Section 69
Chapter 68,424

Social Familiarity and Nip Dominance in Male Swordtails ( Xiphophorus Helleri ) and Platys ( Xiphophorus Maculatus )

Wechkin, S.

Psychological Reports 37(2): 435-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-2941
DOI: 10.2466/pr0.1975.37.2.435
Accession: 068423463

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Male swordtails and platys (ns =12) were tested for nip dominance among familiar (tankmate) and unfamiliar (nontankmate) con-specific pairs in four round robin contests conducted at weekly intervals. Stable dominance relationships were found for both species, with less aggression manifested between familiar swordtail pairs, and to a lesser extent, between familiar platy pairs, than between nonfamiliar pairs. Significant correlations between physical size and dominance status were also found for both species.