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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 68196

Chapter 68196 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

M.J.Wright, J.N.N.,M.E.C.,E.N.H.,L.J.D.andJ.B., 1995:
Limb Reduction Defects in the Northern Region of England 1985-92

Michael Joffe, L.V.,Z.L.,R.P.andM.V., 1995:
A Time to Pregnancy Questionnaire Designed for Long Term Recall: Validity in Oxford, England

G.A.Taylor, A.J.N.,J.A.E.,D.W.K.K.andD.P.F., 1995:
Alzheimer's Disease and the Relationship between Silicon and Aluminium in Water Supplies in Northern England

Chakib Nejjari, J.F.T.,P.B.-G.,L.L.,J.F.D.andR.S., 1995:
Asthma History and Sociodemographic Characteristics in Elderly French People

C.D.Singleton, A.C.G.andJ.B., 1995:
Prevalence of Asthma and Related Factors in Primary School Children in an Industrial Part of England

Osler, M., 1995:
Social Network and Lifestyle in Danish Adults

Grime, R.by:P., 1995:
Food Poisoning and Food Hygieneby B. C. Hobbs; D. Roberts

Mackenbach, J.P., 1995:
Public Health Epidemiology

David Gunnell, I.H.andL.S., 1995:
The Invasive Management of Angina: Issues for Consumers and Commissioners

Soderstrom, S.E.andB., 1990:
Effects of Liming on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Infecting Pinus sylvestris L. I. Mycorrhizal Infection in Limed Humus in the Laboratory and Isolation of Fungi from Mycorrhizal Roots

Tunstall-Pedoe, M.W.andH., 1995:
Alcohol Consumption, Diet, Coronary Risk Factors, and Prevalent Coronary Heart Disease in Men and Women in the Scottish Heart Health Study

D.L.Crombie, D.M.F.,K.W.C.andR.J.L., 1995:
Concurrence of Monthly Variations of Mortality Related to Underlying Cause in Europe

Carlo LaVecchia, F.L.andF.L., 1995:
Mortality from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: Worldwide Trends 1950-92

Peter J.Franks, N.B.,M.C.,M.I.O.,C.J.M.,R.M.G.andC., 1995:
Venous Ulcer Healing: Effect of Socioeconomic Factors in London

Tim Lancaster, G.S.,M.L.,D.M.,M.V.,M.T.,P.Y.andE.D., 1995:
Hormone Replacement Therapy: Characteristics of Users and Non-Users in a British General Practice Cohort Identified through Computerised Prescribing Records

C.E.Dunn, J.W.,R.S.B.andS.D.A., 1995:
Asthma and Factory Emissions in Northern England: Addressing Public Concern by Combining Geographical and Epidemiological Methods

Alistair Woodward, C.G.,K.S.,A.H.,R.S.,D.P.,I.C.andA.M.M., 1995:
Tropospheric Ozone: Respiratory Effects and Australian Air Quality Goals

Nick Black, S.L.andM.P., 1995:
Coronary Revascularisation: Why Do Rates Vary Geographically in the Uk?

Susanne Erland, B.S.andS.A., 1990:
Effects of Liming on Ectomycorrhizal Fungi Infecting Pinus sylvestris L. Ii. Growth Rates in Pure Culture at Different pH Values Compared to Growth Rates in Symbiosis with the Host Plant

Stephen Sutton, G.S.,G.B.andJ.H., 1995:
Does Routine Screening for Breast Cancer Raise Anxiety? Results from a Three Wave Prospective Study in England

Hermann Brenner, C.S.andH.Z., 1995:
Estimating Completeness of Cancer Registration: An Empirical Evaluation of the Two Source Capture-Recapture Approach in Germany

Draper, J.F.B.andG.J., 1995:
Apparent Association between Benzene and Childhood Leukaemia: Methodological Doubts concerning a Report by Knox

Jesús Vioque, C.M.E.andM.P., 1995:
Stomach Cancer Mortality in Spain: An Ecological Analysis of Diet, Altitude, Latitude, and Income

Brenner, H., 1995:
Debating the Efficacy of Smoking Intervention Strategies

Mohammed S.Lamhamedi, J.A.F.,H.H.K.andB.R.K., 1990:
Genetic Variation in Ectomycorrhiza Formation by Pisolithus arhizus on Pinus pinaster and Pinus banksiana

Andrew Barton, R.T.andR.B., 1995:
Clinical Audit: More Research Is Required

Melvyn Hillsdon, M.T.,T.A.andJ.M., 1995:
Randomised Controlled Trials of Physical Activity Promotion in Free Living Populations: A Review

Arias, C.B.andA., 1995:
Socioeconomic Factors and Mortality in Urban Settings: The Case of Barcelona, Spain

Enric Duran-Tauleria, R.J.R.andS.C., 1995:
Factors Associated with Weight for Height and Skinfold Thickness in British Children

I.M.A.Joung, K.S.,H.vandeM.andJ.P.M., 1995:
Health Behaviours Explain Part of the Differences in Self Reported Health Associated with Partner/Marital Status in the Netherlands

E.M.C.Lau, P.E.,D.C.,C.C.,L.V.andD.O.'C., 1995:
Low Back Pain in Hong Kong: Prevalence and Characteristics Compared with Britain

Jennifer O'Loughlin, G.P.,N.K.,K.G.-D.,L.R.,P.F.andT.B., 1995:
Coeur en sant St-Henri - a Heart Health Promotion Programme in Montreal, Canada: Design and Methods for Evaluation

Gilles Paradis, J.O.'L.,M.E.,P.M.,L.R.,G.S.-S.andG.L., 1995:
Coeur en sant St-Henri - a Heart Health Promotion Programme in a Low Income, Low Education Neighbourhood in Montreal, Canada: Theoretical Model and Early Field Experience

Marie C.Visser, P.J.K.,R.A.M.E.,J.W.D.,J.P.,J.vanG., 1995:
Measuring Quality of Life in Patients with Myocardial Infarction or Stroke: A Feasibility Study of Four Questionnaires in the Netherlands

M.A.van Oostrom, M.A.R.T.,J.C.J.M.deH.,R.T.andD.K., 1995:
A Measurement of Social Support in Epidemiological Research: The Social Experiences Checklist Tested in a General Population in the Netherlands

Susan F.Hurley, L.M.B.,J.B.C.,D.B.E.andJ.M.K., 1995:
A Method for Estimating Baseline Health Care Costs

Marc A.Bruijnzeels, J.C.vanderW.andM.F., 1995:
General Practice Consultation in Childhood in the Netherlands: Sociodemographic Variation

Casparie, A.F., 1995:
Medical Audit in the Netherlands: Experience over 22 Years

N.T.Raymond, J.D.L.,E.G.,J.L.B.,A.C.B.andJ.R.H., 1995:
Insulin Treated Diabetes Mellitus: Causes of Death Determined from Record Linkage of Population Based Registers in Leicestershire, Uk

Darren C.Greenwood, K.R.M.,C.J.P.andR.J.M., 1995:
Stress, Social Support, and Stopping Smoking after Myocardial Infarction in England

Lennard, R.by:J.H., 1990:
Phytotoxins and Plant Pathogenesis.by A. Graniti; R. D. Durbin; A. Ballio

Magnus, C.S.andP., 1995:
Children with Low Birth Weight and Low Gestational Age in Oslo, Norway: Immigration Is Not the Cause of Increasing Proportions

Paul Appleby, M.T.,K.M.P.andJ.M., 1995:
Emergency Appendicectomy and Meat Consumption in the Uk

T.W.O'Neill, J.V.,J.R.,D.M.R.,C.T.,A.D.W.andA.J.S., 1995:
Fall Frequency and Incidence of Distal Forearm Fracture in the Uk

Lucy K.Smith, J.R.T.andG.W., 1995:
Children's Vision Screening: Impact on Inequalities in Central England

Paul R.Burton, E.D.,A.F.andD.F., 1995:
Neonatal Intensive Care Cots: Estimating the Population Based Requirement in Trent, Uk

D.Kumar, K.M.C.,J.L.andJ.M.W., 1995:
Tuberculosis among the Homeless at a Temporary Shelter in London: Report of a Chest x Ray Screening Programme

Stephen Martin, T.A.S.andP.S., 1995:
Interpreting the New Illness Question in the Uk Census for Health Research on Small Areas

Steven A.Julious, S.G.andM.J.C., 1995:
Sample Sizes for Studies Using the Short Form 36 (Sf-36)

Raven, R.by:J.A., 1990:
Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 16.by J. A. Callow

Des O'Dea, J.K.andM.W., 1995:
Sf-36 Health Status Questionnaire

Callow, R.by:J.A., 1990:
Eukaryotic Cell Recognition: Concepts and Model Systems.by G. P. Chapman; C. C. Ainsworth; C. J. Chatham

Earnshaw, R.by:M.J., 1990:
Ecological Studies. Analysis and Synthesis.by W. D. Billings; F. Golley; O. L. Lange; J. S. Olson; H. Remmert;Ecological Studies. Analysis and Synthesis. Volume 76: Vascular Plants as Epiphytes, Evolution and Ecophysiology.by U. Luttge

Hogben, L., 1996:
Fifty Years Ago: Lancelot Hogben Reviews Bradford Hill

Karien Stronks, H.vanT.andJ.P.M., 1996:
A Documentation Centre on Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health

Popay, J., 1996:
Community Health: The Risks of Confusion and Complacency

Sarah E.Fowle, C.E.C.,D.F.andB.M.C., 1996:
An Epidemiological Study after a Water Contamination Incident near Worcester, England in April 1994

David J.Gunnell, J.B.andT.J.P., 1996:
Epidemiology and Patterns of Hospital Use after Parasuicide in the South West of England

Elisabeth Dejin-Karlsson, B.S.H.,P.-O.Östergren,J.R.,S.-O.I., 1996:
Psychosocial Resources and Persistent Smoking in Early Pregnancy: A Population Study of Women in Their First Pregnancy in Sweden

Anne-Louise Ponsonby, D.C.andT.D., 1996:
Features of Infant Exposure to Tobacco Smoke in a Cohort Study in Tasmania

P.Egger, S.D.,R.H.,C.F.andC.C., 1996:
Cigarette Smoking and Bone Mineral Density in the Elderly

Vatten, A.K.andL.J., 1996:
Cancer Risk and Prognosis in Norway: Comparing Women in Their First Marriage with Women Who Have Never Married

van den Bos, H.S.J.P.andG.A.M., 1996:
Comparing Survey Data on Functional Disability: The Impact of Some Methodological Differences

Sara Hill, U.H.andJ.P., 1996:
Is the Short Form 36 (Sf-36) Suitable for Routine Health Outcomes Assessment in Health Care for Older People? Evidence from Preliminary Work in Community Based Health Services in England

M.J.Garton, M.I.A.,D.M.R.andI.T.R., 1996:
Estimating the Point Accuracy of Population Registers Using Capture-Recapture Methods in Scotland

Sue Ziebland, M.T.,A.F.andJ.M., 1996:
Desire for the Body Normal: Body Image and Discrepancies between Self Reported and Measured Height and Weight in a British Population

H.Luukinen, K.K.andS.L.K.ä, 1996:
The Relationship between Outdoor Temperature and the Frequency of Falls among the Elderly in Finland

Harries, C.G.andE., 1996:
Getting to Grip with a Problem

Patrizia Magherini, S.C.,C.F.C.,F.D.F.,S.C.andG.G., 1996:
Emotional Reactions and Colposcopy

Ineichen, R.by:B., 1996:
Urbanisation and Mental Health in Developing Countriesby Trudy Harpham; Ilona Blue

MacFarlane, R.by:G., 1996:
A Strategy for Cancer Control in Scotlandby C. S. Muir; P. McKinney

Hajeer, R.by:A., 1996:
The Microbiology and Epidemiology of Infection for Health Science Studentsby Peter Meers; Judith Sedgwick; Margret Worsley

Slovak, R.by:A.J.M., 1996:
Cancer Risk by Social Class and Occupationby E. Pukkala

Slovak, R.by:A.J.M., 1996:
Male-Mediated Developmental Toxicityby A. F. Olshan; D. R. Mattison

Whitelaw, R.by:S., 1996:
Measuring Diseaseby Ann Bowling

Donnan, S., 1996:
Epidemiology and Health Services Research in 1996

Case, R.A.M., 1996 :
Cohort Analysis of Mortality Rates as an Historical or Narrative Technique

Stone, D.H., 1996:
Research on Injury Prevention: Time for an International Agenda?

Görel K.Näslund, M.F.,M.-L.H.éniusandU.deF., 1996:
Effect of Diet and Physical Exercise Intervention Programmes on Coronary Heart Disease Risk in Smoking and Non-Smoking Men in Sweden

Fuller, N.C.andJ.H., 1996:
Ethnic Differences in Mortality from Cardiovascular Disease in the Uk: Do They Persist in People with Diabetes?

Joanna M.L.Geddes, J.F.,A.T.,A.P.,M.H.andM.A.C., 1996:
Prevalence of Self Reported Stroke in a Population in Northern England

E.Thomas, J.C.andA.V., 1996:
Risk Factor Analysis of Data from Assessment Clinics in the Uk Breast Screening Programme: A Case-Control Study in Portsmouth and Southampton

Bowling, A., 1996:
The Effects of Illness on Quality of Life: Findings from a Survey of Households in Great Britain

Diderichsen, N.B.andF., 1996:
The Prediction of Different Experiences of Longterm Illness: A Longitudinal Approach in Sweden

Bjerkedal, S.örenB.andT., 1996:
Musculoskeletal Pain and Smoking in Norway

Pathom Sawanpanyalert, S.B.,T.M.,Y.M.andT.M., 1996:
Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Virus Infection among Blood Donors in an Hiv-Epidemic Area in Thailand

Marilyn James, S.S.L.andK.V.R., 1996:
Prioritising Elective Care: A Cost Utility Analysis of Orthopaedics in the North West of England

G.Y.Saito, Y.C.C.,L.L.W.andW.W.T., 1990:
Chloroplast Development and Nuclear Gene Expression in Cotyledons of Soybean Seedlings

C.O'Neill, C.N.,M.C.andA.M.K., 1996:
A Comparison of Three Measures of Perceived Distress: Results from a Study of Angina Patients in General Practice in Northern Ireland

Hsieh, W.C.L.andR.L., 1996:
Estimating Life Expectancy Using an Age-Cohort Model in Taiwan

Colin Cartwright, N.U.andP.S., 1996:
Agreement between the Takeda Ua-731 Automatic Blood Pressure Measuring Device and the Manual Mercury Sphygmomanometer: An Assessment under Field Conditions in Newcastle upon Tyne, Uk

Lloyd, G.S.andD.C.E.F., 1996:
Two Proxies for Morbidity in the 1991 Uk Census: Permanent Sickness and Limiting Long Term Illness

Gonzalez-Perez and Maria Guadalupe Vega-Lopez, G.J., 1996:
Caesarian Sections in Guadalajara, Mexico: Sociodemographic Risk Factors

Parker, H.O.D.andL., 1996:
Why Is the Sex Ratio Falling in England and Wales?

John Newton, V.S.andM.G., 1996:
Comparing Measures of Variation

Dobbing, R.by:J.S.andJ., 1996:
Improving Infant Health; The Effectiveness of Health Promotion Activities to Reduce Stillbirth, Infant Mortality and Morbidity: A Literature Reviewby Jo Garca; Merry France-Dawson; Alison MacFarlane

StLeger, R.by:A.S., 1996:
Medical Statistics on Personal Computersby R. A. Brown; J. Swanson Beck

StLeger, R.by:A.S., 1996:
A Dictionary of Epidemiologyby John M. Last

Slovak, R.by:A.J.M., 1996:
Human Variability and Plasticityby C. G. N. Mascie-Taylor; Barry Brogin

F.H.A.Wilms, J.A.M.N.andM.K., 1990:
Suberization and Bud Formation in Tobacco Explants

Donovan, J.W., 1996:
Randomised Controlled Trial of Anti-Smoking Advice in Pregnancy

West, R.R., 1996:
Discounting the Future: Influence of the Economic Model

Elizabeth Barnett, D.S.,D.A.andS.W., 1996:
Urbanisation and Coronary Heart Disease Mortality among African Americans in the Us South

Valkonen, P.M.andT., 1996:
Mortality after Death of Spouse in Relation to Duration of Bereavement in Finland

Xinhua Steve Ren and Benjamin C.Amick, I., 1996:
Race and Self Assessed Health Status: The Role of Socioeconomic Factors in the Usa

N.Robertson, J.D.,M.F.andD.A.S.C., 1996:
Multiple Sclerosis in South Cambridgeshire: Incidence and Prevalence Based on a District Register

Lersten, J.D.C.andN.R., 1990:
Internal Secretory Structures in Hypericum (Clusiaceae): H. perforatum L. and H. balearicum L

Mark Stevenson, K.J.andP.B., 1996:
A Case-Control Study of Childhood Pedestrian Injuries in Perth, Western Australia

T.W.O'Neill, D.M.,J.E.A.andA.J.S., 1996:
Risk Factors, Falls, and Fracture of the Distal Forearm in Manchester, Uk

G.Corrao, P.U.,G.G.,N.A.,A.M.,M.A.P.,G.C.,G.R.C.andT.W., 1996:
Estimating the Incidence of Coeliac Disease with Capture-Recapture Methods within Four Geographic Areas in Italy

Gilman, E.G.K.andE.A., 1996:
Spatial Clustering of Childhood Cancers in Great Britain

Xavier Albert, A.B.,J.L.A.,P.C.andD.C., 1996:
The Effectiveness of Health Systems in Influencing Avoidable Mortality: A Study in Valencia, Spain, 1975-90

Westerling, R., 1996:
Can Regional Variation in "Avoidable" Mortality Be Explained by Deaths outside Hospital? A Study from Sweden, 1987-90

Melbourne F.Hovell, D.J.S.,K.J.K.,J.A.J.,S.B.-K.,C.R., 1996:
Tobacco Use Prevalence and Correlates among Adolescents in a Clinician Initiated Tobacco Prevention Trial in California, Usa

M.Hillman, A.W.,G.R.,A.T.andM.A.C., 1996:
Prevalence of Low Back Pain in the Community: Implications for Service Provision in Bradford, Uk

Johannes D.M.Otten, J.A.A.M.vanD.,P.G.M.P.,H.S.,A.L.M.V.,M.M., 1996:
Long Term Breast Cancer Screening in Nijmegen, the Netherlands: The Nine Rounds from 1975-92

McKee, L.C.andM., 1996:
Challenges of Monitoring Use of Secondary Care at Local Level: A Study Based in London, Uk

Crispin Jenkinson, R.L.,A.C.andL.W., 1996:
Evidence for the Sensitivity of the Sf-36 Health Status Measure to Inequalities in Health: Results from the Oxford Healthy Lifestyles Survey

Campbell, H., 1996:
Gene Environment Interaction

Rantakallio, E.L.ääräandP., 1996:
Body Size and Mortality in Women: A 29 Year Follow up of 12 000 Pregnant Women in Northern Finland

Scott M.Montgomery, M.J.B.,D.G.C.andM.E.W., 1996:
Health and Social Precursors of Unemployment in Young Men in Great Britain

Lars Møller, T.S.K.andH.H., 1996:
Self Rated Health as a Predictor of Coronary Heart Disease in Copenhagen, Denmark

Pollock, J.I., 1996:
Mature Maternity: Long Term Associations in First Children Born to Older Mothers in 1970 in the Uk

N.V.Toan, H.T.H.,P.V.T.,B.H.,L.Å.P.andK.S.öm, 1996:
Utilisation of Reproductive Health Services in Rural Vietnam; Are There Equal Opportunities to Plan and Protect Pregnancies?

Thomas V.Perneger, J.-F.E.,M.-A.R.,P.S.andH.S., 1996:
Comparison of Patient Satisfaction with Ambulatory Visits in Competing Health Care Delivery Settings in Geneva, Switzerland

McKeganey, G.H.andN., 1996:
Estimating the Prevalence of Drug Misuse in Dundee, Scotland: An Application of Capture-Recapture Methods

Flynn, R.by:P., 1996:
Health Inequalities: In Western European Countriesby Andreas Mielck; Maria do Rosario Giraldes

McGucken, R.by:B., 1996:
The Nhs: A Kaleidoscope of Care-Conflicts of Service and Business Valuesby Tony Kember; Gordon Macpherson

Whitelaw, R.by:S., 1996:
Evaluating Health and Social Careby C. Phillips; C. Palfrey; P. Thomas

Yarnell, R.by:J.W.G., 1996:
Origins of Regional Differences in Mortality from Ischaemic Heart Disease in Finlandby Seppo Koskinen

MacFarlane, R.by:G., 1996:
Statistics and Clinical Practiceby David Coggon

MacFarlane, R.by:G., 1996:
Epidemiology of Work Related Diseasesby J. Corbett McDonald

Ineichen, R.by:B., 1996:
The Faces of Homelessness in Londonby Jeanne Moore; David Canter; Des Stockley; Madeline Drake

Donnan, S., 1996:
In This Number: Social Medicine: Olympic Dimensions

Joel Brind, V.M.C.,W.B.S.andJ.S.L., 1996:
Induced Abortion as an Independent Risk Factor for Breast Cancer: A Comprehensive Review and Meta-Analysis

G.J.Miller, G.H.M.andG.L.A.B., 1996:
Incidence of Hypertension and Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Associated Risk Factors in a Rapidly Developing Caribbean Community: The St. James Survey, Trinidad

J.W.R.Twisk, H.C.G.K.,G.J.M.andW.vanM., 1996:
Relation between the Longitudinal Development of Lipoprotein Levels and Biological Parameters during Adolescence and Young Adulthood in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Roberto J.Rona, S.Q.andS.C., 1996:
Factors Related to Total Cholesterol and Blood Pressure in British 9 Year Olds

Fabio Parazzini, E.B.,S.F.,D.S.,F.T.,C.L.V.andR.Z., 1996:
Menopause, Menstrual and Reproductive History, and Bone Density in Northern Italy

Jessop, E.G., 1996:
Deprivation and Mortality in Non-Metropolitan Areas of England and Wales

Ferran Ballester, D.C.,S.P.-H.andA.H.ás, 1996:
Air Pollution and Mortality in Valencia, Spain: A Study Using the Aphea Methodology

Klaus Stark, R.M.,U.B.andI.G.H., 1996:
Methadone Maintenance Treatment and Hiv Risk-Taking Behaviour among Injecting Drug Users in Berlin

Reijneveld, S.A., 1996:
Predicting the Workload in Urban General Practice in the Netherlands from Jarman's Indicators of Deprivation at Patient Level

Aileen Clarke, P.R.andN.B., 1996:
Does a Shorter Length of Hospital Stay Affect the Outcome and Costs of Hysterectomy in Southern England?

Ytterstad, B.ørge, 1996 :
The Harstad Injury Prevention Study: Community Based Prevention of Fall-Fractures in the Elderly Evaluated by Means of a Hospital Based Injury Recording System in Norway

Blair, E., 1996:
The Undesirable Consequences of Controlling for Birth Weight in Perinatal Epidemiological Studies

Stephen Birch, J.E.andK.B.N., 1996:
Proxies for Healthcare Need among Populations: Validation of Alternatives: A Study in Quebec

R.K.R.Scragg, A.F.andP.A.M., 1996:
Helicobacter Pylori Seropositivity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Multicultural Workforce

Streefland, P.H., 1996:
Enhancing Sustainable Vaccination Programmes in an Unstable World: A Social Science Perspective

Whitelaw, R.by:S., 1996:
Tackling Inequalities in Health: An Agenda for Actionby M. Benzeval; K. Judge; M. Whitehead

MacFarlane, R.by:G., 1996:
Pharmacoepidemiologyby Brian L. Strom

Eastwood, R.by:M., 1996:
Concern for Europe's Tomorrow. Health and the Environment in the Who European Regionby Who European Centre for Health and the Environment

Hajeer, R.by:A., 1996:
The Genetic Variation and Human Disease: Principles and Evolutionary Approachesby Kenneth Weiss

Kirkma, R.by:R., 1996:
The Condom Effectiveness Matrix: An Analytical Tool for Defining Condom Research Propertiesby Brenda E. Spencer

Kisely, R.by:S., 1996:
Epidemiology and the Delivery of Health Care Services: Methods and Applicationby Denise M. Oleske

Jones, R.by:J., 1996:
Sexual Health Promotion in General Practiceby Hilary Curtis; Tony Holaghan; Carey Jewitt

Miller, M.H.F.andG.L., 1990:
Vesicular-Arbuscular Mycorrhizas and the Soil-Disturbance-Induced Reduction of Nutrient Absorption in Maize. Iii. Influence of P Amendments to Soil

Porta, M., 1996:
The Bibliographic "Impact Factor" of the Institute for Scientific Information: How Relevant Is It Really for Public Health Journals?

Woolf, B., 1996:
Studies on Infant Mortality: Part Ii. Social Aetiology of Stillbirths and Infant Deaths in County Boroughs of England and Wales

Barker, D.J.P., 1996:
An Appreciation of 'Studies on Infant Mortality' by Barnet Woolf

Per Tillgren, B.J.H.,M.L.andA.R.ö, 1996:
The Sociodemographic Pattern of Tobacco Cessation in the 1980s: Results from a Panel Study of Living Condition Surveys in Sweden

Gatrell, S.E.G.andA.C., 1996:
Respiratory Health Effects of Industrial Air Pollution: A Study in East Lancashire, Uk

J.R.Leake, G.S.andD.J.R., 1990:
The Biology of Mycorrhiza in the Ericaceae. Xvi. Mycorrhiza and Iron Uptake in Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull in the Presence of Two Calcium Salts

F.Kee, R.W.,S.C.,J.S.,R.H.,B.R.andJ.M., 1996:
Socioeconomic Circumstances and the Risk of Bowel Cancer in Northern Ireland

H.O.Dickinson, L.P.,K.B.,R.W.andJ.S., 1996:
The Sex Ratio of Children in Relation to Paternal Preconceptional Radiation Dose: A Study in Cumbria, Northern England

G.C.Patton, M.E.H.,J.C.,Q.S.,M.R.,J.C.andG.B., 1996:
Menarche and the Onset of Depression and Anxiety in Victoria, Australia

John R.Williams, D.J.N.andR.M.A., 1996:
Targeted Hepatitis B Vaccination: A Cost Effective Immunisation Strategy for the Uk?

Regidor, S.deM.andE., 1996:
Standardisation or Modelling of Mortality Rates

S.K.Kapoor, G.K.andK.A., 1996:
Use of Mid-Arm and Chest Circumferences to Predict Birth Weight in Rural North India

Dengler, R., 1996:
Smoking and Alcohol Consumption in Trent, Uk: An Analysis of Item Non-Response

Cooper, P.J.B.andR.F., 1996:
Do Sexual Health Questions Alter the Public's Response to Lifestyle Questionnaires?

James, W.H., 1996:
The Decline in Sex Ratios at Birth, England and Wales, 1973-90

Slovak, R.by:A.J.M., 1996:
Effects of Atomic Radiation: A Half-Century of Studies from Hiroshima and Nagasakiby William J. Schul

T.J.Flowers, S.A.F.,M.A.H.andA.R.Y., 1990:
Salt Tolerance in the Halophytic Wild Rice, Porteresia coarctata Tateoka

Smith, S.M.andG.D., 1997:
The "British Journal of Social Medicine": What Was in a Name?

Vineis, P., 1997:
Proof in Observational Medicine

A.Jeanne M.van Loon, R.A.G.,I.K.,G.M.H.S.,A.M.K.andP., 1997:
Socioeconomic Status and Lung Cancer Incidence in Men in the Netherlands: Is There a Role for Occupational Exposure?

C.H.Hommels, H.B.A.P.,P.J.C.K.andO.G.T., 1990:
K+(Rb+) Uptake by Intact Taraxacum Plants: Effects of Nutrient Status on K+Uptake

Stefano Rosso, F.F.,R.Z.andG.C., 1997:
Social Class and Cancer Survival in Turin, Italy

Jill Cockburn, P.S.,V.W.,D.H.andI.R., 1997:
Predictors of Returning for Second Round Screening at a Population Based Mammographic Screening Programme in Melbourne, Australia

Riita Luoto, I.K.andA.R., 1997:
Socioeconomic Variations in Hysterectomy: Evidence from a Linkage Study of the Finnish Hospital Discharge Register and Population Census

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