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Endoscopical polypectomy using high frequency current: Double-snare method of polypectomy for prevention of incidental bleeding and perforation

Asaki, S.

The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 136(2): 215-218


DOI: 10.1620/tjem.136.215
Accession: 068009285

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The author developed a double-snare method or high-frequency-current-applied endoscopical polypectomy (double-snare polypectomy, for short). Since 1975 the double-snare polypectomy was applied to 40 gastric polyps (36 patients), over 15 mm in the largest diameter. 7 massively hemorrhaged cases after polypectomy were treated by hemostatic methods, such as electrocoagulation and pure ethanol injection. This method was warranted as a reliable formula for a risk-less resection of large polyps without causing persistent major bleeding or fateful perforation.

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