaels; Lorraine T. Kapitanoff

Groff, R.by:D.H., 1999:
Baule: African Art, Western Eyesby Susan Mullin Vogel

Sluga, R.by:H.D., 1969:
Einfhrung in die Logikby Wilhelm K. Essler;Versuch ber das Denkenby Felix Grayeff

Sarton, R.by:G., 1925:
Les rois thaumaturgesby Marc Bloch

Bowen, R.by:H.M., 1963:
Radiation Botany

Gimingham, R.by:C.H., 1993:
Fire in the South African Mountain Fynbos.by B. W. van Wilgen; D. M. Richardson; F. J. Kruger; H. J. van Hensbergen

Schiller, R.by:J., 1968:
Claude Bernard and Experimental Medicineby Francisco Grande; Maurice B. Visscher

Burchfield, R.by:J.D., 1980:
Ice Ages: Solving the Mysteryby John Imbrie; Katherine Palmer Imbrie

Wodtke, G.T., 2012:
The Impact of Education on Intergroup Attitudes: A Multiracial Analysis

Dominique S.Michaud, S.M.L.,M.E.,H.H.N.,M.D.M.C.,B.C.C., 2012:
Allergies and risk of head and neck cancer

Ames, O., 1904:
Spiranthes Neglecta

Moore, D.M., 1939:
Delphinium Newtonianum, A New Species From The Arkansas Ozarks

Ehret, C., 2012:
Thinking Across the African Past: Archaeological, Linguistic and Genetic Research on the Precolonial African Past || Linguistic Archaeology

Barton, R.by:D.E., 1958:
Statistika Metoder.by H. Hyrenius

Zickler, H., 1934:
Genetische Untersuchungen An Einem Heterothallischen Askomyzeten (Bombardia Lunata Nov. Spec.)

Paula, G.M.C.andG.A., 1989:
Improved Likelihood Ratio Statistics for Exponential Family Nonlinear Models

Haapala, H., 1969:
Photosynthesis and Starch Metabolism of Chloroplasts during Prolonged Illumination

Cockburn, W., 1974:
Crassulacean Acid Metabolism in Lithops insularis; a Non-halophytic Member of the Mesembryanthemaceae

Rubery, P.H., 1978:
The Effects of 2,4-Dinitrophenol and Chemical Modifying Reagents on Auxin Transport by Suspension-cultured Crown Gall Cells

Brian C.Monk, W.S.A.,R.A.C.andU.W.G., 1983:
Topography of Chlamydomonas: fine structure and polypeptide components of the gametic flagellar membrane surface and the cell wall

Smith, A.R.S.andC.G., 1988:
Immunogold localization of acyl carrier protein in plants and Escherichia coli: Evidence for membrane association in plants

Trethewey and Tom ap Rees, R.N., 1994:
The role of the hexose transporter in the chloroplasts of Arabidopsis thaliana L

Petersen, M., 1993:
Purification of rosmarinic acid synthase from cell cultures of Coleus blumei Benth

Victor Korenkov, K.H.,J.D.C.andG.J.W., 2007:
Enhancing tonoplast Cd/H antiport activity increases Cd, Zn, and Mn tolerance, and impacts root/shoot Cd partitioning in Nicotiana tabacum L

Amphoux, M., 1935:
Une Nouvelle Industrie FranAise : Le Raffinage Du PTrole

Journot, C., 1948:
Le Couloir PRiphRique Des Maures: Tude Morphologique

Chabot, R.by:G., 1967:
Le Morvan. La terre et les hommes de Jacqueline Bonnamour

Rouleau, R.by:B., 1985:
Maghreb Et Proche-Orient || Un atlas historique de l'Islam

Rouleau, R.by:B., 1993:
L'Rok-Atlas de l'Autriche poursuit sa progression

Whittaker, J.C., 2013:
Slings and Slingstones: The Forgotten Weapons of Oceania and the Americasby Robert York; Gigi York

Lloyd, R.by:G.E.R., 1996:
Sculptors and Physicians in Fifth-Century Greece: A Preliminary Studyby Guy P. R. Metraux

Pucek, R.by:H.N.S.andZ., 1965:
Mammals of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Volume I. Insectivora and Chiropteraby S. I. Ognev;Mammals of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Volume Ii. Carnivora (Fissipedia)by S. I. Ognev;Mammals of U.S.S.R. and Adjacent Countries. Volume Iii. Carnivora (Fissipedia and Pinnipedia)by S. I. Ognev

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