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T Cell Receptor- Allele-Specific Selection of V1/V4 Cells in the Intestinal Epithelium

Grigoriadou, K.; Boucontet, L.; Pereira, P.

The Journal of Immunology 169(7): 3736-3743


DOI: 10.4049/jimmunol.169.7.3736
Accession: 068488759

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Previous genetic analyses have shown that the relative representation of subsets of gammadelta intestinal intraepithelial lymphocytes (i-IELs) is influenced by genes linked to the TCRgamma, TCRdelta, and MHC loci. Here, we have analyzed V-gene use in gammadelta i-IELs from C57BL/6 (B6) and C57BL/10 (B10) mice and from their F(1) and F(2) progenies with a larger panel of Vgamma- and Vdelta-specific mAbs and have shown that the influence of TCRgamma-linked genes operates at two levels: one influencing the representation of Vgamma1 (or Vgamma7) i-IELs and other acting specifically on the Vgamma1/Vdelta4 i-IEL subset, which represents 3% and 15% of the gammadelta i-IELs in B6 and B10 mice, respectively. Analysis of mice transgenic for a rearranged Vgamma1Jgamma4Cgamma4 chain of B6 origin demonstrated that the TCRgamma-linked genes influencing the representation of the Vgamma1/Vdelta4 i-IEL subset are the structural genes of TCRgamma chains. This influence is allele specific and cell autonomous, as evidenced by the different behavior of Vgamma1/Vdelta4 cells bearing either parental allele in F(1) mice. The representation of Vgamma1/Vdelta4 cells among gammadelta thymocytes is similar in B6 and B10 mice, demonstrating that the Vdelta4 chain can pair well with both alleles of the Vgamma1Jgamma4Cgamma4 chain and strongly suggesting that a cellular selection mechanism is responsible for the observed differences. The Vgamma1-Jgamma4 junctional amino acid sequences of B6 Vgamma1/Vdelta4 i-IELs are diverse but display less variation in length than those found in similar cells from B10 mice, indicating that B6 Vgamma1/Vdelta4 cells are the target of this cellular selection event.

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