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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 68266

Chapter 68266 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Fruit Dispersal of Two Dipterocarp Species in a Malaysian Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(6): 911-917 (2001)

Fire as a Large-Scale Edge Effect in Amazonian Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 311-325 (2002)

A Test of the Hypothesis of Ecological Equivalence in an Australian Subtropical Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 327-352 (2002)

Seed Rain beneath Remnant Trees in a Slash-and-Burn Agricultural System in Southern Cameroon
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 353-374 (2002)

Effects of Remnant Trees in Fallows on Diversity and Structure of Forest Regrowth in a Slash-and-Burn Agricultural System in Southern Cameroon
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 375-396 (2002)

Spatial Variation of Throughfall Volume in an Old-Growth Tropical Wet Forest, Costa Rica
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 397-407 (2002)

Evidence of Orchid Visitation by Bactrocera Species (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Papua New Guinea
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 441-448 (2002)

Litterfall, Decomposition and Nutrient Release in a Lowland Tropical Rain Forest, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 449-456 (2002)

Seed Rain of Fleshy-Fruited Species in Tropical Pastures in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 457-462 (2002)

Abundance of Sympatric Skunks (Mustelidae: Carnivora) in Oaxaca, Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(3): 463-469 (2002)

Leaf Anatomical Structure and Photosynthetic Induction for Seedlings of Five Dipterocarp Species under Contrasting Light Conditions in a Bornean Heath Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 163-175 (2001)

Seed Scatterhoarding by White-Tailed Rats: Consequences for Seedling Recruitment by an Australian Rain Forest Tree
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 177-189 (2001)

Effects of Native Pigs (Sus scrofa) on Woody Understorey Vegetation in a Malaysian Lowland Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 191-206 (2001)

Evaluation of Different Methods to Estimate Understorey Light Conditions in Tropical Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 207-224 (2001)

Woodpecker Abundance in a Logged (40 Years Ago) vs. Unlogged Lowland Dipterocarp Forest in Peninsular Malaysia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 261-268 (2001)

Growth and Photosynthesis of Seedlings of Four Tree Species from a Dry Tropical Afromontane Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 269-283 (2001)

Herbivory on Planted Dipterocarp Seedlings in Secondary Logged Forests and Primary Forests of Sabah, Malaysia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 285-302 (2001)

Fruiting Phenology and Seed Dispersal Syndromes in Caatinga, a Tropical Dry Forest in the Northeast of Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 303-321 (2001)

The Fragility of Extreme Specialization: Passiflora mixta and its Pollinating Hummingbird Ensifera ensifera
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 323-329 (2001)

The Densest Terrestrial Vertebrate
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(2): 331-338 (2001)

Demography of the Brazil Nut Tree (Bertholletia excelsa) in the Bolivian Amazon: Impact of Seed Extraction on Recruitment and Population Dynamics
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 1-31 (2002)

From Forest to Farmland: Diversity of Geometrid Moths along Two Habitat Gradients on Borneo
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 33-51 (2002)

Secondary Forest Succession in a Tropical Dry Forest: Patterns of Development across a 50-Year Chronosequence in Lowland Bolivia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 53-66 (2002)

Effects of Land Crabs on Seedling Densities and Distributions in a Mainland Neotropical Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 67-89 (2002)

Host Associations of Lianas in a South-East Queensland Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 107-120 (2002)

Reproductive Ecology of the Piassava Palm (Attalea funifera) of Bahia, Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 121-136 (2002)

Direct and Indirect Effects of Fire on Radial Growth of Cerrado Savanna Trees
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 137-142 (2002)

Regeneration Patterns among Bird-Dispersed Plants in a Fragmented Afrotropical Forest, South-East Kenya
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 143-149 (2002)

Carbon Isotope Composition of Tree Leaves from Guanacaste, Costa Rica: Comparison across Tropical Forests and Tree Life History
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(1): 151-159 (2002)

Long-Term Permanent Plot Observations of Vegetation Dynamics in Budongo, a Ugandan Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 765-800 (2000)

Herbivory in the Epiphyte, Vriesea sanguinolenta Cogn. & Marchal (Bromeliaceae)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 829-839 (2000)

Mammal Trap Efficiency during the Fragmentation by Flooding of a Neotropical Rain Forest in French Guiana
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 841-851 (2000)

Edge Effects on Litterfall Mass and Nutrient Concentrations in Forest Fragments in Central Amazonia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 853-863 (2000)

Dietary Relationships among Four Granivorous Doves in Venezuelan Savannas
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 865-882 (2000)

Mosaics of Canopy Openness Induced by Tropical Cyclones in Lowland Rain Forests with Contrasting Management Histories in Northeastern Australia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 883-894 (2000)

Defoliation of an Island (Guam, Mariana Archipelago, Western Pacific Ocean) Following a Saltspray-Laden 'Dry' Typhoon
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(6): 895-901 (2000)

Types and Causes of Tree Mortality in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest of Tamaulipas, Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 623-636 (2000)

Secondary Forest Structure and Biomass Following Short and Extended Land-Use in Central and Southern Amazonia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 689-708 (2000)

Seed Dispersal by Black-Handed Tamarins, Saguinus midas niger (Callitrichinae, Primates): Implications for the Regeneration of Degraded Forest Habitats in Eastern Amazonia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 709-716 (2000)

Foraging by Fungus-Growing Termites (Isoptera: Termitidae, Macrotermitinae) in the Okavango Delta, Botswana
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 717-731 (2000)

Nocturnal Pollination of Parkia velutina by Megalopta Bees in Amazonia and Its Possible Significance in the Evolution of Chiropterophily
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 733-746 (2000)

A 10 000 Year Record of Pramo Fires in Costa Rica
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 747-752 (2000)

Mortality Rate Estimation When Inter-Census Intervals Vary
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(5): 753-756 (2000)

Effects of Seasonal Drought on Gap and Understorey Seedlings in a Bolivian Moist Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 481-498 (2000)

Non-Indigenous Bamboo along Headwater Streams of the Luquillo Mountains, Puerto Rico: Leaf Fall, Aquatic Leaf Decay and Patterns of Invasion
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 499-516 (2000)

Gap-Building-Phase Regeneration in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest of North-Eastern Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 535-562 (2000)

The Impact of El Nio on Mast Fruiting in Sumatra and Elsewhere in Malesia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 563-577 (2000)

Changes in the Floristic Composition of Cerrado sensu stricto in Brazil over a Nine-Year Period
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 579-590 (2000)

Concepts for the Aggregation of Tropical Tree Species into Functional Types and the Application to Sabah's Lowland Rain Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 591-602 (2000)

Mycorrhizal Dependency, Inoculum Potential and Habitat Preference of Native Woody Species in South Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(4): 603-621 (2000)

Tree Species Distribution and Community Structure of Central Amazonian Vrzea Forests by Remote-Sensing Techniques
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 805-820 (2002)

Links between Terrain Characteristics and Forage Patterns of Elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Northern Botswana
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 835-844 (2002)

Dominance, Diversity and Distribution of Lianas in Yasun, Ecuador: Who Is on Top?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 845-864 (2002)

Thermal Dissipation, Leaf Rolling and Inactivation of Psii Reaction Centres in Amomum villosum
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 865-876 (2002)

Nutrient Retention by Tropical Ecosystems: Soil Adsorption and Plant Absorption as Synergistic Processes
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 877-895 (2002)

Variations in Phenology of a Residual Invasive Shrub Species in Sahelian Fallow Savannas, South-West Niger
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 897-912 (2002)

Within-Habitat Heterogeneity of Euglossine Bee Populations: A Re-Evaluation of the Evidence
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 929-933 (2002)

Two Biases in Estimating Range Sizes of Amazonian Plant Species
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(6): 935-942 (2002)

Population Dynamics of the Marsupial Micoureus demerarae in Small Fragments of Atlantic Coastal Forest in Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 339-352 (2001)

Diversity of Poroid and Some Corticoid Wood-Inhabiting Fungi along the Rainfall Gradient in Tropical Forests, Costa Rica
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 353-369 (2001)

Utilization of Seed Reserves during Germination and Early Seedling Growth by Dryobalanops lanceolata (Dipterocarpaceae)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 371-378 (2001)

Tree-Liana Relationships in a Tropical Evergreen Forest at Varagalaiar, Anamalais, Western Ghats, India
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 395-409 (2001)

Effects of Weather and Phenology on the Abundance and Diversity of Geometroid Moths in a Natural Malaysian Tropical Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 411-429 (2001)

Factors Affecting Pollinator Visitation and Reproductive Success in Sonneratia caseolaris and Aegiceras corniculatum in a Mangrove Forest in India
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 431-447 (2001)

Seed Dispersal in Palicourea Rigida, a Common Treelet Species from Neotropical Savannas
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 449-458 (2001)

Observations on the Links between the Architecture of a Tree (Dicorynia guianensis Amshoff) and Cerambycidae Activity in French Guiana
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 459-463 (2001)

Impacts of Density and Large Mammals on Space Use by the Pouched Mouse (Saccostomus mearnsi) in Central Kenya
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 465-472 (2001)

Local Wind Damage in Barito Ulu, Central Kalimantan: A Rare but Essential Event in a Lowland Dipterocarp Forest?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 473-475 (2001)

Plant Secondary Compounds in the Canopy and Understorey of a Tropical Rain Forest in Gabon
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(3): 477-481 (2001)

Diversity and Structure of the Arthropod Fauna within Three Canopy Epiphyte Species in Central Panama
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 161-176 (2002)

Effects of the Spatial Distribution of Trees, Conspecific Epiphytes and Geomorphology on the Distribution of Epiphytic Bromeliads in a Secondary Montane Forest (Cordillera Central, Colombia)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 193-213 (2002)

Effects of the 1997-98 El Nio Drought on Rain Forests of Mount Kinabalu, Borneo
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 215-230 (2002)

Resource Heterogeneity Affects Demography of the Costa Rican Ant Aphaenogaster Araneoides
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 231-244 (2002)

Tree Allometry and Crown Shape of Four Tree Species in Atlantic Rain Forest, South-East Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 245-260 (2002)

The Effect of Forest Successional Stage on Seed Removal of Tropical Rain Forest Tree Species
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 261-274 (2002)

Groves versus Isolates: How Spatial Aggregation of Astrocaryum murumuru Palms Affects Seed Removal
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 275-288 (2002)

Caviar in the Rain Forest: Monkeys as Frog-Spawn Predators in Ta National Park, Ivory Coast
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 289-294 (2002)

Fast Determination of Light Availability and Leaf Area Index in Tropical Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(2): 295-302 (2002)

A Decade of Canopy-Tree Seedling Survival and Growth in Two Bornean Rain Forests: Persistence and Recovery from Suppression
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 645-658 (2002)

Epiphyte Biomass and Nutrient Capital of a Moist Subtropical Forest in North-Eastern Taiwan
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 659-670 (2002)

An Extreme-Value Approach to Detect Clumping and an Application to Tropical Forest Gap-Mosaic Dynamics
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 671-686 (2002)

The Invasibility of Tropical Forests by Exotic Plants
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 687-705 (2002)

Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Palm Endocarp Use by Three Amazonian Forest Mammals: Granivory or 'Grubivory'?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 707-723 (2002)

Seed Bank and Seed Rain in a Seasonal Semi-Deciduous Forest in South-Eastern Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 759-774 (2002)

A Structural Gradient in Cerrado Vegetation of Brazil: Changes in Woody Plant Density, Species Richness, Life History and Plant Composition
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 775-794 (2002)

Drought and Root Herbivory in Understorey Parashorea Kurz (Dipterocarpaceae) Seedlings in Borneo
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(5): 795-804 (2002)

Effects of Hurricane Disturbance on Stream Water Concentrations and Fluxes in Eight Tropical Forest Watersheds of the Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 189-207 (2000)

Variation in Leaf-Cutter Ant (Atta sp.) Densities in Forest Isolates: The Potential Role of Predation
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 209-225 (2000)

Regeneration Patterns of Cedrela Lilloi (Meliaceae) in Northwestern Argentina Subtropical Montane Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 227-242 (2000)

Soil Seed Bank and Growth Rates of an Invasive Species, Piper aduncum, in the Lowlands of Papua New Guinea
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 243-251 (2000)

Termite Assemblages in Two Distinct Montane Forest Types at 1000 m Elevation in the Maliau Basin, Sabah
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 271-286 (2000)

Identifying Keystone Plant Resources in Tropical Forests: The Case of Gums from Parkia Pods
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(2): 287-317 (2000)

Reproductive Seasonality in the Tropical Butterfly Hypolimnas bolina (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in Northern Australia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 483-494 (2001)

Leaf Photosynthetic Capacity and Nitrogen Content Adjustment to Canopy Openness in Tropical Forest Tree Seedlings
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 495-509 (2001)

The Bat Fauna of Lamanai, Belize: Roosts and Trophic Roles
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 511-524 (2001)

Effects of Termite Exclusion on Decay of Heavy and Light Hardwood in a Tropical Rain Forest of Peninsular Malaysia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 541-548 (2001)

Seed Production and Soil Seed Bank in Three Evergreen Woody Species from a Neotropical Savanna
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 563-576 (2001)

Pollination and Breeding System of a Neotropical Palm Astrocaryum vulgare in Guyana: A Test of the Predictability of Syndromes
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 577-592 (2001)

The Effects of Forest Type, Harvesting and Stand Refinement on Early Seedling Recruitment in a Tropical Rain Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 593-609 (2001)

A Preliminary Study of Freshwater Protozoa in Tank Bromeliads
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 611-617 (2001)

Yellow-Billed Malkohas (Phaenicophaeus calyorhynchus) Following Moor Macaques (Macaca maurus) in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(4): 619-623 (2001)

Avian Diversity and Distribution in French Guiana: Patterns across a Large Forest Landscape
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 471-498 (2002)

Different Floristic Patterns of Woody Understorey and Canopy Plants in Colombian Amazonia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 499-525 (2002)

Responses of Three Sympatric Snake Species to Tropical Seasonality in Northern Australia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 549-568 (2002)

Survival and Ecophysiology of Tree Seedlings during El Nio Drought in a Tropical Moist Forest in Panama
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 569-579 (2002 )

Phenology and Stem-Growth Periodicity of Tree Species in Amazonian Floodplain Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 581-597 (2002)

Elephant Damage to Trees of Wooded Savanna in Zakouma National Park, Chad
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 599-614 (2002)

A Comparison of Bird Richness, Abundance and Trophic Organization in Forests of Ecuador and Denmark: Are High-Altitude Andean Forests Temperate or Tropical?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 18(4): 615-636 (2002)

Diversity and Distribution of Lianas in a Neotropical Rain Forest, Yasun National Park, Ecuador
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 1-19 (2001)

Avian Predation upon Lizards and Frogs in a Neotropical Forest Understorey
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 21-40 (2001)

Long-Term Tree Ring Chronologies from Sympatric Tropical Dry-Forest Trees: Individualistic Responses to Climatic Variation
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 41-60 (2001)

Effects of Dung Presence, Dung Amount and Secondary Dispersal by Dung Beetles on the Fate of Micropholis guyanensis (Sapotaceae) seeds in Central Amazonia
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 61-78 (2001)

Estimation of Biomass in a Neotropical Forest of French Guiana: Spatial and Temporal Variability
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 79-96 (2001)

Environmental Heterogeneity, Recruitment Limitation and the Mesoscale Distribution of Palms in a Tropical Montane Rain Forest (Maquipucuna, Ecuador)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 97-113 (2001)

Vertical Stratification of Bat Communities in Primary Forests of Central Amazon, Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 115-126 (2001)

Patterns and Correlates of Interspecific Variation in Foliar Insect Herbivory and Pathogen Attack in Brazilian Cerrado
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 127-148 (2001)

Pollination in a Degraded Tropical Landscape: A Hong Kong Case Study
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(1): 155-161 (2001)

Integrating Liana Abundance and Forest Stature into an Estimate of Total Aboveground Biomass for an Eastern Amazonian Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 327-335 (2000)

Reproductive Phenology of Gingers in a Lowland Mixed Dipterocarp Forest in Borneo
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 337-354 (2000)

Seed-Dispersal and Seedling Recruitment Patterns by the Last Neotropical Megafaunal Element in Amazonia, the Tapir
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 369-385 (2000)

Ecological Processes Maintaining Differential Tree Species Distributions in an Australian Subtropical Rain Forest: Implications for Models of Species Coexistence
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 387-415 (2000)

Seed Mass in Amazonian Floodplain Forests with Contrasting Nutrient Supplies
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 417-428 (2000)

Two-Year Tree Growth Patterns Investigated from Monthly Girth Records Using Dendrometer Bands in a Wet Evergreen Forest in India
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 429-446 (2000)

Effect of Plant Density and Light Availability on Leaf Damage in Manilkara bidentata (Sapotaceae)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 447-464 (2000)

Phenology and Co2-assimilation of Trees in Central Amazonian Floodplains
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(3): 465-473 (2000)

Bat Community Structure at Iwokrama Forest, Guyana
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 647-665 (2001)

Allometric Differentiation among Tropical Tree Seedlings in Heath and Peat-Swamp Forests
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 667-681 (2001)

Tadpole Distribution within Montane Meadow Streams at the Serra do Cip, Southeastern Brazil: Ecological or Phylogenetic Constraints?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 683-693 (2001)

Endogenous and Exogenous Control of Leaf Morphology in Iriartea deltoidea (Palmae)
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 695-703 (2001)

Subtropical Drosophilids in Australia can be Characterized by Adult Distribution across Vegetation Type and by Height above Forest Floor
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 705-718 (2001)

Morph-Specific Correlations between Floral Traits in a Distylous Ophiorrhiza napoensis (Rubiaceae) Population in Southern China
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 719-728 (2001)

The Influence of Biogeographic and Ecological Heterogeneity on Amazonian Pollen Spectra
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 729-743 (2001)

Reproductive Phenology, Seed-Set and Pollination in Chamaedorea alternans, an Understorey Dioecious Palm in a Rain Forest in Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 745-754 (2001)

Insular Interactions between Lizards and Flowers: Flower Visitation by an Endemic Mauritian Gecko
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 755-761 (2001 )

Patterns of Pollen Collection and Flower Visitation by Heliconius Butterflies in Southeastern Mexico
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 17(5): 763-768 (2001)

Density and Diversity of Lianas along a Chronosequence in a Central Panamanian Lowland Forest
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 1-19 (2000)

Seasonal Changes in the Water Status of Three Woody Legumes from the Atlantic Forest, Caratinga, Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 21-32 (2000)

Floristics and Structure of the Pterocarpus officinalis Swamp Forest in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 55-68 (2000)

Water Relations and Gas Exchange of Tropical Saplings during a Prolonged Drought in a Bornean Heath Forest, with Reference to Root Architecture
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 101-116 (2000)

Dispersion and Site Fidelity in a Tent-Roosting Population of the Short-Nosed Fruit Bat (Cynopterus sphinx) in Southern India
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 117-131 (2000)

How Important Are Forest Elephants to the Survival of Woody Plant Species in Upper Guinean Forests?
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 133-150 (2000)

Herbivore and Plant Demography: A Case Study in a Fragment of Semi-Deciduous Forest in Brazil
, Journal of Tropical Ecology 16(1): 159-165 (2000)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Working Memory and Executive Control [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1397-1404 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || The Domain of Supervisory Processes and Temporal Organization of Behaviour [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1405-1412 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || The Somatic Marker Hypothesis and the Possible Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1413-1420 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Comparison of Prefrontal Architecture and Connections [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1423-1432 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || The Orbitofrontal Cortex [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1433-1444 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || The Prefrontal Landscape: Implications of Functional Architecture for Understanding Human Mentation and the Central Executive [and Discussion]
, Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences 351(1346): 1445-1453 (1996)

Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Specialized Systems for the Processing of Mnemonic Information within the Primate Frontal Cortex [and Discussion]
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Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Dissociating Executive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex [and Discussion]
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Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Attention to Action [and Discussion]
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Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || Prefrontal Function in Schizophrenia: Confounds and Controversies [and Discussion]
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Executive and Cognitive Functions of the Prefrontal Cortex || The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex in Self-Consciousness: The Case of Auditory Hallucinations [and Discussion]
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Combined Data, Bayesian Phylogenetics, and the Origin of the New Zealand Cicada Genera
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Adaptive Radiation
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 469-471 (2001)

Bold Science: Seven Scientists Who Are Changing Our Worldby Ted Anton
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 472-473 (2001)

Animals in Research: For and againstby Lesley Grayson
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 473-474 (2001)

Death of a Rat: Understandings and Appreciations of Scienceby William D. Stansfield
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 475-476 (2001)

Dorothy Hodgkin: A Lifeby Georgina Ferry
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 476-477 (2001)

Darwinism in Philosophy, Social Science and Policyby Alexander Rosenberg;Evolution's Eye: A Systems View of the Biology-Culture Divideby Susan Oyama
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The Natural History of Medicinal Plantsby Judith Sumner
, The Quarterly Review of Biology 76(4): 480-481 (2001)

Tyrannosaurus Sue: The Extraordinary Saga of the Largest, Most Fought over T. Rex Ever Foundby Steve Fiffer
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Plant Life of the Quaternary Cold Stages: Evidence from the British Islesby R. G. West
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Computational Molecular Biology: An Algorithmic Approachby Pavel A. Pevzner
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The Carbonic Anhydrases: New Horizonsby W. R. Chegwidden; N. D. Carter; Y. H. Edwards
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Human Chromosomesby Orlando J. Miller; Eeva Therman
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Cell and Developmental Biology of Arabinogalactan-Proteinsby Eugene A. Nothnagel; Antony Bacic; Adrienne E. Clarke
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Promiscuity: An Evolutionary History of Sperm Competitionby Tim Birkhead
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Craniofacial Developmentby Geoffrey H. Sperber
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