Effect of Pco 2 On Epinephrine-Induced Lipolysis in Isolated Fat Cells

Vega, F.V.; Chiappe DeCingolani, G.E.

Archives Of Physiology And Biochemistry 83(3): 435-441


ISSN/ISBN: 1381-3455
DOI: 10.3109/13813457509071388
Accession: 068457242

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The effect of different pHs obtained by changing the PCO2 and the effect of PCO2 at constant pH on the lipolysis induced by epinephrine in isolated fat cells have been investigated. An inhibition of activated lipolysis was found in acidosis while in alkalosis no significant change was detected. When the experiments were performed at different PCO2s but at constant pH, the results showed an inhibition of lipolysis by high PCO2 whereas low PCO2 did not affect it. It is concluded that either acidosis or high PCO2 lead to an inhibition of the lipolysis induced by epinephrine in isolated fat cells. As regards alkalosis and low PCO2 it seems likely that the intracellular pH is not affected to the same extent as in alkalosis by high [HCO(-3)] or under the conditions of the present experiments the [H+] needed to alterate lipolysis was not reached.