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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 68205

Chapter 68205 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Trends in blood lead levels in Uk workers, 19952007
, Occupational and Environmental Medicine 67(9): 590-595 (2010)

Opportunity, Mobility and Satisfaction within an Industrial Organization
, Social Forces 46(4): 492-501 (1968)

On the Proper Usage of the Goms
, Social Forces 46(4): 545-546 (1968)

Cilicia, the Amuq, and Aleppo: New Light in a Dark Age
, Near Eastern Archaeology 72(4): 164-173 (2009)

Neo-Hittites In The "Land Of Palistin": Renewed Investigations at Tell Tayinat on the Plain of Antioch
, Near Eastern Archaeology 72(4): 174-189 (2009)

The Temple of the Storm God in Aleppo during the Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages
, Near Eastern Archaeology 72(4): 190-202 (2009)

Searching for Ancient Samal: New Excavations at Zincirli in Turkey
, Near Eastern Archaeology 72(4): 203-219 (2009)

The Archaeological Heritage of Lebanon
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 68-72 (2010)

The Necropolis and Dwellings of Byblos during the Chalcolithic Period New Interpretations
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 74-84 (2010)

Tell Arqa: A Prosperous City during the Bronze Age
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 86-101 (2010)

Tell el-Burak: A New Middle Bronze Age Site from Lebanon
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 130-141 (2010)

The Phoenician Cemetery of Tyre
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 144-155 (2010)

An Unexpected Archaeological Treasure: The Phoenician Quarters in Beirut City Center
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 156-168 (2010)

The State of Underwater Archaeology in Lebanon
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 170-175 (2010)

New Light on the Phoenician Harbor at Tyre
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 176-181 (2010)

The Beirut National Museum and Collective Memory: Sanctuary, Repository, or Interactive Space?
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 182-188 (2010)

Private Archaeological Museums in Lebanon
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 189-194 (2010)

Challenging Colonialism and Nationalism in Lebanese Archaeological Museums
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 195-197 (2010)

Postcolonial, Neo-imperial, or a Little Bit of Both? Reflections on Museums in Lebanon
, Near Eastern Archaeology 73(2-3): 198-201 (2010)

Cross-Cultural Measurement or Racial and Ethnic Attitudes by the Semantic Differential
, Social Forces 48(1): 107-112 (1969)

Authoritarianism, Anomia, and Prejudice
, Social Forces 48(4): 485-492 (1970)

Technological Growth and Social Change: Achieving Stanley A. Hetzler;Socio-Economic Change and the Religious Factor in India: An Indian Symposium of Views on Max Charles P. Loomis; Zona K. Loomis;The Theory of Social Change: Four Views John McLeish
, Social Forces 49(1): 150-151 (1970)

Social Structure and Civil Rights Involvement: A Case Study of Protestant Ministries
, Social Forces 45(1): 51-61 (1966)

Implementing a Rational and Consistent Nomenclature for Serine/Arginine-Rich Protein Splicing Factors (Sr Proteins) in Plants
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2926-2929 (2010)

Endoplasmic Reticulum Protein Quality Control and Its Relationship to Environmental Stress Responses in Plants
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2930-2942 (2010)

The Chlorella variabilis Nc64A Genome Reveals Adaptation to Photosymbiosis, Coevolution with Viruses, and Cryptic Sex
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2943-2955 (2010)

Cytokinin Regulation of Auxin Synthesis in Arabidopsis Involves a Homeostatic Feedback Loop Regulated via Auxin and Cytokinin Signal Transduction
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2956-2969 (2010)

Structural Insights into Maize Viviparous14, a Key Enzyme in the Biosynthesis of the Phytohormone Abscisic Acid
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2970-2980 (2010)

Hydrogen Peroxide Mediated Activation of Map Kinase 6 Modulates Nitric Oxide Biosynthesis and Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 2981-2998 (2010)

Distinct Roles of the Atr Kinase and the Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1 Complex in the Maintenance of Chromosomal Stability in Arabidopsis
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3020-3033 (2010)

Arabidopsis Lim Proteins: A Family of Actin Bundlers with Distinct Expression Patterns and Modes of Regulation
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3034-3052 (2010)

The Arabidopsis Exocyst Complex Is Involved in Cytokinesis and Cell Plate Maturation
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3053-3065 (2010)

Arabidopsis Abcg Transporters, Which Are Required for Export of Diverse Cuticular Lipids, Dimerize in Different Combinations
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3066-3075 (2010)

A Novel Motif Essential for Snare Interaction with the K Channel Kc1 and Channel Gating in Arabidopsis
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3076-3092 (2010)

Crystal Structures of a Populus tomentosa 4-Coumarate:CoA Ligase Shed Light on Its Enzymatic Mechanisms
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3093-3104 (2010)

Expression of a Low CoInducible Protein, Lci1, Increases Inorganic Carbon Uptake in the Green Alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3105-3117 (2010)

Higs: Host-Induced Gene Silencing in the Obligate Biotrophic Fungal Pathogen Blumeria graminis
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3130-3141 (2010)

Arabidopsis snc2-1D Activates Receptor-Like Protein-Mediated Immunity Transduced through Wrky70
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3153-3163 (2010)

The Bacterial Pathogen Xanthomonas oryzae Overcomes Rice Defenses by Regulating Host Copper Redistribution
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3164-3176 (2010)

Tissue-Adapted Invasion Strategies of the Rice Blast Fungus Magnaporthe oryzae
, The Plant Cell 22(9): 3177-3187 (2010)

Arachidonic Acid: An Evolutionarily Conserved Signaling Molecule Modulates Plant Stress Signaling Networks
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3193-3205 (2010)

Cytokinin Regulates Compound Leaf Development in Tomato
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3206-3217 (2010)

The Arabidopsis Dynamin-Related Protein2 Family Is Essential for Gametophyte Development
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3218-3231 (2010)

Inactivation of a Dna Methylation Pathway in Maize Reproductive Organs Results in Apomixis-Like Phenotypes
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3249-3267 (2010)

Mitochondrial -Cyanoalanine Synthase Is Essential for Root Hair Formation in Arabidopsis thaliana
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3268-3279 (2010)

The Er-Localized Twd1 Immunophilin Is Necessary for Localization of Multidrug Resistance-Like Proteins Required for Polar Auxin Transport in Arabidopsis Roots
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3295-3304 (2010)

A Maize Thiamine Auxotroph Is Defective in Shoot Meristem Maintenance
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3305-3317 (2010)

Regulation of the Chlamydomonas Cell Cycle by a Stable, Chromatin-Associated Retinoblastoma Tumor Suppressor Complex
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3331-3347 (2010)

Provitamin A Accumulation in Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Roots Driven by a Single Nucleotide Polymorphism in a Phytoene Synthase Gene
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3348-3356 (2010)

Functional Analyses of Caffeic Acid O-Methyltransferase and Cinnamoyl-CoA-Reductase Genes from Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne)
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3357-3373 (2010)

A Novel Glucosylation Reaction on Anthocyanins Catalyzed by Acyl-Glucose Dependent Glucosyltransferase in the Petals of Carnation and Delphinium
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3374-3389 (2010)

Clustered Transcription Factor Genes Regulate Nicotine Biosynthesis in Tobacco
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3390-3409 (2010)

Nonflowering Plants Possess a Unique Folate-Dependent Phenylalanine Hydroxylase That Is Localized in Chloroplasts
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3410-3422 (2010)

The Arabidopsis Thylakoid Protein Pam68 Is Required for Efficient D1 Biogenesis and Photosystem Ii Assembly
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3439-3460 (2010)

Arabidopsis Vascular-Related Nac-Domain6 Directly Regulates the Genes That Govern Programmed Cell Death and Secondary Wall Formation during Xylem Differentiation
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3461-3473 (2010)

The Medicago truncatula E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Pub1 Interacts with the Lyk3 Symbiotic Receptor and Negatively Regulates Infection and Nodulation
, The Plant Cell 22(10): 3474-3488 (2010)

Knowledge Exchange Processes in Organizations and Policy Arenas: A Narrative Systematic Review of the Literature
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 444-483 (2010)

History Matters for Understanding Knowledge Exchange
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 484-491 (2010)

What Is This Knowledge That We Seek to "Exchange"?
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 492-499 (2010)

The Influence of Context on Quality Improvement Success in Health Care: A Systematic Review of the Literature
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 500-559 (2010)

Evidence on the Efficacy of Inpatient Spending on Medicare Patients
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 560-594 (2010)

Demand and Supply Based Operating ModesA Framework for Analyzing Health Care Service Production
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 595-615 (2010)

On the Choice of Absolute or Relative Inequality Measures
, The Milbank Quarterly 88(4): 616-622 (2010)

Toward a Sociology of Africa
, Social Forces 43(1): 11-18 (1964)

Impact of the "Gi Bills" on the Educational Level of the Male Population
, Social Forces 43(1): 26-32 (1964)

Cigarette Smoking and the Risk of Low Birth Weight: A Comparison in Black and White Women
, Epidemiology 1(3): 201-205 (1990)

, Epidemiology 1(5): 337-339 (1990)

Socioeconomic Theory and Differential Fertility: The Case of the Ldcs
, Social Forces 54(1): 84-106 (1975)

Self-Attitudes and Deviant Response
, Social Forces 54(4): 788-801 (1976)

Societal Reaction and the Response to Deviation in Small Groups
, Social Forces 52(2): 259-267 (1973)

Technologies of Memory in Early Sasanian Iran: Achaemenid Sites and Sasanian Identity
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 563-596 (2010)

Performing Death in Tyre: The Life and Afterlife of a Roman Cemetery in the Province of Syria
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 597-630 (2010)

Gesture and Identity in the Funerary Art of Palmyra
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 631-661 (2010)

Changing Places: The Archaeology of the Roman "Convivium"
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 663-695 (2010)

Archaeology in Bulgaria, 20072009
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 715-741 (2010)

Colin Michael Wells, 19332010
, American Journal of Archaeology 114(4): 743-744 (2010)

Toward a Theory of Racial Differences in Eomployment
, Social Forces 52(1): 16-31 (1973)

Group Violations, Socioeconomic Status and Official Deliquency
, Social Forces 52(1): 41-52 (1973)

Subjectives Probability and Normative Evaluations
, Social Forces 52(1): 98-107 (1973)

Environmental Values in Christian Artby Susan Power Bratton
, Environmental History 15(3): 563-565 (2010)

Donald Pisani
, Environmental History 15(4): 722-739 (2010)

On Bp's Deepwater Horizon Live Video Feed
, Environmental History 15(4): 741-745 (2010)

Work Response to Income Maintenance: Economic, Sociological, and Cultural Perspectives
, Social Forces 53(4): 553-562 (1975)

No quick fix: understanding the difference between fixed and random effect models
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1027-1028 (2010)

The importance of community education for individual mortality: a fixed-effects analysis of longitudinal multilevel data on 1.7 million Norwegian women and men
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1029-1035 (2010)

Comorbid chronic diseases, discordant impact on mortality in older people: a 14-year longitudinal population study
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1036-1042 (2010)

Estimating influenza vaccine effectiveness using routinely collected laboratory data
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1062-1067 (2010)

Do gastrointestinal tract infections in infancy increase blood pressure in childhood? A cohort study
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1068-1073 (2010)

Breastfeeding patterns among ethnic minorities: the Generation R Study
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1080-1085 (2010)

Census tract socioeconomic and physical environment and cardiovascular mortality in the Region of Madrid (Spain)
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1086-1093 (2010)

Iodine intake in a population of pregnant women: Inma mother and child cohort study, Spain
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1094-1099 (2010)

Accessibility to primary healthcare in the capital city of a northeastern state of Brazil: an evaluation of the results of a programme
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1100-1105 (2010)

To what extent have relaxed eligibility requirements and increased generosity of disability benefits acted as disincentives for employment? A systematic review of evidence from countries with well-developed welfare systems
, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health (1979-) 64(12): 1106-1114 (2010)

Ramanujan Hegde: The prion puzzle and protein translocation
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1222-1223 (2010)

Culling sick mitochondria from the herd
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1225-1227 (2010)

The intracellular dynamic of protein palmitoylation
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1229-1238 (2010)

A computational model predicts "Xenopus" meiotic spindle organization
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1239-1249 (2010)

Hurp permits Mtoc sorting for robust meiotic spindle bipolarity, similar to extra centrosome clustering in cancer cells
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1251-1260 (2010)

Cdc42 localization and cell polarity depend on membrane traffic
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1261-1269 (2010)

Zfp521 controls bone mass by Hdac3-dependent attenuation of Runx2 activity
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1271-1283 (2010)

Sirt1 contributes to telomere maintenance and augments global homologous recombination
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1299-1313 (2010)

Protein phosphatase 6 regulates mitotic spindle formation by controlling the T-loop phosphorylation state of Aurora A bound to its activator Tpx2
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1315-1332 (2010)

Biphasic targeting and cleavage furrow ingression directed by the tail of a myosin Ii
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1333-1350 (2010)

Nessun Dorma, a novel centralspindlin partner, is required for cytokinesis in "Drosophila" spermatocytes
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1351-1365 (2010)

Proteasome and p97 mediate mitophagy and degradation of mitofusins induced by Parkin
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1367-1380 (2010)

Local clustering of transferrin receptors promotes clathrin-coated pit initiation
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1381-1393 (2010)

Targeted ablation of Traf6 inhibits skeletal muscle wasting in mice
, The Journal of Cell Biology 191(7): 1395-1411 (2010)

Public Responses to Hypothetical Crimes: Effect of Offender and Victim Status and Seriousness of the Offense on Punitive Reactions
, Social Forces 53(3): 411-419 (1975)

Courage and Thoughtful Scholarship = Indigenous Archaeology Partnerships
, American Antiquity 75(2): 211-216 (2010)

The Value and Diversity of Indigenous Archaeology: A Response to Mcghee
, American Antiquity 75(2): 217-220 (2010)

Saving Indigenous Peoples from Ourselves: Separate but Equal Archaeology is not Scientific Archaeology
, American Antiquity 75(2): 221-227 (2010)

The Premise and Promise of Indigenous Archaeology
, American Antiquity 75(2): 228-238 (2010)

Of Strawmen, Herrings, and Frustrated Expectations
, American Antiquity 75(2): 239-243 (2010)

The First Prehispanic Chile "(Capsicum)" from the U.S. Southwest/Northwest Mexico and its Changing Use
, American Antiquity 75(2): 245-257 (2010)

Reduced Mobility Or The Bow And Arrow? Another Look At "Expedient" Technologies And Sedentism
, American Antiquity 75(2): 259-286 (2010)

Dart and Arrow Points on the Columbia Plateau of Western North America
, American Antiquity 75(2): 287-325 (2010)

Complexity and Sustainability: Perspectives from the Ancient Maya and the Modern Balinese
, American Antiquity 75(2): 327-363 (2010)

Computational Modeling and Neolithic Socioecological Dynamics: A Case Study from Southwest Asia
, American Antiquity 75(2): 364-386 (2010)

Population History of the Onondaga and Oneida Iroquois, A.D. 15001700
, American Antiquity 75(2): 387-407 (2010)

A New Method using Graph and Lattice Theory to Discover Spatially Cohesive Sets of Artifacts and Areas of Organized Activity in Archaeological Sites
, American Antiquity 75(3): 419-451 (2010)

General/Specific, Local/Global: Comparing the Beginnings of Agriculture in the Horn of Africa (Ethiopia/Eritrea) and Southwest Arabia (Yemen)
, American Antiquity 75(3): 452-472 (2010)

The Depopulation of Sand Canyon Pueblo, a Large Ancestral Pueblo Village in Southwestern Colorado
, American Antiquity 75(3): 497-525 (2010)

Reconsidering the Size and Structure of Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico
, American Antiquity 75(3): 527-550 (2010)

Shell Mounds in the Southeast: Middens, Monuments, Temple Mounds, Rings, or Works?
, American Antiquity 75(3): 551-570 (2010)

Ritual Architecture in Prehistoric Complex Hunter-Gatherer Communities: A Potential Example from Keatley Creek, on the Canadian Plateau
, American Antiquity 75(3): 599-625 (2010)

"Men, Women, And Children Starving": Archaeology Of The Donner Family Camp
, American Antiquity 75(3): 627-656 (2010)

Placing the Poverty Point Mounds in their Temporal Context
, American Antiquity 75(3): 657-678 (2010)

Human Behavioral Ecology and Historical Contingency: A Comment on the Diablo Canyon Archaeological Record
, American Antiquity 75(3): 679-688 (2010)

Historical Contingencies, Issues of Scale, and Flightless Hypotheses: A Response to Hildebrandt et Al
, American Antiquity 75(3): 689-699 (2010)

Social Transformation In Old Hawai'I: A Bottom-Up Approach
, American Antiquity 75(4): 727-741 (2010)

Changing Views of Drakensberg San Rock Art: Examining Landscape Use, Ritual Activity, and Contact through Multivariate Content-Based Spatial Analysis
, American Antiquity 75(4): 773-791 (2010)

Land Use, Land Ideology: An Integrated Geographic Information Systems Analysis of Rock Art within South-Central California
, American Antiquity 75(4): 792-818 (2010)

Basketmaker and Archaic Rock Art of the Colorado Plateau: A Reinterpretation of Paleoimagery
, American Antiquity 75(4): 819-840 (2010)

Evolutionary Ecology, Elite Feasting, and the Hohokam: A Case Study from a Southern Arizona Platform Mound
, American Antiquity 75(4): 841-864 (2010)

Footprints across the Black Rock: Temporal Variability in Prehistoric Foraging Territories and Toolstone Procurement Strategies in the Western Great Basin
, American Antiquity 75(4): 865-885 (2010)

Size Dependence In Assemblage Measures: Essentialism, Materialism, And "She" Analysis In Archaeology
, American Antiquity 75(4): 886-906 (2010)

Jake Bluff: Clovis Bison Hunting on the Southern Plains of North America
, American Antiquity 75(4): 907-933 (2010)

The Construction, Use, and Abandonment of Angel Site Mound A: Tracing the History of a Middle Mississippian Town through its Earthworks
, American Antiquity 75(4): 935-953 (2010)

Back to Study Hall: Further Reflections on Large Game Hunting during the Middle Holocene in the Great Basin
, American Antiquity 75(4): 962-965 (2010)

Of Ethnohistory, Archaeology, and Playing with Fire: A Comment on Foster and Cohen 2007
, American Antiquity 75(4): 966-972 (2010)

Sampling of Data Derived from Historical Documents in Anthropological Research
, American Antiquity 75(4): 973-977 (2010)

Volatile Climate Conditions Cahokia: Comment on Benson, Pauketat and Cook 2009
, American Antiquity 75(4): 978-983 (2010)

Promoting and Prioritising Reproductive Health Commodities: Understanding the Emergency Contraception Value Chain in South Africa
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(1): 9-20 (2010)

Integrating Reproductive Health and Hiv Indicators into the Nigerian Health System Building an Evidence Base for Action
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(1): 109-116 (2010)

Acquired Salpingo-Enteric Fistula a Case Report
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(1): 139-143 (2010)

Intussusception in Pregnancy - A Rarely Considered Diagnosis
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(1): 145-148 (2010)

Attaining Mdg 5 in Northern Nigeria: Need to Focus on Skilled Birth Attendance / Ralisation des objectifs du millnaire -5(Odm-5) au nord du Nigria: La ncessit de concentrer sur l'accouchement assist par les accoucheurs qualifis
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 9-15 (2010)

Effects of Maternal Micronutrient Supplementation on Fetal Loss and Under-2-Years Child Mortality: Long-Term Follow-Up of a Randomised Controlled Trial from Guinea-Bissau
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 17-26 (2010)

Fertility Desires and Condom Use among Hiv-Positive Women at an Antiretroviral Roll-Out Program in Zimbabwe
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 27-35 (2010)

Utilization of Non-Skilled Birth Attendants in Northern Nigeria: A Rough Terrain to the Health-Related Mdgs
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 37-45 (2010)

Age at Sexual Debut: A Determinant of Multiple Partnership among South African Youth
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 47-54 (2010)

Audit of Cases with Uterine Rupture: A Process Indicator of Quality of Obstetric Care in Angola
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 55-62 (2010)

Application of Health Belief Model for Promoting Behaviour Change among Nigerian Single Youth
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 63-75 (2010)

Determinants of Referral Practices of Clients by Traditional Birth Attendants in Ilorin, Nigeria
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 77-84 (2010)

Assessment of the Protective Effect of Male Circumcision from Hiv Infection and Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Evidence from 18 Demographic and Health Surveys in Sub-Saharan Africa
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 105-113 (2010)

Cultural and Ethical Challenges of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in the Management of Infertility among the Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 115-127 (2010)

Skilled Attendance: The Key Challenges to Progress in Achieving Mdg-5 in North Central Nigeria
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 129-138 (2010)

Anaesthetic Challenges Associated with Achondroplasia: A Case Report
, African Journal of Reproductive Health / La Revue Africaine de la Santé Reproductive 14(2): 149-155 (2010)

A shopping list of doctors
, BMJ: British Medical Journal 341(7786): 1330-1331 (2010)

A Mito-Style Structure At ChavN De HuNtar: Dating And Implications
, Latin American Antiquity 21(1): 3-21 (2010)

Craft Specialists at Moche: Organization, Affiliations, and Identities
, Latin American Antiquity 21(1): 22-43 (2010)

Childhood Lost: Abductions, Sacrifice, and Trophy Heads of Children in the Wari Empire of the Ancient Andes
, Latin American Antiquity 21(1): 44-66 (2010)

Continuity and Transformation during the Terminal Middle Horizon (A.D. 9501150): A Bioarchaeological Assessment of Tumilaca Origins within the Middle Moquegua Valley, Peru
, Latin American Antiquity 21(1): 67-86 (2010)

Cultural Transformations of the Chanka Homeland (Andahuaylas, Peru) during the Late Intermediate Period (A.D. 10001400)
, Latin American Antiquity 21(1): 87-111 (2010)

Cerro Lampay: Architectural Design and Human Interaction in the North Central Coast of Peru
, Latin American Antiquity 21(2): 115-145 (2010)

Inca "Stone Ancestors" In Context At A High-Altitude "Usnu" Platform
, Latin American Antiquity 21(2): 173-194 (2010 )

Lecturas Estratigr Ficas: Arquitectura Funeraria Y DepositaciN De Residuos En El Sambaqu Jabuticabeira Ii
, Latin American Antiquity 21(2): 195-216 (2010)

Egalitarian Ideology and Political Power in Prehispanic Central Mexico: The Case of Tlaxcallan
, Latin American Antiquity 21(3): 227-251 (2010)

Vessels for Ceremony: The Pictography of Codex-Style Mixteca-Puebla Vessels from Central and South Mexico
, Latin American Antiquity 21(3): 252-273 (2010)

Cloth Production and Economic Intensification in the Area Surrounding Chichen Itza
, Latin American Antiquity 21(3): 274-289 (2010)

"Olmec" Head Shapes Among The Preclassic Period Maya And Cultural Meanings
, Latin American Antiquity 21(3): 290-311 (2010)