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Investigations on the organic drift in North Swedish streams
Limitations of Using Microsoft Excel Version 2016 (MS Excel 2016) for Statistical Analysis for Medical Research
Phloem necrosis of coffee in Surinam
Anatomy of Mystus seenghala IV Nervous system
Integrated farming system for gardenland conditions of Coimbatore district - an over view
Tetrapleure (Tetrapleura tetraptera), an unknown African medicinal and spice plant
The origin and phylogenetic significance of the trochophoran larvae 2. evolutionary significance of the larvae of coelomate worms and mollusks
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
Enterobacter amnigenus. An unusual human pathogen
Influence of Seriboost foliar application on leaf yield and leaf protein content in mulberry (Morus spp.), in relation to silkworm cocoon production
The identity of the lipstick mold of cultivated mushrooms agaricus bisporus
Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
'Pan-sukh' disease of Rice in the Central Provinces
Geological age of the Ptilophyllum flora; a critical reassessment
Study of vitellogenesis in birds; physiological phases & role of folliculin in vitellogenesis
Evaluation of WCT coconut and Komadan coconut
Therapy for acne with saccharomyces boulardii
Evidence for Late Cretaceous N-S dextral shear in the west-central crystalline core, North Cascades, Washington
'Rajeshwari' - a high-yielding white seeded variety of sesame for Andhra Pradesh
Manufacture of Ricotta cheese from whey fortified with skim milk powder using different acidulants
Occurrence of Eutrichophilus mexicanus (Rudow, 1866) and Eutrichophilus lobatus (Ewing, 1936) (Phthiraptera: Trichodectidae) on Sphiggurus villosus (Cuvier, 1825) (Rodentia: Erethizontidae) in Rio de
Factors affecting fruitfulness in durian (Durio zibethinus Murr.). I. Flowering and pollination
Bronchial cuff pressure change caused by left-sided double-lumen endobronchial tube displacement
Some Biological Applications of Organometallic Compounds
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 68286

Chapter 68286 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Contributions to the Ethology of Glyptotendipes (Phytotendipes) paripes Edwards
, Oikos 13(1): 48-75 (1962)

Studies of the Sediments and the Vegetational History in the sbysj Basin, North of Stockholm
, Oikos 13(1): 76-96 (1962)

Limnologisch-Fischereibiologische Untersuchungen in Regulierten Gewssern Schwedisch-Lapplands
, Oikos 13(1): 125-154 (1962)

Nitrification in Eight Farm Soils
, Oikos 4(1): 28-43 (1952)

Salinity Resistance and Salinity Preference of Two Oligochaetes Aktedrilus monospermatecus Knllner and Marionina preclitellochaeta N.Sp. from the Interstitial Fauna of Marine Sandy Beaches
, Oikos 13(2): 293-305 (1962)

Transmission of the Parasitic Nematode Skrjabingylus nasicola (Leuckart 1842) to Species of Mustela (Mammalia)
, Oikos 18(2): 247-252 (1967)

Index Line Catches as a Basis of Population Studies on Small Mammals
, Oikos 18(2): 261-276 (1967)

Microdistribution of Benthic Species (Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, Trichoptera, Diptera: Simuliidae) in Lapland Streams
, Oikos 18(2): 293-310 (1967)

Pike (Esox lucius L.) and Some Other Aquatic Organisms in Sweden as Indicators of Mercury Contamination in the Environment
, Oikos 18(2): 323-333 (1967)

Phasic Behaviour Shown by Two Carpophilus Species (Coleoptera, Nitidulidae) in Various Humidity Gradients and Its Ecological Significance
, Oikos 18(2): 345-350 (1967)

Tages- und Jahresperiodizitt von Ceratoneis arcus Ktz. (Diatomeae)
, Oikos 18(2): 351-356 (1967)

A Quantitative Study of the Population Biology of Dendrocoelum lacteum (Mller)
, Oikos 15(2): 237-264 (1965)

A Possible Selective Factor in the Evolution of Fruiting Seasons in Tropical Forest
, Oikos 15(2): 274-281 (1965)

Measurements of Primary Production in Two Danish Eutrophic Lakes, Esrom s and Fures
, Oikos 10(2): 137-167 (1959)

Leaching and Decomposition of Litter Ii. Experiments on Needle Litter of Pinus silvestris
, Oikos 10(2): 212-224 (1959)

The Phytoplankton of Grvln, a Bay of Lake Mlaren
, Oikos 10(2): 241-274 (1959)

Respiratory Metabolism of Some Populations of Enchytraeid Worms and Freeliving Nematodes
, Oikos 12(1): 17-35 (1961)

The Phytoplankton of sbysjn, Djursholm I. Seasonal and Vertical Distribution of the Species
, Oikos 12(1): 36-69 (1961)

A Case of Microcystis Water Colouring in Winter
, Oikos 3(2): 243-246 (1951)

Environmental Stability Is Low Where Polychaete Species Diversity Is High: Quantifying Tropical vs Temperate Within-Habitat Features
, Oikos 52(3): 255-273 (1988)

Localized Defoliation Stress and the Movement of14C between Tillers of Carex Bigelowii
, Oikos 54(2): 211-219 (1989)

Defence and Regrowth, Alternative Plant Strategies in the Struggle against Herbivores
, Oikos 51(3): 355-363 (1988)

Constraints and Tradeoffs: Toward a Predictive Theory of Competition and Succession
, Oikos 58(1): 3-15 (1990)

Food Habits and Energetics of Feral House Cats in the Galpagos Islands
, Oikos 50(1): 24-32 (1987)

Differential Reproductive Success in a Peak Population of the Grey-Sided Vole Clethrionomys rufocanus
, Oikos 50(1): 103-113 (1987)

Oh, I Forgot about Zoos
, Oikos 48(3): 241-242 (1987)

Fruit Colour in Relation to the Ecology and Habit of Coprosma (Rubiaceae) Species in New Zealand
, Oikos 53(3): 325-331 (1988)

The Extraordinary El Nio Event of 1982-83: Effects on Darwin's Finches on Isla Genovesa, Galpagos
, Oikos 49(1): 55-66 (1987)

Abundance and Age-Specific Spatial and Temporal Distribution in Two Waterbug Species, Anisops deanei (Notonectidae) and Ranatra dispar (Nepidae) in Three Farm Dams in South Australia
, Oikos 49(1): 83-90 (1987)

The Seedling Habitat of Pinus echinata and Melampyrum lineare in Oak-Pine Forest of the New Jersey Pinelands
, Oikos 49(1): 91-100 (1987)

Grazing and the Dynamics of Nutrient and Energy Regulated Microbial Processes in the Serengeti grasslands
, Oikos 49(1): 101-110 (1987)

Extracellular Organic Carbon (Eoc) Released by Phytoplankton and Bacterial Production
, Oikos 45(3): 323-332 (1985)

Environmental Modification of Flowering and Viviparous Proliferation in Festuca vivipara and F. ovina
, Oikos 51(2): 171-178 (1988)

Variation in Fleshy Fruit Composition in the Mediterranean Region: The Importance of Ripening Season, Life-Form, Fruit Type and Geographical Distribution
, Oikos 49(3): 244-252 (1987)

Plant-Form Gradients on Sonoran Desert Bajadas
, Oikos 46(3): 284-291 (1986)

Population Dynamics of Corbula trigona (Mollusca) in Lake Ahm, a West African Lagoon in Benin
, Oikos 46(3): 292-302 (1986)

Reproductive Costs in the Prawn Palaemon adspersus: Effects on Growth and Predator Vulnerability
, Oikos 46(3): 349-354 (1986)

The Effects of Rapid Leaf Expansion on the Growth and Suvivorship of a Lepidopteran Herbivore
, Oikos 55(1): 66-70 (1989)

Impact of Civil Engineering Works on the Successions of Communities in a Fluvial System: A Methodological and Predictive Approach Applied to a Section of the Upper Rhne River, France
, Oikos 47(1): 92-111 (1986)

Models of Clonal Plant Growth Based on Population Dynamics and Architecture
, Oikos 57(2): 257-269 (1990)

Water Relations of a Perennial Grass and Seedling vs Adult Woody Plants in a Subtropical Savanna, Texas
, Oikos 57(3): 366-374 (1990)

Effects of Differential Defoliation on Shoot Growth, Density and Phytomass of Three Graminoids in a Calcareous Fen
, Oikos 50(2): 183-190 (1987)

How to Construct and Use Realistic Physiological Time Scales: An Analysis of Larval Mortality in Rock-Pool Corixids (Hemiptera)
, Oikos 47(2): 239-250 (1986)

An Appraisal of the Patch Dynamics Concept in Stream and Marine Benthic Communities Whose Menbers Are Highly Mobile
, Oikos 56(1): 137-141 (1989)

Global Heat Budget, Plate Tectonics and Climatic Change
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 84(1): 1-9 (2002)

Depositional Environment of Sirius Group Sediments, Table Mountain, Dry Valleys Area, Antarctica
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 84(1): 11-24 (2002)

Turf Exfoliation in the High Drakensberg, Southern Africa
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 84(1): 39-50 (2002)

Drought Is the Major Limiting Factor for Tree-Ring Growth of High-Altitude Canary Island Pines on Tenerife
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 84(1): 51-71 (2002)

Estimating Extreme Flood Magnitude in Bedrock-Influenced Channels Using Representative Reach-Based Channel Resistance Data
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 1-11 (2003)

Winter Stemflow Nutrient Inputs into a Southern New England Broadleaved Deciduous Forest
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 13-20 (2003)

Growth of the Yellow River Delta over the past 800 Years, as Influenced by Human Activities
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 21-30 (2003)

Decadal Variability in Climate and Glacier Fluctuations on Mt Baker, Washington, Usa
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 43-55 (2003)

Aspects of the Loss-on-Ignition (Loi) Technique in the Context of Clay-Rich, Glaciolacustrine Sediments
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 91-97 (2003)

The Rate of Grain Release by Pore-Ice Sublimation in Cold-Aeolian Environments
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 99-113 (2003)

Sigmoid Wave Transitions at Alpine Treeline
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 85(1): 115-126 (2003)

Dendrogeomorphological Assessment of Movement at Hilda Rock Glacier, Banff National Park, Canadian Rocky Mountains
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 86(1): 1-9 (2004)

Lichenometric Dating in Southeast Iceland: The Size-Frequency Approach
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 86(1): 31-41 (2004)

Further Examples of Ventifacts and Unusual Patterned Ground from the Falkland Islands, South Atlantic
, Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 86(1): 107-115 (2004)

Historical Transoceanic Dispersal of a Freshwater Shrimp: The Colonization of the South Pacific by the Genus Paratya (Atyidae)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 581-593 (2005)

Genetic Structure of Montane Isolates of Pinus sylvestris L. in a Mediterranean Refugial Area
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 595-605 (2005)

Geographical Location, Climate and Land Use Influences on the Phenology and Numbers of the Aphid, Myzus persicae, in Europe
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 615-632 (2005)

Spatial Variation in Species Diversity and Composition of Flea Assemblages in Small Mammalian Hosts: Geographical Distance or Faunal Similarity?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 633-644 (2005)

Biogeography of Helminth Parasites of Freshwater Fishes in Mexico: The Search for Patterns and Processes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 645-659 (2005)

Spatial Patterns in Species-Area Relationships and Species Distribution in a West African Forest-Savanna Mosaic
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 677-684 (2005)

The Inselberg Flora of Atlantic Central Africa. I. Determinants of Species Assemblages
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 685-696 (2005)

Characterization of Moorland Vegetation and the Prediction of Bird Abundance Using Remote Sensing
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 697-707 (2005)

Coastal Dune Vegetation and Pollen Representation in South Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
, Journal of Biogeography 32(4): 719-735 (2005)

Mainland Colonization by Island Lizards
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 929-938 (2005)

The Balearic Islands: A Reservoir of cpDna Genetic Variation for Evergreen Oaks
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 939-949 (2005)

Expanding on Watson's Framework for Classifying Patches: When Is an Island Not an Island?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 951-960 (2005)

Investigating the Relationships between the Distribution of British Ground Beetle Species (Coleoptera, Carabidae) and Temperature, Precipitation and Altitude
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 973-983 (2005)

Multi-Scale Altitudinal Patterns in Species Richness of Land Snail Communities in South-Eastern France
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 985-998 (2005)

The Environmental Control of Plant Species Density on a Himalayan Elevation Gradient
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 999-1018 (2005)

The Relative Roles of Environment and History as Controls of Tree Species Composition and Richness in Europe
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 1019-1033 (2005)

Water Links the Historical and Contemporary Components of the Australian Bird Diversity Gradient
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 1035-1042 (2005)

Late-Glacial and Holocene Palaeovegetation Zonal Reconstruction for Central and North-Central North America
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 1043-1062 (2005)

Taxonomic Diversity and Biogeography of Chironomidae (Insecta: Diptera) in Lakes of Tropical West Africa Using Subfossil Remains Extracted from Surface Sediments
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 1063-1083 (2005)

A 40,000-Year Woodrat-Midden Record of Vegetational and Biogeographical Dynamics in North-Eastern Utah, Usa
, Journal of Biogeography 32(6): 1085-1106 (2005)

Of Orogeny, Precipitation, Precession and Parrots
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1301-1302 (2005)

Do Fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera) Parallel Their Mammal Host Diversification in the Mexican Transition Zone?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1315-1325 (2005)

The Decay of Similarity over Geographical Distance in Parasite Communities of Marine Fishes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1327-1332 (2005)

Bird Community Responses to Habitat Fragmentation: How Consistent Are They across Landscapes?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1353-1370 (2005)

Current and Historical Factors Influencing Patterns of Species Richness and Turnover of Birds in the Gulf of Guinea Highlands
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1371-1384 (2005)

Historical Biogeography and Diversification within the Neotropical Parrot Genus Pionopsitta (Aves: Psittacidae)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1409-1427 (2005)

Inferring the Mode of Speciation in Indo-West Pacific Conus (Gastropoda: Conidae)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1429-1439 (2005)

The Fourth Paradigm Pattern of Post-Glacial Range Expansion of European Terrestrial Species: The Phylogeography of the Marbled White Butterfly (Satyrinae, Lepidoptera)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(8): 1489-1497 (2005)

Special Paper: Directional Asymmetry of Long-Distance Dispersal and Colonization Could Mislead Reconstructions of Biogeography
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 741-754 (2005)

Special Paper: Pact: An Efficient and Powerful Algorithm for Generating Area Cladograms
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 755-774 (2005)

Assumption 2: Opaque to Intuition?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 781-787 (2005)

The Distribution of Ground Spiders (Araneae, Gnaphosidae) along the Altitudinal Gradient of Crete, Greece: Species Richness, Activity and Altitudinal Range
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 813-831 (2005)

Beringia as a Glacial Refugium for Boreal Trees and Shrubs: New Perspectives from Mapped Pollen Data
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 833-848 (2005)

Latitudinal Response of Subarctic Tree Lines to Recent Climate Change in Eastern Canada
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 849-862 (2005)

Analysis of Vegetation Distribution in Interior Alaska and Sensitivity to Climate Change Using a Logistic Regression Approach
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 863-878 (2005)

Spatial and Temporal Variation in Nothofagus pumillo Growth at Tree Line along Its Latitudinal Range (3540'-55 S) in the Chilean Andes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 879-893 (2005)

Response of Semi-Desert Grasslands Invaded by Non-Native Grasses to Altered Disturbance Regimes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(5): 895-902 (2005)

Elevational Gradient Analyses and the Use of Historical Museum Specimens: A Cautionary Tale
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1883-1897 (2005)

Evidence of History in Explaining Diversity Patterns in Tropical Riverine Fish
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1899-1907 (2005)

Historical Biogeography of Australian Rhamnaceae, Tribe Pomaderreae
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1909-1919 (2005)

Historical Biogeography of Two Alpine Butterflies in the Rocky Mountains: Broad-Scale Concordance and Local-Scale Discordance
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1943-1956 (2005)

Relationships between Local Population Persistence, Local Abundance and Regional Occupancy of Species: Distribution Patterns of Diatoms in Boreal Streams
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1971-1978 (2005)

Spatial Patterns of Tree Recruitment in a Relict Population of Pinus uncinata: Forest Expansion through Stratified Diffusion
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 1979-1992 (2005)

Spider Diversity in Cereal Fields: Comparing Factors at Local, Landscape and Regional Scales
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 2007-2014 (2005)

Predicting Bryophyte Diversity in Grassland and Eucalypt-Dominated Remnants in Subhumid Tasmania
, Journal of Biogeography 32(11): 2015-2024 (2005)

Genetic Structuring in Andean Landlocked Populations of Galaxias maculatus: Effects of Biogeographic History
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 5-14 (2005)

The Biogeography of Hoffmannseggia (Leguminosae, Caesalpinioideae, Caesalpinieae): A Tale of Many Travels
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 15-27 (2005)

The Southern African Orchid Flora: Composition, Sources and Endemism
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 29-47 (2005)

Falkland Islands Biogeography: Converging Trajectories in the South Atlantic Ocean
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 49-62 (2005)

Phytogeography, Range Size and Richness of Australian Endemic Sauropus (Euphorbiaceae)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 63-73 (2005)

Phylogeography of the Namib Desert Dung Beetles Scarabaeus (Pachysoma) MacLeay (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 75-84 (2005)

Vegetative and Seedling Regeneration after Fire in Planted Sardinian Pinewood Compared with That in Other Areas of Mediterranean-Type Climate
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 85-98 (2005)

Sunken Roads as Habitats for Forest Plant Species in a Dynamic Agricultural Landscape: Effects of Age and Isolation
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 99-109 (2005)

Effects of Climate on the Growth of Exotic and Indigenous Trees in Central Zambia
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 111-120 (2005)

Desert Vines: A Comparison of Australia with Other Areas
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 121-126 (2005)

Vegetation Establishment, Succession and Microsite Frost Disturbance on Glacier Forelands within Patterned Ground Chronosequences
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 145-153 (2005)

Nestedness of Southern Ocean Island Biotas: Ecological Perspectives on a Biogeographical Conundrum
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 155-168 (2005)

Community Structure and Zonation Patterns of Rocky Shores at High Latitudes: An Interocean Comparison
, Journal of Biogeography 32(1): 169-182 (2005)

The Marine East Indies: Diversity and Speciation
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1517-1522 (2005)

Zoogeography of the Shallow-Water Holothuroids of the Western Indian Ocean
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1523-1538 (2005)

The Distribution of the Ectoparasite Fauna of Sebastes capensis from the Southern Hemisphere Does Not Correspond with Zoogeographical Provinces of Free-Living Marine Animals
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1539-1547 (2005)

Reconstruction of the Colonization of Southern Madagascar by Introduced Rattus rattus
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1549-1559 (2005)

Biogeography of Mammals on Tropical Pacific Islands
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1561-1569 (2005)

The Provenance of the Greek Land Snail Species Isabellaria pharsalica: Molecular Evidence of Recent Passive Long-Distance Dispersal
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1571-1581 (2005)

A Test of Brown's Principle in the Intertidal Limpet Collisella scabra (Gould, 1846)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1583-1589 (2005)

Phytogeography of the Bryophyte Floras of Oak Forests and Pramo of the Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1591-1609 (2005)

The Branchiopoda (Crustacea: Anomopoda, Ctenopoda and Cyclestherida) of the Rain Forests of Cameroon, West Africa: Low Abundances, Few Endemics and a Boreal-Tropical Disjunction
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1611-1620 (2005)

Montane Andean Rain Forests Are a Global Diversity Hotspot of Geometrid Moths
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1621-1627 (2005)

Tree Growth Response to Drought and Temperature in a Mountain Landscape in Northern Arizona, Usa
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1629-1640 (2005)

Fareast: A Forest Gap Model to Simulate Dynamics and Patterns of Eastern Eurasian Forests
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1641-1658 (2005)

Environmental Constraints in the Colonization Sequence of Roe Deer (Capreolus capreolus Linnaeus, 1758) across the Iberian Mountains, Spain
, Journal of Biogeography 32(9): 1671-1680 (2005)

Special Paper: Body Size Evolution in Insular Vertebrates: Generality of the Island Rule
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1683-1699 (2005)

Presence, Richness and Extinction of Birds of Prey in the Mediterranean and Macaronesian Islands
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1701-1713 (2005)

Island Biogeography of the Mediterranean Sea: The Species-Area Relationship for Terrestrial Isopods
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1715-1726 (2005)

Species Richness, Environmental Heterogeneity and Area: A Case Study Based on Land Snails in Skyros Archipelago (Aegean Sea, Greece)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1727-1735 (2005)

Nestedness in Fragmented Landscapes: A Case Study on Birds, Arboreal Marsupials and Lizards
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1737-1750 (2005)

Phylogeography of Eastern Polynesian Sandalwood (Santalum insulare), an Endangered Tree Species from the Pacific: A Study Based on Chloroplast Microsatellites
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1763-1774 (2005)

Numerical Abundance and Biodiversity of Below-Ground Taxocenes along a pH Gradient across the Netherlands
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1775-1790 (2005)

The Genus Stauroneis (Bacillariophyceae) in the Antarctic Region
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1791-1798 (2005)

Diversity Patterns of Vascular Epiphytes along an Elevational Gradient in the Andes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1799-1809 (2005)

Effects of Natural and Human Disturbances on the Dynamics and Spatial Structure of Nothofagus glauca in South-Central Chile
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1811-1825 (2005)

Multiple Selection Pressures Generate Adherence to Bergmann's Rule in a Neotropical Migratory Songbird
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1827-1833 (2005)

The Biogeography of Lower Mesoamerican Freshwater Fishes
, Journal of Biogeography 32(10): 1835-1854 (2005)

Simulating Forest Ecosystem Response to Climate Warming Incorporating Spatial Effects in North-Eastern China
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2043-2056 (2005)

Reciprocal Distribution of Two Congeneric Trees, Betula platyphylla var. japonica and Betula maximowicziana, in a Landscape Dominated by Anthropogenic Disturbances in North-Eastern Japan
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2057-2068 (2005)

The Relative Importance of Local, Regional and Historical Factors Determining the Distribution of Plants in Fragmented Riverine Forests: An Emergent Group Approach
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2069-2081 (2005)

Understorey Plant Community Structure in Lower Montane and Subalpine Forests, Grand Canyon National Park, Usa
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2083-2102 (2005)

A Brief History of Great Basin Pikas
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2103-2111 (2005)

Lizard Habitat Partitioning on Islands: The Interaction of Local and Landscape Scales
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2113-2121 (2005)

Influence of Physical Environmental Characteristics and Anthropogenic Factors on the Position and Structure of a Contact Zone between Two Chromosomal Races of the House Mouse on the Island of Madeira (North Atlantic, Portugal)
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2123-2134 (2005)

Phylogenetics of the Allodapine Bee Genus Braunsapis: Historical Biogeography and Long-Range Dispersal over Water
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2135-2144 (2005)

The Importance of Species Identity in the Biocontrol Process: Identifying the Subspecies of Acacia nilotica (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) by Genetic Distance and the Implications for Biological Control
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2145-2159 (2005)

Biogeographical and Geological Evidence for a Smaller, Completely-Enclosed Pacific Basin in the Late Cretaceous
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2161-2177 (2005)

Falklands: Facts and Fiction
, Journal of Biogeography 32(12): 2183-2187 (2005)

Global Patterns of Plant Diversity and Floristic Knowledge
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1107-1116 (2005)

Environmental Determinants of Vascular Plant Species Richness in the Austrian Alps
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1117-1127 (2005)

Relationships between Bird Species and Tree Species Assemblages in Forested Habitats of Eastern North America
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1139-1150 (2005)

Temporal Turnover of Common Species in Avian Assemblages in North America
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1151-1160 (2005)

A Vegetation-Based Method to Map Climatic Variation in the Arctic-Boreal Transition Area of Finnmark, North-Easternmost Norway
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1161-1186 (2005)

Fire History of Araucaria-Nothofagus Forests in Villarrica National Park, Chile
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1187-1202 (2005)

Aboriginal Fire Management in South-Eastern Australia: Aims and Frequency
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1203-1208 (2005)

Lichenological Evidence for the Recognition of Inland Rain Forests in Western North America
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1209-1219 (2005)

Global Distribution of the European Species of the Lichen Genus Melanelia Essl
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1221-1241 (2005)

Body Size, Biomic Specialization and Range Size of African Large Mammals
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1243-1256 (2005)

Historical Biogeography and Phylogeny of Monachine Seals (Pinnipedia: Phocidae) Based on Mitochondrial and Nuclear Dna Data
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1267-1279 (2005)

Cladistic Biogeography: Identity and Place
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1281-1284 (2005)

Parsimony Analysis of Endemicity: Time for an Epitaph?
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1284-1286 (2005)

Russia's Far East: A World Apart
, Journal of Biogeography 32(7): 1288-1289 (2005)

Shifts in Southern Endpoints of Distribution in Rocky Intertidal Species along the South-Eastern Pacific Coast
, Journal of Biogeography 32(2): 203-209 (2005)

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